Big Brother 17 – Liz about Becky “She got hit by a train and she’s still superwoman!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 02-01-07-680

12:40am HOH room – Meg, Liz and Julia are talking about Shelli and Clay. Julia says I was being nice to Shelli and Vanessa was in my ear about it. Meg says and Vanessa had this super friendship with Shelli yet she was trying to have her put up. Liz says we were friends with Shelli but she kind of put all her eggs in one basket. Julia says once Clay left Shelli was trying to go to us but I didn’t have more than a minute conversation with her and you have to remember you did very well in the competition part of this game but there is there is a very strong social game and you were looking for a showmance with a guy no offence 10 years younger than you. Meg says and you can’t just be with him the whole time. Julia asks did you see her when the Ed Sheeran song came on? I was like is she 13 years old!?!? She was acting like a 13 year old ..she’s 33!! Liz says its not even about the age because he is that fine and I would look past that but you shouldn’t be crying over a guy you’ve know for 2 months. Julia says she was so concerned he would be over her and find a girl … his age. Meg says he kind of has a wild side. Austin joins them. Julia says I literally had no conversation with Clay.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 02-29-33-326
James joins them. James tells them if you go to google and put in glory hole foul stuff comes up. I’ve definitely tried it. Its good stuff but its foul to you! Liz says ewww what is a glory hole? James grabs the bathmat from the bathroom and says you walk into a bathroom at a truck stop and there’s a hole and something pops out of it. Liz then what happens. James says then you go to town on it. Liz asks do truckers pay to get gl*ry holed? James says that I don’t know. Liz asks what is the point of the gl*ry hole .. like who is on the other side sucking that d*ck? Girls don’t suck d*ck for free. Julia says Lizzzz! We’re on the live feeds! Julia says I don’t feel any girl would want to do that?! Julia asks what’s in it for the girl? James says so she can get down to brass tacks. James says then the girl can turn around and boink!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 02-31-05-238

12:50am Becky says my target is here, my best friend is gone and I’m on the block! Steve says I’m sorry its entirely all my fault. Becky says she’s good and she’ll keep doing it to the people in power she will convince them she’s their friend. Nobody wants to ge rid of her because they all feel she’s with them. When the reality is if you’re on the block she’ll just send you out as long as it saves her skin. Steve comments on how they’re do for the counting Veto competition. Becky says and Zing Bot will be roughly around final 8. Johnny Mac says I want some money. Steve says Becky took it all.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 02-23-28-664

1am Meg and James whisper in the bedroom. James says who’s their target this week. Meg says Becky or Johnny Mac. James asks what if one of them wins (veto). One of them comes down and someone goes up. James says f**k! Meg says oh you don’t have to worry about that. James asks you? Meg nods. Don’t think I don’t know what I’m used for. James says you do have a purpose in this game. Sending people home. Put someone up like me and I could go home. Meg says but you only need 3 votes to stay. James says Austin, Me and Julia. Meg says I’ve already accepted the fact that I will probably go up. James says I just need to win the veto. I would be like sorry Johnny you did it, I’ve got to do it too. The only thing is Johnny Mac is the veto king! Meg says we need to make a deal with Vanessa for next week. She didn’t make a deal not to put us up. We want her to make a deal with everyone so she won’t try to win HOH.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 02-38-49-476

