Audrey – I should make toilet paper voodoo dolls and flush you all down the toilet

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 17-06-54-910
5:05pm BEdroom Jason and Da
Da tells him “If I go you tell Liz I told you about the Twin you use that.. “

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 17-23-17-973
5:09pm HOH Becky and JohnnyMac
Becky saying that Audrey is going home next week
John says Da is trying to get votes.. she told him she knows who has the power and she needs his vote to stay.
JohnnyMAc – I’m going to vote her out still.
Becky says Da and Audrey were trying to get her on the block
JohnnyMAc wants to stop being the pawn.. sooner or later they will notice he keeps getting put up and doesn’t go home they’ll want him out
Becky says what Shelli did with her HOH was not what they had agreed on.
Becky says she won HOH because she wanted to get Audrey out to show the house she’s on the same page as them all and willing to work with them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 17-39-01-380
5:30pm House meeting about the podcasts
Jeff says they need to make an apology to the women for last nights podcast.
AUstin says it was him it was Jeff
Jeff says it was more James but they all sink together..
Jeff has a new idea for something to do called “A walk in heels” involves the guys dressing up as girls.
The houseguests don’t seem too excited about this.. they suggest they just do speed dating.
The plan is to do Speed dating tonight at 10 after it’s done the girls will say which guy date they liked.
Jason doesn’t see it worthwhile to participate because he has no idea what to do on a date with a women.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 17-48-08-048

5:48pm Austin and Liz
LIz saying that Audrey came up to her and told her the Podcast last night was awkward.
Austin – you made it awkward Audrey
Liz explains that she never told Audrey she was voting to keep Day but Audrey is still running around telling people that she was.
Austin says Audrey told people the both of them are voting to keep Da. Austin is done with her.
Ausitn – She’s a bulshtter I’m done with her
liz – Clay and Shelli don’t see that.. I love Shelli so much
Austin says Clay and Shelli don’t trust Audrey anymore

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 18-11-49-833

5:52pm HOH Jackie, Becky and Shelli
Jackie complaining about Audrey. Jackie leaves.. Audrey comes in.
Shelli – what are you doing
Audrey – i’m just sitting around
Becky leaves
Audrey asks her if she can kick Clay out for one night.. Says the have nots are making a big deal about having to sleep with Audrey.
Shelli – who is it..
Audrey – Meg, Jason, James and Jeff
They are trying to get Steve to do it and he’s saying he doesn’t want to sleep with a girl.
Audrey – VAnessa is with Liz, Austin is with JohnnyMac

Shelli recommends Audrey sleeps with Vanessa, Austin with Liz and JohnnyMAc with Steve
Audrey says they are all making a big deal about sleeping with her and making jokes.

They start talking about the last laugh. Audrey thinks it’s Becky or Steve that have it.
Audrey says Da was thinking she had Becky, Jackie, Steve, Liz and Jason but today she found out she didn’t have it. Audrey can now tell Da knows she doesn’t have the votes.
Audrey – nothing in this game goes according to plan
Audrey now saying once Da leaves the drama around Audrey is going to die down a lot.
Audrey has a speech ready to go “I’ll have the last laugh”

Audrey says she did alright in the HOH competition practice.. says the best ones were Austin, Vanessa, Steve and Jackie. (Feeds cut so I suspect she left out JohnnyMac who got three in)

Audrey asks if Vanessa talked to Austin about their Sleeper cell meeting
Shelli – I have no idea
Shelli asks her if she ever not talk/think about Game.
Audrey says when her back is against the wall and everyone is against her she has to.

Shelli asks her if all she does is think about game does she think she’ll go nuts
Audrey – I don’t think I’ve gone nuts I think Da’s gone nuts.. My mind will never take a break unfortunately
Shelli says she was HOh and hardly anyone talked game to her.. “It was really ridiculous”
Audrey – I really wish I did voodoo
Audrey says she thought that during the podcast they were trying to poke fun at her for the dreams.
Audrey – I should make toilet paper voodoo dolls and flush you all down the toilet
Audrey says her parents are sending her telepathic messages tells her to get out of the house. Says her mom is watching the feeds and is a nervous wreck.

