Alyssa “I thought you were going to make a dirty joke. Like I was “in” this girl.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany Kyle
POV Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Micheal used the veto on Brittany. Turner nominated Kyle.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7pm Kitchen – Michael, Turner and Alyssa having a big brother baking show competition. Taylor is hosting with Monte, Brittany and Terrance as the judges. They’re using cookie dough, candies and chocolate.
The final judges score was 40 for Michael, 39 for Turner and 26 for Alyssa. Michael won the baking competition. He now holds the title for veto king and Ba-king

8:15pm Bumper Pool Room – Alyssa and Kyle.
Kyle – I wonder why production has been so nice about me sleeping. Alyssa – because you’re depressed. Kyle – could be that. Kyle – are we still friends? We are. I am sorry I am so sleepy.. I’m like an old man. Let me shrivel up and die. Alyssa notices that Brittany goes into Turner’s HOH room. Alyssa – she is going to try and trap him and ask him game questions. Do you think? Kyle – I don’t know. I have not thought game much. Alyssa – you haven’t? Kyle – hell no. What am I going to think about? I still have hope that when you go home and watch the season you’re like I don’t hate Kyle. And maybe we could hang out in a scenario where he isn’t lying to me. Alyssa – would you lie to me in real life? Kyle – no. Alyssa – maybe one day we go on Amazing Race. Kyle – there is zero chance I ever go on another tv show ever again. Yeah, lets bring Kyle back he was a real hit! Thanks though for that .. thanks for the optimism. Am I going to get Boo’d? Alyssa – I don’t think so. Kyle – come on? Alyssa – I don’t think so. Kyle – I am prepared for it. I was crying to the doctor, they’re going to boo me. I was like are you going to be there in the audience throwing tomatoes at me? She was like I promise I won’t be in the audience throwing tomatoes at you. I was like you will! You lie, you’re lying. You’re going to throw tomatoes at me. She was like no I won’t. Kyle – I can’t wait to tell people that I kissed you. Like yeah this girl was into me. No, I swear! I swear she was! Alyssa – I thought you were going to say this girl… I .. I thought you were going to make a dirty joke. Kyle – what? Alyssa – Like I was “in” this girl. Kyle – oh my gosh! No, please don’t. That is too much! I probably would never joke ..but maybe I will now. Kyle – its crazy to look at this in this group and be like one person is going to walk away with 750K. Alyssa – that is a lot of money. Kyle – it is, would you give me some? Alyssa – I’ll give you 5K back from having to deal with that. Kyle – no I don’t want it.

8:40pm HOH room – Turner reading his HOH letter.

9pm Kyle – I am not telling anyone ever that I was ever on this show. I am deleting it from my life. I will never mention this show. I am Kyle Capener from Utah that’s verified for no good reason.. just because. Alyssa – oh HI, I’m Alyssa. Kyle – are you from that TV show .. what’s it called.. my mom really likes it. Alyssa – no. Kyle – no, you were. Aren’t you the one that won Big Brother? Alyssa – I wish. Kyle – I believe you can. If you make it to the end you can 100% win. Alyssa – don’t say that out loud. Kyle – I think you’re perfect. Alyssa – no way. Kyle – you are 100%. There is nothing I would change about you.

9:12pm The quad cams are on FIRE!

9:46pm – 10:15pm Havenot Room – Kyle and Alyssa move into the havenot room to lay on the infamous butterfly floatie.

11:45pm – 1:45am Kitchen – Monte, Taylor, Michael, and Brittany. They’re hanging out and chatting about random things. Kyle and Alyssa laying in bed talking about shomancey things. Kyle – this is my last night. Alyssa – what do you want to do. Kyle – what if I get Boo’d. I think there is a high likely hood that I will. Alyssa – you made a mistake and you’re doing what you can to fix it.

