Ashleigh – “I just want the noms to be the same..they have to”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 7th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players ?

(There’s been a absolute tidal wave of game talk.. all the videos are here some of the text is missing.)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 17-04-57-162

8:00pm Zach, Bruno and Ashleigh
Before Ashleigh join them Zach is explaining to BRuno next week if Peepee wins HOH him and Ash control who goes home. “Even if she does throw you up me and ASh vote”
They agree the HOH they just had was very hard.
Ash is dreading her conversation with Sarah. Zach says he’s looking forward to the BS she’ll tell him. They guess she’ll say something like she’s a weak player compared to Bruno and Godfrey. Zach mentions how Sarah has been playing everyone in the house, “You’ve been manipulating people’s brains this whole game”
Ashleigh goes over her speech to Sarah how she’s going to say she’ll be keeping true to the people she’s been working with since the beginning. Zach suggests Ashleigh say less and let Sarah do the talking.
Zach says it’s pretty clear Sarah and B are after them last night they put up 3 of their people.
Zach – after this week 2 sends home..

(ASheligh finds a spider puts it in a wine glass)

8:50pm Been pretty quiet.. Godfrey working out.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 18-06-09-812

8:53pm Peepee and Sarah HOH
Pee – Cray Cray cray such a hard game
Sarah – I miss everyone already
Pee – me too
Sarah says it sucks in the house especially after Willow and Kevin are gone
Pee says she lost her friend
Sarah has a feeling she’ll be seeing the jury soon
Pee – don’t say that
Pee says there final 7 now you send people home that are threats, “It’s not about numbers it’s about players.. who is going to be loyal who can you trust”
pee tells her she doesn’t know for a fact what is going to happen.. “We need to stop playing such an emotional game”
Sarah says it will be a smart move for her to stay, “I have never been after you and AShleigh”
Sarah is going to talk to Ash she doesn’t want to be in the middle.
Sarah says the guys will eventually have to put people up and the guys will win. Sarah claims she cannot win a comp to save her life.
Sarah adds at this point in the game it’s who is a physical threat.
Sarah mentions Bruno was psised at her becuase she was trying to get B to put Bruno up not PEEPEE.
Pee thinks regardless of who goes up she’ll be the pawn next week.
Sarah – Bruno will put up Zach
Pee – why did Bruno save him
Sarah – you really think Bruno is going to bring Zach to the end… he was telling me today he’s putting up Zach and AShleigh up
Pee – really
Sarah says Bruno is wanting to take AShleigh he doesn’t want to take Zach.
Sarah says Brittnee and her are together but so Are bruno and Godfrey and they are the bigger threats.
peepee says Brittnee wanted them out because she put three of them on the block.
Sarah says Godfrey goes along with whatever Bruno says. Adds that Bruno has been targeting them all.
Sarah says Willow told her everything about the couples meetings and told her everything that was said in the couple’s meetings.
Sarah explains why she voted to keep Pili, adds that she’s glad it worked out the way it did. Mentions that Brittnee and Willow never trusted each other.
Zach and Bruno walk in..
After they leave.. Sarah goes back to campaigning to Pili, Sarah highlights that she had a secret relationship with Kevin where they told each other things.
Sarah goes on and on that Bruno wanted all four of the Diapers gone.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 18-14-07-987
9:13pm Godfrey and Brittnee
Godfrey says “they’ve” been telling him Sarah is the target, Brittnee will be the pawn.
Brittnee leaves.. Bruno joins Godfrey.
Talking about Zach being “for real” about a guys final 3. Bruno says Sarah is the target this week but don’t tell Zach Bruno told him. Godfrey says he already knew.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 18-19-49-030
9:16pm Bruno and Brittnee Bedroom
Bruno and Brittnee
Bruno telling her they need to stay tight.
Brittnee – you’re close to Zach
Bruino – I’m not that’s the thing

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 18-21-28-761
9:20pm Bruno and Zach
Talking about how hard Sarah is working on Pili. “She has to go home I’m telling you bro”
Bruno – she’s working her a$$ off
Zach – the best thing once Sarah’s gone Pili wants Brittnee gone.
Zach wants to make it that Godfrey feels unsafe with Ashleigh
Bruino says they need godfrey he’s legit.
Zach – we’ll keep broing it up
9:23pm Bruno goes down to Godfrey tells him Zach is good with the boys YO

