“Garb and the Goblins Man.. The Garblins.. I’m in it with you two to win it… Yo” – Godfrey

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 19-35-21-682

10:28pm HOH Zach, Ashleigh and Sarah
Sarah comes up says she wasn’t throwing Zach under the bus when she was talking to pili and Ash. ASks Zach if he trusts Bruno.
Zach – AS far as I can throw him
Sarah says she’s going after Godfrey and Bruno
Sarah says Bruno is telling her he’s puttin Zach and AShleigh up
Zach – yup
Brittnee rolls in ..
Sarah stresses that Godfrey and bruno are gunning after Zach, ‘God is convinced Bruno is taking him to Final 2.. we would laugh that God is Victoria.. Bruno is a black belt he’s got children”
Sarah – I’m honest.. sure I might have withheld stuff.. Bruno will say whatever the f***
Zach – ya
Sarah stresses that God and Bruno are strong at comps and she’s not
Zach – ya
Sarah says he used the veto on zach to keep him here as a shield
Zach says he knows bruno is a logical player
Sarah says bruno is an emotional player
Sarah wants Bruno and Godfrey up
Zach – yup
Sarah says Bruno is pretending to have a broken thumb.
Zach tells her bruno won’t use the veto on God
Sarah – he will.. look that’s another shield… another week you guys will go after god instead of him
Zach – yup
Sarah – I love you guys

Zach tells Sarah she’s not the target this week, Sarah leaving doesn’t benefit them.
Zach – I’m going to dig into the Bruno god thing.. ever since last night it’s a new game for me
Sarah – I don’t mind if Bruno knows I’m coming after him.
Sarah leaves..
AShleigh – yo uthink Bruno said that
Zach – he literally used the veto to save me in this game.
Zach – you saw how Bruo is he loves his people he’s working with
Asheligh says the reason Bruno used the veto was so that Zach can be his meat shield.
Zach – Bruno right now is not going to use the veto on God.. I know that..
Zach – actions speak louder than words.. Bruno just saved me B and Sarah just came after us
Ashleigh says Bruno keeps telling her that over and over.. “I trust Bruno a bit more than Sarah”
Zach says next week if he wins HOH it’s going to be Brittnee and God on the block they’ll send God home.. then it’s me you peels vs Bruno and B and we know they aren’t working together they’re loan ducks..
Zach – she wants you to take out a big target this week she’s been doing it all the game.
Zach – the bottom line is you me and peels stay strong
Ash – Bruno is going after peels
Zach points out he’s going after other targets first and it’s better she goes than the two of them right?
Zach – she’s (Sarah) keeps downplaying her and B are weak.. they’ve one 2 HOH’s and they are very good player together this whole game.
AShleigh – like I said it doesn’t matter

Pili comes in
Zach tells her not to think Kevin was holding things from her kevin never really knew about eh “Chop Shop”
Zach – Don’t believe Sarah..
Zach explains when Sindy told them in the HOH about the Chop Shop kevin was surprised
Pili – why am I freaking believing all this
Zach – I don’t want you to feel kev was holding things from you he wasn’t
Pili – I’m sorry Kev.
Zach adds that the purple cobras was not a real thing like a 1 week thing, “kevin was always loyal to you 100%”
Zach warns her that Sarah is very convincing.. Reminds her that last night they put three of them up, “bruno’s nominations would be B and Sarah he was raving about it before the comp”
Zach says B wanted Willow to stay last night. she was telling everyone that.
Pili mentions that Apparently Willow was telling Sarah everything about the couples meetings.
Zach – Sarah is the best persuader in this game.
Pili says she believed everything Sarah was saying to her ‘I freakin suck.. I can’t believe it”
Pili doesn’t trust Bruno.
Zach – we’ll watch him
Pili says next time she has a conversation with Sarah she’ll come up and talk to Zach and Ash to make sure it was true
Zach presses that the three of them are together till the end and Sarah is doing whatever it takes to split them up.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 20-22-16-375
11:07pm HOH Godfrey, Pili and Ash
Ashleigh tells him he’s going up as the pawn Sarah it the target if Pov is played brittnee goes home.
Godfrey – Brittnee is the best pawn in the business yo
Ashleigh says she can’t put Brittnee up because last night she didn’t put her up. Godfrey says he was campaigning hard to get Willow nominated.
Godfrey trusts ASh and peels but is unsure about Zach
Ashleigh – I promise you he wants those girls out after last night he wants those girls out.
Ashleigh warns that Sarah is a master manipulator “I promise you are not going home this week”
they count the vote, 4 people voting all they need is two votes and Ashleigh will be the tiebreaker.
Godfrey – Ash I trust you yo
Godfrey- I trust you Pili I won’t even question that
Godfrey highlights the three of them have few jury votes compared to Zach and Sarah
Sarah tells him about the purple cobras. Godfrey laughs “Am i the only one that didn’t have an alliance”
Godfrey – I will not flip on you guys 100% I am not with Sarah and britt.. I don’t trust them I wouldn’t doubt there throwing my name out there”
Godfrey points out that Brittnee never had a chance to think last night Sarah was all over it ‘I thought is Sarah HOH or is it Britt”
Godfrey – She is way more dangerous than me
Godfrey says he’s in with the goblins to win it they call themselves the “GARBLINS” he gives them a little fist bump
Godfrey leaves..
Pili is upset with herself for believing Sarah that Kevin was keeping things from her.
Ash – Sarah is just really good

