“Dude he’s walking by me glaring at me.. Like a road house bouncer”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 19-44-47-359_jpg

7:45pm Vanessa tells Shelli she has the votes to stay They’ll talk later

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 20-13-44-049_jpg
Julia – I Like Boar… I like Alligator..
Jmac tells her about a place close to where he lived during college that sold Kangaroo, alligator and ostrich.
Jmac – I hate fat in my meat.. “Rawrawrwahaha WQhtrat atha aAA”
Julia jokes says Liz wins everything “I’m the sucky twin. “
Jmac asks her why people call her JU JU
Julia – People just call me that I go with it.
They start talking about Dental school. Jmac says they need a 3.5 GPA science. Jmac says if you want to go to Nova Dental you have to be a hot girl .

(Lot’s of chit chat)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 20-24-26-884_jpg

8:20pm Liz and Julia Hammock

Liz says Clay is a f***G coward “I feel so much more hostile towards Clay.. he hasn’t tried to apologize at least Shelli apologizes,,
Liz says that Clay is telling people they want Austin out.

Austin joins them. Says he told jmac they all thought Shelli and Clay were going to be cool but they were and Austin almost wound up on the block.

Liz – for me personally I’m voting Clay out f*** him
Austin – we don’t want to be here with Clay
Julia says Jmac is saying he’s voting out Shelli, “Johnnymac knows the whole house wants to vote Shelli out”
Austin – the whole house doesn’t want to vote Shelli out
LIz and Austin say they have to really be selective with what they say.
Liz – It’s something we all really need to work on moving forward
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 20-37-49-941_jpg
Julia says Liz and Austin had a cute kiss unlike Shelli and Clay’s kiss
Liz – they’re weird they’re bizarre
Julia – poor kid maybe he’ll get a kiss in ireland
Liz – No they’ll f***
Julia – LIZ
Liz is super pissed that Clay and Shelli sold Austin out.
Julia tells them to stop giving evil stares to Clay.
Julia tells them she’s not voting out Shelli Clay has never talked to her he’s nothing to her.

Liz oh my god guys we need to jedi drilllll.. lets start jedi drillinggggggg
Julia – what’s jedi drilling
Liz – oh my god you re totally slackingggggggggg
LIz explains they study the dates, “Before and Afters”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 20-45-40-379_jpg

Julia heads into the house Liz and Austin start Jedi Drilling

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 20-45-10-379_jpg
8:43pm Clay, Jmac and Steve,

Clay to Steve “Your name never came out of my mouth”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 21-05-28-314_jpg

8:57pm Clay and Vanessa

Vanessa says she’s not scared of James she’ll do whatever the f*** she wants.
Clay thinks he’s staying tells her if him, Jmac or her don’t win the HOH he’ll go up during double eviction.
Clay – I don’t feel like being with anybody.. it’s hard
Vanessa – I know .. it’s not a fun week that’s for sure,.. i’m being left out of every conversation..
Clay says when they enter a room people start to migrate out.
Clay – “People just float to power”
Clay tells her all the good players are going out earlier it’ll be a season of floaters, with Meg, the twins and steve.
Vanessa – do you think Austin and the twins are working with james no
Clay – yes.. the twins float to power
Clay says the twins and Austin have no loyalties with anybody they’re in the Jury they hold 3 votes they are powerful, “No one wants to be the first to take a hit on them”
Clay – they didn’t fight for us even after everything we did for them so .. .
Vanessa – have you talked to Austin
Clay – no.. it will be awkward .. huhummmmmm
Vanessa – he’s pissed
Clay – so are we
Vanessa – he’s willing to forget
Clay – he’s not an asset to me.. so I could care less to talk to him.. only reason would be to relieve the awkwardness.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 21-34-22-582_jpg

9:29pm Shelli and Clay
Shelli says the only person she feel anger towards is James not even Austin.
Clay saying if he stays and wins HOH “they’ll all sing like a mocking bird”
Clay – i’m getting claustrophobic anyways
Shelli – in this house
Clay – ya

Clay says they trust the wrong people “Audrey and Jeff”
Shelli misses her clothes she’s tired of wearing a tank top and yoga pants
Clay – Uhhhhh I just want to take you out on a date

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 21-35-10-580_jpg

9:33pm Meg and JAmes HOH
Meg says Clay is being “Super Awkward.. he’s being silent”
She thinks he just wants to make sure they keep Shelli here. Shelli has been acting normal.

