Big Brother 17 Week 3 plan “It’s going to be like a bomb” Vanessa

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

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8:10pm Liz, Becky and Jeff
Jeff saying he didn’t recognize “Gronk” Liz didn’t either.
Becky – Super bowl champion
Jeff says he liked College football moore

Liz – In 5 minutes i’m going to change positions
Jeff – Yeah you are.. hehehe
Jeff thought there was going to be more votes to evict Meg, “Day was doing some serious insane campaigning’
Jef says Da’s eviction speech was nasty he didn’t like that.

Jeff – If she was pointing a finger she should have pointed to Shelli and Clay
Jeff doesn’t think the Speech was a game move it was a personal move a Personale l vendetta
Liz – might as well go out with a bang right.

Liz says she took a peek outside and say the audience.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 20-24-34-424_jpg

8:24pm JohnnyMac and Audrey

Audrey thought he threw the HOH because he did so good in the practice. He didn’t throw it. Audrey now calling him psychic because during the practice he arranged the bins the same as tonight’s instead of all random.
They start speculating about the twist. Audrey thinks they will have a luxury competition.
JOhnnyMac says he talks to Vanessa so he doesn’t think he’s going up but if he does well it’s nothing new.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 20-47-49-409_jpg

8:38pm Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa says she’s got a plan she only needs 10 minutes to explain,
Austin – I’m worried about Jeff
Vanessa – He’s a target
Austin – What’s he doing in the bed with liz
VAnessa – I want to smack her
Vanessa says Julia sleeps more than Liz, “When liz coming back”
Vanessa – Tomorrow

Austin says this is the other side’s worst nightmare.
Austin – Audrey’s already starting
Explains she’s saying Clay is bummed out James didn’t win the HOH
Vanessa – we can’t target her
Austin – I know it would be stupid

Austin – we got the luck on our side.. now we gotta roll

VAnessa says her number one target is James personally but Jeff strategically. Says JAmes is the only one in the house she doesn’t like
Austin mentions how James and Jeff are telling him they got my back
Austin – I’m not putting up any Steve or Johnnymac there side only

Austin says if Jeff goes Jackie is lost.
Austin says Johnnymac threw the HOH 100%, “He’s been told by everyone he’s good.. they’ve done more manipulation on him than we realize”

Austin laughs says Steve hit the camera (During the HOH competition)
Vanessa is excited for the week she’s going to make some deals.

Vanessa says it’s better for her to keep the power because he can play in the next HOH plus he has more relationships than her.
Austin – they want me to be HOH because they think I’ll do what they want..
Vanessa is certain Jeff is coming after Austin she knows a lot more she’ll tell him when they get their HOH rooms. Austin is pissed he wanted to work with Jeff.
Vanessa tells him if she gets the HOH he should still sleep up there so they can talk
Vanessa’s first goal is to find out who won the Last Laugh.
Austin wishes they can just sit Audrey down and tell her to stop starting rumors she’s making it really hard for them to “Do sh1t”
VAnessa saying Clay and Shelli are Great allies they can win sh1t.

Audrey – everyone thinks we’re backdooring Audrey …
Vanessa – It’s going to be like a bomb
Austin – Hell ya

Julia joins them. They start thinking about what to do If the twins get figured out.
Vanessa says she has a backup plan. Liz and Austin go make a side deal.
Austin – you have it all figued out all I do is work out
Liz – Steve’s scared .. No..
Austin – He should be i’m going to terrorize his ass
Austin – Finally I’m not going to be in the dark

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8:54pm Meg and Jason whispering Steve listening in. (Nothing really huge and I doubt he heard most of it)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 21-25-52-125_jpg

9:21pm Meg, Jeff, James and Jason
Meg – Can you guys put shirts on
James can you put a shirt off
Jeff and James meet Clay in the bedroom.
Jeff saying he’s been grilling Liz and finding she’s slipping up, ‘She doesn’t know anything about the shrine Jace made’
Clay – that’s not concrete enough..
James and Clay say Liz might not be too bright and just forgot about it.
Jeff – Maybe too many moly pills
Jeff keeps saying there’s ton of stuff he’s noticing

Jeff says the liz in the house right now is the one that liked Jace
Clay doing his best to deflect and reduce Jeff’s Twin paranoia.

James says he’s going to be looking fro a red dot on the right foot.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 21-32-31-579_jpg
Vanessa and Austin get their HOH room

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 21-39-30-126_jpg
Dear Austin

Never thought you would make it here today good jobs on your HOH Victory. Please try to stay as long as possible because we’re all thinking of renting out your room and try to win some money you’re going to need it. Eli (My Brother) has been training Jordan and he’s up to a 80lb max on his bench. We’re all following your workout routines and taking good care of your gymnastic rings. Toby and Clyde your little doggies miss your scratches and party time. Seriously you are doing a great job and we’re proud of you stay positive..

