Jace “For the last 3 days I’ve been asking all the girls what your problem is with me!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 01-43-19-333

1:40am HOH room – Audrey, James, DaVonne, Meg, Jeff and Jason are talking. James says that he’s nervous about all the nomination stuff. Jeff asks really?! Everything went perfect. From a logical stand point .. the only people that aren’t going to be okay with it are.. obviously Austin and obviously Liz. John is going to vote with us. Obviously me and Clay. Becky is close with Jackie which I didn’t know about until today. Really we have all the votes. DaVonne asks how many people are voting? Jason says this week there are 13 votes. They talk about Vanessa. Jason says the feeds just turned on… I know people that would die and bleed to be in this game so when I see someone that isn’t grateful to be in this game its almost like spitting on the game. Jeff talks about today in the backyard there were 3 quick comments from Austin that made me mad. I’m just going to drop it because its not worth it. DaVonne says and he was your friend. Jeff says he doesn’t want to be my friend. James says I think we have a lot of good people. Jason says I think we have a lot of good random people that have different strengths and weaknesses. James and Jeff play with the HOH lights. Big Brother tells them the lights must remain on during the day. Jason says calm down. Jeff leaves. James says we have way bigger targets than Jackie.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 01-51-26-369
1:50am In the Storage room – Jace tells Becky that she shhhh’s him everyday and its really getting to me. You’re the only one that does it to me and its really bothering me. Becky says I’m glad you’re coming to me because I didn’t realize it. You’re completely right .. one of the things I do which I need to turn off is being a manager. It’s not my right to do and I’m trying to change it. It’s a weakness in myself. Jace says for the last 3 days I’ve been asking all the girls what your problem is with me. I know we’re the complete opposite. It would be cool to go far in the game with you. Becky says I have an issue with being bossy and I am trying to turn it off. Jace says I will try to tone it down a bit, its just my personality. I don’t have anything against you, except for that. You’re awesome and I like you. Becky says I will do my best to not shhhh you. They agree to tell each other right away if something bothers then next time.
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2am – 2:15am Jace heads into the havenot room and talks to Vanessa about the conversation with Becky. He says I feel way better about it now. Jace says I know I was put here for a reason.. it might not have been to win but I’m here for a reason. You don’t have to be like Dan Geesling from season 14. Have you watched that season? Vanessa says yeah. I don’t want to taint my experience by negative feelings. I’m definitely not quitting. I’m not a quitter. I just had sad feelings.. and not having your support system when you’re down is hard. Jace comments on the type of data they get from this …they’ve been doing it for 17 years. Jace says some of the questions they asked us are crazy like how many people have you slept with? Have you ever had a threesome? We’ll probably get in trouble for talking about this..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 02-08-27-505

2:15am Cabana Room – Audrey, Shelli and Clay are talking about the difference between sympathy and empathy. Clay says that when Audrey told her story he really felt for her and how hard it must have been. The conversation turns to talking about astrological signs. Audrey knows about it. Clay asks how do you know all this? Audrey says because I’m a genius.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 02-16-24-128

2:25am Jace talks to Austin in the hall to the bedroom. Jace tells him about his conversation with Becky. Austin says I’m glad you worked it out.

In the bedroom – Becky talks to Jackie about how Jace confronted her in the storage room for shhh’ing him all the time.

2:30am – 2:45am In the bedroom – Liz, Austin and Jace are talking. Jace says that she (Audrey) was up there throwing Jason under the bus and the next day she was down there being close to him. Austin says we need to tell Jason that. Austin says we need to pull more numbers in. Jace says Vanessa. Liz questions her. Austin says she’s good she saved me. Jace tells Liz that he likes her and would hang out with her in real life. We’re very similar .. we talk about the same things, we listen to the same music, we smoke weed. They decide to come up with a lie to tell Audrey to see if it gets out. Austin asks do we bring Becky in? Jace says that would be a really big move. Liz who should we bring in Becky, Johnny Mac and then HoneyCutt (Clay)? Jace says Clay isn’t with us he hasn’t said any game to me. Austin says I know he’s dreamy but.. I know he’s carved from honey but.. Jace says he’s so dreamy. Jace says Becky said she wanted to hangout with me alone. I’m going to go on a Becky date tomorrow. Austin says I’m going to get a restraining order against Jeff. Austin says a lie we could tell is Honeycutt is in the NFL he got drafted and doesn’t want anyone to know because he’s making so much money. Liz says we could bring Honeycutt in on it. Austin says no he wouldn’t want us spreading that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 02-47-35-154