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 18-26-34-702
9:24pm Storage room bros
Broing it up.. lots of High Fives.. fist bumps and hugs
Godfrey – I’m thinking for the benefit.
Bruino – She’s the poison
Zach – she’s not going to get Peels.. even if she does doesn’t matter.. Ash has Peels
Zach ASh will take peels in a second
Zach – We’re winning Comps we’re rolling heads.. Sarah’s going home this week it’s a done deal
Zach – three boys left rolling heads

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 18-29-23-468

9:30pm Zach and Bruno warn Ashleigh that Sarah has been up in her HOH for a hour working Pili.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 18-34-56-891
9:31pm Pili and Ash Bedroom
Pili says that Kevin knew about the chop shop early on . Pili adds Kevin was also part of a blue cobras alliance.
Ashleigh joins them.. starts talking about the alliances in the game with Zach, Kevin and Jordan.
Sarah tells Ashleigh – “I will never go after you but I’ll still go after Zach.. there’s a very small chance I will win HOH compared to Bruno and Godfrey”.
Zach breaks up the conversation..

black and Bru
9:42pm Bruno and Godfrey Bathroom
Broing out..
Godfrey – you always put in work yo
Bruno – it’s us..
Bruno tells him if he wins HOH he’s putting Zach up but if Zach wins they are all bros
Godfrey says he’s playing the same game planning on doing the same.
Godfrey “When it’s all said and done bro I trust you”
Godfrey says when he was up with JP he thought he was going home for sure Bruno saved his life. “It was one of the biggest shocks of my life”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 19-01-47-392
9:58pm HOH Bathroom Ash and Zach
Ash brings up the purple Cobras says she never knew about that. Zach lets her know the purple cobras were not a serious alliance. ASh adds that she told Sarah she’s going up with Godfrey.
Zach stresses that Sarah has to go this week “She’s poison in this game”
Ashleigh says Godfrey and Sarah are going up if Brittnee wins the veto Bruno is going up. If Sarah/Godfrey win the Veto Brittnee is going up. Zach wants Brittnee up instead of Godfrey. Ashleigh refuses she’s putting up Godfrey he’s too dangerous. Zach asks if Sarah is getting into Pilis head. Ashleigh – No she’ll do what we say”

Zach says Sarah was working Peels for a hour trying to tell her Kevin wasn’t with her
Asheligh – ya
Zach stresses Sarah will say anything to stay
Zach doesn’t trust Sarah talking to Peels right now
Ashleigh doesn’t think it matters she’s not changing her mind.

Zach is very pissed at Sarah says her tactics in this game “She always says she’s not a threat.. she put three of us on the block last night.. freaking ridiculous”
Asheligh – she said that i’m not a threat
Zach – Peels is going to be in a final 2 with Sarah this week
ASh – no she’s not
Zach – Sarah is throwing Kev into the dirt right now..
Ashleigh wants the nominations to be the same. Zach says him and Bruno will be fighting in the veto for that.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 18-57-37-514

10:08pm Pili and Sarah
Sarah telling her that Bruno plays the game in a slimy slimy way. Pili says he never talks game to her.

20 minutes in Sarah is saying That Bruno and Brittnee are really close but so is she and Brittnee

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LOL Sarah has to be one of the worst players ever. I question her strategy, now she’s saying to Zach and Ashleigh oh you are not my target….right. I still cannot understand HOW she’s getting the mastermind edit and how she has so many fans.


Are we wathching the same feeds?
Sarah told Ash and Pilar that if she won HOH that she would go after
Zack and Bruno n Godfrey because she can not beat them in physical comps
and to get to the end of the game the physical threats have to be eliminated or
they will win. She said that to their face!


I agree. Sarah Sucks! Got to be the most annoying houseguest EVER!!! She will be going to Jury soon I think.


Sarah is just desperate. For her the whole shebang is crumbling. Everybody except for Brittnee want her out.


Britnee ruined Sarah’s game by taking out Willow.


Ashleigh get rid of Bruno , God or Zach if you want a chance of winning you dumb muppet.


I think she will inadvertently do just that! I cant imagine any one of them surviving this special veto. I REALLY hope Zach goes on her HOH though… That would be so so sweet!


