Adel – “I have to become a Gremlin to get farther in this game”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 20-18-26-921

10:03pm Feeds come back house meeting coming to a close

Arlie – ‘We haven’t seen other peoples stuff.. I just exposed everything”
Sabrina says Arlie has a lot of fans rooting for him.
Arlie doesn’t think so he says he feels like he shared the spot light with many of them.

They are going to go through all the houseguests and say something positive about them. (I typed out a few of them the rest are in the video)

Adel is the first up they go around the table saying positive things, Adel gets a lot of praise for his kindness and sense of humour.

Allison is the next up, Adel says he loves a tomboy girl, Arlie likes how Allison is a horn dog they have the same mentality. Sabrina says she’s genuine and really cares about people.

Andrew is the next up.
Jon says Andrew has a very big loving heart to the people he wants to give the big loving heart to, “BUT He’s”. Neda and Sabrina have to remind Jon there’s no “buts” in this game.
Sabrain – Andrew has a beautiful sensitive heart
Allison – I could name of a million things
Sabrina – I love his big D***” (everyone laughing)
Allison – I was never not entertained when he was here.. I didn’t feel like I was here I felt I was with a friend at home”
Neda – He could make every moment not boring.

Adel – had the coolest stories
Heather – how fun she was
Arlie – I loved everything about Anick
Rachelle – She was fun and quirky
Neda – had strong opinions and beliefs
Sab – She was positive
Jon – One of the biggest hearts in the game.

Sabrina – “I like that Arlie came in to play a game and was ruthless at it YET he’s a very nice person and I see the separation between that I think he’s a good guy “
Allison – “I actually love your passion for this game it’s commendable and I Think you are a lot smarter than you are letting us know”
Neda – I liked talking to you outside the game.
Rachelle – I don’t’ know that you are like but I think you are nice and you played a good game
Heather – Even though it was for your game you were there for me when I was at the lowest
Adel – straight up bros
Jon cries – “game aside I view you as a complete brother.. obviously it wasn’t an easy decisions it was just game … I love you so much brother”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 20-21-17-887

Rachelle says she doesn’t’ hate heather and heather has a big heart
Neda has so much fun with Heather
Allison – “you are so positive and so sweet”
Sabrina – she’s very grateful and appreciative of people
Jon – Loving and bubbly
Adel – I love how fit you are girl
Arlie – I think you are one of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time

Adel says he loves Jon
Heather beside her Boyfriend Jon has one of the biggest hearts she’s seen in a long long time. he has a lot of respectable traits that shine through.
Arlie – Jon and me are alot a like in a lot of ways I Really liked how we clicked in this house and he reminds me of all my friends back home

Rachelle says he’s like a best friend to hang out with.

Neda cries “you are the most genuine person.. your cool”
Allison says she’s going to be his best friend when they get out of the house, “I think you are awesome”

Sabrina – “I want to be your friend when we get out of here you’re a good guy

Rachelle says Neda is one of her best friends in the house
Arlie says he thinks Neda is really smart and he respects that.. “I just respect Neda.. I think you are a really intelligent person”
heather – Go a world of things to say about you.. so.. I’m just going to say that you are an amazing person inside and out..” (Heather cries)
Adel – “Beside brown power.. she’s like a sis she’s cool”

Jon – “I think that we connected and I think it took us a long time to start talking game it was a friendship I’m going to hold for the rest of my life.
Sabrina – you were one of my first friends in the house.. you really do have a good heart”

Adel – RHO RHO is just as f***d up as me but 8 years younger.. I hope she she turns out to be an Beautiful intelligent women

Heather – as much as we’ve disliked each other in this game you have an amazing big heart and you are a very loyal person top some people in the house you are very fun loving personality

Arlie – I think you are very intelligent with a twisted sense of humor which is really cool
Neda – you remind me of my best friends so much
Allison – you are absolutely beautiful outside and inside.. I love you
Jon – I want to party with you
Sabrina – I was put into this house to meet you you have a beautiful soul I will do anything for you I f** love you

Jon – you are the most loyal person in this house
Adel – You are my wife .. we had our difference you are so cool I hope that after this game there is no animosity between us
Heather – I love that part of your personality, forgive and forget and that seems to come to my mind when I think of you
Neda – I love that you are always smiling and Always making joke about something
Alison – I think you are genuine and super loyal I f** love your face.
Arlie – In this house I have grown to really really like you. Over time I’ve found a really big place in my heart
Rachelle – this pearson is the same person as me but in a older person’s body.. she’s done anything for me in this game.. we will have each other till the end of this game and I’ll have her to the grave.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 20-02-07-403

10:53pm Adel and arlie
Arlie says NEda is so two faced in the diary room, he can tell how she’s been with him. Arlie – “She potu the hit out for me bud”
Adel – “Oh I know it was”

Adel tells him he has two options
Option 1 If he wins HOH we can take out Jon right away the girls on both side will fight .. Allison will stay with the gremlins and he’ll stay with Heather and NEda

Arlie – would you put him up right away
Adel – Ya
Arlie – the only way Jon is going home is if he doesn’t win Veto.