In the havenot room – James tests out the dentist chair beds and says that he would give up the HOH room to sleep in here. He says this is comfortable. I would totally trade! This is like a Cadillac for me. Jace tells James I have some very interesting theories about what is going on in this house right now and I want to talk to you later. James says they’re up in my HOH room right now talking and that’s weird.

3am Up in the HOH room – Jeff asks is he feeling awkward tension towards him? For the past few days I’ve wondered if he’s bipolar. Meg laughs. Jeff says no for real. They talk about how Jace is always bouncing off the walls. Jeff says I am just hoping a couple of people that I’ve put a lot of trust into don’t f**k me over. That would really such. I like James, I like Jason, I like all of them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 02-56-38-676

3:15am Up in the HOH room – Jace tells James I think theres a mole. James says the only other person that was in here was Audrey. Jace says she talks to everybody. James says she has her hand in the cookie jar. Jace asks do you trust her? James says he isn’t sure. Jace says we could tell her something crazy like Liz is related to Janelle. And if it gets out we know she’s the mole! James says how about you plant something that only you know .. and if it comes back then you know. James says it has to happen asap! Jace says I don’t want get an x on my back or anyone elses because of it. Jace says give me some time to think about it and I’ll figure something out.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 03-06-51-822

3:20am In the kitchen – James tells DaVonne and Jason that Jace thinks we have a mole in the group. He thinks Audrey is the rat in the group. He’s going to plant something to see if it gets back to me. DaVonne tells James to let Jace plant the story and if Audrey does tell James, they will know they can trust her. James says that’s smart. Audrey joins them. She asks James if is okay. James says that he (Jace) was just making sure everything was okay.

Austin talks to Jace in the cabana room. Austin tells him that he didn’t like how he said you’re stressing and so is Austin. I don’t want James to think I’m stressing. Jace tells Austin about his talk with James and how he’s got something to plant with Audrey to see if it gets back to James. They head to the kitchen and then head to the bedrooms with Liz.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 03-37-06-107

3:40am – 4:20am All of the house guests are getting ready for bed. Jace is annoyed because he doesn’t have a bed. He starts to take Jason’s bed but Audrey says there’s another bed in the other room. Jace says there aren’t any other beds. He then goes and checks and finds one and comes back to say sorry he didn’t know. Big Brother calls Meg to the diary room. Jeff takes Megs spot in the bed and whispers to Jason. Jeff asks Jason what the f**k is James doing? He is scaring the f**k out of me! Jason says he doesn’t know. Jeff says Dude Jace has got to F**King go! Jeff says I almost wish now I was playing in it. Jason says worst case scenario James flips and puts on of you up at least you’ll be up next to Steve. Jeff says even Austin being here is a threat. He’s going around talking sh*t. Meg comes back and Jeff heads back to his own bed.

Jeff whispers to Clay .. You know Johnny Mac’s on our side. I need to talk to Becky tomorrow. They question why James is sleeping in the havenot room too. Jason says its not the worst strategy ever .. he put them in there so he’ll sleep in there too. Jeff tells Clay I have complete control over Jackie. Jeff talks about Vanessa not wanting to be here and how she thinks everyone is two faced. She feels like an outsider.. we could reel her in. Jeff says lets work on Jackie, Becky and Vanessa tomorrow.
Clay tells Jeff that Becky has started to play the game. Jeff says “She is not going to like the game when it ends up with a d!ck in her mouth” They continue to whisper and then go to sleep.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 03-58-29-320

4:20am All the house guests are now sleeping..

