Sarah – “If I won I would so want to put Bruno and Zach up .. but we can’t.. “

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 14-57-45-997

6:00pm Hot Tub Zach and Bruno
Zach says for the next two days it’s going to be like a tug of war with im on one side Brittnee/Sarah on the other with Ashleigh And pili in the middle.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 15-01-02-354

6:00PM Hammock Sarah and Brittnee
Comparing notes about the nominations
They call Godfrey over..
Sarh – this f***g sucks man
Godfery – it does
Brittnee – I don’t trust them
God – neither do I
Sarah – I’m so torn and in the middle.. Britts my girl.

Godfrey thinks Bruno will vote for him but he’s thinking Zach will vote him out. Brittnee doesn’t think so, “He won’t go against Zach”. Godfrey points out Bruno has gone against Zach before when he voted out Jordan.

Godfrey says Bruno is in the middle if the power shifted to Brittnee/Sarah he’ll come running back to them and if Zach gets power Bruno will stay with him.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 15-03-25-668

6:03pm AShleigh and Pili HOH
Comparing notes about Bruno/Sarah. Ashleigh is going to see what she can get from Zach about bruno so they can plan for the following week. Pili mentions that Zach never talks game around her.
Pili – once he’s gone i’ll be the happiest human being..
Pili says every single thing Buno says bugs her.
Ashleigh reads out her Letter..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 15-14-47-314

6:11pm HOH AShleigh and Pili
Ash saying they’re looking good if they can get Godfrey out over Sarah next week. Ash is sure Zach will gun for Sarah.
Godfrey rolls in
Pili asks him what he would do if he won HOH.
Godfrey says one of Sarah, Zach and Bruno will go home.
Pili – out of those three who do you want gone the most
Godfrey – honestly I’ll want Sarah out the most.. she’s so smart.. look at the control she has over B yo.. B has never made a single decision alone..
Ash and Pili agree
Godfrey says he’s never trust Zach at all. God points out that Bruno has been spending a lot of time with Zach lately, he thinks they’ve made a deal.
Godfrey says if Sarah can’t pull Pili and Ash in she’s going to go to Zach and tell him ASh and pili are taking each other. She’ll get Zach turning on them. “She’s Smart”
Ash and Pili agree Sarah is dangerous.
Pili – if it was Sarah or bruno and it was a tie
Bruno – Sarah.. I’m telling you she’s smart man she’s really smart… I’m telling you right now man.. me at the end vs Zach I lose.. 100% JP in the Jury yo.. Kevin.. Willow..
Godfrey says he can’t beat Bruno in the final two “The guy has a family he’s never been on the block.. I’m telling you man I can’t beat him”
Godfrey noticed how strong Bruno was at the POV he beat Kevin and Bruno has that busted up thumb.
ASh mentions how Sarah goes around taking stories with a bit of truth and multiplies it by ten for her favour.
Godfrey – the only way I stand a change is sitting next to you two.. I’m serious YO I’m totally serious yo..
Godfrey thinks once Sarah goes the Guys are going to try and break up the goblins or target him.

Godfrey leaves.. \
Ash says “He’s throwing the next HOH.. he’s not going to compete for us”
ASh – I don’t want Sarah gone next week and that’s who he’s going for.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 15-29-39-500

6:30pm Bruno and Godfrey bathroom
Godfrey tells him about his meeting with the goblins. he said his nominees next week will be Zach and Sarah. They agree the best plan is to have Bruno go to the goblin and say Godfrey/Sarah are his nominees. (Audio cuts out for most of this conv..)


6:30pm Hammock Sarah and Brittnee
(Sarah is very up beat)
Sarah – no matter what we won
Brittnee – Trying as hard as we can but still proud as heck
Sarah – fighting.. fighting our way through
They start counting the numbers
Sarah – We gotta bring Bruno in
Brittnee – I’m so over him
Sarah – If I won I would so want to put Bruno and Zach up .. but we can’t..
Brittnee – it’s going to be a backdoor situation
Sarah – we’re trying so hard with these girls but they’re running back and telling everything to zach.
Brittnee – “I thought Godfrey would be the more obvious target
They agree Bruno/Zach are fighting hard to get Brittnee voted out.
Sarah says if they put up Bruno/Zach and POV isn’t played Bruno goes home.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 15-37-36-870

6:36pm HOH The Diapers
Pili saying she doesn’t trust Bruno.
Zach – Sarah, B are going nuts right now pitching their lives in this game.
Pili – I’m not keep B though.
Zach says they don’t need to stress any more.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 15-41-20-280
6:40pm Godfrey and Zach
going over his conversation with the girls
Godfrey – Bro they were grilling me man they were grilling me .. they’re relentless
Godfrey – make sure you tell them who you are going to put up say Sarah and Godfrey
Godfrey told Bruno the same thing.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 15-43-31-789

6:43pm Ashleigh and Zach
Ash says she wants Brittnee out this week. She says Godfrey will put up Zach and Sarah.
Zach – that’s alright
Ashley thinks Godfrey will throw the next hoh
Zach agrees.

