Jackson “I’m thinking Christie & Jess.” Cliff “But who is your target?” Jackson “Jess”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
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8:10pm Bedroom. Cliff, Tommy and Christie.
Cliff – coming in here the idea of doing the slip & slide and the wall competition is not something that I would be good at but still fun to do. Tommy and Christie agree. Christie – it was really cool and I feel lucky that we got to do it. And I feel so lucky that I’m still here. Cliff – Final seven! Christie – I know, so nuts that we’re still here. Can you even believe it? Can you f**king believe it. Cliff – nine people are gone and someone could come back. For all we know Jack or Nick could come through this door but at least for now we are final seven! Christie – I really don’t think there will be a battle back. I really didn’t want to break Nick’s heart but I really don’t think there will be one. Cliff – to do a battle back you have to do a double at some point and I just feel like we’re getting down to it. Tommy – down to it.. like we have a month left. Cliff – and I don’t picture them doing a battle back right at the end. Holly joins them. She says that the smoke where she was sitting was making her really light headed. I think what it was doing was it was triggering my asthma. Cliff – I really tried to hang on but when it started leaning .. it was just too much weight to hold on.

Holly and Cliff in the bedroom.
Cliff – I just hoped she (Nicole) could hang on a little more and they could work out a deal or something. It would have helped all of us and she wanted it so bag. Holly – and it would have been amazing redemption. She had to say goodbye to Nick. Cliff – aww.. it would have been perfect and she looked alright up there. Holly – I wanted to say stuff to her but ..I wanted to be like do not let go but you know.. Cliff – short term I think he (Jackson) had to win it. Holly – I know. Cliff – he had to win it and I would think that next week might not be physical. Hopefully you and me could do something. We had good intentions but its not my challenge. Holly agrees. Holly – honestly Jess held out longer than I expected her to. And you held on longer than I expected you to. Like that was f**king hard! Cliff – Michie is just a beast! He was worried about winning another one. Holly – I know. And what he said was that he doesn’t know how many more physical comps there will be so he has to take them when he can. Cliff – that was designed for someone like Tommy.

Bedroom. Cliff and Jackson.
Cliff – I don’t think you had a choice. Jackson – I didn’t. Cliff – it would be too easy for him (Tommy) and Christie to work together. Jackson – exactly. I made a final four with you, Nicole and Holly and if anyone is coming after y’all .. they’re coming after me indirectly and that will jeopardize my game going forward. And although Tommy might not have put me up .. the uncertainty is to great. I know that one of us four would have seen the block at minimum! Cliff – it would have been Nicole and then some combination of you, Holly or Me. Jackson – I just couldn’t risk it but I am scared going forward. Cliff – I really thought Nicole was going to hold on. It would have been perfect. And then all of us would have been in the HOH next week. Jackson – I didn’t know when they would have another physical comp.. I figured if this was physical, next weeks would be mental .. and I am the least good at the mental. But there is going to be blow back with whoever stays. And I am scared for Holly and I. We have just won back to back to back HOH’s. Cliff – oh I know. I get it. Jackson – that’s our fourth week up there.. and that looks like sh*T! SH*T! But we’re at the point in the game where we have no choice. Cliff – and all I can tell you is that I’ve got your back when it comes to the votes and stuff like that. And if it is mental ..its my turn to contribute. Jackson – I am trying to convince myself that I haven’t completely screwed my game up. Cliff – but if it wasn’t the blow back it would be the possibility of going up. Jackson – look at how many people we have to choose from.. FOUR?! FIVE?! Cliff – oh I know. And regardless if you won it or not its not like people aren’t going to be looking at you as the biggest competitive threat out here already .. so you didn’t do any damage. Jackson – this is the fifth competition I’ve won in a row and I am terrified. Cliff – I know but it will look so good in that final pitch. Jackson – yeah .. if I make it there!

