Ashleigh – “My most favorite case scenario ever would be.. three (Diapers) of us till the end”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

10:23pm Hot Tub.. Chit chat..
Zach says he’s going to start using instagram more when he gets out.
Godfrey has a instagram account but all that’s there is 15 pictures of his cats.
They talk about how crazy things have been.
Sarah -I feel like I haven’t slept since Tuesday..
Zach wonders what the fans will be “Hashtagging” about them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-09 19-50-00-057
10:49pm Sarah, Brittnee and Godfrey
Brittnee asks him if he knows what is going to happen tomorrow.
Godfrey isn’t sure says it could be Brittnee but he’s really not sure. “I just think so I haven’t heard from anybody.. I think they are trying to get me out..”
Brittnee says if she doesn’t go u she’ll vote to keep Godfrey
Sarah – why can’t we get any luck
Brittnee brings up AShleigh giving her word she wouldn’t put Brittnee up.
Brittnee says ashleigh hasn’t told her anything about the nomination. Godfrey is surprised. They figure she’s not breaking the news right now because of the punishment Brittnee and Sarah got.
Godfrey leaves. Brittnee wonders if Godfrey is with Bruno now.

Sarah tells her don’t give Bruno or Godfrey “Anything, anymore”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-09 19-54-45-935
10:54pm Pili and Ashleigh HOH (the houseguests all look a bit haggard)
Talking about they are going to tell Brittnee she’s going to be nominated. AShleigh is going to say Brittnee put her 3 closest allies on the block during triple eviction.
AShleigh believes that Sarah is gunning after Bruno over Zach.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-09 20-05-36-948

11:06am HOH Bathroom Pili, Ash, Zach
Back to figuring out what AShleigh will tell Brittnee tomorrow when she is nominated. Ashleigh says she’s nervous doesn’t want to soun dlike she’s going back on her word.
Ashleigh asks her if she wins HOH next week will she go after Bruno or Godfrey. Pili doesn’t care who goes she just wants a guy gone next week. Ashleigh thinks they should alternate Boy one week girl one week. Ashleigh thinks next week they can convince Zach to go after Godfrey over Bruno. AShlegih doesn’t think they can convince Bruno to go after Godfrey.
Pili points out that Godfrey is going after Zach and not them. Ashleigh thinks Sarah is still targeting a couple she just hopes it’s her that stays. She doesn’t see her going over Zach.
Pili thinks Sarah is going after the guys for sure it might be best to have her win the HOH and do their dirty work.
Pili says she knows Bruno isn’t being real with her and around her she really wants to get him out, “He’s using people to get his way out.. he was super super super smart using the veto on him.. he know owing him a favor.. he’s smart like that”
Pili thinks that she’ll go up if Bruno wins HOH.
Ashleigh – We’ve played a game where we didn’t scramble or lie so much..
AShleigh says ever since they formed the Diaper alliance she’s been solid, She’s never scrambled. Points out everyone else in the house has been scrambling round but not the Diapers.
Ash says the worst two nights were Jordan going home and Triple eviction. Ashleigh points out they’ve been in the HOH 4 weeks in a row.
Pilar – We’re strong
Pili – I came in here and wanted to make a best friend and it worked out..
Ashleigh counting Bruno’s votes in the final.. thinks he only has 1 vote Bobby, “His game play is not good”
Ashleigh says the two of them going to final 2 would be “Super Fun”
Ashleigh doesn’t think she’ll win against Zach he has Jordan, Bobby and Bruno’s vote.
Ashleigh – my most favorite case scenario ever would be if the three of us went and you and I won that HOH.. three of us till the end
Ashleigh again says they can talk Zach into taking out Godfrey. She doesn’t think they can get Bruno out next week but they can get Godfrey out.

Godfrey comes in looking for the ipod.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-09 20-24-36-640

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I wish the production could just hand the money to sarah


Me too. 🙂


It belongs to a player.


Coup d’Etat Big Brother Us 11 anyone


I thought they were locked in the have-not room until they found the secret power, but now they are allowed out of the room? (I haven’t watched the feeds in a few days).


