Johnny tells Becky “The only way both of us stay is if you win it so I might throw it!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 17th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 13-46-40-319

1:45pm The feeds return. In the HOH room. Julia says Meg got picked last time. Liz says and Steve he’s got picked in two. Julia says I wanted to play and if I didn’t I wanted to host. I guess I’ll just sit on the side! The one person I didn’t want picked was stupid Steve! I don’t want to change the nominations so he better keep it the same. Liz says we had a conversation with him last night about him not using it. He feels bad for Johnny though. Julia says tell him if he uses it on Johnny Mac he is going up. Julia says she wants to Steve to not throw the POV. He needs to win and keep the noms the same. Liz says no wait he can’t go up. Julia says I wanted to get picked so bad. Austin better tell Meg she better not use it if she wins it. Liz says obviously .. anyone who uses it is a target for next week. Julia complains that Austin acts like the HOH room is his. Its not. Julia asks what did Vanessa say to you? Lets Jedi mind drill? Liz says yeah. Julia says no, you’re a joke! Julia says I don’t get why people get picked more than me … its rigged!! I hope Austin tells Steve he better try and win it. Liz says that’s what he’s down there doing. She he does everything I don’t want to do.

Veto Players: Liz, Becky, Johnny Mac, Steve, Meg, Austin
Veto Host: James

1:50am Johnny tells Austin it was a nice draw. Austin says very good draw.. Johnny says I don’t care if I win it because I’m with you guys. I don’t care if I win or not basically. Austin says if you could throw it to one of us, we got you. As long as Becky doesn’t win, you’re fine. It sucks but its numbers. I’m going to go hard for it. Hopefully Steve will too. I know he would be disappointed to not use it. I think it would be good if he won it and didn’t use it because it would confuse people after last week. Johnny says I trust you guys a lot. Austin says I trust you. Austin says you could throw it to anyone of them as long as Becky doesn’t win it. Johnny says I’m down.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 13-54-06-210

1:55pm – 2pm Austin heads up to the HOH room and tells Liz and Julia that Johnny said he would throw it to me. He’s a good guy! Austin says I told Johnny to tell Steve to try and win it and not use it. Liz says Johnny Mac better not tell Becky. Austin says he won’t because if he does he knows he might be going home. Austin says that Vanessa is freaking.. she can sense that she isn’t up here running sh*t.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 14-00-13-260
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2:05am Bathroom – Johnny tells Becky the only way both of us stay is if you win it so I might throw it! Becky says if its logic or memory I can’t win sh*t. I can only win if its physical. I’ll be the first one out if is not physical. Johnny asks what about if its counting? Becky says I would do well at it but I don’t think its that one. Meg and James are safe, they’re not going to win it for me. Its a 1 in 6 chance at winning it. I know I’m most likely going home this week. If you come down, I bet Meg would go up and I would go home. But I have a 1 in 4 shot at coming back and its usually physical.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 14-07-58-723

2:15pm Havenot room – Julia talks to Vanessa and says I think everyone knows to try and win because she wants to keep the nominations the same. Vanessa says of course.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 14-16-06-296

2:20pm Austin comments on it being a nice line up. Liz tells Austin we’re the last king and queen standing. Liz tells Austin he needs to win. Austin says I know, I like it when you’re happy. I’m going to go pretty hard out there. Liz says thank you!

2:30pm In the bathroom – Steve asks Johnny if there’s been any update? Johnny says he ONLY got a warning for eating the cookie. Steve says that’s good! Johnny says I just need to stay out of the kitchen.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 14-46-08-223_jpg

2:33pm Austin and Liz
Liz is worried that Vanessa is going to sway Steve. Austin tells her Steve is with them he’s onto Vanessa like the rest of them. At this point whatever Vanessa says sis dead in the water.

[envira-gallery id=”128587″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 14-52-48-630_jpg
Liz to Austin – I’m like a trapped princess and you’re like the evil warlock
Austin – You’re my prisoner for all eternity

Liz tells Austin she wants to Keep Vanessa until after the 4th jury member comes back because everyone will be gunning for her.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 15-06-12-190_jpg
2:58pm HOH Jmac joins them says the POV will be soon.
Jmac- I’ll throw it I trust you guys
They tell him as long as Becky doesn’t win it they don’t care what happens.
Austin tells him they’ve talked to everyone the votes are locked Johnnymac will be safe.