Shelli who do you feel good about in this house.. do you feel good about Austin
Audrey – no he’s too inconsistent. .there’s too many stupid people
Audrey says she trusts Clay, Shelli, Vanessa and JohnnyMac.
Audrey – Austin is scared.. that’s what makes him stupid (She says she means game stupid)
Audrey doesn’t see austin winning comps “He’s big and he panics”
Audrey says Austin shouldn’t trust Jeff
Shelli – does he trust Jeff
Audrey – I’m getting the sense he’s starting to trust Austin more.. Jeff is doing a good job he’s a great politician.

Audrey says John feels good about Becky and Steve and he trusts Jeff.
Audrey warns her about Jeff, “I don’t trust him.. If Meg stays Jeff would have known about it. the only reason I won’t target him is because of Clay”
Audrey says Jeff has a lot of connection throughout the house

Jackie comes in…

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 17-53-53-606

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 19-06-25-720

6:56pm HOH Jackie and Shelli
Shelli wants Audrey gone next week.
Jackie agrees
Shelli – BEfore liz
Jackie – ya
Jackie says she’s extremely sceptical about it she’s just playing along with it
JAckie – Even if she does have a twin she’s not doing anything wrong.. f****g with our game or anything

Becky comes up says the Dairy room told her the Podcast is a hit with the fans, “It’s a hit legitimately” . (WTF just like the BOB is a fan favorite)
They start talking about Audrey spreading “Bullsh1t” throughout the house trying to get everyone to target each other.
Becky says Audrey said just right now that Jackie and Steve are voting to keep Da.
Becky says Audrey is trying to get Da to blow up.

Becky says Audrey is for sure f****g everyone’s game Liz they don’t know about
They agree Audrey out before Liz.
Jackie says if she wins HOH she’s going to make Audrey a have not and not allow her to come up to the HOH to shower or use the washroom

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what fans are the BB producers contacting? i’m baffled by this..

Vanessa with a V

I am sure that a number of you noticed Big Brother Fan Favorite? Frankie in the front row last week, when Jace was evicted. I wonder how Frankie finds time to fly back to the States, when building schools in Africa must be monopolizing his time.
After a couple of weeks it is hard not to like Vanessa’s game. Rudyard Kipling had someone like Vanessa in mind, when he said: If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs …………..

Eric CA

I didn’t know Africa had moved to West Hollywood? Frankie has moved to West Hollywood and has become a professional Gay Hanger Onner. He is a West Hollywood Club boy. Fan Favorite must be the same thing as Fan Favorite Battle of the Block. Frankie was despised on all of the boards universally disliked. So bad when he got evicted the had to screen the audience for people that might BOO him.

Vanessa is the best player in the game… but this is one of the most disloyal houses I have seen in years… even her game might get blown up especially if Jeff, Audrey and Clay stay in that house. It is harder to say what is going on because 98% of the house are reactors not long term strategists, so it just takes one little blow up and Vanessa might be screwed. as confusing as it is this Season even though the first two evictions were guaranteed right after the PoV, this house is about to blow up and collateral damage will be everywhere.


Frankie did not move to West Hollywood after BigBrother…he was always Bi-Coastal and has homes in both New York and shared a home with his sister in L.A. Also, if you are gay in L.A. Everybody knows the hot gay clubs are in Boystown! I grew up there in the vicinity and I would be surprised if he didn’t hang in the best Dance Clubs around! L.A is fun for young, cute hot boys and girls!


Cute hot boys and girls? *facepalm*


Sorry!!! This is NOT the BigBrother House and the American audience is large and diverse! I am one of many people who loved Frankie in the house!


I love how Shelli still thinks she is running everything, even their so called alliance of Shelli, Clay, Austin, Audrey and Vanessa. I think that Clay and Shelli have left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, and could not be in the great position she seems to think they are in at the present moment. If Becky hadn’t been so gracious when Shelli screwed her on the HOH nominations they could conceivably have been in a bad situation this week. I guess we will see how they have come off after the next HOH, and whether one or both of them shows up on the block. I do know that James and Jason are livid with them, and will not forget it.