6:45pm Bruno and Zach Storage room

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-10 15-49-55-965

7:00pm Sarah and Brittnee

Sarah can’t find Willow’s ring. they were given a list of Willow’s things to find. (This may be the ring Willow gave her right after she was evicted)
Pili comes by she’s finding some of Kevin’s things.
Sarah asks pili if she’s seen Willow’s ring – that silver ring she had.. Square
Pil – Willow’s?

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I hope brit wins the secret power of veto puts up pili and zac…zac goes home on ash’s hoh …epicnes????????????????????????????????????????????????
Oh ash wonder wat your next move will be now that your brain/master leaves!? ….oh wat a sight it will be…all the showmances gone :;)….ash get the tissue ready your eyes are about to flood the house..soon:)
I know am jumping the gun …but I can’t wait to see the showmance mourn together
Sarah crying for willow , pili crying for Kevin ,ash crying for zac,—Bruno excessively fist bumping for bobby ,Brit consoling Sara and crying a bit with Sara ….then you have God lording over these idiots 🙂


Zach will not go home if it’s Pilar vs Zach… Sarah and Brittany vote out Zach…Godfrey and Bruno vote out Pilar! Ash breaks the tie… Pili gone!!! (But it would be an epic decision for her…lol). The noms HAVE to be Zach vs Bruno to get Zach out for sure!!! …and the hopefully Pilar will work with Brittany and Sarah because they saved her!


Only that Pilar vs Zach scenario wont even need to happen and very likely will not happen…they are only talking about it if in case they need to backdoor someone …which is stupid in itself considering how few people there are left…but, in this situation. ..they just put up anyone before the vote. it will be Zach and Bruno…there is no veto…

Godfrey ftw

These fools will slaughter each other and Godfrey will emerge victorious because he is a lone wolf. After Zach leaves he will be positioned perfectly the girls will target each other and Bruno but Godfrey will have no enemies his only obstacle to final 3 will walk out the door.
Bruno is a dead man walking after his meat shield walks out the door.. ash will be a lost sheep might finally wake the f up.. the girls will band together and take out Bruno after that they will say they are targeting god but will instead turn on each other .. Godfrey just needs to keep a low profile and wake up in the finals sleeping giant has got this in the bag it’s his game to lose at this point…


wow howmuch weed sarah is gonna buy with the 100k. I wish I was her dealer


She isn’t going to win the 100K, God will.


….and maybe new shirt to change…and summer shoes not to wear high boots in the summer!


Are b and Sarah crazy…?? Why would they want Bruno out before zach?? Zach has almost all the power and Bruno has none. Horrible season, can’t say that enough


It would actually be funny if that happened. With all the hate Bruno got from the Sarah fans for saving Zach last week, it would be interesting to hear them justify why it was OK for Sarah to save Zach.


I’m no fan but Sarah/B are spewing production speak and frankly so happy it’s like a pig in chit. Once the power is revealed either will send Zack packing with GOD the 3rd vote. Sarah fans have nothing to worry about she isn’t stupid there will not be a Zack escape, no magic this time.
Lot of Ash/Pili talk about working with Sarah and disliking Bruno. Perhaps the airheads aren’t that stupid. Sarah trolls get the foot out of your mouth. ROFL. After HOH these will be the “smartest 2 HG’s ever because they picked Sarah to work with. Cannot read the hypocracy.
No the bad news YO. After Bruno goes 6 he’s the last target YO then all girls F4 bro. He can work the get rid of Ash/Pili angle til the cows come home YO. But he is the only 1 left that can beat Sarah after Bruno gone. Sarah won’t put up with any B s and barring GOD being safe guys can go 1 2 3. This is where it’s tricky. If either guy extends a week rather than getting evicted Sarah is the target. She definitely is at F4 down. Even B has to know she sits by Ash/Pili she has a shot versus Sarah non.
PS don’t make a terrible production season worse by having the 3 the final night. This isn’t survivor F2 only and let them play down to it fairly no more GD twists. F4 down is some of the best each season.


They are strategizing on what they can do next week if 1 of them wins HOH in the event that they manage to save B because they don’t know that when either of them wins the secret power B is safe. But if they have time to talk between when they find out what the power is and when they have to use it then I have no doubt Zack will go home…if they find out the power and have to use it immediately could result in a snafu…and as this season has shown curve balls hit out of the blue.


What snafu. 1st Arissa says right before eviction ceremony. They could tell the winner earlier also. B and GOD come down Bru and Zack go up no brainer. Zack goes no other way it’s happening. Gotta give B and Sarah credit for some smarts. Best relationship off the 3 guys is both with GOD he’s golden.


