Ash to Zach who goes up? “If you put up God and Sarah, 1 of them wins POV”.. Zach – Pili obviously

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 19-35-48-544

10:38pm Hammock
Ashleigh is showing off some of her dance moves..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 20-19-33-826
11:19pm Zach says he’ll have “Corn Rows” for eviction. Pili is going to do them tomorrow to see what they look like before Wednesday.

Godfrey shows them the beard he’s growing says he wants to fill the sides out “Rick Ross Beard”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 20-31-14-811

11:31pm Hammock Godfrey saying whenever he gets a chunk of money he never spends it can’t figure out what to do with it.
Godfrey – the only thing I need are my sun flower seeds .. I go to the gym that’s it
Godfrey – the cat eats pretty much anything.. Bones.. whatever I give it yo Bones.. And Rats to yo it fends for itself for the most part . yo

Ashleigh and PEPEE
11:40pm Bedroom Pili and Ash
Ashleigh says she’s noticed every time a person is about to go home Zach spends a lot of time with them.
Pili – He’s going to win this game unless someone vote him out.. he has no blood on his hands..

Pili isn’t trusting Zach much anymore, “He’s good with bruo good with us, He is going to make it to the end”
PIli – he’s very smarts like very.. he friends with everyone which is awesome.. good for him.. he’s smarter than Sarah he doesn’t talk as much… he’s a smart cookie I’m telling you
Pili tells her it comes down to a point where they have to think about their game “you know what I mean”
Ash – I know..
Ash – I just couldn’t be the one that did that to him
pili feels the same about Kevin says she could never put him up, “It would be against my will I never was thinking of getting rid of kevin to be honest”
Pili – whatever happens happens I was playing the game trying my hardest.. it’s getting really hard honestly.. you’re technically only safe now if you’re HOH.. I’m not getting rid of you if you leave OH MY GOSH
Pili – I don’t know if he’s being 100% honest I don’t know if he’s playing the game you are the only person i trust now .. now that kevin is gone.

Pili wants to go to bed. Ashleigh is going to play a couple more rounds of god ball before bed.

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I think so too Simon and I can’t wait to see that smug look Zach has on his face most of the time wiped off !!!


Can’t remember a single player on top of the game that didn’t have a smug look from time to time. By the way his games getting wrecked by production not his play. And he’s played really bad. By the way if your niave it’s production that coaches them to use that smirk for the edits ect.


I said smug not smirk and I’m referring to the fact that Zach is a very arrogant pretentious young man, personality traits evidenced by the smug look on his face. Zach is Zach’s biggest fan and he’s probably had females telling him how attractive he is for most of his life. As far as being naive about production I rarely watch the TV show but his smugness is even more evident on the feeds. He really talks down to people too especially the womyn.


And the look on Bruno’s face!


one could only hope.


Say it’s true Simon, say it’s true.


I hope your right. But i see zach and pili going up


After watching todays episode I really dislike Bruno and LOVE to see him leave the house, even more then Zach. The way he talked to Sarah and going on about the girls alliance. He is looking like a fool and would be ashamed of himself when he sees it was all in his head LOL. It was so dumb of him when Sarah said that Bruno is clearly with Zach and Ash and he was all like no i am not. I wanted to bang my head against the wall. Like why are you denying it, that’s CLEARLY what it is, that was the whole point of saving Zach. And on top of that I want this HOH, I wanna see my kids, like seriously STFU. You have seen your family atleast once whereas Ash hasn’t even seen hers even once. Comm’on Bruno how selfish can you be, tryna win HOH by emotionally blackmaling Ash coz you know your sorry ass can’t win HOH without someone’s help.
Ugh it feels good to vent it all out LOOL.


Ash had a video from her family.


But did either one find the secret power? I listened to the end of the show lastnight and the announcer said will either brit or sarah find the power. He didn’t say who will win the secret power but if they will find it. I”ve been watching the live feeds and haven’t seen them say anything about it. Infact brit is talking like she might be going home over God. They were locked in the room but nothing came of it, so rightnow im just confused. I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday.

