Elissa tells Ginamarie you’re sticking your neck out for Aaryn and she is spitting on you!

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


11:20am – 11:30am During the backyard lockdown – Amanda comments that they said we won’t be out here for too long. Amanda asks Ginamarie what would you do if it was Candice that came back into the house. Gina says she hugged me. Amanda asks what?! Gina says yeah we hugged and she said happy birthday and when she fell off I said goodbye. Aayrn says I expected Jessie to be sweeter but she was worse than Candice.

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11:40am Big Brother cuts the feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the live feeds return – The outdoor lock down is over and the house guests are inside the kitchen. The find that Big Brother gave them all their own slop bowls and they traded out the large table for the smaller table. Andy says and they cleaned the counter. YAY! Most of the house guest say that they aren’t going to use the slop bowls. They talk about putting them in their bags. Andy and Judd head out to the backyard. Judd talk about how coming back in here he just wanted to start with a new slate. He says that he was voted out by a unanimous vote so I couldn’t be mad at just one person. Spencer joins them. Andy wonders if they will even have a have/havenot competition.

11:50am In the bedroom – Amanda complains what if I don’t even get picked to play in the veto. McCrae says its okay they it will make me play even harder.

11:50am – 12:10pm Up in the HOH room – Elissa talks to Ginamarie about wanting to start with a clean slate with her. Gina agrees. Elissa asks who is the running the house. Gina says Amanda and McCrae. Elissa ask and who is doing all their dirty work? Gina says Aaryn. Gina says she has tried to talk to Aayrn and to convince her to work with Elissa and Helen. Gina talks about how it was Amanda that got Elissa’s down comforter taken away in the havenot room. She complained about it like 6 times to the diary room. Gina tells Elissa that she and Andy tried to go to Aaryn because we didn’t know if we were making the right decision. I wanted to work with Helen because she is a great person. Elissa says the only thing that I didn’t like was how Candice was treated but I don’t really blame you. I know you are a great person. I blame Aaryn for that. Gina says yeah I was defending Aaryn. Elissa says and Aaryn is putting it all on you. Elissa says if we don’t get Aaryn out she is going to keep winning competitions and win this thing. Gina brings up how week two Helen told me I might need to separate from Aaryn. Elissa says that every day Aaryn says something racist or inappropriate, EVERYDAY! Elissa says you are sticking your neck out for Aaryn and she is spitting on you. I don’t want to nominate you, I am not going to nominate you. Gina says thank you. Elissa says she is not an asset to you. If you got picked to play in veto and won it what would you do? Gina says I would not use it if that’s what you wanted. Elissa says I want you to try for it. Gina says I am due for one! Gina asks do you think that we could get Aaryn to work with us? Elissa says no I have tried numerous times and it just won’t work. She has something against me and it’s just weird. Gina says I know, I asked her why would you get rid of someone (Helen) that was not coming after you?! Elissa says do you see how Aaryn is more dangerous than Amanda. Amanda can’t win anything, we can beat her all day every day. Do you think you earned your right to be here? Gina says yeah! Elissa says I do too. So you need to detach yourself from the negative energy. Do you not see that Aaryn and Amanda are working together. Gina says she didn’t know they were. Elissa says we need to get out Aaryn this week and Amanda next week.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL!

12:10pm – 12:30pm Gina says I like you and I always have. I know you don’t like Aaryn because of the way she tread Candice. Elissa says it goes beyond that it about respect for different races and cultures. We live in a day and age where that is not acceptable and I don’t condone it. Elissa tells Gina if you get picked to play in the veto I just want to make sure you don’t use it if you win it. I just don’t want you to be in a difficult situation so it would almost be better if you didn’t try to hard for it. Gina says I understand what you are saying and I agree with it. Elissa says I have another person in mind if it does get used and its not you. Gina says got ya, I respect that. Elissa says if Aaryn is starting to win it, then I would want you to try to win it and not use it. Gina says okay. Elissa says its just disgusting the way Aaryn treats people. She disregards the type of world we live in. Gina says Aaryn does live in a different world, she live with lambs and shit. I live in New York and see Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians on a daily basis. I could see someone in a monkey suit and not even take a second look. Elissa says I just want to make sure you don’t use the veto if you get it. Gina says yeah no problem and anything you need just let me know. Andy tries to come in and Elissa tells him no we’re talking. He says okay no problem and leaves. Elissa says its not anything personal against Aaryn, I just don’t know what she is thinking. Gina says I know.


12:30pm – 12:45pm Up in the HOH room – Aaryn is talking to Elissa. Aaryn says that she had to make moves that the whole house was on board with because otherwise she would be a target the next week. Aayrn says I don’t know the game as well as you do. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When then come back – Elissa says I have tried to work with you but you have done things that go against the people I am with. Everything you has told me is a bold faced lie. I was trying to put everything behind us and to work with you and Ginamarie. I have never done anything against you and you have targeted Helen and me. You need to accept responsibility. Aaryn says I know that Helen told me that you wanted me out before. Elissa says I don’t know why other people put words in my mouth. I am a strong person that has a voice of my own and I don’t need people to talk for me. If you don’t hear it from me then don’t believe it. Aaryn says that she would want to work with Elissa and vote however she wants. Elissa says for you to do that you would need to promise that I am safe for the next 3 weeks. Aaryn says if you don’t put me up and don’t put me up as the replacement then I will make any deal or any promise that you can dream up. I would keep you safe for as long as I possibly could. This is a dream of mine and it would change my life. Elissa says I have worked for everything I have and deserve to be here just as much as anyone. Aaryn says even $50,000 would change my life. I know I have made mistakes but I will do whatever it takes to stay here. Elissa says the only way that could work is if you take yourself off the block and then maybe next week we could work together. This week I wont believe a word you say but maybe next week if you stay we could work together. Aaryn says if you don’t put me up or nominate me as the replacement then I will vote with you and not nominate you if I am HOH. Elissa asks what if a bigger target was up against you. Aaryn asks would you have the votes to keep me? Elissa says I don’t know. Aayrn says even if Amanda or McCrae were up there I still think I would go home over them. Elissa asks so if you did go up and you stayed are you saying you would be coming after me? Aaryn says no, if I stay this week I am not coming after you. Elissa says I have credibility because I have never nominated you or tried to get you out whereas you have tried to come after me. Elissa says I don’t know you aren’t even my biggest target..well I don’t know what I’m saying. Aaryn says if I stay you have my loyalty and I have no problem moving forward with you. If you can’t take that deal now then maybe later we can reconvene to talk about it. Thanks for talking with you. Elissa says thanks for coming up. Aaryn leaves.

