Britt “Its become imperative to think about who its better to take out first the girls or the guys”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 10th
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 06-48-39-754

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bedroom Pili braids Sarah’s hair. Sarah heads to the bathroom and comments to Brittnee that she had a dream about her boyfriend Scott last night. Brittnee says that the house is so much cleaner with less people in it.

In the living room – Zach and Bruno are waking up. They talk about hopefully getting a task today. Bruno says I think they’re (Sarah & Brittnee) done trying to talk. That’s what she (Sarah) said to me yesterday. Not in a bad way. Zach says I know they had a plan to go around saying they’re not going to take each other to the final 2. Bruno says with Brittnee going she (Sarah) will have no one. If she stays they’re still going to be tight. Bruno says she is going to try anything and say anything. After Wednesday its going to start all over the again. It would have been nice to get rid of her this week but oh well. Zach says Brittnee might have fallen into the back ground and we would have forgotten about her. Bruno agrees. Zach says all signs lead to physical comps from here on out. Bruno agrees.

10:40am – 11am Hot Tub – Brittnee and Sarah are chatting. Sarah says that these guys are right in assuming that… like when Zach does go Bruno is the target. That’s why he is trying to get close to me. Sarah wonders what’s the best way for you to convince him you would make a final 2 with him. Sarah says you could be like there is a reason I didn’t listen to Sarah and didn’t put you up. And she realizes through this that those girls aren’t going to work with her. Those girls have a jury made up of their peers. Brittnee says he won’t sit alone with me. When I go into a room he leaves and that tells me everything. He wants Godfrey to stay. Zach and Bruno can pretend they aren’t going after each other but they both are. Britt says I bet final 4 has come out of their mouths .. final 4, final 4 yeah buds! Sarah says that Ashleigh might have brought herself closer to them now but she is at the top of my hit list. Britt says its become more imperative to think about who its better to take out first the girls or the guys. Sarah says yeah the guys are going to take each other out. Sarah says its not even Pili to me its Ash. Sarah says Put Ashleigh and Zach up of us is HOH .. put Ashleigh and Zach up. Oh no this is next week so Godfrey is gone. Britt says if she still thinks we’re going after her then she’s foolish because anyone else would understand that.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 07-55-27-060

11:35am – 11:50am All the house guests are sitting around the living room. “Big Brother we’re ready for our task!” The house guests say it will be such a boring day if they don’t get a task. They talk about the auditions process and how they saw past house guests at the venue. Bruno says he saw Neda, Jon, Arlie, etc. Zach says that he drove up saw the line and said na… he says he drove away then changed his mind and came back. He says he went in with a group of 5. He says by the time he was in his car he had already gotten the call from them.

12pm – 1:35pm Sarah tells Pili I miss Kevin. Pili says I miss him so much. Sarah says the house is so different without him here. Pili says we have a great relationship. Sarah says you compliment each other. Pili says I’ll see him soon enough for sure. Sarah says being a havenot this week was really easy, I don’t know why. The hardest part was being voted by Canada but once I came to terms with it… it was okay. Sarah says the jury house has to be pretty big for it to fit 10 people. Pili says “that’s all I can say for now” ..that’s what worries me. The living room conversation turns to talking about cats. They continue to talk about random things.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 10-44-43-244

1:45pm Pili trying to braid Godfrey’s hair

1:50pm – 2:15pm Hot Tub – Bruno says I finally talked to Sarah. She said I’m done talking. There’s no wiggle room between the girls. Has she tried today? Zach says I don’t think so, not that I’ve seen. Zach says that he pretty sure the girls (Pili & Ash) aren’t playing him. He says that Pili was trying to come up with what to say to Brittnee for when she tells her she’s voting her out. Zach says Pili’s not smart enough to come up with that if it wasn’t true. Zach and Bruno continue lying to each other about wanting to go to the final two with each other. Zach tells Bruno the jury house will go f**king nuts when B walks in! Pili joins them. Zach asks Pili have you talked to her (Britt) yet. Pili says no I was waiting for you to do it. Zach says I’ll do it tomorrow night. Zach tells Pili she can says I was supposed to go because of you.

