Bruno “They’re going to be all over Pili bud, till Wednesday! Ash “Like a fly on sh*t!”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 05-41-41-208

8:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Brittnee gets up to make coffee. She then wishes her mother happy mothers day and heads back into the havenot room. She comments to Sarah that the tv already has the POV Ceremony Today message up. Britt says that Pili slept over with Ash last night. Sarah says that Zach didn’t so he can talk with the guys and Pili doesn’t feel so left out. Brittnee and Sarah head out to the hot tub room. Sarah says I am really interested to hear her speech. She’s not thinking of jury votes is she?! Brittnee says nope. Zach joins them. Bruno joins them. Brittnee says I am glad I am in better spirits today. Thanks for lifting me up. Godfrey joins them. Sarah says when they got to see a family member they were at 5. So we’re close.

9:30am – 10:10am Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return the house guests are inside getting ready (for the Veto Ceremony). Sarah gathers a few of Willows things that were left behind and puts them in the storage room. In the bathroom Britt & Sarah are getting ready. Meanwhile in the HOH bathroom – Ash is doing her make-up. Pili asks Ash if she is ready?(For the veto ceremony) Ash says yup. I don’t really do a lot today though right? Pili says you stand up and say Brittnee I nominate you. I gave a reason but I don’t think you really have to.

In the kitchen – Ash tells Bruno that Brittnee is going to try and get real close to Pili for her vote. Bruno says yeah. Ash says she already asked her to braid her hair. Bruno says she’s going to be trying anything. I can see Britt and Sarah working on Pili like crazy! As soon as Kevin was voted out I saw Sarah working on Pili instantly. Like you can sleep with me. Ash says and Kevin is gone because of them. This girl wastes no time. Ash says I am just so happy that Pili’s feelings for Kev were so intense that they could offer her gold and she would be like.. Bruno says yeah. We’re they trying to pitch? Ash says I just want to get today over with. Bruno agrees. I am telling you man they’re going to be all over her bud, till Wednesday! Ash says like a fly on sh*t! Ash says I think Pili is going to tell her the day of… that’s going to be crazy. Tell her after the rehearsal please. Like last minute.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 07-13-03-288

10:20am Meanwhile up in the bathroom – Brittnee is asking Pili about her ex-boyfriends.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 07-22-23-227

10:40am All the house guests are in the HOH for a lock down. Big Brother then blocks the feeds. The POV ceremony is likely happening now ..

11:45am Still blocked…

12:30pm Still blocked..

12:50pm Still nothing..

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Ha Bruno saying Kevin is gone because of Sarah and Britt. Hey you had the chance to save him. They better put up Bruno and Zach with the secret power! It is gonna rock


Zack n Bruno … at this point Pili seems to be out strategising them lol
They are so delusional and so full of BS … Makes Wednesday all the better!
First when Sarah is on the block they say she is the evil poison
behind all bad thing that happen in the house.
Sarah wins veto
Brit is now the wicked one who won everything and thrashed their game

Guy From Canada

Replace “Pili is out strategizing them” with “Pili is out playing them by floating”, then i will agree 😉 Pili is in a great position to float by but like Peter Brown said on the side show, you are at the point in the game where winning comps secures your spot in the finale. Just floating by with two strong couples in the house does not secure a place in the final two.

Shane S.

When Jeff wielded the Coup d’etat (the power to replace both noms on eviction night – essentially the same power Britt/Sarah will have Wed.) during Chima’s HOH on BB USA, Chima was allowed to play for the next HOH that night. No matter – Chima lost, threw a tantrum, began to disobey producers, refused the DR, and finally chucked her mic into the pool…. resulting in her instant eviction. It truly was a world class display of petulance – and great comedy.

I hardly expect a comparable performance from sweet little Ashleigh on Wednesday, but since it’ll probably be her closest ally/showmance/finger-bang associate getting the boot, I’ll be holding a faint amount of hope something will snap and she’ll let her “inner Chima” shine through.

John Ross

If Bruno is the one making his Walk of Shame, I fully expect him to punch a wall and break his thumb again.