12:50pm – 12:55pm Andy comes up to the HOH and asks if Elissa is still thinking the same thing as last night. Elissa says yeah. Andy says okay good! I want you to know I tried to switch the votes last minute with Gina but the votes just weren’t there. Andy says that he will fight hard for the veto. Elissa says good because if I see anyone not fighting for it, they will be going up. Andy tells Elissa that he will have her back and keep her safe next week if she doesn’t put him up. Elissa agrees to that deal. She tells him that she doesn’t even trust to tell Andy everything because he is with Amanda/McCrae. You need to break away from them. Andy says I know, I know. Elissa says just tell them (Amanda and McCrae) that they are not the targets. Andy says he will and has been telling them that. Elissa says they think you are a joke, they think we all are. Andy says I know, I am not an idiot.


1pm – 1:05pm Andy notices the nomination screen is up on the living room tv. In the lounge room – Judd talks to Spencer about how Judd knows that Amanda and McCrae wouldn’t vote for him in the end. Judd says that he took the heat for the Grasshopper alliance and says that he didn’t throw Spencer or Ginamarie under the bus. Spencer says that he really appreciates that. Andy joins them and tells them that he talked to Elissa and we are all okay. Judd asks so it will be McCrae and Aaryn being nominated? Andy says yeah.


1:10pm In the rainbow room – Gina tells Aaryn I tried my a$$ off to try and win. There was just no way I would have to be 6 feet and over to try and catch those things. Aaryn is upset because she knows Judd wont work with her because she was the one to nominate and get him evicted. Gina says he said he has no hard feelings, that it’s a clean slate. Aayn asks Gina if she has the votes to stay. Gina says you only have two votes. Gina says that McCrae and Amanda don’t win sh*t, you should have put their a$$es up on the block. Aaryn curls up on the bed with her blanket and they stop talking.


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Diamond Power of Veto

Dear Big Brother,

If you like to fix the game right about now and give me to Elissa, I would not mind.

This Season Blows

You’re pathetic and so are all the people liking your comment. Some of us wish BB was still a game and not the “Rigged for the Reillys” show.


If it was fixed for the Reilly’s then why is Amanda still in the house?

This Season Blows

Because everyone else, including Duck Lips, is too scared and dumb to put her up on the block. Demanda hasn’t been given any rigged twists to keep her safe, though.


She was getting zero water to the face for the majority of that competition. Her head was barely wet. People pointed it out and production asked them to adjust the sprinkler.


And the water was hitting Elissa right in the face. Amanda couldn’t have had a better opportunity to win. Also, hasn’t all the competitions Elissa has won been physical challenges where most of the other challenges have been luck or questions?


You are being downvoted even though you are speaking the truth. Says a lot about the intelligence level of the “fans” here.
If Elissa goes next week, I’ll be a happy man.


Amanda hasn’t won jack, but she is there because of her evil but sharp mouth. Don’t get me wrong I cant stand her.
Elissa is there because of her sister, and has no social game/skill. She couldn’t jack s#@t without the help from BB rigging it for her.

Reality Check

The only rigging that is going on this season of Big Brother is with Aaryn. BB has been giving Aaryn Adderall every day, which is a performance enhancing drug that is outlawed by all major sports along with the International Olympic Committee and the NCAA. Adderall is commonly prescribed for ADHS to help patients focus, calm down, improve concentration, and increased alertness and energy. According to the live feeds, Aaryn has been taking the Adderall an hour before every challenge, which is when the drug would be most potent and gives Aaryn an unfair advantage over the other contestants in the challenges. That is why Aaryn has been winning so many competitions. BB wants Aaryn on the show for as long as possible since the ratings increased substantially after Aaryn’s racist remarks were publicized. Not only is Aaryn a racist, but she is also a cheater.


I 75% think BB wants Amanda to win..Elissa is the distraction…..Elissa’s true ally in the game that would’ve kept her longer was pushed during the comp. Elissa slipped numerous times too which makes it even more fishy!!! http://i.imgur.com/nLddgbF.gif I noticed most HG was hit by sprinklers more also!!! Judd and Amanda hardly got hit! I’m not a huge Helen fan…..but that’s just soooooo unfair I feel bad!


well as soon as she puts up aaryn shes on her way out because there are 4 people in the other alliance arryn only has gina I have no favorites she puts up Amanda or mccrae its worhless unless both are up because they only 3 votes to save either andy spencer and Amanda or mccrae whoever is not on the block the only thing that could bail out elissas brain if is aaryn wins veto

Elissa the soul less

Aaryn is the pawn you fool. After the POV ceremony duck lips is going to strong arm the winner (unless it’s Amanda or McCrae) to USE it to save Aaryn. She will then put up Amanda next to McCrae and tell everyone to vote out Amanda. That is the ‘bigger’ target she keeps alluding to without saying the name. With McRanda bit up, the HGs will have to decide which is better for their game. Andy/Spencer/Judd will want McCrae for the me ‘s alliance, so Amanda will go. If however it is only Amanda OR McCrae against Aaryn, then Aaryn goes home. Under any scenario, the fake gold digging skank goes home in two weeks because nobody is going to honor the 2-week safety deal she made with them. Stooooopid Elissa had to go and play Helen’s game. And with the same ultimate result.


so rigged! giving elissa the down comforter, pisses me off.
does anyone know how many days she had it? AND, does any one know
exactly when it was taken?
I hope she didn’t get it took right before her HOH. THEY JUST


That comment is idiotic.