Liz – this means a lot to me thank you for being on board with this.. we want you to stay
Liz says they want to work with Jmac

Jmac – I’m down with that my alliance has dwindled down these last couple weeks.
Austin says nobody trust Vanessa anymore
Jmac says if words are coming out of Vanessa’s mouth it’s lies.
Jam hasn’t heard her say anything negative about them because they are HOH. Austin thinks it will start once the Veto is over.

Jmac sasy Vanessa told him she wantst to bury the hatchet. He’s playign along with her but once he gets a chance he’s taking her out.
Liz warns him if Vanessa catches on they are suspecting her of being shady she’ll go insane.

Austin – by the end of the week she will make alliance with everyone and come HOH she will throw it .

Jamc says SHelli really trusted Vanessa and gave him all the information he told Shelli .
Liz – wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Liz – Shelli was fooled by her.. Sometimes JUlia gets fooled by her
Austin – Julia now know s
Jmac – you told her what I told you
Austin – Ya, she knows everything that comes out of her mouth is calculated..
Jmac says Becky know she’s going unless she wins the Veto.
Austin warns that Vanessa is going to try and pull Steve and Jmac aside and form a group.
Jamc – she’s already started working that hard

Austin and Liz tell him they don’t want Vanessa to start feeling secluded otherwise her wheels will start spining

[envira-gallery id=”128594″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 15-24-07-657_jpg

3:24pm Vanessa studying the big Brother rule book.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 16-14-09-185_jpg

4:00pm Chit Chat but mostly just sleeping waiting for the POV competition to start

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 17-14-14-330_jpg

5:19pm POV has begun…..

6:31pm No feeds for you

7:29pm NO

  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Me again

Meg will win.

Nice Try Bud

I found the troll

Steve's Mommy

Dear Stevie Poo,
Forget who’s going to win POV Stevie, YOU’RE hosting and you get to read cards on national TV! that’s my boy! This will be the most coherent you’ve been the whole game because someone wrote the script for you. Poor boo boo baby has stress STDs and it takes a biiiiig boy to power through that pain. Forget those former alliance member idiots Stevie- remember YOU are single-handedly responsible for getting them on the block via backstabbing. Poor Stevie you’ve had it much harder, you probably got 10 more canker sores just dressing yourself. Thank you Vanessa for being his BB mommy and combing his hair. He will get you a job at the library with me after he wins the big check. We both will live vicariously through him as winner of BB17.

Meg I would love you to cuddle my baby boy, he needs physical contact and he’ll get James out soon. I promise he didn’t get those sores in his mouth from suckling Vanessa’s a$$.

By for now. Remember to stop reading pause at the punctuation and pretend to be sad when your alliance loses POV,
Love Mommy-Poo

PS you did a great job finding my clues in your HOH letter! xoxo

Team Dawg

Julia says,”Tell him (Steve) if he uses the veto he’s going up”

/facepalm Do they even know the rules of this game? I kind of understand why no one wants them out even though they’re a solid loyal trio: They rarely think for themselves and when they do they don’t act on it. Never get comfortable in the Big Brother house and they’ve been comfortable for way too long now.


It INFURIATES me to see the twins gliding by when they have SO LITTLE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THIS GAME. It’s a damn embarrassment.


Liz/Julia couldn’t make their way out of a tunnel that had bright lights with an arrow pointing this way. Liz is a huge brat,& can’t stand her “put on a pedestal” attitude(totally Austin’s fault,but unbearable to watch!). As much as I hate watching Van play all of their(Austwins) games, these tools have no clue other b than boohoo, when they don’t have the power,& no clue what to do when they get it-making Austin go do the stuff Liz don’t like doing-(selfish primadonna). They are the numbers(Auswins),& it sucks to give that much power to twits who only know how to whine,feed their faces constantly,& act like mean girls.

Not an Austin Angel

I feel so sorry for Austin. I believe he has a heart of gold. Men like him get their hearts stepped on all the time. I hate to see Liz drag him along. It would be interesting to see his reaction when she dumps him. I’m thinking he would bust a vein, seriously.


Go Becky!


Yo to that


Here’s to giving Vanessa A Reason. And the Last King and Queen standing a chance to redeem themselves, put Vanessa up now!

