**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt: “Playing a power tomorrow… POWER MOVE the audience will be screaming BRIGADE”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:27pm Hammock Ragan giving matt a debriefing about his conversation with Hayden, saying that matt never had a chance to fight for POV, MAtt made some moves that we wanted to and Matt’s word is good. Ragan suggesting that matt should let ragan have the HOH next week becuase the hoh comp after that will be skill and matt will be better at it. Ragan says MAtt staying tomorrow will be the greatest thing ever but also just as great will be the look on Brendon’s face if MAtt stays it will be INSANE. Matt agrees: “it sure will…what kind of speech should I do should I wing it or should I plan on something. Ragan: “if you find out your going then don’t waste a single breath on brendon, Matt: “oh yeah if I think i’m staying i’ll rip into him but if i’m going maybe i’ll do a bit of both.. Some nice words should be said”
Hayden joins them
Ragan: “I’m so excited to eat tomorrow” they start to talk about the jury house and music, Matt says he’s going to request ear plugs so he doesn’t have to listen to Rachel. Lane comes out and the POOL tournmament begins, Ragan vs LAne, Ragan leaves. Matt tells him that Ragan doesn’t know about the brigade so he’s doing some hard core campaigning, Matt just wants Hayden to know he’s not sending ragan out into the house to campaigning for him Ragan is just a emotional person and he doesn’t want matt to leave. Matt thinks Brendon had every intention to BAckdoor him, everything was planned from day one even the deal Brendon made and then broke. Hayden is shocked that kathy is the saboteur, MAtt agrees but he thinks theres enough evidence know that she’s the one. Matt asks Hayden if he’s talked to Enzo about the coup d’etat. MAtt says if he has the coup d’etat he doesn’t necessarily have to put up 2 people he might just want to put up one like Kathy. HAyden thinks he should put up Kahty and Brendon. MAtt wonders if Enzo will do it, hayden thinks he will it’s so important right now, Matt: “yeah putting up Kahty would be a POWER move.. imagine if the Brigade stayed whole after next week the audience would be screaming BRIGADE”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:28pm lane and hayden. Lane is thinking that it will be a double eviction, he’s not sure there will be. Lane eating brendon’s burger, “what the BLANK did he put in these burgers there was a huge chunk of garlic in mine”. lane lets say Kathy is the sab so her vote will be americas vote. Hayden tells him there are 4 poeople that are keeping Lane if the votes come back 3-2 then one of us 4 are the sabetour, either Kathy, Enzo, Brit and Hayden. Hayden: “I know it’s not me so that leaves 3 people” Enzo joins them, “burgers good hey”. They talk about who they would put up either Ragan and BRit or Brendon and Ragan.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Hammock Lane and Hayden Hayden is thinking that Enzo has some real power, all day hayden has been asking enzo but he’s not getting a straight answer from him. Hayden points out that Enzo has fans, LAne: “Thats what we need fans where do we get those” Hayden: “He have to start winning”, Lane: “Well what has enzo won.. I need to stop being stupid and you need to stop being a surfer guy” Lane isn’t sure about the power being in the game he thinks production would tell them if there was. Hayden brings up that he asked production in the DR and they told him that they doe not have to tell the hosueguests if a wizard power is in the game. Lane wonders who Enzo would take out… they go over who they will take out next week, hayden says he wants Brit gone next week. Lane agrees he thinks Brit is really sneaky, lane also is sure if matt goes this week and BRit next week he can pull ragan in and control him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:10pm Gremlin finishing Enzo’s Hair


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:19pm Kitchen, Matt, Brit and Hayden MAtt is showing them that Brendon did everyones dishes but a little pile that the have nots was using. HAyden: “WOW what a child” Matt: “and it’s not lilke he did a few he did a ton of dishes then left a bowl and a couple of spoons.. what a child” Ragan comes in and they tell him about the dishes. Matt: “what a BLANK baby”. Ragan: “BRendon’s is being super pouty right now”.

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161 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt: “Playing a power tomorrow… POWER MOVE the audience will be screaming BRIGADE”

    1. I have been waiting for tomorrow since Sat. when Ragon won the POV. I doubt if CBS will disappoint. I am dying to hear Matt’s speech, and see who he puts up. If it really will be Kathy or Brit. I hope he gives us a POW WOW and put up Brit, but he will probably keep it safe, because he wants jury votes if he makes it to final 2.

      1. So far Matt has avoided getting personal in these situations. His speech may end up being very generic – best for my game, you’re a strong player, this is not personal but strategic yada yada yada – he knowa he is vying for jury votes.

      2. I hope Matt can put up Brandon… Can’t stand listening to him I will turn him off or fast forward!!! In the HOH room tonight with him complaining. OMG both Brandon or Rat_chel don’t have a clue of how bad they look!!!