Adel’s other option is he puts the gremlins up and tell them the plan is to take out jon.
Arlie says that’s the better idea he can ride the middle
Adel – I think I can get down to the final 3 bro”
Arlie – You have a long shot now that theres so many girls

Arlie tells him Allison is playing both sides but she is more loyal to the gremlins.
Adel – Neda will cut Jon’s head off she’s ruthless
Arlie – One hundred percent.

Arlie tells him that Jon is probably going to f** with him, ‘He really really thinks Neda and Heather have his bacK”

Arlie says he hates Neda in this game.
Adel says his plan is to take out Jon
Adel – “I have to become a Gremlin to get farther in this game”

Adel says he doesn’t want Jon to win this game anymore.
Arlie says if Adel or the gremlins join him in the jury house next week he will be devastated.

Arlie tells him his game is done, “I’m done in this game I accepted it earlier”
Adel says if he throws the HOH next weeks he’s golden.. the only way he gets f** is if Allison wins HOH”
Adel doesn’t think anyone will bother to target him.

Arlie – I think that is really smart”

Arlie – “I cannot believe jon fell for it to come after me”
Adel – “He’s so stupid”
They both are shocked Neda was able to talk jon into taking Arlie out this week.
Adel points out that Arlie had a lot of side deals.

Adel “Jon wrecked his game and ruined your game”
Arlie – “And damaged your game”
Adel – “I’ve always been damaged.. he’s so stupid”

11:19pm Jon and the Gremlins..
Video coming First 2/3 is Jon and the gremlins the last third is the Gremlins and Arlie int eh hot tub.

11:26pm gremlins in the hot tub

Sabrina says Allison better be serious about their final 3

They ponder if not taking Jon out next week. Rachelle wants Heather gone and they can let Adel take out Jon.

Sabrina wonders if Neda wins HOH what she would do with it.
Rachelle – “she will f** us.. she cannot win.. she will f** us she’s not sending HEather home”
Rachelle – “That’s girl is ruthless. “
Sabrina – “lets concentrate on winning”

Arlie joins them says he really wants them or Adel to win this game.

Arlie – “You girls should have Adel’s back you really should”
Arlie – “I love you three.. I want you to kill it”
Sabrina – “Ahh I love you to”

They hug

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 20-58-29-088

11:57pm Gremlins and Allison in the bedroom
Sabrina says they are voting out Arlie now, Allison says 100%
Sabrain – “do you have a final three with Jon and Neda”
Allison swears she’s only with the Gremlins.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 21-11-57-265

12:11AM Gremlins and Allison

Sabrina asks her if she really believes Neda will put up Heather if she wins HOH.
Sabrina – “I think she would.. do you think”

Sabrina – “Would you put up Jon this week”
Allison – “Yes .. unless you didn’t want me to”

Sabrina says getting rid of Adel and Heather first and playing it safe might be the best course of action.

Allison leaves Sabrina tells Rachelle they have to mak her feel important like she’s part of them.
Sabrina – “The more she feels part of the the more she will do with us”

Sabrain points out how funny it was that today everyone wanted to be a gremlin. Sabrina says Arlie doesn’t want NEda to win.

12:27Am Adel, Heather and Neda Adel says these last two days he’s had to say everything possible to stay. He confesses saying he’ll put up Heather, NEda and everyone else. He wants them to know he didn’t mean it.

Adel tells them Allison is the biggest threat once arlie goes home. He warns them Allison is going to kick their a$$. Adel adds he doesn’t’ think they should bother with the gremlins right now allison is the dangerous one.

Adel leaves.

Heather and Neda agree to go final 2 but they have to get the Gremlins out first. Neda says if Alrie doesn’t go home this was the worst possible move ever. They both are certain he’s leaving.

12:43AM Neda and Jon are stressing they think there’s a chance Arlie is staying.
Neda – “It will be the most epic f** up.. I will never let it down”

1:30AM -2:30am Heather, Gremlins, Jon, Neda and Allison
Sabrina telling them about her goodbye message to arlie.
They go on a hour long talk about Sarah, Kenny and Arlie and how those three players are responsible for all the bad blood between them.

2:49am Still talking Sabrina, Neda and Allison

3:30AM They keep going about How bad Sarah, Kenny and arlie were

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Oh, I so want the Gremlins to go to War with the Neda and Heather in the final 4. That would be just one crazy fun slap fest.