But it was also a no brainer to make Ash or God the replacement nom during the tripple and that didn’t happen.


I think it’s cruel and unfair for bbcanada to set it up for a sarah britt final win with a fixed POV vote and then let us watch the rest of the “soon to be losers” negotiate votes over the next three days. This isn’t entertainment….it’s a fixed reality show.

confused by new veto

i don’t really understand this new veto.
Is it hidden and they have to find it?
Therefore, putting it into play or is it just given to them bc production likes sarah


I’m now thinking Britt knows but not Sarah. She said outside, I think we can pull it out (and get the votes). She’s never been this confident when she wasn’t the target. So in that case, she couldn’t tell Sarah what she won.

I think she botched the triple not noming all three guys, and then definitely by putting up willow instead of Ash. I don’t think Sarah would have made those mistakes. Regardless of what she thought about Willow, she was more of a free agent than Ash, you have to split Z and A up. But she will be the Queen Bee on Wednesday!


Actually bruno would be a better option because then Sarah and Britney would be able to really side up with God, so they would have 3 vs 3. If Zack were gone, given the fact that Ash and Pil wouldn’t want to work with them (up to now), Sarah and Britney would have 4 people going after them. Unless Sarah and Britney got Pil with them then They should vote for Zack to go home.


I do not see the willow and bruno fight on today’s episode only sarah and bruno fight. I still puzzled why britt did that and it seems that bruno and god planned for willow to be evicted. So that they will be opposite sides of the house where bruno is with zach and god with sarah.


Wait why are Sarah and Britnee talking like they think Brit is staying this week? If they don’t think she’s the target they may not use the power… I hope that’s not the case though


Why is someone using my username and impersonating me?!? Get a life and your own name!


And i wouldnt count on Godfrey keeping Zach…just saying…


I look Godfrey approach in this game, but there would be a point where you cannot not throw comps.


I think it’s a good style but to be fair he was nearly gone (during the JP eviction) and has been the target of a strong 4 person alliance for most the game.

So judging his gameplay by the risk rather than the outcome I don’t think it was that good.

confused by new veto

was the veto hidden in the h/n room and found by sara or b
was the veto just given to sara and b


Canada vote for them to be have nots so the two of them could computer for a secret power.


finally an answer
thank you!!!


Your welcome…and my comment should read compete…I have no idea where computer came from…lol…must have been having a Sarah moment…lol


Godfrey seems to be playing the Goblins and Zach/Bruno which is smart.

If there are only 3 weeks left and there’s 7 people, then will there be a double eviction till the final week? 2 gone this week leaves 5 then to more gone the following week leaves the final 3 on the final week right?


some think it will be final 3 because otherwise it is 10 voting . there is been no news about about canada having vote which just adds to that idea. another idea might be another button push but that would be far more likely someone might push tot leave but if hat means no jury or vote?

everything is a puzzle. the other thing is why would brit know about the sp btu sarah not k. it is more likely britt stupidly believes she is not te target. not so stupid to not usete power tho i hope.

reason to put both zach and bruno up is to take their votes away in deciding who stays. wit god there is a larger chance he would keep bruno but with bruno voting it is higerr bruno will continue to save zach…

if the goal is removing zach they need brnou up not godfre. if te goal is to change who gets evicted entirley god also needs to come off the bock otherwise they will have the votes to go with their plan b of godfrey ( or plan c maybe)


Last episode F3 to F2 with 7 questions the norm. Live audience, speaches, winner picks who is evicted. Jury asks questions and votes after speeches. Winner revealed.
Second last day its part 1 and 2 of the 3 part final winners play in in part 3, 7 questions. This is where Sarah has to win either 1 or 2 or risk going jury if still here.
Third last episode F4 to F3. I hate they do this in 1 night now but oh well. HOH is safe noms don’t matter as POV holder chooses who goes to jury. POV holder cannot go on block or HOH so other 2 up POV holder has single vote. If HOH has POV they choose the 2 and the one not up for eviction casts the single vote. It plays over 2/3 days in real time minimum usually.
Likely a double or norm followed by instant or instant followed by norm.


Im wondering if the nom’s will change because at the end of tonights episode I paid close attention to what was said about the havenot’s. It was said will brit or sarah find the hidden power underneath the floor. Not who will find the power but will either find the power. So im wonder if they don’t find it anything will change. They were already locked in the room for awhile and didn’t see anything that would give me the idea it was found. So questions remaind for me.


