Bedtime stories with Talla “Umm… many years ago..hmm.OK once was.. umm .. so in this charcoal castle”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


12:20am Talla and Peter.

Talla tells him a bedtime story.

T: “You lived in a castle that looked like.. it was charcoal and this this castle there was him.. umm.. amber… and umm.. ”
T: “He always wanted to go into the city but.. there was like .. this was many many years ago..mmmmh.OK there once was.. umm .. so in this castle where peter lived in.. and he wore a black cape”
T: “he um.. he drove some kind of turbo charged bat mobile.. ”
Peter smiles Talla whispers “I know so cute”
T: “He was driving.. but he ended up driving past a certain point he was suppose to go… because he was the king of his castle.. “
T: “But nearby there was another castle and on day he was enjoying his turbo charged.. day dreaming while driving.. “
T: “He crossed the line .. and there she was.. Queen Talla.. and her castle was gorgeous she had pom poms not everywhere. She had like …um… she had this big throne.. she wore this super fitted gorgeous long dress.. and she had like long nails and she drove a turbo charged batmobile to..”
T:” It was all whole.. it was gorgeous tinted windows .. umm they had a race and she was like I want your batmobile.. They were racing for pink slips pretty much“

T: “It’s a modern day back in the day story.. Does that make sense?“
T: “So they raced.. down this road and Talla’s cheerleaders.. there was like 4 of them were umm cheering obviously for her”
T: “The race started and umm Peter’s batmobile was obviously not as fast as Talla’s so umm.. then Talla wins the race.. and Peter.. umm She decided to let him keep the batmobile.. she decided he could keep it..”
Talla: “That was a good story wasn’t it.. goodnight.. I hope you like that story it was all about you”



While the bed time story goes down the milkmance is studying in the HOH. Jillian seems to have a good grasp on the events that occurred in the house. Like when the POV’s were who went home, who won Head of Household.. etc etc.

Jillian asks Emmett if he thinks Andrew is legit about the final 3. Emmett was chating with Andrew in the Hot tub to “Feel him out” Emmett told Andrew that the orders of the final HOH competition was Endurance, physical and Mental and if we get Talla out this week and Jillian out next week all we have to compete against is Peter. Jillian: “What did he think” Emmett: “He was hesitate for sure.. deep down inside he’s thinking i’m trying to f*** with him to”

Emmett been thinking that he could make a pretty good case to get Talla to throw it. He’s going to tell her that everyone left in the house wants to take her to the final 2 because she hasn’t won anything. If she wins HOH he’ll tell her she’ll make some ‘Bad Move” and piss people off.. and they might not take her if they try to take her out. Emmett will explain to her that she’s played this amazing game and has done nothing to make people mad it would be foolish to throw that away.
Jillian: “You’re such a rat”
Emmett: “I think she’ll buy it.. it’s for sale we’ll see what happens”

Emmett: “Then I’ll tell Andrew I will throw the HOH but I really won”
Jillian:” He’ll see.. ”
(Cam switches to bathroom for 30 seconds WTF. When we come back they are milkmancing away)


12:30AM Bathroom Stooges

Andrew explains how Emmett may be telling Peter that he’s got his vote but right before the voting Emmett will tell Peter that Jillian will not allow it. Emmett: “Then in the final two Peter will be OK I Vote for Emmett”
Talla: “Ya.. ”
Andrew isn’t saying that is being said he’s just saying it could be
Talla: ‘It’s smart”
Andrew: “I’m not going to say that sh1t.. if you want to vote for me vote for me”
Andrew mentions that Peter has every right to be pissed at Emmett because he was told if he didn’t use the veto he would be safe and now he’s up on the block and going home.
Andrew: “You know what I mean”
Andrew holds out his hand want to hold it on their way to bed. Talla give him five.
Andrew: “No hold my hand we’re going”
Talla: “Oh God”
Andrew: “You’re a$$hol”
TAlla: ‘Busy”
Andrew: “Brutes”
Talla: “Totes”
(LOL I love Stooge talks ahhah)

Andrew moons Talla on his way out.. (Its in the video about 9:30 minutes in)
They head inside the have nots and continue the chit chat.

Andrew: “F*** you can’t come sleep down here in my bed.. pi$$ off”
TAlla: “Busy”
Andrew: ‘Weirdo”

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Simon/Dawg: I won’t presume to tell you how to you run your site because you are tirelessly and graciously making info available to us without asking for anything and we can remain anonymous That said, on an earlier post a Poster named flygirl entered a vicious personal attack on Jillian’s character. It’s a hate-filled rant which I found to be unnecessary and may signify someone who could benefit from a little intervention. Peace.


Hey Simon, I’ve been busy the last couple days, so I’ve only been able to skim, but I was wondering: Are Jillian/Andrew teaming up now? I thought I saw something about them agreeing to ditch their partners. Thanks!


Agree.. Stooge talk is so very funny…. Emmett keeps giving Jillian mixed signals about who to vote out.. Peter suppose to be going.. But he keeps trying to convince her maybe Talla should go. We may see a tie. HOH Jillian will have to break it by voting. Will she keep T or P.. If they keep Peter and Alex comes back….. WOW..E/J would be upset to find themselves being manipulated by production the way they’ve been doing same their fellow HG…Who will P/A team up with.. A/T or E/J???? Stay tuned. ….


seriously….thank goodness talla is still here for entertainment!!! I literally giggle at her in live feeds!!!

Also, even though Peter says he hates everyone, I genuinely think he likes her!!! He is different with her than everyone else left in the house, jokes around a lot more etc.


he may be flirting with her to get her vote in jury. or maybe after a long time in the house, he’s starting to find her attractive lol i definitely noticed his bedroom eyes when she was telling that bedroom story!