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I watched tonight’s episode and would say Kyle is not racist and Michael and Brittany are disgusting. I understand there are certain things you do in the game but to stoop low enough to twist some comments someone makes to deliberately make them seem to be racist is a new low. You don’t accuse someone of something like that for your personal gain. Have they even considered what Kyle may have to go through when he goes home not to mention how people may be treating his family. I doubt their families will be proud of them. If you can’t win without dragging someone’s reputation through the dirt you have a problem. Kyle should apologize to Joseph for blaming things on him but he did not cause the kind of emotional damage that Michael and Brittany did. I am shocked that the other houseguest couldn’t see what Michael was up to. Brittany thinks Kyle’s opinions were wrong but what they did to Kyle is OK? Hope they go out soon.


You right on point

Game shows lover

No, it is not on point in a million words. Kyle got play by the game he wanted to play. M&B are good.

Alexis Katz

No, you’re wrong what Kyle did the week before was playing the game. To accuse someone of being a racist will follow this young man for years. It’s disappointing those two would create such a vile accusation.

The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

Uhhh, Twitter has been called Kyle KKKyle for a month now — ever since Kyle first said it, which had nothing to do with Michael & Brittany.

What aren’t you understanding?

Michael & Brittany didn’t make this up out of thin air, Kyle made certain implications out loud… and here’s a shocker, people with the live feeds actually have ears!
So they didn’t need Michael & Brittany to tell them what he said WEEKS later.

Oh, and FYI, M & B *NEVER* called him racist, or said he even had malicious intent.

It’s amazing how you put all of the owness on them, and not a single ounce on Kyle.


Agree. I’m wondering about Michael’s employer how they would feel about that type of a employee. Oh wait he’s a lawyer never mind.

Game shows lover

Nothing about his employees should matter because they all can see Kyle intentions was to count Michael out because he will not go with the all white alliance and Michael picked M&T over him to live in comfort why he was in the sun outdoors. Kyle knows what he was doing and most of you know also. Bravo!! My kind of Lawyer.

Alexis Katz

Did you watch the show? Kyle wasn’t trying to create and all-white alliance. He simply was talking strategy that some may be replicating last season!!!!!


Michael is a public defender which is a low income lawyer position . And as such he defends people who are not able to pay for an attorney. His clients are from poverty backgrounds with much diversity. And as such, his employer would be proud that Michael is playing this game in a non racist way and exposing the ugliness of racial insensitivity. Not to mention, the intellect and strategic skill that he is employing.


Wow, you sure danced around the fact that Michael is evil and heartless and just sraightup morally wrong. If you believe in heaven and hell, Kyle will be in heaven, Michael in hell.


Wow now that really was uncalled for. Who made you judge and executioner. Neither one of them is going to hell God is good

This is the bad place

Spoken like a true “only God can judge” christian


I wish we still had a thumbs down button.

The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

You’re ridiculous.

Twitter has been calling Kyle “KKKyle” for about a month now, which obviously had nothing to do with M & B.

And fyi, they never called him racist, they never said he had malicious intent, his paranoia got the best of him, but go ahead and make apologies for something Kyle did all on his own, and that Twitter has been buzzing about.

The night Kyle said it, KKKyle was trending on Twitter, so explain how that was M & B’s fault, when they didn’t say anything until weeks later?

Alexis Katz

Right, a public defender, who manipulates, conflates, misstates facts, and lies, all to win. No thanks, and don’t think for once this stunt will follow him back to his public defender’s office.


dont approve. thought they were talking about kyle lol

Alexis Katz

Michael or Brittany the hypnotist, would NOT be hired by me.


Exactly! I also wonder what Michael and Britney’s families are thinking…. they must be horrified and disgusted by the way that they’re playing this game and what they’ve done!!


