Jared says to be honest I think I’m putting up you and Loveita.

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots

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8:15am – 9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests and then blocks the feeds. When the feeds return all of the house guests are leaving the living room to finish getting ready / eat. (They were picking teams for the Have/Havenot competition. In the bathroom – Maddy tells Kelsey I’m excited for this competition. Kelsey says she always gets nervous for competitions.
Big-Brother-4- 2016-03-04 06-16-21-126
In the kitchen – Tim tells Christine we can’t lose (Have/Havenot competition). Nikki’s not going to be able to survive.

9:25am In the bedroom – Dallas talks to Maddy about plotting against Cassandra. Dallas thinks they should tell Jared about how he’d seen Cassandra bouncing back and forth. He says that’s the only way two people from our alliance aren’t going to go up on the block. Because as it stands right now I would bet my life its going to be Loveita and Sharry. I feel like they’re desperate so what I’m trying to f**king do is plot against Cassandra. Get Cassandra to take all this f**king heat. She’ll become the target of the house. You know what I mean!?

9:55am HOH room – Sharry talks to Jared. I am here and its a new week. Jared says I know how smart you are and I just wish we got off on a better foot. Sharry says I never wanted it to be a rocky situation and I never wanted to divide the house. People have the mentality that I am stuck on one side of the house and I’m not. Jared says you’re very well like by everyone in the house. Sharry says that’s good to hear. Jared says as of right now .. I am going to talk to Loveita and see where her head is at and give her that opportunity to talk. You guys are kind of in a sticky situation. Sharry tells Jared when we came into the house Cassandra and I were cool but as the days went on I started to get a bad feeling about her. So I sat down with her and I thought we were good. She didn’t do what she said she was going to do. I don’t mind that she changed her mind, I just wish she would have come talk to me. Jared says obviously I am going to be putting up Loveita but I don’t know if I would be putting up you but I know you wouldn’t be going home this week. Sharry says I just wish Cassandra would have been honest with me. She looked me in the face and promised she was voting Kelsey out. Jared asks if you were HOH what would you do? Sharry says she would have put up the brothers (Phil & Nick) because they said they weren’t going to go against Loveita’s nominations and then went against what she wanted by voting out Paige. Sharry says the other person she would put up would be Cassandra. I would make her my target. Jared says to be honest I think I’m putting up you and Loveita.

10:15am Sharry leaves when Kelsey joins them. Jared tells her that he told Sharry he was putting her and Loveita up. I don’t give a sh*t. Kelsey asks I wonder who would go if they were up. Jared says Loveita, everyone likes Sharry. Ramsey joins Jared when Kelsey leaves. They talk about how Tim and Nikki just don’t give a f**k.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-04 07-15-21-065

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-04 07-37-43-071

10:35am – 10:55am HOH room – Loveita talks to Jared and understands and knows he’s going to put her on the block. She says I’m fine about it. If its the best move for you, I’m good with it. If you were to not make me your target this week what would you need from me? Jared says I don’t know. Loveita says I could cut you a good deal. Jared says its not up to my discretion, its up to the voters. Loveita says I would be good to go home. I am ready to go home. If I win HOH, I can offer you safety for x amount of weeks. If I win POV, I would save your x amount of times. Jared asks who would you put up if you were me? Loveita says Christine. Loveita says I wish I didn’t win the first HOH. I got off to a bad bad start. I will cut a big deal. I haven’t made any deals or wasted my word. Jared says everyone is expecting you to go up .. but it doesn’t mean I have to do that. I don’t know for sure what I’m going to do.

11:10am Loveita tells Sharry that she wants to find out who Jared’s top 4 people are and our 4 to merge. Sharry says that’s a good idea. I would want to do that. The only way that would work is if he is willing to put up who is between.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-04 08-09-22-743

Loveita and Cassandra talk

11:40am Sharry tells Dallas, Maddy and Loveita they should go to Jared and tell him the four of us (Sharry, Loveita, Maddy and Ramsey) without Jared will merge with them. Maddy asks why are we leaving Dallas out? Sharry says because Dallas already told Jared he wasn’t the fourth vote so we don’t want to incriminate him. Dallas says I would campaign all day everyday to get Cassandra out of this house.

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I get the impression Dallas could be a big threat. He seems to be much smarter than he initially appears, plus it seems like everyone in the house likes him.