And she got off of slop early too. Amanda is sitting right next to her during the last hour of slop
and Elissa is eating chicken salad. That’s really not fair. I don’t like Elissa but I do love her HOH
so far. She’s definitely doing something different which is nice. I like the whole idea of whoever
doesn’t really try hard during VETO goes up as a replacement. That’s great.


Actually Elissa was eating after the HOH comp and the HOH is allowed to eat and no longer a have not so there was no special treatment.

Reality Check

The only rigging that is going on this season of Big Brother is with Aaryn. BB has been giving Aaryn Adderall every day, which is a performance enhancing drug that is outlawed by all major sports along with the International Olympic Committee and the NCAA. Adderall is commonly prescribed for ADHS to help patients focus, calm down, improve concentration, and increased alertness and energy. According to the live feeds, Aaryn has been taking the Adderall an hour before every challenge, which is when the drug would be most potent and gives Aaryn an unfair advantage over the other contestants in the challenges. That is why Aaryn has been winning so many competitions. BB wants Aaryn on the show for as long as possible since the ratings increased substantially after Aaryn’s racist remarks were publicized. Not only is Aaryn a racist, but she is also a cheater.


I’m done taking this show seriously after last night competition. I have always heard how production seems to manipulate certain aspects of the game, but mostly dismissed it as myth. However, what I saw last night finally opened my eyes. Elissa kept holding on the the bottom of the picture frame the whole time that was perfectly positioned just where she was standing. Gina didn’t have anything to hold on to. Amanda held on a little bit onto a corner of Elissa’s. Production wasn’t watching their own competition? They didn’t call out to Elissa to stop holding on? They must have been OK with it then.

The 4 jury members had a flat wall to stand against. Only Elissa had her own picture frame in the right place (and Amanda was next to her – rumor is, she is one of the people they’re pushing to go forward). Not only that, but if you watched the water stream going at Elissa, it somehow kept missing her face and went a bit to the side, while it was going straight at other people. Gina couldn’t even reach the balls because they weren’t reaching her, distance-wise.

That is all after 2 days ago Elissa told the entire house that production wants her to go to the end and that they will bend the rules in her favor to do so. In face, she has been saying that ALL season.

It is no secret I dislike Elissa (read the above post for how much Elissa is making shit up abut Aaryn again that she says racist things every day — fucking Elissa doesn’t even talk to her so how the fuck would she know — she’s certifiably insane), but least make it a fair game for everyone.

For the first time, I understand what people here and elsewhere have been writing about production meddling in the game and softly helping certain contestants. I’m not sure how much I’ll follow for the rest of the year and if I’m still not over it next year, I may not watch anymore. I have better things to do then watch a game slanted to certain people. I can’t support it.


in face = in fact


Someone is butt hurt


BB and most reality shows have been fixed from day one.. welcome to the “real” world of TV! Elissa has more integrity than those other ppl, and isn’t a scared whimpy player either… i say give her the gold today! Just for the type of people the others have shown themselves to be.. they do not deserve a darn thing… there’s a bigger picture than just game and money.. and its a shame those who do not see it.


Seriously “This Season Blows”??? You honestly believe the show is rigged? If you believe that conspiracy theory you need to grow up. Just because Elissa is still in the game and her sister won?
Don’t watch BB if you don’t like it and don’t comment on here if all you’re going to do whine about it. And by the way, calling someone duck lips is mean.

Elissa's Duck Lips

Game was fixed a while back remember when she got MVP while at risk of being sent home..


Umm remember how the MVP didn’t guarantee your safety! Yeah she was 100% going to win, but it was HOW she used it that saved her. You should be blaming the other houseguests for keeping her. They could have evicted her if they wanted to. So please stop complaining about the show being rigged; deal with it or simply don’t watch the show anymore.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

lol, I agree with you! I like the way Elissa is stepping up her game she is smart to get rid of Aryan or however you spell her damn name


Funny name…. lmao @ onions


Hey Helen is the time right to get out Amanda ? Wait you waited and waited and waited and now you are out of the house ?


Helen left too early, however to Simon’s delight… JUDD arrived back!
i’m hoping he had intense heart to heart talks with Candice + Jessie
and he listened totally… he knows how conTROLLing Amanda is, so
even though he might end up bonding with McCrae & Spencer i think
if he’s gettin’ back at Helen, he’ll see that AMANDA follows her into the
JURY House. i swear… the very thought of Helen ripping into Amanda
is soooooo delectible, it has my BB morale up an’ interest quickened!


and here come’s the brainless brechel sheep herd to defend the dutchess of botox, pretty funny that she can’t look past her hate of Aaryn though, such a stupid game move, she would be far wiser to take out Amanda… but this is what botox does to your brain.

The brainless mass can’t type anything legible so all they can do is down vote, poor sheep, follow your botox queen blindly.