Kyles comments were “rooted in racism” like he or production told him to say. What’s funny are the people defending him even after he said his comments were racist??? What more do you need for it to be clear that his comment about forming an all white alliance was wrong? Think
Critically instead of looking at Kyle like this white young boy who didn’t know what he was saying. He is a grown ass man having sex on tv… he knows what the heck he is saying. Michael and Brittany were strategic is telling everyone yes but at least they said something. Further more what, u think Kyle is learning from his mistakes on a game show where there is prize money?? Come on…

Game shows lover

Nicole, They know Kyle’s intentionally know what he was doing and said but will they agree with Michael and Brittany for letting the cat out the bag? NOPE! the truth ALWAYS hurts when it comes out. Majority of them on this site are hurt by Brittany and Michael truth and want to shame them. They are hurting by the TRUTH. Go M&B!


Hiw is what Kyle did any different than the cookout? Yet the cookout was made out like the greatest plan ever. This racist crap needs to stop when people dont get their way or are in a uncomfortable situation.


Racism will never go away if people take the view “this type of racism” is ok, but this kind is not. No Racism is ok. But some and Big Brother were ok with the Cook Out’s racism. It divided many. Even those that were ok with the Cook Out should see how it divided these boards. The division is not good. You can not combat racism with racism. WIth that line of thinking racism will never go away.

Game shows lover

Shae, Again 90% of people on this site called the cookout racist, if the CO was racist so is Kyle. Kyle loves the attention and wants people to throw tomatoes at his.


Difference is CO wasn’t called racist


Also, Kyle’s plan was to counter another CO. What people do not talk about is that every non=CO member was basically a pawn in that season of Big Brother. They had no chance to win. They were all basically ‘told” to grin and bare it. It was their ONE time they got to play the game and a racist alliance was allowed to happen. SO Kyle tried to counter a possible CO2. He was wrong, there was no CO2 but he had the right to wonder. The reason Kyle did what he did is because CBS allowed the CO to happen. If you think about it they should have anticipated it. That being said NO ALLIANCE should be based on race. Which I think is ironic that CBS’s Survivor had tribes based on race one season.

So sick of the double standard

The cookout targeted every white person in the house because they were not the same color as them. Each member had their own little white pawn. They formed an alliance based on race only yet no one called them racist. Kyle simply stated we have to watch out for another cookout alliance and that makes him a racist? OMG this world is so twisted.The cookout was a group of people of color and no white person was allowed in this alliance. A black woman walked around the house saying she would never put up another black woman, a white boy hears her and thinks maybe they are forming another cookout so he’s the racist? Really?

Let's be kind

Kyles comments came off racist. I feel just because you say something that might be racist or boarder line racist doesn’t make you a racist. Anxiety got the best of Kyle he was always thinking cookout cookout from last season. Kyles is not a racist and I don’t think any of the Hg are racist. Taylor was thinking about the cookout too and wouldn’t put Jasmine on the block because she is a black women. Terrance said something about a culture thing. Kyles made more comments but I feel Kyle was paranoid. Brittney and Michael took advantage of the opportunity to get Kyle put up on the block. Which is fair game. This is BB a dirty game of lies, backstabbing, etc. You can’t look at this game as if you are in the real world living your life. Nothing wrong with what Brittney or Micheal did. This is a game only. Let’s not make comments to hurt people careers or jobs. For the record I am a African American woman and i see no racism in the BBH this year. You have to watch what you say because it can and will be used against you in this game. Again fair game. I am not a fan of Kyle, Terrance or Taylor. I was team Taylor at first but she is all over the place with her moves I am tired of her. Please send her to the jury house.


Ughhh another idiot who thinks Kyle was forming a “white alliance “ your obviously part if the problem in this day and age….people who love to twist and manipulate and stir the pot! Good job


So how is it not racist to form an all black alliance but it is racist to simply suspect someone may have an all black alliance? All black alliance = ok all white alliance = racist… ? what a backwards way of thinking. People blow my mind.


Kyle should of added that token black person to his alliance. And shame on him for calling out the black people for forming an alliance based solely on the color of their skin.


It looked to him like it was leaning in that direction. I thought so too, and thought uh oh, not again please. So am I a racist now??