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-15 02-48-31-471

1:18am – 1:30am James pranks Julia by putting candy in her bed. Julia wants to scare James and tells Steve to bait him into coming into the bedroom. She hides under the bed covers and Steve goes to get James except Steve tells James she’s hiding in the bed so James isn’t scared by her. James then hides in her closet and she realizes he’s in there. Julia goes to bed and James is hiding under her bed. He sneaks out and taps the bed scaring her. She runs screaming out of the room.
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1:38am Bathroom – Johnny Mac tells Steve that he asked them and they’re okay with you playing for the veto for me. Steve says okay. What did you need to tell me? Johnny says that’s pretty much it at this point. Johnny tells Steve the Vanessa denied all day that he walked in on Shelli and Clay talking about the 8 person alliance. She’s trying to call me a liar. Steve says we still need to play nice with her because she has power and you’re on the block. Johnny says I know. Steve says and you’re a pawn right now and need to stay that way. I talked to the Aus-twins today about you. What is scaring people is your attitude. You’ve been staying in bed. You haven’t been you. Since Clelli left. We want you back. Johnny says when I talked to them we did very well. My head is other places you know what I mean. Steve says for your game you need to get out of your head and be like you were when Shelli and Clay was here. Johnny says okay. Steve asks about Johnny’s convo with Austwins. Johnny says they said to go win the veto and that Becky and I are up because we’ve won sh*t. Steve says lets play nice with Vanessa even if she’s lying to our faces she is still a vote. Johnny says I will. Steve says if I win the veto it makes it really obvious. Johnny says I will pick Julia then. Tell them I will pick you or Julia. Steve says if you are up and aren’t the target it might be better to not take you off. Its a risk vs reward. Steve says you do have my vote 110%.

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“I’m not telling you to throw it, just don’t try and win it” #lizlogic I’m still fucking with Steve though he got a foot in both sides of house if he plays his cards right he could fuck around and end up in final four

Min O'Pause

OK I’m totally confused. Why is JMac having Steve play in the veto for him? And what’s the big deal with him walking in on Clellie talking about the 8 person alliance? Something tells me there is more to this.


jmac hearing about the 8 person alliance wasn’t really a big deal. Until Vanessa caught wind of it and wouldn’t let it go. Vanessa is terrified of being caught in a lie. And that’s what the (very true) story does. Catches her in a lie. She was like a dog with a bone to JMac and the austwins about it. If she had just ignored it it never would have been an issue.

Really hoping some crazy shit goes down this week that results in Liz backfiring Vanessa. That would make this week awesome!
Also really hoping for a Pandora’s box this year. Even if it’s just goofy stuff and not game changing. Or maybe a have not competition. Something to liven things up. Don’t get me wrong. Loving all the drama this season. But I’m missing a little bit of “fluff” entertainment.

Liz amuses me.
Yesterday about JMac “oh my gaaawwwwwd. What is his proooblem. I can’t staaaand himmmm”
Today: “I luuuuuuv that guy”

Austin has actually grown on me the last week or so. I pretty much like everyone left at this point. I can’t stand Vanessa BUT her entertainment value is good. So I even like /hate her.


If I recall the HG’s said about the same thing. What happened to the BB Takeover twist that was supposed to happen every week, which seemed to have ended week 3? It’s like the producers just stopped trying, b/c if they say they ran out of ideas that’s just pathetic. Then they should have asked the fans who I’m sure have plenty. Every year I wonder what is the harm in giving them some form of entertainment like cards, board games or crafts. It would probably make the feeds and show more fluffy interesting and I doubt that any less game talk will occur.


Julie said in an interview (i forget where it was and dont have the link but i believe hamsterwatch linked it) that the producers quickly realized having endless twists every week was not going to be that good of an idea and wanted there to just be pure vanilla gameplay from the houseguests without twist interference.

Who cares

I would love if a twist could be to let the veto winner choose the new nominee if they used the POV.

Johnny Mac Fan

I agree with everything you said except any Pro-Austin comments. Austin the creep grosses me out and every day i begin to hate him more and more. Now this week, hes going after Johnny Mac, so now i just gotta say , the house will much better without Austin. Whatever idiot cast Austin on this show, should be fired. Once again, Austin sucks!!


Vanessa is definitely on an island. She is getting shit on from every side. I think Steve is her only ally in the house now. Can’t believe the goblins, Jmac, Becky all hating on Venessa but nothing negative is said about the twins and Austin. They are the biggest power alliance left and no one seems to care. I’d love to see two of them on the block. It’s been like summer camp for them. No one sees them as a threat. Weird shit.


I think production wants the twins as a final 2. They would get good main stream press if that happens. They are probably suggesting to the other HG;s there are bigger threats against them than the twins, therefore they are not looking at them right now.


People wanting Vanessa out has nothing to do with production and everything to do with Vanessa. She is a toxic personality.


