Big Brother Canada 4 April 7 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots

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If someone gets a chance, could you just write me a short summary of the convos that are happening in a reply? I don’t have the time to watch all the videos but I like to just know whats going on!


Kelsey you were a production twist that screwed mitch’s game, now you need to go. and Maddy’s the one to do it. This time when you walk out the door Maddy will be holding the duck!!!


Maddy & Ramsey HoH: Talking about who to put up. The two trains of thought were Nicki/Tim and Kelsey with the Nicki/Tim to be used as pawns, or put up Jared and Kelsey right away. Maddy was wishywashy about which to go with.


You nom the 2 strongest comp players. This minimizes the chances of the 3rd person winning POV and removing 1 off the block. I’d say that means Jared and Raul up. Kelsey the backdoor option. Unfortunately production is going to make sure all 3W HG’s stay in the house.
I expect Maddy to screw this up royal. If the brothers go up they get sent home not Kelsey/3W.


I have the feeling Joel will be back up on the block this week with Raoul or even Kelsey. Maddy still doesn’t trust Joel from his days with being friends with Loveita and Raoul is expendable to the 3-some. If one of them wins the Veto she can always replace them with Kelsey. Just a thought but a smart one for Maddy plus she always had a thing for Jared and we all know how she likes to jump from man to man in the house. Wouldn’t be surprised if she starts to ignore Ramsey a little less this week.


How is she winning anything? She is “literally” one the dumbest houseguest ever. Ramsey had to talk her into putting Jared and Kelsey up together, not just one, to take away a vote.

lol what?

it’s the other way around, re-watch the video!

lol what?

Other feed switches to Maddy and Ramsey plotting in the HoH about her keeping her cards close to her vest and listening to what all the others are willing to offer. She wants to put up Kelsey and Jared and he tells her to put up Jared and Tim or Nikki and then put up Kelsey when the veto is used.

Maddy wants both Jared and Kelsey to go home and he reminds her that only one gets voted out at a time. He tells Maddy that if she is nominated she will for sure play in the Veto but if she is not up she might not play.


So funny to watch the “true” Third Wheelers in action when their backs are against the wall. Jared is room alone with Maddy throwing Cass under bus calling her a brown nose (while he is trying to flirt with Maddy and save himself). He even throws a little shade on Kelsey.

Then he talks to Ramsay saying he isn’t close to Raul & doesn’t trust him b/c he made a deal w/o him. Really Jared? You were gonna take Raul over Kelsey? And you are having this discussion with Ramsay who YOU made not just a fake F4 deal with (Jared, Kelsey, Ramsay, Maddy) but also have a F2 with him.

Then Kelsey (who says she isn’t going to go talk to Maddy) goes to HOH & tells Maddy “I won’t say who but people were throwing you under the bus” Maddy says that was before though & Kelsey tells her NO
EVERYONE wanted you on the block last week (good way to not throw shade & tell Maddy who Kels). Then Kelsey says I won’t give you names … 2 seconds later…. the Brothers have never been on the block before.

And finally she says the F4 was a real thing they were just trying to cover it up ROFLOL

So… as much as I’ve always though Maddy didn’t listen she just got info out of both Jared & Kelsey re: Who to target (Cass & Bros). So now she can either tell them both directly what the prom king & queen said OR she can get one of Ramsay, Nikki or Tim to tell Cass/Brothers.

One thing I can tell for sure is Maddy respected Mitch and appreciated him fighting to save her and then talking to her this week with the best game talk she’s had all season. He told her if you/Ramsay win they’ll throw Cass/Bros under the bus and if they win they’ll do it to you. She was expecting this from them, so although she originally talked about putting up one of them with either Nikki or Tim I think she might rethink that to make sure one doesn’t win veto & take the other off. Though personally I’d love to see Jared get back doored!


No disrespect, I love your page. Just wondering why this year there are a lot of videos instead of writing out what’s happening. I like to read what happened but don’t have time to watch all the videos. Again thank you for all the time and effort you put into this page.


