Austin “Steve called me a sketch ball! Its time to give him a swirly on the toilet!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 01-10-46-866
1am Jason and Vanessa continue to talk in the HOH room. Vanessa says that I feel like Clay and Shelli really like you. Jason says I connect more with Shelli. Vanessa says I get it you connect more with girls. I connect more with guys. Vanessa asks when you guys were HOH did anyone throw comps? Jason says apparently Jace told Steve to throw it. Vanessa ask why? Jason says James sat with us and told me he made an alliance to backdoor me. When we were both up here we made a plan to backdoor Jace either way. I was like why was it so important to have me dethroned. Jason says that Steve didn’t throw it. Vanessa says alright I think Steve wanted to talk so send him up. Jason says I would just like to relax for one week. Jason says if you don’t put me up .. when I am up here next week or in 5 weeks you are good. Vanessa says that’s a good offer, thanks. Becky comes up to the HOH. Vanessa says I trust you and know you’re a good person. Becky says I’m not with them with they have their power convos. Becky says you would be someone I would not target at all / put up until Jury. Vanessa says I would take that deal. Becky says I know my name has been dragged through the mud. Vanessa says I really like you and her (Shelli). I can see the three of us working together later down the road. Becky says I can see that too. Vanessa asks why didn’t you just throw Audrey up. Becky says because there are too many chances for her to get off. Becky says Jackie and I talk in such general terms and don’t talk names or targets. Vanessa asks is anyone targeting me? Becky says no. Becky leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 01-16-45-120

1:15am – 1:30am In the cabana room – Jeff, Clay and Austin are talking. James joins them. James tells them that Jason confirmed that Day had the phone power. James says all those crazy a$$ votes are from Audrey. James says Audrey is so full of sh*t man. Clay says make Audrey think you’re going to backdoor Becky. She hates Becky. Austin says okay I like that. I just want to make sure I’m okay next week. James says you’re good. Jeff says I think everyone would agree on would be to do what the house wants. You go after anyone else then you start a war. Jeff says that’s why you’re worried about Vanessa because you don’t know where she’s at. Jeff says yeah I thought it was you and James. Austin says yeah that would have been perfect. James says one of you will be dethroned so ya’ll should be on the same page. Austin says that Vanessa and I already talked and if I get dethroned I would still stay up there to make sure my voice is heard. James says I think because you guys are doing this for the house .. then I think we can get everyone together to say you guys are safe. Jeff says I am okay with once we get Audrey out, then we get out Steve. He’s been getting on everyone’s nerves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 01-19-06-489

In the bathroom – Jeff tells Austin I know at first you and I had our issues. It’s cool that you and I were able to bond over a pod cast. This is a game so I know you were doing stuff to protect the people that you were working with. I need to start thinking about who I want to work with. I don’t have an alliance right now. So dude maybe I do need to stop being so friendly with everyone. Jeff says maybe me, you, Vanessa and Jackie. Austin says yeah that sounds great. Jeff starts talking about the differences between Liz’s stories and why he thinks she might be a twin. Austin says I talk to this girl so much but I can’t get anything out of her. Austin heads up stairs to his HOH room.

Jackie talks to Austin – Austin tells Jackie that she can trust him and that he wants to work with her. Jackie says okay good. Austin says so if Audrey goes this week then who goes next week? Jackie says Jason. Austin says I might throw him up as a pawn this week. I would like to stay HOH this week too because I think everyone would be more comfortable with me as HOH than Vanessa. I am trying to get away from the Jace stigma. Austin says maybe before I get kicked out of here we can have an IPA together. Jackie says yes! Austin tells Jackie that Steve called me a sketchball to people. Jackie says he told people that about me too. Austin says its not cool. Its time to give him a swirly on the toilet. He is sketchier than me running around listening to peoples conversations.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 01-56-53-358