Btw, Why is she reading the BB Rule Book, looking for loopholes? Or slop recipes? Or the consequences for cheating? Better than the Bible as Austin says it’s a sure sign of Guilty Conscience. Vanessa conscience?


Arguably their awareness of the game is better than the people who thought it was a great move to bring them both into the game.




Do you mean super-fan Jason who thought that allowing the twins in would eliminate the chance of an evicted hg/jury member to return? Then all of the dummies ran with that theory.
How’s that working out?


Liz does, Julia doesn’t.

Liz knows you can’t put up the veto holder. Liz knows you need to whisper, not talk loud when talking game or sharing info. Liz knows that you can’t show people you don’t like them, and she especially knows that when someone is in your alliance you don’t turn on them. Julia has been corrected on all of those things, by Liz. Even Vanessa has been corrected about keeping your alliance member off the block, by Liz.

In public these 3 act like they don’t have a care in the world, even now when Liz is HOH, the others continue to see them as not playing the game, not winning comps, not doing much at all. And yet the term ‘jedi mind drilling’ exists because Liz & Austin do that all the time. It is rare to see Austin and/or Liz one on one or small groups with others where they are not talking game, about upcoming comps, how to play comps, studying, talking about who should go up, what to do if someone is HOH, what kind of comp might happen so that they aren’t surprised by them. what to do if any of them are HOH.

In the meantime, Meg and James and Jackie are discussing the opening scene of Fast & Furious, and what kind of bar Meg might walk into if she visits James.

Austwins save all that kind of convo, for the most part, when they are in mixed company.


whoa, vanessa can’t win veto. this could be interesting though i still think becky, jmac, or james is going.

Puppet Master

Austwins seem to be looking for a reason to BD Vanessa. Jmac could probably convince them to put her up. They seem to be strangely trusting of him – someone who hasn’t talked game to them in 50+ days.


This, i hope.


I would love for them to back door Vanessa but there’s one problem. Austin the Douche. “Steve’s with us”. Idiot. As soon as he tells Steve if and when they think they want to back door her he will run and rat. She’ll come at them hard and scare the crap out of them and talk them out of it. At this point I’m fine if Meg and Austin are the next two to go. They are both morons who can’t keep their mouth shut. I’ve said this before at least Victoria kept her mouth shut. At this point they make Andy look like Dan or Dr Will


backdooring vanessa is a terrible game move for the austwins. she’ll just throw them completely under the bus and even though they can rally the votes, she has the ability to come back plus everyone else is going to be coming after them. if they had put up meg and james i think they might have been able to work a final five deal with jmac and meg, but at this point they’re just stuck with either vanessa another week or torpedoing their game.

just because it’s a bad move doesn’t mean it can’t happen and be entertaining though. becky totally screwed herself putting up vanessa and shelli over the twins, and i’m certainly enjoying watching that implosion.


*jmac and becky


Haha people crack me up. Why do they think Austin says they can’t put her up? Out of loyalty? Lol. No. She would blow their game so far out of the water their heads would spin, and they know it. They will never put her up unless something completely crazy happens.


The trust comes partly from the fact JMac doesn’t run his mouth 24/7, so when he says something – short and to the (on) point, people listen, and they believe. He comes across very honestly with an excellent BS meter and some leadership qualities. He’s a good communicator. What’s not to trust? In seeing his game the last week (for the first time), he HAS been playing this whole time, and playing pretty good. He has a lot of information so has a lot of the pieces put together. He’s had a big influence, game-wise, on Clay, Shelli, Steve and Becky. I would SO like him to win.


I love JohnMac. He is always thinking about his alliance members’ safety more than his safety and he does his best to protect his alliance members. I guess his personality comes from his professional dentist career by taking care of patients.


But Becky knows hes the target, and is just going to let him throw the veto. Goes to show she doesn’t really care about Johnny Mac, even though he is throwing the POV just to protect her. I feel bad for Johnny Mac, he cares for Becky so much that he would risk his game for her


Actually, Becky straight up told John to win the veto for himself. Even though she knows she’s damned if he does. I checked Big Brother Update’s twitter account.


I don’t think John would throw the comp because of a showmance … sure he likes Becky, but I think it would be because he believes Becky is a big ally of his and can help get Vanessa out.