9am The house guests are still sleeping..
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 09-04-31-914

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Liz Austin and Jace are such trainwrecks I love it. They’re gonna bring in so many people in their aliance it will all blow up on their faces lol. I thouht Austin would be better than this


Yeah Austin is such a disappointment and Vanessa with her crying stuff like really. I had Vanessa as my winner big disappointment with her hope she gets her head in the game, and I so want Jace gone


Austin turns out a lot dorkier than he looks.


I’m getting major Devin with no power vibes from Jace. I’m sure if Jace had a daughter he’d remind everyone about it all the time.


I’m loving this season already, first night of feeds and we already have a crier, two ‘solid’ groups (Jace, Liz, Austin and Audrey, Meg, Clay) that both are targeting the other side, a showmance blooming (Shelli, Clay), someone who talks too much (Jackie), confrontation (Jace and Becky) and two over the top annoying characters (Jase and Jason). A lot of the housemates looks like they are all playing hard and would not be easily manipulated.
I pray to the BB gods that the twist will not destroy the tensions building in the house right now! 😀


Great comment.


I’m so shocked by Vanessa’s crying. So much for her “poker face”.


I’m still hoping Vanessa is running a bluff with all the crying. If she is, she is VERY good at it.


I can’t really see what the end game would be if she’s faking it? From what I can see, she seems like she is already a bit of an outsider and all the crying is doing is making people uncomfortable. The girl is a wreck. She needs to get it together. FAST!


She has been known to be very emotional at the poker table. When she loses hands she curses and throws chairs sometimes so this incident isn’t all that surprising.


So Jase is basically the new Devin huh?

BTW are there any showmances yet in the house?


who would have thought austin and jace would be the whiney little bitches of the house


Are you guys not posting video clips?


Not for BBUS. CBS would pull them.


Awe…I get it…dam…want the feeds now….why they screwing Canada?


Jace is a complete mess. I think its hilarious when someone talks about not being a quitter in the first freaking week before they even had a live eviction…or POV…

as for JaSON, I hope they put in a special twist where they give me a vote that takes away his HOH and removes him with a less annoying HG. annoying is great in BB when it means annoying other HG’s but not so great if they are just painful on television as well. Jason is pretty much every gay stereotype wrapped into one(enter lame junk joke here)

Aunt Nazeebah

BB loves finding the most flamboyant gays which causes this stereotyping. They just use this type for ratings like Frankie last season

His name is Mango

The name is mango…


Just wondering cuz everything I see is an image if the live feeds. Not playable?


The 6 POV players are both original HOHs and all 4 original nominees.
Did BB get rid of the “POV player pick ceremony”? That would be interesting…


In big brother house what seems is almost always what is

1. Like I said, even without see the feeds, Jace attitude (loud, abrasive, and anxious to control the situations). I was not wrong. And him sell his fate. If he stay this week and win HOH things only change temporary. I glad if he goes home “I only skate, sleep and smoke weed” …

2. Vanessa, what a disappoint like I say I don’t fell the vibe. I see some signs of shyly and lack of confidence. Her words don’t match with the attitude. You need social skills in a poker table? I don’t know because i never play poker. But I doubt. Academic bright don’t means anything in real world only when you can chose you own circles. The best students that I know not always have the best social skills. In top of that I fell the meltdown its related with drugs. It’s a shame.

3. Audrey, playing all and everyone. I have to recognize. Audrey its over judgmental which is a irony but she´s playing the game. Unlike others who sad and are doing the same opposite.

