Becky “You very well could be the one sitting next to me” (If JMac wins Veto) Meg “I would be pissed!!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 09-33-34-208

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the HOH room – Julia says ewww! His hair is everywhere! I want to throw up. Liz comes over to see and says whatever. Julia says ewww! Nasty f**k! Liz says you know you’re really mean. Julia says get your life, get your hair!! Liz says I’m so scared for me today! Julia says I know! Liz says you understand today sucks. I need to win. I was called to the diary room at 4am. Basically when you’re HOH you get no sleep! I need to sleep more during the day. Julia asks do I really want to be HOH. I’m like a bitch when you’re HOH. Julia asks so you guys make out every night? Liz says no not that often. Julia says don’t do it often because that sh*t is on the live feeds. Julia tells Liz about the pranks James was pulling on her. My bed literally smells like chocolate. Austin joins them. Austin tells Liz when we found out from Becky that James threw the BOB when Vanessa was HOH .. that will be a big moment on the show. Liz says well she can’t feel bad because even though we found out I’m still not backdooring her. Austin says but its put the plan in motion for next week. Liz says I want the nominations to stay the same so bad. Austin tells them strategies to play the stay and fold veto comp just in case its that one. Austin thinks John will be good at it but Vanessa might be manic. Austin says we can’t use Steve as a pawn because JMac is a wildcard. And we’ve told him he’s a pawn. If Becky wins the veto its probably best case scenario because then we put up one of the six of us (brass tacks) to cover us working together. If Johnny Mac wins the veto and Meg or James goes up its going to look really suspicious to Becky. She will flip her lid because it means she’s going home. Best case is I win the veto. Or best case Vanessa wins the veto because she won’t use it either. I think Vanessa will throw the veto, she throws a lot of things. Julia says remember if JUJU doesn’t get chosen JUJU can be host!
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9:55am In the bathroom – Meg tells Becky that they’ve thought through a lot of this. They’re on to Vanessa. Becky says she’s scared she won’t win. Meg says its just a game. Becky says worst case I go home and watch Johnny Mac win. Meg says its getting down to be a numbers thing. Austin joins them and tell them he thinks its going to be the counting one.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 09-56-56-438

10:05am – 10:15am In the kitchen – Austin talks to Becky. Becky says that John is acting like something is up. I’m scared that if he wins the veto Meg would go up in his place next to me. Austin says no, no, no. Its going to be messy if he wins the veto. Becky joins Meg in the bathroom and says that Austin doesn’t know what would happen if JMac wins.. Do you really not know? You would think he would know. Meg says its scary. Becky says you very well could be the one sitting next to me. Meg says I would be pissed if that happens!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 10-13-18-722

10:20am Becky tells Austin I’m dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t. If I win then I’m a comp beast. Liz has won just as many comps as I have. Becky says I’m just scared especially when we don’t know who the replacement would be. Becky says I am just scared if JMac wins and then Meg or James are sitting next to me. Austin says I know. Becky says I believe if it gets frozen then I’m fine. If its just if he wins it. Austin says that’s why I have to go to work. He just won one so maybe his luck will run out. He’s a three already. I think the record is 5 or 6. Becky says I just need to win. Its tough sitting next to the veto king.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 10-20-56-399
10:25am Austin goes up to the HOH room and tells Julia and Liz that Becky is only scared of one situation, if JMac wins it. Austin says even if Johnny Mac wins and we put Meg or James up and Becky goes home .. then Steve will be pissed and be like why the F**k didn’t you send one of them (James or Meg) home. If it came down to that we would have to tell Steve we’re working with or have a deal with Meg and James.

