Amanda says everything that comes out of my mouth is b*llsy, look B*LLS! Aaryn says because you suck on McCrae’s!

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots


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1:30am Up in the HOH room. Amanda comments that Andy likes being back doored. Aaryn says yeah lets back door Andy. They talk about Helen is getting upset and crying that Elissa is going up on the block. Ginamarie says its the same thing when Howard went up on the block she started crying. Aaryn says well don’t worry Aaryn Queen of Balls is here! Amanda says okay queen of balls. Aaryn says really, who here has done a ballsy thing? Amanda raises her hand. Aaryn asks what? Amanda says everything! Amanda says every single thing that comes out of my mouth is ballsy, look BALLS! Aaryn says that’s because you suck on McCrae’s! Amanda says well it works. Aaryn says and that’s a different type, ball mouth. Amanda says that the only person she (Helen) said she did not want up at any time was Andy and McCrae. Aaryn says you know I need to put you (Andy) and McCrae up because you need to understand how it feels. Amanda says yeah lets do that. Aaryn says Andy would run away crying and McCrae would be like what the f**k.

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1:50am – 2:10am They talk about what the veto competition will be this week. They think it will be the hour one where the closest person to dropping at the hour mark wins. Andy, Spencer and Aaryn all say they are good at that one. Aaryn says or it could be the what would you do veto – like shave your head for the veto. Aaryn says whatever it is, I don’t think they (Helen / Elissa) will win it. They talk about trying to psych Elissa out during the competition to make her nervous and lose. Andy says he is going to bed. Ginamarie yells at him to go back to the slums you bum! McCrae says that if Helen does go this week my picture (memory wall photo) is going to look so awesome! McCrae then tells Spencer that Helen is trying to make you (Spencer) look bad so that you go up instead of her. Aaryn wonders who Helen thinks I might back door. McCrae says because she thinks it would be bad if Andy or I went up. Aaryn tells Spencer to just win the veto. Spencer says even if it Chinese or Mandarin I could decipher the fucking code – He then makes a bunch of noises trying to sound Chinese. I don’t care I will win that motherf**ker. McCrae says we need to designate one person to take all the luxuries like GM and then the rest of us take all the punishments. Amanda says why can’t I take the luxuries. McCrae says because then you will be targeted for it. They talk about how usually you don’t know who took the luxuries. McCrae and Spencer say they really want the chum bath. Aaryn says it could be the balance beam competition too. Spencer says I would like to be on the prize side of things. Amanda says no you already won a trip you need to fly to the punishment side of things. Amanda says so how many bad things am I going to regret tomorrow? Spencer says the racial stuff and then r-word. Amanda says no I don’t care about that, I mean game stuff. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When then come back – Spencer says when she (Elissa) is doing yoga, I will go over there and dry hump her. (Talking about ways to make Elissa self-evict.) Aaryn says that would drive her crazy.


1:50am Meanwhile in the bathroom – Helen and Andy are talking. Andy asks Helen if she is okay. She says yeah. I have to go back, they want me to clean my face (Diary room). Helen tells Andy that Spencer is so much more dangerous than Elissa, she’s not going to come after me, you. She’s going to come after Amanada. Andy says that he knows and feels that Aaryn knows that. Andy says sure if one of us was HOH everything would be good, but I am going to head to bed. Andy says try not to think about it. Helen says I try not to get sad, I didn’t mean for all of that to come out upstairs. Andy says hopefully she will come to her senses but I am 100% she (Elissa) is going to be nominated, I’m just not sure who’s going up next to her. Andy leaves to go to bed.


2:10am Up in the HOH room – Amanda puts one of the black chairs on her head and pretends she is Darth Vader from the movie Spaceballs. McCrae says it looks exactly like that actually. Aaryn leave the HOH room. Spencer says if Helen feels safe going into the veto she will stall on the questions. And Elissa’s brain doesn’t process stuff fast enough. McCrae says I would much rather Helen go home first but if Elissa went home first it wouldn’t be that bad. They watch Aaryn on the spy screen dancing outside the HOH room. Amanda says I love her, I love her racist a$$! Aaryn joins them. Amanda comments that she cant understand how Aaryn felt bad for her (Helen?) – I would have to think about dead puppies in the blender to try and cry.


2:10am In the kitchen – Ginamarie is cleaning up and cooking a pizza. When the pizza finishes cooking she yells “Yo f**k faces, pizza’s done!” Aaryn comes out of the HOH room and puts her leg up on the railing and says Gem’s Saddle up! Ginamarie yells yeah bitches I’m ready!! Aaryn then starts shaking her butt for the camera.
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2:20am – 2:45am Up in the HOH room – Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda and McCrae. Spencer says that Elissa commented that she just got back from an international vacation. That is f**king big time dude! Why don’t you say you need to Elissersize your dumba$$ out of this house! They laugh. Spencer says I am going to Elissersize the deamons! Aaryn says she said that they travel every weekend. Elissa you feel like you’re better than everyone here and like this experience is below you.. so why don’t you go back to whatever you think is better than being here because we all think this was a dream. Spencer says yeah! McCrae says yeah that’s exactly what I would say because that is the truth. Spencer says you know what I used to say, that bit*h was born on Thursday and thinks she got a triple, you know what I am saying!? McCrae says I love that saying. Aaryn says Elissa you think of this whole experience as disposable and below you. Amanda agrees. Aaryn says she could say in her nomination speech “Elissa you think this experience here as disposable and below you which you remind us of every day. While the rest of us are living our dream, so since we all want to be here, I am going to give you the opportunity to go home since that’s what you want to do.” Amanda says yeah. McCrae says his goal is to meet and match every time she (Elissa) makes a complaint. Spencer says like yeah, when she said her shoulders hurt. Say my friend has spina bifida. Amanda says my goal here is to see you walk from jury because you have the worst game play and just because of your sister you get America’s Player (MVP) which you do not deserve because your husband already drives a.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Spencer says exactly you are playing for toilet paper. I would like to see what would happen if we made her walk before the veto is played. Amanda says lets see if we can do it. McCrae says I think we could make that happen. Spencer says easily! Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back – Helen and Ginamarie are cleaning the oven and Spencer/McCrae are getting ready for bed in the bathroom. Spencer heads to the bedroom. Andy complains that they are making so much noise in the kitchen. Helen apologizes for the noise and says she didn’t realize people were sleeping in this room. Andy says he appreciates them cleaning the oven, just not their timing.


Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

2:50am – 3:20am Up in the HOH room – Gina talks to Aaryn about how Helen was worried about going up on the block. Ginamarie says that Aaryn went from the lowest to the highest while other people have been running the house. She says it’s the time for Elissa to go! Ginamarie says Elissa has always has an advantage over us in many ways with the MVP. She says but now MVP is over so they can’t be under Elissa’s wing. Ginamarie says everyone tip toes around Elissa like she is a princess but she’s a queen. Aaryn agrees and says this is BB airlines, time to go home bit*h! They talk about Spencer trying to win the veto and how it didn’t piss Aaryn off that he tried to win it was that he was down with the plan at first. Gina and Aaryn agree that Spencer is shaddy. Aaryn comments that McCrae commented that Amanda can’t win anything. Aaryn says that was so mean and he didn’t win it either. They talk about how Elissa called them disgusting. Aaryn says we don’t do anything disgusting. Aaryn says that she thinks Amanda and McCrae would rather have Spencer here than us .. because whenever we bring him up they don’t say anything. Aaryn says coming in here I did not think I would be as good at competitions. Gina says she didnt think coming in here she would do very good at smart competitions but thought she would do okay at physical ones. Aaryn says you beat Helen in that knockout and she is one of the smartest people here so you can’t say that you aren’t smart any more. Gina laughs and says thanks. Aayrn and Gina go to sleep…


8:10am All the house guests are still sleeping..

8:40am – 10:15am Big Brother wakes up the House Guests. When the live feeds return – Aaryn and Elissa are in the kitchen. Aaryn heads back to bed after getting her medication. Elissa asks Aaryn if it was nice having the HOH bed? Aaryn says yes. Elissa also heads back to bed. Big Brother zooms in on the pizza Aaryn half ate and left on the kitchen counter. Ginamarie thanks Aaryn for letting her sleep up in the HOH. Ginamarie heads downstairs to sleep. Helen is awake and doing her morning run inside the house. Aaryn does her make up in the HOH bathroom and then heads down to the diary room.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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I think the jury competition next week should also serve as the HOH competition. That is, whoever wins admission back into the house becomes HOH.

Otherwise, the 3AM alliance is just going to boot out the returning jury member, which pretty much defeats the twist of having them return.



Agree with you 100%. I was thinking it’s awesome one of them gets to return, but that it totally sucks that they’ll be targeted right away & sent right back to the jury house. Your idea is a great one. I hope they do it!


it would make sense to have an endurance comp immediately following the jury member winning their way back into the house…they’d fight for their life!


I think that they WILL have an endurance comp after the returning jury member comp. The jury member competition will be some kind of an “anybody can win” challenge, like that veto comp with the nails. They will run out of Thursday TV time, and will end the live show with the start of an endurance HOH – TUNE IN SUNDAY TO SEE WHO IS THE NEW HOH!!


They would need to come back with some power or a week immunity to make a difference.


Let them come back with one week immunity, but they can play in the HOH comp. That would guarantee at least one week of excitement.


after a hg gets evicted you think they should come back and get an immunity for the week and get a cxhance at the hoh room a letter from
there family on how good they are doing and be able to put 2 people on the block all in 1 night. lmao.
if some body is lucky enuf to come back thats it. chance to play in the veto to save there but or back to jury house. fair is fair.


Totally agree


Disagree. As much as I want Jesse or Candice to come back they have to win HOH by playing ALL the houseguests, not just the other jurors.


Maybe they will have immunity for at least one week. When Brendan Came back didn’t he have immunity one week of am I imaginging that? But not all hope is loss remember James came back in Season 9 and won HOH and they won POV like 3 times in a row saving himself. He did eventually go to jury – but it ispossible :)


Here’s the link to that competition.


The only thing with that link is “BB” didn’t ask us to vote, so opinions are like “A Hole” and I have one, I’m thinking they will have a comp with the 3 or 4 eliminated HG and that HG will enter into the game. I agree with the person who said if Candice comes back she will have Elisa the only problem with that is; GM, Arryn, or Spencer do not care for Candice along with MC, McManda. So, my opinion is they may make the returning HG the HOH that way they would be able to eliminate someone. Then everything would be up for grabs. Elissa and Candice would have to really step their game up. That’s my opinion!!!

Real Scandals Phony President

Great post! Totally agree with you and it would really turn this house upside down.


For some reason my live feeds don’t work am I the only bb15 fan with this issue please help it says forbidden etc


I’m with CBS not sure if time Warner is affiliated but my feeds just don’t work I wanted to see Amanda hide behind the trash can why are they blocking the feed when viewers pay to watch please share info


“Amanda says to Spencer”: so how many bad things am I going to regret tomorrow? Spencer says the racial stuff and then r-word. Amanda says no I don’t care about that, I mean game stuff. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Does McManda really think we are not hearing and seeing the things that she has said and done to embarrass herself, family and friends? OMG, what a sad specimen of a human being and is “CBS” telling them watch what they say and do before they sign that contract? What a rude awakening when they all come out especially when they see the idiotic things they’ve done.

Why is Helen crying? Didn’t Judd beg to be saved he didn’t cry; didn’t’ Jessie and Candice beg. So, Helen why are you crying or feeling bad as they say “Pay back is a BITCH”.


When I go thru my phone to watch live feeds it says the Forbidden message. Not sure why it would say that and having to do with Time Warner.


me too – have a Samsung S3. tried using chrome browser per cbs help section. then it sawy I need Adobe Flash player. when I tried to install it says my phone isn’t compatible. I sent feedback to cbs. very frustrated.


Keeping in mind that I initially told CBS this was obviously their problem & that if it could not be corrected that I felt there needed to be a refund of sorts as I only watch on my phone & I don’t watch BBAD b/c of the over censoring.