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 20-29-22-590

11:28pm Sarah and Brittnee
Sarah – I think I did a good job.. either way I think they really want God out
Brittnee – they’re telling Bruno they want you out
Sarah says she just spilled everything to Pili and Ashleigh.
Sarah – Pili’s on board”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 20-37-40-124

11:37pm Sarah and Ashleigh
Sarah says Bruno is going to use the veto. Sarah adds that Bruno told Brittnee that Zach/AShleigh wanted Sarah out.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 20-40-20-740
11:40pm HOh Bruno and Ashleigh
Ashleigh tells him the POV has to be won
Bruno – I’m fighting for it
Ash says she’s told Godfrey and Sarah they are going up. Ash knows Sarah is really good at talking “It’s terrifying”
Bruno – she’s going to tell you whatever you want to hear
ASh – my mind isn’t going to change it’s made
Bruno stresses how good Sarah is “I just learn to ignore it”
Ash – it’s because she’s so goofy .. do I want to sit next to her at the end NO
Bruno says words are cheap but he’ll show her next week he’s got her covered.
Pili joins them. Ashleigh points out that Sarah was trying to throw Kevin under the bus today it shows how dangerous she is.
Asheligh tells them whatever you tell Sarah you have to downplay it because she’ll up-play it later.

11:42pm Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 20-56-00-129
11:55pm Pili and Ashleigh
Pili – I don’t like the way bruno is playing the game at all
Ashleigh – You can take Bruno out next week if you win.. Zach is going to go after Godfrey.
Ashleigh – Sarah needs to go this week.. Bruno did something for us he saved one of our members.. Godfrey also saved one of our members.. Bruno saved Zach Godfrey saved you
AShleigh is sick of hearing Bruno say that Zach would have been out the door if it wasn’t for him using the veto.
Pili – I don’t trust him
Ashleigh tells her Kevin is going to be happy to see Sarah because he knows B and Sarah got him out.
Pili is really worried Bruno is going to win the game she wants to get him out next week.
Pili – I can’t have a smile on my face with him around
Ashleigh says they get Sarah out this week then bruno and Brittnee last
Zach joins them.

12:21am HOH Zach and Ashleigh Debrief
Zach trusts Bruno for now but they have to keep him on watch. Zach says Godfrey is also someone they need to keep an eye out for. Brittnee and Sarah took a shot at them last night. If they get rid of Sarah Brittnee is alone. Zach adds he can “really” pull Bruno in and Bruno is super loyal like he was with Bobby.
Ashleigh wants to see Bruno go before Brittnee. Zach – ya sure.. Ideally it would be Sarah then Godfrey
ASh – Ya.. after Sarah’s gone at that point I don’t really care.. I know Peels doesn’t trust Bruno because she knows Bruno will take us over her any day
Zach is going to continue to build trust with Bruno because he’s good at winning comps
Ashleigh goes on about how annoying Bruno is always reminding them he saved them last night.
Ashleigh – I want the girls separated ultimately that is what I want done in my HOH.. I want B gone more than god
1:25am Zach and Ashleigh
AShleigh points out how hard Bruno was fighting for the HOH, “Kinda makes you think” adds he kept saying he wanted to see his family “I got a family to bud” ASks Zach if he heard her say that to him. Zach doesn’t think Bruno would put them up this week if he won the HOH.
2:00am Zach and Ashleigh are still up listening to her music.
Ashleigh – Oh the spider died by the way in case you cared