8:37pm Jackson and Cliff in the boat room.
Jackson – so I am thinking Christie and Jess (nominations). Cliff – but who is your target? Jackson – Jess. Jackson – she has made it clear that she is going after guys and she would ultimately do better in an mental comp than Christie. Cliff – oh we’ve seen that. Jackson – she scares me. I mean we need both of them gone. Going into next week Holly and I both struggle in an mental comp. And would I rather have us go against Christie or Jess? Jess has made it clear that she is going after guys. It will be me and you on the block. Cliff – I know it will. Jackson – 1000%! With Christie there is some uncertainty of who she would put up… Maybe it would be Holly and you or Me. We don’t know .. but with Jess.. Cliff – and her (Jess) chance of winning a veto would be less if its BB comics. Jackson – Jess won’t put up Tommy. I don’t want to get rid of Tommy because then Jess will 100% put us up. Jackson – and I think I can spin it with Christie that she will be a pawn. I would rather Jess go before Christie. Cliff – I have no idea where Jess’s head is at. I know it would be guys she would put up. Cliff – at what point do you tell Christie she is a pawn? Jackson – I just told her. The sooner I tell her the more it looks like she is a pawn. The less it looks like I am trying to blindside her. The less vengeance she will have to come after us. The less effort she will put into a veto. Cliff – and you only need two vetos this week. You tell her Holly has her and I have her back. Jackson – Jess and Christie together scares me. They are both mental threats and they are both going to come after us. Cliff – Christie made it clear that she is a free agent and that y’all are threats.

9pm – 10:30pm The house guests are in the kitchen eating and chatting about the HOH competition. Jackson, Jess, Nicole, Christie and Cliff head to the bathroom and chat more about the veto and other things.

10:50pm – 11pm Storage room. Jackson and Holly.
Holly – I think we are going to be okay .. we just have to be careful. Jackson – we have got to get Jess out. Holly – we have to say as few words as possible. I don’t think it is a bad thing that you won it. Jackson – we have to win this veto. WE HAVE TO WIN THIS VETO! We also only need two votes. Holly – we f**king made it to six! I can’t believe it. Jackson – I can’t believe we made it! Holly – I really wish I could have played in this one… just to kick your a## again! Jackson laughs.

11:45pm – 12:10am Jackson comes out of the diary room and asks who wants to see my HOH room?! All the house guests head up to the HOH room and check out Jackson’s HOH photos. He got a watermelon hat. His HOH letter is from his mom. They gave him 5 large and 5 mini watermelons. I guess they decided to load me up because after the last HOH they realized I was still requesting more. They’re so good to us. Christie – ten frickin watermelons.. Holly – and they’ll all be gone by the end of the week.

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So glad Michie won!! But honestly I’ve so lost interest in this season. TIRED of see Christie cry every two minutes, Jess is totally lame, Nicole has been a huge waste of space, And everyone else is so mediocre I can’t even stand it. I’m rooting for Michie but I’m not watching it anymore this season, just coming here and catching up because Dawg is awesome.

BB Casting Call

I’ve been thinking that Julie has been trying to hint that the people behind the curtain are running everything…kind of like she has s working against CBS and some kind of clause in her contract keeps her safe on BB.


Jackson had better make some bigger game moves with his HOH’s than removing a couple of pieces of NON-threatening furniture from the house.

PP Redneck

lol…you just described most of the cast….coming to an Ikea near you….

Jackson is still an Ass

I forgot that Jess was still here

Cdn BB Fan 23

We all forget she is there until she votes and says ” Hola Julieeee” in that ridiculous, fake voice.

PP Redneck

Jackson for the whole shebang…sigh…I just want Julie to look at the camera and say “you have all been pranked! we have a new cast and the new season starts now….” one can only dream….

Here We Go Again

Just when I’ve sent out Christie Eviction Party invites, Jackson comes and pisses all over it! How does this keep happening (Production)?!? Jess is a threat to no one but herself. There’s no way that Cliff and Nicole don’t see this for what it is, a move to keep both Cliff/Nicole and Tommy/Christie with Jackson and Holly being in the middle. This will backfire on them!