9:40pm Austin and Liz
Austin says Clay is now wanting to stay. Liz has heard from Vanessa.
Austin – that’s so f*** up after making us swear.. Swear to vote him out

Austin is saying Clay doesn’t even look at him he’s acting like f***d and making him uncomfortable. Austin it’s going to talk to james about this. “Like I didn’t something terrible what did I do”
lIZ – Like Chill dog.. from us He’s not getting the votes

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 21-48-41-805_jpg

9:47pm Austin and the twins

Austin is not supporting they blindside JAmes with the Vote. James wants Shelli out it might be best for them to honor that.
Austin – what should we do where should we scamper

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 22-11-32-772_jpg

9:55pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin saying that Shelli/Clay were telling james the twins didn’t like Austin and wanted him out.
Austin – CLay making me feel really uncomfortable right now
Vanessa Says shelli staying is better for her game. Austin is down for that. Vanessa says Austin is in a very powerful position right now nobody wants to take a shot at Austin and the twins risk losing all those Jury votes.

Vanessa thinks Clay’s had some agreement with Meg that goes back early.
Austin – that’s why we’re keeping here (Shelli)
Austin is going to tell James Tomorrow the house is wanting Clay out.
Austin about Clay – he’s showing his age right now
Vanessa – totally
Austin – Finally

Austin says Johnnymac was crying for Shelli and Clay, he’s going to still be close to whoever stays.
Austin doesn’t think the other side of the house will target them he thinks they’ll stick to the plan getting out a floater.
Possible nominations…
Austin – Get Shelli and Johnnymac up..
Vanessa – Steve or Shelli
Austin – If one of us win HOH we’ll put up jackie and Shelli.. Shelli is the pawn.
They’ll tell the house Steve is the Backdoor but it really isn’t
Vanessa- that’s what we’ll say
Austin – Put up Steve and Johnnymac to Backdoor Jackie , There’s other ways we can play this.. POV isn’t played Johnnymac goes home.
Austin – Jmac is still in Shelli’s pocket
Vanessa – that’s why I want him out

Austin doesn’t know what to do with Clay he’s being so awkward, “Dude he’s walking by me glaring at me.. Like a road house bouncer”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 22-21-56-518_jpg

10:19pm Jackie and Austin Bathroom
Talking about CLay not looking at them and being rude
Jackie – they were playing the house
Austin doesn’t know what Clay and Shelli wanted him to do blow up a game to help them, “It’s unreal shows how desperate they are..”
Shelli and Clay were playing both sides of the house and got caught.
Jackie says Clay/Shelli told James Austin was gunning after him and Jackie during the HOH LIz won. Austin says Shelli and CLay were 100% in on the pawns going up that week.
10:34pm Bathroom Liz, Meg,
Meg is saying Clay is ignoring everybody they believe it’s part of his strategy because Shelli is being unusually nice.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 22-40-17-333_jpg

10:36pm Austin and Shelli
Austin says he’s not angry with them “This separates us further and we have the votes moving forward”
Austin says the house thinks Clay is acting like he is so they vote him out, in reality the house is voting you out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 23-02-06-106_jpg
10:45pm Austin and Liz Hammock
Austin says they can work with Shelli after this week not Clay. Austin talked to Shelli he thinks it’s good with her. Even if she’s pissed..
Austin – it’s doesn’t matter we’re still a power couple a power trio.. three votes in jury badda bing badda boom

Austin tells her Freaks and geeks controls the vote this week. Liz wants Shelli to stay she thinks the girls want Shelli out because of jealousy reasons. Liz adds JAckie and Becky like how Clay looks and want to keep him in the house.

