Andrew about Jillian “That a$$ you could bounce a quarter off it and it’ll hit the moon”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)


11:45pm Bedroom Topaz and Gary Jillian was with them but leaves.
Hard to hear them but I’m thinking
Gary says that Alec and Emmett don’t talk, “They are like bros but two types of cliques of bro”
Gary: “Emmett trusts me though… Whatever I do I’m going to work it and help us both out even if I leave”

They talk like a twist is a real possibility and are planning strategy around the possibility of a twist. Either there could be a twist that brings one of them back or changes the nominations.

Gary: “You are not going back to him.. No NO.. I won’t let you..we don’t need him no more.. “

Topaz says that Alec has been spending more time with Andrew since he won HOH than he did the entire rest of the game.


12:02AM HOH Peter, Andrew and Alec
Andrew says that him and Emmett live very close (5 minutes). Andrew says they’ll hang out for a bit but there’s a age gap. Ememtt has his friends and Andrew jokes that he likes to hang out in the dark and watch P*****graphy. Peter at one point says if Gary is left in the house he will side with Ememtt more than them.

Andrew saying that he wants Gary to go. Alec: “I would like to know where Emmett stands.. I want to throw out the scenario if I have to put her up on the block” Alec is saying he might have to put Jillian and Emmett on the block if he wins the HOH. Andrew understands that sooner or later they’ll all have to go. Alec says he would want Emmett to stay because they have been with him for longer. Andrew also points out he hasn’t thought that far ahead. Alec turns to Peter and says he doesn’t think telling Talla she might be a pawn is a good idea right now because what if she wins the HOH.

Peter mentions if there was a twist that saves Gary it would be ludicrous. Alec says he would vote Topaz or Talla over GAry if a twist saves him now.

Peter thinks that Suzette would have been evicted week one if she didn’t pick up the phone.

Andrew thinks the vote will be 5-0 and worst case it’s 3-2. Peter: “If it’s 3-2 the 2 are really stupid” Alec mentions that Gary thinks he’s staying and was trying to get him and Topaz back together. Andrew is flabbergasted by how Gary has been acting, “He actually thinks he has everyone wrapped around their fingers”

Andrew mentions that Gary has been on the block 3 times maybe he’s not phased by it. Peter: “He is one of the most self deluded people I have ever met” Alec brings up that Gary is tossing everyone under the bus. Alec: “He told me if I used the POV to save it so you (Andrew) would put Emmett up” Peter: “He told me not to use it as to keep our alliance secret.. I was like OK buddy”

Andrew explains he put Gary and Topaz up because Topaz put him up last week and Gary voted to evict him. He can understand why Talla voted for AJ because they were close but Gary wanted him out.


Andrew keeps rambling on about things and starts talking about rambling too much. Andrew mentions that Emmett always cuts him off when they are talking. Alec laughs about Emmett because his favorite movie is Robin Hood prince of thieves and mary shelley Frankenstein. Alec: “You always think when talking to him that he’s thinking about what he’ll say to you next” Peter says his friend back home is a lot like Emmett, a hockey guy.

Andrew mentions how he likes Jillian a lot but sometimes she gets a little bit loud. Andrew: “That a$$ you could bounce a quarter off it and it’ll hit the moon”

Emmett joins them after getting a spray tan. Alec: “You look less like Triple-H” Peter: “Actually the wrestlers are usually very tanned” Alec: “Still doesn’t look like triple-H” (They had a wrestling conversation earlier. They also talked about UFC and Alec said he thought GSP was boring.. I dislike him even more)
Andrew: “Just when you thought he couldn’t look more like a douche bag”


(Videos uploading)


12:42AM Backyard Gary and Topaz
Wrestling around because Gary won’t tell her something about Alec (They are joking around with each other) .. Peter yells out at that there is a rumor Topaz and Gary are secretly married.