I really wish the secret power happened right after the POV ceremony. I would LOVE to see Bruno and Zach scramble for the next few days. If we’re lucky, it will throw whoever is left off their game for the HOH.


I’ve heard and seen enough Zack n Bruno to last me a life time.
Time to toss that broken record!
The shock value will be great the way it will be done.
Also, Everyone else’s brains are going to be so blown that
they will not be preforming as well in the HOH comp.


Oh how the mighty have fallen




I just want someone to tell Pili that Zack voted for Willow to stay and preferably before the vote.


I am pretty sure that Sarah told Pili that it was herself, Ash, and Godfrey that voted to save her. I don’t know if Pili just doesn’t care, doesn’t believe Sarah, or doesn’t realize that this statement meant that Zach and Bruno did not vote for her.


As much as Pili is starting to see the light on specific situations the combination of Ash/Zach double teaming her has led to her isolating events in her head.

For example: she wants to pay back Godfrey for saving her but due to what Bruno & Zash have told her she looks at Sarah as a vote to get out Kevin instead of saving her. Further no one has bothered to ask Pili if she doesn’t realize Zach/Bruno didn’t vote for her or Kevin so why would she think they would vote for her over Bruno?

Give Sarah time she’ll figure out that needs to be said or maybe Godfrey will since he’s the only one who has positioned his vote in a way to make Pili feel she owes him something.

another name

with pilar, I’ve noticed that you can’t imply. you have to say. if you say Ash God and Sarah voted to save you, she won’t leap to Zach and Bruno voted to evict me. You have to say Zach and Bruno voted to evict her or she will never come to that conclusion, she will only look at Ash God and Sarah voted to save.


Don’t these people ever learn? They talk with such arrogance and confidence. Even tho B and Sarah took the have not vote really hard, the vote has only made everyone else more blind to all the twists BB has in store. I know everyone’s saying these twists benefit a select few, but after seeing all the crap Bruno, Ash, and Zach say, I really don’t care.

I hope zach and Bruno get put up and zach gets booed by the fans. Then ash hears the boos and wakes up. Then I hope she gets dropped before final 2 cuz she’s so clueless and hasn’t fonr anything this whole game


Pili ‘s brain is firing up.
When they were in the HN lockdown … Pili said maybe there’s a special power or veto
Sarah tells her through the door … Ya Pili, see if you can find it. LOL
Funny as it is … props to Pili … she’s starting to grow on me .. better late than never


Unfortunately, every time Pili starts to express an independent thought…Ash and Zach stamp it out with their arrogance and need to control her every move. That’s is why is aggravates me so much when they complain that Sarah and Britt are trying to get in her ear and sway her opinion. That is the very thing they have been doing to her this whole game. They don’t care about her…they just want to keep their control over her. If she would just realize this and break free from them…


I hated this twist when Jeff won it in BB11 US, even though I was cheering for him. And I hate this twist even more now, just because I’m a Sarah hater.

Fembot Malfunction

Hate Sarah? Does not compute. WARNING. WARNING.


I’m also a disliker of Sarah… but I don’t even know who to root for anymore. All the people I liked are gone,
I liked Brit for awhile, but I’m so tired of her whining about being a pawn that I just want her gone so I don’t have to listen to it
I’m left to root for Pili, more out of sheer dislike for everyone else left in the house. And God. That’s my ideal final 2… God and Pili.


How could you hate such a cheerful, easy going and man-loving person like Sarah?


Ashleigh thinks she is a good player.. But on Wednesdays.. I cant wait for her face


I still haven’t figured out who has the SP for sure? But …
I’m leaning towards Sarah at this point … Between her butter Zacks bagel speech,
her mentioning she might not play her veto, and her moments of silence when she
would normally have an opinion, Brits confidence, other subtle smirks, n the glimmer in her eye.
Seems to me like Sarah may have it.
Either way as long as Zack goes ….


When does the SP get played?


Bruno’s funny. Acting as if it is a bad thing that Brit fights for herself. Everyone is, and should be, guilty of trying to save themselves.

another name

reasonably speaking:
Bruno hasn’t been on the block.
Look how hard he campaigned for Bobby.
Imagine how hard he’d scramble for himself.
But of course he’d never say that. That would be stupid and imply to others that he considers himself at risk with people he’s aligned with at the moment.
His social strategy is to vilify other people so he stays under the radar.
Of course he’ll say one of the people he’s vilifying will sink to any depths.