11:01pm Vanessa, Austin and Liz
Vanessa says Clay hates Austin
Liz – Oh my god he has to go now
Vanessa – he’s convinced you did something
Austin – I tried to help him..
Vanessa – talking to them is like talking to landmines.

Austin – he’s dumb I’m voting him out.. sorry this guy’s enemy number one he’s coming after me
Vanessa – he’s wild card enough to put you up he’s got a backdoor deal with James
Austin – Is Steve good
Vanessa – I think so
Austin says if JAmes tries to get upset because they are voting a different way they can remind him his HOH rein is over.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 23-45-46-584_jpg
11:45pm A praying mantis is found.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 23-58-17-739_jpg

The praying mantis name is “Pery”

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Now they’re keeping Clay???? Shelli and Vanessa have mastered manipulation. Can Austin be any more of a lap dog? This is annoying now, the cast sucks.


Sorry people, I’ve got a lot of thumbs down for saying Shelli is staying but mark my word, CLAY is going home. Hate it but it’s bible


where are you getting that? vanessa seems to want shelli to stay and she controls the votes of steve, austin, and the twins.

Help Me Understand!

Can someone tell me…is it after this eviction or the next when they head to jury? And will the next eviction be double eviction? This group goes back and forth so much, it’s hard to keep track of what’s what.
Thanks in Advance people.


The speculation is next week starts jury and will be a double eviction based on previous seasons. Production hasn’t said one way or another yet.

bb canada usa

austin is a creep……go Julia go

Audreys Balls

Argh!! This whole house is full pf IDIOTS!!


Austin is the ULTIMATE douchebag.
Liz is a conceited bitchy girl.
They deserve each other.


I agree, Austin is a jerk. He gets so upset when Shelly/Clay campaign like no one stoops lower. Just last week he was crying real tears like a baby and begging not to be put up, saying it would ruin his life. What life, an unemployed bouncer. I hope if Clay stays, he starts flirting with Liz, just to drive Austin crazier than he already is. I think his attraction to the twins is so he & Liz can double date with his alter ego Judas & Julia.

d (2)

Unpopular opinion: I kinda like Austin and Liz in the sense they are the villain power couple. They are way more entertaining than Clelli. I’m still rooting for the Freaks and Geeks alliance. Vanessa is super strategic and I like Julia a lot. I think the “outsiders” are rootable too bc they are against the whole house, but they are pretty clueless.


Why would they keep Clay? Oh right because Vanessa is telling them to keep him. No one can see how Shelli is the brain?? Austin is an idiot and over grown follower. What a weak minded cast this year…kinda sucks


this year? did you watch the past five seasons?


Vanessa wants to keep Shelli. Try to keep up.


Ugh Austin stfu… They saved your sorry a** last week and now you’re being miserable complaining all over the house… What do He want Clay to do? Throw a party since either him or his closest ally is leaving. Soo clueless

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Austin is being a little insensitive. Being put on the block with your closest ally can really crush a person’s spirit. He really needs to cut them some slack. Shelli & Clay are pissed, let them be pissed. It wasn’t unreasonable for them to ask their alliance to go and talk to James on their behalf. They did save Austin last week, and they really didn’t have to. At the end of the day Big Brother is a game, so Austin really doesn’t owe Clelli a darn thing. I hope Shelli goes this week.


I can’t stand these idiots anymore.
James just tell vanessa that shelli through her name under the bus.

Might as well give shelli your jury vote and head to the house.


They both threw her UTB. But Vanessa knows that Shelli will still work with her and that they share the same targets. She doesn’t even have to wonder what Clay might do as he told her DIRECTLY that he would target the Austwins.