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GAAAAH It frustrates the crap out of me!!! Does either one of the have the power or not already??? Why are they talking about Godfrey not being there next week? What the heck, Sarah?

604 Macho

Maybe they just know they have a veto? But not the full power?

Those comments about Godfrey are throwing me off too.


I think it’s possible that they were only told “whoever wins this competition wins a reward” and the other doesn’t know what the power is, and like Allison’s veto last year, they were told they can’t discuss it or they will auto-evict.
The comments about Godfrey seem to be after-thoughts sometimes…

John Ross

If Brittnee just takes herself off the block, puts someone else on the block and hopes Godfrey is evicted, then she is not very smart.

The best thing to do is put Zach and Bruno up, try to get Zach evicted thereby cutting Ashleigh and Pilar loose. If Bruno ends up being evicted, that’s an acceptable consolation prize.


We may never know but I think were getting trolled myself. The image/Situation portrayed is they know there is a special reward. It is also clear they are showing by words ans action the supposedly do not know it’s a veto or its powers. Forget the edit tonight. I wanna see when they find out SP and who wins. Guessing that’s Wednesday.


Stan, I’d agree all they know is they’ll “get something” I’m thinking there might be hoping it’s an advantage for next week.

Otherwise they wouldn’t have tried so hard to get the girls to switch. It’s possible Britt knows she won something and it occurred with the rest of the hamsters were locked in the room, but I think Britt would be playing this completely differently.

Personally I think tomorrow night Zach/Bruno/Pils will all tell Britt she’s going then when everyone goes to bed they’ll play for the power. It just makes for a more dramatic effect. i.e production gets the tears and then they get the joy.


I cannot wait to see Zach and Bruno’s face when they get nominated on Wednesday night. (Assuming that is indeed what happens)


even if Bruno doesn’t get nominated the look on his face when his boyfriend goes home will be priceless.


They probably don’t know what the power does, even if they’re aware that they’ll get one.

I just hope they do put up both zach and Bruno, it’s simple math. They’ll be able to figure it out. Because if they leave Bruno off the block, zach might get another vote to stay.


Here’s to hoping. Bruno will flip – look how heated he got when just two boys were on the block. HAHA it will be amazing!!


I could see them putting up Zach and Pilar to ensure that Zach goes home. Everyone should want to sit next to Pilar in the final 2. Only way Zach stays in that situation is if Sarah, Godfrey, or Brittnee vote to evict Pilar.


The only way for it to work out right is …
Everyone comes off the block
Zack n Bruno go on the block
Godfrey, Sarah, n Godfrey vote out Zack
The down side is if Godfrey votes out Bruno forcing a tie
and HOH (Ash) Breaks the tie and votes out Bruno
It’s highly unlikely that Godfrey would vote out Bruno …
stranger things have happen though?


I wonder if everyone will turn on Godfrey if he chooses to evict Bruno over Zach, or if Sarah evicted Bruno over Zach. If anyone does anything that benefits Zach, they are automatically disliked by the majority of the fans.


As of now, I would think anybody would want to sit beside ash in f2? I think their peers would realize she got there on zachs coat tails. Pilar has a killer social game and she is starting to turn her wheels. Ash ir God I think they should aim to sit beside. Imo

604 Macho

your grammar sucks


I apologize, as I was on my phone in the sunny park… What I was trying to convey was the weakest f2 speeches would come from Ash and Godfrey. I do not think they have a chance to win the big money. Just an opinion…

As much as I like Godfrey’s words and entertainment value, he really cant seem to do anything competition wise, (he won a veto I think)… He also only seems to talk big when his back is against the wall, other than that, its a guess to where his true alliance is at. People call him a lone wolf, and all I see is a giant talking floatation device.

Ash is pretty self explanatory.

I do think Pili is waking up and she will be a contender.


BB is a social game! I said it I know I said it….

Thinking GOD has no shot is a mistake. His social is sneaky good. In order based on social the remaining HG before eviction.