Talking about favorite movies, Ashleigh likes Greece.
Zach says that is one of the best movies of all time. Zach says his favorite movie is “friday night lights”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 05-28-07-187

8am – 8:45am Big Brother starts waking up the house guests and then blocks the feeds. When the feeds return the house guests are in the HOH or heading there for a lock down. On the living room TV screen it shows that the Nomination Ceremony is Today. Brittnee comments now that its Ashleigh’s bathroom its nice and clean. The other girls agree. Ashleigh and Brittnee start getting ready in the HOH bathroom. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 05-26-51-298

8:45am – 11:05am The feeds have been blocked

11:50am Still blocked
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Have any ideas on how we can get more seagull time? How about seagull HOH? Or is that just way too ridiculously silly to even contemplate?

Maybe we can talk Global into more gull footage. I’d love to see its back story.

where's the fight?

Why can’t I find a video anywhere of Bruno screaming in Sarah’s face? Can someone please share that?


There isn’t a video of it .. it was during the feed blockage for the triple eviction.

where's the fight?

I hope the show plans to air the footage on Sunday’s episode, because it is really unfair for us to not see the REAL Bruno. That’s some juicy footage for them to ignore, but it seems that BBCan likes to do nice friendly short episodes that edit out all the good stuff. They don’t even really address negative things on the sideshow.


Ash must be catching on to Zach’s blatant disregard for her game vs. his own. Like really? Hes so arrogant.


You mean by keeping her safe for 50 days?


How’d he keep her safe?…she wasn’t on anybody’s radar


Sarah’s thought process : I am gonna nominate people and evict them (including my closest ally) then I am gonna try to reel the person I just nominated and bring them in an alliance. Then I will confess to my main target Zach that he’s no longer my target, he was only my target for the last 49 days but not anymore…What a mastermind!!!

ps no matter what any of you say, it was Sarah who controlled Brit’s HOH. stop drinking the production kool-aid and open your eyes you sheep.

An anonymous Sarah supporter had the following to say to me: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Just sayin'

You’re telling people on this site to stop “drinking production kool-aid”. Really? On the site where we literally read and watch every conversation in the house? I agree that maybe people watching just the show have biased opinion, but I think everyone who comes onto this site knows what’s really going on in the house. Love Sarah or hate her on this site but don’t say that we’re as gullible as people who only watch the show on tv, we make up our own minds.

wait a sec

… it’s exactly what godfrey just did. the guy just made a final three with Zach. just made an alliance with Ashleigh and pilar?
…it’s what Bruno has been doing all game (cough voted out graig cough voted out bobby cough). floats to whoever has power each week. tells them we’re good and lies to their faces with a fistbump.
so, what’s the real issue? you hate sarah. okay.


bruno was actually very loyal to graig and bobby (too loyal if u ask me) he started to expose his game when he pushed hard to keep bobby, unlike sarah who is loyal to no one and did nothing to keep willow (after B said i dont really trust willow, its bc of u sarah im keeping her and Sarah could have just said nothing and let it pass but chimes in and tells her well if u want to put her up, u can)

wait a sec

Bruno was loyal to Graig as a bro, not as an alliance member. Bruno voted to evict Graig. Bruno and the rest of the Chop Shop agreed he would have to go a week before he was nominated. Graig’s game clashed with Bruno’s under the radar game in the early weeks.
There was nothing stopping Bruno from voting to keep either Graig or Bobby. Everyone already knew Bruno was close to both, so voting to keep them exposes nothing and doesn’t jeopardize his game, it actually makes him appear more loyal to his allies as a man of conscience. Bruno says actions speak louder than words. He acted to vote against both.
It isn’t shameful to be a floater. He does it well. Floating is riding the middle and temporarily allying with which ever faction is in power as a bona fide strategy, right? Bruno was with the Chop Shop when they had power. He was with Sarah and B when it could help his game. He’s with the Diaper Alliance when it helps his game. That’s his strategy.