Chill this Town

amazing. the one person who benefits the most (Vanessa), also has them all convinced she is alone. while working both sides….

if they leave Shelli in this game, they all deserve to watch Vanessa on finale night. this season’s Derrick(obvious winner early on)


That’s what I’m hoping for but the ride won’t be nearly as easy as Derrick’s. Vanessa has made a target of herself for weeks and somehow manages to push a larger one on to other people. I love it! I think she’s a great gamer but I’d be surprised if she makes it past double eviction unless Shelli stays in the game. This cast started playing hard early on and most of them have shown their hands, including Vanessa. JMac is really the only wild card…


If Austin and the twin blindside James they are making the same mistake shelli and clay did last week. Best for their game is to vote out shelli and they will still be good with the house. So hope Jackie wins next week and the week after America during a double eviction. Give the other side a power. Let’s keep some balance.


I’m sorry but some of you just have the WORST understanding of the relationships in the house. Austin is in Freaks and Geeks. That’s five people. Who is “the house” you are referring to? Does it include 5 of the soon to be 11 people in the house??????? Austin does want to stay on good terms with James and so he will tell him. He’s already told Jackie and Meg how uncomfortable Clay is making him. Worrying about the house when you’ve got half of them behind you is dumb. If F&G vote in unison, they control who goes home, not James.

Chill this Town

we need to break up Austin and Liz

Julia can think for herself, and she does much better with other HG’s than Liz(with people like Steve and J-Mac) the problem is she seems to be letting Liz run her game…if we can get Liz out of the house, it would basically end Austin’s game and would allow for Julia to break off to a part of the house that needs the number

ah heck, Vanessa would likely just take her as a “new” ally. Vanessa may be hated by a lot of feed watchers, but she has this game in a vice grip right now because everyone is totally blind to her actions.

Yo Yo Yo

How old is Austin? He acts so immature.


Seriously where’s Becky? I honestly forgot about her until it was mentioned in the last post.

Chill this Town

she will appear when power shifts again, and when J-Mac starts tugging on those strings


I am soooo mad, with shelli staying it like she won hoh and pov for the week…. they are screwing james, meg and jackie over again…..keeping her so she can target those 3 next week if she was to win hoh….. james should have just thrown pov and took the 5,000 or the trip….makes me sick how stupid vanessa, austin, steve and the twins are….why would u vote to keep a person that threw u under the bus hard core and wouldn’t have had a problem voting u out if james had used the veto….damn, i wish he would have thrown vanessa up their beside shelli……john and beckie soooo stupid that if they win hoh they will be brainwashed into putting james and jackie on the block…… bb should just cancel the show and write both shelli and vanessa a check…… God, I hope Meg or Jackie win HOH and put Vanessa up beside Shelli next week and if veto is used throw damn liz up their on the block…….i’m like really pissed off, anyone else mad as hell?


No. At this point, you may possibly be the only one mad about what is, or isn’t going to happen 3 days from now. Stay tuned kid. In that time, someone may squeeze in between Clay and Shelli and cause a bitter, raucous, all out campaign war between to bitter and scorned lovers. Ya never know 😉


“why would u vote to keep a person that threw u under the bus hard core and wouldn’t have had a problem voting u out if james had used the veto”

Because they both did that (in case you hadn’t noticed they pitched James together ya know?) and because you understand that one of them is more likely to target your targets than the other. Clay has already said he’d go after Austwins. Shelli said she’d go for James. If you’re Austin, which is the better to keep? Austin doesn’t know about the first part yet but his belief that Clay can’t be trusted over Shelli is pretty much confirmed by it wouldn’t you think?

You people need to stop basing your analysis on how the HG’s play based on who you personally want to stay or go. If you don’t think Austin wanting to keep Shelli over Clay makes sense you just don’t understand what’s happening in that house.


Not that I like shelli any more than I did but have to give her props for actually owning some stuff now to clay. Owning they played the middle so he can’t hate on others doing it. I can see how being in the house 24/7 would make a person go back and forth when all they have to do for days is talk to people who all have different opinion every 5 seconds. It does keep it interesting not knowing for certain what is going to happen on eviction night.


