Maddy “How do I get Jared out? People would be stupid to vote out Nikki over Jared or Kelsey”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Kelsey and Niki

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9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bathroom – Tim, Nikki, Jared and Kelsey are talking. Nikki comments on how the nomination notification is up on the living room tv. They wonder why since the have / havenot competition is usually first. Nikki says I would rather go home, than be a havenot.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-08 06-07-19-554

In the bathroom – Tim, Jared, Kelsey, Joel and Cassandra are talking about the HOH competition last night. They discuss how they think the question was worded wrong and how they were right and Maddy was actually wrong. Tim says the question was did the jackpot go off before or after Joel won the task to get a toast master. Kelsey says ..on day 15. Tim says it is correct that the jackpot went off before Joel won the task to get a toast master. Jared says because the jackot went off on day 12 or day 10 or something. Maddy answered After and they all answered before. Tim explains that they were right because the jackpot went off before day 15. The question should have been worded on day 15 did the jackpot go off before or after Joel won the task toast masters. Tim says they all should have complained right after but now its too late.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-08 07-32-15-055
10:20am – 10:50am In the HOH room – Maddy says I want to minimize the casualties and I want to minimize the retaliation. There are two options in my head. Do I put up Nikki and Kelsey and say good luck in the veto. But if anyone else wins veto then I put Jared up. Tim says unless Jared wins veto. Maddy says exactly then they’re both off the block. Maddy asks how do I get Jared out of the house? I want to put up Nikki and the brothers. Its Phil’s week to play and he’s not a very good competitor. Tim thinks we haven’t seen them at their full power yet because they haven’t had to fight yet. They discuss putting up Jared & Kelsey. Tim tells Maddy that it would almost be doing Jared a favour by giving him a reason to campaign against Kelsey. And Kelsey would still go. Maddy says and Jared was happier with her gone. Raul knows I wouldn’t put him up. I just want him to know that I’m here to break up the three. Tim says if the three is broken up, they will have to reinvent themselves. Maddy says I just have to come up with reasons why. I have a reason for the whole just not individually. Tim says well say that. If you do defeat the three, you have a good chance to win the show. You got rid of Loveita, Dallas and now the three. Maddy says I don’t want to be seen as making a stupid move .. but if I show the rest of the house that this is what I came here to do and the three must be broken up. Tim says and you’ve always got Nikki as the pawn if the veto is won. Maddy asks if Nikki would be mad. Tim says no. Maddy says if she did go then she would be happy to be with Mitch… people would be stupid to vote out Nikki over Jared or Kelsey though. Tim says I think you do need to put two people from the same alliance because then they have no negotiating power. You won’t get the lies and fake final four agreements. They can’t offer a false deal when both of them are on the block because one of them will go home.

11am The house guests are waiting around for nominations or the have/havenot competition to start.

11:15am In the bathroom – Tim tells Nikki that there are 3 options. Obviously if you’re in the mix, you’re not the target at all. If she does do that its not because of anything about you, its actually because she likes you. I would be surprised if she does do that because that’s the easiest move and that’s not what she does.

11:25am Nikki asks Maddy if she is going up. Maddy says I don’t even know what I’m going to do, I might try to get the brothers out. Nikki says I’m just so surprised. Maddy says no, no you’re not. Who told you that? Nikki says Jared. (It wasn’t, Tim just told her in the bathroom) Maddy says no, he doesn’t know sh*t. You’ll see what happens and then you’ll understand what I’m going to do. Nikki says just please don’t put me up. I don’t want to go up next to Kelsey. Maddy says the only way you go up, would be to put up a pawn. It would be you or Tim because you guys wouldn’t leave. Nikki says I just don’t want to go home over Kelsey. Maddy says say someone wins veto and takes off my second nomination.. this is only if Jared or Kelsey are alone on the block. And then I’ll put up Tim, You or Joel. Because I NEED THEM TO LEAVE!! If someone wins the veto and takes one of them off ..I have to have the other one leave. There is no room for movement. And if I put up Tim, they might campaign and Tim might leave … and I can’t have that! Nikki says yeah I’m happy for you to put me up then.