@simon—That’s unfortunate—but last season did a number on me too buddy:/


Haha, would you mind telling me why it was so bad last season? I got curious! I remember how people talked so nicely about BBCan season 1 though. But heard complaints about season 2. So… what happened that was so terrible last year?


It was terribly boring, and production rigged everything for Sarah/Brittnee to win. They blocked the feeds constantly as well.


Aw. Sorry to hear that you dont like bbcan. Production can be a bit much at times but i think their problems are good twist ideas but very poor execution. They need a better sociologist/psychologist on staff to help with their storytelling (or one to begin with) as they usually turn what could be interesting twists into heavy handed poor ones.


I agree the twists are not very good. I said in a previous post the bb has them a week to late. I ll always remember the telephone one where on hg got to cancel one vote, it made no difference but if it was the week before would have been epic. too bad the “twist” last week wasnt a week later. I really wanted mitch to go further and am grateful he blew up the 3’s game …. karma. disappointed in kelsay\s game play. she went right back to being the same player. I thought the advise was to have better relationship outside of k\j\r?


Could you please elaborate? It’s my first year watching BBCan and I really can’t point out the poor execution. I can point some poor game play, but that’s not production’s fault. Haha. Also, I have had my share of BB USA, and even though I’m no authority on the subject, they have had their fair share of flopped twists. The twintwist last year was pitiful… MamaDae caught on it very fast and used it poorly. The BB Take Over was a joke! ahhahaha


Some of the twists last season were as follows:
2 houseguests locked in a room and given a chance to exit the house with $10,000 reducing the overall amount: good part: Neat way to eliminate a player and shake things up with an auto-eviction
bad part: houseguests chose players. Given halfway in the season where most people wont take it. This twist works better in week 1 or 2 and not done in secret.

Double Veto – Veto could be used to take both players off the block.
Good: Neat game mechanic could lead to interesting backdoors if all houseguests are aware of the power.
Bad: Was given in secret after the veto competition. As such HoH can not plan around the twist and ruins their nominations.

HOH not allowed to compete in veto during triple eviction:
BAD: just a bad twist for a triple eviction and bad in general

Have Nots (as chosen by production er i mean Canada) gain power to replace nominations with their own after veto if they complete an easy task.
Bad: chosen by production, completely negates HOH power, given day 50 something so only 7 players left, no veto options. Completely destroyed the game for HOH and rest of the season.
Good: This is an interesting power just poorly handled. With 7 players it ruined peoples games unfairly. However in a week 4 or 4 when there are 14 or so players it becomes okay. If the power had to be used right before the veto competition where people can play the game it can become interesting depending on the house dynamics. If there are maybe 2 sides or 3 sides in the house with lots of people it shakes things up. Otherwise it’s heavy handed and should never be allowed especially late game.


Thank you! This was very thorough and elucidative. Now I totally get why S2 was so despicable. Sounds like BBCAN producers got into a power trip. I’d have hates all those poorly executed and unfair twists if I had watched that season too!


Plus, everyone, don’t forget that those written summaries are a lot of work… and it’s not even summer yet, so cut Simon some slack. Also, visit the ads to help our fave BB recappers to make some funds to invest on the site. Cheers!


Thank you! We appreciate it!


Thank you all for your hard work I love your website and I love the videos because watching on YouTube I can send them to my TV on the Roku or watching on the phone where the viewer is not available for and sometimes a tablet doesn’t work even with the VPN at the Canada website I do love all seasons of Big Brother Canada USA Australia UK all of them it makes it much easier to watch your video clips of all the good game talk then to flash back and find them and then they’re put into that happy face playlist on YouTube I’m really loving that if you’re running the happy-face playlists only thing I would suggest is make that four feeds only and a second happy face for the episodes and podcast it goes from very low volume of game talk too loud blaring podcast of hi I’Rob or episode Blast Your eardrums if you’re on a headset or even on speaker so I kind of copy some to a watch later to fix that.