Bitch, bitch, bitch. Blah, blah, blah… You’re aware only two hours and fifteen minutes of entertainment, humor, backstabbing, emotion, plotting, lying, competitions, dr sessions, and actual gameplay is required to make this show per wk, yes? Geez. Enjoy the game and the gameplay. Everyone has a reason to save and vote out everyone else, every wk… On that… Steve. This dude. 17 players, 16 to their knowledge. As noted, largest cast ever. Why not lay in the cut? Jace, Da, Audrey, Jeff, Jason, and now either Shelli/ Clay, all voted out with someone saying the infamous, ‘played too hard, too fast’. These people take themselves out, every year. Ego rules over logic and intelligence with 90% of the cast every season. In all seasons, how many truly dumb people win this game? Very, very few. Whether you or I like them as players or not. Whether they get a good edit, or not. Smart people win this game. And smart people don’t cause waves in a big crowd. Too many people to control, and too many people able to wise up and say, ‘Hey! They manipulated us!’. Exceptions, of course. Always. You know them. You read this site, and watch the feeds. But from a strictly TV show standpoint, which again, that’s what this is, it’s entertaining. There’s drama, emotion, and humor. Gameplay, watch Steve. This guy knows what he’s doing. His words are sharp and crisp. Throws no one under the bus unless he’s certain it doesn’t come back on him. And now, he’s even being claimed as ‘our’ floater! That goes completely against being a ‘floater’! Genius. Our main man Dr Wills strategy, just on the good guys side. But obviously, far less entertaining… First comment this yr, but well done D&S. More posts this yr, which means far less time refreshing the old posts and having to read all the hate on my comments. Well done sirs 😉


I hope Jackie wins HOH next. She puts up Shelli and Vanessa. Probably won’t happen but it would be great.


As much as I dislike Vanessa, I think she’s going to play this differently. I’m convinced she came there to play derricks game, but her poker mentality has got in her way so she’s more obvious than Derrick. Her Victoria is Steve, she found him day one, he was the dumb looking, non-athletic weakling and brought him in as her final two.
BUT, I’m thinking if she will just go to bed and THINK, she will realize that Shelli staying is NOT good for her game. Now is the time to let her go, she’s the closest competitor to HER, after this week she’s got the numbers with A/L/J/S and Shelli would be harder to get rid of than Clay. Shelli has that side of her, sweet, hurt, sad, happy,she can play whatever emotion fits the scenario and Vanessa can’t match that. I may be giving Vanessa more credit than she deserves, but if she DOES have that pro-poker strategy, she will get rid of the strongest. She doesn’t need loyalty anymore, just numbers…….
PLUS, I might add, she’s a statistic player as well, and there is a 30% chance someone who wants Shelli out could win HOH. Then, she has to look at the odds of even if she wins HOH, plans to BD James, Jackie, or Meg, a 40%chance one of them wins POV, takes one down, and she’s left with Jmac, or Becky to put up. NOT good enough odds for THIS Actuary!


This flip flopping is getting on my last near, one minute they’re voting out clay the next they’re viting oyr shelli. Bitch make up your damn mind and stick to it.


James should of listened to Jackie and put up Vanessa. Meg is clueless,{I really think she just wants to be liked by everyone} , and James just does not see the big picture. By getting rid of Vanessa or Shelli, they would of gotten rid of someone who had brains and can play in the comps. Had to laugh, Austin is going to tell James they are voting for Shelli to stay, and if he doesn’t like it, tough, he has no power. Go ahead Dumbo, let Jackie, Meg, and James know you screwed them again. The worst thing……. Meg and James, still won’t get it, and will make excuses for them.


Last night the feeds were epic & fun to watch
Tonight I can barely stomach all these idiots
drinking Vanessa’s crack addled kool aid like
a cult of f’in idiots!!!


Simon and Dawg, that Praying Mantis deserves a Medal for just being able to get into the backyard of BB17….First one I think I’ve ever seen photographed….

Get Real!