Have Not Power

I think they have already played for the power when they were locked in the HN room & the feeds went down on Saturday. When Sarah was still locked in the room & Britt was in DR, her & Ash were talking through the door. Ash said the rest of them were in HOH lock down with music & the music was louder than it usually is. Then they talked about an alarm going off & Sarah told her that it went off because her & Britt were sleeping. I think the winner knows what the power is but can’t say anything, even to the feedsters or they will be evicted. After the flop of Bruno’s double veto, they are going to make sure this one is successful.


OK….this might be just a personal wish, but who else wants to see Zach leave on Wed with “corn rows in his hair”. Might knock his ego down a peg to face Canada after blatantly acting so safe.

Bruno's poor disabled child

What a “bold” prediction. Maybe we should just declare Sarah the winner by production and save all the trouble of playing an actual game. Doesn’t winning only mean something because you won it weren’t given it? Also, Sarah is horrendous slimy person. What a tired “evil QB/jock” vs. “underdog” narrative. She’s an ass. She’s rude, petty, snide, selfish (she turned on B just two weeks ago for Willow!) And now you sheep all hate Bruno because he saved Zach, aka chose not to be the next person eliminated, which Sarah and B admit? Unbelievable. Enjoy your tainted, predictable production victory. Just know Zach, who I don’t like, still beat you and your useless faves.


My prediction is that once Zach is gone, Ash will hide behind Pili and then Pili will negotiate a final four with Sarah and Brit. f4 All girls!!! Pili is going to end up being their pillar of strength. Ha! I couldn’t resist!


I agree I’m surprised with Pillar’s new game play. She is proving herself as a game player, you can tell that she’s now constantly thinking about the end


Me too …but come on B get it together Zack said right to you your not a pawn anymore, means your the target.


it kills me not knowing if they know the secret power yet… Are they trolling the live feeders and the HGs?

604 Macho

I agree. Its still unclear exactly what Sarah and Britt know at this point. By the fact they aren’t bummed out, they seem to know they get some power, but by the comments and conversations they are having, I’m not sure if they know they can change the nominees on Wednesday.


Seems like Britt won but can’t tell anyone including Sarah what she won. She keeps telling sarah just trust me, and then they discuss next week.

Not really

I think they’ve both competed for the power, but only the winner knows what it is and can’t tell the other one.


I have a feeling that after their reactions to being put on slop by Canada, maybe production told them something to ease their minds so they didn’t completely torpedo their games (or the show).


If Ash had any mind of her own she would tell Pili how ready Zack is to nominate her. I don’t get why she’s so up his ass but there’s legit nothing anyone could say or do to change her mind now, she would probably even evict Pili before Zack based on this convo. I like that Pili is trying to play the game but her only fault is she’s trying to convince Ashleigh, who is concerned about Zack’s safety more so then her own. Sarah tried talking to peels but she just won’t listen. Bruno is the biggest liar in this house, I can’t wait for him to go up with Zack on Wednesday. Gonna be a good one 😀 hopefully Sarah/Britt can win that HOH


“I don’t get why she’s so up his ass…”

Ashleigh must get off on that scent, I suppose.


Where is this game coming from all of the sudden Pilar? I’m truly surprised. She recognizes the threat that Zach and Bruno would pose to her end game. Too bad for her, her closest ally is a delusional fool who would probably happily go to the final 2 with Zach.

I love how Pilar and Ash have been making all these comments about a twist coming up, and Sarah and Britt staying! It’s going to be awkward indeed.

Glad to hear Britt is over Bruno. I have more faith her and Sarah will both put up Bruno and Zach. If Zach leaves it will be a whole new game. I’m not sure if Pilar would leave Ash, but I have a feeling she would target Bruno, and help the fembots get rid of him.


Is there a chance that they won’t get this “Special Veto” at all. Arissa (I thought) said tonight at the end of the show something that sounded like they would only get it IF they found it hidden beneath the floor. If that was the case, wouldn’t it be a shame if they didn’t find it.

another name

I know Ashleigh has pretty much completely done everything Zach has said when he said to do it and how he said to do it since week three (nominating Godfrey instead of Britnee being the only exception due to her promise), but to tell her he’d nominate Pilar? when Bruno’s name wasn’t even mentioned until five minutes later as an afterthought? Huge oversight. bigger than huge. dumba$$ mistake. Now even Pilar would vote Zach, and Ashleigh wouldn’t mind.