I agree with RJ – Van is getting so much hate from the HG yet Austin is the ultimate floater and as much as Liz thinks she’s playing him I think the jokes on her. The one person who was actually looking out for the twins at the risk of her own game was Van. Austin has managed to turn this into a negative and the twins are too stupid to see it . Austin has managed to win nothing, risk the twins game and comes out looking like the good guy. The one person who kept him in the game was Van and clearly there is no loyalty there – None of these idiots see him as a threat he has managed to align himself with all of them to some degree. Everyone of them would prob keep him regardless of who he is up against (that’s if they are ever smart enough to put him up) even if he is up against one of the twins. So is Liz REALLYYYYY playing Austin…….Or is Austin just letting her think that?


This repeated logic makes NO SENSE.Vanessa wouldn’t have had to so call save Austin if her stupid self didn’t make a plan ,tell everyone mind you,to back door one of her sheep in the first place.Vanessa is jus a plain psycho period.a season of nut baskets,but makes for some feeds and tv edits I’ll say,


Austin is a lot of things but he’s not a floater. It’s very clear where his loyalties lie and always have. Stop using the term to describe someone who doesn’t win a lot of comps because that’s not what a floater is.

Zack attack

First off what happened to the take overs?! I haven’t heard the jingle in weeks?
I am rooting for JMac to win the veto. I want him to go a little further and survive this Liz week. Jmac is right whoever takes out Vanessa has that under their belt and that will look great at the end. Liz should just take her out. It was the plan last week shelli then Vanessa! Agreed apon by brass tacks. Julia has yet to win anything at all and the same applies to Austin one short HOH. They are the floaters they need to grab a life vest. Sorry no sorry.

To answer your 1st question

The take over was stupid ugh Kathy – a rehash & gronk a who cares, I’m glad they stopped it


Julie Chen gave an interview last week and stated that the Takeovers were stopped because there was enough drama in the house that they didn’t need them.


So after Vanessa leaves the TakeOvers will come back, or else we’ll spend all day watching JMac and Meg sleep and the Austwins working out in the livingroom

Shelley (not to be confused with Shelli)

Julie lied and said the takeovers will happen ever week. You can’t just say that and not follow through. BB production sucks.

bb production

i kinda think they do a lot of things on the probably was too much every week, and it wasn’t working….like when Davonne just happened to get the lucky call. even though it didn’t change anything lmao

Uh huh...

If it’s JohnnyMac or Becky that ultimately goes home this week, I hope they manage to get back into the house… assuming they get the chance to do so.

I have no interest in Shelli coming back. And while I wouldn’t mind if Jackie snuck back in I think I’d still prefer it to be the person that’s booted this week to return. Among the remaining houseguests that could be evicted the following week with an opportunity to earn their way back in I’d still be pulling for Jmac/Becky to pull it off.

I still have hope that this won’t become a snooze fest the rest of the way with the Austwins trio making it to final four.

Initially I thought the excitement was fading following how the double elimination day played out, but there’s actually some worthwhile twists and turns that could unfold moving forward.

At the moment I think I would most prefer seeing Becky win it all. Hopefully she makes it through this week.

Uh huh...

After reading page two of this update I still can’t tell whether it’s JohnnyMac or Becky that is the real target this week. And I have no idea who the replacement nominee would end up being if the Power of Veto gets used.

I would really like to see both Becky and JohnnyMac survive this week, which means the PoV would need to be used and ultimately result in either Vanessa, James, or Meg being sent to jury. It’s a long shot that it plays out that way, but it’s what I would like to see happen.

Hopefully Becky or Jmac wins it and Vanessa will go into hyper-overdrive again telling everybody what must be done with the replacement nominee and it results in the Austwins deciding… “You know what – fuck it. She’s leaving the house now.”


I seriously cannot deal with these f’in fools!!! They know Vanessa is SATAN yet no one wants to backdoor her this week, it’s Absolutely maddening! And don’t get me started with Steve. I seriously loathe his existance on this season. He defines Epic Fail on all levels.


So they’re foolish because they won’t back door someone who has at least three targets ahead of them and who almost the entire house would target before them? For Liz to back door Vanessa would be MONUMENTALLY stupid.