Look I get this game can be frustrating, I agree!!! But if always see people say if this or that happens I’m done this season. Ya Right! Get Real! This is what makes the game fun. I do hope Shelli Goes, I wish James used the veto to put up van. Would of been amazing! Shelli is selfish, to let clay throw away his game for her, pure selfishness. Clay is a damn idiot. She don’t care enough about you to say don’t do that. That should tell you something, but he is young, dumb and full of C**! She don’t care about you. But I can’t blame her for that, if someone would leave money for you, I’d Say THANK YOU! Still hoping Shelli leaves. Wish they would make up their minds. Shelli is a bigger threat, cause clay sucks. Why would keep him! Dumb Asses Dumb Asses! I may not like what’s happening or you is in charge but it’s great not knowing what will happen! Shelli and clay stop talking about oh so and so lied to us, yea dumb and dumber it’s big brother. You done the same thing every week. Now u know how it feels!


The constant flip-flopping with these fools is extremely irritating. Follow James’ lead, make a decision and stick with it. My head is spinning over the lunacy of these house guests. How dense they are.


I hate it but if the season keeps going like it is, Vanessa deserves the win. I like her just hate if she really doesn’t need the money when others do. But just looking at game, she deserves it in my opinion. She’s killing it. Derrick was great but the season was boring to me except for Zach. This season is much more entertaining than last


Why should someone win because they need the money more than a better player. This isn’t called the Poorest Brother.

James the Legend

Let James stay for another HOH. He’ll throw Vanessa and Liz up cause he’s a legend. Can’t stand these people.


Vanessa is definitely the Derrick of this season, controlling the main alliance into doing the opposite of what the audience wants (facepalm)


Can’t they see that Shelli is a competition beast just like Frankie
last year . Face it Clay is a useless piece of crap. If they don’t get her out now they are going to regret it .
I guess you have a lot of stupid people this year.


How well does everyone think Dan or Doctor Will could play this cast?


Shelli and Vanessa can be annoying but when the already crippled soon to be obliterated side of the house (James, Meg, Jackie) Cant realize what Vanessa is doing or that John, Becky, and Steve can’t be trusted then they deserve to have their asses kicked. Shelli and Vanessa are running the house and everyone including the rest of 6th sense is too blind to see it, Just hand them the checks already CBS.


Liz “thinks the girls want Shelli out because of jealousy reasons. Liz adds JAckie and Becky like how Clay looks and want to keep him in the house.”

What Liz said is the truth, Meg, Jackie, Becky are jealous. Even if they don’t even know it or would ever admit it.


I hope clay campaign this week to stay, but I hope shelli goes home she so annoying in dr and feeds. And I hope whoever goes to live show give a big boo boo to whomever comes out. I hate austin, vanessa, shelli.


That preying mantis is in danger, all this flip flipping might get him targeted next… RUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!


The Grasshopper Alliance is talking about backdooring him.

Liz's reflection

I just cant stand Austin omg STFU!!!! If it wasn’t for Shelli & Clay he would have been gone. THEN to say in some type of way that Jmac was “crying”…..Maybe he misses his family? Maybe it is about Clay/Shelli because he talks to them, maybe he is just sad today Austin you tool. Didn’t seem to bother you when you were blubbering to Vanessa and who ever else would listen. Pffftttt Jmac was Crying…..so what Fackkkkk you!!!!

Boogie Oogie Oogie

I love Vanessa’s line about “you lie to me once and your cut/done”….Really? Hoping Clay stays and Shelli goes. Unless they want her at the end to give her the money. Im just feeling bitter haha. BUT they really better watch it because this biatch could win the game.
James and Jmac need to team up and run this shit.