    2. Any idea if he could possibly use it on Brendan? That would be priceless. Brendan & Rachel talked like they’re the only ones that were playing the game strategically, not emotionally, but it was the complete opposite. Matt is far from a floater and that was there game plan.

  1. Power move to get Kathy out now that is just stupid. How could anybody think getting Kathy out is a power move no matter who you are going for on this show that move is just stupid. Making a power move would be to get someone out that can beat Matt in a comp and that sure is not Kathy.

    1. I agree. These talk to here themselves. Nothing about Kathy is a power move. If he wants to make a power move take out Ragan, Brit or Enzo

      1. He should totally put brit up she the one winning the vetos.. enzo has dont nothing but saying yo. and come up with a alliance might I add at the Very Beginning since then nothing but complain and kiss ass. taking britney out would be the smart move

      2. It actually is a power move. The only person he will piss off is Brendon, and Brendon is already going to be pissed off over the DPOV. He keeps on Brit’s good side and saves the brigade once again. Keeping Brit is in his best interest, because he needs someone else to start knocking out his fellow brigaders. They have already made it clear that they need to get rid of him because they won’t beat him in the final 2. They all need Brit right now, but I think, or at least I hope that Matt is the only one that sees it. Best scenario for Matt is Ragan winning HOH next week, Brendon goes home. Following week, Brit wins and takes out Enzo or Hayden. Then Matt can concentrate on taking out Brit. This way he is assured the votes of the old brigade. Lane and Hayden or Enzo would be pissed and she would be their main target. Again, no blood on Matt’s hands. Putting up Kathy is the best move, especially since everyone thinks she is the sab.

        1. chloe, I thought Matt was being facetious about voting Kathy as a power move in the game — but it’s a move toward him regaining more power.

    2. i agree too. she’s clearly never going to win anything. they’d be smart to carry her as long as possible.. any of them. so let’s see.. Matt takes himself off.. won’t put up Ragan. can’t put up Brenda, so that leaves Enzo, Hayden, and Brit. i sure as hell hope Enzo and Hayden tell Matt they’re voting him out.

      1. Oh god I hope those two knuckleheads tell Matt they are voting him out!!! I would love to see Matt put Enzo up. Talk about the ultimate floater! Enzo is useless and Hayden is a follower.

  2. Ok, maybe it was childish to leave the have-nots dishes, BUT all I hear about is how none of them lift a finger to help clean that house. I probably would have left them too. Or all of them….. They’re a bunch of slobs, I’d hate to see how they live in their own homes

    1. boo hoo, brendan left a handful of dishes, after he just washed alot of them, brit matt and ragan need to grow up, get off the butt, and wash their own dishes

  3. I cannot wait until tomorrow. This is going to be epic. Brendon won’t be the only surprised HG. The look on all of their faces will be priceless.

    1. All except 4. Matt, Ragan (will be all smiles you can’t shut him up) And Kathy because her heart will probably drop because she will just know she’s going up. Brit will probably look dumbfounded like she always does. The rest will be surprised. Brendan will probably wet himself.

  4. somehow ragen has convinced matt that the jury doesnt matter….

    WHY DONT YOU WAIT THROUGH THE SEASON….THEN make fun of brenden if you feel inclined….but why the heck would you diss him? matt would be STUPID to do this

    enzo and hayden seem to be the only ones that get it…

    1. During the finale when the jury gets to ask questions to the final 2 HG, can you imagine how whiney & obnoxious Rachel will be?!?
      “Why did you vote me out?”
      “I had to fight EVERY day to be there and you were a floater. Why should I give you my vote?”

    2. I know, but Matt and Ragan and Brit are the kind of people that need their egos stroked, so they can’t see beyond themselves. I have not been able to figure out why Lane and Kathy are there, and Brendan either.


  5. I will NOT respect matt’s move unless he puts up brit

    it cant be kathy

    this is the time to take brit out…free up lane etc…do it matt

  6. Power Move = Kathy Out?????? Whaaaaa…am I missing something? No one will be screaming Brigade, that is just delusional.

  7. even matt had said he thought powers like the de taut were super cheap and “bs”…rachel was like “really, I think its fair”, but no, he thinks its cheese…and it is

    brenden better have got something we dont know about(and not brit, not talking std’s)

    1. I bet Matt doesn’t think it’s cheesy now that he’s on the block and can be saved. It’s easy to call something cheesy when you think you will never be a position to need it, but ask Matt now if it’s so cheesy why use it tomorrow, why not keep it in your suitcase, and play the game the way you said it should have been played. Matt’s full of BS.

      1. I think you’re looking it at the wrong way. I’m guessing this is how Matt feels. Say he goes on to win this game. Instead of looking back and saying “Ahhh, awesome! That was all me!” he’ll instead feel the win is cheapened by the fact that DPOV was an unfair advantage. He’ll still gladly go to the finals and win, but it leaves a salty taste in his mouth. That’s really why I dislike it. People who get victimized by it hate it, and those that win because of it don’t get the satisfaction of feeling like they completely deserve the prize.

