Big Brother 12 Spoilers: RACHEL IS BACK IN THE HOUSE FOR 24 HOURS !!!


12:30pm Ragan is talking to Britney and Matt in the have not room. Ragan won the POV!! Ragan says that they’re smarter than he is and that he doesn’t want to make a deal with Brendon. Britney says that if she wouldn’t have had Ragan last week she would have shot herself in the face. They talk about how much they hate Brendon. Ragan says that he thinks that was worse case scenario for Brendon. Britney tells Ragan that Brendon told her that Ragan lets Matt make all the dirty moves and that he doesn’t respect that.
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1:10pm Ragan and Britney come into the kitchen. Ragan whispers cockroaches to Matt who is cooking something on the stove. Matt says to Regan that he gets to play in every POV from now on, you made it to final 7, how about that, huh? Regan says he was so nervous towards the end because he couldn’t seethe others, but knew he was close. He just wanted to focus on himself so he didn’t look at the others. Regan tells Matt what Britney just told him about Brendon not wanting to backdoor anyone. Regan says he hates him. Regan jokes about how Brendon says Regan threw both endurance competitions to Matt. Matt says its a dig at his pride too to say that Regan let him win.
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1:40pm Ragan goes into the cabana room with Lane Enzo. Lane says Kathy is definitely playing that dumb card. Enzo says Bren told Kathy dont worry, you are safe. Ragan says Brendon is so full of shit. He talks about floaters, and then he’s full of shit. They all agree Brendon likes Kathy because he doesn’t have anyone else in the house. Enzo says yeah thats all he has. Enzo says Ragan has a good chance to win next HOH if its a quiz. Regan says yeah and makes a gun shooting gesture. Enzo tells Ragan and Lane that Brendon is talking like he knows he is going very soon. He says he just wants to get people out that he doesnt like. Ragan says he does not like him at all. Enzo says that Brendon will tell you one thing, then change his mind. He says Brendon doesn’t trust anyone in the house now.

Ragan says can you blame him? They all agree that Brendon isn’t here to play the game, and he should just go. Hayden comes back to the cabana room and tells Ragan that he did a good job. Ragan talks about how he thought he was going to faint because he hadn’t eaten much, but he thought, that would be such a gay way to get out of the competition. They laugh. Hayden says he liked the Zing-Bot. Ragan says is could have been Andrew because in another season Jessie came back. Hayden says it had long hair though. Enzo asks what they think about the zing-bot making jokes about them all. He thought he was going to give them advice. They all talk about old house guests coming back into the house. They don’t mention Rachel coming back. Enzo says maybe someone from an old season will come. Ragan says no it will be someone from their season, maybe Annie or Andrew but he would LOVE if it was Kristen and she could stay. Ragan says if it was Rachel coming back he would stick a gun to his temple. They all say yeah and laugh. Ragan says she is still pissed off about our bitch fest. Ragan laughs about how Kathy came to talk to Ragan about him making fun of her. Ragan says what game does she think she is playing.
2pm Ragan says that Brendon’s nice guy routine is all bullshit. They all wonder if Brendon will cause drama this week. They talk about how Brendon is a bully when someone is there to back him up. Ragan tells the guys about Brendon’s apology and said he considers Regan a friend. Regan says yeah you put me up on the block, on slop and now let’s braid each other’s hair. Regan thinks the nice guy routine will continue but may do something to get between the others to make them mad at each other. Enzo says that he doesn’t trust him at all. Hayden asks Ragan if he is stressed. Ragan says we need to do whatever we can to make sure all six of us are here after the next eviction.
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2:20pm Big Brother cuts the feeds until 3pm…. RACHEL IS BACK IN THE HOUSE FOR 24 HOURS !!!

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78 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: RACHEL IS BACK IN THE HOUSE FOR 24 HOURS !!!

  1. I swear…I got on the feeds and saw her hair and I thought something was wrong with the feeds until they started talking about the HOH and POV competitions. AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!

  2. they cant find brendon. he opened the pandora box for rachel to be here and he is locked in. this is all negative, brendon better have something positive out of this.

  3. Ragan just? won the? POV, and will obviously save himself,the brigade is already starting to throw matt under the bus, i say it’s time for him to align himself with Brit and Ragan who are competitors and actually do something and take everyone else out,he is already fed up, if Matt finds out they threw him under the bus, he? may use the DPOV and make? them choose ‘tween Enzo and Lane,? that would be game changing, i think it’s time for Matt to align himself with his BFFs and dump those lazy asses?


  5. Wow is this BB’s production sad attmept at a twist…. This is really pathetic. D.P.O.V&Rachel being back for 24 hours. Wow who cares….

  6. why is rachel back?? she looks like a tranny in that pic.that sucks cause brendon will replace regan with whomever rachel wants.good god, we need to see the end of rachel n brendon!

  7. Rachel asks who’s coming to the jury house with her. Do you think they will have an early eviction and hoh before next thursday since she’s only there for 24 hours.