(Videos uploading)


They tease Gary about getting a b*ner.. He “PAts it down”


1:27am Gary and Andrew
Andrew tells him he looks much younger now that he’s shaved his face. Gary replies that the “Boys” like him to be hairy like a man. Gary: “I had to shave it cause.. it’s time for Zoe to shine”

Andrew: “So how long is zoe going to be here”
Gary: “Probably just for the night.. It’ll take all day to become her”
Andrew: “Nice”
Gary: “You’ll get to see her.. give her a hug”
Andrew: “I will.. nice long hug”
Gary: “A long one”
Andrew: “We’ll see how long.. how long it it”
Gary: “What does that mean”
Andrew: “Nothing”
Andrew: “You got some cuts on your legs what are those from”
Gary: “Rug burn”

(can’t wait to see what Zoe is.. )


1:50AM Bathroom Gary and topaz talking about their 4 goals in the game. 1) don’t be first one out 2) Make it to jury 3) make it to final 4 4) win it.

Topaz is glad she won a HOH, “I won that HOH fair and square just never got any benefits”

Topaz saying she wasn’t expecting “Fame” but would like to have had some opportunities open up.. Lists off commercials, Walking dead, vampire diaries, nikita, deception.. etc..
Topaz: “You only live once I don’t care.. whatever, very open minded” Gary thinks they should both go on amazing race. Gary says Topaz is a beautiful fun women good things are going to come out of this for her. Gary isn’t looking for a little bit of fame he’s looking for BIG FAME.

Topaz gets up to go check her tampon.. “Oh my god you have no idea how much stress being on your period is.. you are always so worried about leaking”
Topaz goes on to explain how heavy her period is “I gush with blood you would think someone gutt me” Gary is screaming “Oh my GOD”
Topaz adds that sometimes placenta comes out and you see chunks of stuff… Feeds cut..


1:53AM Emmett and Jillian Hot tub room
Emmett says Talla will not take him to the final 2, he isn’t sure what Andrew will do. Emmett says they may want to get rid of Andrew and Alec but keep Talla around. Jillian says that Talla has a slot of fire in her and she’s good at endurance Jillian isn’t sure. Emmett proposes Peter as a possible final 4 scenario.
(Really hard to hear them.. _)

Emmett tells her if it’s Jillian, Emmett and Peter in the final 3 Emmett will take her to the end. Jillian asks him why because he would beat Peter in the final 2. Emmett says he would like to still have a relationship with Jillian outside the house.

(Sounds like they want to take Talla or Peter to final 4 it give them the best chance to win. )

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Was Andrew always this gross…or is he making up for lost time?

Shakira Stan

BB needs to pull a last minute twist. They fucked up Topaz’s game and because of that, Glitter’s in danger. They have to redeem themselves by coming up with a new twist. Nobody wanna see Emmett and Jillian making out, Peter being loud and obnoxious while Andrew’s head is getting bigger and bigger.

Alec’s a backstabbing insignificant bitch, he deserves to be evicted just for that.


Apparently Jillian’s boob fell out when she was getting out of the shower. I guess what BBCAN is lacking in natural drama they’re trying to make up for with nudity (not that I’m complaining)!

I wonder if the laid back nature of Canadians contributes to the lack of drama on Big Brother. While I’ve never been to Canada, the country does have a reputation for friendliness and politeness–both of which are good things, obviously. But I wonder if they have to search harder for people who are willing go to all out in the house. Just thinking out loud….


I think so.

Random late night thought… I’m from Edm but live in Toronto and Toronto is def the most like the states out of all of the Canadian cities people here hussle for everything.

Its interesting that everyone from Toronto (which houses the most abrasive personalities IMO) are out or on their way out….aneal,aj,Gary,topaz,Liza.

For the most part people in the house want to get along and vote with eachother and not rock the boat.

But aneal was sabotaging,Liza was rumour spreading,aj was just loud, topaz gets on everyone’s nerves and Gary is extra.


I’m from Canada and have watched almost every season of BB US and the US version is not all that wild and crazy. The Canadian version has definitely had it’s share of drama. Many of the same character types you find in the US version have been captured here and there are many similarities you can make between these players and past US players.