Jackson. What are you thinking of!!!
Need to go after Tommy.
He’s the biggest threat in the game right now and need to split up him and CHOMPING CHRUSTY
Jess is a waste of space and has no hope in hell of winning the game.


This season is just plain sad. Do you think Nicole just couldn’t handle being HOH or what? This win was her’s for sure! I mean they only lasted an hour. That’s not even a competition for Jackson. The big guys aren’t supposed to survive the wall but hey an hour!?!?!


You should sign up to be on the next big brother if there is one. You got conspiracies and what not.


And what not lol :p


This is absolutely remarkable. We’ve done everything possible over the past 3 weeks to try to get Christie out. There were 2 twists where we specifically targeted her yet she’s still here. Last week, we had her to dead to rights, instead useless Analyse is taken out and SHE’S STILL HERE. And now, when the chance is here again and there are so few targets that even an absolute moron would target Christie, Jackson says his target is JESS?… JESS!?!? This is why I can’t watch the main show anymore, the process kills me when I think treachery is afoot. Great job with the posts Simon and Dawg. You’ve been fantastic over the years.

The Corey's

Cliff might be bright enough to see michie protecting Christie but I wouldnt count on him doing anything with that info.

Also, are they just gonna let tommy not be nominated all season? Holly too I think.

Not one single time besides that one time cliff did the Jack’s has anyone nominated a entire new crop of players just to avoid any blood on their hands

Big brother is starting to reflect the PC culture of the world

Franks fumes

So how long till Cliff and Crusty talk about Jackjaw’s transparent plan to pit them against each other next week? When they do (and they will) it will finally be time for them to sit against each other. That’s what this season has devolved to lol.

Franks fumes

*them is Jackson/Holly 🙂


Did you guys see last night when Nick said that “Jackson is the only alpha male left in the house?” I was like: b!tch please! As if he – Nick – were at some point also an alpha. The idiot was played like a fiddle by everyone and couldn’t even nominate the other alpha with his prankster power (and blame everything on Christie). What a fool! And I also hate when people suddenly give a shout-out to things (like mental health in his case) when it’s convenient to look good.

I’m also bothered by the fact this seems to be the “I love you” season. People in that house says ILU to each other any time and all the time! They are in a room, someone asks for the room to speak with the HOH and the person leaving blurts a “I love you” out. Someone pass someone else on their way to the bathroom and say “I love you.” People fight and say “I love you.” Pies are “exchanged” and “I love you.” WTF?


I thought it was funny too that Nick considers himself an alpha.


That was a GIANT ZOMG! Alpha really doesn’t come to mind when I think of Nick.

J e t s jets jets jets

He even said it to Cliff when he was giving his pitch. Great way to make another man feel by telling him he’s not an alpha male. Idiot.


I know…I don’t consider Cliff one either…but my God I’d never tell him that. Geeze!


hahaha It was way too hilarious. But I will say that as much as I haven’t liked him…after these last 3-4 days…even I’m almost convinced he’s a loyal dude. I don’t know why I felt bad for him last night, but I did.


I think of herpes swimming around in pudding.


Doesn’t he have a tattoo of Taylor Swift on his arm? Definitely not an alpha.


This might sound mean, but I think people throw that phrase around too often – guess I’m just not a people person like those nut-heads in the house.


Jackson has lost his ever loving mind !! In what world is Jess a threat ? Ok fine Christie served her purpose, so now put up her and Tommy and get one of the pair out ! I don’t care which one, but honestly Tommy is the bigger threat .


A world where production said not to target Christie.


I completely agree…but you know that every single person in that house has a final 2 with Jess rollin around their minds. Even Christie and Tommy were talkin about it. Like was Tommy even wondering why Christie would want Jess in their final 3??!! So in that respect…not thinking so much of what all she can do…but how everyone will guard her like a newborn baby to ensure she’s their final 2…I can see her as a threat.