Guy From Canada

Watching the feeds last night his social game is on point. The girls love him, and when they were sorting out the bed arrangement one girl said Dallas would give up his bed cause that’s the kind of guy he is. And the girls all agreed in mob mentality. Then watching him socialize with washing dishes talking with Jared, his social was on point there too. He is lying about being the extra vote, and getting away with it for now. Once this week is over, his lie will be forgotten and he will get a free pass to next week and a restart socially in a good position in the house.

Or you could say the floaters are playing a better game waiting for both sides of the house to implode (Christine, Ramsey, Mitch, Steve 2.0 )…..which is lame to watch

lol what?

Especially last night when everyone but him and Maddy were up laughing having a good time in the bedroom, and he got up in a huff to go sleep on the couch, ya his social game is on point alright, lol
Lying about the vote is so dumb, and begging Sharry , Love and Maddy to not throw him under the bus, lol cmon! They’ll rat him out in a sec if their bb life is on the line!


HOW STUPID is Jared?
He’s asked EVERY person from the “other side” who they thought the 4th vote was to evict Kelsey (good move) but EVERY TIME, as they started answering, he interrupted them, changed the subject, and never got back to it.
This is just stupid.
He seems to be a nice guy, but oh boy does he seem to be dense. Makes it hard to root for him.

I’m this annoyed about it because I feel it would be EASY for him to flush Dallas out as the 4th vote. I don’t like this sleazy guy. Too soon for him to get lost in promising both sides he voted with them… :/


Dallas must have played well socially the first week, but I agree Frenchie there is no way you can’t see that Dallas is the 4th vote. Taken into account who he knocked out of the HOH competition (Cassandra and Raul) and it’s crystal clear. If I was Jared I would put up Loveita and Sharry, cut a deal with them and backdoor Dallas. If he’s that good at lying that people are doubting themselves, then I would nip that in the bud fast.

It’ll be interesting to see how this week plays out.


There’s a line. Pushing too much can make people fill pressured as well. But the door is opened and, probablly, Loveita should have taken the oportunity to ask safety for the week in exchange for the info.


Any official alliances formed yet?


It would be so important for the feeders to have BB make an extended recap of what happened before the feeds came up.
It’s a huge hole in the storyline, and it’s gotten worse and worse in the last years (both CAN and US) since they pack so much stuff in the 1st episode, they hardly show anything at all of what happened before the feeds came up.
I mean, BB16 hid “The Hitmen” from us for weeks (on the CBS show), since they decided against showing Cody and Derrick make that F2 deal in the 1st episode. Talk about plot hole!! 😉
I’d SO sign a petition asking for an extended recap of the 1st week…


it’s not the US. in US the first hoh is 2 weeks and we get to watch the live feeds before the first evicte, so we get to watch the gameplay. bb17 Jace, bb16 Joey, bb15 David, bb14 Kara(Jodi doesn’t count) This new CAN season’s gameplay before the first evictee would have been awesome to watch, and i agree they barely showed anything on the episode, and they showed nothing after the pov was won and before the pov ceremony.


We basically just missed the first game round, and i bet it would’ve been great


lol remember how many alluances there were last year at this time for BBUS and/or BBCAN ? which one am i thinking of? really cant remember –i just remember multiple multiple alliances and names so very earky on! LOL i think it was BBCAN 3 eh?


Has Nikki done a thing yet???…it’s not like to hide…


Should have voted in Veronica for eye candy. Nikki is useless and annoying and LOUD!!!


Well, here’s what she does…
Certainly not your typical Nort American “good” BB player, and I fear she might end up depressed for having signed up for the wrong thing, but she certainly can bring some entertainment… Just another category of entertainment 😉


dont forget bbuk last summer she put Helen in her place


jared is an idiot and a looser point blank he needs to go


It’s good to know that Sharry would stay up against Loveita. I was wary of those too aligning because I had a feeling Loveita would play too hard too fast.

But for me, if I was in the house and part of the big group, which is actually 3 separate groups working together (Christine/Cassandra, Jared/Kelsey/Raul, and Phil/Nick/Joel/Mitch), I would get Dallas out this week. Him being the 4th vote should be obvious as well as his attempts to play both sides. I think he’s more with Loveita’s group, but you can tell he was trying to make everyone happy.

sunny dee

who cares who the 4th vote was, the HOH had decided that kelsey was going, so it should be more concern about who didn’t vote that way, rather than who voted Kelsey out, imo. going along with HOH and what they thought was going to be the house vote doesn’t need to be raked over so much