**updated**Big Brother 12 – Hayden and Enzo plan to Throw The next HOH and Hollywood Hayden busts sh!t up

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:30pm Hayden and Enzo there talking about splitting the votes, Enzo thinks they should tell him tonight that it’s not looking food for him. Enzo: “so when we win HOH we put up brit?” Hayden thinks they should let brit or Ragan win it. Enzo agrees but says it’s critical that they win the POV, Hayden thinks its critical that Brendon doesn’t get the POV otherwise who cares. Enzo wants Ragan to win the HOH. Hayden does to says if ragan wins then brendon and kahty are going up. hayden is worried if brendon wins POV Ragan will put up one of them 2 up. Enzo thinks they can convince ragan to put up brit, they can use the argument why waste your HOH on Kathy. Enzo says they’ll tell ragan if he takes out Brit then hayden, enzo and lane will keep ragan safe and we’ll take out brendon the following week. Enzo: “Brendon is looking this way… we better talk again later tonight”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:06pm Pool Tournament

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:10pm kitchen Brit and KAhty Brit saying it sucks that theres 2 good people on the block right now but at least theres going to be no nasty speeches or dirty looks.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:16pm Hayden missed a shot in pool and swung the pool stick around accidentally hitting the 3 that were holding up their tournament trophy. They all start joking about HAyden being wild and they need to give him some space, “Houseguest this is a lockdown Hayden please remain outside”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:29pm Hammock Lane and Enzo Enzo telling him that they need to get brit out and he doens’t mind being the one to put her up. Lane agrees says he’s losing a vote but she needs to go. They start talking about KAthy, both enzo and Lane are sick of her and want to see her go. Enzo points out that Kathy knows Ragan would put her up so she’s sucking up to him, Enzo: “She’s playing the game yo we gotta get rid of her”. Enzo: “do we tell MAtty?” LAne doesn’t know, lane asks enzo if he has the power what would he do.. enzo says he has no power Lane presses but if you had it will you use it?..LAne: “you had it all last week now this is your last chance to use it are you using it?
Hayden joins them, they talk about enzo having the power, Hayden tells him it’s not a bad week to use it unless he’s got it for another week then he should keep it. Enzo: “I don’t know what you guys are talking about all I got is a letter from the saboteur”. Enzo: “matt opened the Pandora’s box and unleashed the saboteur and also unleashed the power to a houseguest”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:20pm Pool tournament.. Brendon walks outside with a giant glass of wine and Ragan heads to the hammock says he can’t handle hearing brendon speak. Hayden decides to run around the backyard instead of using the elliptical.


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I wonder if any of them will throw the HOH tomorrow when the realize Matt is not going anywhere?


Allison Grodner plans to throw up after dinner, so she can go back and eat more dinner.


That’s nice to know.


shes better than you obviously


The houseguests will be SHOCKED if it’s a double eviction after Matt takes himself off the block and put someone up. I bet this site will crash tomorrow just like last thursday.


Double eviction MUST be next week. There’s enough drama this week already.


I don’t believe there will be a double eviction this season since one person dropped out at the last minute and gave the house 13 instead of 14 players to start with. They have advertising scheduled for a season with 14 players. If they have a double eviction after starting one short already then they lose an entire week of advertising dollars. Do you really think CBS would do that? I sure don’t.




Hopefully Matt doesn’t waste a power like the DPOV on Kathy if he is smart and puts his frienships aside he should put up Britney.


I would like to see Brit go as well, but from the game stand point he will be crazy to get rid of anyone other than Brendan or Kathy. Look at it the way he is thinkging. He probably won’t get B/R vote or Kathy’s vote if he makes it to final 2. He will get Brit, Ragan, Lane and Enzo and Hayden’s vote if he’s in the final 2. If he votes one of them off knowingly when he could have gotten Kathy or Brendan out before any one of them he will have more pissed off people in the jury house and won’t get their vote. Even if he goes up against a brigade he will win because they are all so STUPID they really believe his wife is sick. But none of them paid any attention to how he has never once wondered how his sick wife is doing. He spends more talking game or downing B/R then he does talking about his sick wife and they are too stupid to notice.


Yes, too stupid and narcissistic to think about Matt’s sick wife. I can’t wait until Matt breaks out the DPOV! Looking forward to Brenda’s breakdown!!