11:50pm – 12:15pm Tim talking to Cassandra.

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Production allowed Raul to cheat in the last HOH!
On the challenge the rule was “players could only use one hand while they were playing atlas” and Raul used two hands the whole time, production allowed it to happen!


I’m pretty sure nikki did use 2 as well


I don’t think so because she said if she knew they could use 2 hands, she would have lasted a lot longer.


Nikki was resting it against her chest though ! Pretty sure that wouldn’t be allowed !


I’ve seen this comment a few times. I’ve watched the episode three times now and I haven’t heard the rule of one hand. Where are you guys getting this from. Honestly asking.


Bet Maddy will eff this one up too.


Double WOW:

Maddy was torn between putting up
a) Jared and Kelsey or
b) Brothers and Nikki
Are you telling me that Nikki’s lie (Jared told me you’re putting me up!) just before noms might be the reason to tip the scale towards Jared/Kelsey? If Jared doesn’t win Veto, he’s toast. Then, Nikki’s totally unnecessary lie will have cost Jared the game.
She doesn’t comprehend the simplest of strategy, as documented by several talks where Tim had to tell her obvious things that were happening around her with a “talking to a baby” voice and she never had any clue what was going on.
I hope someone back home will take the time and try to illustrate to her what she’s done. It might take several days. Maybe use sock puppets or something.

Also interesting that Maddy was determined NOT to put up Jared/Kelsey last night when talking to Ramsey in bed. She was so sure of it that she pretty much brushed him off with “I’m not going to do what you want me to do”.
I was anticipating her talk with Tim, and that he might change her mind, but I find it really interesting (for lack of a better word) that she appears to have switched back to nominating Jared/Kelsey in the ca. 2 minutes of blocked feeds that followed her saying “as I was saying in my interviews before I entered the house…”
Weird that BB would block the feeds for such a long time, I guess “stop talking about production” only takes about 5 seconds. Why a 2 minute break in this crucial conversation?? Hmm… #ConspiracyTheory

Sunny Dee

because Maddy doesn’t stop talking when she is told to stop talking about production, that would be why they are down for 2 minutes imo. or production got busy with another camera and was delayed putting them back on. I’ve seen maddy continue to ignore the production commands multiple times.

and Maddy seriously says how can i be sure jared would be voted out and then flips around by saying she isn’t going to nominate him. she’s going to nominated nikki and the brothers, because she wants to be sure kelsey goes out? ok makes sense to nobody.

i am not sure how her brain works, but mine tells me that if you don’t have at least one person up there that you want out, and you don’t win the veto yourself, that you cannot replace the nominees with someone else because the person who wins the veto isn’t likely to use the veto just because you want them to. if you want either jared or kelsey to go up, in any logical person’s mind you would put jared and kelsey up, then only one of them can come down, only one of them could win the veto, and that doesn’t account for the fact there are 4 other people playing for the veto who are unlikely to want to use the veto, and again only one comes down, still means the other one is up there.

the way she is trying to finagle and ovethink this is why it probably wont’t work. next thing you know she’ll have tim and nikki on the block, the brothers win the veto and don’t use it, or jared/kelsey win the veto and don’t use it. dumb.


Guess I’ll play the role of devil’s advocate here:

Perhaps Maddy did say that with a SPECIFIC GOAL in mind!

Maddy would walk away from that thinking Jared was not only feeling safe but almost caused her issues with Nikki. Remember Maddy only proceses how things affect her.

As for Nikki, she spent a good portion of last week trying to talk Tim & the Bros into keeping Mitch. I think she understands the game much better than people assume.