Much love from all of us XOXOXOX

Austin – Ok that;s encouraging I have messed up

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 21-35-52-007_jpg

Vanessa’s letter
My Beautiful Baby that we miss so much I would like to start by saying how proud I am of you It’s been a lot harder than I thought not being able to talk to you family misses you incredible Bear and maverick lying at the door waiting when moms coming back his face on my hand as i’m writing this also baby i when you’re feeling down. (Vanessa – Bear’s the 125lb mastiff is so funny)
you’re so beautiful stay strong

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Give me thumbs down!


I just did…

Sarah's weed stash

I see what you did there 😉


Vanessa is going to win BB 17


This week’s Takeover seems weak…I think there is way more to it than just no have nots…if its party week, they want to stick with the fun theme and how can it be fun if someone leaves…is eviction gonna be cancelled at the last minute???… Lol…total over thinking here….


Maybe they figured that since this week’s twist, which was pretty cool in theory, flopped – they’d save some of the other major twists for later on lol. That said though – forget all those people saying that they should have saved the last laugh for later on. Early on in the game is the perfect time to have something like that because there’s a lot of people and lines are usually being drawn (you have to announce it though so people will be willing to potentially “vote against the house”). If you have it later on then it becomes too powerful and even more of a obvious rig-tool.

Lol at only Clay knowing who the Takeover Host for this week was.


If the twist is the eviction is cancelled… It definitely won’t flop….lol…


I thought that’s what they were gonna do with Davonne! Production Davonne about Liz/Julia – didn’t work. Production give Davonne the last laugh – didn’t work. Umm….Production cancels eviction and Clay goes home lol!


Super happy Vanessa and Austin won – they need to use this to secure things with Shelli and Clay.

As for Jeff v. James for the main target – even though James has proven to be a better physical and slightly better strategic player thus far, I think keeping Jeff the main target is smart because he talks so much and it isn’t smart to keep two Audrey-type players in the house. That said, I’m guessing the POV is going to be designed for either Jeff or James to win it – so backdooring the real target might be smart this week.

Also….who exactly doesn’t know about the twin twist….Jackie lol? People are talking about it like it’s a secret, but doesn’t everyone already kinda know? And doesn’t Liz/Julia know that everyone knows? (Except Jackie who is automatic Final Three as the floater at this point).


Jackie, Becky, Steve and Johnny Mac are the coasters of this season. Audrey, Shelli and Clay are the floaters. Jason, Meg, Jeff and James are aligned and are the “insiders” while Vanessa, Austin, and Liz are the “outsiders.” In order for them to successfully remove one of the insiders they need to put up each of the four of them in the final block, by putting a “pawn” that is not a part of that core four this HOH could potentially blow in Vanessa or Austin’s faces. The coasters will be the swing votes this week and could potentially exposes Shelli and Clay playing both sides.


This was like the 5th episode that we didn’t see Jackie at all. Is she like in a corner talking to herself??

Big bro

Jackie is the new Victoria


I do not know who to freaking root for it is pissing me off. I can’t find someone I really like! Anyone else having this problem?


I just know who to root for to be evicted, Clay!


I am having the same problem, there are some I am okay with, but no one I would really like to go all the way


I actually really like Vanessa. She reminds me of Derrick except she’s not a pompous jerk.


Lol, I think I’m having the same problem too. I was actually rooting for da to stay so her and Audrey might do some damage teaming up.


This is an unlikeable season.

Eric CA

I am having the same problem… Becky, Shelli, Meg and Liz/Julia have clumped into the same girl for me. (Something about Meg… don’t know what it is but she is the one I feel is going to ruin this Season for me… I don’t even trust her diary rooms.)

Jason and Johnny Mac who seem to be be very popular… I just don’t get it right now, maybe later…. who knows.

Jeff and Jackie: If you watched Amazing Race you will notice that Jackie is pulling the wool over everyones eyes. I think she is just kicking back and letting Jeff screw himself over… trust me you think Jackie is this Seasons Victoria… but she isn’t.
Jeff, OMG he is the travel size douche bag… I had such high hopes for him and nothing but disappointment.

Shelli and Clay, are poor strategists. They sent someone out, because Shelli thought that Da’Vonne was coming for her…. based on information provided by Audrey who is a notorious crap take that twisted everything… Shell had a front row seat for Audrey twisting the Becky is a racist thing. Perhaps Shelli thought Da’Vonne was gunning for Clay… mommies precious little boy. Truth is those two were NOT Da’Vonnes targets… they made a HUGE mistake strategically. Clay… pretty to look at but hell to be aliened with… that kid is a motor mouth.

Steve: disposable.

