Arlie – ‘I just don’t want to lose Big Jon this week because there’s been talk.. the whole IKA thing”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie


8:35pm Rachelle and Sabrina HOH

Sabrina feels that Andrew and Allison are in love.
Rachelle – “Maybe he’s just like that thought.. with his affections.. they don’t’ do anything when they make out do they”
Sabrina – Apparently no

Rachelle says SAbrina’s face looks skinnier, “it looks flatter”
Sabrina – “It doesn’t”

Rachelle – “I feel like Sarah is never going to go home.. like who would put her up.. not that I want her gone”
Sabrina says she cannot put Sarah up it would have to be Rachelle or Andrew.
She adds she’ll vote Sarah out when the time is right.
Sabrina – “Right now we have to think Allison, Adel Heather.”

Sabrina says Sarah, Neda, KEnny and Jon will put up Allison.

Rachelle is worried that there’s pictures of her naked on the internet. Racehlle says the internet is full of Big Brother Nudes. She mentions the pictures of Emmett’s “dong”: Hanging out that came out last year. (Go to our tumblr site)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 18-12-25-768
9:13PM Bedroom Arlie, Jon, Sarah, Neda and Arlie
joking around..
Arlie says he’s seen one girl’s chest in the house and he won’t say who it was. Jon says it was Rachelle she showed everyone. Arlie – “Nope”
Arlie tries to flick his underwear onto Sarah.
Allison and Sabrina cruise in and Arlie sings – “Sabrina … Sabrina.. I love you so much.. Sabrina.. Sabrina come give me a touch”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 18-26-43-945

9:20pm Showmancing

Who expected Allison to hook up with Andrew?

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 18-48-13-775

9:28pm Arlie and Adel Have Nots

Adel tells him he really wants HOH, He’s got a epic plan. He doesn’t want to say anything yet but will the night he wins HOH. (His plan is to put Kenny and Sarah up. Kenny is the target. If POV is played Andrew is the replacement.. there more to it but thats the meat of it)
Adel says Arlie is the one dude in the house that he knew from day one was not going to *** him in this game
Arlie says he’s not going to f*** Adel and he’s not going to do anything to hurt Adel’s game, “I’m not going to f*** lie to your face then F*** you”.
Adel says Jon is getting very nervous, “IKA kinda f*** his sh!t up in a way”
Arlie – “Really bad.. there’s rumblings now”
Arlie- “ You guys are my one and two I’m really trying to get us three as far as I can with other residual people on the end like Heather and Neda”
Arlie thinks it all comes down who wins the HOH’s the sides are so eve, one of their five has to win the HOH. (Adel, Arlie, Heather, Neda and Jon)
Adel asks if the house is “Shunning” him still.
Arlie doesn’t think so, people noticed Adel laughing with IKA in the backyard but she’s going home.

Arlie – ‘I just don’t want to lose Big Jon this week because there’s been talk.. the whole IKA thing”
Arlie says IKA has said stuff that really started people to question him. Arlie isn’t wasting time worrying about it because it all comes down to the HOH. If they win HOH no worries if they don’t win HOH they’re all in danger. Explains it’s their side vs Kenny and Andrew’s side.

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Everytime I see the SNOTMANCE i get so pissed off Allison got voted in. She has been a bore on the feeds and so much for her claiming to make big moves..


If if comes down to the first 5, I’m never watching BB again!


Your probably right, please god, I hope your right!


Yeah, Allison snookered the voters.


For a minute I thought Sabrina was doing blackface….almost lost my shit but it’s a pore refining mask *phew *


omg, this made me laugh


Don’t tell me I’m the only one who thought so?! ….like right after the ika fight…bitch almost made me smash my iPad


More like football than blackface. C’mon guys….keep it clean.


Plz someone explain it to me why I don’t like / trust Arlie at all ? 🙂


because of how obnoxious he was in his interviews


Maybe because he dipped his balls in a cup of cranberry juice?


Haha yes those are 2very good reasons ! But there is more which can’t figure it out . He’s weirdo


Calculating. Lack of true emotion (within the game). Has his eye on the prize. Not shooting for jury. HMMM. What else???


i dont trust him either,, i thought he was part of the first 5,, but everytime i read these comments people act like hes with the other side ??


Because he’s playing both sides of the house?


Ewww how can Allison let Andrew touch her with those nasty hands, there’s no way she hasn’t seen him with his fingers up his nose, he does it 24/7. He is so gross (along with Slob). The 2 grossest people are the ones always cooking everyone’s food. I wonder if the houseguests will look back at the footage once they leave and realize those hands made their meals *vomits*


Think about that next time you go out to eat. There may be a little extra in your food.


Yep cuz that’s the same……


I thought last year was bad with Jillian licking her fingers and then dipping them back into shared food…. this is SOOOO much worse!!!! Their personalities are stomach turning enough even without this lol. Allison’s biggest problem is that she lacks any kind of self respect.


Haha so true


why isnt there any videos of like jon ,neda and arlie instead of rachelle and sabrina uhhggg


I really don’t know how I feel about Sabrina. She’s playing the game, but she’s so dirty at it. It’s so easy to be a floater in this game, and I praise her for putting in positions and using some of Gheesling’s manipulation moves. But she’s also a compulsive liar, and paranoid about everything.
Nose-picking aside, how do you feel about Sabrina?


