Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan tells Hayden that there will not be repercussion from him if he votes out Matt..

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


3:40pm Have nots Lane and Matt. Matt really wants Lane to make sure Brendon goes next week if Matt is the one evicted. Matt is worried about Enzo and Hayden wanting to keep Brendon around to be part of some crazy ass deal he tells Lane he has to talk them out of it. Lane doesn’t know what direction Hayden and Enzo are taking. Ragan comes in and tells them about BRit thinking the big brother says game will be used for the end of Have nots show tomorrow. They start to talk about the chances that tomorrow will be double eviction. Matt thinks there might be a chance because even though they haven’t had knockdown yet some of the competition sets do not take too long to set up. Ragan now says that maybe they won’t show too much of the big brother says game because sometimes they use old footage. They mention that there has been no DR session today. .

3:55pm Hayden joins them. They talk about the big brother says event, the saboteur, brendon being a douche. Ragan tells them about Brendon going up to BRit this morning and telling her that Ragan won’t win the HOH because he gets to jittery during the comps. Ragan wonders why Brendon is so certain he’ll be safe next week. Matt doesn’t think that BRendon really feels safe he’s just in denial, “He’s as mental as she (rachel) is, just in a different way.” Lane agrees. They start to go over all the big brother says messages and trying to find how they are related to have nots. TP the HOH because the HOH picked the have nots this week, look in the mirror and do a muscle pose because when your off slop you feel strong.. etc etc

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:20pm Enzo, Matt, Brit, Hayden, LAne. THere joking around with enzo asking him what his power is. They ask him if hos secret power is fire. Matt mentions that its the coup d’etat, RBit gets all excited about the idea and hopes everyone puts Brendon up with they use it. Enzo tells them that Brendon asked him to go up to the HOH and talk. THey find out they are in lockdown.
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4:30pm Enzo comes up to talk to Brendon. They start watching the spy cam … Enzo says that you get an idea now what people look like on tv. Enzo talks about the letter he got. Brendon says that it make Lane suspicious. Enzo says that there is actually a saboteur in the house. Brendon says that Britney was acting weird today. Brendon says that she was trying to get in on all his conversations. Brendon really thinks Lane is the saboteur. Brendon says that now people don’t think you are the saboteur … because who would write a saboteur message to themselves. They both think that Kathy would make the worst saboteur and that they would catch her right away. Enzo really wants the saboteur to ask him about the note. Brendon says that if Matt is the saboteur and he gets evicted …then in a couple days they will get a message saying they got the sab. Brendon says that now they know that Ragan is a competitor. Enzo’s say to Brendon that it will be a four to one vote tomorrow and that Matt will be the one leaving.
4:45pm Ragan and Hayden are talking in the cabana room. Ragan says to Hayden that he would be shocked if Brendon got to the final 2 because Brendon would have to alternate winning HOH and POV each week. Hayden says yeah. Ragan tells Hayden that him and Enzo would not be able to win HOH next week and be able to put up Brendon because they have been up being buddy buddy with Brendon and so if they put him up they would look really shady. Hayden says yeah. Hayden says that he really likes how he can talk with Ragan about the game and get his perspective on things. Hayden says that he is not going to throw a competition. Ragan says that the only currency you have in this game is your word. Ragan says that for players like Hayden that is what is going to get increasingly important for him. Ragan says for Kathy to make it to the finals ….he would not vote for her. Hayden says that if they have a chance to take out someone like me or Kathy …they will

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5pm – 5:25pm Hayden says that if he wins POV he will keep the competitions the same. Ragan says that if Hayden says he will that he will trust his word that he will. Hayden says that he has to fight for the POV because if he doesn’t and Brendon wins he knows that he will be going up. Hayden talks about how he love Matt and Lane equally and that he doesn’t know what he will do. Ragan says that he wants Hayden to make the decision that is best for him in the game. Ragan says that he will not hold it against Hayden if he votes out Matt. Ragan says that he doesn’t think that it is a good move to split the votes. Ragan says that this move at this time in the game is not about friendships or splitting the votes. Hayden says that he and Enzo talked about this and about spitting the votes earlier in the game and that he is going to vote the way that is best for him…. If Enzo doesn’t agree then it will be a split vote. Ragan tells Hayden that he should talk to people and that it really helps to vocalize what he is thinking to really be able to make a decision. Hayden says that he is going to tell both Lane and Matt what his decision before the vote. Ragan says that he and Britney are two people that really want one person or the other to stay. Ragan says that he is really going to be upset no matter what happens.