1:40am HOH room – Steve talks to Vanessa. She tells him that he is safe with her. Steve says okay good. I would have won if I hadn’t hit the camera. Vanessa says that some people are throwing your name out there. Someone told him something about you that made him mad. He will talk to you tomorrow about it. I will try and help you if I can. Steve asks what can I do for you? Vanessa says the only thing I’ve heard about you is that you take information but don’t give any. Which is good and I know you’ve given me information so I appreciate that. Vanessa talks to Steve about Jace’s nickname for Steve was “Geek Squad McGee” and how Jace had made it up. She tells him that he actually felt bad about making it up. Steve says he likes the name and would actually make it his twitter handle when he gets out. Vanessa tells Steve to try and not act so intense. You need something to make people feel less alarmed by you. Steve says like twerking?! Vanessa says yes like that and to come off less about the game. Steve asks are you targeting Audrey? Vanessa says yes but its hard to put her up. Steve says she is alone but there are other people who can do more damage. Putting her up is personal. Steve says I don’t want you to think I am working with her. I don’t trust her .. I just think there are bigger fish to fry. Vanessa asks like James? Jeff has specifically thrown you under then bus. Steve says I believe it. You are my number 1 ally in this game right now. Steve says I think Jeff could be a beast in comps. Vanessa asks who do you think are bigger targets Jason or Jeff? Steve says I don’t know. Vanessa says I like Jason.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 02-02-38-568

2am HOH room – Austin talks to Liz. Austin says part of me wants to trust Jeff and Jackie. They are throwing Steve under then bus. They want Audrey, Steve and then Becky. Austin tells her that Jeff said one of you likes me and the other likes him. Liz laughs. Austin says he also said that your memory wall photo is a photoshop of both of you. Liz laughs. Austin asks is it true? Liz says no that was me from press day. Austin says Jeff was saying to put up Steve and pawn. I told Jackie she is safe. I don’t want to do it. Vanessa might. I don’t want to put up Becky either. Liz asks what about Jason. Austin says he told me that Day had the Phone power. Austin tells Liz about how the main people that are paranoid about you were Jason and Day. He said he couldn’t tell if you had switched yet or not. He said it would be today or tomorrow.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 02-04-48-186

In the cabana room – Shelli says that Vanessa is as smart as a whip and I trust her decisions. Shelli says that she is scared about keeping Audrey another week. The camera switch to Becky talking to Austin. He tells her that there is no way she is going up. I want to work with you. Becky says okay good. Becky says that James is shitting bricks right now. I actually think Shelli is cool. Jackie is too. We talk game but its a very general game. Austin says I would really like to bring her in. Becky says that everyone is a woven basket and everyone touches. Becky says that Audrey is trying to throw out as much sh*t about everyone else so everyone targets each other and not her. At the end of the day I believe the sh*t that comes out of your mouth and Vanessa’s mouth. Austin says I’m on the same page. Becky says do what is best for you. Take out Audrey if you want or .. Austin says if I don’t take out Audrey people will be pissed. Austin says ideal world Vanessa wins and I’m off the hook. Then she puts up two pawns .. and wins the veto and puts up one of the boys or Audrey. If she puts up one of the boys I would be like I didn’t see this coming. I would be like Vanessa’s gone rogue .. then we get out one of the boys and next week we get out Audrey. Because we know what Audrey is like. Austin says that they’re all telling me I’m safe and I know its bullsh*t. I already told Johnny Mac I am not using him as a pawn. I’m sick of it. I told Jackie she is safe with me. Austin says I still don’t like that Audrey is throwing my name under the bus.

2:25am In the HOH room – Steve leaves. Austin and Vanessa talk. Austin says that either Jeff is either really really good or he is legitimately coming over to this side. He came up to me and told me he thinks Liz has a twin. He started telling me all the signs. I just pretended I didn’t know anything. He said that if it is true then we need to work together .. and then we could have then both in jury house. Jackie had a good conversation with me too. About how Audrey and Steve need to go and that Steve is throwing me under the bus. Vanessa says Steve just told me he is happy you and I won HOH because he has no one. Austin says everyone wants Steve up and a pawn. Vanessa says that’s what they want. Its not good for us. If you want to listen to them, I will do the dirty work. James joins them. James tells her about how Jason told him that Day was the one that had the phone power. James says I have always been up front and honest with you and I’ve never said anything bad about you. Vanessa says the Audrey is a slipper piece of soap .. but its more like a gun if you drop it, it could go off and hurt someone.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 02-21-44-065