Some people just can’t separate their personal tastes from good game play.


… she making it clear to the Austwins (who are in power) how safe they are because of all the other targets ahead of them. Next week, if they don’t win, she will have the whole house against them.


Vanessa doesn’t have the credibility with the rest of the house to form any meaningful deals with them. They all want her gone and will go after her first. She knows that and will be forced to take out James and JMac/Becky next. She is force to take her chances with Austwins at this point but the rest of the house is not. If Vanessa went to jury this week, the whole house WILL be against them. They and you are silly to think otherwise. We are talking about a trio that everyone knows will never turn on each other. No one else has that. Their target is way bigger than any deal they’ve made with people.


Liz backdooring Vanessa would be huge! Liz making the final 2 with that under her belt would help with a victory. Nobody beats Vanessa in the final two. Nobody. Who would you vote for in the final 2? The houseguest who got Vanessa out or the one who was too scared?


Except or the part where she has to GET to final two first. Vanessa is the ONLY thing separating the rest of the house from going after Austwins. They’re a solid trio comprised of TWO duos, one of which is a lifetime bond that beyond anything like a Big Brother alliance. NO ONE is going to approach anyone in that trio and get them to target any of the other two. No one. You think if Vanessa goes James will be fine going to final five with them with only Meg at his side? You think Becky would? JMac? Steve might wait long than them to break them up but that’s it.

Austwins are only one Vanessa eviction away from being put on the block IMMEDIATELY afterwards and no deals are going to get in anyone’s way of doing that. If Van went to jury this week, the ONLY thing keeping them off the block next week is an Austin or Julia HoH and MAYBE a Steve (the ultimate thrower) HoH. Those 3 against James, Becky and JMac. Which side do you think most likely would take it???


To think a jury vote will come down to the eviction of one person is utterly daft. Who is Liz sitting next to in this hypothetical final 2? What if she’s sitting next to someone who could counter evicting Vanessa with being the one who split up Shelli and Clay? What if that person won a lot more comps? What if they’re just generally more well-regarded? And again, she has to think about getting their first.

And stop putting things in terms of being “afraid” to evict someone vs. not. You make game decisions based on what you think will get you farther in the game. If you think evicting someone hurts your chances of going farther than not evicting them then yeah, you’re “afraid” of doing it I suppose but that’s exactly the kind of fear you need to have if you want to maximize your chances of winning. If I were a voter I’d understand that even if you don’t.

GeekSquad McGee

Nobody was won “a lot more comps” than Liz. She’s won two HOH’s, and she beat Clay and Becky in a BOB, all by herself. She has one of the best competition resumes in the house.


Steve is playing a great game. He knows that Vanessa and the Austwins are targets before him. He managed to get out jackie, and is less of a target than before. He holds his cards close, and hardly ever gives info, but gets Intel from both sides of the house.

Sorry for the thumbs down but

Steve does give info! He is V’s little pet rat! He is even throwing his so called buddy JM under the bus to stay her good little rat boy!

Twins for the Win

The twins are really pretty. That is all that matters in this society. Sad but true.


It does seem that way πŸ™
Its sad they are so vile on the inside.


Hey Austin remember when you sold out Julia in hopes of banging Liz … You just are too stupid to realize Vanessa and Co were trying to BD you for being an ass to Julia and Liz didnt like you! I’m pretty sure Liz is using you as long as she needs and being your “women” just in case you win the money – that’s the only way she’ll stay with you outside of this house!


Once Vanessa goes there are no game players left, just a bunch of floaters that “summer camped” all summer. If Becky and JMac go then the competitors in comps are gone too and no one is watching this show anymore

Mom...I need you!

If Vanessa was gone, you’d actually see how the others would play. She has had her hand in every HOH since day 1. She doesn’t allow anyone to play their own game. They’re all scared little pussies…pathetic really…

Steve's Mom

You better start eating out the Autwins to Vanessa so plans can be made to down the 3 headed monster!