Reminds me of last year of that moment when neda wouldn’t keep adel when Jon wanted. It was the moment that Jon realized neda was playing her game and kept the gremlin. Zack, I think is making the same mistake. I would hope that ash isn’t dumb enough to miss that zack is saying Bruno is better for my game and not pilli to whom has been with him since the beginning. Duh, don’t know how he made it this far. He had been riding his alliances coat tails.


Ash could be thinking she has both Bruno and Zach willing to take her to the end. She could think she needs those two to take each other out at F3. Pili may be dispensable to Ash in the end…even though Pili is her ride or die. Or Ash is not that strategic and fully thinking through the numbers.


In Zach’s HOH his strongest ally was sent packing and seems the history is going to repeat itself which is a blessing in disguise for Ashley.


Ok…now that I’ve seen the conversation between Sarah and Brittnee in the have not room I have no doubt that either of them would put up Zach and Bruno together!!! Can’t wait for Wednesday…. Bye bye Zach!!!


Arisa Tweeted …
Q: If the vote on Wednesday is tied who is the tie breaker the power holder or HOH?


Didn’t bother watching the show I believe golf will spare me watching the DVR to….. sweet. I gotta see this epic POV comp tonight. Watch the edit on Wednesday if you can figure out when the special power was found and or played for. I’m interested if S/B are trolling us feeders. Troll the house but don’t troll us.
Why so much speculation on the obvious? No way production doesn’t make sure it’s used. Zack is going home no other result happening period.
I almost gotta a chuckle at the trolls here. They get a week handed to them on a silver platter that is completely unfair at minimum and all they want is HOH next week plus POV. Production might get lazy and have them earn it. Naw that’s not gonna happen. Pili HOH Bruno gone YO. F5 GOD the target…. Now we do have some real GOD fans here to bad it’s likely a double next and the convos will be minimal here.
Oh if the guys win and Ash versus Sarah…. Production would need to pull out the old Canada save. Sarah fans know it’s coming no need to worry.


Bah. Any fan knows there are going to be twists to save the underdog and the fan favorites. That’s what big brother is… twists and hurdles, even when you think you’re safe, expect the unexpected! Each house guest has a clean slate at the beginning and they can choose how to play to the camera and play the game. They may not get the edit they desire, but they are game to play.

I am enjoying this season very much.
Zach has played a very cocky and delusional game, however, he has been very lucky to squeak by till now. The QB has had a major target on his back, and made some pretty poor moves, such as sending his bff home.

Zach or Bruno could go home. Its really whoever God chooses to save, I think. God will choose Zach, but is it good for him? That may create the all girl alliance Bruno talks about. If he chooses to keep Zack; it may be smarter on his part!

Every single person oin that house knows for awhile, they will not win f2 with Zack. EVERYONE needs him out, its only a matter of time. Now is good… don’t you think?


So the hidden POV comp hasn’t happened yet? On last nights episode, the announcer made it sound like that maybe neither of them could win it… that better not be the case lol


It seems Sarah and Brittnee will get rid of Bruno first if Zach and Bruno are on the block. See here:

I really hope they’re not sure and will change their mind before the next eviction.

another name

the first of the three videos of sarah and britt in the have not room on this post has a discussion where the two decide that Zach is a priority (take out the glue and they fall apart), Bruno is a threat, but Zach is a priority.


it really seems like zach and ashleigh are no longer into each other. they never cuddle, kiss or even flirt… honestly ashleigh flirted more with godfrey when she was drunk than zach… zach never gives her any attention in that way, yet she’s still so loyal to him.


Godfrey is awesome, I would flirt with him

"Production Yo"

Pretty sad the only way bbc production could get Zach out is by throwing a completely unfair advantage when there’s only seven left Hoh means chit. They (production knew who Canada would vote for) and they threw a triple eviction to get Zach out but damn Bruno, lol… now they throw this way to powerful veto with seven left, the fact you can take both people off the block and you throw 2 people on the block is completely ridiculous.
Leaves only peels as the only one who wasn’t on the block this week other than the HoH.


We knew a secret veto was in play at the beginning of the season… they just didn’t pull that out of there asses or anything.