another name

imo I suggest that everyone take the episode edit with a grain of salt.
we saw ten seconds of what was reported on feeds later as a five to ten minute conversation.
look at the expressions on sarah and B’s faces during the moment you quoted.
there was a lot more to what happened than what we saw imo.
look at what else was cut out in order to preserve the current episode storyline.
to date in episodes, sarah and Bruno have yet to have a single conversation. ever. let alone an argument. or any justification for their dislike for one another. or the fact that they do dislike one another until the kevin’s sideshow comment about there not being a boy vs. girl there’s a sarah vs. Bruno.
episodes only viewers haven’t seen 1/10th of what we’ve seen. it stands therefore, that an episode without feeds only shows us 1/10th of what happened. it wasn’t live. it was taped taping starts at 3 (?) runs until 7ish . the episode airs at 9. plenty of time to pick and choose what would further the bb edit storyline.

Habs Rule


Habs Rule

I said it once and i will say it again……..How anyone cant support this whiny little brat who throws tantrums when things dont go her way and cries and pouts like a little child is beyond me.I actually feel sorry for the HGs who have to live with her……..these HGs should get compensated for having to put up with a grown woman who acts like a spoiled 5 year old girl…….wow!!….Sorry if i offended all you sarah supporters but man she just rubs me the wrong way!!!


Yes I am a Sarah fan .. and Ash, and Pilar, and Britt… gee that must mean a girls fan..would be nice for a change… BUT ; as for the whinning part I am gonna go by your screen name Habs Rule that you know all about cry babies .. SUBAN …lmfao… following and being a fan of that team says it all … NOT WORTH THE GRAIN …LOL

Habs Rule

LOL!!! oh marianne you poor delusional child……I never said i was not a fan of sarah cause she was a girl.your a girl fan ….good for you thats great……..shes the biggest whiner and crybaby in the house,when she doesnt get her way she pouts like a child…Thats why im not a fan of hers and if you actually read what i wrote you would of known that but…i just cant understand why anyone could support a grown woman who acts like this….it just shows you support people who whine bitch and moan….hey to each their own right??As you are a sarah fan your comment about habs fans lol thats too funny …….This coming from a sarah supporter……talk about calling the kettle black…….LOL!!!


Here’s a small example of why Sarah is deeply distrusted by the house:

A few weeks ago after Pillar won HOH, everyone was up in the HOH room look at pictures etc.. Kev was reading Pillars letter and said he didn’t realize her name was spelt like that (talking about the slang version – Pele).

That same night Sarah begun a rampage, complaining to basically everyone that “Kevin didn’t even know how to spell his girlfriend’s name!”. It was said in a very disgusted tone, obviously trying hard to throw him under the bus.

Now anyone who hears that will immediately wonder what Sarah is saying about them. How is she trying to take their words and explode them into a big deal?

When you act snakey, don’t cry when you have no allies left. Don’t talk about “Mind Control” in the other alliance just because they vote together. What sort of alliance would vote in a non-block?!

Everyone in the house is lying, but other people seem to realize that you need both loyalty and lying to get through this game. Laying + bitching doesn’t do it by itself.


Tell that to Derrick from BBUS….. it got him to win the whole game


Ideally, my opinion people don’t spazz if you don’t agree, Sarah Godfrey go up, Godfrey wins POV, Britnee renom, Sarah wins that special veto thing, renoms Bruno/Zack, Zack goes home 😀

Then both Ash’s and Zack’s HOH would have been a waste, he got his best bud out and she got her showmance out. Let’s hope it happens! Then seeing no other option, the girls would stick together against the 2 guys and it’d get interesting.


Yup, i initially thought this season is a disaster but I am seeing that the last few weeks will be better. Season one and two had been very predictable towards the ending because of how tight the alliances are but this season with three pairs in the running and everyone playing the floating game this season will be very unpredictable depending on who wins the HOH.

I just really hope that Sarah and Britney are the havenots, those two will definitely use it and send out Bruno (who is afraid to pick a side) or Zach (the untouchable) depending on who wins the veto and will force Godfrey to work with the fembots.