More Clueless than Comic Books

“Liz says she got hit by a train and she’s still superwoman! ”

It’s called character. You and your sister should try it sometime.

is it just me

she sure showed alot of character last week

More Clueless than Comic Books

Sadly that is what BB has become over the past few years, a frat house/sorority house bashfest where a group of people ridicule any houseguests not present. The names change depending on who’s present and you either join in or are labeled as “shady”, “strange, “a loner” or some other charming name and immediately targeted for eviction.

I will base my judgement on how they’ve handled life up to this point instead of 55 days locked in a house full of strangers.

BB needs some change

I hate the “I’ll tell them they’re not the target” thing. If they’re on the block, just let them fight hard for it. Hopefully JMac or Becky win it and make Liz put someone else up. If you don’t know who to put up, then don’t bother winning HOH. Big Brother needs to switch things up for upcoming seasons. Change the games so the players are blind sided and can’t figure out how to throw it and stay in longer like Austin is doing. It would be better, because then its all luck and things will change on a dime.


One season I would like to see the game played where only the HOH and the 2 nominees compete for veto. The HOH would only be able to keep the nominations the same and the Nominees could take themselves off. They could still backdoor someone but it would be extremely risky. The first time the backdoor strategy was used, it was a big surprise. Now it is used too common. Limiting who plays for veto would force the HG;s to play the game more.

Like...I'm Jackie

Exactly! The last few seasons people know exactly when certain games will be played. When it’s that obvious they’re already prepared. They need to switch it up…make them truly work for it.


I really wish that Big Brother would change up the competitions so that the houseguests didn’t know what to expect and also change up the predictably of when there’s going to be a Doubled Eviction


Steve seems to be studying his mommy letter. It makes me wonder if she snuck a clue or msg to Steve in it. I went back and read it again and the way that it’s worded and the way his relatives names are used doesn’t make sense.

Simon & Dawg: I appreciate all of the hard work that you do, so please do not think that I am criticizing your work. But is there any way that there are typos in the post of Steve’s HOH letter?
I understand that typos are bound to happen, and it’s a ton of work to not only watch all of the feeds, but then transcribe them for this amazing site. The only reason that I’m asking about the letter is because Steve himself seems to be not looking at it, but studying it.
Thank you both for all of your hard work and thanks for such an amazing site.


Agreed she is trying to tell him something. She says ALLAN proposed to Jerry then that Jason and Jerry know you’ll approve, then they spied Jason down on one knee on the beach when they went to Orlando (where I don’t recall ever seeing a beach). Lastly that Jerry and Jason are building a house.


Rotating the have nots all nice and polite like is very sad. I liked it better when they had comps to see who would be have nots or when one side would pick the same peps to be have nots over and over again because they didn’t like each other. This warm and cuddly rotation crap has got to go….


NOBODY is going to throw a food comp. Food comps were the best way to gauge someone’s true abilities.

Shelli's Chompers

Unfortunately, this is 2015, the year where everything offends everyone and all has to be fair. I was watching Season 6 recently — enjoyed it so much more with luxury and food comps.


i think rotating the have-nots basically forces production to either eliminate the concept or reintroduce it as being determined by comps next season (probably who does worst in hohs rather than have not competitions, because the whole reason they were replaced by bobs was because of poor ratings for sunday episodes).

Big Brother Winner

Who do you think is going to win this season’s BB17?


I have no clue. It’s a great season for suspense, but I don’t even know who I even want to win. I try being objective and think who deserves to win most, who’s playing the best game. So if it’s a woman, it has to be Vanessa followed by Becky. If see the guys being equal.


Liz will win. The housemates are stupid for letting the twins get this far.
I hope James wins but I doubt it.

Robert "Meek Mill" Williams

how sick would it be if the veto is used and vanessa went up?


Zingbot to Austin – Austin, hopefully Liz wins the 500 grand because then she can at least pay you to be her doormat. Zing”.


Positive Zingbot will be brutal with both Austin and Liz about their relationship. Guess is Julia will get zinged for the way the twins talk.