Ragan tells Hayden that all it takes is one wrong move and then your goose is cooked. Ragan says that his one mistake was not putting on a game face and sucking it up when things started going wrong with Brendon and Rachel and him. Ragan says that one move was what ultimately almost drove him out of the house. Ragan says that when Rachel asks Kristen if she was going to put her up …and Kristen said that she couldnt tell her that ….Ragan says that one sentence is what ended her game. Ragan says that one last thing he will leave with him and tells Hayden that what ever decision he makes it cant be one that he will regret. Ragan says that this is a game where you have to look forward not back. Hayden says that he talked to Matt and that Matt said regardless of if he stays in the house or not … you can trust Ragan… he is a good dude. Ragan says that after the POV meeting he could have gone up to the HOH and had a talk with Brendon and said that he would save him ….but Ragan says that he is not going to do that and blow smoke up his ass …I just wont do that. Ragan and Hayden talk about last season and who deserved to win like Jeff/Jessie because they really played the game. Hayden tells Ragan that Matt is where he is because he got his hands dirty and was winning things. Ragan says yeah …and tells Hayden that there will not be repercussion from him regardless of which way you vote. Ragan really stresses that both Enzo and him need to sit down and talk to both Lane and Matt and tell them what you are going to do.

5:30pm Ragan says that he might want to cut a deal with Matt because he is a better competitor than Lane and that Matt could potentially help him. Ragan says that Matt operates from a different perspective than he does like how he told Rachel and Brendon to put him up instead of Andrew. Hayden says that he will definitely be talking to Enzo and figure this all out. Ragan says that makes him really happy that they are going to really think it through and let each know what they are going to do. Ragan and Hayden start talking about the saboteur. Hayden says that he knows he is not the saboteur so it is a one in 7 chance. Ragan then says that he is not the sab either. Ragan says that he think it is either Brendon or Kathy. Hayden tells Ragan that Brendon is throwing around names of who he thinks is the saboteur. Hayden says that even yesterday Brendon was asking where you (Ragan) were thinking that you were up to something.

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Brenda feels safe because he has a diamond veto too?


We would have seen it on TV just now if he had one. I don’t think Brendon has a power. Just watching the ending, you can see it was played this way, otherwise it would have been one of the biggest flops ever if the DPoV wasn’t used.


Or Brendon has the coup d’etat.


9:05pm est, Hayeden and Brit inside the house somewhere, and Brit is doing Haydens nails? Nail polish? I guess Hayeden is getting his nails done. \

IN the have nots room, Ragen, Matt and someone else, can’t see who, my guess is Lane. Just shooting shit, talking about someone menstrating and laughing. boring stuff right now.


Brendon has no special power. On CBS show, all he got out of it was a trip out of the house. He didn’t even get the meeting with Rachel (which I thought he’d probably had). And I don’t know what CBS is doing breaking its rules allowing her to write the message — she had certainly written a message and they certainly saw it! The cameras obvs. loved it. Oh and her video message for him about Pandora’s box — super cheesy, porno look!

Hot & Humble Librarian

Brenda can’t have a DPOV! [clutches her pearls] Say it ain’t so! Eeep!
And peeps… AWEsome was it watching Regan rip into the Ra-Tress?
The look on her face was PRICELESS as well as those running away when
Ragan says no one liked her….Gee Ra-Tress….did you hear anyone speak up for ya?




I loved when everyone was outside and Roachel went out to rub it in Ragans face that he was a have not (with the cookies). Everyone else was playing pool and they all ran inside like little girls….except the only girl = Brit. She just continues to play pool while it is all going on around her. Love it. Even after Ragan goes inside and Rachel is standing next to her, she just continues to play. Too funny!