Here’s what I just heard from CBS:

Dear Member,

Thank you for your correspondence.

We are well aware of the current situation and are presently working diligently to resolve this problem.

We have communicated the issue to the technical department, please check the website periodically and as soon as a fix is in place; you should see it reflected.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Regards, Support Team


I Totally Agree! They Need To Add A Twist That Will Work Not One That Flops. MVP Flopped Because Amanda Bullied Everyone. Lets Make This Exciting. I’m About To Stop Watching. #Bb15worstseasonever


They are already getting enough by being able to come back into the house after being evicted. I wouldn’t care for it too much if they were just handed HOH as well. A HOH comp where only one person in the house can compete makes no sense.
Besides, the returning jury member will be able to play in that weeks HOH just like everyone else, so if they lose, it’s on them.


It may not play out that way. They did a similar thing on the Canadian version but it was the fans that picked who went back in. That person ended up in the final 2 and would have one but one of the jury screwed up her vote. So not necessarily will that person go right back out the door.


Big brother us did this too way in the beginning I think season 3



I am officially team McCrae.

I am still recovering from Aaryn’s win.

This girl CAN NOT win BB15. I don’t care how good she is at competitions. She can not make it to the final 2. WOW…. I hope Judd comes back. I don’t mind seeing him in the final 2. He has a chance with McCrae…..if someone breaks the showmance….that seems to be untouchable. How is that possible?

And to address previous bloggers’ comments about Aaryn being “nice”….She is NOT! She admitted to Judd in episodes back that it is an act to change her image both in the house and outside the house. Let’s not forget the past folks….In Jessie’s own words, there are a lot of liars in that house.

All Aaryn did was change her gameplay after being observant on how to play this cast. She’s smart (I’ll give her that credit), but she is NOT nice. She’s STILL A B!tch.


Again…..can’t believe this showmance of McManda hasn’t been put up.

And…..Andy and McCrae have been Block-Free…..what a bunch of morons in this house.

I am not buying Helen’s tears on BBAD…She admitted to being able to cry on cue. She threw Elissa on the bus to make herself look helpless so that she can look like she has no one and will have no chance at winning this game with no jury votes.

Helen, I got you numbered! Between you and Amanda…Serious manipulators!

Stuck in a house with these HG… can a person be normal after that?


Sorry but the BITCH in the house is definitely AMANDA and she is disgusting as well as bitch. No one is as nasty as that hoe bag!!


@UMM…OK – Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past are certain to miss the future. We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility of our future.


Does anyone know how this returning jury member twist is going to work? Will the jurys compete in a competition of their own, or will all 4 jurys square off to see how gets to go back into the house after the eviction prior to the HOH competition?

give me a break

It is sad that CBS pick a pro racists crowd…..(except Elissa she’s the only one in the house that think racism is wrong)…..So Amanda told Spencer and the rest of the HGs that she does not regret her racist comments and is not worried about them…and that she loves Aaryn racists a$$… is sad that these racists people and the racist sympathizers are going to win 500,000…….All the HGs know about the racist comments and are ok with with it….Aaryn and Amanda hate Howard and Candice because they had the audacity to come into the Big Brother House with a black skin color…..HOW DARE THEY!!!!………………………………….
Big brother 15 will always be known as the racist season…….i don’t care how good there game is…..i will never support racists people….

Gator girl

Judd would probably win and he would be right back up Amanda and McCrae’s butt

kathie from canada

What an excellent idea! That might at long last really shake these idiots out of their stupidity and they finally start playing the game! Hope CBS is as creative, but somehow I’m not holding my breath.

kathie from canada

Oops … I’ve posted this as a reply to the wrong thread. I think the idea that whoever returns is also automatically Head of Household … no competition for the spot. Sorry

Varys Blackfyre

Can they all self-evict please? I would rather they just have America vote for the winner between the first 7 houseguests.


No one shall dare self-evict now from the BB house! I wasted my precious hours from June on these HG wasting my brain cells. If we the viewers need to suffer the upcoming weeks, then so does all of the HG who signed their contracts. So, Elissa, suck it up until finale night.

No one gets to escape the madness that easily. It’s called endurance.

Finally the game will begin!

I think once this week is over the game will finally begin! Hopefully, they will be stupid enough to stick with the plan to evict Helen and either she or Jessie will come back into the house gun’s blazing. As much as I do not want Helen or Amanda to win this game, I can tolerate Helen A LOT more than Amanda so I hope it is Helen who returns to the game. Really she will be the one who was screwed the most and I think she would come back in with a f*ck you attitude and not kiss ass whereas Judd and Jessie would. Candice wouldn’t but she also can’t win anything nor does she really have any friends or alliances. At least if Helen is gotten out and returns, we all know that Aaryn, GM, Andy and Spencer will kiss ass and want to do whatever they can to get back in her good graces ESPECIALLY if she gains any power. I want to see her knock out Amanda and McCrae only for her and Andy to be the next two out the door. As much bullshit and the things she has had to say, it is kinda disgusting to want Aaryn to win but out of the people left she has played the best game. I know Elyssa won’t be able to win anything so she will be gone. Maybe Spencer could have a chance if he flys under the radar? Or let’s make this week even more interesting by having Spencer inform Helen of what is going on before the veto so she can then go to Aaryn with a sweet deal and one of them win the POV and use it and put Amanda up and vote her out. Let one of the other houseguests return! One of these scenarios should be completely doable seeing as the entire show is scripted ANYWAYS!


We’ve been saying THIS will be the week the game starts and it hasn’t……face it….this game will only get started AFTER the season is over and the HG’s learn how America (and their jobs) think of them….then it’ll get interesting. Amanda is going to win (AG’s choice) and Judd will get voted in (Houses’ choice a la when they voted James back in BB9 I think it was the couples seasons) and then voted out again. Amanda is going to win this week’s veto to make sure Helen goes home so that a “big move” will finally be made (scripted but made) and then we can continue to yawn thru the whole season.