4. Alliance nº1 it’s a joke like I sad in first place.

5. Why people target Steve??? IMAO.

6. Austin, boy, I hope you enjoy you short bromance.

7. James, you are a puppet and nothing else…

Power players now:
Question marks (don’t understand where they stand)
Jeff and Jacki (anyone who believe they are apart is dumb like a rock)

Big target already


i like davone she’s not overplaying it


Is it me or is Jason the most annoying houseguest EVER?
Not sure what to make of what I have seen so far…almost everyone seems to be all over the place without a strategy. Da’Vonne seems to be laying back and playing it cool though.
Not surprised that Audrey has a target on her already.

Aunt Nazeebah

NO!!! Frankie is the queen of annoyance!


Skankie left a long and lasting bad-taste in a lot of viewers mouths due to his/CBS overkill of the “Nelly” over-the-top gay men stereotype last season! More importantly, the US has been over-saturated both politically and socially with LBGTQXYZANC etc. issues.

Nakmois' Sixth Finger

He’s annoying but he does know his BB history. He was talking with Steve and I forget who else last night about BB history and knew things most “super fans” who have played before couldn’t remember and was spot on about.


First few weeks are always feeds gold. But I must say this cast has promise, love that just about all of them are already playing the game.
The breaking point will be a month from now and I hate to say it but I think the BB takeover is going to make sure the feeds are high quality throughout the summer.


why you hate? LOL


So far it seems like a good cast. A lot of players and schemers. I think this is going to be a good season.

Aunt Nazeebah

Got a couple (Jace and Jeff) stirring the pot a little too soon but all for the best. Not going to be boring or predictable this season!


first night of the feeds went well, really liking this cast a lot. Season has a lot of potential!

Surprised how different some of the players are from their bio/interviews.


This is the good thing about pre-interviews. Declaration of intentions. But our intentions is one thing and our capacity it’s other completely different.

Some flop´s already…


Audrey (Queen Bee)

Jason, Jackie, Meg and Da’Vonne (all working together with/for Audrey – may also include Shelli)

Clay and James (being strung along by all of the above)

The rest haven’t a clue.


” Clay tells Jeff that Becky has started to play the game. Jeff says “She is not going to like the game when it ends up with a d!ck in her mouth” ”

What in the hell did Jeff mean by that? Was he making an inappropriate sexual comment, or am I misunderstanding a saying??


Sorry, I don’t mean to spam the comments section, but I posted this in another post and no one answered… I guess no one is visiting it anymore, so I’ll just repeat my question here:

I have watched BB for a few years now, but I always feel a bit confused by its timeline and the way they edit the episodes. The fact it airs just 3 times a week also doesn’t help much. Also, just as an example, the way HOHs have to inform the house of their decision with those pre-establish scripts (One of my duties as HoH is to nominate…) and some other stuff alike just makes the whole thing seem a bit “rehearsy.” So, here are some questions for you BB specialists:

– When did they enter the house? On Monday or Tuesday? Having in mind the time the 2nd HoH competition took time (during the night), it’s just impossible that it was recorded on the same day it aired (Thursday) or the day before (Wed). Also, so many snippets from their time in the house have already been aired in Thursday’s episode. It’s impossible they’ve only been there since Wednesday.

– This 2 night premiere was actually recorded in one single day, right? I mean: it doesn’t look like those first 8 houseguests had spent the night in the house and woke up to meet the other 8 on the following day. My guess is that tapping started early in the day, and by the end of the night they had already recorded the entrance of both groups and both HOH comps.

– Julie’s interaction with the house: most of them are totally done in post-production, right? I mean: it sounds totally unnatural. “Steve left the competition,” “Jeff was taken by the UFOs”… it’s impersonal and when she congratulates the winner, we never hear s/he thanking Julie back as it happens in some competitions that take place live during some of the broadcasts. Also, when they showed The Amazing Race host addressing the two girls that sat during the HOH, he did call them by their names, but the message seemed to be previously recorded. I also have the same impression watching Julie delivering some info to the houseguests.