Feeds were down for a couple hours earlier. It’s possible this has already happened…


Yeah I was thinking it happened already too since B looked calmer than usual when ash told her she was gonna be the replacement nominee. She was also smiling big and giggling at times. But what they said after about zach kinda threw me off..unless theyre supposed to throw us off? I don’t know


Ya cried too much geeeezus!


Would you happen to have the Sarah Brit hot tub video?


I should of been more patient. Your on top of it as usual.


People on these comments are really rude. If you don’t like a houseguest, that’s cool and your opinion, but why feel the need to attack them on a personal level? i.e. scrutinizing their flaws or features or whatever. I dunno, hating someone for playing the game is kind of f*cked up.

Anyway, I’m so glad that Sarah/Brittnee won the chance for the special veto, I can’t wait for whichever one wins to take down both nominees and Zack/Bruno renomed. They are both so cocky all over again, it makes no sense to me how they can feel so comfortable.

Godfrey/Sarah/Brit final 3 and I hope God wins the show, he’s played an awesome game and I feel like he deserves this money more than anyone else.


You say Zach is cocky, we say Sarah is whiny. What’s the difference?

Also I can assure you that any time B or Sarah get power they are cocky as can be.


I have no problem with you calling her whiney, if you feel that way, you can express it. What I have a problem with is when people comment on Zacks nose, or Bruno’s Hair, like things that are irrelevant to the game that people say for whatever reason. These comments are unnecessary and really out of line, those are the comments that bother me.


Agree Elisha! Nice to see not everyone here is judgemental like that!


No fairness what’s so ever…it’s been given to Sarah and Britnee, I am dumbfounded that BB. Has f*^ked up this game so bad!


Wednesday can’t go any faster. I want to see the surprised faces of everyone inside the house and watch how Bruno/Godfrey/Zach scramble to repair the bridges they burned yesterday and today. I’m just really hoping that in case Britnee wins the SP she’ll not be stupid enough to keep Bruno out of the block. This week should’ve been an eye opener for her and realiza that he does not have her back.


So guessing by their conversation… Brittany and Sarah both don’t know about the power yet?!?


Can’t wait til ash learns all about how clueless she is 🙂


That will take some time.


The best part of this week once one of Sarah/Britt win the SP is all the intel they will get, especially on the day of the eviction.

Ash told Britt she is a pawn & that God is going home & if the tiebreak happened she would keep Britt (all lies). Funny watching Ash tell Britt b/c she couldn’t even look in Britt’s eyes. Huge tell tale sign she’s lying.

Zach continues to have a terrible read of people as Bruno (his new BFF) has convinced him he would take him to F2 and Zach stupidly wants to get little Sarah out next instead of any guys. He also believes he has the boys alliance, and the diapers. Personally I can’t wait for him to walk out the door Weds.

So Wednesday Pils will tell Britt she is going home & why she can’t vote for her. That will confirm for Britt/Sarah that Bruno & Zach are also voting her out. THIS is critical b/c then Britt will stop believing anything Bruno tells her as she has always kind of believed him. It SHOULD reinforce both noms get switched with Zach/Bruno going up so there can’t be any switching to keep Zach.

The fall out after Zach leaves will be super interesting as Bruno will have shown his cards to Britt/Sarah and Pils has never liked him, so will Ash without someone telling her how to think recognize Bruno has to go?

Best case (for my personal enjoyment) would be if one of SB win HOH next week just so I can see everyone scramble. If Pils wins I’m not sure Ash couldn’t convince her to keep Bruno (let’s hope not).

Bruno would be an interesting HOH b/c would he play emotional and just gun for Sarah again or would he try to break up Ash/Pils? I think he’ll go after Sarah b/c he just has a hard on for her. BUT we’ll see how Britt interacts with him when she learns he intended to vote her out.