2:40am Austin talks to Meg. Meg says for me I love Jeff he is fine but I mean I haven’t seen anything that he has been disloyal about. You are also someone that once you gave me your word I believed you. I like the game player that you are .. that I assume you are. I think Audrey would be a great idea. Austin says I think she would be a great backdoor plan. Me and Vanessa need to come up with pawns. Vanessa and I haven’t talked much yet but that is the plan. My idea was to put up Steve and a pawn. Austin says Vanessa said I could stay up here too if I get dethroned. I think we will be on the same page. I don’t think she would use you as a pawn but I don’t know. Meg says I just don’t want to be know as the pawn girl.

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I don’t know what side to root for: I don’t like Clay and Shelli on one side and Jeff and James on the other. I guess, I’ll just root for Dr. John.



That guy is a goof. I cant bear to listen to him, he is almost as bad as Rachael. His game play has been horrible. He must be hilarious on the live feeds, because I don’t understand his following?!


I don’t understand JohnnyMac’s appeal at all. NOTHING against him though. But people seem to root for him because he speaks with a funny voice? I haven’t seen any smart moves coming from him and the only thing that made me go YEAH was when he said in the DR that he’d not throw the veto for Clay. I’d LOVE to see Clay leaving before him though. I can’t hardly wait for the day Clay will get burned by all of his “friends.” Hopefully Shelli will still be in the house… so I can see her cry just like I loved watching GinaMarie crying seeing all her friends being kicked out of the house. LOL!




When the heck did Meg grow some balls?! Lol. Please go up to the HOH with that attitude and be thrown up on the block as pawn again. Know your roll!!!!


Go team Austin and Vanessa!!


Exactly… although I welcome her idea of splitting the twins, lol, I think she should keep just being what Da said she is: a pretty pawn. But please evict Clay BEFORE the pretty pawn.


Aww how cute, Meg doesn’t want to be a pawn. Too late sweetie, you’re already the next jenn city.

Jeff for Eviction 2015

Why are these people going after Steve? Like he’s the last person to be concerned about. He’s just awkward. Awkward people exists.


Steve looks just like my son, acts just like, nerdy, mathematical, and plays the tuba…guarantee you that Steve has Asperger’s syndrome, a mild case of autism…not very social, doesn’t really like to be touched, is an observer and a loner…for the fact that he even is trying to play this game, I give him props…it takes a lot for him to be there.


*trombone duh lol…


Totally agree with you! I said the same thing when I saw steve on the premiere. As a special education teacher I’ve had several students with Asperger’s syndrome and I can only imagine how steve feels in the house. I thought it was a pretty big step outside of his comfort zone to even enter the house and play the game at all so I give him major props too. Even if he doesn’t win the money or make it that far, he will come away from this with social skills he never had before and can use in his life.


I hope they get rid of the Battle of the Block soon, all they do is throw comps anyway it’s so annoying. To me it’s just a waste of time.


It is stupid. Enough of the so called twist already!


Also Grodner is a self centered, delusional and egotistical twat-face so it’s not surprising she’s continuing this twist.


…but the BoB is a fan favorite!

I guess that meant they were able to find a fan who liked it…Mango?


My god Austin is a loose cannon. Really dude u are thinking of working with Jeff and Jackie? Austin of course trusts Nessa but this idiot is always trying to get in good with all sides. Why do people think this helps them? Smmfh. Then he goes back to almost listening to everyone and targeting Steve. Nessa shouldnt have to wake this lurch up every five secs about everything.
Nessa of course has plans for when to drop kick Lurch outta there. That’s down the road though.