        1. I agree with you on that matter. I know that if I had really worked and won a tough comp to become HOH and put up two people, took the heat for that decision, and someone came in an literally said you got nothing because I have the power to change everything, well, I would be pretty mad. I think Brendon is probably going to blow the roof off tomorrow. I also think that Matt is glad he has the DPOV but Matt knows how he would have felt if that had happen when he was HOH and Brendon had the DPOV. It really takes away from both of them as you said.

          1. It’s ok for Brendon to be upset about the power, but everyone hated Chima when she was upset last season. You guys are a bunch of HATERS!

            1. I did not dislike Chima. I did not blame her for being upset, but leaving the game was uncalled for, she should have rolled with it and possibly may have won the game. America loves an underdog. But, she chose to leave and not fight until the end. (or get kicked out – we will never really know who is telling the truth)

  8. Just a tease. Regan and Brit talking. Brit with her legs open. Oh an now her hand infront between her legs moving LOL.

    I thought girls were not suppose to sit like this with their legs wide open. Thanks Brit for the view. :D

  9. The reason Matt thinks it’s a power move is because he knows that Kathy talks shot and runs to Brendon when he has the power. Why would he take out the brigade? He thinks they are all together. He doesn’t know the truth. 2nd Brittney wants Brendon out bad so if he keeps Brittney in it will better there chances to get Brendon out. Brittney is not gunning for Matt. That’s why if there going to give someone a power like this they should atleast let him see what everyone is saying about him because the real power move would be to put up Enzo. But if you think he’s got your back then why put him up? I still think that he will put Brittney up because that’s what Enzo and the brigade want most. I love how lane says in the DR that he wants to keep Brittney off the block but whenever Enzo says he wants her gone he says yea good idea. If I was lane I would tell them that Brittney likes Enzo and Hayden and said she would never put them up. Lane is a moron. The longer he keeps Brittney the safer he is. Next year can BB cast some real players. They should cast the people who chat on here.

    1. He knows that is not a power move. Matt is only thinking of himself and rightfully so it’s a half million dollars on the line. But let’s speak truth here. Matt is only going to choose Kathy (if that’s his choice) to keep from outing the lies he’s told, and to get jury votes and to keep the target off his back. He knows if he votes Brit or any of the Brigade he will not get any of their votes if he makes it to final 2. What power move is Kathy even he has said Kathy won’t win anything so why take her out. Brittany has 2 POV’s under her belt and you’re going to leave her in. No he’s not making a power move he is making a move that he feel will help him in the game.

      1. No I think it is a power move in a sense. Right now the “brigade” is kind of fracturing with Hayden and Enzo gravitating toward Brendon’s side of the house, taking out Kathy will likely at least have some affect of moving them back over to Matt’s side. They will probably go back to focusing on Brendon, Ragan, and Brit rather than him.

        1. I’m sorry, it’s just hard to take someone seriously with a name like Dr. poopy pants. Are you up all night with a new baby? :-) ha ha

  10. Watching the actual CBS show tonight makes me think even less of Ragan and Britney. Ragan is an absolute phony piece of crap. He basically says to everyone that they are the most special person in the world to him. How is that any different than Brendon trying to swing deals with everyone now that he is HOH? Both are trying to manipulate the other players. Ragan clearly can bring on the tears whenever he feels it will benefit him. Britney is much the same way as she uses her tears except she does it for sympathy. Ragan is really a vile human being and his true colors have been exposed to all of America. I’m not defending Rachel though…she is vile too.

    I’m actually beginning to like Enzo and Hayden more as they are starting to realize they need to start thinking ahead. I can’t wait to see tomorrow when Matt uses the D-POV. If he makes a power move and goes after Britney it will change the game entirely. Even going after Enzo or Hayden to fracture The Brigade would be a nice power move. If he elects to target Kathy then it won’t. We will soon find out exactly how daring the self-proclaimed genius is.

    1. I like that, at least their are trying to play the game by keeping brendan for awhile longer, its just too bad they can’t make it happen because that can’t win anything

  11. Tomorrow night is going to be epic if Matt uses the DPOV, which I’m sure he will. If only he uses it on someone else besides Kathy. (which most expect) I would fall out of my chair if Hayden or Enzo is put up. Can’t wait to see the look on everyones face during the eviction!

  12. watching tonight episode….

    ragen is a DISGUSTING person.

    he really really is…im so sick of his “decency and respect” speech…

    I mean WOW.

    1. And I Iget so tired of hearing him say Rachel and Brendan play so personal and not strategic. PLEASE tell me how is not trying to take Ragan and Matt out not strategic? Well Ragan better not win because he seems to think everyone is his friend. He and Matt seem to think taking Kathy out is a power move and what was them wanting Rachel out but personal.