If Spencer wasn’t a nasty dude that jack’s off to lil kid he would have been the one that a lot of people would be cheering for but I think the only people that want him to win is sick fucks just like him and the same goes for the only people wanting Aayrin Amanda and Gm to win is racist sick fucks just like them Im sorry but I think McCrea is more of a lil bitch then Andy is yes Andy is a fucking rat but out of the Child molester and the 3 racist and the biggest punk bitch ever in the history of big brother McCrea it only leaves Andy Helen and Ellisa left to win I couldn’t vote for Helen just for the simple fact how much of a bitch her and Amanda go of their way to be on those goodbye tape’s Ellisa I feel she was just there I want her to play more and her to put people in their place she don’t have to be rude with it but just let people know also if you listen to the house guest talk they all seem to come from some money I wouldn’t say rich but they all travel a lot of place’s so to say Ellisa have money so don’t need the money is really not being fair!!!!


What did Elissa do? She must’ve defended Candice in front of the house and now they consider her the enemy. Pricks!


She is a SNOB and thinks she is superior. She is as bad as the rest of them. Money does not entitle you to act the way Elissa does; she has no class and got special treatment. Hope she Self Evicts!

Amanda's Towel

Just give Elissa her own show…and call it Duck Face Dynasty!


DarkWing Duckface


That does not make any sense at all. So what, she has money, Aaryn doesn’t exactly come from the slums. Who’s parents can obviously afford to hire someone to do damage control due to her disgusting mouth and actions…

Don’t hate because someone because they have a little money and drive a nice car… And since we are on that topic, I never read, that in order to be on Big Brother, you have to be poor…

So sit in a room and rip someone apart and talk about how your going to make them self evict, all because they have attitude, but do nothing about several racist that are still in the house and still continue to spit their bigotry… Oh that makes sense.

I think what everyone is forgetting, is that Elissa may not be as forgiven as the “outside” world. We have had time to process everything that was said and make our own assumptions as to who they are, but Elissa is still there among those same people.


I can understand why Elissa may want to just go home. She never really cared about big brother. Maybe production, Rachel and Brandon convinced her to try it. It was never her dream to get on the show. She was not even a fan of the show as we have seen the HGs trying to explain to her what stuff like coup d’etat means etc.

Secondly, she may not the sharpest knife in the drawer but she had the brains to know that whenever Thursday came around and they needed to vote, she did not want to vote out Kaitlyn, Jessie or Candice. These were people she felt would be helpful to her game and she wanted to keep them but “the house” wanted them out so she got humiliated; voting out people she wanted to keep. Her biggest ally, Helen was always gunning for them to leave. I am not defending her game. Just trying to say where she is coming from.

I think Elissa is looking around and seeing how they cannot salvage their game, her and Helen and she wants to take a long walk. I don’t blame her. If I lived 24/7 with these BB15 lot, I would feel the same way. Besides, she is wealthy, she does not need the money like the other players do. And I don’t think we should hate her for having some money. It is good to have some. Duh! After all these people who hate her for having money are in the BB house trying to get some themselves.

So if she walks, that is fine really. I think. The BB house is a crazy place and if someone needs to take a walk to save their sanity or even simply because they have hit their threshold, they should be able to do that.

Not So Fast

I agree – so what if Elissa has money. Aaryn talks about her family’s 15 acre ranch and all of their all terrain vehicles. Remember when she said she worked with poor and underprivileged children, teaching them snowboarding? And Helen is a political analyst and her husband is a judge – no shortage of funds there, either. Kaitlin bragged that her father was the CEO of a company. And Amanda — well, she’s made numerous comments about driving a luxury car (she HAS to for work) and how she sells luxury houses in Florida. Last night when someone made comments about buying a piece of jewelry for $100, she smirked and indicated that wasn’t good enough. When someone asked her about marrying McCrae she commented she’d need a ring, and previous said she wanted a $25K ring.

Unfounded comments made about Elissa being a prostitute were unfair and untrue. Look at the sexual commentary and disgusting behavior of most of the women in that house – real classy, isn’t it? Comments about Elissa being plastic and having fake breasts were also unfair. Amanda has admitted to having breast implants and Botox injections. GM has talked about having liposuction twice, a nose job. Aaryn stated she’s using her BB15 money on breast implants. And you label Elissa as plastic???

Please, take a good hard look at how classy Amanda, Aaryn and Gina Marie are. They are obviously jealous of Elissa. Frankly, I do think she’s better than all of them.


Ellissa is just tired of all the nasty talk that the house does. Out of all the hgs she is most bothered by it. Helen tries to justify it and the other just continue to bad talk. I am having a hard time reading the updates these people are just so mean and nasty.


I don’t believe it’s because she’s a snob. I think she really liked Judd. She may come off like one in her tone. But if you listen to them they are just as entitled in their attitudes. If not more so. She just doesn’t hide the fact that she really isn’t in to them and it’s not because of her money it’s because they are hateful and disgusting. If she would act more of an accepting kiss up like Helen than it would be different and most of the stuff she says wouldn’t bother them as much. They have more to lose than her, but if they want the be on her level financially than they should go marry someone with money. Or better yet get off their lazy asses and work for something other than being in the Big Brother House .Her self-eviction and wanting to go home likely has more to do with being stuck with those types of people who act like they have no substance and are very immature and that’s nice.


Exactly! They people in the BB house who are accusing Elissa of being so arrogant are way waaay more arrogant than she is. And I agree with her. I would try and avoid sitting next to GM and Aaryn too or at least I can understand where Elissa is coming from. Surely this is not hard to see why.

Who Really Knows

A couple of thoughts about Elissa – she has said from day one that she wasn’t going to jury – early on houseguests were accusing her of talking to production in the backroom (no proof on any feeds) – she was voted MVP by American three times (I’m not buying it) voted as a nominee by America once and won the POV that kept her off the block. (Nor do I buy into Amanda being voted by America either – her edits were good until the MVB twist ended)

Now we’re being told that Elissa wasn’t sequestered with the other players prior to entering the game. (Did they only just remember this)?) Whenever there were important house meetings, what did Elissa do? Usually go to a corner and stand on her head. She often says things that are so totally out there (and often hysterical) which portray her has having zero interest in the game. And when she mentioned not wanting to sit next to GM or Aaryn last night – it became clear to me that she isn’t there for any purpose other than to fulfill her contract with Fly on the Wall Entertainment. She is playing her role as foil to a T. The question is who is the real protagonist?