Question: When Adel lost it on Marsha the Moose in tonight’s episode was it a) funny and light heated b) bordering on psychotic and made you feel uncomfortable?


sorry I meant Light-Hearted*

team adel

Lool too funny, B final answer


I was definitely like, “woah we have not seen this side of him”
It was bordering on the side of psychotic. He definitely was serious and needs to take a chill pill.


Yup, my thoughts exactly… I’m like ohh shittttt this guy can snap… hide yo kids hide yo wives!


Adel you scared me man… I was your fan man…. what the hell? he is definitely hiding a lot of aggression on the inside and hides it with supposed laughter and jokes… and religion….. not cool man.. you almost hit marsha with the frame? really? are you a woman beater in real life?

Oh Canada

Aaaand as usual Adel’s family that consists of probably 8 kids per household are aaaaall called to onlinebigbrother to come defend Adel with their thumbs down on any anti Adel comment, even though they are not stating anything but the truth. He smokes weed but doesn’t tough alcohol bottles LOL, has sex with chicks then goes and prays 5 times a day, says being gay is a choice then threatens the cameras that he will beat the shit out of anyone who talks about his sexuality.. ummm.. nuff said… Adel’s a fake, and his cousins have nothing better to do than come and try to read English and just press thumbs down… your precious adel is going to be ripped to pieces for being a hypocrite

Liberal Canadian WOMANNNNN (oh yaaaahh)

I called it! What did I tell ya? I KNEW it was only a matter of time until the guy shows his psychotic side! I saw it and I mentioned that in the post Dawg wrote about Adel saying being Gay is a choice, I said he would lose his shit if it came to any female doing the same shit he does (hypocricy much?) and the fact that he lost his shit because a “female” (Marsha) had power and conrtol over him (which Muslim men HATE) and he started losing his temper! LOL….. and the longer the guy stays the more we get to see the REAL Adel, whom I can see is just digging his own grave at this point. *Applause*

Adel Slays Your Fave

Wait are people seriously mad that Adel JOKINGLY fought with Marsha the Moose (mind you, who isn’t a real person or a girl btw). It was hilarious. Y’all are actually pathetic and are just fishing for anything to hate the guy. You’re a complete idiot if that funny segment offended you. Have SEVERAL SEATS


So Arlie has completely given up now? It doesn’t look good for him at the moment.


not gonna happen gremlins want heather out next thursday… heather wants to take out the gremlins also……. two out of the four wont get near final 4…


arlie will try one more time tommorow morning… i doubt his really given up…


I really liked the game they were playing. Was nice.


Adel thinks he will be in an all-stars?? What is he smoking?


apparantly the majority of them all smokes *ice cream’ and seem very open about it. i’m shocked by that fact that’s gotta be said.


I don’t know, but I think Adel is seriously considering giving up for Arlie. Is it possible to self evict and then Arlie could stay? I’m just listening to him in the hot tub and watching his actions, he’s looking off into space. He told Sabrina earlier to just vote him out and keep Arlie because he loves this game so much. He is the type that would do it too.


Allison is such an idiot. She can read when people are genuine my ass. If she does this she deserves what is coming to her.


The only way a strong player like Jon will make it to the end if he had paired up with another strong player winning POV and HOH’s back to back … Thats what Jon and Arlie should have done . He is out numbered now and his only hope is that Neda or whom ever wins HOH doesnt back door him . Or he wins every POV from now on .


Lol Adel:Heather I think you’re fit :p


Why the hell are people voting Allison as their favourite? Am I missing something?


She’s not the top favourite, but people are voting for her to win a strategy session with emmet and Jillian.. Perhaps to stir some things up.. We all seen how uneasy everyone looked when she pulled out the secret veto!


Idk why this is pissing me off so much.. The gremlins knew they were going to say what ever they can to get rid of Arlie, I don’t understand what happened?!


Arlie talking about a DR earlier

‘Please stop talking about production’

Arlie: ‘What are you gonna do, evict me?’ 🙂


jon is in deep sht tommorow only way jon doesnot go home next thurs is if heather or neda win…. jon is the next target arlie was correct,,,,,


OMG, I lost it when Neda was talking about Jon… and I can’t keep myself from watching that segment again and again while crying. Their relationship is indeed special. When BB is over, they are going to go home and miss each other. Forbidden love


I can’t believe I’m saying this but… Sabrina’s growing on me a bit after tonight’s episode. It’s the good edit I’m sure, but goddamn production is good at what they do. Anyone else even a bit shaken by a sudden like for her?


Sabrina grows on one like a pustulous boil.
Run outside and get some air.


I see it as a good edit and that makes me angry more than anything.


Does anyone know who Neda is really loyal to? Heather or Jon?