Sure there have been intense “moments” in certain US seasons but Topaz’s freakout first on Tom and then on Alex and Talla, Tom’s rampages, Gary’s glitter drama and Talla’s drunken party girl ways haven’t exactly been snoozefests.

I am not sure exactly what you are referring to in what you haven’t seen on here that you could only see in the US version?


Ann, I agree. And I don’t think it’s a Canadian thing it’s just that it’s not happening with THIS cast. It might work with a different cast as is the case with BB US, not all casts are created equal, some are boring and some there’s fireworks.

It just happens to be a coincidence that the first BB Canada has tame drama.

Biff Tannen

Topaz’s “freak out” on Tom was pretty tame comparatively. And her argument with Talla was totally staged. Hell, her argument w/ Alec was whispered. I’m talking about a lack of Rachel v. Daniele Donato type arguments. Or there not being an Ian streaming through the house (I just mean something like that; I’m definitely okay with no dudes streaking). But just some more combustible situations/bigger personalities would’ve been nice. Instead, BBCAN chose to save Suzette.

FTR–and I thought I made this clear–I wasnt taking a shot at Canada. I was just offering an opinion as to why there hasn’t been much drama in the house. It also doesn’t help that when there actually was they blocked the feeds. They need to be a little more Zuckerburg about this: first, make the product cool. Once you’ve done that, the money will follow.

Biff Tannen

Or maybe I could just simply put it like this: I bet it’s a whole hell of a lot easier to find a Willie Hantz in America than it is in Canada. I’m not sure if a Canadian has that type of meltdown in them.

Resist Symmetry

GSP is boring. Whens the last time he finished a fight? Every GSP fight for the last 5 years has been the same. Take em down, control them but do no damage and do not advance the position.

I’m still shocked Gary has no clue he is being voted out this week. Neither one of them are campaigning for votes. It’s like no one knows how to play this game. just roll over and die or be oblivious to the obvious.


topaz she always gives people a reason to point out her short comings … (((always worrying about that loser alec))))).. when topaz and alec started talking again because of gary she told him if she got evicted she would vote for him if she goes to jury …. i would have send her ass to jury just for being a idiot ….topaz (sos) stuck on stupid … when alec didnt vote for andrew RED FLAG … when she found alec in bed with talla RED FLAG even if it was innocent …..alec told topaz that he could be with her in jury because their is no faking their RED FLAG (only because he can smash her their in jury )….. topaz suppose to proceed with caution towards alec but no she was back in the bathroom cuddling and kissing alec again and again she loves bad treatment … if she loves it i like it …..thats why i say the moral base of her character has been challenged…. from one sister to the next i have no respect for how she allow a guy like alec to treat her and the way she treats herself …. even on a reality game show morals went out the window because she can let someone treat her like shit and she’ll run back in their arms again ….. she needs to stop the bi-polar act make up her mind because i am tired of this roller coaster with her and alec…. she needs to concentrate on self betterment and she can avoid criticism from me ….. i wont talk about her advertising her vagina in the pool when gary was boosting her ego ….when gary is gone she will hook up with alec again … the worst place to seek refuge is in a tigers cage …. fake cuddlemance friends are like shadows they follow you in the sun but leave your side when it gets dark … she’s pathetic to the point i pity her …. choosing between her and alec will be like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea either way you lose


Why are there no big brother fans?
Everyone here seems to only want production to twist the game in favor of this person or that. Sure I have my fans but I never want production to do anything to help anyone specifically.
Whoever is left in the house deserves it
Just enjoy the game or go watch a movie….