10:30am – 10:50am HOH room – Austin says we’re in an alliance with everyone left. Its risky. We’re in the center of everything and the only person that can ruin it is Vanessa. Liz says its best we don’t tell Vanessa anything Austin. Austin asks why would you look at me I talk to her less than you. Liz says she’s going to blow up the brass tacks and the freaks and geeks. Austin says but she’s in all that too. And we always say she forced all these things. We’re being bullied. They talk about their conversation with Steve last night. Austin says its also good if Becky and Jackie are in jury .. only one of them could come back. Julia says it is good if JMac stays because he’s looking for a team and he could be loyal to us. Austin says and Vanessa and him will go at it. Austin says we’re five people and no one is coming after us. This is nutz! Julia says people are scared of you! You’ve never been put on the block. Austin says like Derrick (BB16). I guess I’m not such a bad player after all. Big Brother calls Liz to the diary room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 10-36-27-843

11am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the picking of the veto players..

11:55am Still blocked..

12:30pm Still blocked.

1pm Still blocked ..

1:10pm The live feeds return to sleeping house guests. Veto competition hasn’t happened yet. Not sure who is playing either. Julia says its like 1pm, what the f**k is going on. The house is dead and you go down stairs it smells like James and Axe. Steve heads up to the HOH room. He says that literally everyone is sleeping right now. Big Brother calls Liz to the diary room. Julia starts screaming yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…

1:20pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again..

** No mention of who is playing in the veto other than the obvious.

Veto Players: Liz, Becky, Johnny Mac, ?, ?, ?
Veto Host: ?


  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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These people suck. Can’t stand the Twins + Austin.

Austin's Unshaven Beard

I don’t like Johnny Mac. Liz is starting to like him, i must get rid of him. I must be alone in this place with all the girls. HAHAHAHAHA. My plan is in full effect, Johnny mac is the target.


It’s getting to that point where they are just trashing people for no good reason.
I kinda liked the twins, but now…… yeah…………………………. just bye

More POV Cheating?

POV picks are on-getting fish on feeds for almost 2 hours. Maybe they’re actually playing right after the selection.

Is Production going to change the engraved chips Vanessa & her alliance uses to cheat, feel them up, and pick out houseguest choice or the name she wants? During Double Eviction they didn’t show pulling POV players from the bag, Julie just mentioned players were chosen randomly.

Anyone keeping count of cheating observed? POV Players, Vanessa at HOH, Steve Letter from Home clues. Last year some players felt throwing the comps was cheating, especially if you sit down tethered to another player whose trying to win. Then there’s the staging or, whatever is happening in DR…


Do you think this season BB had intentionally picked all house guest that are self absorbed, egotistical, entitled, hypocrites for a particular reason? A “transparency Twist”?


when did freaks and geeks become scamper squad? did they just forget their alliance already had a name?

Twistin with the twins

OMG Austin can you please just shut up. He has not stopped talking since he hit the HOH room. He definitely has diarrhea of the mouth. Please do us all a favor and STFU. This HOH with the Austwins is really hard to watch.

is it just me

anyone pick up on the fact that james told austin something along the lines that vanessa is trying to control your hoh
everyone thinks this is austin’s hoh. i would love to see jmac win the veto and austin volunteer to be a pawn. his ass would go home quick im sure. he would never volunteer as he is a huge wuss but one can hope.


Austin is dumb as a rock! Tell Steve they are aligned with the goblins and he tells Vanessa. She deserves to win. All of them are idiots!


Works for me. I like Becky and JMac, the only two to see things for how they are; not fooled by the game. So, for that reason I am happy Steve sold out Austwins. Hopefully, this will create wedge prior to eviction and they will realize that getting rid of Vanessa is the best move.


I still like austin. He gets blamed for everything. He’s the fall guy.


You must have auto-corrected from Vanessa to Austin cuz he isn’t getting blamed for zip at the minute.


A commenter here said that after Steve got his mommy letter he was asking Vanessa about hidden clues in HOH letters and she told him that’s cheating.
Does anybody with the live feeds know if this is true?