  8. i know brendon opened pandora’s box hoping for another Blowjob from Rachel in his new HOH room….. HAHAHA TOO BAD

  9. Wooooo Hoooooo………………. I hope she stays and torments every one of those losers…………… Especially Ragan and Britney…………..

  10. Maybe they brought her back so that we can watch an angry grizzly bear gnaw on her face for a few hours.

    Hey, a girl can dream.

  11. Where is Brendan? I wonder if he is in DR or did they take him out for 24 hours while Rachel is there. Wha t could CBS be up too. This season was so boring even with the brigade up to now. I wonder what CBS has planned?

    1. His mommie probley demanded they let him out for 24 hrs so she can talk some sense into him before he gets to the jury house and proposes to her!

  12. Yeah, I see her. Without a doubt, this is a useless ploy to cause more conflict. Frigg Rachel. This bitach is gone. She means nothing to NO ONE HERE. Her game, by Brigade design, is OVA!!

    NO ONE should speak with her. NO ONE. They are too ignorant to see it though. Ignorant MEANS “without knowledge”–Remember, WE have knowledge, they don’t.

    I’d avoid this ho like the plague.

  13. Ok so Brendon opened Pandora’s Box and we get Rachel back for 24 hours,but Brendon is locked in Pandora’s Box. Just for drama purposes?

  14. Interesting about the old friends thing, its either made up just to stir the pot (which is what I’ve thought all along) or there could be a couple of friends. Maybe its Kathy/Brendon. Brendon is interested in cancer research, Kathy’s son has cancer, right? Maybe. Shrug.

  15. I thought I was done looking at that hideous witch for the season. This is torture. Hopefully she will get in Brendon’s head as much anyone else’s.Thankful mercy, it’s just one day.

  16. I think it is so unfair for Rachel to come back and take the HG one by one into the HOH and drill them for answers. I have never heard this done on BB before. I would be so pissed if I were the HGs. I hope they don’t tell her too much. Also, I hope that she doesn’t get to see Brendon to tell him what information she got from the HGs. This just boggles my mind.

  17. The live feed constant feed-cutting is really annoying! You think they could have predicted that of course when Rachel returns, the other house guests are going to ask her a lot of questions….and should have made exceptions. Really cutting the feeds because she talked about the 3 body guards when you leave BB?

  18. what’s wrong with the site, simon? I tried to post this under rachael is back but this says ragan wins pov……anyway i already posted that no way is jury member allowed back in the house and be privy to all that’s going on then go back to j/h……..only way it would be fair is that she’s back in the game…..but it’s production’s M/O to give certain players unfair advantages,,,,,,also, we finally get drama back in the house and they keep cutting the feeds……last night, did the same……..I did see though when Rachael confronted brit about her nasty message and brit denied the whole thing and said what she left was nice, that they could hang out watch movies etc……..she blamed it on production, if it was nasty….production must have taken bits of d/r sessions omg lol

  19. why is Rachel back? does she have voting rights? does she get to compete? hmmm this should make for something interesting. what does she know? And will Matt use the DPOV? so many ?’s so few answers.

  20. Simon, is there anywhere we can go to complain about them cutting the feeds? this is beyond ridiculous and just when things are getting exciting again

  21. CBS, you suck…!! Rachel was evicted with a 6 to 0 vote because they couldn’t stand her, it was a honest to goodness eviction and YOU BRING HER BAAAAAAAAAAAACK.
    You suck.

  22. Why would CBS bring her back!! I sure don’t agree with some of the things that they are doing. She’s the last person I wanted to see back!

  23. So, will Rachel conduct the POV ceremony tomorrow or will Brendon be back in time for that? This should get very interesting. Will she sleep in the HOH room tonight? Will they bring Brendon back tonight? So many questions! No answers… :(

  24. Just when my ears started to heal after being harmed by Boy George’s awful voice … now she’s back. So much for enjoying a goofy laugh free live feed. You should hear her cackling on the live feeds.

  25. this is crap. My husband refuses to watch and he wants to cancel the live feeds. It is one thing if she was voted back in by america but she should NOT be allowed to question all of the houseguests like she is HOH. The only thing that will make it worth it is if she doesn’t get to see brendan. This ruined my happy saturday!!

    1. Yes, but we already know your logic is quite skewed at least I do anyway. Plus, you use stuff like OBV. And you jump conclusions about stuff like it’s obvious that Rachel is back to stay and you have no evidence to backup such a claim…. Like I said before Kitty Kat, just pay attention to what actually goes on instead of dreaming things up and you’ll be fine.

  26. BB is getting more stupid each day. It’s nonsense!!! This season is so obvious how scripted it is. C’mon CBS let the HGs play a game but then these idiots probably can’t anyway.

  27. omg Ragan is such a baby!! he cries all day long because hes on the block and as soon as he wins pov, he starts to talk on brendons back again…

  28. Im so glad Rachel is back. She is classic and drama. Was getting boring reading all of this till now. CBS should pay her for her effect on everyone. Very smart move I think. She is gonna make everyone in the house go insane, which will mess up everyones games plans and etc. Loved her since the beginning. Though the only thing she needs to fix is her laugh. GO RACHEL GO!

  29. Ya Rachel back in the house!!! She can be annoying sometimes but this season needs more drama and she does go for it! Im not a fan of britney so Im glad rachel is back lol

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