Suppose to be a competition between these HN’s as to who gets the SP. It could be as simple as who finds it first true. I think more likely that there was/will be a mini comp to decide it. Though if production wants only Sarah to get it(not necessary) They send B to DR and Sarah to HN then tell her what to do. What ever scenario you think of there is no way production isn’t gonna get the SP in someone’s hands. If they gotta feed them they will, make no mistake on that. Chances no one gets the SP less than 1/1000th of 1 percent. It’s not happening folks.
Zack is evicted Wednesday new HOH…. lets see production…… B or Sarah. Bruno or Pili go jury. Next HOH instant Sarah spoon fed noms Bruno/Pili and GOD. This is where Sarah decides she needs an F2 pawn. B might have accidently got rid of Pili but that’s her 1st choice. Sarah will hope Bruno left last eviction GOD goes this one. B won’t be happy… to Fing bad. F4 all girls Sarah cannot play HOH… me so happy me wanna cry. Pili/ash HOH lol. All 4 compete in a question comp dedicated to the number of flies you attract depending on how many days you don’t shower. Tie breaker how many trolls under a bridge. Sarah has it down cold evicts…. diaper girl. In a Twisto’s twist of all time the endurance is now who can roll a 1/4pound of doobies in the shortest time. Sarah spots the papers hides all the export and vogue while skillfully rolling fatty after fatty. Technique and a masters touch out standing….AG thinks we can’t do this in the US the dam Republicans will eat us alive… pity. In part 2 production has to figure what B can’t lose in. They bring in 3 judged(production stoogies) to rate the model walk of the remaining 2 contestants. B win’s a close one as production forces the diaper girl to wear shoes 4 sizes to big and a 4 inch heel! You work it girl.
7 questions begins with best w(h)ine with a joint for 1 point Alex? Britt incorrectly say’s Sarah after the Canada HN vote was revealed. Sarah answers any of the many desert wines on the market preferably something fruity and not dry. If your on a budget Sangria is a favourite.
Q2- Alex for 1 point. When modeling skin tight pants is it better to wear a G-string or nothing at all. B says G string and Sarah says G string. I have grey sweets up my bum every day gotta be a G string at least Alex. Correct 2-1 Sarah.
Q3- Alex for 1 point. When wearing a shirt every day what would Scott accept as a reasonable excuse. B who the F is Scott? Sarah says its an open laundry don’t like it do it yourself! Sarah up 3-1
Q4- Alex for 1 point. What is the cost of a Manhattan dentist to do a perfect set of teeth for a Milan runway model. Sarah jumps in where is Manhattan… France maybe? bong!(been 1 to many bongs of something) B confidently says 56,500 plus cavities are extra and just on point fashion week in Paris you need a 69K smile 😛 3-2 Sarah.
Q5- lord can Alex shut up. How do you make a slop cookie? Sarah and B start to cry and whine about slop. Sarah farts Alex correctly says next question. no points
Q6- Alex for 1 point. Doing a full load of laundry using the BB featured product liquid detergent what is the recommended amount. Sarah chooses a splash. That was the old English measurement. B says 250 ml if concentrated. B 3 Sarah 3
It’s not fair as she stamps her feet I forgot the answers production gave me…. it’s not fair! And who ever does a whole fing load of laundry any way?
Q7- Twistos twist question for 1 point. We will do a tie breaker question if this does not decide it. How old was Bruno when he entered the house. Sarah asks who the F is Bruno. I barely remember the airhead skank showmances. Well not me and Willow I ended that Sarah style. B wasn’t that the guys with the afro? Gong That was Black not Bru! Tie breaking question…. closest with out going over wins. What is the weight of Sarah’s scrunches in grams she brought into the house? Please write down your answers…. Sarah writes 18 and B writes 20. The correct answer is 28g. Sarah said that’s not fair I know I brought one only I wore it every day! B says 1 oz is 28 grams. When I buy weed I get an 18g count to the ounce. What the F is this higher math. This game sucks. …. hey B we still good F 2 right Queen B?


lol…now that was funny…lol


It sounds like BB wants the veto used this week. So even if they have to hold their hands and drag them to it … one will have the veto (BB doesn’t want another failed twist)
From BBCA web site ….
“you are also voting for them to compete against each other for the special power.
This power will force the winner to change ONE of the nominations right before the live eviction on May 13th. It will also give them the option to change BOTH of the nominations IF they decide to do so.”
The Mystery continues …..


I can not believe all of the breaks that Sarah/Brittnee have been given in this game. I genuinely do not know why they are the popular ones in the house… Godfrey, I get… but those 2 girls annoy me beyond belief. The fact that “Canada” voted for them to compete this week just drives me nuts.

Sarah may be a bit of a threat socially, but in competitions… not even close. Britnee… you won an HOH where you had a 50/50 shot getting the questions right… that isn’t a skill – it’s luck. So hey, lets give them the chance to duke it out for a power that neither of them deserve.

Obviously, being from Saskatchewan – Im pro Zack [he’s the only Saskie contestant in 3 seasons of this show] … but Bruno winning the game would be A-Okay by me also.

Stop giving chances to these people who can’t win shit on their own.