Ms Chiff

That’s it – he’s not acting selflessly, he’s mistakenly thinking that Austin and the twins would backdoor Vanessa if Becky came down. Which would never happen because Austin’s actually quite smart, although sometimes it’s hard to tell :p

On paper it seemed like JMac had a strong chance of winning this season – but now that he’s been forced to play more, am thinking that he doesn’t seem to be as aware of house dynamics as most of the other people in the house.

Don’t see him lasting longer than 3 or 4 weeks more.


Have you been drinking?


Jonny Mac hasn’t even been in a genuine alliance until like 5 seconds ago..

Throwing the veto when you’re on the block is a horrible strategy, no matter if you’re up against an alliance member. At the end of the day, BB is an individually played game.

Steve's Canker Sores

Pretty sure Johnny Mac revealed early on that the only reason he became a dentist was because of the $$$. I assume that is his motivation on Big Brother as well.

Jmac gonna throw the veto to Becky

This isn’t going to be a popular opinion, but he strikes me as dumb for a dentist – bet he was middle of the class or worse 😮

I always worry about getting the person who got 70’s on their tests … like does that mean he didn’t know 30% of the material or whatever?

Hope Becky wins the veto, and Johnny Mac gets eliminated – would serve him right for getting too comfortable! What a fool!


Nah he’s just likes throwing the game that way we don’t see how bad he really is at them.
I hope he gets the boot.


I really hope JMAC is not serious about throwing the veto. What in the world?!



Da'Vonne (Mama Day)

If Johnny Mac does not win POV, hes going home, POINT BLANK and the PERIOD!

A Fan of the Show

I can’t believe that the Austwins are targeting Becky and Johnny Mac and not James or Meg. If Jmac or Becky win, theyre gonna go after Vanessa. If James or Meg win, theyre coming after you Austin and your twins, you dumb idiot. Regardless if the Austwins dont win HOH next week, Vanessa is laying the groundwork for the house to come after them. If Becky or JMac win veto, they should use the chance to backdoor James, the person whose won the most competitions in the game.


ya, let’s keep jmac and becky both in the game, a strong duo, whereas james and meg as a strong duo? nah

also, they keep mentioning steve and jmac, so it would be super dumb to do what u suggested


Very wrong. Pretty sure it was Austin who explain it during a talk with the twins. realigning with James/Meg was based on the theory too farther in game with similar players. So basically play the game with morons. That includes head moron and piggy Meg. Add in Liz and Julia it’s a trifecta of douchebags
These 5 are playing get out everyone not us. It doesn’t get more simple than that. J Mac and Becky no shot. Vanessa needs to weasel back with Austwins or grab Meg/James and Steve and go after them.
Money Money Money……………….
1st in jury 10K stipend
9th member jury 10K stipend


I really want to believe Jmac isn’t serious about throwing it. Honestly.


I don’t think Johnny will throw a veto and leave himself up there. He’s too much about the money, remember all the debt he talked about. Loyalty in this game goes down with the numbers and trust is non existent except for those lame asses that “fall in love” in showmances. No way in hell do I think Johnny trusts Austin and the twins. He’s telling him what he wants to hear. No way is he so interested in Becky that he would give up his game for her.


Johnny Mac just telling them that just in case he lose the veto, he can say he threw it


Very nice draw, should be in Jmacs favor. Glab Vanessa wasn’t even picked.


Johnny Mac said in his interview that he didn’t get into dentistry to make folks smile . he got into it for the money. He’s all about the money. He plays on the sad sack card for sympathy. He’s mentioned his love of money after as well. He likes clay,Shelli, steve, and Becky. He did not talk that much with other houseguest… Loyalty or stupidity?


I have looked at you tube videos of live feeds over the last 2 days. I don’t see how Vanessa is “freaking out because she isn’t running the HOH,” as Austin suggests. In fact, Vanessa has made an effort NOT to go to the HOH room and Austin even said as much. I think that Austin is being unfair to Vanessa this week. I think the power is getting to him. He is accusing her of all of the things that he is doing; the same things that everyone does in the BB house.

Puppet Master

Austin is an example of what happens to some people when they get a little power. His ego can’t take that she almost took him out of the game and had to beg for his safety. He’s looking to pay her back for that, and trashing here any way he can is how he’s doing it.