Godfrey winning the havenots power will suck because he has the potential of not using it if Zach wins the veto. His best move is also not to use it because as of now he has the best position as he is seen as the lone person and can float towards Brit/(Bruno,Sarah) or Pili/Ashleigh/Zach next week and just simply throw out competitions.


If Zach wins veto God will still be on the block. Trust me, he’ll use the veto thing if he gets it. There’s absolutely no reason why he’d not use it


I thought if they won the power they HAD to replace one of the noms with the option to replace both.


Godfrey wants both of the boys gone. If he won the power he would analyze the dynamics to ensure that one (excluding himself) is evicted. He would not let Sarah remain on the block, not himself, as he would know there is a chance that he or Sarah would go home regardless of who they are sitting beside.
Godfrey, more than the others, knows where the HG’s heads are at. With the current read…Sarah goes home unless she is removed.
I have no faith in Britt using the power to ensure that.
It depends on who you are rooting for to win the game I guess.


the stupidity of ashleigh zach and pili still baffles me. it’s final 7, TOO SOON TO MAKE A BIG MOVE.

If ash/pili rly truly 100% think they have a better shot at f4 with the guys than the girls, i dont even know what to think tbh.


They haven’t decided which big move to make…so they are still trying to remain ‘blood free”.


Let’s get the seagull up in the polls! Come on.

Ms Anthrope

I voted for the seagull! He’s got more game and brains than Zashleigh.


I can’t wait to hear Bruno’s campaign for Godfrey…

I think I am funny at this hour.


God or Bruno for the win ! Can’t stand anyone else in the house this season.
Brittnee = Most Annoying Houseguest
Pili = Accent drives me mental
Bruno = I like Bruno but now he is so Paranoid. Needs to take a chill pill
Sarah = 2 whiny = Tied for most annoying houseguest with Brittnee. Thinks she’s Dr. Will or something.
Zach = Cute but way too cocky
Ash = Kinda forgot she was in the house til she won HOH lol


Zach-the-fin-nose, Moronita, and Assleigh-the-Vacuous-Blonde — this is what this game has come down to. #Sickening


another name

dear Ashleigh:
three weeks ago a guy stood up and said he wants to get your boyfriend out of the game. said he wanted you out of the game a few days later.
your boyfriend now says get the big mouth girl out she has mind control powers.
the other guys in the house hate the big mouth girl.
whose mind is left to control, yours and your best friend? that’s very trusting of your boyfriend. he just questioned your loyalty after not telling you about all of his double dealings in the first four weeks of the game. didn’t even make a dent did it? big mouth girl sucks at everything but talking in the game but she’s scary says the guy that only tells you things when he’s caught.
and why doesn’t he want the guy that wants him evicted out? the guy that can win comps. just sit back and think about it for a second. minute. hour. dear lord.
when your looks go, you’re doomed.


She’s doomed already. Pili will be taken by most over Ash.


Ash and Pilar are just sad. Sarah told them both the truth, and when Ash confronts Zach his awkward reaction should have indicated to her he was lying. I really hope Sarah and Britt end up have nots and Godfrey wins POV. I think it’s more beneficial for the fembots to get Zach out. Pilar doesn’t trust Bruno at all and if she won she would target him.

Ideal final 3 would be Britt, Godfrey, and Sarah.
Ideal eviction order would be Zach, Bruno, Ash, Pilar.

another name

waited for a day to decide who to vote as the have nots.
at present:
the choices in my mind:
sarah: saves both. (wants Zach and Bruno out most will put both or whichever doesn’t have pov up with pilar).
B: saves both. I think. fan of the big move.
Godfrey: saves self lets the other get eliminated. unless he can get Zach, because it would give him points with the jury speech. otherwise would leave sarah up in a second because it wins him points with the rest of the house, only ticks off B.


I disagree with your assessment of what Godfrey would do should he win the power. He would prefer any of the girls staying over the guys. Why would he not want his comp threats out?
He would figure out what to do, based on POV holder, that ensures getting the physical targets gone. He knows that, at the moment based on who is voting, that anyone sitting beside Sarah is likely safe.
Britt would be okay with leaving Godfrey on the block which would ensure he is gone. And I am not convinced she wouldn’t leave Sarah up there if she was sitting next to Bruno.

another name

possibility for why I believe godfrey wouldn’t bother to save sarah.
godfrey is playing averages right now.
he entered a final three with Bruno and Zach.
he made an alliance with pilar and Ashleigh.
he is close with B and tolerates Sarah.
he takes himself off for sure. puts up B. pisses her off but what’s she going to do.
he’s got his supposed three man final deal and his alliance with the cheerleaders.
and they all love him for getting rid of the “big threat (?)”
until they all turn on him next week.