Okay… we know that both Andy and Aaryn betrayed Helen. i think Elissa is not stupid
or superficial. She let Helen micro-manage her, admittedly. i think she wants to do a
classic BB backdoor on Amanda after having Aaryn blubber alot up on the good ole
BB chopping block, she wants to punish and then forgive Andy the spy & errant Aaryn.
i think she is less furious at McCrae and she knows she has Helen’s vote. Amanda if
sent home the first time she is put up would not ever be a JURY member. Helen knew.
Elissa is now having a game equal to Rachel’s thanx to Helen’s blind spots, cold war
morals & mores and shortsighted gameplay. i hope JUDD is on a BB learning curve.
Helen may see EAST VERSES WEST inside a cold war EVIL v. GOOD meme, as we
all think back as to how some of the era’s defectors got a degree of status and respect,
and yes.. her cheerleader RAH RAH razzle is almost Beach Blanket Bingo with a Disney
G or PG rating, yes… Helen is headtrip and then some, on top of the Scientology + GOP
connections she soccer mom has… indeedy! BUT SHE GAVE ELISSA WISE ADVICE!!!


OT but I’m curious…why has there never been a Celebrity BB here? Or has there and I missed it?


really? a thumbs down to a simple question..thanks so much jerks


rachel dont worry about the thumb down some of these idiots are oxymorons


…an’ sometimes they lack their oxy and are just morons

The Mole

The concept of a Celeb BB seems to get a lot of negative reaction. Probably because celeb versions often end up watering down the concept (see The Mole, Apprentice, etc.)

Daniele Donato

Hope my evil twin Aaryn wins. muhahahahaha


There hasn’t been a Celeb Big Brother here because Big Brother US is too big, and Celebs in CBS wouldn’t pay the kinda money d-list celebs would ask for, to do a 90 day show where they can’t leave when they feel like it. Plus celebrities whine A LOT, you watched “I’m a celebrity..get me outta here”?

This Season Blows

The All-Stars season was originally supposed to be a celebrity version but production changed their minds IIRC. I’d actually like to see a celebrity one, though…. can’t be any worse than the “regular people” who have been put on the show the past few seasons.


Looks like someone from the 3am is going home next week, hopefully it would be Amanda.

itz showtime...

i’m really hoping HoH elissa is not stupid.
she KNOWs how helen went out the door…

Amanda's Therapist

Elissa is not dumb…she is very confident…she only speaks when necessary! Elissa haters gonna be eating alot of “crow”!
LMFAO! Everyone was so against her…BUT she won OTEV and HOH! She is not a lazy ass toad like the Whore dick-teaser…Amanda! If she would raise a HAND to do anything other than using it to rub on McPussy…maybe she could get her ASS out of the bed…and find time to put on her make-up!

Kelli Jo

Grrr I don’t want to wait another week for them to get out Amanda. This is getting ridiculous.


Hopefully aaryn wins veto then cus I’m pretty sure amanda will get backdoored if that happens. Id rather amanda go but it does make more sense for elissa to go after aaryn she has been trying to her evicted since week 1. Even if aaryn doesn’t win the veto I still think there’s a good chance she throws 3am under the bus to get elissa to backdoor amanda as long as amanda doesn’t win it.


Elissa may be the hero we’ve been waiting for. Ps.i hate Andy the rat!

Red Alert

Red Alert! Warning!

Its a BB first. Someone told Andy not to come into their discussion. Elissa the Warrior Princess just told Andy, no we are talking, comeback later. That’s what I am talking about. Why do they keep letting Andy into their conversations? Well someone finally did, good going Elissa.


I am totally confused now. Elissa is standing up against racism. A house guest calling Aaryn out and not going along with all this racism being disguised as humor. So I tip my hat off to Elissa and say I am very proud of her.

My problem lies in that Aaryn has said a lot of racial stuff but Gina has said even worst. Why is Gina getting a pass and its all being placed on Aaryn. I think Aaryn does live in a bubble and probably would rethink her behavior. Whether she changes her behavior is a different story, because Aaryn really believes she did nothing wrong. Gina, well its Gina. At 33 years old that’s pretty much your personality and Gina has a lot of issues. I am not down with putting all this racial BS at Aaryn’s feet. However I compliment Elissa for taking a stand and speaking out. I think she is taking a brave stand, because the rest of the house enabled and encouraged that type of behavior and well…….they are going to attack Elissa as someone looking down on them, but in this case…look, look down and look very far down.


I am thinking Elissa is just giving GM a pass because she needs to put a wedge between GM and Aaryn. And also to gain some trust with GM. Aaryn is a much stronger competitor but GM would come in second. Should Aaryn leave this week and GM is left in the house and wins HOH maybe she wouldn’t put Elissa up on the block. I think Elissa is smarter than we’ve been giving her credit for. She’s just not the best communicator. I believe she has a great plan so far if she can stay strong and not be swayed by anyone. Kudos to Elissa for not letting Andy butt into her conversation! It’s about time someone did that.


They are finally catching on!! I loved it last night when they all were talking and Aaryn goes “Well I’ll get attacked for this conversation when it gets back to Amanda & McCrae”. ROFL – Andy knew she was talking about him. That will be his downfall is that nobody will trust him. About time somebody tells him to come back later!

Amandas cootch smells like onions

LOL! I was thinking the same thing, little rat bastard barging right in….


Regarding Andy – I dislike this guy soooooo much that whenever I see his face, his name, his ugly gob chewing like a cow my brain automatically says ‘YOU RED WEASEL RAT BASTARD’. Andy will forever be associated with YOU RED WEASEL RAT BASTARD. Can’t stand this kid.

