Austin to liz – I’m going to try to protect you with everything I can.. I tried to win it for you

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 22-03-53-007_jpg

10:01pm Clay and Shelli
Complaining about Audrey making it sounds like Jeff is working with the other side. Shelli says she say him talk to them and it “Look suss-pish”
James/Jeff come in
Jeff – how did two people in an alliance win HOH
Jeff says Liz is an alliance with Austin and Vanessa
Clay – is it official
Jeff – You already knew this dude.. I’ve been telling you this forever

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 22-09-02-960_jpg

10:08pm Jeff and Meg
Meg – Things are sketch
Jeff – I wonder why
Jeff – I already know exactly every single person I want out of this place.. I know the order
Meg – We need Audrey or Steve someone like that to go
Meg says Shelli is in a scary position, “Jason’s Worried”
10:12pm Jason joins them
They start scheming on how to get Steve/Audrey as the target.
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 22-13-52-968_jpg

10:11pm HOH Audrey and VAnessa
Audrey – I have one concern, Clay.. I have a gut feeling he’s with the other group
VAnessa – what group

Audrey – Umm.. OK Jeff, Jackie, Becky, James, Jason, and Meg
Vanessa – you think they are all together
Asurey – Ya.. Jeff made a really weird comment after we came inside.. well for one him and Clay were rooting for James on the couch
Vanessa – Clay was.. oh really
Audrey – I think they were more concerned about Austin winning
VAnessa – Austin had already won
Audrey – Oh ya right
Vanessa says she’ll do what benefits Sleeper cell. Audrey says before the HOH James told her she’s OK this week because they have bigger fish to fry.
Audrey again mentions Clay is working with james.
Vanessa is getting a loyal vibe from Shelli and Clay she thinks they can trust them.
Vanessa says Shelli putting Meg up was a big deal for her and showed her she can trust them .
vanessa wonders if Audrey is being a little bit too paranoid.
Audrey thinks maybe.
Audrey says James and Jeff are throwing Steve’s name out.
Austin – it’s an easy name to throw around

Audrey asks them for advice or tasks to do
Vanessa says she needs to fix her image of looking too strategic.
Austin – right now their panicking you’re up here.
Austin – They’re telling me go after Audrey we got your back
Vanessa says there’s some big time backdooring this week so they are making the house thinks Audrey is the target.
Vanessa – I’m telling you straight up you have sh1t to worry about
Austin – If you go we go next you have nothing to worry about

They tell her it’s not Clay that’s saying put up Audrey.
Audrey wants a sleeper cell meeting.
Vanessa instructs her to hold the information she gets throughout the day and let Vanessa know at night. They tell Audrey it’s ideal if Vanessa wins the HOH.
Austin – Why doesn’t any one come up what the shelli
Audrey – they’re talking they’re strategizing
Vanessa tells her the other side has no idea they were close because they are still telling them sh1t about Audrey.
Audrey tells them if Jeff goes Jackie has no one.
Austin wonders if he’s able to woo her.
Vanessa laughs – I think the wooing is going the other way

Audrey – you have Liz
Austin – We’re just best buds,..
He adds he’s not looking for a showmance.


10:32pm HOH Austin and Vanessa strategy talks

Vanessa explaining with gummy bears the house is in 5 quadrates.
John/Steve/Becky Yellow
Jeff and Jackie
Jason/James and Meg, Jeff and JAckie
Audrey in the middle
Austin doesn’t think they can trust Audrey Before they can continues their planning, liz joins them. They’ve switched.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 22-35-52-658_jpg

They warn her that Jeff is all over the twin twist right now
Clay comes up “Are you lizz”
Liz – ya
Clay – Oh my god”
They start filling her in on what is going around the house
Clay – Julia forgot about the Shrine
Clay – I’ve been hanging out with them (other side) a lot so I can see what they’re talking about
Clay says the other side is talking like he’s with them
Austin – are they throwing me under the bus
Clay – no

Liz is saying now that they have Julia they have the numbers
Clay – we got to get there
Liz – F*** james, F*** jason, F**** jeff