Wordz of Wizdom

Ur exactly right, she could have taken Austin out but instead gave him the heads up and told him to get his head back into the game for the purpose of the alliance……..Austwins turning their back on Vanessa will be their downfall she is already a target and when she goes not only do they lose a number but the target shifts solely to those 3………showmance (Liztin) & twins, one of those pairs will be broken up with Liz most likely being the target because she is the crutch between those 2 duos……….just saying IMO


You’re right in that she’s laid low the last 24 hours but before noms, she was trying to manipulate who went up. And look who’s up there- her two biggest enemies. Once veto is over, I guarantee she’ll be back to her constant strategizing/paranoia.


Ya … now Austin is saying that Van made the alliance with James/Meg without consulting him? hu? … just last night Austin and Liz told Van that they want to make an alliance with James/Meg … He is so jealous of Van that he just puts her down for fabricated BS now. He has been throwing Van and his alliance(Julia) UTB the whole game.
This is why he is a fake stupid ass wrestler and not a real fighter .. Austins a Pu$$y!
The twins and Austin are complete morons. I can’t wait till Austin n Liz are on the block
and Liz is voted out. Autwins are the biggest backstabbers in the house.
Vanessa has absolutely no one in the house with half a brain and loyalty to work with
How frustrating that your whole alliance turned out to be backstabbing, disloyal, morons.
Then Becky say’s “Vanessa is the best player, I’ll vote for her to win”?
Becky recognizes Vanessa’s skills, but fails to act … She should be aligning with Van not fighting her. When I have a project team, I like working with the best people I can.
The FnGs blew their game … could of made F5/6 easy … once Van was on the block they all jumped ship immediately. Idiots
Vanessa for the win (odds are low though) If not Meg for the win
If Autwins are not demolished as they should be those three idiots will win
someone needs to take Liz out next week

You Missed Alot

Vanessa spent all her time in HOH following Twins around telling them what to say, what deals to make, and making side deals with James, JMAC without them. When she went into her latest schizophrenic rant against JMAC accusing him of wanting to kill her, he’s the devil blah blah, not feeling safe in the house, afraid to go to sleep. No one believed her, refused to be near her everyone sh*tcanned her, and went crying into DR in for almost 2 hours!

Girlfriend got a talking to and has been trying to bury the hatchet but she can tell she committed game suicide. She now struggling with Have Not rules and freaking out anxiety about possibly of getting back door ed in POV. She did promise no more screaming crying took meds, and expects her targets Becky or JMac to go. She’s happy because Austwits are following her orders. They just act tough plotting behind her back. Follow transcribed blogs too, to hear every word, no offense you tube.

June Bug

Confused by Johnny Mac! Why would he put his trust in Austin’s alliance and throw the P.O.V. I think he really is going to throw it. If he he wins it and told them he would throw it, he will lose trust with that side because he lied to their faces. He will put more of a target on his back. Also confused by him telling Becky that he would throw to her.


If you’re on the block you do everything possible to get off the block
If JM throws the veto comp he deserves to go
I hope Austin wins the veto because he already promised both JM n Becky
that they would be safe. It should help to expose the liar he is
but then again some in the house are brainless n clueless

Lone Wolf

JMac may or may not be a nice guy but, he is really overrated in this game.


they really should just get rid of the have nots, it has no bearing on the game, they do not even have comps for it and no voting for food so what is the point.


I actually hope that next season they do Have Not comps that way they don’t think about putting back that dreadful Battle of the Block anymore, yuck.


I agree and the housemates try to win them not throw every match like BOB I cant stand seeing them throw games.

Austin feels safe

Wait till next week when Vanessa takes you down Weird AL You can watch your little gf kiss Vanessas ass then and tell everyone she never liked you.

Glad you feel safe Weird AL. We all can laugh harder at you when your smelly bubble butt ass goes out the door.


Please stop insulting Weird Al please, he doesn’t deserve that.


JMac better get a penalty for eating an entire cookie.
I don’t care if it was an accident or not. I remember in a past season a hg accidentally ate ONE BITE of something when they were a have not and they got a penalty. If one bite gets you a penalty then an entire cookie definitely should.

Can someone please explain the cheating rumors?
I know that Vanessa was called out for putting lard in the container in the ice-skating comp, but I vaguely remember someone doing the same thing in a past season (maybe last season? ) in the same comp and nobody said anything about it.

And people are also saying there has been cheating for POV picks. Who cheated and how?


Liz also accidentally had (I think a drink of wine or something) something last time she was a HN. Didn’t get a penalty vote. Prob got a warning though I never personally heard it on feeds. Audrey did tons of stuff and it wasn’t by accident. She prob got a warning, kept doing it, got penalty vote. Maybe they changed policies since prior seasons.