If she ‘refuses’ to go to jury that was, no doubt, in her contract. She has been speaking up for Candice from day one and still continues. So I’m going out on a limb here – and suggesting that Helen gets the boot this week – Candice comes back into the game – Elissa wins HOH and from that point on it’s game on.


“Elissa wins HOH”
LMAO! I just spit out my drink. That was a good one.


Even after Elissa self evicts these delusional brenchel drones will still be insisting she is about to make a big move. Win HOH?!? Did you see her fold at the end of the last POV comp??


Amanda not only eats balls, she’ll eat her own period right off of McCrae’s balls (the balls he refuses to bless with soap and water) GROSS a$$ b***H


Did we really need to read that? Grow up.





Real Scandals Phony President

Don’t look too close at GinaMarie or you will risk retina damage.

Real Scandals Phony President

At this point I am rooting for the returning houseguest.


The same thing Elissa did to GM and Aaryn, GM and Aaryn did to Candice. They didn’t want to sleep in the same bed or room as Candice. Please don’t fall for Aaryn good girl act. Nothing changed about her except her eyebrows.


I refuse to be fooled by Aaryn’s act. Anyone who falls for it needs to re-watch the bb episodes because they have been drinking Aaryn’s KOOL AID.


So agree with your comment! People forget the way they treated that girl in that room that day. I was outraged, watching it, I couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing how people in this house, can say and do what they want, but don’t do it to them…


Aryn says that Gina beat Helen in the knockout round and Helen is one of the smartest person in the house so Gina cannot call herself stupid.

I guess this is when stereotypes work for Helen. Believe me, Helen is not that smart!

In brain department, Spencer, McC, Aryn, Andy are all smarter than Helen.

Fingers crossed Helen goes.

I can’t help it but I’m still rooting for Elissa for so many reasons:

1) It would be a big slap in the face if she wins.
2) Her antics are quite entertaining. I like when she told Judd: please backdoor me; I like being backdoored.
3) It’s quite entertaining to see someone who really couldn’t give a f* about the money.
4) Though Elissa is fake and catty and occasionally gives those low blows, I still like her. (Never thought my opinion would stay the same from the beginning. And I didn’t not like Rachel).



Aaryn smarter than Helen?! Not in a million years


if elissa keeps it up, she might save helen, by convincing the hg to vote her out so she will self-evict. let’s break this down, elissa:

• you signed up and have been in the house for 5 weeks, even though you think it’s beneath you
• it’s only worth your time if you have a chance to win 25K+, jury money is not good enough
• you haven’t played so far, just rested on your special power and the fact your sister can stir up the most online votes
• you’d self-evict and screw everyone who supported you, rather than vote as part of the jury
• you think you’re too good to waste your time with bb and the jury unless you can win big money for your spiritual yoga business

what a sad comment about you as a person.


IF these hgs had any sense (almost choked on that one) they wouldn’t be trying to get Elissa to self evict. That probably means their first target gets to stay.

Mr Shane

My prediction regarding the eviction:

– Elissa and Helen will get nom on the block
– Elissa ( inexplicably) wins the POV
– As a dramatic turn of events, Elissa SAVES Helen!( because Elissa wants to go home, and doesnt need this crap, and is probably coached by producers to do so etc)
-Spencer is put on the block as replacement
– Elissa is evicted! 4-1
– gets in a comp in Jury ( is made to win by producers !)
– comes back to the house with immunity !

……and we are back to square one, bored as ever ….. Gosh even big events become non events this season, just like the double eviction, I mean even if they bring the coup d’état, or Pandora’s box, nothing significant will happen….another nn event….my two cents….


That BB house is crazy-making and if Elissa wants to self evict for some reason, she should be able to. I don’t understand why the angst about it. Just because usually everyone who plays BB is always living their dream does not mean she needs to pretend it is the case for her. Not everyone is strong enough to endure what that experience you through. Her and Candice were not cut out for this cut-throat business playing in the same pond with Aaryn and Amanda. Elisssa, follow your heart.


Elissa with her superior attitude just needs to go home. I am sure thousands of people tried out for the show and because she did not have to be sequestered in a hotel like everyone else and got special treatment is so unfair. Hope she self evicts and then Helen gets booted and Judd comes back into the house and they then boot Amanda and McCrae out.


If Elissa self evicts BEFORE Helen is evicted she probably is the fourth jury member with a chance to return. If she self evict s AFTER then maybe they bring back two of the first four (Judd, Jess, Helen, Candice) jury members.


Or they should give America one of the votes. If they told the houseguests this twist then maybe new paranoia would set in about how they are playing the game.

Name :)

Do you honestly believe if Judd is the one who comes back that he will boot out McCrae and Amanda? i doubt it. He said himself that he was loyal to the goof-troop till the end and if he does comeback Amanda and McCrae will blame Judd’s eviction all on Helen and Elissa, saying Helen poisoned there minds and how they knew Judd wasnt really MVP and how it really was Elissa. And while Amanda and McCrae are saying this they will be trying to backdoor Judd again. Just my opinion. But if Judd does go after Amanda and McCrae (and i hope he does) it would be awesome. So for that reason i want Helen(as much as i find her annoying) to get evicted and see how Andy was NEVER on her side and how she should’ve gotten rid of Amanda; and then come back into the game to give McCrae, Amanda, and Andy hell.


Season 15, more like ‘Big Bother’.


Aaryn: who has done anything ballsy in this house?

We agree Aaryn. That may be the smartest and most honest thing a houseguest has said to date.


Aaryn is in heaven right now! She feels like she has “real” friends again, and is in the “in crowd”, and won’t trade it for ……$500K!

Aaryn: “They like me, they like me…they REALLY like me now!!!”