It would have to be Jason or James who takes the first whack at Shelli and/or Clay. The rest will not. I’d love to see them both on the block. I don’t like the smugness and the power trip they are riding so soon in the season. Maybe if there were a few more wins/successes for them both, they’d be somewhat entitled to it. Right now they just come off as entitled, period.


There’s somebody on staff named “fan”

Better Than Last Year



Just a question for Simon and Dawg. I like most of the house guest in here, and I have to root for Clay because I’m an Aggie. (Gig’Em) Do you think that because of all the flip flop alliances in the past few years that once a number of houseguest are eliminated that BB would then insert a past alliance into the game as a twist? Something like the Black Widow, or Horsemen….maybe The Brigade.


Wouldn’t it be funny if Liz & Audrey both win the HOH !


I’m sure you can see the podcast on the feeds, is it any good? If it’s like the Becky took a train to the face story, I’d watch that everyday, but if it’s more about asking which guy the girls would make out with then I can live without it.


The Podcasts are more entertaining for them to do, than for us to watch. These people are not deep thinkers and the questions from “callers” are generally pointless.I really hope they give this lame idea a rest! I guess my 14 year old nephew might be snickering in a corner…

Nonon Jakuzure

I wish Shelli had backdoored Clay. I can’t stand him! Shelli is too old to let that little boy do the talking for her! He is ruining her game. She should have stuck with the girls!


From what I have seen, Shellie has done what she wants with her hoh. Clay just takes credit and it is going to bite him in the butt. Clay wanted Audrey gone…Shellie wanted Da. Clay jumped on board. Shellie made the decision to put Meg up at Vanessa’s suggestion. Austin manipulated that. Clay hasn’t been mastermind at all. As an LSU fan I have to say Clay is an aggie….he couldn’t mastermind his way out of a paper sack. Lol


Those two are putting a giant Bullseye on their backs. if not for Audrey being so awkward and inept with her lies, Shelli and Clay might be targets #1&2!

Better Than Last Year

“WTF…just like the BOB is a fan favorite”,,,WooHoo…Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Best comment I’ve read so far this year Simon! Lol Lol Lol

Wouldn’t it be great if Johnny Mac won HOH & demanded that Shelli & Clay went up as pawns & threw the BOB?
Would love to hear that conversation!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, I must admit that this year is turning out okay. Day leaves tomorrow, then what…..
I hope the following are nominated
Austin, Vanessa, James, and Jackie [Freakin Floaters]
After BOB
Nominate Clay and Shelli


i’m loving this season so far too, and i think a big part of it is because of how audrey’s game is so bad it’s gone back to good, with people proffering her as a backdoor target just to blindside a “pawn” or bigger threat. it has a lot of potential if more than just clay and shelli start doing it and might provoke battlelines between the house instead of the kumbaya crap we’ve gotten the past few seasons.


Love the podcast, Jeff got that on lockdown too. Good lookin out producers.


Audrey is one messed up human being. It’s amazing they let someone that unstable on the show.


I cannot wait for Jeff, Shelli, and Clay to be on slop and on the block.


Jeff creeps me out! He is the kind of weak chinned guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to women and needs to do a whole ton of growing up! He is the definition of misogyny!

Ms. Steal Your Man

I hate landslide evictions, for the simple fact that Julie talks between each persons vote and makes it seem like they’re not voting for the obvious person leaving. For example:

“John has secretly aligned himself with Shellie and Clay, will he keep his word and vote out Da’Vonne?”

Like really Julie?


I often wonder what happened to the good ‘ol days when we had votes of 5-4… Or, 9-2… Something other than a consensus vote…gets boring on Thursday’s knowing the House is voting together as cowards!


I can’t wait until the next house guest wins HOH, and the same comments get regurgitated! Oh they think they are in power….. Blah blah!