Jeff: “of course everyone should just go with what the house wants. Going against it just causes a war” lmmfao he is so scared that Audrey and Steve arent the targets. Jeff heres a hint your stupid Meg Jackie and James are not “the house”. And Jeff also knows Nessa runs shit and this idiot will now try n weasel in with her. Though really she is who wants out bad! Way more than Audrey or Steve or Becky.

Out of Meg, Jeff, Jackie, James, Jason. Jason is the only one Nessa is even thinking of taking far into this game.


“Lurch”…. Lmao!!!!


What is the twin twist? What was the purpose of the twin switches and secracy, if their are no consequences of being exposec? The whole house knows, and still nothing happens! At least big brother UK bring both twins in from the beginning and count them as 1!


Is this the Liz twin that likes to be touched by Austin? because I thought she was just telling Vanessa, Meg, and Shelli that she don’t like him touching her at night.


I’m probably going to regret this but Audrey is in the best position to win in a way. How this season is going is that everyone is try to break down each other’s side and there not looking in the middle Becky Steve aurdey John etc


I think Day called it right. Did you see the look on Julie’s face when she said it? I think Audrey will be in the final two because no one will nominate her, because they’re all waiting on the next person to do it, and the ones like Meg and Jeff that will put her up won’t win HOH. I think BB has this year planned as usual, because of the politics in the news now with the LBGT community and with Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. I think BB is making a statement. I think they’re protecting Audrey. When has anyone ever been on BB and has been blatantly and knowingly by everyone to be a liar and untrustworthy yet they don’t get them out and in this case nominate her! So I think Day was on to something.


No silly, that is NOT why they are not targeting her. Audrey is a lone wolf with no one willing to work with her. No one buys anything she says. Yes she can cause panic and havoc but has absolutely no pull in the house. Why take out someone who is working by yourself when there are a group of people working together that are specifically targeting you? It makes no sense. Yes if Audrey were to win HOH it would be scary but with dual HOH’s it doesn’t really matter because she can easily be dethroned. However, if Jeff, James, Meg, Jason, or Jackie win HOH they are going after Van and Austin. Audrey will always be a big target. She is going to go home as soon as 1 of 2 things happen 1 A floater wins HOH and doesn’t want to cause waves (Becky, Johnny, Steve) or 2 The alliances that have formed have enough numbers to control the house (which is in a couple weeks).


Let’s be clear, I did not say that’s why they’re nominating or evicting her, if you read what I wrote I said Big Brother is keeping her safe because of all that’s going on in the news now with the LGBT community and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Last week EVERYONE wanted Audrey out then all of a sudden Shelli talked Becky into believing Audrey was still the target so she was dethroned. No What I am saying is production is helping take the target off Audrey and each week they are going to target and vote out other people so Audrey can win, and if she gets to final 2 she will win because no one nominated or voted her out even with all her lies. They know who she is. What you see is what you get it’s not longer a secret of how she’s playing the game and production is going to help her win because they will say she’s the first Transgender person to win and with that being talked about in the news I just think BB is helping her out. That is what I meant by Day called it right. She just said the house won’t vote her out I agree with her because of the reason but I think BB don’t want her to get voted out because of who she is.


They are not nominating her because they know what she is about and keeping her keeps the attention off some people. I would get rid of Jeff before Audrey because he is more of a threat to people’s games than she is.


But I could also see Audrey going out in a double eviction. A simple target for someone who didn’t have enough time to strategize or doesn’t want to cause waves.

Eric CA

I just noticed something… Vanessa said that Meg just regurgitated what Jeff and James told her. I started to think… that is a total misconception Jeff and James regurgitated what Meg said. Right after the HoH Meg was talking to Jeff and James and as soon as she was safe she started to talk to Jeff and James about Liz… they then regurgitated it. I am really going to have to go back in time and see James and Meg talk about Jace… I would not be at all surprised that she did not plant that seed while James was creepily hitting on her.