Vanessa, Austin: God I want to like them… still only on the fence…. but I will say I am probably closest to liking them than anybody else. I think Vanessa plays the best game in the house… and Austin… I am gay what can I say…. and I always found pretty boys boring so this Season he is my guy. Strategically he is thiking of getting rid of Jeff now. Smart to not miss the opportunity. Jeff is the type of Houseguest you take out when you can and Hope to god they don’t come back… or you will have missed your opportunity and he may be there longer than you.


Vanessa is going to turn the house upside down…. I can’t wait … I really hope Jeff or Jackie go home this week….because the amazing race twist was stupid…Jackie is a big time floater and should have been sent home before Jace & da


Why in the world would you waste an HOH evicting Jackie! The only real couple in the house needs to be split and then Liz needs to go before you have two of her annoying voices in the house!!!


finally an alliance that seems to be working.
Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia seem to all be protecting each other. Clay deflecting the paranoia seems to support that. Hopefully they all make it far.


Yuk! I hope they all choke on their huge egos. I cant stand the fact that Shelli is suddenly worried about being perceived as a a bad guy b/c she put a very popular player on the block. She and Austin seem unable to come to terms with the fact that Da’Vonne had a lot of supporters. Shelli was so certain Da’ Vonne was the correct target all week and couldn’t be swayed from her choice to put her up — so just own it already. Vanessa seems to already have a huge case of hoh-itis this week. and she isn’t even the sole HOH yet. Also, all Austin does is complain , work out and put his sweaty body all over the furniture . As for Clay, well its obvious he’s’ going to go down in flames sooner than later because he cant keep his intel to himself. I don’t expect this alliance to last long at all–too many chiefs. I get the twins are votes right now, but they are a PAIR that has a bond and an advantage no one else in the house will have. I don’t understand how keeping them benefits anyone’s game in the long term. Yet another season of the ‘cool kids’ on a power trip. Hoping John, Steve, Becky and crazy Audrey make it to final 4.


Hoping production makes it that if u win comps there will be rewards. Enough of this throwing comps. There are some people who just can’t help themselves.


I hate the throwing competitions thing too. It’s way too easy to just sit back and do nothing all season, then suddenly perk up when there’s only 5 people left in the house.


Also, Ian suggested that the whole no Have-Not thing might mean they’ll have a confinement in the have-not room.


Hope they will do the dance party music isolation Dan had to do in BB14. That was hilarious.


I just wanted that one of you explained to me why people hate Steve so much. Last week girls couldn’t look at him. Seems cruel since – from what I can see/read – dude does nothing and is just trying to socialize (something he doesn’t seem to have a clue about).


so Audrey gets another free pass. Do these people not get it, if they keep letting her skate she is going ALL the way to the end. Man they are stupid players! Might as well just end the show now.

I agree with Da when she said they re afraid to go after her because she is transgender, it should have nothing what so ever to do with it, it make me sad that it does, but you can see it happening.


the houseguests not targeting Audrey is not because of her being transgender. Da’ was absolutely wrong with that comment. It has everything to do with the fact that their are much more threatening people such as Jeff and James who are playing the game pretty well compared to Audrey who is known as a person not to be trusted and whose cards are all shown.
The houseguests not putting up Audrey is based purely on strategic purposes.


I think what Day said came across very harshly, but wasn’t what she meant. I think she meant that people are hesitant to put up Audrey, because they are scared of the backlash that would/might generate outside in the real world.

When Caitlyn Jenner debuted her new self in Vanity Fair, there was a tremendous public support. Rightfully so. They probably assume the same goes for Audrey, which you could argue is a bit biased since they are two different people. In todays very pc society everything they say or do gets documented and scrutinized on the internet/twitter.

And, besides winning the money most if not all of them are there to gain some fame. They will all have social media accounts. So I don’t think it’s unfathomable to think that some of them don’t want to be the person to be responsible for the eviction of THE FIRST transgender contestant on Big Brother and attest some truth to that theory. At least this early on. Remember, Shelli specifically said that she doesn’t want to be responsible for Audrey’s eviction. Clay said in a Preseason-Interview that he would rather be beloved by America than win the money.

I don’t want to generalize. I don’t think that this applies to all of them. For example I don’t think that Vanessa & Austin targeting Jeff instead of Audrey is strictly a strategic move, because once Audrey is gone the target would move over to their Alliance (with Austin & Jiz). But that’s just my own personal opinion.

PS: Hooray if their plan goes through, because I can’t wait till I don’t have to see Jeff’s face again and cringe every time he struggles to read his cue cards in the diary room (otherwise I can’t understand him pausing after every other word)

Brad H

The 6th sense is going to be a strong alliance. I could definitely see them all getting to final 6. Austin, Vanessa, & the twins final 4 pleaseeeeee (I know I’ve said it a few times already today, but I really like those 4) Let’s just hope Shellie & Clay are cut before then before final 6!!!!!!!