Liz – last time I left the house was monday and no one new..
They tell her they targeted Julia on the talk show and she slipped up
Austin says Julia slept the whole time
Vanessa warns her Jeff will inspect you.
Liz – Jeff is the biggest narc in this house
LIz – I’m literally dying you guys are HOH
Vanessa says Julia has been really quiet so best for Liz to lay low.
Vanessa warns her about the weight difference that the house really noticed. They laugh that Liz is on a diet “No more gummy bears”
Austin has a name for their alliance “The sixth Sense” (Liz, Julia, Clay, Shelli, VAnessa, Austin)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 22-43-52-989_jpg

Sounds like their plan is to rally as many people as they can to go up to the HOH and say the house wants Audrey and Steve out.

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The fact that Audrey is so hated by the house and is so untrustworthy and a target that nobody plans on evicting her. Wow lol. They will regret not getting rid of her sooner.


Honestly Day really exposed it during her eviction. No One wants to be the one to nom her.


I think that’s part of it, but I really think the players feel if Audrey is on the block she goes home no question. So essentially it’s a waste of a week. These people are real players, going for big targets. They know Audrey is a big target but she’s alone and can “easily be taken out the next week” in their heads.


heck, i think there’s starting to be a group of people considering taking her to the end as she loses to anyone in a final two.


Tbh I think “real players” would be people smart enough to realize that an early HOH should be used taking out someone the entire target wants gone, not creating waves and new enemies.

Let other people do the dirty work. Take out the sitting duck.


Yep, remember last season? The house wanted Devin out, and Derrick took him out. And, by getting so little blood on his hands, it helped Derrick’s position later in the game.

Eric CA

Austin and Vanessa are in a unique predicament as far as an early HoH… the #1 ally in the house is Liz/Julia and Julia trusted them enough to tell them. Now the whole House knows that Liz/ Julia are twins because when Da’Vonne noticed she told Jason and Jason blabbed it too everybody else. Now the entire House knows about Liz/Julia (I can’t say their Team name because try as I might I just can’t refer to a lady as Jiz (icks).). If they use Audrey this week for an easy week (which would be the norm, Steve and Audrey would be the best choice.) Taking Audrey out this week GUARANTEES Liz/Julia go’s next week. Then Austin after that.

Nope targeting Jeff or James is their best bet for this week. Normally way too big of a move but in this Season as you can all see the dynamic is truly unique (which has not happened in almost a decade.). So make it is the Backwards Season make a Big Move Early so you don’t have to later. Lets be honest Jace and Da’Vonne were unusual 1 and 2 week evictions. The norms would be Steve, Meg, Audrey or Johnny Mac… those would have been the norm for week 1 and three. On week three it would be a good time to take out the support systems to he bigger players someone like Jackie, Meg or Becky… not who everyone thinks is the Big Dog… truth is Jackie runs Jeff and Meg runs Jeff and James they are the other sides Big dogs.
They remind me of that line from my Big Fat Greek Wedding “Yes the man is the Head of the House… but the woman she is the neck and she can turn the head anywhere she wants.”… watch you will be blown away at how much they are actually the ones in control of them not vice versa.


I hate that Audrey is safe, all she can do is lie and scheme. But I am happy that Austin knows they can not trust her.


Lie and Scheme…isn’t that the point of Big Brother?


Yay am so happy Liz/Julia are save. I don’t care about anyone else


Y r the twins safe?, no one understands the twin twist. And Y Vanessa said for Liz to wear baggy clothes, who r they still hiding it from.


Yes, why are the twins safe. They have been exposed as twins. Julie Chen said to Day ” You had “suspicions”.
Day knew and said so. What is the twist here??


Well they’re safe for this week for sure. They only have to survive two more after this, and with a group of people helping them like they are, their chances of survival just got a whole lot higher. They have to make it through 5 evictions, then they can both come in. Several people in the house, especially those protecting her, already know this…


Wow. I finally got to watch the show & BBAD. So glad they are onto Jeff. It’s iffy over who gets out next Jeffery or Audrey. I love this show! As a sideline,I was robbed today. Feeling vulnerable.

Another Anonymous

Sorry to hear that Sam. My family and I were robbed at gunpoint in my own driveway by three gang-bangers. You won’t feel the sense of safety you did before but you won’t feel as vulnerable as you do right now either. Hang in there.