Steve keeps studying his mommy letter, even pointing to it as he studies it.
The mommy letter that was posted here was very strange. “Jerry’s” boyfriend’s name changed. And the overall letter was just weird.


S/D: Which post here did you guys have the picture of the letter?


Nice, thanks.

Either Steve’s mom is a schizophrenic maniac or that is some kind of code.

BB17 Fan

When I first read the letter, I thought it was very strange, because of all the names and all the events that occurred in such a short time.


In Steves letter, mom says Allen proposed to Jerry. Later in the letter, she tells Steve that Jerry and Jason are building a new house and are moving in a couple of months. A little sketchy there, huh???


Thanks Dawg. The mommy letter has been driving me crazy.
The mommy letter on it’s own is weird, add Steve’s constant studying of mommy letter and the talk about past players cheating using HOH letters??? I think that something fishy is going on.
But Steve calling his mother “Mommy” is just downright weird.


At first I too thought that Steve kept pulling out the mommy letter bcuz he was homesick. But he spends so much time reading it then paces, juggles, reads it some more, reads it again but this time starts pointing while reading (that’s what piqued my interest, the pointing) looks at the picture, reads the letter, pace, juggle, pace.

Oh brother...

Okay…about the letter…some of the houseguest this season, mentioned that Production probably rewrites some of the letters (for who knows what reason)…maybe that is why they don’t make sense. I also remember someone mentioning the rewrite of letters that two seasons ago.

Steve the odd ball

I was thinking the same thing. All the names mentioned was odd. I believe there’s hidden meaning in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the names are for people in the house and mommy is giving him info. He did ask for mommas help to the cameras.

Canadian Bacon

Steve’s SECRET & JMac’s SECRET are the same SECRET. They are both TRANSMEN. If they go out, they will reveal their SECRET during their talk with CHENBOT. If you look at them, you can tell.


I think she is trying to pass info to him, but unless it’s a very recent letter, I doubt it would do him any good.

Ms Chiff

Did Steve’s Mom spell her future son-in-law’s name differently in the letter? There’s ‘Allen’ and then ‘Allan’.

With the following snippets about Allen/Allan:
– the big news that you may have missed
– know that you will fully approve
– Jerry and Allan are totally there for you

If there’s secret code, would guess that maybe she’s saying that he should go with Austin and Liz (the couple), because they are the most likely to have his back?

‘Jason’ could be Jmac, who would approve?

Ms Chiff

oh – thought it might have been a clue 🙂

Ms Chiff

‘Dad and I flew to Orlando’ – could be code for visiting Florida, where the twins are from, if ‘Jerry’ and ‘Allen’/’Allen’ really live St. Louis or somewhere else lol

Who knows what Mom might be changing – what a crafty Mom! Steve’s Mom for BB18!! lol!!


Oh my gosh!! JUST read this!! I just posted a long thought about this very subject!!!!

is it just me

what if steve is the normal one in his family and his mom just talks alot.

as for cheating. good. its 500k any edge you can get good for you. this isn’t the moral olympics if they are smart enough to cheat and get away with it good on them.


Vanessa is the best player in the game and they figured out she is the Derrick of the season. I cant believe they are not getting Vanessa out this week. Are they that stupid? If Vanessa makes final 2, the Austwins will still believe that keeping her was a good move.


I know right! The Twins & Austin have been given all this info, which they believe the given info,& that Van lied,but hey let’s not throw up Van?! You don’t allow the puppet master to keep skating by, you cut the strings & pitch it! Why do they need her around? Yes,I fully understand that they have been playing Van’s game the entire time, (Steve included) & can’t seem to think for themselves,but they still have the numbers if she is gone. I don’t see Steve working with the remaining goblins,he wants to have JMAC come work with them. Steve would be a definite # for the twins/Austin(for now). So why is Van still there? Complete stupidity.
They fear her too much, plus have been brainwashed by her that they owe her. This has always been about Van’s own game, plus let’s not forget she had no qualms about having James throw the BOTB-had they lost, Liz could of been in trouble. That being said:toss that wolf in sheep’s clothing on the block asap! They have the numbers to vote her out, plus if she came back in the game, they can all vote her back out. What is so hard about this?
People saying they don’t want blood on their hands are idiotic! Show people you came to play BB-make game moves already. This undecided flip flop b.s. until the last minute is gonna screw ya. If Becky wins POV, are they still putting up Meg (against JMAC)? POV day is so long & drawn out for all of us waiting to see how it will play out. Waiting impatiently to see who plays in the Veto…