Brad H

They may not target her, but CBS wants Audrey to wave that rainbow flag high! CBS wants her for a few more weeks and then she will have served the purpose of Big Brother (1984 not BB17).

(Real) Brad H

Wow you are so cool using my name lol get a life…


Nessa don’t devote too much time to explaining to these fools about how u can get Lizia thru week 5. U have other things to work on. These idiots need so much coaching it cramps Nessa’s style.

Jeff is scared shitless..haha. I am on cloud nine!

Meg, James, Jason, Jeff, Jackie are gona get picked off one by one and I am gona LOVE every friggin’ second of it!

Johnny will slide thru for a bit but he is out when time is right. I don’t like him and I know many here do but u will learn soon. He is just as bad as the crew above and basically one of them.

Bb fan us and can

I really don’t understand how people don’t like Shelli and Clay. They aren’t mean and play the game. Da was gunning after those two, so they wanted her out. Da ruined her trust with Shelli, when Da didn’t choose Shelli or Audrey for the fast forward and when she blew up on Clay. What I don’t understand is how so many people on here like Da. She was rude and took things to personally. She made comments that crossed the line sometime(not always). Yes, I did like some of her rants but she wasn’t a good person- she is just entertaining. She wasn’t a good player, because she didn’t know when to keep her mouth closed. However, I will give her that she could read people well and see when she was being lied too. I get BB isn’t about always being nice, but I can respect certain people as players and I respect Shelli, Clay, Austin and Vanessa’s as players. Let the thumbs down beginning. Lol. This is the first time I don’t agree with the majority for favs.


I’m with you. I don’t get why people don’t like them either. Jeff, I get. But Clay doesn’t say the sick crap that Jeff and James say or act creepy like them. And Shelli is never mean like some of the people I’ve seen in the past. If I were Shelli, my target would have been Da as well. Audrey is all alone, but Da actually could’ve gotten Shelli out. I mean, they are not my favorites, but I don’t dislike them either.


And it was stated that da had the house firgured out. So wrong about the house not wanting to evict the transgender!! Da was rough, to aggressive, where I come from we avoid those people. Also, answering that she wouldn’t change her play was absurd! One of those people that will never acknowledge their actions.


I was a little dumbfounded by her answer too. She acknowledged it’s what most likely got her evicted, but then says she wouldn’t change it? Um, are you here to play a game and win money, or be yourself? Not sure you can really do both on Big Brother.


Meg, could YOU please put a shirt on??? Her boobs were way distracting in tonights episode. Austin and Vanessa both winning HOH was the best thing ever. Jeff cuddling up with Liz (Julia?) to get on their teams good side??? Gross. I want a real twist like Jeff and Jackie are actually secretly married. I want Clay and Shelli out more than anyone. If someone like Steve ends up going home this week instead of all the huge glaring targets I will poop


Nice Slut-Shaming…it’s on you that her “boobs were distracting”. The men walk around shirtless all the time. Grow up. She looked cute and she has the right to wear whatever she wants. If you are not mature enough to not be distracted by a woman’s breasts then you are obviously still a pubescent child.


I found the delightfully distracting! They are real and spectacular! I like Meg she is cute and quirky. She may be a little annoying to some but seems like a sweet honest girl. I see she gets a lot of hate on the web but she is not mean or catty with the other girls. Someone said she is too perky and always laughing at stuff even when it is not funny. Personally I would rather be around that then someone who is always bitching and complaining or talking sh*t about others. I personally have not seen any of that from her.


I have a feeling this week is gonna be boring


Go ahead and thumbs me down but i honestly don’t see the appeal with John. For one thing he’s not that entertaining and his personality comes off as rather annoying and jittery. He’s doing nothing else and he’s not as close with Shelli/Clay as he thinks he is so he has no true alignment to anyone. He’s just there.
As for competitiveness, he clearly threw that last HoH and has done nothing more but just roam along in the big brother house like it’s summer camp. Don’t get me wrong, he’s nothing at all like Victoria, however i just don’t see whats so great about him.
Someone care to explain?

Pit Boss

Unless he can pull a Keyser Soze on us in the final 2.


How do they know Julia’s name? Did Liz and Julia squeal already? It’s barely been two weeks! and that picture with Jeff, Clay and James in the middle… priceless! I hope James wins.


Clay or Shelli needs to go, why on earth would you leave a couple in the house! Folks need to play more strategic, Shelli keeps saying that Day was coming after her, no she was coming for your man making you a big ass target because you wanna be a cougar! I truly dont get Days nullifications though! I like Jason and Steve they seem to be the only loyal ones imo! If Audrey gets by 3 more weeks she will be in Final 4! I would get shelli or Clay out this week! Point BLank and The Period, lol!


Did Liz/Julia told Austin and Vanessa about the twin twist?