I would much rather watch the last season BBCAN all over again than sit through one episode of BBUS with Stankie Grande and the battle of the block… BBUS used to be so much better.

sunny dee

hi, a lot of times, the videos posted here are during the time that BBCAN does the After Dark, so if you have access to Slice or some alternative, you can record the After Dark and watch (as in fast forward sometimes) that show to catch up on this time period that Simon/Dawg cover in what i refer to as ‘end of the night’ recaps 🙂

also, a lot of time people explain bits in these comments section, so you get the gist. I don’t watch all the vids here, (old computer doesn’t work that well all the time), but if the title of it looks interesting, i will tune in based on who is talking & in context (like tim/nikki talking after i see a vid posted of nikki & maddy talking would be an interesting vid to watch, and i would skip the nikki/maddy vid because it’s well, you know, MADDY)


Wasn’t too pleased with Maddy winning HOH, but then again it’s way better than Jared or Kelsey winning! Hopefully she’ll make some bold moves and prove herself this week!


Does anyone think that jared and ramsey can go far together in the game? I think once Kelsey leaves ramsey and jared would be a better duo than maddy and ramsey. I feel that maddy is very disloyal, not a very smart to stick with her in the game. She went from nick to ramsey and now jared. Idk

sunny dee

is maddy going to really make the biggest HOH error and put up team 3 with a pawn? what for, to leave two people down to potentially win veto, leaving 2 people who can’t then be put up on the block? better to have 2 out of 3 on the block who have to win for themselves, and only one left out there to vote. there are 3, it is simple, don’t overcomplicat it. 2 out of 3 go up, leaves one left to go up if a veto is won and used, the alternative pawn only goes up when all those other options are done.

yes, no worries about maddy as HOH, because the 3 do have to be taken apart now. question is, does she want to make room for herself with jared, or does she want jared out to isolate the other 2


Will history repeat itself?
Will Maddy throw a monkey wrench again?
Will she do the expected for the house and nominate third wheels or is she vindictive enough to go after everyone that voted against her when she was on the block? Split the difference?
Will whatever twist is coming up save a third wheel member yet again?
Does it really matter at this point?


I cant believe this little hack won HOH. What was it, an egg eating contest or something? I cant believe everyone is sooo happy that she won to take out Jared and Kelsey…Really. So people want to see in the house, Maddy, Cass, Nikki, Tim (both not Canadians!) and the boring as fuck brothers? OMG noooooo. I just don’t get it.


Ahh…what’s so great about Kelsey & Jared? Horrible game players that should have been out already. It’s been building up to this for weeks. The fact they got this far is still impressive, but in no way are they more entertaining than the brothers.

Moe Green

I would laugh if pumpkin head Maddy won this whole thing.


I can’t stand Cassandra, she is so freaking annoying, in every possible way!!!


I absolutely despise Maddy! She goes around talking about how she was bullied in high school; but she’s one of the worst mean girls I’ve ever seen on TV. The conversation she was having with Ramsey in the HOH about nominating Kelsey & Jared was making me sick. The way she talks about people. Wish she was going to jury this week! Ugh! So frustrating!


Reasonably speaking, Ramsey says he has to be given latitude because he’s never been hoh. The guy runs from hoh. He’s run from every pov except the one he needed to win. He’s so afraid of getting near blood. It’s almost pathological.


I knew darn well that Maddy hated Kelsey because she was pretty, no other reason. How shallow can someone be. Only because she was nasty first was Kelsey nasty back. I just don’t like when this kind of petty shite happens.
Its like voting for the underdog just because their an underdog. YET they have just as much game if not more then everyone else.
Not liking someone because you think they are pretty is stupid as hell. I actually haven’t had any love for Maddy since day one.
If she puts Nikki up as a “pawn” wont Nikki through a fit since they are friends and it could be a Loveita thing all over again.
I agree with whoever said it would be good seeing Ramsey and Jared work together. Add in Joel and one of the brothers and someone else and Boom, game on and tear through the house.