You don’t mindlessly go after someone merely because it would be a “big move” or because you know they’re manipulative or even because they’ve lied to you. You go after someone because after assessing everything you know you can come to the conclusion that evicting them over anyone else is what is likely to maximize your chance of making it to the end. Evicting Vanessa right now absolutely does not accomplish that. She is not coming after them next and if she leaves they SHOULD know that almost everyone else will. Nothing else is more important than that. Sometimes you have to keep a snake around if you think that snake is pointed in a direction that benefits you. You don’t kill just because “hey, A SNAKE!”


Vanessa is absolutely, 100 percent laying the groundwork to go after the Austwins. The reason you know this is because she hasn’t said anything to the Austwins about how they should use this HoH to prepare for next week.

She hasn’t said anything to them about who her next targets would be. Kind of strange considering she talks game 24/7, don’t you think?

Whoever wins HoH next week, Vanessa is going to be in that bedroom, eyes bulging, pointing her finger, talking about what a threat the Austwins are, and how she and them need to put their differences aside to split them up.


I think your prediction of how Vanessa will operate next week is accurate. However, Vanessa did exert her influence on Liz with regard to nominations. You gave Vanessa too much credit thinking she has the ability to keep her nose out of anything. Vanessa told Liz that she should nominate Becky, John, or Meg. Her logic was that they need to get one of these three out this week so that when someone from jury returns to the game that person will feel isolated. At the time Liz was pushing for James to go up but of course Vanessa got her way.


Sithe Lord Crazy Train is NOT Derrick. I didn’t like Derrick and thought it was unfair to put a professional undercover cop in the house but the game Crazy Train is playing is nothing like Derrick. Even at the end of BB16 if you asked anyone (except Donny) who they trusted and they would say Derrick. Ask anyone in the house who they DON’T trust and they will say Van. Derrick stayed calmed and he let everyone else create alliances and make deals that included him but he wasn’t the one bringing it up. Crazy Train was trying to make a deal with Meg as she was crying walking to the block after POV. The house knows this and it really showed everyone that she has no limits.

Why do I call her Sithe Lord? Well week 2 I started calling Aud Sithe Lord = I am not the liar you seek and Van has become Sithe Lord Aud 2.0 and is now Sithe Lord Crazy Train.


If Vanessa and DerICK came back to play BB
Vanessa would smoke dERick in a heartbeat
DerICK got lucky he was playing with such fools … zero competition
Vanessa unfortunately is totally spun out on Pharmaceuticals
(Hopefully after seeing the ramifications of self poisoning, she would change her ways)
In the end Van would smoke the snitch

Grow a Brain Houseguests

Exactly, they figured out the puppet master but are unbelievably stupid to not even consider getting her out. This will be the demise of the Austwins, not getting out Vanessa when they have the chance. Watch Vanessa get to F2. They are getting out Johnny Mac and Becky, the only 2 people who are gung-ho about getting Vanessa out. After this week, everyone is gonna go after Austwins, which Vanessa will be smart enough to rally numbers against, cuz she is the only person who can see whos with who.