So hope it’s Sara as I don’t trust anyone else!!


Interesting the side show didn’t show Bruno attacking Sarah at all and had Emmett saying Bruno is his man. I wonder if Emmett/the public had seen him calling her a disgusting bitch if people would still be thinking so highly of Bruno the nice guy.

Also of note: when Ariza asked Kevin about the girls vs. guys thing he said let’s be real it’s Bruno vs. Sarah. Given him saying that it’s clear everyone in the house knows Bruno is gunning for Sarah so she really isn’t wrong not to trust him. Conversely, I’d say to Bruno fans you have a right to back your man up, but (in my opinion) Sarah has never lied about being willing to work with people who work with her.

She only stopped working with Zach once she knew he was against her, same for JP. Bruno is intent on removing intelligent players and he views Sarah as the most intelligent player remaining in the house.

Another interesting thing is when Sindy told Pilee she was disappointed in her and Pilee cried everyone called Sindy a bully but Bruno can scream in Sarah’s face and call her a disgusting bitch and not even her best friend Britt has her back.


Me when these people are rooting against Sarah, >_<

Don't you understand that when she's gone, Godfrey is right after, then Bruno goes and Zach wins this game. -_-
So sick of Zach's arrogance.


Ash is out to lunch b/c she believes she can get to F3 with Zach/Pili and believes she can pull a John by winning the final HOH & take Pils for the win. There were warning signs a plenty in that bath where he was lying to her, but she literally ignores them.

I wish Canada could send in tweets to each of them b/c I’d tweet “your only role in this game is to watch Zach bathe”. I’m interested to see how she would play without Zach. Plus the whole evicting Zach on her HOH would be such sweet karma.

Zach may luck out if & only if this special power is different than I think it is. Based on what Arisa said: the holder has to remove 1 nom, CAN remove 2 & THEN REPLACE THEM & it will be used at the LIVE EVICTION.

My read on that is the power is: A Diamond Power Of Veto. So the POV comp/ceremony will have taken place already. Then the holder would stand up just prior to the vote remove 1 or 2 people & THEY would replace them. Further since the POV will have already occurred the POV winner won’t be safe. Assuming one of Bruno/Zach win POV that would mean they would still be eligible to go on the block.

Four people vote this week so the ideal scenario is for Sarah to win the power to send out Zach & putting Zach & Bruno up is the ideal re-noms. God winning the power won’t guarantee he’d change the noms (though I suspect he’d put up Zach) & Britt wouldn’t necessarily put up Bruno.

Otherwise we could be in a scenario where Britt puts up Zach & Pili and then Bruno & God save Zach & Ash breaks the tie. Do we honestly believe she would save Pili? I think she would keep Zach. NOT IDEAL.

So, the only way to get out Zach is via a Zach/Bruno renom. They had one chance, this would be their second (& likely only opportunity for the remainder of the game). It only works is if God/Sarah/Britt are the 3 voting to send Zach home. Maybe Bruno would do it but he can’t be trusted so why take the chance.

Sarah’s back is against the wall no matter how you slice it. The two biggest physical threats in the game want her gone, so even if she wins this power she’ll still have one gunning for her next week. For Sarah to make it to F2 she needs Zach/Bruno to leave in the next 2 evictions & then hope for some luck with either her or Britt winning to take out Ash/God. Her ideal scenario is to reach F3 with Britt & Pili. I hate to say it (since she is my fav) but it’s a long shot for her to get to F2.


I would tweet her “has Zack told you what you are doing yet…we want to know who the noms will be” she would then know her edit on this show is Zacks little puppy…it would send her into a bigger tizzie than last time thinking Canada thinks that of her and not just a HG


Update: just watched the Arisa video detailing the power:
The winner DOES make the replacements BUT HOH and POV holder are safe. So now I’m praying for a Britt or Sarah POV win as well as them being have nots.