Well, my weekly post now: first, hi guys! It’s nice to check on you and see how things are going. I must confess I really didn’t like this twist because it wrecked people’s games in an unfair way. It was basically production cheating in the pursuit of OMG moments. That turns the show into a “did she say that?” type of experience instead of a “wow, that was great gameplay” showcase. I think secret/luxury rooms are a good idea for BB formats that employ public voting. It’s not a big deal in that format because participants can get some inside info on the house, but the audience still controls the game, and generally keep people they find amusing and charismatic in the house. I call BB with public voting “Miss Congeniality BB” especially because some cultures really look down upon gameplay that borders on manipulation, scheming, etc. And that is totally not the case in BB USA/Can! They are about strategy and that’s how I think production must deal with it: strategically. I think it’s unfair to someone like Mitch – who was developing an excellent “undercover” game – to come out of this mess hurt by playing the game right. Kelsey has been always been a mediocre game player that relies on her power of seduction and gets her boyfriend and pet friend to do her job. Not a really interesting thing to watch, so why give her the chance? Also, this twist proved to be dangerous for Joel because by having Kelsey come back in the house, it put a target on his back that was just forgotten because people were still convinced that Loveita manipulated him! What are the advantages of being HOH if someone you’ve eliminated could come straight back 7 days after watching everything? Not cool… it’s like taking out a poker player from the table, giving him a walk around the table looking over everyone’s shoulders, and them allowing him to sit back with some new cards! On the other hand, I was glad to see Mitch throwing some shit on the fan and letting it hit everyone! But what was he really thinking with that speech during the Veto Ceremony? I mean: who would want to keep him after that? I’d never befriend a snake that could turn me into its pray in a heartbeat! He contributed to the game a lot and got things moving, but please… he’d never be able to get the votes. I think he’d have done better if he had used Kelsey and Jared’s annoyance with Raoul to put a master plan in motion: he could have gotten Raoul to pretend to accept Jared’s wish to use the veto and then nominate Kelsey for a backdoor. Raoul had the perfect reason: they made him fight with his best friend and then wanted him to backdoor the brothers. So, they aren’t thinking about his bets interests. Mitch would just need to swear loyalty until the very end. Also as a sign of his loyalty, he should have come clean: I wanted Kelsey out because I wanted to play with you and Jared and I’d never have that chance with Kelsey here because you guys would always pick her over me. There: easy and effective. Much better than crying crocodile tears. And it would be the truth just like he had told us during his diary room interviews. He could even make it dramatic by saying to Raoul: you say you are my friend but you’d always choose Kelsey over me. BANG!

Also, for the life of me, why do people still allow those High School types (the jock, the pretty girl, the popular whatever, etc) to control/deal the cards? I hate the expression “competition beast.” The brothers have never been HOH and the same goes for Jared… why fear them? They should have been evicted a long time ago.


Mitch gave that speech because he already knew Jared wasn’t using the POV. Jared wanted to back door the brothers but Raul (b/c he doesn’t understand BB) thought it wasn’t fair b/c Jared had screamed at him for talking to Mitch blamed him & said now Mitch had to go. He was Raul’s BFF so they made him hate Mitch and nominate him when Raul still really didn’t want to. Bottom line he showed his loyalty and again b/c Raul obviously doesn’t understand back door/BB felt it wasn’t fair to then keep Mitch b/c he did what they wanted.

Then he had his heart to heart with Mitch who came clean to him (Weds night) and finally the lights came on for Raul that Mitch did and would have his back. I bet if one more person had swung Raul would’ve kept Mitch. If you notice in Mitch’s speech tonight he never mentioned Raul (only Kelsey/Jared).

Mitch also knew he wasn’t staying. Give him he credit he tried pretty much everything he could. And as for trying to talk to Jared if it’s not his way you are against him. Example he lied saying there was NEVER a F4 in play with Maddy/Ramsay but now that she has power it’s shifted back to “we were trying to hide it”.