Vanessa is hardly the Derrick of the season. Derrick was not emotional and irrational; he laid low and no one knew he had a hand in every eviction. He was also never on the block because people didn’t feel threatened by him. He didn’t talk game 24/7. He didn’t obsess over stupid shit. That being said, she is playing the game (and was doing it the best until this week). She just continues to keep playing the way she has been the whole time without making the proper adjustments because she slides by every week, but as we can see, that is very dangerous. You are right about the twins and Austin not putting her up though – they have all the evidence, and refuse to pull the trigger. They deserve to have this bite them in the ass.


The main issue is that nobody wants to deal with Vanessa’s non-stop barrage of nonsense should they cross her. She can be relentless – it’s like a cruel and unusual punishment. Vanessa is very good at making someone feel paranoid then offering the perfect solution to their imaginary problem. The house messed up big time in not evicting Vanessa when they had the chance. They may never get another opportunity.


Austin is too gross to even contemplate kissing. What is wrong with Liz? I mean I believe I could last the whole time in the house without a guy. I wouldn’t lower my standards just to get a vote or have someone to work with. Any of the other guys would have been better if she was that lonely. Ugh.

is it just me

never thought i’d say this but to quote 50 cent (lol) “enemies stay enemies but friends they change/people go crazy for money my man”


I almost peed my pants when I read Austin comparing himself to Derrick.

A hahaha.

Shut up Austin. You aren’t even there to play Big Brother. You are there to feel Liz up and try to get some ass. Somebody please send that clown out the door. I’d rather watch Meg.


That was the stupidest thing Austin has said yet! He couldn’t hold Derek’s jockstrap!
Stinky Ponytail Beard Douchebag!!!


“I guess I’m not such a bad player after all”

No Austin, you’re not such a bad player, you’re just the actual worst!!

Austin's Dirty Hair

He’s More like Frankie….no one can stand to look at him!

Chill this Town

rarely will I call for production to intervene, but this is one of those times its required. I am sorry, simple math is pointing towards an absolute twins/Austin/Vanessa steamroll to the final 5. to me that makes for over a month of predictable Big Brother

so its time for a Pandora’s Box, a punishment when Liz takes what she thinks is a positive for her, and a power ends up in the hands of someone…HOPEFULLY not a Goblin or Austin/Twin….

I am a bit disappointed in J-MAC, and a bit confused. I am still confused by Steve V Becky, because most of the time it seems like they are actually aligned, its just a very odd relationship. then J-MAC is there saying he isn’t the same person, or whatever…what is all that about? the DR is ruining his game as well in making it obvious with how long he spends in there. his personality is all over the place

if I were J-MAC and I lost this POV, I’d try a last ditch move to convince the twins that I too have a twin who does my DR sessions and I play the game. they might be crazy enough to not only buy it, but keep him around because of it. it is one of those “bad” lies that if backed into a corner could get you out. there would be no way to verify it. now, it could also do nothing/blow up the rest of his game…but at this point I am disappointed that MAC is just taking it lying down. I think he really doesn’t like/fit in with the remaining HG’s, but I also wonder about how upset he was over Clay/Shelli, all of that is so weird.


Austin is really pissing me off now. If he wants to be HOH he needs to win it. Liz should really put him in his place.

Austin is a hunk

According to a BB poll Austin was ranked as the #2 hottest male to ever play BB. Guess who #1 was?


Austin's Dirty Hair

Who’s voting?????? He is nasty!!!!



Blame the train

Blame the train. How’s your mouth? What comes out of it is not so nice- stick to game play. Bet yours is bad or you wouldn’t notice others so much

Backseat Driver

I agree with the part about Dr. Will but the rest of your post is a load of crap you made up.

Austin's tattoos

Even Julia thinks he’s nasty! Lol glad she’s there to keep telling Liz…what a great twin sister. Lol

Amy N

What was worse was him comparing himself to Khal Drogo…Oo…..Sorry… Jason Momoa he isn’t..