      1. It is scary to think that Ragen teaches at the college level. Can you just imagine being in one of his courses and trying to stay on his good side? How ’bout listening to his lectures? Gawd!!!

        1. ragan really thinks everyone likes him, lets see, rachel and brendan don’t, brit already said the only person she likes is monet, matt is using him, and hayden enzo and lane were trying to evict him

          1. Absolutely! In his small mind he constantly categorizes himself as a ‘good’ person. To each his own I guess.

            1. and I respectfully disagree with all of you in this thread. Ragan is sensitive and communicates from his heart, not always the wisest choice.

  13. I’m sorry maybe I was wrong to say they should cast the people who chat on here. Why do you people want Kathy to stay. She is a waste of a player. Do you want to watch a good game or a borefest??? I mean have they shown Kathy in the DR once this season? If they have I don’t remember. She has no personality whatsoever. All Kathy does is suck up the air in the house. Enzo will lose again on purpose. Brittney is one who really tries to win. Yes the last comp she did bad but she killed Enzo and Kathy. Kathy needs to go. But I have a feeling Matt will put Brittney up because that’s what Enzo keeps talking about.

    1. You may be right, but I don’t think he will put up Brit and definitly not for Enzo. He is also beginning to question Enzo and Hayden’s loyalty, because they are alway talking to Brendan. He may think it’s better for him to keep Brit, then he has Ragan, and Lane which will give him more number in terms of people which means he will probably last longer then Enzo or hayden because he will tell Brit he saved her to get her vote and Ragan won’t vote against him, and Lane is no dummy he will go with the numbers.

      1. “Lane is no dummy” Really??? You watching the same show as the rest of us. He has done or said nothing to support your statement. And furthermore, he’s won the same amount of competitions as I have.

      1. He has won less than Kathy. She won a round of bowling and took out Rachel. That’s more than Enzo or Lane have done.

    2. I don’t think anyone wants kathy in the house, but why evict someone who will not get even 1 vote from the jury, at least brendan will get 1

  14. I would really like to know why none of them have even considered Ragan as the sab! They have pinned it on everyone else at one time or another! Boggles the mind!!!

    1. who even cares about the sab. ragan was a little too proud of himself about that lame trick he pulled on everyone, so you kept everyone up and told them there was a competition that would change the game, who really cares
      why did I vote for him?

  15. If Matt keeps Kathy it will hurt his game. Matts main target is getting Brendan out. If he keeps Kathy she won’t help him at all Get that accomplished. Because Enzo and Kathy suck. He also knows Brittney wants Enzo out before Matt so after Kathy and Brendan are out Britt will go after Enzo and not Matt and if the brigade wins hoh they will go after Britt. So yes it would be a better move for Matt to take out Kathy.

    1. Are you basing your opinion on trusting what Britney is saying to Matt? I guess I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t trust ANYTHING anyone in the house promised me. How can you when you know lieing is the main way they further their game? Trusting Britney would be a HUGE mistake.

  16. I’m proud of Ragen. Rachel came in ready to start bullying again. Ragen finally walked away, she came back for more and he told her exactly the way she is. She was speechless several times knowing he hit the nail on the head. Hope Matt finds out about Enzo/Hayden before the vote and puts Enzo up.

    1. Ragan is a bully too. He talks about people with brit and is very mean and Catty. I fell to see the Classy game Ragan is playing. He cried all day when he was on the block. Then he went back to his mean ways. He enjoys being the victim.

  17. Reading through these comments its clear CBS edited Ragan in a bad light. What does the people following the feeds/BBAD think did CBS give him a bad edit? (I didn’t watch the broadcast episode)

    1. CBS chopped up the entire argument. If you noticed on tonights episode, the kitchen scene, you see that at one point most of the HG’s are in the kitchen – then they’re gone and back again. It did make Ragan look bad but I am totally on his side about this argument. Rachel started the whole thing and was acting crazy but that wasn’t shown!

      1. thats why she was there so she could cause drama, if ragan didn’t like it go to the have not room, better yet just go home

    2. Yes, Simon, I think that CBS did edit it so that he didn’t look as fantastic as we who see live feeds know it was. (Sorry for the twisted sentence). I think that CBS didn’t have the time to put in enough background before the big fights for people to feel sympathetic for Ragan. CBS didn’t, for example, show ANY of the conversations with people who were in the HOH with Rachel crawling up her ass while they were selling out Matt and Ragan. It was just Rachel arrives, Ragan is cranky, 1st fight between the two (when the live feeds were cut), Rachel looks for Brendon, Rachel exits HOH and tells Kathy she’s going to offer Have Not Ragan a cookie (but sort of mumbled and didn’t show the true vindicativeness), show her offering Ragan cookie BUT didn’t show her offering Britney cookie before…showed Ragan saying he’s not taking it anymore, telling her that she has problems, ugly extensions, and pimples (but nothing about parrot face), DIDN’T show her saying stuff about his lack of family contact / his dead father, then showed him saying that she seeks the wrong kind of attention and her looking shocked at end of fight. So basically, they took out of the fight all the parts where she attacked him.