Franks fumes

How bad has this season gone Jackson wins the HOH comp designed by production for Nicole/Crusty to win. He was complaining about the pedestal and how over half his foot was hanging off from the beginning and Nicole/Crusty’s were comfortably supported the whole time. Then Tommy jumps off (of course) to give the HOH to Jackjaw hooray! These people could find a way to ruin anything great….sliced bread even. So to sum it up Jackjaw wins the HOH that was fixed for the girls to win to send him home. Great……oh yeah Tommy still hasn’t seen the block…….Jackson you genius you.


Alright…I’m ready for the down votes…I think I want Michie for the win! lol

Sis's Werewolf

What a blockhead lol

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

This season bores me- its the worst season ever!!!! I dont even watch anymore and just read this site to get my info but how funny would it be if Jackson leaves crusty in the game this week and she gets rid of him next week!


I don’t know, I think it’s tied for the one Paul was on.


No way! The 2nd one, featuring Paul is the WORST! I’m sorry…but the trio of Paul, Shitmas, and Josh was way too much for me to watch. I still did lol…but it was gross. I swore I was giving up on BB, but then the next season was the best in years. I don’t think this season is good…but I really don’t think it’s awful like so many other people think.


I am almost there IMO season 16 was bad this one is more b.s.


There’s been too many situations where HGs are coached. Seen it multiple times in season 13 to save Rachel


Season 13 was really bad with production interference.

Watch from a distance

Come on production it’s time for Christy to go.


Uhhg. The whole partner thing and one survives so Rachel could give porsha the golden key (ensuring Rachel wins with an ally that couldn’t go home)
Production was all over that season!

Bullies SUCK

I heard that too. With all the speculation that production controls the outcomes, she should really be more careful. To be fair to JCM, she makes a lot of mistakes. She is not the most talented or polished on air personality.


I was routing for Nicole out loud watching feeds, she did say “guys I want this so bad”, I was hoping both would’ve gave it to her. When she fell, (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I had to route for Jackson. Tommy would’ve definetly put up Cliff. Yet, Christie should be the target.


ROOT is the word you want, also ROOTING.


Jackson…oh Jess is coming after me….lmao…. how stupid… What has Jess been able to win to come after you. This is the dumbest group I have ever seen…lame..lame..lame


Hmmm. Now that u say that its interesting to think about considering all production had its hands on this season.
I found it interesting too that all week hgs have been trying to calculate if there is a double or battle back. That’s impossible to calculate unless u know the exact day of the finale. Julie made sure to tell Nick going to the jury, “See u on finale night which is a Wednesday”
Jury is not supposed to get any info. The whole telling Tommy what he HAD or should do was clearly contrived!

The Beef

Ol’ vulture butt must go through several pair of drawers a day, based on some of the pictures we’ve seen of her pants and everything else inside of them being eaten alive by the “death munch”! Seriously, either Beth’s ass cheeks are hanging down sooooooo looooooow or she wears all of her pants/shorts/bikini bottoms sooooooo high, there is no way even a high quality fabric under garment would stand a chance of survival against the friction of the fabled Vulture Bottom Ass Muncher of Death (AKA: V-BAM-D)!


Honestly Simon this is what’s I’d like to see. Some real strategic gameplan and shock value as we near the final weeks. Given Jackson won HOH and his noms are Christie (yah) and Jess (whattt?) Here is how I hope the rest of the week will go. So Veto won by ANYone but Tommy why? Because say Christie wins POV she goes down I want Tommy out UP as a backdoor. Michie final 4 crew with Cliff Nic and Hold control the vote so BYEEE Tommy! Christie not expecting this will BE a hella hot mess and more than likely with a mental comp as the DE 1st HOH comp will have a meltdown and not do well. Put Christie on the block again (5x now unbelievable!), With Jess, Secure VETO and finally send her arse outta there. Thoughts?