He wants Cass/Bros out b/c they didn’t vote how he wanted. He is turning on Raul now b/c gasp he was working with Mitch. But Jared is allowed to have side deals everywhere. That was my favorite part of this week when Mitch called them out for their 3 F4’s (one with Cass, one with the Bros and one with Maddy/Ramsay which oh yeah didn’t include Raul). I bet Raul finally knows those 2 won’t have his back
unless they need his vote or he has power (HOH/ POV).

I don’t find Jared brings anything to the game other than I can’t listen to him because he always sounds stuffed up and I can’t watch him as he pretends to smoke (b/c he sure doesn’t inhale) So stupid to smoke but if you are going to do that then at least inhale it.

I tried to watch the video of him but all he does is rant/complain:
Mitch is a rat
Maddy won b/c the question wasn’t fair
3 girls left: Maddy, Cass & Nikki are the 3 dumbest girls in the house
Cass is dumber than a post
Mitch has no class
GAWD.. just stop and realize everyone is playing the game & move your chess pieces. Stop being exactly what you claim others are.

I just can’t


Hahaha… seems like you’ve watched a lot of what went down in the live feeds. Well, I don’t watch them and perhaps that’s why I thought Mitch had so many other more options, but oh well… water under the bridge. Thank you for you long and entertaining reply. I agree with everything you wrote about Jared! LOL!


Watching some of the videos above – Seriously Ramsey? All of a sudden he grows a pair and comes to Tim and Nikki when he hears the word Maddy on their lips and has the nerve to start to spew lies from his lips and begins to talk about how he said Maddy you better not manipulate people this week???!!!! Yeah just like you are doing in this very conversation with Nikki and Tim. The look on Nikki’s face was priceless while Ramsey was talking. Ramsey you can fish all you want Tim is not buying your bullcrap!


I’m getting more and more concerned that the previous relationships before the season began are pretty much showing the fix may be in. the six degrees of separation daisy chain of cassandra to jared to kelsey to joel with raul as a peripheral contact as well is what i’m referring to. Maddy already threw a curve by saving jared once. now she’s considering not nominating jared or kelsey or cassandra. She’s thinking of nominating the brothers and either joel or tim as her pawn? Why do i get the strangest feeling that Maddy’s numerous visits to the d/r that amount to the lowest percentage of d/r inclusion in the show across the board (lower than marble mouth rey-eel and nonsensical nikki and even “too boring for d/r” ramsey) might be leading question answer periods as passive aggressive coercion to keep her from nominating this group that seems to have been researched incredibly poorly by casting, or were cast specifically from one person’s contact list.
Strange that the fake double saves one of them. weird that another twist is coming up. I’m starting to worry that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
I hope I’m wrong. I fear being right.


Seriously Maddy won? My worst fear has been confirmed. UGH I cannot stand that bitch!


The way Maddy talks to Ramsey in the HOH is frustrating. I feel bad for him. He just needs to come to his senses and stay away. It’s a better game play.Ramsey has patience I would of reacted differently.


Ramsey ate up Tim’s stories about who to put up on the block like cake as he went right back to the HoH room and casually mentioned to Maddy what Tim thought and Maddy shot him down like a POS. LoL Oh and Ramsey also through in a few white lies just like Tim thought he would. Tim is a smart guy. Maddy is playing just like I thought she would – a wildcard! She still has a hard-on for Jared. She is never going to put 2 of the 3 up on the block. We may never see any of the 3 up on the block. Maddy wants Cass or the brothers out this week but Tim wants one of the 3 ( J,K or Raoul ) out so it’s going to be a battle. The veto is where it is all going to play out. – Also Maddy and Ramsey arguing in HoH already. Only a matter of time til she kicks out of that room and invites Jared in.


Jarhead is either recruited (to be an imitation Emmett) or is a ‘plant’ purely eye candy. His diary room sessions are definitely scripted because he doesn’t talk like that ever in the house. He sound like a very bad actor reading lines and it’s not working. He has no charisma but whatever bro.