I think Vanessa was just trying to figure out the best way to get the oil down the lane. Tried something clever but they told her she couldn’t do it. As long as she didn’t keep doing it after they told her no, I have no prob w that.

The veto pick cheating allegations revolve around the fact that the HG choice token may be easy to feel out bc it has two lines of text on it. Not sure if they really can tell or not but I read about that somewhere.


Thank you for answering Alicia.
I wasn’t aware that Liz drank wine while being a h/n. If that’s true then both she and IMac deserved penalties. Unless I’m wrong about a previous by receiving a penalty for a bite of a cookie.
Audrey did receive a penalty vote. But who cares, she was going home anyways and every single person knew. I think that she should’ve been removed from the game. I think it was gross to sedate her until she was voted out. (Ativan is a very strong drug)

Thanks for clearing up the veto chip rumor. I seen an interview with Ian Terry and he said that the chips were smooth and that they would dump all of them on the table before the chip draw to ensure all chips were there. In the same interview Ian talked about after winning the dpov production had him in the dr for over 2hrs with 2 different producers trying to talk him into using it on Dan and he didn’t want to so as soon as he came out of the dr he announced on the feeds that he would not be using it just so they would leave him alone.


In BBCan2 Rachelle ate one fuzzy peach candy as a Have-not and the entire house was put on slop for the rest of the week, even the HOH.


If only Liz had the frijoles to put Vanessa up should Becky win. That would require that rest of the hg’s to also have the courage to get rid of that pychopath


Austin is a tool. He hides behind his girls and doesnt have the jewels to make a move nor stand up for his alliance. What a disappointment!


I love how Austwins are scheming behind Vanessa’s back. The twins may be clueless (I mean telling Steve he’ll go up if he uses the Veto? Say what Julia?), but Austin is showing a lot if cunning.

If Becky wins Veto than would Meg go up? Sitting next to Meg come eviction night is like sitting next to Spencer unfortunately.

Though it still seems like Becky, James, or Jmac will be leaving this week.


Everyone is turning on Vanessa, but, I don’t care what people say, she is very intelligent and is a brilliant strategist.

Still Miss Jason...

Yess agree with u, although veryy manipulative, she is playing the game and made it this far(superfans may remember all the hate Will got in season 2) while the twins and Austin act so entitled and holy, still don’t understand the amount of love Jmac gets, he comes off moody, judgemental and fake, similarly to Becky and Steve, plus they may have waited too long to connect with the other houseguests… other than James, Vanessa is the only other player that deserves to win imo.


Of course. They know she’s the best player in the house.


Vanessa is the best strategic player in many many seasons
Unfortunately … It’s quite apparent that the pharmaceuticals have her brain
all screwed up … it’s hard to watch … it’s sad


Oh John, you know better. Do not throw the VETO and if you win it, take your damn self down!


I hope Becky wins POV, she the only one that go balls to go after Vanessa, Austwins, and Steve are too chicken to do it, and we can’t rely on Meg to win HOH so it’s James and Becky the comp beasts, have to put it all on them to take out the puppet master… They really should’ve kept Shelli, then Jackie would’ve still been in the house to help with HOH, terrible decision.

jmac all the way

I don’t think we’ll really know what JMac is thinking until DR – recall earlier in the game where he told us that he would go along with the HOH but then play hard…think he’s just telling them what thy want to hear to be less of a target and come across as a team player…


Why is Vanessa reading the rules? Is she going to find something to help her?


And she’s a lawyer to boot; she’ll find something advantageous for her, no doubt.


JMac says “Sounds good. My alliance has really thinned out the last couple of weeks. ” ???
What alliance? Is he talking about his alliance with his pillows and blanket? ?
Don’t worry JMac, you’ll get your alliance back next week when you are no longer a have-not.


John thought the Ninja Pentagons was an actual thing. No one else did. Jeff, Jackie, Clay, Shelli, Jmac. He’s the only one left.

Min O'Pause

C’mon JMac get your balls out of Becky’s purse, put ’em on and Be The Beast! Quit that moping shit and Be Da Man!


Uh oh, the lawyer has the rulebook out. What has she got up her sleeve now?