I totally wish they would let us vote to evict at some point in the game… some characters are just too much and are really unbearable. I hope they put us out of our misery if another “social media mogul” reveals himself at some point in the game. But I guess the several timezones in the US, besides the overall format BB has taken in this country, makes it difficult to ever allow voting from the audience. I just wish production values were just for the competitions and not for the overall dynamic… sometimes I’m under the impression they are rehearsed. 2 years ago I heard that producers asked Helen to re-do her line inviting people to join her for the nomination ceremony, because she sounded too happy the first time. That’s BS… they should not instruct people on how to behave, even if for something silly like the fact I just narrated.


The houseguest have been in the house for well over a week before the episodes aired. They have already played this weeks BOB and picked players to play in the veto comp. This is the same as in seasons past.


That doesn’t make much sense. See the answer I’ve just left for WakeUp. Also, what would be left for them to do in a house for a whole week? I bet they nominated yesterday and played battle of the block this morning – or each event took place a day before at most. BB gotta be “somewhat” concurrent with what we see on TV otherwise feeds would be always a week ahead and live evictions would never be in synch…


No… Very little of the first week will be shown on tv. They will throw in clips and stuff for the next show but it will all be crammed into the next couple episodes and then they will be caught up with live feeds for live eviction. Don’t take this the wrong way, but is this your first season of watching, or your first season following live feeds? Those of us that responded to your questions have been involved with the live feeds for awhile. We are not guessing at our responses to your questions.


i agree with you on everything except the fact that America should vote. By America voting it defeats the purpose of strategizing. It places the value of having America like you instead of playing the game. Only liked players will stay, and sometimes they are not the best game players.


Hi anon,

Yes, I agree with you that having America deciding everything would turn the game into a miss congeniality type of competition. It’s still done in most countries and sometimes you see that only dull players are left in the house. However, it requires another type of strategy that is also an interesting game. Still, I like BB US for what it is, I just think that as a “BBtakeover” they shoulda give America the thrill to evict someone at least once, and everyone but HoH should be up for elimination. LOL! I’d have consider giving my left nut to have Frankie evicted last season. He overstayed and it was a major pain.


I am not sure about the actual day they entered the house but it was most likely around a week ago. They have had 2 HOH comps- one day apart, nominations, battle of the block, and pov picks. As for your second question, no they were not done on the same day. The first 8 houseguests were in the house the day before the others. I am not sure about the “live” talks to the houseguests from Julie and Phil but I do think they are not pre-recorded. As for you last question, yes all of the comments during competitions are post-production or fed through ear pieces to the “host” of the competition. Previous houseguests have talked about having to redo lines during competitions or doing multiple takes.


Hey WakeUp, thanks for your reply. But I must say it don’t think we were watching stuff from a week ago. Also, both groups entered the house in the very same day. Here’s one clue: when Shelli hugged Steve at the door, you could see red ink on her arms. Impossible that after 24hs those stains would be there considering the girl would have probably showered by then. Overall they were all kinda still dirty from the comp. Also, the main table in the kitchen was set since they entered the house, and when the rest of them came in it was still like that. I do not think the first 8 would be that mindful and had all of their meals on the kitchen counter to keep that table spotless. They would have at least had their diner on that table. Also, a whole week in the house doing nothing is a major pain. They just had their nominations yesterday. I’m gonna be paying attention to how they count the days since they always show that on TV and I’ll see what will this Friday’s # be….


So Julie lied to the second 8 coming in just for the show? No… This is how it was last year too. They lock hg up so production can do things like reset the table for the show. They mentioned today it was day 9.


Not to mention they would have had to take down the first HOH set and put up the second all within the same day… production doesn’t move that fast.


Honeycutt is going to win. His character goes far every season.


Becky reminds me of season 15’s Jessie, LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!

BB Drafter

Wife and I did a BB draft.
Here are my eight:

I feel good about my team right now.


are austin, jace and liz the new will, boogie and shannon?


Uh… You must be kidding. Austin is not even in Dr. Wil’s league.


yes, I was getting the exact same vibes! they all seem feisty and think they are better than the rest of the house etc. lol