I’ve given BBCAN a pass so far just because it is the 1st year and they will eventually figure out what works and what doesn’t. That being said horrible job on intentionally Leaking Topaz video while deciding who to put up.I am all for drama but if you don’t do it for the others nominating then really it isn’t fair. You are intentionally rigging the game.
My thought on players right now….. I am not a fan of Topaz but so far these house guests leave much to desire other than Gary at least he can make everyone laugh.
Andrew is a DOUCHE. All he ever says is how much older he is than everyone else and they are not on the same level as him. Really? He makes it sound like he is 60 years old. Poor excuse from him. When he put Gary up his excuse was because Gary voted to evict AJ. Andrew should think hard and then realize there was 2 people who voted to evict AJ. Then his excuse was because Gary is messy in the house. Last time I checked BB had to tell the houseguests to clean the house meaning no one is really clean. Andrew thinks he is playing a good social game? I LMFFAO at that cause how can anyone like someone who is so pervy all he does is kiss anything with 2 legs and stare at a**es all day long not to mention how he goes on and on about Gary being LONG.

Emmett is a Secret MILK HOARDER I just know he is. Even though he talks trash just as much as everyone else he is playing a good game.

Jillian is useless. She talks to everyone and thats it she is nothing but a beckon call for Emmett. Might as well put a collar on her and have Emmett pulling the chain.

Peter, who’s Peter? Someone should look under the furniture for him. Oh never mind he’s having s*x with himself in the DR. ( with himself i mean Dirty Talk)

Alec, Dumbest player considering what he is majoring in. Everyone knows about his alliance except himself. LOL Seriously put a shirt on Dude your not a Chippendale.

Talla I have grown to Love. She has fun with herself and she knows who she wants out to make her game better. Plus she is now getting info and keeping it to herself.

Would love to See Talla and Emmett final 2. Would have loved to see Gary final 3 but doesn’t look like that is going to happen. So now instead of seeing a guy with multiple Drag pesonalities we are stuck with A Bum who doesnt own a shirt, A perv with eyes stuck to as*, A guy who no one even knows is in the house, A woman who must have a sleeping pill addiction, and a girl who walks around following her man all day might as well be in front of him throwing rose petals as he walks.


I can’t say my assessment is in any way CLOSE to yours, but I really enjoyed reading your take on what’s going on and appreciate your viewpoint. Cheers.


Sorry Simon but I have to agree with Alec about his GSP comment. The guy has a 6-fight streak of not being able to finish fighters. 150 minutes in an octagon and you wouldn’t be able to at least knock or tapout one 1 fighter? So yeah, I do agree he’s boring. I still am happy for him as a canadian athlete that he’s successful just disappointed he isn’t a bit more entertaining.

Anyways, back to BB.

I find it ironic Peter calling Gary self-deluded. I’d have to say Peter is just as self-deluding as Gary. He basically thinks himself to be the Canadian breed of Dan and/or Will. I give less credit to his near non-existent gameplay because he basically took it out of D&W’s playbook.

Although there’s so many things that could happen in the BB house and you can find yourself booted even if you had a good game, I think you have to create a balance between when to make effort to win HOH/POV comps and when to throw it. Winning too many HOHs or POVs will put a very big target on you, but failing to give an effort in every one of them might make you fly under the radar, perhaps even as far as final 2 but in the end it’s without merit…You wouldn’t have any blood on your hands, basically road coattails and have very little gameplay to look at. Sounds like I perfectly described a floater.

Funny that Peter is doing the latter half of that paragraph and actually thinks he’s the smartest one for doing so. Look at Emmett: he’s been on the block once, basically won an HOH (although he cheated, might have been a toss up between him and Talla anyways), won 2 POVs and he’s in a better spot than Peter right now. Let’s say both would be in final 2 right now, Emmett wins hands down, because he’s actually got a resume in this game to show Jury members while Peter wouldn’t have anything to show at all.

So, how smart is your gameplay now Peter Pan?


Explain how when Gary gets evicted this week his game is better than Peters and Peter is the self deluded?
just asking…
If a twist saves Gary and Peter leaves? well that is just production Peter’s game is as good as anybody’s thus far, he is there and he is not on the block


This world is in big trouble…
nothing but thumbs down to statements of fact.
Ridiculous truth sucks i guess…
I never wrote about cheering for anyone, the fact is Peter has a better game going than Gary if Gary gets evicted.
Sorry nobody likes Peter i guess


Just some opinions.