Are they allowed to talk about their diaries on the US-Version? They would always get reprimanded in Canada as soon as anything from the Diary room gets mentioned.


This is what bothers me about Liz and just women in general, behind Austin back she’s telling her friends Van/Shelly that she doesn’t like Austin like that but yet she’s spending the night with him cuddling in his HOH bed, it’s not cool sending mixed signals


Austin is saying/doing the same.


“Women in general” Please! Maybe the chicks you roll with…

Just me

Mixed signals?? Austin has a girlfriend and he’s cuddling with Liz, that sounds like a mixed signal to me. Oh wait, he’s just lonely…yeah right

Ariana Grande stinks!

Regardless of her winning HOH, I actually disliked Audrey since day-1. Not that she does something that irks me beyond tolerance (like the Confederate couple — Clayhole and Smelli — does all the time). It’s just that I was instantly repelled by her energy, her aura, her demeanor…, by the fact that she’s making her living by cheating, or that she whined and cried after only 5 days in the house… Oh well, you cannot like them all! 😉

Austin OTOH is fun, he’s theater… and you could tell he’s on a power trip right now. Good TV 😉

Butters Mom

Audrey isnt HOH… Vanessa is. (confederate people?) way to be judgmental with a racist undertone… let it go.


Somebody needs to remind Austin he has a girlfriend. lol


I don’t think he really has a girlfriend. He mentioned her early but only talks about his family-nothing from her or of her in his HOH letter. I think his strategy is to align with girls to take out the guys and his “girlfriend” was a way to make them feel comfortable. Now he’s trying to woo them 🙂 and he’s coming off badly. Oops.

Eric CA

The odd thing about Austin is he and Clay are setting off my friends and my Gaydar like crazy. In some cases i think it comes down to wishful thinking but on other occasions Ping ping ping he’s gay or at least Bi… closeted because he is a Pro wrestler… him and Liz/Julia re really not that into each other very friends like energy… My friend swears that he caught Austin checking out Clay and Jeff than he ever did any of the girls… the same go’s for Clay… maybe it is just in our heads… wishful thinking for a BB Canada 2 kind of Gay man.

I am not sure

why so many are bothered by Audrey not being a target. yeah, she lies, and no one trusts her

lets go over that again. they know her game, ALL of them, and no one cares what she says. she is actually less dangerous than Jackie. yes, I said it. heck, I expect Jackie to make it further even with the PC protection, Grodner protection and everyone knowing Audrey’s game.


No worries Nessa has that house on lock. Some things will change here and there and she will have to readjust. Austin is so in love with Liz that Nessa will have to keep eye on him cuz if he gets butthurt when he starts realizing she isn’t that into him he could start making waves.

Perhaps I’m overly tired but I am feeling theres one dumber Johnny and one smarter one. I see differences a lot in him. Then I thought would they really do two twin twists in one season? K I need sleep. But wouldnt be shocked if later on in game we find out Johnny has been playing with his twin.

Eric CA

People underestimate Meg and Jackie. Everyone seems to think that Jeff, Austin, James and Clay are the Big Dogs in the House… Not true at all… the actually Bosses in the House are Vanessa, Jackie and Meg. Watch closely and you will see what I am talking about. I finally figured why Meg set of my Big Brother Warning Alerts, she controls James and part of Jeff… Jackie controls Jeff. Watch the real Big Dogs in the House are not who you think they are. Come the Jury Stage it will become more noticeable as the House thins down. Those Women run that House.


Austin is funny, but seriously…
Him talking to Jeff, “being surprised to hear about the twins”, has to be the worst acting in the history of mankind. Literally.

if only

that ball didn’t bounce, steve gets 2nd HOH and no one is suspecting Austin and Vanessa as a for sure team.

now? sigh. Jeff needs to go. he has needed to go for weeks. people point to Audrey as the should be target. screw that, Jeff is the target, should be the target and I REALLY hope they don’t just nix evictions because its Gronk week


Audrey is the simple and safe target. No one will care if she goes, so it makes sense to save her for when there’s danger of ticking off too many people and the HoH isn’t ready for a bloodbath. Right now using Audrey as a screen to divert attention from who you really want gone makes more sense.