First don’t forget Bruno called them disgusting kids (the diapers) so he already thinks they don’t think. His game is to manipulate and work with people he considers malleable or a meat shield. He can’t stand independent, intelligent thinkers (that’s suppose to be his game), and he really prefers to work with men… hence his double hatred towards Sarah.

He definitely also believes if you just keep saying something over and over again the person you are telling will start to believe it’s fact.

Finally, Bruno (and Ash) hasn’t been on the block. It’s the one aspect of his game that reminds me of Derrick from BB16. He would get so angry at even the suggestion that he go up. To wit, it’ll be fun to see how he reacts Wednesday when he finds himself on the block and has to barter to stay. Unfortunately, Ash/Pils I doubt will bring that up to him.

But, if he finds himself on the block for either a whole week or as the renom in the coming weeks we’ll see how insane he goes. I literally expect him to blow a gasket and follow people around constantly. It might get ugly fast.


Love Ash and Bruno plotting B’s demise when Pili tells b she’s evicting Her…Ash “please wait till after rehearsal it’ll be more dramatic”…lol…honey you have no idea of the drama in store for all of you….lol


working on pili is a waste of time. not sure why they even bother

i am getting tired of not knowing if they have competed for the power yet or not. if they dont take godfrey down as wll they would be making big mistake if thy think bruno would vote to keep him over zach. better to pit zach and bruno up to be sur of getting one of them out . i think godfre is flexible he isnt solidly with brach so letting him off so hecan remain in the house is their best move


I wonder when the crowd erupts for Zach/Bruno going on the block and Zach inevitably walks out the door if Ash will finally realize what the hell has been going on.

Can Sarah/Britt make her understand how Zach was pulling her strings and how she’s made dumb blondes look smart. Further, I wonder if it will occur to her that the fact S/B were given the power that it’s actually Zach/her/Bruno who would have been Have Nots if it truly were a punishment.

As for Bruno, it’s amazing how hard he is doing the sell of Sarah wanting the Diapers out when he spent so much time saying the same thing. His continuous pushing of Sarah wanting a girls alliance only pin points how badly he wants a boys alliance.

I can’t help but think if he doesn’t win HOH this overtly aggressive lying on his part is going to come back and bite him in the ass.

I’m not holding out hope b/c Ash makes Victoria from BB16 look like a genius! She doesn’t even realize how easy she’s had it.

To that end, I’m really looking forward to Ash finding herself on the block and being in jeopardy b/c suddenly she’ll have to stop painting her nails, fixing her hair and playing under the sheets and actually PLAY THE GAME!


One question is Canada voting for the winner this year? 10 jury could be 5 girls vs 5 boys to decide the winner but still 10 guys…


Excellent question Julie. Unfortunately, at least as far as I know, it is all speculation to this point.


BB will have to do something to make the jury votes an odd number. Ian Terry (BB14) Tweeted a theory where perhaps Canada votes to nullify a juror’s vote to bring the total to 9. That would be interesting!!!


That would be interesting indeed, I like that idea.


OH I actually LOVE that idea!


OR – maybe Canada has a vote only in the event of a tie?


I was thinking that too. Except for the fact that if you read the terms on the “Chance to enter the house” from playing on the BBCan site you see it has it so that you need to be available during the FINALE. So my theory is that whoever won that draw will be the tiebreaker.


Oh, I didn’t see that! Now THAT would be totally cool for the winner!


While I do not like this twist, I am warming up to it more and more, as the more and more I grow sick of Ashleigh, Zach, Bruno, and Pilar. They need to realize that cockiness is such a good thing, and their reasonings for doing things are complete BS. Pilar and Kevin (twice) put up Brittnee, which both Ashleigh and Zach had a part of every single time, but she is wrong when she puts them up on the block. GTFOH.

If Ashleigh or Pilar make it to the end, it will be nice to see the jury absolutely shred them, and I cannot wait for Peter to release all of his hatred for Zach when he is finally evicted.