I am actually starting to like her a lot. She is at least playing the game and that is a lot more than the rest of these lazy people are doing. Also, after watching the tape Aaryn definitely was not the most vile in the house. That goes to Amanda and Gina Marie and Kaitlin and Spencer. I found it more offensive that the people that were “pretending” to be Candice’s friends like Helen, Judd, Jessie, Andy, McCrae were saying mean crude and racist things behind her back and laughing at what each other were saying. Spencer who started the entire thing was really mean and cruel and racist with what he was saying but wow it was Spencer so no surprise. Also, Elissa also even said things and if she was as she claims her friend she would not of been laughing at what was being said which she did. Elissa who “pretended” to care and lied to her face, and then laughed behind her back would hurt the most because she was and is the biggest liar but she is productions’ pet along with Amanda.



I really think Helen was genuinely nice to Candice for the most part. It was only much later where things changed. Remember that Candice was no saint and aspects of her behavior playing the game didn’t bode well for Helen later on. In other words she saw Candice as a liability. Can you even quote where Helen or even Judd said something racist as you say? I seriously doubt it


Watch that video that someone put together and see for yourself. Helen and Judd were vile and so mean when they talked about Candice, and yet pretended to be her friend. They are the worst and oh I agree Candice was no Mother Teresa.



You can say mean things without being racist and I have heard Judd and Helen put down Candice but never anything racial. What is the name of the video so I can watch it. I remember Helen making unfavorable comments regarding Candice but nothing too crude that would constitute as vile



You said Amanda, Spencer, Kaitlin, GM and Aaryn were the most vile and now you say Helen and Judd are the worst? Doesn’t make sense.

Rabbi Nazheba

SALLY, shut the f*uck up!

Tired of Amanda

I would rather have the first 7 in the house then gm Amanda mccrea arryn and spencer. They could have gotten arryn out when she was up against Kaitlin but the houseguest aren’t smart and listened to Amanda and mccrea that Kaitlin was a bigger threat than arryn . Yeah right arryn has won 4 hohs and few povs and I think Kaitlin won one competition such a big threat. These house guests aren’t smart at all. Whoever comes back in should get
Hoh and hopefully they will put up Amanda or mccrea.


I guess we’ll never know. If it was Kaitlin and Jeremy paired up in the bbq comp, they would’ve won. Remember, people were throwing that comp.

It’s a lot easier to win comps once you got rid of strong players: Jeremy, Kaitlin, Nick, David.

The people that are left in the game are the weakest: Helen (a middle-aged woman who hasn’t been in school for 15 years); Spencer (overweight); Gina (eating disorder); McC (smoker); Amanda (out of shape); Andy (the jock … lol … gerber/weasel/ferret/worm); Elissa (couldn’t care less if she won or not).



I hardly think Helen at 37 would qualify as middle aged


A lot of post here not liking Helen but the truth is Jessie approached Helen and Elissa to flip the house and evict Amanda. Helen said that only if Andy and judd was on board. She also kept saying not the time snd she was right because they are outnumbers and still is. The HOH has been controlled by AMMC alliance as the HOH Winners is Amanda!s puppet. She spoke to Andy but does not know that Andy is a rat and sold her out to Amanda. I do not know why Helen cannot figure it out that it was not Jessie who ratted it out first but Andy who she thinks is her alliance. Aryan should know that she is the bottom of this 3AM alliance because Andy is in alliance to all.

Amanda's mom

Bithch, whine and complain all you want haters! My daughter has the money in the bag and she and McRae will live happily ever after. Mandy has controlled this game with the skill of a puppet master. Never before has someone owned the game like my baby. Enough is enough already!

Amanda's dog Woofy

Yeah! And she gives me last bites on sandwiches!


Sounds like Puppermaster has out whitted you too! Or is more mother like daughter…….

Rabbi Nazheba

Listen mom: you would have been better off having ‘Rosemary’s baby’. Are you a vile scumbag like your Manny? Know what they say about the apple?

Amanda's Granny

Don’t listen to my daughter, she’s an escaped mental patient. Amanda was born while she was locked away, as if you couldn’t tell already.

Lubbock 01

Thanks Granny!! I knew it all along…I’ve won the bet! Send me your address and I’ll share my winnings!


Honestly, if u really were her mother, Id be very very embarrassed because of the way that chic is behaving. Extremely embarrassed and disgusted. I wouldnt brag about her at all. After all, her unacceptable behavior is a product of ur bad parenting……

Big Brother Fan

As much as I do not believe this is Amanda’s mom I have to say the post is true amanda is running this house and I wouldn’t be shocked to see her win the 500,000 dollars


McRae? Ha! Please get your stinky new “son-in-law’s” name right.


is it me or does helen look like a mii from the wii console


I agree that Elissa doesn’t really seem to be interested in the game. Every week she votes with the house (after saying she’s sad to vote the person out), but doesn’t get much camera time on the broadcast shows because she never really does anything.

That being said, I want Helen evicted this week. What is up with the pose she strikes whenever she talks to Julie? Arrrrrgggghhhh. That makes me ill.


Spencer making racist noises making fun of Chinese now. When does the racism stop and the ignorance?


Amanda: what will I regret saying
Spencer: racist stuff and r word
Amanda: I don’t care about that

Wow. Yes Amanda that’s obvious. It shows how oblivious she is.


What is the R -word?????



Amanda has a dong

Is Aaryn trying to look Chineese?

Rabbi Nazheba

Aaryn is trying to look like JOAN CRAWFORD…………..NO more wire hangers!!!!

Ginger boy

Not sure. Ask Spencer.

Ginger boy

Where’s Amanda’s dog, Woofy, today?
Love his comments.


…I mean I’m really starting to love Aaryn now, she’s really nice.


Well she is doing damage control. She knows she is being viewed as a racist. She realizes that the cameras are not props.

What I find disturbing is Amanda traying to get Aryn to say something that may be viewed as racist and Amanda referring to Aryn as racist.

I always sensed that Amanda never liked Helen, Candice, Howard from day 1.

Amanda, imo, is a sh*t stirer.


Welcome to the Mean Girl dynamic.


Yap two blacks gone time to evict the third minority.

This Season Blows

I agree. I don’t think Aaryn’s a bad person, she’s a clear case of someone who grew up sheltered and privileged, probably didn’t know any people of color growing up, and came into the house ignorant. It seems like she’s actually trying to learn from her mistakes though.