I have been keeping up with all posts that everyone has written and I definitely agree on with most of you this is the worst season of Big Brother and I started watching BB in season 2. I don’t even care like some of you to watch the episodes I used to be excited on the nights it aired I have my DVR set to watch them after right they recorded or they would be the first thing I watched in my DVR list that now I don’t even care and or pass over them in my DVR. The gameplay this season is so asinine, ridiculous and hypocritical as they come. Where’s the drama? Where’s the fights we all love to see? I am so sick of hearing they lied to me, where is their loyalty for petes sake have these people not watched BB that is the point of the game! Your suppose to do whatever it takes to survive period! Shelli this week has made me sick to watch she has enough nerve to bitch about people not being loyal, your not going to bat for us, you didn’t keep your word and you lied well Shelli didn’t you and haven’t you been doing that all along so far? What exactly made you think you were entitled to never go up on the block? Good Lord…….I Can’t stand watching Vanessa & her never ending paranoia gameplay talk bores me to death and she is the Biggest Hypocrite in the house hands down! Austin is just down right creepy has no respect for his girlfriend back home if he has one I completely feel sorry for her as she watches his love sick fool ways with Liz and don’t get me started on getting on my nerves. Plus the fact she swears she doesn’t like Austin in that way well you sure could have fooled me……what exactly does she think is going to happen in the jury house when it’s just them two? If someone creeped me out like that or I didn’t have the same feelings back I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be stuck in jury with them, I know Liz is using Austin but at the same time Austin is an idiot and is blinded by love. That jury for the two them will be a nightmare! To be honest they both deserve it. James made a great gameplay this week he did what he wanted not what Vanessa wanted, I just wish he would have used the POV taken down Clay and let Van & Shelli fight this week. Van is starting to show her hand now with her gameplay catching up to her that her being on the block next to Shelli definitely would have. Each week their for awhile I kept telling myself the season will get better I see no hope for that, that now each week I say I hope CBS has a better Big Brother cast next summer! Sorry for the long post but I have never had to vent about a season of Big Brother


Yes, Shelli is staying… but take heart BB Fans. If Shelli wins HoH during double eviction Austin or a twin is going home home for sure…. because if Clay hates them then Shelli for sure hates them she is just campaigning to stay in the house. Look at it this way… Jackie, Meg and James evictions are at this point in the game is a total waste of a week… that is why Vanessa’s targets are Johnny Mac and Becky.

the thing is if Johnny Mac throws this one to anyone but James, Jackie, Becky or Meg he is going to the jury house. He needs to win to keep himself safe and he better be aware of that now it is the Jury stage. So if he wins the first one and targets Austin Liz and Julia or backdoors Vanessa… he is golden. If Vanessa go’s Shelli will take out Austin, Liz or Julia. They be back to their cocky selves but those numbers are going to dwindle and dwindle fast. This is $500,000.00 and cocky don’t win the show.

Nobody is voting out Steve because he will not be on the block. Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Julia are only (3)… get them down to two Julia and Van… they loose. Julia will dump Vanessa and go to the other side. Then all Shelli, Becky and Johnny Mac have to do is get out Vanessa, James and Steve… easy pickings.

The sad thing is Clay is useless and probably their best one to keep but they are so cocky… they don’t even see the cougar about get them.


I want Shellie and Vanessa out as much as the next person but in James, Jackie and Megs defense, they don’t get to see\hear everything we the fans do so its easier to trust people who are lyinng and manipulating you. Can’t stand Vanessa but she is playing a smart game but in my opinion, she’s won’t make it much further, she by NO MEANS even CLOSE to being a “Dereick”! I think her paranoia will be what gets her evicted. #teamjohnnymack


Audrey told them about the sixth sense alliance and they didn’t believe her. Then Jason gets backdoored and they still don’t see the dangers of The alliance right infront of them. James is to busy wanting to take a power couple out to see that Vanessa is a mastermind, Meg is too dumb to do anything. Jackie is the only smart one in that group of three but it may be to late next week.


Whoever wins HOH next week should target Liz to break up the Austin+Liz+Julia connection. Austin and Julia will retreat to opposite sides of the house and it’ll mix things up a bit. It’s all so predictable now. James will probably go home soon if not next week because his own side of the house can’t win a comp to save their lives and he’s target numero uno to the other side of the house.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Vanessa’s desire to keep Shelli in the game has nothing to do with strategy or alliances. For the first time (in a very long time), Vanessa is not in control. Keeping Shelli in the house (knowing that James wants her out) is Vanessa’s way of convincing herself and others that she is still in control of the game.