Regarding Scumanda and McPussyWussy – these two have been living like two freeloading squatters in a televised bed in. Can’t win any competitions, always in the horizontal position, never feeling any heat and using the HOH room as if they owned it, never cooking or cleaning after themselves, clothes all over the floor, lazy fucktards that they are. So, it is delightful to see these two squirming, gnawing fingers and knuckles, crying, stressing, fretting about what is going to happen to them. They can dish it out but can’t take it. I hope Scumanda has a nervous breakdown and McPussyWussy shits his pants and doesn’t take a shower.

I want all three of them gone baby, gone.


They let Andria in all their talks. He is like on of the girls!! DAH!

you know- okay

I am not a fan of Aaryn at all but when she said that I gave her mad props! I actually liked her for .05 seconds.


can’t wait til elissa tells mcdirty and demanda to get off her bed…tho i don’t think they are brave enough to even try and lay down on her bed


all i want to say is thank you simon thank you dawg thank you big brother thank you tennis ball thank you endurance thank all of you cause we the america peolpe can be happy for a week cause elssia won hoh an amanda dont control it what a week i call this week krama week im so happy right now im jump up in dowm ask a fan of elssia we want her to win hoh week after week ago but now she in charge let the party begins its a new day if you big brother keep elssia in the game to the end your fans base will double sky high we love elssia go get girl


sad thing if she gets out aaryn that’s exactly what Amanda wants then they still have mccrae Amanda andy spencer so really elissa is getting run by Amanda and doesn’t even know it


arrayn is not the target…mcnasty and demanda are.


LOL at Elissa saying Aaryn is obsessed with her and that Aaryn was the one refusing to make an alliance

This Season Blows

She’s as delusional as her fans.


Go Elissa, get in Ginamarie head that working together is a good idea


PLEASE Elissa. Stroke GM’s ego or anything else she wants stroked. Tell GM how pretty she is and smart!
GM rode the lil yellow short bus to school.


Elissa can not go wrong with her plan, either Aaryn, McCrae or Amanda is going to jury….

Do I have a perfernce yes, Amanda for sure, but Aaryn is a competition beast with the Adderall, and McCrae is just a whipped boytoy.

His performance in the HOH last night was the worst….


I just disagree with that. I think if you evict Amanda, you free Aaryn from her bonds with 3 AM, get her to help get out Andy, and then turn on her. McCrae can’t win anything. He couldn’t stand on a platform and catch balls BEFORE the water started. I fear that if Amanda doesn’t go now, it will be more than just a week before she goes…


if she puts up aaryn she can go wrong even if you put Amanda or mccrae up its pointless they have the votes to save Amanda or mccrae 3 votes is all they need then elissa has to team with gm just for it to be 4 to 2 with judd a wildcard you go elissa you idiot


while its good thinking, elissa forgot one thing. doing it the way she is doing it is drawing a line in the sand to demanda, mcpussy, and rat bastard andy, who will all remain and target her in the future.

make one final attempt to bring aaryn in with GM and judd’s help and full on target demanda. demanda being gone will change the house and remove that influence over aaryn.


doesnt matter because they were gonna target her ANYWAY…atleast this way she is massively shaking the house up, people will have a week off of following demanda’s rules because it may result in them being on the block. these houseguests (andy, mcminute, and demanda) got way too comfortable in this house!

Lets Do This

They were all targeting Elissa anyway! They had already decided she would go next. Even if she put up GM against Aaryn and Aaryn leaves, they will still go after her. They are not and never will be on her side. She has to strike now while she can and hope that JUDD will win HOH and keep his word to her. And if that doesn’t happen, she can fight hard for the veto!


Okay now I’m confused. I thought she was going to backdoor Demanda. Is she really going after Aaryn or is this just to see who she can trust?

I don’t have any idea what’s going to happen–FINALLY!!!


Her target’s definitely Aaryn.


She’s talking with Aaryn now about how she’s been Demanda’s puppet, etc and saying if she wins veto and keeps Elissa safe next week then Elissa will believe her but until Aaryn proves herself Elissa can’t believe her.

Okay, I was unsure about Elissa for awhile but I’m #TeamElissa now!!


That’s in case Aaryn stays. Aaryn is Elissa’s target.


Now I understand Elissa! Get rid of the puppet because without the puppet the puppetmaster can’t control her. Then get rid of the puppet master. Elissa is smart. She sat and observed everyone and now she knows what we know.


until she lands on the block next week and doesn’t win pov. then her and her smarts will follow aaryn to jury.


Who would you rather go against in the POV, though, Aaryn or Amanda. I too would rather have Amanda out first. But what I really would like is getting McCrea out. Whether Aaryn or Amanda go out, the boys will then have the majority. Then it might be better to have a competition best or a coniving schemer. I personally think they should be gunning for McCrea.


you still have opie (andy) doing demandas bidding. cut the head off the snake and the snake will die. either backdoor demanda or put her and mcminute up together and let then destroy each others game


I completely agree! Elissa doesn’t see Amanda as a threat. After Elissa’s gone, Amanda’s only has control over McCrae. Let others break those two up. If Aaryn doesn’t go home this week, Aaryn has a good chance of winning the next HOH and will put up Elissa. I think Elissa and GM should be able to work with each other. Elissa should tell GM that Aaryn is constantly telling everyone that GM smells like vomit.


I love love love that Elissa made Andy leave during their conversation! He had to have been a bit shocked by that because he is so used to slamming in on any conversation any where. His cards have been shown and Elissa is turning out to be much better than I thought at the mind games. Everyone is running scared because shes being tight lipped. This is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more fun than Amandas how dare you attitude.