Just a disclaimer… the house must have serious insulation and grounding. When Maddy says she’s never lied i expected lightning.
She lied to Dallas saying she was in with the plan to get rid of Jared after Kelsey left before she won the hoh. lie.
She told Nikki she never said anything about her and always liked her. She had a twenty minute bitch session with Dallas about Nikki on the night of her first tantrum. She and Kelsey badmouthed her a week later for about five minutes. lie.
She lied to Kelsey tonight saying Mitch confused and trapped her into outing their deal. She happily volunteered the information. lie.
She said she doesn’t talk about other people or say anything bad personally about them. She should have combusted by the magnitude of that lie.
I wouldn’t point it out at all, but she truly seems to believe it.


If maddy makes a move against jelsey. She gains my respect.


Why is no one trying to take out the brothers??? I hear plenty of talk about getting rid of them but no one is actually doing anything to make it happen.


To be Cassie Poo this AM!

Looks like the schemer is about to get production up her azz. She is being floated as the target along with the bro’s. Anything production can do to keep 3rd wheel safe. Ramsey has/is moving on from Maddy to Jared. Cass is now expendable most likely as a backdoor.
10/11 left. I put the brothers play individually at 80/20. So the argument should be strong to get them out before jury. I think when you come down to it Maddy is to stupid to nom 2 from 3W which is the only smart decision IMHO.


I have no time for Maddy. This week is probably going to be another girl fight by a 10 yr old that wants to prove she’s all that. “I’m gonna call out the pretty girl(s) for being pretty! HA HA! I got you out!” That will be her F2 speech, provided she actually gets there.

I was against getting rid of all the girls as it was getting ridiculous in the extreme, but this Maddy “piece of work”, just needs to go. Let the rest actually play the game.


Maddy and motivation: immediate gratification of self interest from a place of bitter vindictiveness. I’m going to try to get inside her dark and petty brain for a minute:
She walked in wanting Jared. Kelsey got Jared. She hated Kelsey for getting the showmance that she wanted.
She was team Loveita when Loveita would go after Kelsey as she wanted. Week two she was a ghost to Loveita, and entertained herself by pitting Loveita and Sharry against each other. Loveita gets power again and doesn’t welcome Maddy back with open arms. Loveita doesn’t do what Maddy wants. Loveita is now the enemy because she doesn’t further Maddy’s goal to get rid of Kelsey.
Maddy was team Dallas because Dallas was against the showmance. While he was proclaiming Jared the enemy, Maddy was making excuses for Jared and trying to get him to go after Kelsey as an acceptable alternative.
Kelsey leaves. That’s when Maddy flips the script. She proclaims Loveita and Dallas her enemies once Kelsey is on the block and pov is complete. Why? If she gets rid of Jared’s enemies, Jared will appreciate her. Even when she’s on the block against Dallas, she mistakenly believes that Mitch and Jared campaigning for her means she’s one step closer to Jared (she doesn’t understand that it’s not that they wanted to keep her, it’s that they wanted to get rid of him). At this point she believes she’s become the A- lister in the house.
Kelsey returns. The A- list dream is gone again for Maddy.
Now Maddy is hoh. Why is she considering not getting rid of Kelsey? Voting for Kelsey to leave is different than being the one that overtly targeted Kelsey. That might affect how Jared views her and ruin her chances of getting him.
Let’s face it, Ramsey is not her end all and be all. He’s just the place holder. The place holder she’s been pushing to get closer to Jared for weeks. Her goal: get Kelsey out without being directly responsible for her leaving. Buddy up to Kelsey and Jared before Kelsey goes. Lose her place holder Ramsey as a bigger threat soon after. Commiserate with Jared over their lost loves. Go to the end with Jared.


I’m sure Maddy is not going to put J, K, Or R. For some reason she is scared of them. Another waste of HOH.
This is the first season of BB where I didn’t bother watching! Pathetic to see that production is trying so hard to make Jared or Kelsey as a winner!