Austin thinks he is Derrick!!!! LOL I hated Derrick’s game play.. ……..But Austin, “you are not Derrick”, fortunately for you… are playing with people who are more clueless then last years crew.
If these people had a clue how to play the game, Austin would of been one of the first people out, the twins never would of made it in the game, Vanessa would of been out during DE. Unfortunately, we have dumb, dumber, and dumbest left in the game,


Really want to see Jmac snag the Veto, stay in the house and win HOH next week. That’s the best choice for my game watching at home because the HG’s cannot figure the guy out for the life of them, and even if he was to align himself with a group I just don’t see him being easily persuaded to change things a hundred times like mostly everyone else. He’d put two people up, make a backdoor target in the even a nominee wins the POV and saves them self and that would probably be it. No flipping, no switching from a huge target to an easy one, no brain numbing backward logic of keeping the big target in front of you as a shield, because at the end of the day the stupidity has to stop somewhere. And aside from Becky going balls to the wall on wanting Van out, Jmac has made it clear to everyone, including Vanessa, he is not buying what she’s selling. The longer she’s there, the more likely it is she takes the whole game.


Can somebody please explain the Jmac appeal???
Other than his dr segments (which I find annoying) what has he done that makes him worthy of winning?
What has he done aside from sleeping and being Chelli’s but boy?
He dragged his ass out of bed around Day 60 and found out that he’s an eviction target and has been pissy ever since.
Sorry JMac (and his fans) you can’t sleep your way to the finals.


I could but I would need charts and an easel.

Ms Chiff

Back in the day, I thought Kayser was the bomb! lol!!

Everyone would point out how bad at the game he was, and i’d be just like ‘lalalallaa, im not listening b/c he’s sooo cute! <3'

Jmac is probably this year's McDreamy – his game's super lame tho … :p


Meg is without a doubt the worst player in the house. James may have been off on his judgment a bit in the last week but at least he’s out there playing the game and playing hard. Meg is sitting on her ass choosing to be clueless and has poor instincts. Worst player of the season.


In a way, I fell fell Meg knows she’s not doing a good job (in any job at all). she’s just aware that as long someone that likes her is in power, she can survive. a lazy strategy

in my eyes, Austin is the worst player. he thinks he makes moves, he thinks he’s in control, he’s emotionally desperate (the week we almost went to the block and just guilty tripped vanessa was just ridiulous in so many levels), really, he’s the worst.

Member of the Ant Farm

Yeah, but if she goes up on the block next to Becky, she said she would be pissed off!! Oh dear Meg, does that mean that you will start playing the game? OMG…let’s not wake up the sleeping giant!! LOL


Different strokes for different folks. I find austin good looking and nice. My man has a beard and is tall and is imperfect. I love him all the more. Why so worried about who austin kisses? Why can’t austin talk ? He’s playing a game he needs to talk. At least he does it without making everyone paranoid.

Twins for the Win

Liz should consider putting Steve up as replacement pawn if JMac or Becky wins the POV. They have 4 votes to keep him safe (Liz is the tiebreaker). Maintain the illusion of the brass tacks alliance. Steve won’t like it, but too bad, he is going to be eventually Britneyed anyways.


Honestly I’m hoping liz will get sick of his crap and throw up austin. lol


I don’t get why Austwins are afraid to get Vanessa out this week. Nobody except maybe Steve would mind at all and then they get to choose who they work with to get the others out. Vanessa has to know that she has no chance of winning if she makes final 4 with the twins and Austin. She would have to win that HOH or POV to make final 3, and then if she doesn’t win the last HOH, none of them will take her. Julia and Liz will take each other. Austin will take Liz. In fact, if Austwins make final 6, it is pretty much assured that at least one of them will make the finals. Vanessa isn’t stupid. I’m sure she knows that Liz has to go if she has a chance of winning the game. Austin and Julia won’t stay with each other if LIz goes. Julia hates Austin and would rather work with pretty much anyone else, she is just going along with Liz because it keeps her safe for the moment. Austin would probably try to work with James and/or JMac. In order to win, Liz needs to start building creds with the jury, and as JMac said, whoever takes out Vanessa is god. If they know that Vanessa is playing all sides, how can they not be afraid that she will flip on them if James, Meg or JMac win HOH next week? If they don’t trust her, they should backdoor her this week.