Demanda and GM, though, seem like real pieces of trash.


Aaryn has talked about how hard it is to pretend to be nice to people but when she and GM are alone the true Aaryn comes out and it’s just as ugly as ever.


Is there target really Elissa? Number 1 should be Helen! Elissa is just a ego manic and a rich jerk not a real threat and she will crumble when they evict Helen. Time to get out a big player! As for who comes back if they get HOH and immediately nominate McCrae and Amanda little timer left to get the duo out!


Aaryn needs to put the personal issues with people aside and decide which side of the house she could get farther with. She could team up with Helen & Ellisa and steamroll the competition. If she put Amanda & McCrea on the block. They (Aaryn, Ellisa, GM, & Helen) would have the votes. If Amanda or McCrea won Veto she could put Andy or Spencer up. I just think Aaryn would rule the game if she went with Helen & Ellisa. Helen & Ellisa are not big competition threats. McCrea does pretty good in competitions, Andy does Ok in them. Aaryn could get a lot farther with Helen & Ellisa. She could win HOH every other week and Veto every week against these weak players. I am NOT a Aaryn or Helen fan. I do not like either one of them, but do see where this is the best possible strategy for Aaryn. Amanda & McCrea will try to get Aaryn out as soon as possible because she is a threat to them in competitions. Not counting Spencer in any of these plans because nobody knows where his head is at and really his one vote would not be enough to swing the outcome one way or another. Only hiccup I see in this plan is GM. She hates Ellisa so much she might refuse to work with her. I guess we will see what she decides to do soon,


Elissa is the one that cannot let anything go that self entitled snob. If she would of then think that would of been possible but Elissa thinks she is so far superior to anyone that it cannot work. Elissa just needs to self evict and go home.


These are the houseguests each week:
“Yes we finally have Candice up on the block! Spencer, Candice, Amanda… We better evict Candice!”
“Let’s make the BIGGEST MOVE EVER and get Judd out! Judd is the best player in the house! He needs to go!”
“Yay we made the biggest move ever and got Judd out! Time to make an even bigger move and take out Jessie!”
“Jessie is gone! Let’s target the next biggest threat in the house! Elissa!”
Is this a joke. They’re seriously going to continue keeping the threats in the house. LMAO omg whatever.


Helen is actually the target this week


Elissa sucks. She is the worst one in the house. A gold digging skank. She brags about all her “money” but its her husbands money. Everyone rags on Amanda but Elissa judges everyone and puts people down. i feel bad for her child because that is his mother. Hope she teaches her son better behavior.


Spencer said he would beat Helen in veto “even if they use ching chong mandarin chinese” I wonder how Julie Chen would feel about that racist spew if she knew about it.


You do know that just because something is racial, doesn’t make is racist.
The two are very different.


“Racist spew”? Oh please, this is all getting way to carried away.


Bwahahaha Chen will just blame it on Aaryn. Spencer is a real gem isn’t he NOT!!


it doesn’t take a puppet master to figure out the way to control a man is through his pants. Just saying


Sucking the balls of McFarts-a-lot–wow, what an image.


It’s clear that Aaryn will put up Elissa and Helen but it’s also clear that she does not fully trust Amanda and McCrae. Apparently Amanda asked Aaryn to give her the HOH last night. If Aaryn truly trusted Amanda then all she had to do was hit the wrong button and Amanda would have won. The Helen/Amanda battle will end this week but the Aaryn/Amanda battle is just beginning. Doesn’t give us much choice as to who’s side to be on. The racist or the other racist. Wish there was someone to root for.

Ex Fan

Why is the big fat cow Amanda wearing Aaron’s new top she got as a prize for HOH? Soooooo pushy.


I know! I just don’t understand how the house allow Amanda to take over EVERYTHING! She is the pushiest person I have ever seen. WHY do they allow it? They don’t even seem annoyed. I never hear them talking about it (I don’t have live feeds, but…). It’s like they don’t even question her. She sloths all over every HOH bed like she owns it…reeks up the sheets…barks orders at everyone…tells every HOH who to put up….demands sex…yells and fights with people…wears their clothes…EW.! Why are they so subservient to her? I just do not understand it. What do these people have Stockholm Syndrome or something?

Gator girl

Big mistake! Carl I meant to push thumbs up!

can we opine on "boomerang" helen?

Gator Gal, because of your posting i just gave Carl’s very well thought out
paragraph a “THUMBS UP” so your mistake will be cancelled out numerically!

Aaryn's HOH

Amanda is wearing Aaryn’s top – and the top is going to split because it’s waaaaayy to small on Amanda. When Aaryn gets it back (if she does) it will be all stretched out and torn.

Amanda's dog Woofy

This week: elissa goes, Jess comes back as HOH. Next week: Helen goes, Spencer wins HOH, noms Aaryn & Amanda, Gm wins POV. 3rd week : Amanda blindsided. ETC. F4: Andy, Aaryn, GM and Jess. F3:Aaryn, GM, Jess. Winner: AARYN!!!!

Bob barker

If Elissa and Helen are nominated then I’m fine with either leaving however if one of them wins the POV I’d love to see Andy go up as a replacement even though I know he wouldn’t leave it would scare the hell out of him and it would be fun to see the paranoia he’d display thinking there would be a chance of him being backdoored and to be completely honest it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if he did get voted out!


It would be Spencer. Again.

Real Scandals Phony President

I think Helen is a short timer and I don’t believe she will wiggle free this time.


If only Aaryn was a nice person, I find my self cheering for the racist to win. OMG

Gags Beazly

There is no denying that this cast is hated more than any other. There is only one player that is winning competitions which is Ayran Brotherhood.

It’s time like this that I admire Russel Hantz from Survivor. Sure, he was an arsehole, but he won everything and out thought everyone.

Amanda is just a fat, evil bitch that does nothing and wins nothing. I wanted her out so badly. BUT!!!! There is someone that I hate more: Helen.

Fuck, she’s an annoying, moaning, sleazy scumbag. As much as I hate Fat-manda, I hate Helen more………..