      CBS also barely showed anything on Enzo and Hayden foolery conspiracy and taking out Matt although they showed a little smidgen. And CBS didn’t show any diaries with Matt. AND CBS didn’t even show Lane’s POV speech — Lane is going to be disappointed, he tried to be funny because he wanted us all to see it.

    3. I saw the broadcast tonite and I was very impressed by the way Ragan stood up to Rachel. Maybe I missed something but it made Rachel look worst. I am praying that Matt realizes that the Buffoon is no more and put up HAYDEN.

      TO GO LIST


        1. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry I forgot about Lane but doing nothing makes you forget about him. ?Why is everyone saying Matt should take out Brit — right now she’s one of his strongest player in the game and she would be gunning for Brendan/Enzo/Kathy/Hayden. That’s why I am praying that Matt put up HAYDEN because if the next competition is strength then Hayden could win (even though I doubt it) then you would have Matt/Ragan/Brit/Lane vs Kathy/Enzo (lol) NO COMPETION what so ever — then they can take them out one by one. THAT WOULD BE SO SWEET.

          FINAL 3 = Matt/Brit/Ragan

      1. Totally agree, Hayden needs to go. Also I want Brit to know that Lane is not on her side. The only person she has stayed loyal to is Lane and he is trashing her to anyone that will listen.

      2. I am glad Regan went off on Rachel. She is a foul wench and attacks everyone when she feels like it. I don’t watch the feeds so I didnt see the whole argument but I was DYING when Regan verbally shut her ass down and left the Ra-tress standing outside with her mouth hanging open with nothing to say. She needs to be on meds.

        1. Let’s be real Ragan has talked more shit about everyone in the house. He was my favorite but now I’m on Brendon side. I hope everyone turns against Matt so he can see how it feels to be isolate.

        2. listen its like this why would Rachel be nice from day 1 everyone was against her and bad mouthing her. I would have spit in Ragan’s face lastnight if it was me

    4. I have to agree with “yeah” bringing in the ex of brendan was not a smooth move….showed him in a negative light…but matt’s wife really did bring some compassion…not that he needs any

    5. I watched the CBS episode and I thought for sure they were gonna edit Rachel’s horrible comments about Ragan’s sexuality out but I will give CBS credit for once they showed Rachel’s bad side all the way this time. Funny thing was they didnt even show the Rachel-Brit fight from later that night about the Enzo sab thing. Rachel caused so much drama in her 18 hour stay they couldnt even use all of the footage.
      Another strange thing was they highlighted Rachel leaving Brendon the infamous pretzel message to the extent of having Rachel do a DR session about it yet the first time Matt asked in the DR about it production said they were unaware of it. Very obvious Rachel’s mission from CBS was to get Matt on the block so the DPOV gets used and they dont have another flop twist.

      1. Wow! I was thinking the same thing. Would that be considered “cheating” since she was outside of the house? Also, didn’t Rachel mention how people liked Enzo – or so she was told? CBS and their drama … Can’t wait for tomorrow!

        1. After lady b typed that we should have somehow edited the house going silent and all the house guests staring at her in disbelief like after Rachel’s comment on the episode last night.

          1. I can’t believe I have to explain this to people but I will, Actually she asked Ragan if he was was a bitch bc he was gay, trying to imply all gay people are bitches and then she said he “sucks at being gay” which shows how closeminded she is bc she thinks gay people are only supposed to act in the way she sees on TV and in sterotypes and aren’t real people who are each different in there own way and dont fit into any box or sterotype. Would it be any differnet if someone said Brendon sucks at being straight bc he crys and shows his emotions?

    6. I don’t think he was put in a bad light. He isn’t my favorite person, but he didn’t start things with Rachel, she did. He said to her face what the rest were thinking but too chicken to say. He didn’t raise his voice, he didn’t get personal until she did and he made solid points. Several times, he corralled her with her own stupid statements and she was left speechless. She attacked him several times for being gay, she told him he isn’t a man. Well, Rachel honey, you are an embarrassment to decent women, so you shouldn’t throw stones at a man for being gay. I have always said that a true friend tells you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. Yeah, Ragan is condescending and whiny, but he has stood up to bullies in this game, and I can’t fault him for that. Nobody else has had the courage to confront anyone, but they say it behind their back. If anyone looked really bad in tonight’s episode, it was Rachel.