I got to say big brother 17 is real good I like it this year to me the game is played last two years the game was about doing 21st you told to you get evected


I do not understand the point of people covering up the twinTwist when everybody knows it ALREADY! Whats the point? Hahahahaha


The point is they DON’T know.. they suspect. This is why Austin’s response was so dumb. He should have been like “I don’t know man, I spend a lot of time with them and that doesn’t seem plausible to me, she just seems a little ditsy.” Even dummy Clay was smart enough to try and deflect and got Jeff double guessing himself.. “I think we are just looking for differences that aren’t there because we have that thought in our head.” Jackie even said (Yeah I know Jackie is pretty clueless right now) “I don’t think its true but I am going along with it because it is fun.”
The only person they really have to worry about blowing it up is Johnny Mac with the tooth thing and I think if they brought him in it might work.. the problem here is Jeff. Johnny Mac seems to tell Jeff everything, which is really frustrating.

The Hammer

I’m pretty sure they know.


They can kick hero after Julia comes in (they need to get rid of Jeff, Jackie, maybe James). Plus with Vanessa and Jason both being gay, I don’t think what Day said will come true. Part of the house is nervous about removing Audrey too early but no one wants to sit next to her in Top 4.

Jeff and Jackie are dangerous….Jackie is flying so far under the radar it’s unbelievable because she showed her true self on the amazing race. Totally fake and unlikable, as well as outspoken, which she has not shown.

I love Vanessa, want her, Liz/Julia, Johnny, Meg, or even Becky to win, but she’s playing kind of hard. Her coaching and mapping of the house isn’t very DJ and while it’s great for the Twins to get tips, it makes her seem like a great strategist. Plus she told Julia she played pro poker? I dunno if she crushes her or something, but seems like a big no to have leaked that….even if they can trust each other week 2/3.


You can dislike this comment but Audrey is Entertaining!!!


Sixth Sense alliance are legit my 6 favorite players. Vanessa, Liz/Julia, Austin, Clay, Shelli!

sick of this season

I absolutely hate these players…. Someone please tell me how in the world Austin could think that Shelli is on his side. Last week when Shelli was HOH She treated Austin like he was a step child and barely had 3 words for him. At least she attempted to make Vanessa feel she could trust them, those skanks, she and her side kick boy toy Clay. It sickens me, these players are so weak and can’t think themselves out of a wet paper bag. The problem is as soon as one person takes the lead and tricks the camp with some Jim Jones Kool Aid, no one from that point on can have a thought of their own. Even when a new person takes power, Jim Jones (Shelli & Clay) MUST to always be consulted first before they can make a move. Where are the players of old who thought and fought for themselves…. Weak I tell you, REAL WEAK!

team twins

I am totally on team Liz right now. I hate all the people she listed as well, REMOVE THEM ALL

and poor steve. ball bounces bad, and now he is likely facing the block yet again. fortunately Vanessa isn’t dumb enough to waste their HOH on freaking Steve. who evidently is with J-Mac AND Becky, who knew? I bet steve doesn’t even know!


Vanessa has a alliance with Steve…”S.O.S.” Steve will probably be her final two person..unless something changes and she has to cut him loose.

I think Austin will have to be cut loose sooner than final two because he not only is a failure at his showmance tries. But he also is a failure at his bromances lol….Jace and that work out for ya Aus? I do like that he calls Jackie a “Vampire”. That smile of hers…so Vampire. And she is a total bitch. Well ok…Vampires arent usually total bitches:)


I’m worried for Steve. Hope he can stay out of Austin’s way and let the heat stay on Jeff.

brotalk to human dictionary

The skeptic in me believes Audrey will outplay herself and out the secret alliance to curry favour from the other side in case they get power.
Of course the same skeptic believes that Clay will begin to attempt to hedge his bets by reforming bonds with the other side now that he isn’t safely entrenched in the hoh room with Shelli. Again, just to try to maintain safety for the next week (and because he won’t feel that he is in control of the game this week). He’s asked Shelli, “should we trust them,” too many times. He’s still stuck in the idea that he can play a middle of the road game after he’s already chosen a side. twice. in two hoh’s.
I’d like to be wrong, but neither really has a strong history of actual loyalty so far. They’ve both been in an alliance with just about everyone, and it’s only week three.
Can’t help but feel that by the beginning of week four, there will be yet another secret super alliance.