1) Zack- it’s the HGs perception but in my opinion it’s GOD/B. His QB/Athlete thing has a lot of cred with these folks.
2) GOD- I think he’s 1 personally. Can smooze into any convo with a YO
3) B- she is smart and does not say to many thing that get her in trouble. As for her HOH a train wreck but that’s not social. Think she beats Sarah if there heads up on game play and way better social game. Sarah better pick a diaper!
4) Pili- keep making fun of her here but since Kev left she is spreading her wings a little. Does anyone left in the house dislike her? Nor anyone in the jury. Bitter jury(not likely just BS production) and an outside shot at the money.
5) Bruno- a month ago I’d put his social up against anyone. What a train wreck since then. I think he has little sway left after Zack goes and he will be targeted. Black and Bru won’t help you GOD is miles ahead on social especially charisma. GOD owns HG Charisma this season hands down. YO bring GOD back for BB CAN all stars YO
6) Sarah- this is based on the couple tight relationships she has had. Willow(hot mess), B in particular. plus maybe Cindy a vote to. If it’s strictly a social vote she beats only Ash….maybe. Before the trolls go ape chit remember I’m talking only social not strategy and other factors. Bruno takes 2 to tango. GOD closer to B. Ash/Pili after thoughts as no Girl power has emerged yet. Could change this week. And she gravitated to Ash all season over Pili when she did talk with them. A 1 hour bully session her best Pili moment really…. not good.
7) Ash- she has got “Zack coattails” smell all over her. The little she has done has gotten little credit. A good F2 candidate someone pointed out earlier also but that’s not social.

To the Curb

You must be related to Zach


Zach is the only one who even deserves the 100k and title of winner based on gameplay dude manipulated everybody at one point but the Godman……Now gameplay wise for winner it’s Sarah(thanks big brother for keeping my girl b this week or I’d be going home) hurts her a bit….the man who deserves to win now after this here’s your veto girls is the Godman because the best player in the house and the season got screwed by production Yo! Lol go God


I think we’ve established int he past two seasons that in order to survive Big Brother Canada, being likeable to fans is clearly a great deal. So to those who continue complaining about the game not being played properly, get over yourself! This is the Canadian version and it certainly does not necessarily have to relate heavily to the US version. So what, you mad? Then turn off your TV and tune back in June 24th. Bye!


Sarah isn’t that likeable. Sorry, I just don’t see what all the fuss is about her.
Go God & Bruno !!!


You’ll be 1 of the 1st trolls to disappear when Sarah gets evicted. It would be even sweeter if B did it to her. And the HN vote does not mean she Canada’s darling. Some trolls like you are delusional.
Find the nearest bridge it will make you a nice damp home like Sarah’s character.


Peter brown said on twitter alluding to the fact that brit/sarah whoever won the power would only be told about it right before the live vote and most likley would have to make a decision in the vault or have not room asap.

“While Zach and Bruno are likely to be sitting on the block this Wednesday, noting is guaranteed and as we’ve seen: quick decisions backfire.”

> quick decisions <


I’ve been out of touch over the last few days. Can someone please tell me how this secret power works? So say Sarah won the secret power. and just before eviction she takes both B and God off the block, does Ash have to replace or does Sarah get to replace? People keep talking about Zach going home but the only way that’s even going to be a possibility is if Ash isn’t the one to choose because she would put up Bruno and Pili over Zach.


As far as we know from what Arissa said, Sarah/Brit can take one or both nominees off the block and put 2 new ones up. So Sarah/Brit will put up Zach & Bruno and one of them will go home.
Hopefully the delusional Zach goes home.


If Sarah won, she would get to put the replacements up.


Does anyone know if the winner of the have not POV is still able to vote? When the coup d’├ętat was used in bbus the holder was not allowed to vote neither was the hoh.
I have assumed since they called it a veto they can vote but that could change how this could fall out with someone going home.


arisa said on twitter that the person with the power will still be able to vote and ashleigh will not be able to cmpete in the next hoh even though her hoh was overthrown.


The other aspect no one is talking about …
It will obviously be revealed that Canada voted for Brit and Sarah
to get the Special Power
The Bro’s n Ding a lings heads all swelled up thinking Canda loves them.
They are going to realize that Canada likes Sarah n Brit not them
This info is going to deflate their egos instantly … KaBoom!
The down side is it will increase the target on Sarah n Brit


Just an fyi…not everyone in Canada likes the cry babies Sarah and B.