I hope Steve is backdoored. Hate his game and persona. He is so good at this manipulation thing that everyone thinks Vanessa is so good at. No one has caught on that Steve is a master manipulator…


I hate that they always seem to know what the next comp is. It would be more interesting if they didn’t get to study and had to really rely on memory. Also hate they want Vanessa out but lack the courage to pull the trigger. They are going to hand her the check out of fear. It will serve them right to lose.

Vannessa Gone

You all want Van gone. Why wait until next week? Hello, backdoor?


Because next week someone else will put her up and jury votes are a thing.

The twins will win the most jury votes that’s why I think they will win the whole thing.


As much as I agree that Vanessa needs to go, I would wait until after they bring a jury member back. I’d hate for Vanessa to take that opportunity, even if it would be easy to just send her right back out.


Backdooring Vanessa is a waste because they should have gotten 48 hours earlier… As for “Vanessa’s lies” I love how Austin is jumping on that bandwagon when he has lied more than her lol What lies has Vanessa told? Other than changing the plan bout Jason on the block..

Austin just wants Vanessa out of the way so he has the twins all to himself. It’s fairly easy to see.. and he thinks no one will go after him and the twins because he controls the house. But again, seeing how short sighted this group is, that will happen.

Mom...I need you!

Ummm…do you watch the show?
Vanessa has lied to every single person…multiple times.


If you don’t take the chance to get Vanessa out this week, just giver her the check for 500K.

Bb anonymous

I find there’s still too many people left in the house .. And if another one comes back in you’re back at 10 players .. There must be a couple of more double evictions soon… When is the finale anyway? Less than a month correct ?


Whatever happened to big brother takeover that was suppose to happen every week?


OMFH…. I would feel sorry if for Austin being played like a lovesick moron by Liz if he wasn’t such a Rat. He is bent out of shape because Vanessa considered backdooring him because he was caught telling Jason about the twins when Jason told Shelli and Shelli ran and told Vanessa. Then like the oversized ____ he is, he begged Vanessa to not put him up and said that he made a huge mistake… and Vanessa foolishly trusted him.
Vanessa has spent way too much time in the game doing what is best for the Austwins, Audrey and Scaylli…. way too much time. Mostly because she spent too much time looking at numbers and statistics instead of all of the other features in the game. Now the Rats are talking about getting rid of Vanessa, but are too afraid to pull the trigger, because they are afraid to loose her protection… and that is what really pisses off Aust-rat, the lesbian is better at protecting his women than he is.

I wish Shelli had backdoored Audrey in her first HoH
I wish Vanessa had never done Austins dirty work and protected the twins when she took out Jeff, because of Liz’s flirting with Jeff was upsetting Austin and took out James instead, because she really had a clearer reason to get James out.
I wish Vanessa had backdoored Austin instead of Jason. I wish that backdooring Austin would have created a bridge for Vanessa and Jackie to work together. the house would be in so much a better place without Austin in it… especially if he never made it to jury.

These are just the regrets of every Season… it in NO way does it make this in anyway the Best Season in Years. What I want next week is for Vanessa to win HoH and put up the rats Liz and Julia so she can backdoor Austin… hopefully as Austin is sitting next to Liz. Vanessa needs to restart her game and play for herself. Cut the crap talking twins free and get Austin out of that house. Admit to Becky, Johnny Mac and the Goblins… everybody thinks I’m the Grand Manipulator but I’m the one who got played… and made moves to protect their games not my own. I just really want those three parasites out of the house… I really don’t like them, which for me is rare. I really have strongly dislikde a small list of players over the years… Brenchal, Frankie, Jesse and the Austwins…. it’s rare for me. I have cheered for some players more than others but rarely dislike a player.

Ms Chiff

πŸ™‚ Am starting to feel a little less sorry for Austin the more he talks – will still cringe if Liz votes him out, but won’t miss him in the game or anything.

Johnny is in love with Becky

Johnny is obviously in love with Becky. He does and believes anything she says and has been all butthurt since Becky couldnt get Vanessa out. So now Johnny is so focused on his Vanessa hate that he will have the same fate as Becky his love soon.

Vanesssa felt bad for this fool and was even going to help him in the game. But Johnny is so in love with Becky he only listens to Beckys lies and sits around whining like Becky about Vanessa.