It’s look like 3am alliance will fall apart and it’s about time Aaryn or Amanda will leave it brother house.



Elissa's Duck Lips

Sorry Elissa but it will backfire on you trying to get Aaryn out.


you people are so busy looking at the small picture you guys cant see the big one elissa wants amnda gone by chance aaryn wins veto amnda the puppetmaster is gone …. week one amnda pizza boy hasnt won anything if aaryn leaves who will amnda get to put up elissa because her pizza boy havent win shit for along time ….. either way elissa is cutting amnda of at the knees if aaryn leaves yes they will find another minion to do their dirty work but either way we all win if aaryn leaves ….. without aaryn amnda have less power …. Andy always butting in on conversations thank god she told get away lol

Ugly Elissa

Either way if she evicts Amanda than she is screwed next week when Aaryn takes her out. If she evicts Aaryn than Amanda/McCrae will take her out next week. She loses either way.


OMG!! on another site I just saw that Andy wanted to come in and get in on Elissa’s conversation with GM and Elissa told him No we’re talking…

Rat Dog got the boot! Think he’ll cry now?


When the RAT was told to leave, I can just see him on all fours with his big ears listening underneath the doorway. How dare someone have a private conversation and the RAT not be in the middle so he can run and tell his cronies what is being said. Moron.

Amanda's Therapist

Andy is like the toy …aka …”jack in the box”!
Never know when? or where! HE is going to “pop” up!
btw…He is worse than any …g i r l…in the BB house!


I think everytime Andy leaves a room after a conversation, everyone who was part of the conversation should follow him out of the room in single file as he heads down to spill the beans to Amanda. then when he realizes he will be busted if he goes there and changes course, they should keep following him for awhile–OR break off from him as a group and sit outside whatever room Amanda is in so he will know that everyone knows Andy is Amanda’s Rat Boy!

Yeah right...

Noooooooo… Elissa!!!! It’s the other way around. Amanda needs to go THIS week, and then Aaryn later. That’s only going to help Amanda and McCrae’s numbers for next week!! Unless Elissa gets some magical POV/safety in Pandora’s box that carries into next week (which is likely knowing how production favors her), then she won’t have the numbers/power to get rid of Amanda after this. This game it too unpredictable, especially when the numbers get smaller and smaller — take your chance at Amanda NOW!

Aaryn is already Amanda/McCrae’s target, so Elissa shouldn’t waste her HOH on her. She’s playing too personal and not planning ahead. She seems to think she is only Aaryn’s target and doesn’t realize she’s EVERYONE’S target at this point.



finally all these post I someone gets it besides me Amanda would love elissa to take out aaryn Amanda has mccrae specer and andy if aaryn gets on the block elissa better hope she can win out in veto or hoh shes an idiot wonder how long it will take after aaryn is gone for it to dawn on her what she just did probably days


Dude….don’t worry. Elissa has a plan to Backdoored Amanda.

Smart Cookie

Elissa is a smart cookie…She learned a lot in her days as a high end escort!


If you’re trying to be funny you’ll have to get in line with the other 1 million unemployed comedians.


Dawg can you do something about this troll?


Elissa is stupid. She should get rid of the puppetmaster first! Then Aaryn has noone to listen to. duh!


Right now Elissa is telling Aaryn that she has to prove herself to Elissa because she’s been Demanda’s puppet and can’t be trusted. Elissa knows what she’s doing.


elissa is amandas puppet take out aaryn go ahead exactly what Amanda wanted big player out Amanda still in a 4 person alliance elissa is an idiot

Amanda's Therapist

What is ironic about Aaryn and her bashing Elissa!?! Running
her down btw for all she has ($$$ and living ez life of luxury)
WTF? If you google “Gries Ranch” you will see Aaryn’s family ranch in – Texas! OMG! WTF! ACRES on this ” massive ” ranch of Aaryn’s family!
btw the website of George Gries’s RANCH is impressive!
Why is Aaryn on National TV trying to appear as a struggling
College student¿¡¿ She is the most FAKE LIAR in the BB house!
Send the little lying rich bitch…out the door! She is actually a worse liar than the WHORE…pathetic!

Amanda's Therapist

Aaryn is a puppet on a LONG….rope! Elissa is thinking of the many ways she can USE that…rope too! OMG! LMAO!
Judd may be back…but I feel that Jessie had told him what went on in the BB house…they can’t monitor all talk in jury! :-)

Pandora's Box

Here I come!


Yeah, here you come!!!! How much of a BULLSHIT move on CBS / BB part to try to throw this pile of crap at us. How fucking stupid do they think we are? What really are the odds that first Rachel in her winning season gets the pile of shit box to help her win AND THEN now her sister will get it probably for the win. After being the biggest floater and disappointment for the better part of the first half of the season. And they say this isn’t ridded!!!!

Why will Duckie (sorry P. C. ness dictates that we call her Elissa) get Pandora’s Box to secure the win? Because Grodner’s hand picked winner turned out to be so nasty and gross that America could not stomach an Amanda win. So she had the second teamer already on the payroll. And she knew that she could pull this sham off because the deranged Brenchal Army fans would be in strong denial of a predetermined win. No matter what they would convince themselves that Elissa pulled off a great come from behind win. BULLSHIT I SAY, I AM NOT THAT STUPID CBS!!!!!

Amanda's Therapist

Have you taken your “Adderall..Zoloft..Xanax..Paxil” TODAY? You are delusional! Elissa knows the game! She does not need pandora’s box to play her game! Imo


Dawg maybe a report link for the trolls?