I think that most people feel the same way


I could not stand Rachel, but I love Elissa. Watching her math bit on Wednesday was hilarious!! #TeamElissa all the way. Now she jut needs to start winning stuff =\


Hashtags are pointless on this site idiot. I can tell you are an Elissa fan…..


Does being hateful and mean make ya feel good? Does attacking someone’s expression on a public forum make you feel special. Boy you sure showed me. I will never hash tag again because of your gracious reality check thanks. #psych #BBOG #WhyArentYouPartOfThisCastHaterYouFitInSoWellWithYourHate.


Ummm. Go Spencer i guess?? WHO TO ROOT FOR???

Rabbi Nazheba

Amanda comments that she cant understand how Aaryn felt bad for her (Helen?) – I would have to think about dead puppies in the blender to try and cry.
What a vile despicable heartless bitch!!!!!


I finally figured out who Gina Marie looks like. It has bother me all season long, but I finally had an ephihany.

Gina Marie seriously looks like “Nanny McPhee”, the role played by Emma Thompson. That would be Nanny McPhee wth hairy warts, a stern-looking unibrow and one extremely protruding buck-tooth.


OMG @ Sociology…..Wow…..I see it…..I see it!


Sociology: Spot on! A dead ringer for Nanny McPhee…all she needs is the dark hair and a wart. LOL.


I cant stand Aaryn and Amanda


…or Helen, or Gina Marie, or Andy, or Spenser, or MC or Elissa. In that order. So many horrible people to choose from for America’s favorite most horrible person.

This Season Blows

Rachelissa: floater, hypocrite, bully, snob, quitter.

As far as I’m concerned, she’s no better than Demanda or Helen.


Seriously, a bully? When exactly has Elissa ever bullied anyone? So I guess you are saying she’s a snob because she doesn’t want to associate with a bunch of racist bigots? Well if that’s being a snob then I guess a lot of us are snobs. I would much rather watch someone come across as being a snob than watch a bunch of vile, ignorant, racist, disgusting pigs that attack people’s families and children.

This Season Blows

Rachelissa was one of the worst bullies of Candice. She acted all friendly to Candice’s face but was laughing it up and egging on the racist comments behind her back. She also bullied Jessie on her way out the door, even snottily asking her if she takes medication. Then add in her condescending comments about other women’s looks and her incessant bragging about her money and all the houses she owns and she’s basically a less slutty Demanda.

Ex Fan

Nick said it best, “Fembot” .

Ex Fan

Last night during “After Dark”, Spencer made a joke about how deaf people clap. One, the joke is old and tasteless and two, it shows another hurtful attitude about another group of people, the disabled. How can CBS let this continue??


Elissa is a passive-agressive bully. As much as I’m no fan of Aaryn, I get her point about Elissa ignoring her when she (Aaryn) was asking her how she was doing. Elissa does that often with people she doesn’t like. She snubs then very openly. And that is a distinct form of intimidation.


I find it odd that Aaryn’s HOH letters have been from friends. Guess her parents are having a hard time writing “We are so proud of you”. That is what parents usually write. Can’t say I blame them. Last week she was wondering why she hasn’t got a letter from her parents but then covers up by saying her mom or dad sent certain things. Must be in her thoughts though.


I think those letters probably got confiscated by Production. They probably told her to stop being racist on national television and embarrass the family. They probably even wrote that they are disappointed in her behavior and that she needs to own up to what she has said and done before she leaves the BB house.

And….P.S. You got fired from your jobs.


Her mom has hired a PR specialist to try to fix Aaryn’s reputation from the show. I wonder if her parents have sent her letters and production will not let her receive them due to the contents of the letter. They will not let her see letters saying “America heard your racists remarks, so you need to stop” or “You have been Fired from 2 jobs”. I am sure if they sent letters, production has them in their possession.

Amanda's Towel

Aaryn must have had some drinks, she’s all loopy and giving crap back to Amanda!

Judd's granny

Let them eat cake Elissa makes me think of the Motorhead song Eat The Rich. Lemmy was right. Throw this bitch in the pot.


Judd’s Granny, I left you a message in a previous post since u “personally” went out of your way to attack me.


As far as Elissa goes, I firmly believe that she has had enough of all these people and their overt racism and disgusting behavior. It has deeply on an emotional level impacted her “lack” of game play. I think her speaking out about her and husband’s lifestyle is the only way she knows how to stay grounded in this cessapool.

Seriously, don’t think she is being malicious by constantly bringing it up, but she is trying to maintain her sanity. Yes, maybe she did not know what she getting into, however, from her perspective she didn’t think it would be nearly as bad as it is.

If she self-evicts its her prerogative. Just like past seasons players, who did not self-evict but were disqualified and sent home.

Also she is no saint, by any stretch of the imagination, but I would rather know her on a personal level than anyone else in that house currently.

If Helen is evicted and Elissa self-evicts, then hopefully Judd and Candice or Candice and Jessie would have a chance to comeback. Definitely do not want to see Helen back in the game. She had her chance twice to change the dynamics in the house and blew it.


I find it quite entertaining thinking about how Helen thinks she is a master player at BB. All she has done this season is evict all her best allies. Candice, Howard, & Jessie would all have worked with her and been more trustworthy than who she has chosen to align herself with. Andy, Amanda, and McCrea have only used her this whole time. Cant wait till she watches the season and realizes she has been played the whole time while she boasted about running the show. Quite amusing


Elissa has mentioned being a part of the CBS family, and production, why she is there, I don’t have the faintest idea. {she is not there for the money} I do know she doesn’t like most of these people. and I can’t blame her. The vile garbage just keeps spewing out of their mouths.



can we opine on "boomerang" helen?

in “Quick Draw mcGraw” terms… Helen is like a rent~a~cop sheriff on an old GUNSMOKE episode
who having shot her big toe off painfully with one of her six~gunz is now proceding to place a bullet
from her other pearl~handled Colt revolver onto her second hapless big toe becuz she has failed
badly in her attempt to take out her actual nemesis. she vigorously had Elissa painting them both
into a corner that is not near any open window. Amanda is truly a classic soap opera viXen/byTch!!!