Stfu both of you. Neither has any chance to win and Vanessa does. Butthurt losers need to go. So sick of the whiners Becky and Johnny.


Even though I cannot stand him, Austin is smart. He’s making Vanessa an even bigger target when the reality is he and the twins are the biggest threat in the house. They are currently the only true group that holds 3 votes. With the numbers in the house dwindling down, those 3 votes mean a lot.

I truely hope that whoever wins hoh next week puts Liz and Austin on the block. You would still have a duo left after one of those two are cut, but that’s much more manageable.


Austin has never had to scramble. Vanessa has been keeping him and the twins safe with her deals. I hope to see him on the block with Liz.


Isn’t is ironic? If it wasn’t for Vanessa, Austin would’ve most likely been gone awhile ago. Now he’s turning the whole house against her even more. I really wish Vanessa would team up with James. I like him best out of the guys and he’s the easiest to work with. I think they could tear apart these three fairly quickly.


I can tell that Steve is on the Aspergers/Autism spectrum so I cut him a lot of slack for all of his “quirks”.
But I wonder what the f@$k is wrong with his mother when she allows her adult son to call her mommy.


Steve needs more father/son time. He is odd to say the least. WTF was up,with the comment about his sister. There is some serious Dugger shit going on there.


Missed that. What comment did Steve make about his sister?


I realise this is not the same in Steve’s case, but in some cultures many adult men and women still call their parents Mummy and Daddy. I live in the West Indies and all of the adults I know, use these terms. You are correct about Steve though and I believe his MOMMY is an enabler. Hate to think what will become of him when his mother dies. Something tells me we shall hear and read a lot more about Steve in coming years and it will probably involve a movie theatre or workplace.


Not surprising reading that Clay didn’t talk to Julia. With him choosing to attah himself to a ball and chain in the house, I’m sure it affected is social game. Most of the girls in there seem to think he was cute but it’s not like he could have used that fully to his advanage. And Shelli maybe would have had a better game. But looking at the guy she probably thought he would be more useful to her. And I don’t put it passed Shelli’s ego to try to snag the “hottest” guy in the house since she’s in ther with 20 something year old girls. Not that Shelli is old but the twins are 10 younger than her, for example.

Ms Chiff




Interesting article about the Big Brother game told from the houseguest’s point of view


What I’m dreading is watching the feeds final week and final four are Austwins and Steve.


I can’t stand that JMac plays the mentally disabled character in the show. But he tried out for the last 7 years and was told he was too boring and needed to be a character to be cast.


Iv’e said this earlier, but I’d like to share again and get your thoughts. I like others on this site, think his twin has been coming in this house, and he probably gets so much money each week if no houseguest finds out. The fact that he stays in bed a lot, (maybe he’s depressed), but maybe he just doesn’t want people to notice he’s the twin? he’s in the DR a lot, even if he is Americas favorite player. I’m not much into conspiracy theories, but what if BB production is playing a trick on the houseguests and America?

jmac rockstar

I’ve sometimes thought things were odd about him also. I do believe his twin is an identical twin. I remember Julie saying there would be twin twists, and relationships, meaning more than one. I don’t think that idea is that far fetched.


I have Googled JMac so many times and cannot find any mention of a twin.


PekingDuckDynasty…I noticed the same oddness with Steve’s HOH letter, and mentioned it in the comments for the post where the letter was shown. No one else here seems to have remarked on it. But if Steve and Mommy did superfan watching of past seasons, and given his frequent mentions of her in his Steve-to-camera strategy dialogues….it would not surprise me in the least of they had something planned in the way of coded communications.

Otherwise, as you’ve said, the way things in the letter are stated and all of the name dropping is just weird.


Steve is Benjamin Buttons.
He seems to be regressing in age, daily.


If I was Julia I would be pissed at Liz. Arent they supposed to be playing together and making decisions? It seems Austin and Liz are talking game more. Im really sick of seeing Austins tattoos and face.


Steve and Jmac are going to win this thing. Not that I want them to but that’s just how this game was set up. I feel like I’m being set up.