Gary is perceptive enough to have played a better game, but he’s isolated himself with Topaz too much and is too into himself.
Dear Gary – get some serious training doing something you love. Fluff and flamboyance won’t make your life good. Or win BB.
I wish him well and wish he could stay over Topaz or Peter or Talla just for the entertainment.

Jillian. If she makes it to F4 or F2 people will say “See? What a great game she played!”
No. All I’ll see is dumb luck and circumstances. She is so blah.
Early on I thought she had the potential to be an exciting player, maybe even one of the best there.
Her deer-caught-in-headlights moment when voting for AJ or Andrew finished her for me.

Peter – good grief! He and Andrew should have allied. Both frozen creepsicles who suck.
Who’s game is worse? Whichever one gets evicted next or which one you like least? I don’t care.
I’d like to see them up together and fighting to stay. Weirdos.

Anyway, about the TV audience – keep them in or out from the start, part of the game or not, but not sometimes.


Let me start by saying I was smiling all the way through your post. Fluff and Flamboyance are the two Teacup Yorkies Gary left at home to be cared for while Mama is away; Frozen Creepsicle – Andrew was eating one yesterday in the hot tub. Thanks for your unique spin on it.


Great post Novan. Totally Agree!

Gary did the same thing with Danielle and Suzette. He is attracted to the lone soldiers which is all fine but not in the BB game. There is a fine line in this game where you need to ride. Emmett, Jillian and Alec are doing it. If you fall one way too much on either side you are isolated and targeted as either a physical threat or a lazy floater and easy pickings.

Emmett – has a good combination of competitive advantage and strong social game. Other players keep warning each other about him but no one puts him up. He’s good

Jillian – Say what you want against this girl but she has never been on the block. Aligning with Emmett came organically because of their attraction to each other, not because she was thinking it would be good for her game. I am not a huge Jillian fan, some of her mannerisms freak me out with the deer in the headlights stares and the constantly changing every conversation to something about her but in the end, she is still there and can definitely win comps. I don’t think she is going anywhere in the next couple of weeks.

Alec – I will be the first to say he has been a royal dumbass as of late but as for total game play, he is looked as someone people want to to work with.

So now on to the ones who fell off the fence on way or another…

Peter – I’m sure the boys of chilltown and Dan the man are somewhere hiding from embarrased that Peter is comparing his play to theirs. Peter’s perception of any threat is long gone and he is as interesting as watching grass grow. Alec will soon leave him if he hasn’t already

Andrew – has potential and can definitely stay in the game longer but in the end he is expendable and won’t make it to final 2.

Talla – Oh Lalla. This little spitfire may actually win a comp or two but once she’s in the HOH, she will be easily manipulated and just wants people to like her. It will be another house decision that week.

Topaz – Any power or reign Topaz may have had in the house is long gone due to the chaos that was her HOH. The votes showed her where she was in the pecking order in it was no where near the top. Gone within the next two votes I predict. (Unless she gets herself back in Alec’s arms which would be a CLEAR case of showmancing to get ahead)


This BBC is not a good season in my opinion these players think they are like players from BB US they are nothing like the US players. I have seen every season USA.

The BBC need to get a different kind of personality with there next season, these ones have been boring Alec is a cry baby that needs to keep his shirt, Topaz should have never let Alec treat her the way he has. Maybe she should have stayed awake and played the came too. Alec and Topaz both need to go. Gary think he going to be famous LOL. Peter can only yell in the DR and has not played the game. He needs to go too. Andrew has a big head with his HOH and POV win he needs to stop talking and play the game. These people need to think for them self and stop telling everyone what they are going to do and who they want out next.

Productions needs to stay out of things and let the game play out.


Again not sure why nobody understands Peter’s game?
He has a solid alliance has NEVER been a target and knows the game as well as anybody.
Why doesnt anyone think he is playing? He pulls as many strings as anybody else has and has NEVER been a target.
Ill laugh if he wins unanimously


That Topaz is one classy gal….NOT. Please vote her out.