Now she is talking about Vanessa, now watch Vanessa is going to be a bigger and bigger target. She looks on the outside to be sweet as sugar and and twice as nice…. but I noticed that she has an almost pathological ability to sit in a room with someone look like they are cool, leave the room and plant seeds that show how little she thinks of them. She is so good at it Vanessa hasn’t eve picked up on and she has picked up on Johnny Mac having a side, Jackie can be un-readable (if I had NOT watched her and Jeff on Amazing Race I would totally be one of those people who think she is this Seasons Victoria… she isn’t.). Watch out for Meg she is so subtle with it you can barely notice it but she runs Jeff and James, plays those guys like puppets and then acts like they are the boss. I really wish the house would have kept Da’Vonne… Meg is just the kind of trouble that can ruin a perfectly good Season.

Walt Kowalski

Unless this recap is incorrect, It was Austin that said Meg regurgitated, If Meg spoke to Austin after Jeff & James then to Austin she is regurgitating what he already heard from those two. I personally don’t see Meg as any kind of threat, and if she has any control over Jeff & James it’s “The Power of the Pussy”, they haven’t gotten it, but they want it and could be led around just hoping she’ll crack, but probably never will. They both think they’re gifts to women, Jeff is beside himself how no woman in there is up all over him, he thinks he’s irresistible, should have a showmance(his first choice Liz/Julia) by now and James is into Meg, he’s just a perverted creep. I just don’t see Meg be a formidable foe in this game, it’s a wind tunnel between her ears. GO VANESSA!

Eric CA

Not really…. For some reason during the first week of the feeds Meg started to st off all of my Big Brother warning signals. It baffled me because I thought “Nah, she is the Nicole or Jordan of this Season she is the nice girl, I’ll want to root for, not the Amanda or the Rachel… she’s the Jordan. I then started to notice Jackie and think this isn’t the same Jackie from Amazing Race… maybe it was just the constant adrenaline of Amazing Race that brought out that side of Jackie more. Then I started to notice some other things…. damn, she runs those boys, she plants the seeds and bam. It is subtle but it will become more and more obvious. Meg, Jackie and Vanessa are the bosses and Johnny Mac he is the smiling Ninja… they will never see him coming then game over.
Meg isn’t stupid, she just has a voice and looks that makes people think sweet good girl… but watch out for. Looks can be really deceiving. I am usually not wrong about these things.


Not to mention she is a friend of a friend of Frankie aka she is friends with Frankie.. that is all I need to know to dislike her.


Jesus, Austin! Get your paws off Liz!
How does he not realize that she’s not into him?! Jiz seriously need to speak up, even if this is a game and they’re scared of upsetting him. And his girlfriend seriously needs to reevaluate their relationship. Unless this is for strategic purposes, which I doubt. I don’t see how those unprompted advances further his game, because none of those girls are interested.

I agree with that one comment that it’s hard to root for either side. One the one hand there’s Jeff & James and on the other Clay & Austin. That’s like choosing shit vs. diarrhea for me…


I liked The Bomb squad better. The HOHs this year all act like they have divine powers while everyone goes up to see them and grovel. A real game turn off !


Austin is lucky that he hooked up with Vanessa if not he would be making a lot of mistakes. He really does need her to guide him throughout this game. Also there is a video on youtube on John playing guitar, he is really good!


I agree, he sometimes seems more socially inept and out of tune than Steve.


I want Vanessa to be hoh this week. She looks more inclined to make a big move than austin. He seems to be buying some of jeff’s BS which is bad.

Scooter McGavin

They should let the houseguests vote for which twin they want to stay in the house. Julia would probably win.


This is going exactly how BB should go. Don’t know who to root for because the people you like are tied to people you don’t. Although the twin thing didn’t go as the producers probably wanted it to, it has really shaken things up.

I think JohnnyMac deserves a bonus in the next power rankings for spotting that crown on #9. I know that’s his job, but that little piece of info can prove 100% that they’re twins. Vanessa needs to get to him quick so he can say that the crown is always there and squash the twin deal.

I know it’s very early, but Vanessa has proven (to the viewers) to be a force and a master schemer, without mistreating or straight up lying to anyone. If anybody watching doesn’t like her, I want to know why.