I just finished watching BB on network. OMG!!!!!! Ragan needs intense psycho therapy. The venom he spewed on Rachel ( and I am NOT a Rachel fan) was absolutely disgusting and uncalled for and CBS milked it for all it was worth, The majority of TV time was about their fight and I know a lot of other stuff went on since Sunday. Also want to say Britnay is a spoiled brat who also needs a 180 attitude adjustment. Simon, I love this site, thanks


Uncalled for???????????????? Did you not witness the systematic bullying and controntational behavior that she exhibited all throughout her time in the house. She was a bitch – she was homophobic, selt absorbed and just nasty……she deserved every word and then some……


don;t both brenchel fans have no common sense this has been proven, all they do is make up shit defending brendon and rachel’s actions


Hello? I was very specific…. I am NOT a Rachel fan!!!! and I am certainly entitled to an educated reasonable opinion!!!!!


i don’t understand why ragan is being targeted because he was able to stand up for himself… was it because he was able to give better than he got? or should he have got to his room and cry it out instead?


Well, it’s a lot easier for Ragan to chew Rachel out knowing that everybody in the house despises her. Shame on Ragan. How old is he? That mocking Ragan was doing, just plain pathetic. That’s fighting dirty. Where does he teach? What does he teach?

give me a break

Could say the same for you.

Gavin's Lola

I absolutely agree…she walked straight into the house & immediately attacked Ragan! Then she went outside & baited him into saying something. What else was he supposed to do…give her the satisfaction of being a bitch & just listening to it. I give him credit for not backing down just for a jury vote. She’s RIDONKULOUS!!!

give me a break

What show were you watching.

Gavin's Lola

She walked in the door, said I’m back bitches, then was bleeped saying something rude to Ragan, then told him he HAD to be nice to her…what show were you watching??? Then she went outside & taunted him with cookies because he can’t eat…she deserved everything he said & if she had left him alone he would never had said anything rude to her!!!!!!!


I agree 100 %


My 100% was for Laura’s comment. Reagn is a nasty human being

Gavin's Lola

Are you kidding???? Ragan was only defending himself. Is that a crime?????


according to brenchel fans brendon and rachel did nothing both rachel’s HOH wins to make the house hate them…….

Brigade Joe

Its show night the brenchel fans are out in full force

give me a break

My god all everyone is doing is trying to make you guys see both sides. All I can see is the Brenden and Rachel which alot are not they are just seeing both sides unlike the Ragan and Britt fans.


Rachel is the kind of girl who thinks she and do and say anything no matter how subtle and get away with it. Ragan didn’t let her get away with it. Sometimes you screw with the wrong person and they let it unleash on you and that’s what I saw. I’m not a Ragan fan or enemy but I have watched the show and BBAD. She had it coming.


At least rachel and brendon aren’t talking nasty about those fools, that’s not cool to get personal like that…this is a game….game….game. they should look in the mirror before they talk that nasty and personal about someone they don’t know.


She called Ragan gay and said he can’t keep a boyfriend. That isn’t personal? Ragan is the only one I see behaving selfless.


They were in lock down. Lock down is over, Brit goes straight to outside. Does anyone know why there is a lockdown?

Ragen still talking about not likeing Rachel. Why? We know you don’t like them so why do you keep talking about her? Maybe Rachel and Ragen know each other and this is their way of keeping it a secret?

They still talking about double evicition. Ragen thinking there would be one more endurance challenge and it will be for the end.


so who was the zingbot?? Andrew??


3rd person in the room with Ragen and Matt, I know it’s not Enzo so has to be Lane said something about not being betrayed on the show. Fianlly, I see Lane, so it is him.


Regan keeping count of what episode tomorrow is, 19. He is really thinking this out. 22 is next eviction, 30 episodes in a season, ……………

they trying to figure out if DE will be happening next week or the week after. 4 PoV left, …….


HEY, Matt switched hands. Now his right hand is in his pants, not his left. For those who wanted to know LOL.