The problem with your analysis is that Vanessa is still more likely to take them to final 4 than anyone else and is the only target bigger than them in the house. It’s as simple as that. Once Vanessa is gone, it’s open season on Austwins.


That’s what Vanessa is saying, but that won’t stop her from trying to use James, JMac, Meg or Steve to reduce their numbers and get rid of Liz and Austin. The problem with Vanessa is she never directly targets who she wants to go home, she plants paranoia and lets whoever is in power do it for her, she didn’t “break her word”, she will even appear to campaign in your favor, but she is behind it all. If Vanessa can choose who to take to final 4, I think she would choose Meg, Julia and Steve because she knows she can beat them all, and the only person that absolutely wouldn’t take her final 2 is not likely to win the final HOH.


Steve’s letter…. Allen proposed to Jerry and she said yes. But Jason and Jerry are building a new house and moving into it in a few months…… What????


Maybe they’re one big happy family living their happiest lives on a polygamist ranch somewhere.

Mommy's Boy

J=James, Allen=Austin, Jerry= Jury or Jason=JMAC

Austin proposed to James to start new alliance, he said yes. She’s sure he’d approve because immediate targets are Becky Vanessa JMac. JMac going to new Jury house won’t spill Steves double agent status. They’ve chosen all the house specs means they’ve already chosen all their plays, til final and he’s not mentioned as target yet.

Steve made such a drama scene pacing, pointing to the letter, rereading it 100 times on camera so his mommy could see he understood her secret messages. Mommy’s got to help him cheat because he’s so introverted he can’t get info on his own and that’s her fault. Like his mentor Vanessa, only they can cheat, everyone else is the devil and rat for daring to speak or make their own moves.


Austin this season’s Derrick. That’s hysterical. No one is afraid of him. He’s harmless. He’s this season’s male Meg. If he was this season’s Derrick he would be pushing hard to get Vanessa out and not worrying about setting it up for next week. Whoever gets her out will win if they get to final because that will be biggest move of the season. Too bad Liz doesn’t see that.


just please, get rid of Becky this week. she’s nasty and a sore loser

and (to my suprise) i hope Steve wins!!! GO STEVE!!!

Ponytail Beard

Where has Vanessa been? After a big looong DR, she’s laying low. No double checking plans? No studying with twins? No assuring renom possibilities? Strange she’s not trying to cover her tantrum tracks. No doubt DR questions, talking head tapings, assure Vanessa’s not going up. There are a couple days left until renoms so it could change, but something is up that they don’t explore it further. Austin’s HOH controlling Liz and talking about making BB history is going to his head. If any of the other professional pawns realized they could eliminate him and get along just fine they would.




Please send vanessa out the door.


If James gets put up I’m going off on all of them!!!!!!!!


Johnny Mac is playing like Dan from season 10 & 14


Someone needs to convince Liz that backdooring Vanessa would earn her jury votes since V is a big fish to fry. They’re worried V would taint the jury, but everyone is against her now, and know not to listen to Vanessa…JMac would definetly use that in the end as an example of a big move if he gets her out!


Maybe Julia’s problem is that austin went for Liz and not for her. Could be a twin jealousy problem. Like were twins… Why her and not me kind of thing. Julia has come to Austins defence on occasions. It would not help julia to go against her sister anyway. Julia is an extra . it was liz that was introduced to the game.


Also: forgot to write that I think this POV is OTEV!!! Last season they did it w nine people in the house…!!!!


Julia is just mad she doesn’t have a flirtmance or someone else ( besides her sister) that really has her back in this game. whaaaa… I wonder if julia is a maneater like her sister. Chicks need to guitar complaining. They are doing alright so far. Julia is even lucky that people thought it was alright to get her in the house. Unappreciative little julia.