Like Da, I think John should have kept that info he discovered on Liz to himself for awhile and see he if could have used it to his advantage.


Dawg what the heck happened on live feeds last night? It is all over TMZ about Julia and Jeff and apparently social media wants Jeff removed?


I just saw that too! WTF??


What is she talking about? Could someone clue in a non feeder I don’t wanna have to atch TMZ. Thank You



I watch the feeds during this supposed incident and I dont’ think Jeff did what they are saying he did.


I saw it and I agree with Simon. Tmz would do/say anything for the clicks.


Agreed.. Jeff might be doing creepy things but I didn’t see it in that video


I came here looking for the same answer and couldn’t find it in the feed recaps. From what I see, she was in bed with Austin, not Jeff.


If you go to TMZ they have the clip, he was Jeff NOT Austin and it ooks like it is true to me.

I survived last seasons BB

I saw that too !! Looks like Jeff just got Himself beat….lol


I came here looking for the same thing! From what I see, she was in bed with Austin and not Jeff. Not sure when it supposedly happened though?


There’s video of Liz/Julia laying in bed with her back turned towards Jeff and you can see the hand movements (you can tell he’s masturbating) and then after he c*ms, he wipes it on her back and then tells her she has some kind of stain on her backā€¦ it is really disgusting.


TMZ has already showed a different angle, and the stain was there previously, and the hand gestures were not shown. It even said in the article, that it was a very short time he was moving his hands under the covers, he could have been adjusting or scratching. I dont think this is true.

Better Than Last Year

EWWWWWWWWWWW! Just saw the thing on TMZ with Jeff & Lizia !
That should get him thrown out of the house !!!!!!!!!!!
It’s like peeing on someone only worse. This guy is deranged…………


I want Jeff to go home this week

free folk

I found myself not knowing who to root for last in who would make this week interesting and just dredge through. Shelli/clay were o.k. I like the not going with the house and trying to draw lines in the sand but can’t really stand to watch them…yawnville for me. Clay does make me laugh once in awhile but not his intention I’m sure,wish he would just be 23 instead of trying to be “mature 23” for shelli,like his loose lips she keeps trying to shut…at least it stirs the pot..She is as interesting as a cardboard cut out to me. Would have like to she how she reacts when in real danger of being put up and I really think Clay has the potential for popcorn feed worthy hissy fits if either were in trouble,so kinda sorry “their side” won,but perhaps another week.
Am loving the Van insight right now…she’s enough to make up for being so calm..she does bring entertainment to the feeds for me,Austin is..eeehhh…but liked him better since winning…schemer more then I though. Don’t care if jeff or james goes..both gross..but jeff does stir things up and for me that’s what’s worth watching..realizing backdoor should be gold on feeds…don’r care to label people “good people” that should go far…would rather see people that add to the feed tension go far…furniture jackie can go..please.
I think I just talked myself into Van for the win..maybe johnny mac…I enjoy his randomness…nice reprieve for a the liz crown thing…but Van is playing to win in a smart entertaining way.even if she drags dead weight shelli/clay( i refuse to use showmance name.who are they kidding??) for awhile and her winning would be lovely to pie in the face all the people who think “deserving” in “need the money” should win. Let her take the money back to her Vegas mansion laughing all the way…deserving the win and cudos for not snuggling to get to the win..strong game/strong woman….finally!


I’m confused who’s the real target for both Austin and Vanessa? It should be Jeff or it will be a wasted HOH! They keep throwing James name around but he’s no real threat right now either is Audrey!


Last I heard (which this may have changed) plan A was Jeff, plan B was James, and plan C was Jason.