      1. I almost stopped reading comments on this site the other day, watching people bash Ragan for being “mean” to Rachel when any time he’s said anything to her she’s started things with him. Each and every time a fight has started between the two Rachel instigated, I was glad that’s how it was shown on the show tonight and I’m thrilled for Ragan that he not only managed to shoot down every single lame attempt at an insult she had (“I love gay people and you’re bad at it” ?) and made her look like a fool in the process. I’d love to watch Ragan win HoH next week and watch Brendon grovel.

        1. Come on , pay attention Brittany and Ragan have been the two biggest bitches in the house,the only difference is Brittany may have a bigger penis. From day 2 Brit and Monet were bashing everyone especially Kristen, and Ragan, then Ragan started bashing everyone when he got around Brittany, and I,m no fan of Rachel , but Ragan is one ugly homo.How are they going to feel when they find out Matt has been lying to both of his so called alliances, why did they take the pic of Brittany cooch off this page but kept everyone elses……. anyone ask that?

        2. Anonymous I agree with you 100% How quickly people forget that, that bitch starts EVERYTHING!!! Glad she’s gone!!!!! BB needs to keep her away…skankyhobiatch!!

        3. They all were talking BLANK about Rachel from day 1 and mocking her which is BLANK. They didnt even know her at that point. Rachel has every right to be a BLANK and I would in this case. If I was Rachel I would have did more then what she did. I would have went and attacked everyone person in that house.

    7. Ragan came of very bad. I have several gay friends and none of them are vicious. He who cries all of the time came off as a very self rightous, know-it-all person. Rachel was being directed by CBS, no doubt about it. Ragan could have bit his tongue and said nothing and been the bigger person. He could have cowered in the have not room lke he did last week, but no, he won POV so he is empowered and had to strut his power. He is a awlful person and sould try to be what he preaches to Rachel.

  18. I was reading your post and thought you were going to make it through without an AG attack. I see you didn’t let us down afterall. I’ll keep the faith in the future. :0)

  19. Matt will put up Kathy for sure. He cant stand her! Even tho Brit will be a better move brit is on his side and kathy is in no mans land……he can sense the brigage falling apart

  20. Hey coco do you watch the live feeds and BBAD?? Enzo is a piece of garbage. He talks more shit about everyone then anyone else in this game. Every girl to him is a bitch. That is really sad since he just had a baby daughter. He pretends to be everyones friend to there face and then talks so much shit about them. Yeah I know they all do it. But Enzo gets really personal. Then he acts like no one desereves to win $500k. Well everyone left in the house except Kathy deserve the money more then Enzo does

    1. You actually just described Ragan and Britney more than Enzo. I know Enzo talks smack and I don’t agree with the “bitch” references for practically everyone, but he is far less offensive to me than Ragan or Britney. You’re probably right though that I should re-evaluate my opinion of Enzo. It is really hard this year to find someone to support. Once you find someone they go out of their way to disappoint. Can the $500,000 just go to charity instead of one of these bozos?

      1. I agree no one in this house deserves the money, if I had vote I would refuse and america could have my vote, everyone is useless

    2. Enzo does talk alot behind peoples backs and seems not to find any woman deserving of anything. He is just as bad as Ragan and Brit but Ragan and Brit take it too far. They use extremes. Do not get me wrong I am a Brit fan but her and Ragan are too dramatic. It is also unfortunate that when a straight man trashes someone he is just being funny or just a jerk but when a woman or gay man makes fun of someone then they are horrible whiney bitches.

  21. I just checked out Paolo, the missing HG from this season…. Rachel would have been all over her, and no one gets between Rachel and her man!

  22. I agree 100% dr Phil. But Matt has no idea who the true Enzo is. I feel bad for enzos friends in the real world because he must talk so much shit about them behind there backs.

    1. Matt has some glimmer. He told Ragan that Enzo has a big ego and is only concerned about how things impact him when Ragan was looking for ways to convince Enzo. He also calls out Enzo on stuff when they talk like “how deep ARE you with Brendon”-showing him over his head by 1 feet or 2 feet.

  23. Does anyone know if the jury (Rachel) got to watch tonights episode? Or do they not get to see anything that happens in the house?

    1. no, she doesn’t get to see the episode. What she does get to see is the edited version that the next evicted hg wil bring to the jury house.

  24. ragen did NOT get a bad EDIT….a bad edit is what brenden got, then followed by HIS EX GIRLFRIEND and HER FAMILY

    ragen got a FAIR edit, that showed who he REALLY is.

    and that 20k hes “earned” is the biggest joke in this game thus far other than brit’s need to bash people

    1. I don’t know anything about Brendon’s situation. But it could also be possible that his parents don’t want to embarrass Brendon in some way … you never know what type of people they are and they may think their own behavior wouldn’t come off well. Or, they may have some sort of strict religious beliefs that would prevent them from supporting him in this endeavor in any way, believing anything Hollywood to be evil. Really, there could be many deeper reasons and are far too many to speculate on.