Actually I believe keeping Shelli in the house is a strategic move for Vanessa. It keeps another big target in the game. With Shelli gone Vanessa becomes target #1, The other side still blame Shelli for Jason’s eviction. And although Vanessa is not in total control of the game this week, she was able to keep herself off the block and garner some trust in James.


To me it’s more about keeping a bigger target than her and another alliance member that can win comps. Let’s face it, Clay is useless. Utterly useless in comps, and most importantly will most likely go with Meg if Shelli left. So for Van its 1000x’s more of an advantage to keep Shelli.


What did they mean by “house guest enjoy the big brother house these are the good old days. Are they changing the house or bringing something back from the past? What ever happened to Pandora’s box?
I wish jmac would realize that he is just a permanent pawn and doorstop holding the door open for that side of the house to get to the money. He needs to wake hisself up then wake up Steve and work with James before its too late.
If they blind side the vote against James I hope he wins hoh again and he or Jackie win power of veto so I can sit back and watch another week of houseguest freaking out and stabbing each other in the back. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Oh Clay...

If Clay is the one to go this Thursday…he’s gonna be in for a rude awakening by how BB Fans view him & Shellie. I think I’m gonna enjoy it too. Texas A&M Football should be proud of this ‘boy’…giving up his game for Shelli…sorry dude, not commendable, just plain stupid.


Sorry wrong forum.


I’m sorry. Sorry wrong format wasn’t made towards your comment. I liked your comment. It was for a comment I sent that didn’t get posted were I said idiots like clay make Texans look bad like a recent govener we had. I guess the contents of my comment couldn’t be posted. I said sorry wrong forum because I was getting political. Just so you know.


Wouldn’t a tie vote give James the final decision?


Only if Austin and Judas votes both count.
Nine HG voting this week


Sh*#! I forgot James can’t vote. Judas voting was funny though.


what i hate most about this week is that austin and liz are in such a good position now, everbody wants to work with them. i want them out so bad, but they could stay for a long time now. this bunch of idiots will probably get john or steve out next week.

Suzy Q

I could careless who leaves these week, may it be SobbingShelley or CluelessClay, they are backpeddlers and they are getting done what they did to others, payback bitchachos. Instead of the Sixth Sense, they should have gone with the ‘Six Senseless’, stupid nimrods! As for this season having an America’s couple, umm please have you been watching the same season as I have? I seriously need a Zach attack or a Brittany roast in this house.


If Vanessa and Austin put up johnny Mac and steve I will be wanting to smack them in the head. Putting up two pawns at this point is such a waste. Is johnny Mac such a threat right now. This side of the house and there love of pawns and back dooring. Sometimes when you have enough targets in the house (James meg Jackie cough cough ) you don’t need a pawn.
Just have some guts and glory and put up Jackie and meg hoping you can
get Jackie out of the house. If you want to back door her fine but use her own alliance members to do it.


imo keeping shelli is only good for vanessa’s game, not the twins and Austin. shelli is a stronger competitor than clay, which isn’t what you want to stay in the house when you’re competing for 500,000! but if they vote to keep sheeli then they’re the morons who are writing her and vanessa’s checks! lol vanessa’s game is awesome, even though I don’tlike her! I didn’t like derrick last season either! lol so wanted cody to win! meg and Jackie need to win or else james will be leaving next! sucks for him! the only people I really don’t like this season are Austin and liz! they’re insensitive assholes! oh, and I don’t like becky…she’s a snitch! jmac should hook up with Julia instead!

These comments suck

All you ever read is fans saying this cast sucks, this cast sucks.. This cast is much better than the last few, they are actually playing a game.. If they didn’t put shell and clay up you would all be like “oh what a wasted HOH” Now they are up you are all complaining that “austin is annoying and does anything vanessa says, why isn’t he gone, they should have put him and vanessa up”

This season is great and you are all being morons