I don’t like how Liz demands that everyone does what she wants, and threatens them ( behind their backs) if they don’t do what she wants. As someone who hates confrontation, I admire that Becky at least tried to get out Vanessa last week, knowing it would cause drama. Austin is creepy with Liz. Anyone else think the way Johnnymac speaks to Julie Chen is a little off?


I’d like to see James gather Austin’s broken and fallen hair and make a wig for the voodoo doll. Then drown it. Whew I feel better now.


I want to withdraw my comment. Very ugly thing to say


Why it was funny and I doubt it would of worked.


Too late lol ….we don’t actually mean some of these remarks…lol…they are frustrating at times…these dummies but entertaining!


I’m sorry but LOL. I’m with you.


Becky evicted this week. Vanessa wins next HoH and the Goblins spill everything Austwins have been saying about her. Vanessa puts up Liz and Austin, Austin goes home.

Book it.

Still Miss Jason...

I would like to see this sooo badly! Austwins deserve to sweat especially for being so mean spirited and acting like they are cool kids… Liz and Austin have the biggest egos in the house… Kinda like Julia though lol rooting for James, and Vanessa


I’m c*mming just thinking about that.


Too much info buddy.


Here’s why I like Austin. Plain and simple- Austin is playing for anti- bullying funds. He seems like a nice guy. I was bullied when I was younger and it would be nice if Austin could help somebody else . he may not win but, I’m still rooting for him.


He was bullying Steve so he should check himself.
Also everyone gets bullied at some point in their life learning how to react to it is part of growing up and becoming a full happy person.
All the P.C garbage has made kids weak and unable to cope with everyday problems.


So Vanessa says something and others verify it’s true …
Yet Austin n the twins still say Van is lying? Same with James n Meg.
Just like Austin gave Liz bad info for the comp so she would loose
Van caught on to it and Julia temporarily apparently believed Van …
who was out for that very question … Liz … because she believed Austins lie.
So the twins obviously should know that Austin is a liar but yet they are attacking Van?
I’ll refrain from calling the twins the C word.
Oh how I hate Austin n the bimbo twins … complete morons

oh my

Vanessa is reading the rule book. That’s trouble. She reminds me of a jailhouse lawyer or one of those people who want to argue law with the police while they are being arrested.


I’m sure on the last page of the rule book, in micro text … it says
“BB reserves the right to change any rule at anytime or to do whatever the F***
we want”
That said … Van simply seems to be figuring out what exactly she can eat … as I would
Have-nots is pointless n boring … Maybe if they had comps for have-nots for a few weeks
that might be ok.
BBUS has zero creativity!

AKA Twistin' ....

Julia is the jealous twin. Some Lifetime movie shit in the making.

I’ve said this before now I’m saying it again: I think JMac is playing with his twin and here’s why I think so:
1. His twin has a beard and coming into the house JMac didn’t, now does.
2. He told someone (I can’t remember who) that he has a big secret that he can’t tell.
3. A couple of time in weeks past, he was wearing his hair the way his twin does…a little on the forehead
4. There are times when he is extremely observant as opposed to interacting
5. He is on/off Becky
6. When they did the piece on his fam, they did NOT show his twin
7. Steve says “your voice sounds different…”
8. Frequent DR sessions.

I could be way wrong but I think there is SOMETHING going on with him.


Money add on
9th to jury 10K stipend
it’s the same money only F2 get more. Playing for 5th does you no good. Presuming J Mac has Americas player on lockdown only Megs hope to F2 as beatable is even a strategy. Liz using Austin like a toilet seat is vulgar but Dan did a lot worse during coaches( BB14).
y just aren’t playing for 500K accept for Van, Steve and J Mac. Becky is playing but just not well.
Van or Steve need an HOH. I’m assuming J Mac goes to Jury.


Oh my god! …those twins are always doing their nails!!… they must change their nail polish every day! And when they’re not doing their nails , they are looking at their nails…

Min O'Pause

Say, what’s the scoop on Asstins RL girlfriend? She made a voodoo doll outta his hairballs from their bathroom sink yet? I’d be lighting up a big ol’ bonfire of his stuff to rival the flames of hell itself. Id be dancing and prancing ’round that conflagration laughing my ass off like a crazy conjure woman. Might even invite a few friends.

Min O'Pause

You gonna thumbs down on THIS? Asstin is a cheatin’ two-timin’ man-ho! I’d be running his stuff over with one of them asphalt rolling machines!