Almost all true TT accept it shows the house her cards to. I’m amazed these folks even think of trusting beyond the core alliance. Ash/Pili noms are no blood in your hands HOH. Were way beyond that anyone running that chicken chit HOH gets no respect! You gotta come out firing F6. Everyone plays POV so no more talk of backdoor crap either. And lastly the HOH better remember that F6 means you cannot compete in F5 HOH. Strong alliance or win POV to get F4 or…. bigger targets in the house. Really sets up well for GOD if he wins F6 HOH IMO.
GOD’S the human question mark atm. Some here are pretty sure his real alliance is with Sarah/B. The goblins I just can’t buy that. My gut tells me it’s still Bruno but logically it shouldn’t be. He’ll float to the power obviously next HOH like he did with the bromance thing not knowing the have not powers.
The bloody fun would be a GOD HOH maybe. He likely chicken chits and puts up Ash/Pili. Oh but if veto is played and 3 voting. Bruno plus Ash/Pili could send Sarah/B home. Pili or Ash save each other Bruno decides. That looks like a Sarah eviction if POV is played and she isn’t on the block sorry trolls.
Quick fun…. HOH Style
GOD- Ash/Pili with Sarah the renom. Nite nite sarah
Bruno- Sarah/B with Ash/Pili renom B still up Pili/Ash goes jury as GOD saves B. Sarah still up flip a coin on GOD’S vote nite lil Sarah if she is up after POV ceremony.
Sarah- so tough… Bruno and a Ash/Pili pawn. She might sell that to the girls. GOD the renom. Don’t think so think anyone comes off then other diaper up. Diapers up POV used Bruno up and gone easy sauce.
B- Ash/Pili up Bruno the renom. She just won’t go after GOD IMO. Bruno up he gets evicted.
Pili- Oh lord will she go Sarah/B or Bruno/GOD. Ash is influence means a lot. Maybe Sarah and GOD or Bruno. No real idea that’s out Pili.
Most likely result Sarah or Bruno evicted but a diaper could get caught in the crossfire.


Sarah gets the special power this week sends out Zach. Next wednesday HOH comp will be Q&A with questions about Sarah’s childhood e.g. name Sarah’s 2 best friends? what is the name of Sarah’s friend that has a tattoo etc. Then she will evict Bruno. Next week, HOH comp when Sarah cannot compete will involve Plus size Modeling do’s and don’t questions so that Brittnee can win and evict Godfrey. Then there will be no guys left and all the girls can join forces and the season will have a happy ending. Is that good TV???

Not really

OMG!! Please let this be true!! O.o

Sarah!! FTW!

(FYI. I think Brit or God deserve to win. I just love annoying the Sarah-haters lol.)


so funny wow


as much as I dislike your sarcasm your post actually made me lmao lol so thank u




Think B won the “competition” in then have-not room but BB didn’t tell them right away what it really was about, then Britney was told about the secret power in the DR and she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. This may explain why B was fake crying earlier with Bruno AND the fact that Sarah still doesn’t seem to know about this secret power just yet.


I think both of them in the hn room will know about the secret power, why else would they put two in there. I also think that it would have to be decided between the two who was going to be the holder.


I don’t think it’s happened yet b/c they’d be whispering and not working so hard on trying to figure out how to keep Britt.

If they had the power they’d be trying to work out how they could pull the girls closer this week KNOWING one of the big dogs will be leaving.


I hope which ever one of the fembots has or will win the SP, gets Zach and Bruno up. I worry Britt may still trust Bruno a bit, but her and Sarah seem to sense they are in dangerous waters at least when they’re talking in the have not room alone.

After they use the power they need to collect info, and set next week up so Bruno is the target. They will realize that everyone, expect Godfrey who pretty much told Britt she’s going up, is lying to them.

Sucks they don’t trust Godfrey more. Unless I’m missing something, he doesn’t tell Bruno anything about what the fembots are thinking.


Oh god who I love so much…. please make Britt break the rules and tell Sarah the secret power. Then all these twists will be for not. Thank you lord… that’s the BB CAN 3 steam punk house and please don’t be late TY GOD! Oh also I’d like a package of naked lady tee’s for Xmas to help my golf game and pretty nurses to take care of me 24/7 when I can only gum my food. 🙂


Don’t worry. The twist is one week. Next week the house will go back to targeting the snake.


If by “snake” you mean Bruno, i’m all for it. 🙂


It’s funny how Ash and Pils come up with things on their own but are so gullible and easily influenced they don’t stay on it.

I feel like Pils is actually the better player since she sees through people i.e. she has seen through Bruno when he is being fake even before Kevin left.