Why would Godfrey vote to keep Zach?


How ironic is it to hear Ash tell Pilar “if B wins HOH it’s Sarah’s HOH, if Sarah wins HOH it’s Sarah’s HOH”?

Um Ash look in a mirror. Zach told you 3 different things in the tub, got heated when you called him out about the purple cobra’s and lied to your face… BUT during your HOH you are going to take nominate the 2 players who Zach is most worried are coming after him and target someone who would take you to F4 at a minimum. You give dumb blonde a whole new spin girl.


I keep expecting Ash’s gut instinct to kick in but it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe she isn’t very good at picking up some clues. Then again, it is possible she isn’t like that herself, so she doesn’t know what those clues really mean. Or she is still too young to have run into users in life and just can’t recognize them.

Whatever the reason, it’ll bite her in the butt. Sad.


Reading the wording on the “Inside the Vault” the person who wins the power will definitely be the person who also replaces the nomination as it says CHANGE the nomination or opportunity to CHANGE BOTH THE NOMINATIONS.

Not much leeway there otherwise it would say take down a nom or take down both noms.

PRAYING it’s Sarah and Britt b/c based on tonight’s meeting with God & the Goblins I’m not confident Godfrey would save Sarah or even put Zach on the block. And even if he did I’m not confident Bruno would vote him out based on today’s boy’s alliance. Given how much Bruno wants to play with guys over girls is anyone confident he’d vote Zach out over Sarah? I’m not.


I don’t understand everyone saying God won’t use the power to save Sarah, or use it at all. If he is the one placing the renominations, why wouldn’t he just put up Zach and Bru, or Zach and Pili? Either way, Zach or Bru go home because God will vote with Sarah/Britt who want Zach or Bru gone. God hasn’t won HOH or made any moves and he knows that. This will be his chance to make a move and get rid of a comp threat. I think he’d do it. Because if he doesn’t then he knows after Sarah goes he’s potentially next. And he knows he has nothing to tell the jury if he gets to the F2


You could be right. I actually really like Godfrey and believe he has the best chance of the guys remaining to make the F2. Some people feel he’s being fed lines by TPTB but he says way too many interesting and funny things off the cuff for it to be completely fabricated.

The reason I felt he MIGHT not use the power is based on 3 things:

1) he currently has an alliance with 3 different twosomes:
Britt/Sarah, The Goblins and the Guys. So depending on how much he believes them to be real it doesn’t behoove him to target someone and make an enemy. While the alliance with Britt/Sarah feels the most genuine you just never know with God.

2) The move he made to keep Pils and get out Willow.
Sarah discussed this with God and Britt yesterday. Prior to the vote Godfrey told her the guys were voting to keep Kevin when in reality they were voting to keep Willow. Zach/Bruno were expecting God to also vote that way but he changed his vote to Pils and lied to Sarah so she wouldn’t keep Willow. It’s one of the best moves made this season and also one of the few times someone has outsmarted Sarah (and easily at that).

3) If Zach wins POV the only big target he could go after would be Bruno?
I guess it would come down to how much he trusts any of the alliances he’s made and specifically his F2 with Bruno.

Given Sarah is the target and depending how the POV goes it might be better for God’s game to maintain his low profile position. I’d love to believe he’d seize the moment to oust Zach and I vacillate between believing he would or not. As much as I hope he’d jump at getting out Zach I just am not sure he would. Certainly if he remains on the block there is more of a chance he would even if he only had a shot at Bruno b/c then he wouldn’t be leaving it to chance.


Godfrey does not trust anyone but himself. Relative to point one, none of his alliances are true, but he confides in Sarah/Britt more honestly than any of the others. He does not want to close off any discussions with the groups because being to assess the HG’s is paramount at this stage and Godfrey is pretty good at reading them.
He can not trust Bruno. Bruno using the POV on Zach risked Godfrey going up so it is pretty clear where he sits with Bruno.
Godfrey wants Zach gone most but needs to be good with A/P so it reduces the target from that side.
All things point to Godfrey being tighter with Sarah and Britt and…the three of them are not in an alliance. Yet Godfrey is letting them know what his other (fake) alliances are thinking.