I really like that Sarah is kinda telling the truth to pili – i think they should go for the girls alliance….if sarah and godfrey are nominated and sarah and brittnee are have nots and sarah wins – she can take herself off and if she gets to choose i really hope she replaces it with bruno – so they can send bruno or godfrey packing! – hopefully one of the girls win next week and take out zach and bruno/godfrey afterwards – im rooting for a all girls alliance now – but i want Ashleigh to win even though she hasnt done much but still #TeamAshleigh


lol what Zach? Sarah isn’t throwing Kevin under the bus…

I remember during the first few weeks where I thought Zach was one of the best players in the game, and then he put up his closest ally and he got sent home so that opinion changed real quickly.

I really hope Godfrey or Sarah get this power, that would be awesome!


I agree Simon, can’t understand all the Sarah lovers on here…. Didnt know feminitwits like Sarah made up so many BBC fans….

In GOD we trust, to set the feminitwit Sarah FREY!!!!


The douche bag queen of slim talking about Bruno’s game… seriously. Pure bankrupt try to get Pili to think Kev was using her. This trash bags worthy of nothing now. The Sarah trolls must be so proud of her at the moment simply disgusting.
As for game looks great with Sarah having a 50% chance to find Secret power. I hope GOD is have not and finds it. it’s a roller coaster til the rules get clarified and POV played.


Kevin was using Pili … he said so himself, Didn’t he just throw her under the bus trying to save himself? yep! He might of liked her to an extent, but she was disposable to him.
Bruno is a hypocrite, He has been in or try to have a “Bro’s” alliance the whole freakin game. He is delusional!
In reality there never has been a real girls alliance. Bruno is a freaking P#&&Y, horrible player, and has a very bad attitude towards women.
Sarah seems to be a bad player because there are no other strategic, loyal people to
align with. Neaha but she’s history. She’s by herself with freakin Bruno throwing knives into her back, over n over n over…
Brunos smart move would of been to let Zack be voted out. Ya let me save the guy who can beat me and expose myself as a total liar. (that move is burned into peoples memories)
Yep, Boy Bruno is so smart.


Was he supposed to sacrifice himself for Pilar? For what, to be a ‘gentleman’ because he’s in a relationship with her? As a female fan, this way of thinking really annoys me.


Wow Stan. I am not a Sarah fan but she is playing a game, no need to call her childish names. How old are you? Does your mom know you are on here calling people names?

Bel Biv

Wow, go Sarah! That girl really is poison! Sad she only has Pili to work on, lol.

This season....

If the guys seriously call Sarah ‘poison’ one more time Im going to lose my mind…. Shes playing the game! What do they expect her to do, jeesus.


The only actual poison in this game right now is Zachula’s complacency and Bru-noballs’ paranoia. They both are their own worst enemy.


Dear Man Hater!

She is called poison because she is poison get use to the truth got nothing to do with whether she has a dick or not. You must not visit during BB USA. As Dawg and Simon will freely admit it’s the big boy/girl club not the reasonably polite BB Can stuff. You drank the Koolaid good for you. some of us prefer something different than Poison. If you think poison is “tough”, 1st get a grip on life. second go read what the great rat Andy was called.

Some people need therapy

The Sarah-hating hating trolls are out tonight…


I like how Sarah says Bruno is playing a slimy game but he is just playing her game but better. You can’t deny that Bruno set himself up better this week regardless if this secret power screws him or not this week.

Bring on the hate

For fun, I run by all the weekly events to a strategist (by profession). This person does not watch the game, and is obviously biased by my own personal biases and feelings about the game – it’s unavoidable in this scenario, since I give the info. I was totally SHOCKED when he said the two best moves this season, so far, were Godfrey saying don’t use the POV on me, I want your blood to Zack and Bruno using the the POV in the triple to save Zack. Still wrapping my head around it all since Sarah is my girl, and that is all I care about (and my personal strategist clearly knows this, lol) Hope she survives, but curious to see how this all goes down. Just food for thought.


At this point i want Brit and Sarah to be the have nots and Brit to have the power. With the newly formed “final three” all guys thing, it is uncertain if Godfrey will change the nominations because he could play it safe. Britney and Sarah on the other hand will put Zach and/or Bruno in they win the power. I want Brit to have it because Sarah is so intent of forcing a girl’s alliance (give it up already!) while Britnee is more loyal to God and Sarah.


