Dane “Yeah, the plan is the plan… Mark is going up.”

9:45pm Kitchen. Adam and Kyra studying the days / events of the season. Kyra and Esti cooking. Adam – did I think I would come in here and fall in love!? And look what happened! Kyra – expect the unexpected! Adam – expect the unexpected.. you will fall in love in the big brother house. Esti – did you expect to get into a showmance? Adam – no, I was against it hard! Esti – really!? Adam – yeah. I was against it hard. Everything I said I was going to do, I did the opposite. Esti – same. Nothing works out the same way. Adam – definitely not. Adam looks at the camera then does the Pretty Boy’s sign and says definitely not again. (See photo below)

10:08pm Backyard. Mark and Dane playing pool.
Mark – what are you going to say to Damien? I’m just really curious because like why are we voting Esti out? Dane – we’re going to say that she created a final five with Adam, Sam, Me, Kiki and her. And then she just created a final three with Adam. And Adams like you wanted me out the first week.. then Dane wins power you wanted him out, then Chelsea wins power and we said we were going to go final eight. ..With Maki she goes against it. Then Chelsea is in power and she wants to work with the final eight again. Then I go back in power and she wants Adam gone. And then Sam is in power and she wants to work with the five. Mark – you’re still voting to evict me right? Dane – I have to. Sorry, you’re good. Unless its for sure .. that you’re not good .. but you’re good. Then she .. every final deal she made was without you Damien. You were not included in any of her plans. We’ll tell me literally an hour before the eviction. Mark – what are you telling Damien? Mark is going up? Dane – yeah, the plan is the plan… Mark is going up. Mark – but what does Damien think about Esit? Dane – that she is a millennial that has everything given to her.

10:43pm Kitchen. Esti and Kyra studying the days / events of the season.

11:30pm Adam making aluminum foil things in the kitchen.
11:53pm – 12:30am Backyard. Adam and Anthony playing pool.

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Jeffrey Chiong

I really hope they evict Mark


I agree. I wish it was Anthony up there. I just don’t like him at all.


Vote out Mark. Vote out Mark. Vote out Mark.

Tom is a Canuck

So sick of the peanut butter boys lesbian hand signal.

another name

only feasible way Mark gets voted out: Kyra and Damien and Este all have to reveal that before Adam went on the block last week, Mark said his plan for finals was Mark with Este, Kyra and Damien. It would solidify that Adam was the initial target.
barring that, somebody has to push how good Mark is with his days, and remind them of the final four veto and final hoh second part.
Otherwise, it won’t take much to convince Damien to vote out the woman in order to hang with the boys (come on, how many times does Damien have to say he’s wanted to be a member of the boys club before people actually acknowledge it). Kyra will not vote against Adam’s wishes.

Funny that the boys don’t want Kyra to make the hand signal, since Kyra is the only cast member which the asl definition actually applies.

Happy the episode actually included Anthony telling Adam the plan was to humiliate Este and Kyra. Too bad it was one of the tamer examples that can be explained away instead of showing what we’ve seen weekly.

Adam’s visit to the d/r was relatively short before the nomination ceremony. It mustn’t have taken them much to say Mark was the renom so get your late night talk of Kyra out of your head (is the example number at 10 or is it higher for houseguests being called to the d/r to disregard late night weekend talk and stick to the story?)


Let’s hope they put their brains together and vote out Damien. He’s been playing everybody all season but playing it low key.

Not everyone is falling for your innocent looks fella, some of us see what you are doing as plain as the nose on our faces.



Lmao this is a game, did you forget???? Worst comment ever haha and Damien is far down on that list of “playing everyone” to begin with lol lol

Do re me

Anthony seems like a woman beater, the way he speaks and all. He’s got a bad temper, he needs to chill


I hope none of the PBs win the second HOH. 2 of them need to be sitting on the block. It will be interesting to see who the others vote out. I am actually hoping it is Anthony and Dane. As much as Dane would be the right one to get out, I want Anthony gone more. I just don’t like how arrogant and obnoxious he is. I think the funniest thing was him telling the other 3 PBs that he will beat them all at the end, yeah, sure you will. I also found it funny when he got whiny and pissy because they voted Cory out. It was okay for him to basically demand to vote out Adams girl as well as saying they need to get Danes girl out too but yet, they were wrong to vote cory out (they weren’t). The other 3 should pay attention to how he reacted to cory being voted out. I was liking Marks game until he played it safe. He could have made a big move that would have helped him possibly win the game but instead he put up 2 weak players. When he got cocky with his HOH, my opinion changed about him and I hope he is the one voted out this week. just have to hope Damien/Kyra change their minds. Dane will give Este his vote so those 2 can flip it. But I don’t think Kyra will do it. Damien has to win the HOH to really put an end to the PBs, since Mark was to much of coward to make this big move that he kept saying he wanted to do. I keep going back and forth with them all, one day I like them, the next I don’t..LOL. Typical way this game is. You don’t always like everything they do. I am actually leaning more towards Damien, he keeps winning when he has to. Now he just has to win an HOH. He has pretty much been by himself this whole game.


Fa.ien ,Kyre or Esti for Hoh