I agree with you 100 percent!! lol no one else seems to think that everyone is saying Enzo/Hayden but I think Brit would be the best choice because shes one of the only strong players left. She has a good game strategy and if he doesnt get rid of her theres a good chance she could win this thing. I like Matt (don’t care about the lie about his wife that was his decision) and yeah you cant trust anyone in this game but you sure as hell cant trust her and its funny because she makes it sooo obvious yet these houseguests this season are so dumb they can’t figure that out! But why risk the brigade members completely ditching him they already are questioning his loyalties to them and if he puts one up that puts an even bigger target on his back. (Even tho i dont forsee it happening you never know one of them 3 idiots could win an HOH andything is possible… lol) I think his best bet is putting up brit and getting rid of her then winning HOH and putting up brendon getting rid of him and hoping to hell ragan wins the next HOH (cuz hes got that guy wrapped around his finger)


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That is what I did. I am glad I actually helped you guys in some small way now.


I think the moment Matt uses the DPOV the brigade will turn on him, because they won’t believe him that he wasn’t allowed to tell the others about it. I think once that happens Hayden and Enzo will fight in the HOH and not want to target Brenden next week.

Mr. Pickles

Why wouldn’t they believe him? It’s always been the case in b.b. That if they tell anyone they have a power it is removed. As long as he doesn’t put a member of the brogade up he’ll be fine. It would be great to see him put up Enzo or Hayden but we all know he doesn’t have the gonads to do that. It’ll be Kathy. What a waste of a good power!


Not a total waste. It removes the ‘Kathy excuse’ from the game. Next week everybody guns for Brenda and then the knives are out. If next week is a double eviction then the first knife comes out then.


its not a waste. kathy will ride until the final three or four. she is a serious floater. she would be my target. if your gonna be on big brother you need to fight and not ride coat tails. if you just float your way through you dont deserve to be here.


if they had a brain, brendan would go no where, if you are sitting next to brendan at the end you are guaranteed the money, no one likes him except rachel


exactly…same with kathy


actually kathy would be a better choice she wouldn’t even get 1 vote


That’s not what the houseguests are saying. they’re saying if Brenda makes final two after the whole game with everyone after him then he’ll earn their vote because he deserves to win.


If that’s what it takes for Enzo and Hayden to fight in the HOH THANKK GOD, because they need to get ragan, matt and brit out of the game before they get had, because matt and ragan aren’t to be trusted, they are only loyal to each other and Brittany will go wherever she fits in.


Matt cut it.


I think Matt did it on purpose, since even though he is not leaving tonight, he is pissed at Hayden and Enzo for knowing that they are going to vote him out.




Matt really did sabotage on the back of Enzo’s head. If Enzo wasn’t doing a mini-Trump with the front of his head (plugs?), it wouldn’t be so bad, but now Enzo’s head looks like a cockatoo — pouffe in front, dip to baldness in the back, scraggle at the bottom


Enzo and Hayden suck royally at the game, so no one has to worry about that. I want to see Matt or Ragan win HOH and throw those lazy f***ers out of the game.


I can’t believe that no one is eating any escargot. That stuff is fantastic,


Add some butter and garlic and it is good… (:




Matt’s new name is Jimmy Jones
and Ragan is drinking the juice by the




Enzo needs to go up the tree and seat up there until we call the Fire Department to get him down. And, thanks Carol for your earlier comment. I appreciate it.


I cant wait for matt to yous his dimond power veto…..and see the look on brendons face…so funny!:)


Tomorrow night is going to be amazing! Brendon is going to lose his mind and melt down. I can’t wait!




I switched, too. Matt plays the game and keeps his cool. Gotta respect that. When he first got the DPOV I thought it was lame, but now I”m rooting for him. I also like Ragan, eventhough he is a cry baby. I loved the fight he had with Rachel. Everything he said was priceless. My third choice is Brit. Hayden and Enzo haven’t done squat. Kathy…whatever. She’s ridiculous.


Me too!!..I’ve been rooting for him since the beginning…he always made me laugh 🙂


brit falling out of the hammock was hilarious =D


I am sending brainwaves to Matt to put up Enzo but I doubt that will happen. Either way, when the DPOV is used it will be the epic moment of this season


Now I know why Hayden brushes his mop of hair in his face. Because he is ugly as hell.