Game shows lover

Michael and Brittany are 1000% right for the timing and game play. Kyle started the timing and gameplay
He knew what he was doing, we know what kind of people are not seeing the facts here.
1. Michael didn’t pick him over Monte
2. Michael didn’t agree to his all white alliance
3. Michael had him to live outside over Taylor and Monte, now he sees. He got upset broke up the alliance, coming for the 4 indoors by creating a new one, Terrence in by default, counting M&B out because they are with the two blacks not him.
AGAIN and AGAIN Kyle knows EXACTLY what he was doing but Michael was more onto him than he thought. Let the game play on…..
Hearing Kyle telling Alyssa about all that he thinks will happen when he leaves make me 10,000% in agreement with M&B because he is not living under a rock and knows how all white, all black and individuals are called out about the kind of game they played and he was willing to take the risk.
You all needs to leave BRITTANY AND MICHAEL ALONE!


Calling and treating someone as a
“racist” in this house is NOT
gamesmanship! Do you know how many
hundreds of thousands of people watch
the show and something like that in this
day and age in what this world is going
through that will affect his life outside of
the house…
..don’t you get that? You
don’t use calling someone (who clearly
isn’t) a racist a “game” move. You must
be living under a rock somewhere..


Terry .. .you wrote that perfectly. Michael and his side kick are just disgusting humans. I literally hope karma gets them one way or another. I just can’t imagine how 2 people can be so heartless. Michael is like he is possessed. I just want to see him walk out not winning and that is the only reason that I will watch the rest of this season. I don’t even know the guy and I have never had so much hate towards anyone before.


Yes, Michael is an evil psychopath, no question. His intent was to destroy kyle, which goes way beyond game. His actions are so reprehensible, he should’ve been kicked off the show. I hope kyle sues his ass, and Michael gets canceled, fired, and dumped. No one has ever deserved it more!

Trenton Makes

Wow. Maybe you should eat a Snickers bar.

So sick of the double standard

He’s a true piece of shit


Completely disagree. Michael has been playing an incredible game against all odds since in the early weeks all all boy alliance was formed that Michael knew he was left out of. From that time on, he knew he would have to use every once of skill, strategy, intellect to make it through to another week.

He has been true to the LO from Day 1. But when Kyle betrayed the LO and saved his own hide and got Terrance to evict Joe, Michael knew for sure he’d be Kyle’s next victim in Kyle’s new alliance. So then, Michael played the game. Simple as that.

kyle is racist. He admits his game actions have been “rooted in racism “. His comment on the live feeds “The possibility of those 6 with that background “ is racist.


Calling and treating someone as a
“racist” in this house should not and is NOT
gameplay! Do you know how many
hundreds of thousands of people watch
the show and something like that in this
day and age in what this world is going
through…. that will affect his life outside of
the house forever
..don’t you get that? It was a cheap shot, low blow and frankly despicable for M&B to show such utter disrespect for the entire game! You
don’t use calling someone (who clearly
isn’t) a racist a “game” move. You must
be living under a rock somewhere..


Did Michael really twist what he said? Kyle did say that stuff. He was worried about cookout 2.0. You might disagree with mike’s timing or reasons for putting it out there, but he didn’t make shit up


Yes, Kyle said all of that stuff and in his apology admitted his actions were “rooted in racism”.


Probably was made to say that by the producers so they can push the bullshit. So absolutely stupid.


Michael went out of his way, on several conversations, to mention that Kyle hadn’t said anything specific but was hinting around, using previous game show conditions, and that carried certain implications.
In this show it isn’t always about what you come right out and say as much as what you imply…and that’s the way it is for everyone. So many people hear just what they want to hear.


So how is it racist to be worried about a cookout 2.0? Its a legitimate concern now that they actually allowed the game to be played based simply on race last year. It was a disgusting thing they did and they were all hailed as heros for it. Now someones being labled a racist just for being concerned it could happen again.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Looks like Kyle should have stayed at home making goofy videos with his mama.