Amanda's Slop Bowl

I’m so bored of all this “the only reason i had for hating you was because of this…..but it’s not your fault so lets work together”
why can’t anyone in this game pull a Dick or someone with balls at least and just say to peoples face’s how they feel without all of this back track. The best seasons of big brother were when there were set sides of the house that annoyed and actually made fun of the other sides! (remember the nerd herd?) I just wish it was back to that, instead of everyone talking behind everyones bak and then covering it up! like as far as i’m concerned big brother isn’t a game of lets all go with the house and tell each other why we like each other every second of every day!


I hope she gets it

This Season Blows

As expected, Duck Lips is rallying the troops to basically set up her own demise barring heavy production interference. Might as well cut the check to Demanda now.


Heads up Dawg, you don’t want this piece of shit commenting on your site. Get rid of this trash.


Elissa is making the same mistake her sister made. She isn’t targeting one of the guys but instead she is targeting girls just like Rachel did. If Amanda goes this week it will free up McCrea to form a strong alliance with Spencer, Andy and Judd. Her catty hatred of other girls is going to destroy her game. Helen saw it coming weeks ago and no one listened to her. One of the guys will win this game if Aaryn or Amanda goes home.


Judd may not go with McMinute after all he let Demanda bully him into evicting Judd. Remember Judd is coming back with a different view of things and can’t trust anyone yet.


Haha! Andy comes in….surprise surprise, Elissa says get out we’re talking. Boy, that’s been a first for someone to tell him to leave. Nosey ol Rat!


Dawg, do you have a photo of the expression on Stoolie the Toad’s face when Elissa told him she was talking and asked him to leave the room? I’d be inclined to make a 8 x 10 photo of it and hang it on a wall!

Glad to see Elissa is treating Stoolie the Toad the way he deserves to be treated–with contempt for his duplicity.


i feel that both this week and the week that got Nick evicted were the times to have the unvarnished live feeds
and that this posting site is the next best thing to looking at the live feeds non-stop for a full 24/7 week! BBAD
and the show’s episodes have their degrees of discretion & needful censorship. 4 once Julie’s hyperbole was
almost like a British understatement. Elissa’s HoH win possibly sets up a classic transision point, it is like as
if Helen took a metaphoric grenade willingly to keep Elissa in the BB game and not thinking of bolting totally out.
The way they reacted to the very idea of a JURY person returning was a classic! all & any screenshots are cool!


i don’t know how i feel about this week..

the POV is just as important as the nominations depending on who gets picked to play.
I think if MC goes up & saves himself, Amanda gets put up and sent home.

Spencer – Evict Amanda
GM – Evict Amanda
Judd – Evict Amanda

MC – Evict Aaryn
Andy – Evict Aaryn

There are so many different scenarios and I hope Elissa walks into a Diamond POV pandora’s box.


Nooooooooo Elissa get out amanduh first

Big Jim

Dawg can you remove these blantantly racist comments from this post no place for that Thanks


FINALLY, someone kicks Andy out of a room! Go Elissa!!!


I hate that Amanda and Andy aren’t the targets, but I have a feeling they will be. Maybe Aaryn going up isn’t a bad idea, she is probably the best competitor next to Elissa. I think if Elissa can win Veto she can make the changes she needs too. I think Amanda goes up at some point. I think McCrea going up with Aaryn is a great idea. I hated it at first though. But who are the most likely to win Veto or HOH? McCrea and Aaryn. So they fight it out and she knows that all she has to do is have anyone but Amanda veto. Amanda then goes up to replace one of them. I mean can you imagine the night that McCrea wins Veto and Amanda knows shes the replacement? I bet they break up right there on the spot once Amanda knows McCrea is of no use to her. Hell he may not use it on himself just so she stays off. That dude needs to wake up. They get out of that house he will be MISERABLE with her. They aren’t the same people. If he wins the money, she will blow it all. If she wins the money, he will never see her again. Seems like Elissa actually thought this out and I HATED her. So I hope she proves me wrong. End of the day I think she fully expects McCrea or Aaryn to win Veto so they can watch Amanda go up helplessly. The house will jump all over Amanda being up.


I absolutely refuse to believe that Elissa could be so clueless as to believe that it is a better move to vote Aaryn out of the game than breaking up The Red Queen and McCrae. Does she not realize that the more she thinks “next week we’ll vote her [The Red Queen] out”, the less chance there is of that actually happening? She won’t have the numbers on her side to vote out The Red Queen. This has GOT TO BE Production and the Diary Room filling her head with this strategy in an effort to protect The Red Queen.

I seriously doubt that GinaMarie will vote out Aaryn. Like Elissa when she lost Helen, GinaMarie has no other ally if Aaryn should be voted out. If anything, GinaMarie will give lip service to Elissa and tell her, “Yeah, yeah”; but in reality she’ll go back to Aaryn and tell her what Elissa is planning on doing. This SHOULD inspire Aaryn to fight very hard for the veto; BUT it will also turn both GinaMarie and Aaryn seriously against Elissa when Elissa should really be trying to get them (at least for the timebeing) as potential allies.

Elissa and Judd Together At Last

I’m not sure if Elissa’s strategy is sound, but at least it’s actual strategy. That’s certainly better than “let’s all vote with the house/not make waves/keep the blood off of our hands”!


Very rude and extremely ignorant! You are probably the same person above-Candance says. Jigaboo is a a racist term also.

itz showtime...

a total bigoted hydra-headed troll???
ISP searches can expose them!!!!
100,ooo thanx Dawg!!! 2 thumbs up!


Dawg we love both you and Simon. That’s why we come here. You guys do a great job and have kept us sane this season. And finally you have some fun stuff to report now that the “it’s what the house wants” is dead…did I just here taps being played?