If I was Matt I would be wondering where Enzo and Hayden are. Then when I realized they were up in the hoh I would know that they have some kind of alliance with Brendan and I would put Enzo or Hayden up on the block and team up with Brit and regan.


maybe do a side by side pic of their breakdown look….with the crazy eye and all….love it.
i love this site…thx for the work..it is appreciated


Brendan has some nerve saying that he wouldn’t be with Brit. She’s way hotter then that red headed zit face parrot rachal. Rachal is nasty. Rachal is more annoying then Brit. Kristin isn’t that good looking either. She looks like Hayden with longer hair. Kristens eyes are too close together.


I totally agree with your assessments, but I’m not going to judge Brendon’s attraction to Rachel even though I don’t get what he sees either. Different people have different ideas about what is beautiful. As the saying goes: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder .


and Shitney is disgusting…she is a little girl…ewwwww


LMAO enzo, brendon, hayden and kathy in the hoh room right now….dumb ass enzo says it smells like nut sack in here…kathy tells him smell your hands they were in ur pants playing with your nut sack……lol…it was true he was in the yard going to town in his pants…pretty gross…playing with his nasty dirty uncircumsized dick….gross…lol

Force Convert

I like Hayden’s look so much better with his hair OFF his face.

Poor Brendon… He becomes himself at the worst time. He shows loyalty to a sunken ship (Rachel), screws up a golden opportunity (deal with Ragan; letting Britney skate), everybody’s talking bad about him. He could’ve had a better game and made friends faster and of a higher quality if he wouldn’t have attached himself to Rachel.

Ragan really told Rachel the truth in their blowup–she needs to take that through life. It’s too bad she came back in acting so crazy. Ragan wasn’t even as nasty as I was expecting him to be; he just told her the truth. I felt bad for her, but I hope she heard him.

I hope Brendon finds a way to survive in the next week–I want to see if he can come a little bit more into his own as a player in the game. I feel bad for him when he’s laughing with Enzo and Hayden b/c they’re laughing AT him, not with him.


You are so right. Ragan spoke the truth. I feel Rachael is a hypocrit and doing what she is blaming others for. I hope she heard the words and not the tone from Ragan.


Why does Enzo always talk trash but never wins anything & always has an excuse for why he didn’t win? If anyone’s floating, it’s Enzo.


Does anyone think it’s possible that Kathy will pull a Jordan and float to the end (without Jeff’s help) – maybe win 1 comp (she took Rachel out in bowling)/maybe not – maybe going as a slam dunk “#2” – then actually getting the votes because the JH hates the alternative (spite)? Think Matt said if anyone takes Kathy to Final 2, he’s giving Kathy his vote. Wow.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Hayden seems much smarter than Enzo so I’m not sure why he follows that idiot around. I do hope Matt makes it to the final but I really dont’ think he’s going to win. That’s a major lie he told about his wife being sick. I get game play with the lies, but that’s a pretty hard one to get over. Its gonna be his Achilles Heel. I’m wondering where exactly did the Three Stooges(Brigade) go wrong and became delusional? They actually think they are controlling the game? They strategize all night long but don’t cover all bases. As weird as it seems, it’s entirely possible Production will rig a game that Sleeper Cell Kathy will win. Then what?


BBGrandma, popping in to say you have an exciting coast, each park & turnout more beautiful than the last — did Muc ever get to run on the sand? Dogs & kids are so happy here & land is so fertile that “just tickle her with a hoe & she laughs out a harvest.” Everyone seems blissfully unaware of the BB drama about to unfold tonight!!!! All good wishes.


I’m also rooting for Matt. He’s pretty witty.


is anyone else sick of enzo and how all he does it talk crap all the time
i am so tired of him just dropping f bombs every other word and then he tells one of the guys that he masturbated twice while was talking w/the guy
why would anyone say that
who cares enzo and then he says oh i will throw the comp. oh so does that mean he wasn’t throwing the others or pretty much not playing as well as he can
i hope matt puts him up and that enzo gets booted tonight


Matt can’t put up Brendon cause he is HOH, right???


Question… what if Matt also wins HOH this week?


Ditto, Go Matt!