If I had five people backing me up (1st5 and Ratchelle) I wouldn’t have a problem making moves or causing a stink. That’s why she is so cocky


You’re saying it as if everyone bowed under Sabrina when she walked in the house. When you’ve earned yourself comfort, you get hubris that’s just how humanity is.
Sabrina is maintaining the F5 so nobody pulls wools over their eyes. Kenny admitted that Sabrina is the staple of the F5, and without someone like Sabrina, maintaining the game, F5 would be just another embarrassing failed alliance, like the Regulators, and Moving Company. She’s making the moves, and Rachelle is falling under her traps. Is that not how you play the game?


The 1st 5 will still be a failed alliance, regardless of or because of Sabrina’s ploys. Two are looking eleswhere. This early in the game that is not a good sign of sustainability.


Big brother might vote back in one of the earlier evicted houseguests cause they already did a jury member last season – I’m hoping Ika will come back in and team up with Jon Neda Arlie Heather and Adel obviously.
Rachelle is actually an idiot for putting Ika up, even if she gets to the end which is so unlikely she’s letting other people make her decisions, it wasn’t a power move it was a pussy move and most people are that. She’s just afraid of the guys and can be easily manipulated.


I don’t recall seeing Paul on that 1/2 hour show after his eviction. If Ika isn’t on it tomorrow, I might suspect they are keeping them in seclusion for a chance of returning.


Paul has been spotted out n about. So he is not in seclusion.



I don’t know about you guys but I cant watch such mean treatment of people in this house. Its as if all the people were losers back in high school and now they consider themselves to be ‘cool’. I cant deal with such behavior!

I cant say it enough, ALLISON is such a a HUGE disappointment. I hope they have some special plan for that secret room. I hope they put Ika in that room lol.


I don’t trust Arlie one bit. Anyone who says I’ve got a plan but I’ll tell you about it later is really sketchy. Now’s the right time while he’s right in front of him. I hope Adel (and I think he is, via late nights with Ika), is onto him.


Honestly Arlie is kinda sketchy, obviously he’s in the FF Alliance and if Andrew or Kenny were to win HoH he’d roll with them for the time being; but at this point Adel needs to trust SOMEONE and not just people who are getting evicted (Kyle Paul Ika)v. I feel like if Andrew or Kenny left next week Arlie would be easier to persuade over to Jon/ Adel/ Neda’s side though.
In my opinion Arlie right now is in the best positiln in the game because there are a lot of people that everyone’s going to go after before him, and he is pretty much good with anyone winning HoH PLUS he can just stick to FF until it starts falling apart and be the first to jump ship.


9 people vote. It’s time to go against the big dogs.
Ika needs five votes to stay.
She can potentially convince Neda, Arlie, and Jon (and obviously she has Adel). She needs one more. Can she do it? 🙁


Arlie could save Ika if he wanted to. He doesn’t. Ika is smart and he’s happy she’s leaving.


But she’s LOOYAALL.
Arlie’s building a different kind of troop. He is a bit condescending in his rational about it though. Maybe that is what people are picking up about what they don’t trust about Arlie. His thought of mental superiority of them all.
It doesn’t matter, it will be interesting to see if he is successful.


Arlie’s playing both sides… Safe either way regardless of HOH


i dont know whats harder to watch, andrew picking his nose, or picking his pecker?
allison has good taste in men lol


So what’s happening now. Is ika staying ??? Wish somehow she stays so that the empty head rechelle and cry baby sabrina can get a heart attack!!!
And Alison ugh you are such a who%$# . I wanna she you go.


Here’s my take on the hg as of right now…

Kenny is arrogant and comes across as very cunning. He is the type who seems extremely guarded, doesn’t say much about himself yet extracts as much info about everyone else, very manipulative!

Sabrina-well, i think we all know her story lol

Andrew-fronts like he is this macho tough guy but he is really just a big idiot. He is lucky he’s in an alliance and can win comps. He has literally not made any moves, its Kenny’ who tells him what to do.

Ika and Adel- I am sure that Ika does have some attitude and Adel does have some cocky tendencies, they seem like the most real out of all the houseguests

Heather and Rachelle-They are very weak people, they cannot assert themselves and think for themselves to save their lives!! Relying on other people for your entire game without a strategy equals EVICTION!!

Jon- he is like the average guy, he totally wants to hook up with Neda, wonder what his girlfriend thinks lol

Neda- she is smart and self aware, but boring as hell! Right now she is just floating and she seems to like Jon as well(even though she says he is like a brother)…they are a little too close for comfort to just be friends, tension is there! lol

Arlie-is a snake just like the rest of them, 1st couple of weeks he was acting like a doofus now he is more serious. Just listens doesn’t say a word

Sarah-indecisive floater

Allison-weak floater


Name, as one Name to another, the only one you got right is the last.


Lol Andrew and his nose, …you guys are funny. What’s up with all the nose picking and conversations about farting…? Geez


Is it me or does Andrew only grope on what’s her face when Sabrina is not around? Gross. How are you ok with being the side chick.


If burat was there would of play a great game on beardo and booger guy & cranberry balls lol .they just would of self evict themselves


if you don;t like whats going on here people why don;t you stop watching it instead of coming on here and complaing


and btw you guys love heather so much and hate KENNY AND ANDREW if i;m not correct the only reason she still in the house is they campanied for her




arlie wants this side of heather neda jon and adel to takeout the first five.. arlie would rather go battle with people like jon neda heather and adel .. .. in his mind he feels like this group could be easier to take on rather than kenny andrew and sabrina ,,,,, i think arlie is most honest with sarah..he told sarah all this during one of their game talk…


kenny and sarah are a pair!!