Brit is loyal to Bruno not Sarah


Godfrey wants the boys (except himself) as much as Sarah so he would figure out dynamics to ensure one of Zach or Bruno go. It makes no sense for him to want comp threats in the game.
Britt is a bit iffy on what she would do. I get a sense from the way she has played to date that she believes if Ash or Pili are gone then she thinks Bruno or Zach would take her.
I think would even sacrifice Sarah to push herself ahead following this week.


Zach is a good social player and competitor…but strategy went out the door in the name of JP.

Sarah lost a jury vote from Willow. Now she is scrambling..pulling out all the tricks to stay in the game.


i find B to be the most underrated player. She’s constantly put up as a pawn yet people don’t realize she’s actually a threat. She won 2 HOHs and both times she wasn’t afraid to make big moves and she actually went through with it. She’s got bigger balls than Zach & Bruno


I agree, Brit is underrated. Funny how Zach and a few others think Sarah is pulling B’s strings. NOT! This girl thinks for herself and isn’t manipulated by Sarah. I’d love to see Brit win it all!


Brit won 11/2 Hoh’s
Brit would of had a good chance of going to F3 with Sarah n Willow
She nominated emotionally not strategically. Bruno 3 wins/Willow 0 wins huuumm?
so who is a bigger threat?
Now she has about .0002% chance of making it.
I’ve changed my vote from B n Sarah to Godfrey n Sarah
Brit had her chance … why give her another to screw up?


I argued with my hubby about that. Queen B would have been sent home by Willow and she knew it. If Willow got a chance she would have put her up, she said so to Sarah several times and was slowly and surely talking Sarah round. Sarah even said Willow was her number 1 and B was her number 2. It was a smart long term strategy. And it was only because Bruno took Zach off. Zach and Kevin were her real targets and she had moments to decide. I cut her slack on that one and overall I think she is underrated.


Vote the #godfather for havenot people!!


I don’t trust God now he is officially misted by Bruno. I don’t think Bruno would put up Zach.

Heres hoping Sarah gets that power. I’m officially anti-Bruno and would love to see him on the block next to Zach. Infact, him going before Zach would not make me angry.


still amazed at all the misogynist Sarah haters on this board
She is playing a solid game..she’s had setbacks and just tries to overcome…
Bruno is disgusting…Zach is just strategically dumb but socially has set himself up well mostly due to having 2 dunces buying all he is sellling…looking at u Ash and Pilar…
Britney has done fine but still lets emotions get in the way…hence the Willow nom which hurt her also even if she does’t realize it

Sarah for the win and all the Sarah haters can suck it


Did anyone else notice Pili referring to Bruno as Slim!
Her instincts are correct. I wouldn’t want Bruno around my daughters
with no cameras around. He preys on the weak and seems to be a woman hater.
Not a good combo.
Sarah for the win!
Although Brit (she seems to be more loyal to Bruno) just royally screwed their game up. She’s a back stabber too.
and Sarah knows it. So for being a lone wolf Sarah has done well.

You are Sick!

Watcher, your comment should be reported as sick and removed from this forum! To equate a contestant on this show to that sort of behaviour is absolutely disgusting, regardless of your personal opinions.

Dawg and Simon, I absolutley love your spoilers/updates but you surely cannot tolerate someone suggesting that Bruno would do something bad to young girls/daughters. It is sick, disgusting, unfounded, and completely against the spirit of the game. I am not sure what else to do but to comment here. That his comment passed screening is a little alarming, but I know you are busy and I, too, would rather get an update on the house than have to deal with a creep like this.

Purely Disgusted by Watcher

Watcher, thanks for watching, but your comments should now be completely monitored and censored. To indirectly accuse or insinuate that Bruno can’t be trusted around or would do something to young women, including your daughters, has completely crossed the line in terms of making a point.

Simon an. d Dawg, please do not tolerate and debase your forum to this kind of discussion. I realize that Watcher is a prolific commentator, but to insinuate child abuse is not acceptable. St the very least, please delete hideout and let him know why.