Ur smarmy

It’s cool to be appreciative but quite another thing to be ingratiating. Stop interfering and start making honest comments….Or else shut it like the smarmy toad you are. Andy alert!!!!!


We all appreciate your hard work and everything it takes to make this site the best place to go for all the fans of BB. I think both of you have allowed all of us to enjoy BB on another level by being able to see other fans views and reactions. Thank you

Varys Blackfyre

No worries it only makes that person look bad.


Some people just want to start drama because they have issues in their own lives. Thanks Doug for removing that rude comment along with its racist name.



Big Jim

Thanks Dawg!


Dat iz jus az bad az calin us niggars wez dunt lik to be caled jigaboo eider iz tink dey be juzt ignorint anz needz tp lern up rite?


Another troll alert here I think….

Tyrone, sooooo typical, not all Black men are called Tyrone you know?
And the z everywhere? Come on are you serious?…….


Plzzzzzz get aaryn it only really makes sense. The fact is if it’s Amanda/Aaryn on the block or McCrae/Aaryn, the 3am alliance will be campaigning for votes, and i’m just saying andy is gonna get someone pissed off. And everyone called ellisa stupid, she got this game in the bag as long as aaryn goes this week.


Elissa is delusional. She’s screwed after this week. She’s everyones target except Judd

VA Vet

The week has just started. If Elissa keeps making moves like she has so far, (not taking any crap from MCanda, putting Andy in his place, twice no less, and working to get some support), she might just pull off what most of us have been waiting for.

In any event, Elissa is making this week will way more interesting.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

not if she gets a special power via pandoras box such as the power of veto for the next week


I like the part where Elissa told Andy the rat to stay back…..Way to go Elissa


Do all of you really appreciate what Elissa is doing right now?

All I am seeing is the entire game crashing down. She is not playing Big Brother, she is playing Elissas
game (Reminding me a lot of Rachel, it was all very personal, technique be damned).
I know you all love it because it will crush Amandas game, but to me it is ruining all the work done by pretty
much everyone to this point. I guess it is just a reset.
I like that JUDD came back but having those jury members there being able to give input to others playing
just seems so UN-BB to me.
They need to do away with all twists.
No more MVP, America votes, Pandora, Coup De, Diamond Veto, returning players…NOTHING.
Let it play out so that the most strategic win.

VA Vet

You bet I appreciate what Elissa is doing!

Do you really think everyone kissing Amanda’s A** is playing the game?


You don’t get it though…that IS Big Brother. It is what keeps the show interesting and exciting! I do think CBS should mix it up a bit, but in the end if you are a big brother fan, you need to accept all the bells and whistles attached. I don’t understand why people complain about production interference. If you do not enjoy it than stop watching the show. The winner of Big Brother is the one that was able to get past the twists and manuver thier strategy around those twists. I applaud anyone who makes it to the final regardless of how they get there because this game is not easy.


Seems like in the next few posts it’s going to read: ‘Andy tries to come in’, instead of ‘Andy comes in’. What an intruder, informant, rat.


I am still waiting for Andy’s eviction. His clock is ticking.


What is the matter with you? Go back to the 1800’s.


This was meant for a comment that has since been removed. Thanks Simon and Dawg. I’m all for free speech but the HowardandCandicearen**** comment was just too much. Thanks again.


Would love to see Elissa win the whole thing, but I have a feeling that after one of the 3 stooges gets evicted, Andy will just wiggle his way back into the leftover and become the 4th stooge once again. As long as Judd doesn’t fall for one of the stooges, they have a good chance of getting out the rest of em. If Judd tags up with Andy though, I think Elissa will be gone next week.


Aaryn should just aploogize to Elissa for all her BS

Targeting Elissa, Elissa called her out

Evicting Kaitlin, Elissa called her out…

Evicting Helen, Elissa called her out….

Being Amanda’s puppet, Elisssa called her out….

Throwing GM under the bus, Elissa called her out….

This is absolutely fun to watch, had to sign up for the live feeds after last night’s HOH…


Aaryn needs to go. I never drank her KOOL AID. She was playing Amanda’s game. She had a chance to put up the most power couple and she allowed Amanda to take control.

Furthermore, no matter what, she may have won HOH 4 times, but she still made a disturbing bed with her behavior. She didn’t have to blindside Judd, her ally who kept her in the game. Her apologies are meaningless because she always goes back on them.


Dat shit be racest! Yuz dunt needz too be actin all crazee wit dat anz trin tostart shit cuz we dunt wantz to heer it


Whom ever is writing these misspelled ignorant comments is ridiculous. Nobody even speaks or writes like this so stop it. Everybody knows its someone being sarcastic. & then your name is Tyrone? Really?!?


I Love it!!! Andy comes in, and she tell him they need a few minutes. LOL Finally Andy is not going to be in all of the conversations.


I laughed so hard when RatAndy tried to come in while they were talking and Elissa told him NO. Love it!!!!! No more tattle-tale in the house. I just hope that Judd is really going to work with Elissa.


Lmao @ Andy tries to come in and Elissa said “No we’re talking!”

Bwahahahahahahahaha! I could not stop laughing, priceless

This week it will not be :
“Andy comes in…” *drink*

It will be :
“Andy tries to come in” or
“Andy comes in, Elissa changes subject” *drink*



“Andy tries to come in and Elissa tells him no we’re talking.” LMAOOOOOO!

Andy the rat trying to get in on everything. I love how she just shut him down.

itz showtime...

dude… are you more than jist sorta kkk? or like
are you kkk? if you are, cool it. you are a bigot…


I agree, Elissa is screwed after this week