Re point 2: you are perceptive to have noticed this. And I agree it was a very subtle and clever move. Godfrey is aware the Chop Shop still exists and keeping Willow may empower that. Godfrey never trusted Willow and seen that Sarah trusted her and this would be a good way to break that pair.
Now Godfrey is working to be what Willow was…less of a target with all the groupings and gaining info from all.


God is just planting seeds with Ash/Pili re: Zach. Godfrey is more on Sarah/Britt’s side than Bruno’s. Bruno using the POV on Zach solidified mistrust.

Yo Bro

I know this has been previously discussed, but I’m still trying to be clear – Veto holder is one person only?

Person A is not on the block, wins POV, does not use it in POV ceremony – Person A cannot be replacement nom at eviction?

Person A is not on the block, wins POV, uses it on original nom Person B – Person A can be replacement nom & Person B cannot be replacement nom at eviction?


That’s the way it reads but we have to wait and see if big brother will pull another twist out and change the meaning of how they worded it.


Originally I thought the POV holder would be vulnerable as well but if you watch the Arisa explanation video it clearly states the special power holder DOES make the replacement choice but CANNOT put up the HOH or POV holder. So the only people safe in the house will be Ash & whoever wins POV.


I think you are correct. There can only be one veto holder. Otherwise there are not enough people in the house and the twist can’t work to its full potential.


Just watched the video that explains the Have Not Power. The person who wins it DOES decide on who goes on the block as well BUT they can’t nominate the HOH or POV winner. So better cross your fingers Zach doesn’t win the POV. I’m praying it’s anyone BUT Zach/Bruno who win POV, ideally Godfrey or Sarah wins the POV as Britt will be the renom and that Sarah/Britt are the ones who are Have Nots. Then whoever wins can remove both from the block and put up Bruno/Zach and send (hopefully Zach) out the door.

I was thinking today what a strange twist of fate it would be if Britt managed to win POV and took down Sarah and then Ash put Bruno on the block. Then if Sarah won the power it would be in her hands to save Bruno by nominating Zach. Now THAT would make for great TV.


Why would Sarah save Bruno and put Zach, leaving God on the block? If she does that it would be dumb because then the vote would be split, Britt/Sarah voting Zach out and Bruno/Pili voting God out, with Ash the HOH breaking the tie sending God out the door.


God would have to win the POV comp


To clarify: I meant, Sarah would remove Godfrey to put up Zach.

In other words she wouldn’t have to take down both noms just Godfrey and she wouldn’t have to make 2 enemies by replacing both noms by taking down Bruno to put up Pils. In essence although Bruno would remain on the block God/Britt and Sarah’s vote would save Bruno.

Sorry for the confusion


Best thing for everyone’s game is for Zach to go now. Ash… ur head is so far up Zach’s butt you only know it’s morning when he yawns.


Friggen hilarious!!! Thanks for the morning giggle.


Lol, your welcome : )


Probably others have posted it but my best case senerio is if Sarah and Godfrey goes up.
Bruno wins Veto dosnt pull God off
Britt wins “the power” pulls God & sarah off.
Zach and Pilli are automatically put up
and Ash sends home her boyfriend or bestfriend on her HOH.
I added part about Bruno not pulling God off so God wont wanna work with bruno after that and Bru is alone again.


considering that ash is able to be hoh due to britts bumbling hoh noms why does everyone assume she would use it on sarah? i tink tt if b got the power she would tink of herself first and not do aything other than take god down full knowing sarh would be voted out because she thinks that…like not puttng up ash is winning her points to f3


Who is considered the POV holder? The person who won the POV competition or the person who currently has it come eviction time? I’m guessing production will clarify AFTER they see who won the POV.


The person that wins the POV comp is the POV winner/holder. Come eviction time they remain the winner/holder whether they use the POV or not.


Say good-bye to Sarah. Bruno wins the next HOH. Ash & Pele are on the block. Zach wins veto and saves Ash. God is put in as the replacement. God is on the jury. You can guess 1 out of the three remaining wins HOH. Bruno will have no other choice to win veto, if he does not, your pick is Zach, Ash , or Pele. Pilar is not the best speaker for television, so they will make sure Ash or Zach will win. How did I do ?

another name

there’s 7 remaining right now. you forgot about Brittnee.