"Production Yo"

Secret veto was already in play, they should have made it what this one is. The game has always been unfair for certain players in past big brother seasons but this is a joke seven people left….by wens day night every single reason will have been on the block but peels and ash this week…it’s ridcioulous, and the fact know one had a chance at that veto but Britt and sarah maybe God but they knew who was getting that veto. Like him or not but Zach has been one of the best big brother players in history to be that much of a physical threat and only have been on the block once….people seem to not think he’s a good player because he manipulates peels and ash…that’s what big brother is Sarah had willow and B….I think some people only dislikes Zachs game because he’s arrogant, and that’s fine….but he’s played a really great game he’s played the best game only one even close are Sarah and God..he’s manipulated Peels, Ash, Bruno, Bobby, Jordan, Graig, willow and even at one point though briefly had Sarah, B and Nay.”…. Dude could be an a ho,e in real life…who knows but he was the best player this season by a mile and the only reason he’s leaving the house is because of way to powerful veto this late I n The game… Only three people who even deserve the 100 k if you go by playing the game of bbc and not personal reasons are Zach, Sarah and God….after the trile eviction you could make a case for Bruno and B. But now that this veto things been introduced this late and only favoured two house guests(as in know one else stood a chance of getting this ridiculous veto outside of maybe God, was B and Sarah. B game is not deserving now after the veto ( my opinion) cause she should be home this week. Sarah deserving a 100 k this week but would be over as well thanks to this ridcioulous veto but in my eyes she’s still deserving cause she was safe this week no matter what thanks to the normal veto…..

I get this game is about some luck, but it’s mostly about social, manipulation, and physical and Zach has played great. When he leaves this week production got him out not any of those houseguest.
Rant over


I’d agree Zach is a good manipulator OF ASHLEIGH and that he is smart, BUT….

The only reason he stayed is b/c Bruno was afraid of the “All Girls” alliance not b/c he had a good relationship with Bruno or b/c Bruno wanted to take him to the end.

Also, Zach has NEVER had a good read on the house. Repeatedly he has believed one thing to be true when it wasn’t:
* felt there was no way JP would leave
* felt there was no way Britt would put him on block b/c he thought she was enamored with him
* felt there was no way Bobby/Bruno would put him up (which was there intention had Bobby stayed)
* felt there was no way Kev/Pils would turn against the diapers (but Kev made his own move)
* his only reason for wanting to take out Pils is he believes Ash/Bruno would take him to F2 but the reality is Bruno would take Ash over him (SMH)

Zach plays the game like you are lucky to be with me (King Zach) and do what I tell you.
Even Pils who Ash the idiot hasn’t told Zach would target before Bruno is ready to turn on him (that took how long? 5 days!)

Bottom line, Zach never fights to help his alliance like Bruno did for Bobby or Sarah is for Britt. He fights solely for himself. I’d give him more applause if I felt he played the game with a good read on people but he seriously is the easiest influenced guy in the house. Bruno already has him ready to break up Ash/Pils and that took one day of work. Britt/Sarah talked to him and he’s almost ready to vote out Godfrey.

Let’s be real here, he’s only in the house b/c it served Bruno’s game for him to stay. And now b/c he didn’t read people well or manage relationships well he’ll hopefully be gone Wednesday.


This has become a popularity contest since week 1. No wonder this show doesn’t even make it in the top 30 ratings. Let’s just vote for the winner shall we?


I love our BB!! If they played the same way as in the UK Zack would have been gone a long time ago. BBUS & BBC, have it all right. The HG have some power and so do the fans. Think about it we all would be complaining if the one strong alliance made it to the end, if the game was so predictable. IT’S A GAME, IT’S A BUSINESS —- I think BBC has done an awesome job. There are a few things I would change: 1. Playing out the HOH on Sunday. 2. Crap shoot HOH. 3. I would rather have more game being showed than Kevin and Pilli making out. As for the rest — I think it’s awesome. One of the best seasons: each week it’s so back and forth!!!!


This game is not won based on who played the best. Production always helps out the underdogs or who Canada wants to win. It’s really annoying. They are setting it up for Sarah to win. Why? I don’t get it! Isn’t this a game where all contestants should have equal fair play? I believe Sarah and Brittany have done nothing but sulk most of the game.