People calling for Pandora’s Box to change things are the WORST kind of BB fans. You don’t like the flow of the game because it’s not working out for your favorites so you pray for production to extricate them from the results of their own bad game play. Let the game play out and let the chips fall where they may.


I am really sick of Steve’s way of asking questions like what are you asking or telling me and talking like a 5 year old and acting like one. Liz protecting Steve so much is going to come back and bite her in the butt. Liz could be a hero and everyone really liking her and Julia is she got Vanessa out. Hope JMAC wins the veto & the next HOH and gets Vanessa out because I think he will be anyone’s last chance to get her out. Liz please put up Vanessa!!!!


That brat JULIA , is lucky that she’s even IN the game.


I’m actually with them on risking one more week in case the goblins take HOH and having Vanessa there for them to take out. Just gives them more assurance that they won’t go up and if they do, Vanessa would be voted out before any of them. That seems to be how they are looking at it and it’s probably true. I’m hoping someone does get back in the game and that it’s Jackie. Jackie would take Vanessa out in a heartbeat.


IDK, Vanessa is pretty much alone now except for maybe Steve. I would think someone would realize that if that don’t attack the 3 headed monster soon they may not get the chance and I am sure that come next week Vanessa will point that out.


No austin is no derrick. Derrick won.. But he was so boring and he really did look like a pig. He had an advantage too… He was a undercover narc. Austin is being fecicious. He has gone on longer then others his size. If john can be given credit for laying low, so can austin.


If Vanessa had been able to control her intensity, people would be saying that she has unfair advantage as a poker player. It’s not just the occupation, it’s the temperament.


Who are veto players


Oops … Facetious. Typing too fast. Not proof reading. My bad. In case I misspelled.


I think the best decision for all would be to get Vanessa out the week a person returns from jury, so she doesn’t spend any extra talking time with anyone in there OR wait until after someone returns then get her out the following week. I think Vanessa in Jury when a jury member returns is dangerous for anyone’s game especially if she becomes the returning player!


When they do a buy-back they usually keep the jury members separate until someone goes back in.

Shelli and Jackie are probably staying in separate hotels right now, not together in the jury house.


That makes sense!

I still wouldn’t want to give Vanessa that chance. She would come back with a vengeance!


Last year that didn’t happen… when Nicole came into the house, they were all together at the jury.


Somebody… Anybody… Get vanessa out. She is sooooooo overrated!!! One minute john is a bad guy, the next he isn’t. Make up your mind vanessa or at least keep up with your lies.


I’ve been uninterested since DE, then Liz winning HOH and haven’t watched feeds or read here in 24 hours……
BUT, I started remembering, Steve was in hammock room the other night, talking to cameras about “needing mummy’s advice” I think he may have been telling her to get a coded letter written because he was going to take a HOH win! DE would be perfect timing since he wouldn’t have to spend a week up in the room contemplating all the scenarios. He put up Jackie and Meg BEFORE he read his mummy’s letter.
Before I stopped watching the feeds 24/7, I NOTICED something different with Steves attitude toward Vanessa. He was leaving her sooner than previously when he would sit and let her go on for hours and he would put his two cents in. He stopped giving her his thoughts!
Am I just going on a wild conspiracy here? OR has anyone else thought this could actually be true? I thought the letter from his mom was EXTREMELY detail oriented and a little scattered in the writings of different people in the family.
Geeesh, I think I’ve gone off the conspiracy theorist cliff! Talk me off!!


Does anyone know HOW RECENT the HOH letters are? do they write one each week just in case and email them to production? This is very possible!!


Who’s getting voted out
I’ve lost track!!

Please don’t let it be jmac


Becky is preferred target, Jmac is secondary target, Vanessa might be a distant third


Thanks simon