He will get his back when he finds out Jiz is using him like a little puppet and doesn’t even like him


Maybe Austin’s girlfriend is actually happy to be free of him and could be celebrating…..I know I would be!


I hope Vanessa wins the next HOH
and puts Austin and Liz on the block with Julia as the replacement
Ideally Liz would go … forever away
with the pathetic wussy (Austin) right behind


Guess you will get your way. Don’t understand the hate.


Do Julia and Liz have a close relationship? Julia always seems to be aggravated with Liz. Does Julia feel as though Liz is the Star Twin? Is Julia jealous because Liz had two Big Brother male Game Players willing to have a showmance with her? Is Julia jealous because The House seems to like Liz better giving Julia something such as “the wicked witch” twin nickname? Is Julia jealous of Liz for The House calling Julia the fat one (twin), the mean twin, and calling Liz the nice pretty twin?

Julia seems to not like Austin because Austin chose Liz over her. Julia never seems to give Liz a break. As HOH doesn’t Liz get to choose the host? Liz must not have chosen Julia, which is strange. Unless Liz is tired of Julia always complaining.

I have liked Liz ever since she won BOB with James throwing the comp. Liz stayed upbeat during the comp even as James was dumping paint over her head. Julia just seems to be bitter and angry towards Liz. I don’t believe that it has anything to do with Austin. If Liz was in a showmance with Jeff, Jace, Clay I think that Julia would still complain to Liz about it and try to make Liz feel insecure and embarrassed (over having a showmance, making sure to saw ewwww as much as possible in reference to Jeff/Jace/Clay).

Has there been a conversation where Liz or Julia revealed that they are not close in real life. A conversation explaining in real life Julia always is trying to boss and control Liz. Liz has seemed to do well in the game. Liz got Julia in the game and Liz has gotten her & her sister this far (with Liz having the mindset that she was going to get close to someone like “Austin” to keep both herself and her sister in the game).


Julia is the thin twin, not Liz


I think it’s called “being sisters”. Lol.
They act like sisters. That’s all I see.
I would have a riot if my sister was with me in there. And for damn sure I’d be riding her ass over anything I thought she was doing wrong. Big or small. And she would do the same to me.
It’s really that simple.


Hmmm. Sounds like you should apply for the show as one of the crazies.


They are all fools letting the whore twins and austwit get this far they have way to much power.
I don’t see how any of the others have a chance now.


Go Jmac!


I don’t mind the lying. In this game you’re going to lie/backstab. What bothers me is that vanessa talks to much. She becomes manic and causes paranoia. Van has thrown Austin’s name under the bus and so has his other alliance members. Van would work good with austin if she didn’t make him nervous. The twins and austin don’t want to have to turn on van. Let someone else do it.

Mom of Beautiful 3

This is the worst season of Big Brother thus far and I have been watching since season 2. I crinch every time I see Austin and Liz touch, cuddle, especially kiss and the most akward making out I have ever seen. Bad actors have better love scenes. It’s absolutely disgusting. I feel so bad for all those who have live feeds to watch it must be like a car wreck you don’t want to watch but yet you can’t look away. I just don’t get why Liz will listen to a guy she has known for all of 5 minutes and not her twin sister who she shared a womb with? I seriously hope Big Brother has the POV “What would you do or give up to win the Power of Veto” and Austin is asked would you shave your head and beard or give up Liz what would you do for POV?


Agree? Thumbs way up…


You win the prize. You take the cake. Does hating so much make you happy? All the amagined barf buckets make me laugh. Too much!


Why is Johnny-Mac at the top? He has been oblivious to everything all game hasn’t he? He could have been rallying the the gobs with Jackie before…and really made a strong 5 group…without the rat actor steve.
Don’t get me wrong…I like JMac too but…all game I have been waiting for him to “turn on” …and it’s really not happening.
Austin is at the bottom below Dawg lol…why? He has managed to be not s thought/target…and he is in the best position in the house right now.BUT….he really should be pushing to backdoor Vanessa right bloody now!


Becky for POV


He killed a bird outside my window. Took me a day to find the source of the death smell.

Min O'Pause

What a handsome boy! Min loves cats!


First season since bbcan2 where I’m liking everyone

604 Macho

Is it just me, or are you guys finding Meg sexier as the season has gone on?



Cindy Withanesse