Of course they don’t.
I dislike Brit myself …
But I still voted for her … (lesser of the five I dislike)
I should of voted Sarah n Godfrey not Sarah n Brit … my mistake
And no Sarah is not perfect …
I’m sure if I was on the show …. I would make mistakes ….
most would hate me … as expected … so be it


Just musing here. What if: Zach and Yoyo are evicted and Bruno is the last male standing. I wonder how long it would take him to go nuts?

another name

pretty sure the thought will be disliked, but I think production has done it’s fair share to help both sides.
when the houseguests helped Zach win $5k so that Godfrey wouldn’t win it because of the advantage, production broke precedent in not penalizing like they did season one with Emmett.
the new precedent continued week five hoh. four people have said they gave Bruno letters to help him win. If another contestant was looking for the same letters, they were being impeded, but nothing was said. Again, Emmett would die and roll in his grave wishing they were so loose with the rules on his season (I mention him twice because of the number of times he was disqualified.)
The sindy says comp was as much geared to kevin as sarah for different reasons. Sarah knew sindy better, Kevin calculates odds as part of his profession. Once he determined good or bad he could calculate safety pretty easily until the final question, and even then wisely chose to cover the high 80’s to the mid nineties with his choice while Zach chose 100, decreasing his spread. Sarah should have known the answers more, Kevin should have known the odds better. Odds won out.
As much as I don’t endorse production interference, Sarah and Britt haters complain that it was unfair to have the vote at this point in the game. In some ways I totally agree, but were Sarah and Britt’s names the only ones on the ballot? Sarah and Britt have been portrayed as underdogs this season (and they are underdogs like or hate them) and viewers like underdogs near the end of the season as much as they like the heroic figures and budding showmances until their behaviour changes. If Zach especially stayed humble and didn’t get cocky, it would be such a different vote. Have Zach and Bruno received a worse edit than Sarah and Britt to episode only viewers up to the point the vote was announced? no. Zach Bruno and Pilar fans could have just as easily made them the have nots in the running for the special ability. If their fan base is smaller at the moment and they’ve all received good edits, it sucks for Bruno and Zach fans. I see your point of view, but I see the other point of view as well.

Sarah's weed stash

I’m really hoping tonight episode will reveal more about the secret power!!!


Based on what Bruno did last week I don’t think the girls trust him enough to vote out Zack, if he is put up. I cannot see God voting out Bruno, therefore B/S/B vote out Z and P votes of Bruno.

Now if they put up Z/P:

It maybe be tie …… think the boys might want to stick together. Ash will most likely keep Zack, although she has mentioned playing her own game and hoping she realized Z is playing his. She may think she has a better chance going further with Z than P. They did mention they didn’t want to be the ones to take Z out.

Than there is a reset. Now they are thinking final 2. A/Z/Bruno … I think everyone believes has a lot of jury votes. I’d want to take Sara or God???? HOPING THATS THE WAY OF THINKING AMOUNGST THE HG. Stupid Bruno will take a guy, I so hope he loses for it if he does.


There is no way absolutely poisonous douche Sarah is an F2 candidate to sit beside pawn star fashion that’s silly. Stop drinking the Koolaid your mind is turning to mush! They know she is a snake/rat you think Andy was any ones choice to sit beside. And GOD’s social you wanna sit beside that YO?


Sarah talking to Pili about …
If they get HOH on Wednesday … who to put up?
Pilar – “we have to see who wins hoh we cant plan that far ahead ”
Gee Pili … 2 days away is so far away?
So Pili … if it’s a double instant eviction you’ll be on top of it? eeeehhh!


can’t wait for Zach to read all these updates. Not even my 13 year old niece and all her friends like Zach (he was their fav for the first week) haha
yes Zach even 13 year olds can see what a D bag you are.

grow a pair and can’t wait to see his face when he is evicted.
annoying little _____


Can Simon, Dawg or someone confirm that Sarah and Britt do know that Canada awarded them a secret but they do not know exactly what it is?

The reason I ask is it’s obvious they saw something in the Have Not room to make them happy but it seems when they are both together privately they talk about who take out next week as HOH instead of who to take out during the live show on Wed.