BB aliances

Best BB alliances in the house are 2 people that have a secret alliance,
apart how they’re perceived in the house. So, while they maybe with different known alliances, everyone else in the house don’t even know they’re scheming together. The only reason why the ASsstwins have worked so well is because Vanessa, and before that, Shelli are a bigger target in that group by far.


It is not Austins fault that Vanessa kept him instead of Jason. Van was going to backdoor Austin whom was just trying to stay in the game. Who can blame him? No, the fault is Vanessa’s because she came up with some plan to keep Austin, and then told everyone in the house what she was going to do and then backdoored Jason. Vanessa got away with it for a while, but, she kept talking and talking. Austin owed her but not his life in the game. She is not trustworthy and she talks way too darn much.I don’t blame austin for wanting to stay. I blame Vanessa for playing too hard and blaming every for her own shit. Austin would not be turning against her if she weren’t so erratic. Again… Not Austin’s fault Jason is gone but Vanessa’s. Austin had to fake beg and really beg to stay. The rest was her choice and everything that came after.


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Ms Chiff

test #2



When Austin tells Steve he’s thinking of changing his target to Vanessa this week i start to think if Steve were wanting to play with their heads he’d accidentally tell Liz and Vanessa that he’s up to date because Austin told him he’s thinking of changing his targets. That “slip” might make the twins say Austin can say what he wants, he’s not the HOH, and get Julia ticked off.
Somebody is going to have to cause cracks in that group.
As far as the Vanessa situation is concerned, I’m betting she’s aware she isn’t very high up on the totem pole with her group. She’s only spent about an hour with them in hoh, and is laying low a lot until after pov. That’s not the usual Vanessa tactic at all. If she was feeling safe and secure, she’d be up with her alliance constantly. I think Vanessa may be aware that she is the outsider to the whole house.


Johnny Mac said it yesterday, whoever takes out Vanessa is god. The twins and Austin are scared of taking out Vanessa, I don’t get why. Honestly, this would be their best move. Having bigger targets in the game is great in the first half of the game, but after jury starts, you need to get them out. They are worried about losing jury votes, but no matter what they say before they are evicted, most people once they are in jury vote for a person’s game and not personally. If anyone is likely to vote personally it’s Shelli. Vanessa is a player, and once she is out of the game, I think she would vote for the person that played the best, even if that person took her out (unless that person is named Becky). Liz wouldn’t piss anyone off if Vanessa goes this week, and she builds creds with the jury. If someone is coming back, Vanessa only has 1/4 chance of coming back if it is a competition that decides who returns. But it could also be like season 6 when the viewers voted someone back. If that happens, Vanessa and Shelli don’t have a chance against Jackie or Jmac. I don’t see how targeting Becky helps anyone but Vanessa.


Even if that girl Liz does not like austin. He’s still one lucky guy to have her all over him. Austin knows he’s being used but hell , it kept him in the game thus far. Austin’s reputation may take a hit …but Liz’s behaviour is the one thats really going to take a hit. She either likes him or she doesn’t. He will survive. He’s still one lucky s.o.b. but Liz should watch what guys she plays these tease games with because one day it might hit her in the ass. Some men don’t like to be played with. Austin has been nothing but kind to her. If that’s how she repays kindness …then ..oh well… That’s on her. You don’t find the right guy byvgoing about it the way Liz does. She and her twin should show some respect for themselves and others.




I really wish whatever is up with jmac wound finally come out because I really like him but I can’t root for him the way he’s being since clay and shelli left. I want him to do well but as I tell my kids. No one can want something for you unless you want it for yourself. I just don’t get it. I can’t see it being a twin twist because he wasn’t acting this way before. Seemed laying low was strategic. Now it seems more like depression.


Why is Johnny Mac saying he wants money when he’s a dentist? He should be rolling in the dough. Not a fan of him at all. Even though Vanessa has been lying a good amount, I still think she’s getting the blame for a lot of things that weren’t completely her fault. I really want a woman to win this season! Vanessa is the only one who has been actively playing the game and (I think) actually deserves a shot at winning. Even though I love Meg, she’s kinda been a floater. But wouldn’t mind seeing her win either!