Long road before Sarah can win it all my ideal scenario would be :
Sarah earning the Power replace B by Zach – Zach OUT
B new HoH put Bruno & Ash with Sarah earning Pov not played Bruno OUT
God new HoH put Pilar & Ash with Pilar earning Pov then B & Ash – Ash OUT
Pilar Hoh put God & B with God earning PoV then Sarah & B – B OUT
Final Hoh Sarah with God & Pilar – Pilar Out
Sarah : B/Willow/Ash/Pili/Zach/Sindy/Jp/Kevin
God : Bruno/Bobby

Guy From Canada

Both Willow and Zach are emotional players, and have bad game moves all season.

Willow was taken out by Sarah/B, I see no vote from her for Sarah while God had zero blood on his hands towards her. As a super fan, she may respect that game move
Zach is an emotional player. Him and Ash may tie their votes together. i could see them going either way in a God situation. If God has a good speech, he could say what Peter Brown said that he made his target obvious, and plausable so that no one else would target him to get him to finale (which worked fantastic so far).
Pili is a toss up. Depending how long she is with the Jury, Kevin may manipulate her vote to his way. Sarah sent him home, and with his side show saying that God is playing the best game to win it, those two votes could be on the other side.
And even though Bruno is calling Sarah poison, maybe its cause he knows her game play is solid and is targeting her so that the others don’t target her. If he is in jury, his gamer side could respect the game and actually vote for Sarah for the integrity of the game. His maturity (I hope its present outside of the craziness of the house) could be Sarahs benefit for a vote.

This week is the tell tale sign, so if Zach goes out then I do see a possibility of a similar scenario to what you laid out happening.


Willow was taken out by Britnee…Sarah just made a mistake when she thought no one would vote for her…Willow loves Sarah…even gave her something on the way out…as long as she explains why she did it …Willow always votes for Sarah to win…Britnee on the other hand …..


Lets do some predictions on who gets who… : My Opinion
Ash : Zach/Pili/Kevin/Bruno/Bobby/JP
Sarah : B/Sindy/Willow/Canada/Ash/Pili
Bruno : Bobby/God/Zach
Pili : Kevin/Ash/
God : Bruno/Bobby/B/Sarah/Sindy
B : Sarah/Sindy/Bruno/Ash/Pili/Kevin/JP/Willow/Canada


This is inaccurate unless you actually consider the final 2 scenarios…such as Ashleigh vs Pilar or Sarah vs Britnee or God vs Bruno etc etc….only then can you get an accurate read…for example if it was Ashleigh vs Sarah

Ashleigh: Kevin (I think he vote the same as Pilar and he would be more bitter than Jordan), Zach, Bruno, Pilar, Bobby
Sarah: Jordan (I think he would vote game and he likes Sarah too), Sindy, Willow, Canada, Godfrey, Britnee

Good luck to going through all the possibilities…


It’s not that simple, it depends on who the person sits beside.

For example: the entire game Bruno has tried to get out Sarah and everyone blames Sarah for the moves Britt has made. Given that, if Sarah is sitting beside Britt how can you give Britt your vote over Sarah? At least that would be my argument if I was Sarah.

Much depends on the story you tell which hurts people like Pilar even if she sits beside Ash because she can’t communicate as well. I pray it doesn’t come down to those 2 though..

Sure there are automatics like Bobby voting for Bruno, but I don’t necessarily think JP & Kevin would vote for Zach given he didn’t showcase any loyalty (I know moot point as he won’t be there). However Ash might be and I don’t believe if she is beside GSB those guys would cast a vote Ash’s way because all they have to do is ask what decision did you influence your alliance to make that wasn’t Zach’s mandate?

Bottom line: who is in those F2 chairs makes the decision different for each and I’m sure at this point the odds of Pilar getting to F2 increase weekly because she’s a really nice person and other than Ash (who might get votes from a bitter jury) would be ideal for each of GSB & Bruno to take.

Side note: if Bruno makes it to F2 how much do you want to bet if he had a choice between Godfrey and any of the woman remaining he would take the girl over Godfrey, including Sarah? LOL irony at it’s best.