  25. Brendon just told Hayden and Enzo “you don’t win games by being a pussy” while they are playing pool. I think he was trying to get a message across to these two dummies. He can see through Enzo for sure. Hayden hasn’t done much either but follow Enzo around.
    GO MATT! We know you have to take Kathy out and keep Brittany for your own good!

  26. Brit is the worst with personal attacks! If anyone knows why they haven’t suspected Ragan as the sab,could you please ler me know? Maybe I missed something!

    1. Just called into the diary room. love the convo on the hammock about what they are talking about — Hayden do you have anger issues?

  27. I’m actually basing my opinion on what I watch on the live feeds and BBAD. Brit hates Brendan and Kathy. So with Kathy gone Brits main focus would be Brendan. Kathy and Enzo ant win anything so matt needs Brit to make sure Brendan doesn’t win pov. Brit has also said to Regan that she doesn’t trust Enzo. Lane should be the one fighting for Brit to stay because she would never put him up and she would listen to him. Lane just bows out and agrees with what Enzo says because he is afraid to stand up and take charge

  28. Does Brit have some sort of mental illness — all the picking at her skin is disgusting — and why does the camera focus in on it? ;) speaking of camera focusing in on things — thinking of the person who was upset by Simon and Dawg’s nudes of the ladies, camera shot up Enzo’s shorts earlier today and brief camera shot over and down in Ragan’s shorts when he was re-arranging himself — but the camera doesn’t focus in on their ergghh body parts as much as on to Britney’s scab picking so I see much (but maybe there isn’t much to see LOL).

  29. OK…here’s a thought that would take the production out of the game…do it like BB UK….the housemates nominate…the public votes out…simple…anybody have any thoughts? Simon??

    1. That would suck. You would get morons from the viewing public that form their opinions based only on the TV episodes, and inevitably it would be a popularity contest. The winners would always be the cutest guy or the dumbest blond. I would stop watching. The interesting part is that the players decide who goes and who wins the game.

      1. @Chloe….everybody says production is messing up the game…let’s take it out of their hands….ie. matt’s lie about his wife….NO???

        1. you really need to watch BB UK totally different and totally so much more enjoyable…the housemates pay in the worst way if they fail a task…these housemates haven’t a clue…lmao

        2. I have no problem with Matt’s lie about his wife and the fact that you chose the person who is clearly playing the best game right nowas an example to leave, to make the show better in your mind, is a perfect example of why your idea sucks.

    2. Thoise who think America loves them Britt, Matt and Ragan would have been gone long ago. We need to vote like they do on American Idol. If you have free 800 numbers to use it would work. If you have to pay per call, it would not work. Or vote by internet.
      Reason, a lot of people cannot afford to pay for the calls in todays economy.

      1. Barf. If America voted Jeff would have won last year. Eric would have beaten Dick in season 8, and Enzo would win this season. None of them would have deserved the win. It would be a popularity contest and people inside the house would just play to the public. When is the last time American Idol voted for a winner that deserved the title? It’s more about who people like than who is talented. Just look at Jennifer Hudson, the most successful contestant of all time, she didn’t even come close to winning Idol. The cool part about the jury is that to win you have to backstab your way to the end without pissing people off too badly to get their vote. That takes skill and cunning.

    3. Every year they complain about the house being dirty because nobody picks up after themselves. BB needs to rethink the have nots thing. They should all basically be have nots until they earn something good. They should all have chores to do. If they don’t do them, they are have nots. If they don’t do them right, they are punished with being have nots. If they cause bubbles 3 times in a day, they are have nots. etc. In earlier seasons, the houseguests had to work together to unlock the hot tub. They had to work together to get things like a blender, a toaster, a blow dryer. BB should give them a list of things that need doing every day. Sweep the floor with a feather duster, wash the windows with kleenex and vinegar, scrub the toilet with a toothbrush. Wake them up at 3 AM because the backyard needs tidying or to do the laundry. Big Brother should be harsh, messing with their minds, not coddling like they have been for several seasons now. I want the HG’s to be on edge, never knowing what to expect, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I want the competitions to be so outside the box that they have no way of studying or predicting what it will be. BB needs an overhaul.

  30. Omg I’m sick of seeing enzos ugly mug and his balding head. Just shave it all off. And that stupid thing he does with his mouth. Omg I would love to punch him in the face.

  31. “this is the time to take brit out…free up lane etc…do it matt”

    Why bother to save Lane he seems perfectly fine to go along with Enzo (Bozo) and vote out Matt. Let’s face it, Matt is out of the brigade. It doesn’t exist any more. Once Enzo and Hayden decided to get Matt out (because of this strength in the game) the brigade was over. Also, Enzo tells a different story to everyone (part of his game) so why does everyone get upset if Brit and Kathy do the same. Lane clearly shows that he has no allegiance to Brit, he has openly admited to “try and keep his hands clean” and get her out. Just like Enzo and Hayden getting Matt to do the dirty work for them so they can keep their hands clean. I hope Matt puts up Hayden and Enzo up, to show them that since they disbanded the brigade, he has no loyalty to them. It really doesn’t matter that much if Matt stays, next week he will still only have Ragan., and it will be up to them to win HOH and POV right to the end.