Earlier today Ash said to Zach can you imagine if they (Britt/Sarah) got a special veto. Zach cockily responded nah it’s too late, won’t happen. So when Pili says should I tell Britt I’m voting her out, what if they get a special power? Ash says it’s not gonna happen, they are have nots (basically reiterates what Zach said).

Too funny.

I do think it would be interesting if one of each pair: God/Bruno Ash/Pils, Sarah/Britt were to make it to the F3. I would definitely want God/Pils to be the 2 from the first 2 pairs. Obviously I’ve been hoping for Sarah but I also like Britt so either would be okay.

Going back to the beginning of the season it’s funny b/c I remember Neda saying if Pilar got past the first few weeks she was guaranteed F2.

The difference with this season is there are so many people tied to the Chop Shop and Diapers that it makes it hard to believe they would vote for anyone other than their own alliance. In that case it’s best if Sarah/Britt and God make F3. Godfrey continues to look like a good bet to win and Sarah is definitely down a vote if Bruno leaves b/c he’ll never vote for her no matter who she sat beside based on how he continues to trash talk her.

I find it interesting he doesn’t trash talk Britt just Sarah. With Britt going on the block instead of putting his focus on Britt he’s putting it on keeping an eye on Sarah. SMH … I hope he recognizes once the SP is revealed that Zach/him aren’t the favorites. He’s a smart guy so maybe that fact might make him see he should make amends with Sarah. (if it’s not already too late)


Omg!!!! Ash needs awake up call here!!!! Bruno is a bigger target then B or Godfrey. This girl needs to listen to pili and get her head out of Zach ass!!! #commongirls


Also I hope one of those girls found the secret veto!!!!

another name

meanwhile in the jury house cindy and Jordan are either not speaking or having hatesex while bobby is carving himself a this isn’t a second life it’s a rebirth key out of a bar of soap in hopes of reuninting with Bruno. Kevin is playing solitaire next to Willow’s bedside. the sedatives are working fine.

It’s weird to watch Pilar try to talk game to Ashleigh. I get the feeling they should make a drinking game out of it. seven shot glasses, and you only get to drink them if we come to an agreement about how everything’s going to work out if we keep the guys together. Pilar’s the strategist of the pair. i’m flabbergasted. And she’s right…..

I quit using painkillers for my fractured vertebrae a month ago… am I having a flashback?


Stan7777…just curious…who’s your favorite BBCAN player to date?


Brit says “don’t worry about me” she may have the special power


If sarah or brit do not put up bruno/zach together I will fly to canada and break into the house and give them a couple of smacks.


If Sarah wins it’s a no brainer as she pointed out to Britt yesterday: Godfrey changed his vote from what the boys wanted to keep Pils so whether that was b/c he wanted Willow gone or b/c he was working with S/B the fact he didn’t do what Bruno wanted pointed to him either being malleable or he leans more to working with SB.

Regardless if Sarah wins she’s smart enough to know if she only puts up Zach she can’t count on Bruno to vote him out which could result in a tie and then Ash keeping Zach.

As for Britt, she is already figuring out Bruno has a deal in place with Zach and since she’s going up she knows all the talk of him throwing both Sarah/Britt under the bus is real. What will cement her decision to put up Zach/Bruno will occur on eviction day when Pilar tells her she can’t vote to keep her. Bruno/Zach will also likely tell her b/c we are at jury now and they’ll want her vote (even though I expect they’ll lie to each other saying they aren’t going to tell her). Even if they don’t tell her she’ll see the writing on the wall when Pils tells her.

On top of all that once the girls realize they were selected to compete for the SP instead of being hated by Canada they’ll also recognize that’s b/c they are trying to take out Zach (so Bruno saving him was viewed negatively). All these factors will lead to Zach/Bruno ending up on the block.


I really hope they save themselves and Godfrey, and put up Zach and Bruno. I’m kind of worried that they (Fembots) are starting to think that Godfrey is with the boys (when he’s just pretending to be) and then they won’t save him this week, when in actuality they need him. I’m hoping for a Britt, Sarah and Godfrey final 3 🙂


On a funnier note. Watch these youtube clips of Pili speaking with the CC turned on at the bottom of the screen.