I disagree, I think they have been pretty loyal once they actually choose a path. For example Audrey was their first strong ally of the game then they were brought into that 8 person alliance. Yes they turned their back on that 8 person alliance but that is because Day made it obvious that they were no longer to be trusted and were going to be the first to go from it. So yes, they turned their back on that alliance.. however they didn’t turn their backs on Audrey. They saved her week 2 and looked like they really were going to work with her for a few more weeks but then Audrey blew it and started up with her old tricks again causing them to turn against Audrey for good.

Yes when Shelli first won HOH they were playing all sides of the house.. they were feeling out were they should truly align with. Because of Van’s hard work she decided for them and they have 100% given their loyalty to Van/Austin/Liz/Julia. They have shown they have chosen this side with how much they have gone out of their way to protect Liz/Julia. Clay immediately started deflecting to Jeff and James saying he thinks they are grasping at straws and by finding out exactly what they are looking for. He then went straight to Liz helped her create those markers they are looking for. I get the impression these two are actually VERY loyal.. to a fault, because it is going to bite them in the butt once Jury hits.
Now with that being said.. I do think they will go after Austin before final 6, but Austin hasn’t done a lot to prove his trust to them like Van has.

brotalk to english dictionary

while I can see where you are coming from, my spin is slightly divergent from yours.
in week one Audrey and Clay both had multiple alliances on both sides of the imaginary line.
Audrey got outed. Clay snuck under the wire.
Clay didn’t have to scurry during second hoh week because Shelli was in power, and getting rid of someone that was targeting him.
Notice that Vanessa and Austin are playing up Audrey as the backdoor. Also notice that while he is helping with the Liz charade, He is also cozying back up to his allies from week one. Once his desires are not met (once his target isn’t the target), I can easily see Clay attempting to play both sides once more and making Vanessa or Austin’s target bigger in order to make himself less noticeable.
From my perspective the difference between Clay and Audrey’s game is the intensity. They’re both trying to play people against each other in order to draw attention away from themselves. But Audrey isn’t satisfied with making one ‘side’ go after the other as Clay is:
Audrey wants individuals to go after each other in addition to sides going after each other.
I’m not getting the loyal vibe from Clay because even when someone is suggested as double dealing (as his six alliance is proposing about Jeff) it’s Clay that sees it but makes excuses or deflects because Clay believes Jeff is a viable backup for him. Clay isn’t a choose sides player. Clay is the lets be on both sides player. If not, why would he still be asking shelli which side they should go with the day after he made the alliance with vanessa and Austin.


Go ahead and thumbs me down but i honestly don’t see the appeal with John. For one thing he’s not that entertaining and his personality comes off as rather annoying and jittery. He’s doing nothing else and he’s not as close with Shelli/Clay as he thinks he is so he has no true alignment to anyone. He’s just there.
As for competitiveness, he clearly threw that last HoH and has done nothing more but just roam along in the big brother house like it’s summer camp. Don’t get me wrong, he’s nothing at all like Victoria, however i just don’t see whats so great about him.
Someone care to explain?


Probably because he proved that he is smarter than he let on. I mean he won the freaking POV when he needed to and took himself off. Also the fact that he shut down Clay when he told him not to use it made me respect a lot more. Point is he is likeable and people aren’t targeting him to be evicted so he’s doing something right.


He reminds me of a Shaggy, from Scooby Doo, and Bobcat Goldthwait.

sick of this season

Someone please tell me why in the world would Austin of all people think that Shelli is on his side. Last week when she was in power she treated him like a step child and had nothing to do with him, she or her side kick Clay. The both of them, Shelli and Clay at least played Vanessa into thinking she was in some fake alliance with her crew. I absolutely hate how these people think. They are so weak. The min someone seems to take the lead as the Wizard of Oz, no one can make a decision, without the Wizards (shelli & Clay) in this case, approval. Where are the bold players of old, who thought and fought for themselves! Weak I tell you, real WEAK!