  32. Lane is so lazy. He looks like a little fat boy who never grew up. He is funny but I can’t stand that he doesn’t act like a man and do something. He is forever looking in the mirror at himself. He is more fat than muscle. He is now talking about his “fan base”, what a laugh. Thinks he will be the future Mr. Hollywood! I’m sure he and Enzo will have all kinds of deals made after this total charade on tv. NOT!

  33. Oh god, I hope Matt puts up Enzo. Forget Kathy, that would be SMART to get out lazy ass Enzo. And the good tv that would be. Enzo does nothing, Matt does everything, get Enzo out for good. The look on his face would be priceless, especially with how he’s been talking about evicting the only thing keeping the “brigade” afloat.

  34. Quick ?? Does brendon get tplay in the HOH comp “if” matt uses the DPOV?? I believe last year when Jeff used his veto he became the HOH for like 10 min and the hoh that week got to compete.

      1. Simon, sorry got to disagree with you here. If the DPOV is used, it would make the current HOH’s nominations null and void. I know everyone is focused on just one person being replaced, but I believe the power includes Matt being able to replace and name the current HOH’s nominations. (Heck I could be wrong, but that’s what it sounded like to me.)

        In that case, I’m sure production to add another twist, will use this opportunity to allow Brendon to compete for HOH, thus setting up another scenario of Brendon vs The House. If he repeats, things could get interesting. If not, he either goes home or they backdoor the smarter pawn he’s put up against.

  35. The ubelievable thing about Rahel is how she comes into the house shouting “Bitches, I’m back!” and then seems genuinely surprised that she wasn’t welcomed with open arms. She is so clueless. She just doesn’t get that she is her own worst enemy. That her behavior is what turns people off towards her. When Ragan told her she looked like a parrot and then told her off and walked away, she was stunned and just stood there as though she was totally unprepared for his reaction. For a “smart” girl, she’s pretty dense. the only other person in the house that I dislike nearly as much is Matt, a real sleazeball.the hand down his pants is a display of arrogance and he is so smug that I can barely stand to look at him. I just hope that Brendan somewhere acquired a power from the Pandora’s Box that counters Matt’s DPOV. How is it fair that BB gives Matt that power and Brendan gets no advantage or defense? AND, Matt has all but admitted to anyone who will listen that he has the power — there should be a penalty for telling as much as he has. He ought not to be allowed to choose his own replacement. BB/AG, there are some Brendan (though not Rachel) fans out here, too. We would like some consideration for Brendan who is going to have the rug pulled out from under him tomorrow and no apparent defenses in place to protect himself. That is clearly manipulating the game for Matt’s advantage. Where is the counter advantage for the other side? If there is none and Brendan is evicted and Matt continues to the end, I’m done with BB. It is a device by CBS to manipulate a “reality” show for ratings. Has no real value beyond that and I only watch CBS for BB and the Amazing Race and gave up on Survivor long ago. Not much else on CBS interests me. At LEAST BB could be a fair fight — but it isn’t when BB and AG meddle in it. The last person I want to see win this season of BB is the insufferably smug Matt who has had the producers manipulate things in his favor. That is just plain WRONG.

  36. i hope he can compete in the Hoh Matt is using his power and put up Kathy (i would like to see Britney leave so bad)
    i am sure he can’t compete because he has one nominee left and if their was a tie i think it’s Brendon who would break it so he is not eligible to compete
    (wishful thinking Brendon compete and win HOH omg that would be awesome)

  37. Matt is going to make a power move by getting rid of the weakest player, who is also their maid. Then he wants to evict the cook and dishwasher.
    So Brendon did not wash the have not dishes. Why can’t Britt wash them. She is about to be a wife and she is going to have to learn to wash dishes. Why can’t lazy Matt, or self-rightous Cry Baby Ragan wash the dishes?
    These people are super lazy, and they want to get rid of their cook and maid.
    Super power move!!! Keep Brendon and you are $500,000 richer.
    They are not very smart….smartest player in BB history..not smart.

  38. I think the two people eho belong in the final two right now is Britt and Matt. They are both doing what they have to to win. Britt is so catty i love it. Enzo and Kathy are floating by. Brendon is an neandertol not neanderthol and im tired of his infintile behavior. Hayden and Lane havent done much either besides Hayden being the first HOH. Regan Hopefully makes it to the final three, he his the only on who shows that he doesnt put up with reachals crap.

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