Wait, did Jeff really wipe his semen on Liz? People were talking about it happening at about 8:20 last night on camera 3…. that’s effed up


I checked out the clip on TMZ and it looked like that to me! You can see the blanket moving back and forth like he was working the wood and then wipes it on her back. (she is laying facing the other way and has a headband over her eyes.) This jerk-off (pun intended) is a real scumbag. Why any of those girls knowing what a sexist pig he is anyway would even allow him to lay in bed with them is beyond me. He thinks he is some god’s gift to women but most of the comments I see about him from women is they do not even think he is slightly attractive. I hope he is the main target this week. He is gunning for Vanessa anyway and his comment about going up there and telling her if she doesn’t put up/ evict Audrey that she is next. (both him and Meg made similar comments) He should have won the HOH and evicted her if he wanted. Who is he to demand anyone do anything? I disliked him and James already for their treatment and view of women and this here is a new low even for him.


Who do these people think they are that they are going to go upstairs and DEMAND Audrey or Steve be evicted! Can’t wait to see if they try that shit on Vanessa. If we think Da had a mouth on her, just wait till this happens. James/Meg/Jeff are idiots if they think this would fly. I’ll tell you, it certainly wouldn’t work with me.


Thats 2nd degree sexual assault! Get this pathetic sick loser out of there! All jokes aside he should be charged for this and jailed. I can see him trying to say he was just joking around. This is clear assault. And those that think it’s not need to first check themselves then study sexual assault laws.

I’m totally sickened by this and embarrassed to be a fan of the show right now.

He isn’t even worth mentioning any longer. His family I feel bad for that they are related to this sick pathetic fuck.

Yes…I’m pissed a woman got sexually assaulted in the house. Beside myself actually.


Who’s getting the golden edit…… for a change a fan fav. I watch CBS in part to see the DR and what lines their given ect. Johnnie Mac might as well be god(should get a hash tag) as his DR stuff is very funny. If only he had a partner to play off of. Best DR stuff since Brit(smile).
If he can get off the pawn stars show and get back to BB 101 he can be great entertainment this season. Very dry sense of humour. I’m not a fool production likely feeding him most of the material but it’s very good!
Nessa to getting a fan fav label early. I think a Nessa HOH and Audrey not getting evicted could spell BB trouble for her. If James goes though it would give her an even better chance to reel in Jason. These 2 might have a little chemistry.


Well another BB season and another series of misfired and failed twists. BOB twist, we hated it so much last year that AG brought it back again. Twin twist, exposed before second eviction happened. At least it lasted longer than Annie the Saboteur. Last laugh? That might have been fun if the house was split and if there was any chance at all of Day staying, but thanks to BOB, there is a herd mentality for fear of pissing someone off and being one of the BOB noms next week. That twist was doomed to fail because of that fan favorite that we just can’t get enough of, the battle of the block. You hear that sound? It’s the sound of fizzling twists.

I think they should do a season where they tell the HG that there will be more game changing twists than ever to make everyone paranoid, and then just let them play the game, maybe throw in some tasks that have no purpose to keep them guessing. No wizard powers, slop passes, have nots, last laughs, America’s player, twins, exes, pairs, double evictions, returnee hasbeens or family members. Just let them play the freaking game expecting the unexpected and scared of the next twist that never happens. Get rid of the twists and shake up the same tired old competitions with something new. But this is Grodbeast’s show, and I should know better than to expect the unexpected.


I can’t wait to see who they put up on the block. I kinda think it’s smart of them to backdoor their targets, but that strategy is getting kinda old. They have 3 threats in the house Audrey, Jeff, and Clay why not put up one of the treats on the block and if things don’t work out put up the other threat as a replacement? Vanessa could put up Audrey and Meg while Austin puts up Clay and Jackie. That way both threats could be teamed up with the weakest player. If Clay and Jackie wins- Audrey and Meg stays on the block. If POV is won by someone else other than Audrey and Meg the nominations can be kept the same and everyone will most likely vote Audrey out. However if Audrey wins POV Jeff can be the replacement. If Meg wins POV which I don’t see happening Shelly could be the replacement since she’s never gotten put up. Now if Audrey and Meg wins the BOB Jeff or Clay is the target depending on who wins the POV. Man I wish I was HOH.

Tony B

Back door is safest way. Even if you split two up, one can win BOB and other could win veto or have Veto holder save them. The BOB has moved the game to the back door plan.