LMAO at Liz. Watching after dark and Vanessa and Austin are using gummy bears for strategy talk and Liz comes flying in all excited and starts eating them all. lol. Not sure why I found it so funny but I just started howling.


Based on early discussions a couple things are clear:

Austin will nominate James and Jason who were the HOH’s that targeted Jase (the plan is for them to win BOTB) so Vanessa will remain HOH. That will remove Shelli’s number 1 target of James so then Jeff becomes the next option. I won’t be surprised if she tries to talk Austin out of nominating James & gets him to put up someone more competitive like Becky with Jason so James is still available as an option.

Vanessa prefers to back door James b/c he is the one person she doesn’t like in the house, however she knows a more strategic move is to back door Jeff and given Austin said his plan is to target the people who wanted Jase gone it’s pretty clear that James will be an initial nominee unless (as per above) she can convince him otherwise.

She also said all the pawns will be people “on the other side” so I expect her noms to be Meg & Jackie

These noms might arouse suspision (if the other side is smart) to see how odd it is neither Shelli or Clay are going up. It should get Jason wondering if there is an alliance at the very least between those 5.. 6 with the twins).

Much will depend on the POV as Jeff playing in it and winning it will save him this week. If Austin does put up Jason/James and they win BOTB then only Jackie/Meg can be ousted if she wants to nail someone from “the other side”. .

Don’t be surprised if Clay/Shelli get some treatment this week from the “outside” group if Jeff lucks out getting picked in the POV and wins it. Then perhaps we can see a Clay nomination (please oh please) Austin has never been 100% on working with Clay although they are in the group together.

With Clay not being very smart I can see him messing up this week and ending up a target which would make me jump up and down for joy. The problem is Vanessa really likes Shelli and can easily manipulate her so if she put up Clay would Shelli still work with her?

Vanessa really doesn’t want to oust Audrey but it’s always an option.

So when she is safe yet again, I think after this week if the other side can win both HOH’s and figures out the other side has no intention of ousting Audrey they may turn around and nominate Vanessa & Austin with Shelli & Clay so they can chip their numbers down. That would still leave Audrey as a possible back door (or Liz) but I have a feeling she will be safe until an instant eviction week.

At this point Vanessa is head and shoulders strategically above everyone in the game and is also the best manipulator. She can get Austin, Shelli, Steve and Clay to do whatever she wants and now she’ll also have Liz/Julia in her pocket. By pulling the over crying bit in week one many haven’t figured out how smart she is. Audrey is super smart, but I’m not sure if she’ll be able to do anything unless she gets deeper in the game when she would be the one who would have no problem blindsiding Vanessa and taking her out!


I think Shelli will understand a Clay backdoor if he starts talking like he’s untouchable. Shelli seemed annoyed with him several times last week when he kept talking game over her He also talked too much with people she didn’t want to know how things were going.
Shelli want to keep Clay as long as she can keep a leash on him but I think if she was given the ultimatum: Clay or Van, then Clay’s gone. Shelli knows the game is strong in that one.

Jay A

I don’t think Audrey will be leaving us till the first double eviction , it sucks shlay won’t be put on the block this week I just want to see how they handle being on the chopping block, I wouldn’t be surprised if vanasa won this season she may have been a wreck the first couple nights but she is playing very strategically just like the narc from last season it’s a shame she didn’t want to save my girl Day but whatever can’t wait till the nomination ceremony

Jeff for Eviction 2015

Jeff is obsessed with Da’vonne. For a person who thought her eviction speech was nasty and personal, he has no self-reflection about how nasty and personal he’s been to other people. Like, didn’t he call Da’vonne a b*tch when he and Clay were talking after that big blow-up? Talk about personal…

Love it

I really don’t think Liz/Julia have anything to worry about at this point, I see them making it easily to week 5. But I think if I were them I would have told Austin early on so that he could give her whatever info she needed when they switched. Just to help with keeping herself on the down low.

Aside from that, I’m super happy with both HOHs right now, and id be ok with Jeff leaving. I really can’t stand clay and shelli though, hopefully they go soon!!!