DISAPPOINTED VIEWERS: The common denominator since Twistos BB Canada Season 1, then “The Brick Season”, then ‘Oxy Clean Season’ (not necessarily in the right order); is just that. It has been shamelessly indebted to the sponsors and plugging away with product placement, making sure the houseguests say ‘I love my new HOH room/dresser from the Brick’.
This has put a lot of pressure on the franchise to keep viewers watching somehow so they can pay their pimps (endorsers). Without this, the speculation of production ‘favorites’ and ‘plants’ etc. wouldn’t even exist. They are calling us idiots by doing this and trying to still produce ‘reality’. That’s like telling us the Kardashians are funding their own show and wake up looking like they do every morning……BLECH…. I’ll still watch this clusterf**k just to see if King and Queen get cummupance (Please God).


I need some OxyClean bleach for my eyes after trying to read that.


BBCAN is a Canadian production not back by a media gaint like CBS. Advertising $s/ratings(population difference) coming in are very different if you compared it to a US production. It’s extra advertising.


I haven’t watched since finding out Kelsey was “voted” back in. Once it becomes predictable, I lose interest and stop watching. Unless there is some sort of big shake-up, I don’t see how the remainder of this season could turn out any different.


Maddy shouldn’t have second gusses just put up jared and Kelsey.


Maddy still i think has crush on Jared…so she will try everything she could to make it so he stays…just put Jared and Kelsey up already! Dam…at least get one if them out!
she prob gonna put Kelsey and Joel…or Raul and Joel…something stupid like that

Guy From Canada

Ramsey wants Jared to stay in, hence why the seeds are planted to keep Jared off the block. Really Raul and Kelsey would be the best two picks for her. Increases the chance for a Jared back door before Everyone plays veto.


I need to see Jared or Kelsey’s whining butt out the door this week. Can’t stand them anymore. They can dish it but they sure as hell can’t take it.


hope to see cASS or the dumb brothers out this week.


How about two quadruple evictions in a row … be merciful BBCAN’T
That’s one twist I’d like


My assumptions with Maddy.. She doesnt have the backbone to nominate any of the big 3. I fully expect her to work for them. (and by them, I mean Jared)


So where is she in her spin cycle now?
Last night she was pretty much at brothers and a pawn. Today she seems to be linda blair in the exorcist… any ideas?
btw… every one of these idiots saying “hey, let’s work with Tim” really needs to grow a brain.
Why would you ever take a self professed manipulator and mastermind that’s already won a title anywhere but the eviction chair next to Arisa? He straight out told them he won. He straight out told them he was a manipulator. Everyone is climbing up his ass. I just don’t understand in the slightest. This isn’t a slag Tim comment, it’s yet another reason i’m thinking the house is full of jerks and morons.


Can someone explain Maddy’s logic. I just don’t get it. What is she trying to accomplish? She totally put a big target on her back by winning a memory comp. She may have had a chance being taken to the final 2 because she isn’t liked but now it’s to risky, she may win a memory / day/weeks comp. NICE!!!


Its unbearable to watch Maddy and Ramsey talk any strategy. Ramsey always refers to what Tim said and what Tim wants.
Why the hell does Maddy wanna put up Nikki (the only girl who is on her side atm)? even as a pawn, why risk Nikki getting pissed off at her when there are so many other pawns she can use.. So dumb..


Yea you NEVER put somebody on the block that you don’t care if they go home. I know it’s big brother and you shouldn’t care who goes as long as it’s not you. But Maddy and Ramsey NEED allies at this point. Watch production coach Jared and hellsey to pull a Godfrey when Zach kept Jordan up. (Bbcan3).
Oh Maddy…

sunny dee

it’s like, oh look nikki would ttally vote the way maddy would want her to so let’s put her on the block so she can’t vote the way maddy would want her too.

INSTEAD, we’ll KEEP all the people who would NOT vote the way we want them to off the block, so they can, you know, vote the opposite of what is wanted because they know that maddy is down at least one possible voter.

on the other hand, i like the idea of jared would vote kelsey out instead of nikki if nikki and kelsey were on the block lol.