You people interpreted what I said wrongly or maybe I communicated it poorly or both.
If you were watching at the beginning of the game … When Bruno was hanging with his Bro’s
He had made quit a few disgusting comments about/towards women. At first I gave him the benefit of doubt of just simple bro talk/bs construction site mentality. Been there although
didn’t participate in such disrespect. Anyhow as the show has gone on Brunos true colors have continued to come through. None of anyones business …but my kids are all over 21.
I was not implying that Bruno was some sort of pedo… I was implying that he is a creep!
So get the over it. The guy has women issues and can’t be trusted. I try to keep my personal opinions about people out of my comments and focus on strategy/game play, but Bruno has crossed the line. Just as Will on survivor crossed the line with Shirin. When men attack women it is not acceptable and/or vise versa. There is a big difference between game play and personal attacks. Also why some Bruno fans would take such a leap and twist my comment is baffling? These are not children on this show people. Bottom line is if someone crosses the the line to far….. I am not a wimp online or in real life and I will act or speak my mind. If any of you have issue with that. I like great debates!

Yep, you got it!

Because I am not rooting for Sarah, I am by extension and exclusion a mysogynist. Yep, you got it, that’s me. Just call me Bruno and Instagram/twit a shot of men losing their hair, and we will be good.

In truth, I actually think Sarah, the feminist, as so many of her fans describe her, would be ashamed to call you all fans, and at the very least your behaviour would be offensive to her. Feminism, in its contemporary manifestations is all about inclusion, something women in the past were not permitted. The fact that so many of the commentators who favour Sarah also spew exclusion and hatred to anyone who goes against their personal favourite is so very ironic and gross to me.


If Sarah don’t win the twist……she is so going home. But if Zach/Bru gone this week, she’ll stay there longer


Initially i think Brit made the wrong play yesterday but after the conversations this morning she had actually played what is best for her own game. It is detrimental for Sarah but she manages to put herself in a good position with Sarah and Godfrey as her meatshield (which is so funny, Sarah IS a meat shield. LOL). At this point I am really still hoping to see her and Sarah on the finale but with Britnee (initially I was rooting for Sarah) to win the whole thing, Brit and Sarah had more balls to draw the line in the sand while God and Bruno chooses to ride in the middle. Being in the middle is honestly a good play but having a target on your back is much more difficult and impressive to play with.
I’m really hoping that Britnee and Sarah are the have nots for this next two weeks to be so funny, Sarah and Brit will be campaigning and moaning about their ill fate in the game and push for an all girls alliance but the havenots power will save them and eliminate Bruno or Zach, and next week unless Pili wins the HOH, Ash and Pili will be the ones who will be pushing for an all girls alliance with them.


Sarah and B get nominated. God wins veto. Sarah and B are have nots, either of them wins, opts for two replacements. Bruno and Zach are on the block, Zach gets sent home on Ash’s HOH as payback for JP. #karma


That would be my dream!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))


I get everybody has their favourites, but I hope everybody understands Bruno and Sarah are playing basically identical games.


Why is Bruno a woman hater for targeting the women, and Sarah isn’t a man hater for targeting the guys??


Because Bruno talks down to women insults them.
Where as Sarah likes men and women
The other difference is that Sarah will work with whoever benefits her game
no matter gender. Bruno will only work with his “Bros” … bad strategy.


When has Bruno insulted any women besides their gameplay?


Didn’t he call Sarah a “dirty b*tch” when she confronted him about saving Zach during the live vote?


Little does Sarah know she’s about to receive a Coup d’etat

another name

okay, hate on this all you want:
during the Zach and Ashleigh bath scene as Zach goes on about sarah it crossed my mind as he stammered and did the backstroke that in his head he’s thinking: damn that sarah for filling your head with the truth.
if Ashleigh couldn’t see that he was completely lying by his stammer and awkward silence and body language…. oh, of course she didn’t.


Ash always says she thinks for herself and just when you think she is getting strong she says she is targeting who Zach wants. She is just his puppet. I hope she wakes up soon before it’s too late for her.


Funny how people are suddenly muppets and idiots if they don’t vote against their own alliance.


Virgin Assleigh actually won something?! Will she or won’t she do as Zach says? What about her BFF Moronita? Will Zach-the-fin-nose marry her after the end of BBCAN3?

So much drama, so much uncertainty…. #NOT #VacuousBlond