I think she loves Jon, but she doesn’t think she can win against Jon, so she’s probably taking Heather to the final


both but she wants to compete against Heather in the final 2


We may never find out where her loyalty lies unless it comes down to final four and Jon and Heather are on the block and she’s the deciding vote. Either way if they did ended up as the final three she’s pretty much safe with whoever wins the next HOH because she already has a final two deal in place with both. Heather would be scared to take Jon for fear of losing to a power player and Jon will choose his loyalty over Heather.

team adel

Loyal to the game? (2pac)


why did they keep mentioning what sarah said previously in the game? did she speak the worst stuff about people? just wondering cuz i haven’t watched the feeds


Ok, Literally, HUNDO you will see when you watch at home. That’s why I don’t understand why people are being mean to me. Literally, I would never say things behind peoples back ok? She SMASHED into me! You will see! Literally, she said “what the FFF*ck is your problem, what the FFF*ck?” She said that to me, that’s why I don’t understand why people are saying I’m mean. You will see when you get home, I’m telling you ok? Do you know how much this hurts me to know that people think I’m mean? Why would I do this to myself? Literally why would I say that? You think I was saying things about you? Literally ok literally it was her saying it. You will see when you get home I am telling you. I am not a mean person I don’t talk about people.

Now just repeat this 100x a day and this is what a conversation with Sabrina is like.


what comments were Neda/Sabrina about Sarah referring to? they seem pretty angry about it


I think it’s everything in general that Sara said but the thing is..Neda is just letting Sabrina be in her glory and lie out her ass. She’s pretending to be on her side and agreeing with her. In fact Neda said to Sabrina “No I believe everything you said now” She’s keeping her close so she doesn’t flip and keep Arlie. She’s also bashing Arlie to Sabrina for extra bonus points.


neda is loyal to jon… neda tells jon everything heather tells her.. neda doesnot tell heather everything told to her…. neda is really not that loyal to heather….. neda wanted to take rachelle and sabrina to final four with jon…. neda is cutrhoart she doesnot care how she gets to the end as long as she gets to the end…. i think neda wants to take jon to final four to help her get to the end but im sure she will cut him in the end…

mark anthony

i hope they have a twist to bring back arlie into the game. if not things just got really boring and predictable. the gremlins will get picked off one by one lmao. how do u think the other side isnt going to nominate you when there is literally no one else to nominate. sabrina’s logic as to evicting arlie is he got all the camera time. that shows you where her head is at. hopefully big brother us does a good casting job so we can finally have a classic season.


It depends on Jon and Neda keeping their word, then Heather/Adel are targeted. And Allison is always a target.

I’m over Allison, nobody’s loyal to you because you’re not actually loyal to anybody, idiot.



1.) Everyone wants the gremlins to make it to the F3 or F4 because they can’t win anything, and if they get to the F2, they’ll lose to whomever they’re up against

2.) Jon is 1/2 of the house’s target. Are you not actually reading OBB’s posts or are you just being stupid on purpose?


wtf, I was watching some videos I think from Monday, and it seemed like Arlie was staying. Sabrina and Rachelle agreed, and Allison swore to them that she would keep him. Why is he know being evicted? What changed?

I was really hoping Arlie would stay. It’s better for Sabrina and Rachelle. Damn, things change quick.


he exposed his game like right after he was put on the block, the real Arlie came out and creeped everybody out, he did a lot of shit this week that made the house guests not want to keep him and he might be a psychopath.


I think the gremlins are still voting to evict Adel.. Alison said earlier this week to the Gremlins she wanted this veto to be a total blindside, she wanted everyone to be totally shocked. I think Arlie knows this and that’s why he is playing all sad and telling everyone he knows he’s going.


Probably the first time I’m getting annoyed watching people in the feeds. I just can’t believe Sabrina and Allison are completely buying Arlie talking personal stuff about players…
At this point I want Heather to win. Neda has Jon as a shield, Heather has Neda.


I see the pole is for Allison to talk to Emmet and Jillian… Geesh .. for all those who vote for her why don’t you just sign the check to her … I am not saying I dislike Allison .. I do .. she is finally playing the game .. there are others that are more worthy then her .. my opinion .


all the shit talking Adel and Arlie are spewing by the pool right now is just sad now, just goes to show how fake those two were to Jon.


Really? We have to see Jemmett again?! Ughh I am so over those 2. Way to ruin a good Season BB Canada!


Who exactly do all these people think is going to be targeted after Arlie goes? They all seem to think they will be safe.

kevin nash

lol at adel pouring his game to arlie. hopefully arlie can flip this info and turn it into magic. adel feels so safe and arlie is 99 percent fucked but knowing these girls they may flip flop all over the place. you can never feel to safe anything can happen.


Adel is just so odd looking and he reminds me of a chicken especially when he sits there in the diary room.


Arlie isn’t really that entertaining, so NO the game won’t be boring without him. Arlie is annoying as F*CK! Can’t wait for him to take his mental instability out the door tonight.

Amazing Grace

Literally everyone should strive to take Sabs to the F2 to literally secure a one hundo % win.