I agree with whoever thinks this is a Have Not competition. (either that or is it the one where someone from outside gets to come inside for 24 hours?, can you imagine, be a BB Fan and this event occurs when maddy is the HOH? bleh)


Nikki is on maddys good side why would she put her as a pawn she has many targets to put up like cass the bros and the 3 just choose two of them. If one wins veto fine get your other target on the block.


The feeds are down probably because of the new twist or the haven’t comp.


last time feeds were down this long for a have not…. oh that was the baseball brawl when the blue team got all poor sport. Were they stupid enough to give them booze again? Wonder what Tim threw this time? Or has Nikki been made a have not, and they can’t show the resulting tantrum due to public standards?


Hope feeds are up


what is going on with the feeds being down so so long. Like 6 hours or so?


Wow no feeds yet?!! So curious as to who Maddy nominated.. Wonder what’s going on. The part when Tim, Cass, Jared and Joel were talking about the question that was worded wrong when Maddy won HOH, maybe production is looking in to it. But hopefully they don’t! Seems like Maddy is actually gonna put up J&K anyway!


they came back for about an hour. revealed have nots. Raul Kesley and Nikki are have nots.
Nikki told the brothers and Joel she is being nominated as a pawn, but she doesn’t know who with.


I do like the fact Tim got the chance to talk to Maddy alone about the 3- headed monster nominations today with out Ramsey in the room. It gave him the chance to tell her exactly his version and not the Ramsey version with all the white lies thrown in. Because before that she wasn’t considering working with Tim now she is. This keeps Tim as a possible Pawn off the table. Which was the whole mission for Tim in the first place. He would never work with Maddy we all know this she is too stupid he has said as much plus she is too unstable in her nominations and has proven it. But in order for him not to be nominated he has to have a back up plan and this was it. Now he doesn’t care if Nikki is a pawn. – Because at some point he knew that could happen and let’s face it she is just as unstable and Nikki brings nothing to the table she is a floater and changes her vote more than her underwear! I think this Week is all about Ramsey for Tim and getting him closer finding out more info. Because up until this point Ramsey has never shared anything with Tim. And low and behold – Maddy wins HoH and Ramsey walks around like King Midas! So once nominations are done all I see Tim doing is hoping he gets picked for PoV and hope he wins it and I hope he does. Then I just see more of the same Tim ” Well, let’s just see how things play out darling, you don’t need them Maddy you could win this game – you know! ” – LoL classic Tim.


Surprise, surprise, Maddy DID do the right thing and nominated Kelsey & Jared.

Meanwhile Kelsey is telling Raul they SHOULDN’T have voted out Mitch and it’s ALL HIS FAULT b/c he got drunk and exposed everything. My, my, my sure didn’t take long for that crack to form.

Now I know this might not be the popular choice, BUT I’m going to hope Kelsey wins POV so Jared leaves b/c it will provide the best drama in the house. If she leaves he’ll just go back to having everyone kiss his ass.

Also, I’m very curious what Canada’s involvement in the house will be. Sure hope we get to make the noms as 1) I want Jared gone and 2) I’d like to see Bros/Cass on block against each other IF JARED IS GONE


Okay let me revise that (Kelsey winning POV) b/c I think she’ll save Jared to I hope Tim gets selected to play POV or someone who WON’T use it if they win.


Why so upset, Kelsey? We heard you say repetitively that you’re there to make friends and have fun. First time I’ve heard that strategy so she gets points for being original. She’s miserable as hell right now so where’s the fun and where has this fun girl ever been shown to be such a barrel of laughs anyway. I agree that I’d rather have Jarhead go home though so she can stop hiding. Let’s see what she’s made of and if the fun still keeps on coming (like it ever was fun watching her bitch about Maddy endlessly). She can go next and go back to her jobs where all this works on the men she serves at the bar or on the plane.


How utterly predictable and boring! Another low key big brother week. See you next thursday. Peace Out!