How id this diamond veto supposed to work???


is not id (SORRY)


Ok folks, lots of drama this evening with the Rachel & Ragan show, but here’s what’s important…
DPoV defined by Matt as being able to take himself (only) off the block and name the replacement himself
Matt will not want to stir up anymore enemies for the jury house, so he’ll put up Kathy as his replacement
Kathy will go home with a 4-0 vote as Brendon & Matt will be ineligible to vote.
Brendan will be pretty pissed after being duped with P-Box and the DPoV and most likely be allowed to compete in the HOH competition
Julie will announce it’s a Double Eviction night.
Brendon will most likely be the first ever back-to-back HOH.
Nominees will be Matt & Britney
Vote will be 3-3 split with Brendan having to decide to vote out Matt…ending the possibility of an alliance actually going the distance in the BB house.
New HOH will be endurance with a very emotional Ragan winning and announcing he was the SAB.

What a night for Allison & CBS and what a week we have to look forward to with all the drama yet to unfold!


if people were smart – they would keep Brendon – cos if everyone hates him – who would vote for him except for Rachel??

what happens if someone happens to find the DPOV – can they take it – or is that a no no…..I know it must be in Matt’s suitcase….. i think it would pretty funny if Matt went to get and poof it’s gone. LOL


Matt told Enzo yesterday that if Brenden makes it to the final 2, that he will vote for Brenden because he said that if Brenden could survive all of the hate in the house towards him, then he(Brenden) deserves to win.


3 weeks left they are saying? Hmmm… is that true Simon? I guess a few big things will happen then if there is only 3 weeks left.


if he has one it didnt show it


Brenda doesn’t have the DVOP too. But next year they should give 2 people a power at the same time. So let’s say Matt and Brittney had the dvop and Matt used it to take himself off and put Britt up. The. Britt could turn around and take herself off and put Matt back up or someone else.


No, don’t think so. But after watching tonights show, I’m not a Ragan fan anymore. I don’t understand what all that was about. Either way, I think anyone of them from tomorrow night on, better watch their back. From here on, it’s gonna get interesting.


Good show tonight, glad Brendon didn’t get a “special power”. The fight between Ragen and Rachael was very entertaining…I did however think that they “made up” prior to her leaving…funny that didn’t make the show tonight


was is not DEAD obvious Rachel was the zingbot? did you hear the voice when brenda hugged it? it sounded like rachel


BigD, I don’t think there would be two DPOV. Brendon feels safe because he thinks he has Britney, Lane, Enzo, Hayden and Cathy on his side and he thinks the votes are there to evict Matt. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s show, when Matt tells them of his DPOV.


yeah he got a 24 hour pass and the diamond veto….NOT!!

sophy b

Why does matt have the diamond power around his neck?I thought i was suppose to keep it a secret until he uses it??


It is photoshopped sophy b. He does not have it, it was added in by Simon or Dawg.


One thing I am noticing, is, when ever somone was with Brendon and as soon as they leave and join someone else, they make fun of , either by mocking his walk or saying what the conversation they had or what ever. EVERY SINGLE TIME. And these are the same people who say the play with integrity and honour?

These people should be ashamed of themselves.


They are threatened by the smarts and power of brenchel…with brendon gone, the rest of those idiots are going trip all over themselves in comps, the show will have to be aired 4 hours to get a hoh or pov…their incompetent.


Simon, thanks for all the pool pics of Lane. I know at some point he gets in and gets out of that pool, so can we get a full body shot of him without a shirt? That guy is YUMMY … and I just want to see a bit more than part of that tat. Thanks!


Aww well … thanks for trying anyway. Some of us girls just want to drool a little. You understand 🙂


Regan is very nasty, we don’t want to hear about him wanting the helo to drop a boy down to him.


I thought Regan was a College Professor. When he said to Hayden there would be no repercussions for his voting out Matt I couldn’t figure out if he was being stupid on purpose. Repurcussions mean an effect or result of some event or action. Therefore the repercussion could be Matt’s eviction. If he meant retaliation, to return like for like (especially evil for evil) then he didn’t actually promise that he wouldn’t retaliate. I imagine Hayden IS NOT smart enough to catch this word difference but the “diabolical genius” is I’m sure. When Matt finds out Hayden/Enzo are voting him out I think there will be plenty of retaliation. I would like to know this conversation was preplanned. Matt needs to know who is loyal to his kingdom before he plays the DPOV.


This show is sooo fake. Matt was walking around with the DPOV the whole time, and everyone acts all shock during the live eviction that he had it, FAKE SHOW!