Mad Max

I don’t feel bad for Kyle or his family……when you sign up for this you need to be mature enough to take the $hit handed out!


Just going to drop this here b/c the edit showed only a small portion of what was said over the course of this season. You may still feel the same way after but it’s worth viewing.

When he initially brought this up to Michael & Brittany they pushed back saying Jasmine & Indy can’t stand Taylor, Monte put Nicole & Taylor OTB to target/evict Nicole, and Terrance wants Monte & Taylor out. They would ask for reasons why he believed his theory to be the case but his main comeback was Cookout 2.0 or the aggressive nature of Monte, Taylor & Joseph.


Thank you, I was going to rewatch from episode 2 and on to take notes of everything he’s said (for my own sanity). He said even more than I remembered. The blowup this weekend was well timed. They, MB, were in a position of “power” with the veto. I think that takes some of the scumminess out of the equation, with regards to the timing (imo). I’m glad they finally said something. Those making excuses for Kyle, denying flat out, or embracing the what about isms, cannot be persuaded otherwise. There’s no point in trying. It’s selective understanding, not open mindedness.

I Spy

I can’t for the life of me understand why people can’t grasp that Kyle’s life was ruined by Kyle. His cookout talk became part of the public discourse WEEKS ago when those words came out of his mouth.

He was being excoriated (called KKKyle, social media removed…) LONG before MB disclosed to the house. Therefore, MB did not ruin Kyle’s life or subject him to public scorn, Kyle did that to himself. Yet people continue to say MB ruined his life.

Now maybe the causal BB observer first heard about it from TV because that’s all they see, but I’m sure online BB followers knew when Kyle said this because Simon and Dawg reported it.

The only thing I can think of is maybe it’s some 45 level deny, deny, deny gaslighting (“the phone call was perfect…”). If so, that mountain can’t be moved, so I’m waiving the white flag.


so he talked about it but last season they didnt just talk about it they actually formed an alliance based on race… i 100% dont get it.. how is it ok for one race and not another.. i know the answer to that question,… IT’s WRONG regardless… both equally wrong.. I stopped watching last season when race became a factor and I will now too… enough is enough.. its just so pathetic to make it a factor either way… no one had a problem when taylor said she would never put up a black women.. imagine if alyssa said i will never put up a white woman.. heads would role.. it is just plain and simply wrong!!


KRossi I totally agree with you I shut the tv off last night and have no intentions of watching it tonight or the rest of it What Kyle did was not right I never was a Kyle fan but to see what they did to him ruined BB for me to see Michael and Britney and their smug faces for their scum bag move made me discontinue watching it.
No one should make someone feel like that shame on CBS I hope when he leaves tonight Julie tells him people support him and when Michael leaves tells him that people were ashamed of his move.


The world we live in today says wrong is right and right is wrong, good is bad and bad good, wait that’s in the bible…weird! Look at all the comments on these different sites just praising the vile evilness by Michael and Brittany!! Open your eyes people!

Game shows lover

People had problems with the Cookout and Taylor on this site and was called racists, are you just reading about Kyle or all posting?

Dans Mist Was Legendary

The problem is the people who didn’t have a problem with the CO and T, now DO have a problem with Kyle. We all realize there were people who see that both were racist but there are a lot in here who don’t see it that way and weren’t vocal last season.


If after 22 seasons there were no white winners of big brother and suddenly there were 5 white people on season 23 and they decided to form an alliance since they finally had enough members of there race to actually form an alliance I do not think that would be racist it would just be a response to what happened in the previous 22 seasons and the same thing applies to the cookout. A black woman still has not won bb that’s why Taylor said what she said.


Said so perfectly!! I don’t even like to watch t.v. because everything is about race and politics, it’s so sickening. People don’t want change, they want revenge for what they never had to go through. Did you see the definition for racism changed to target white people? You have a completely new generation of whites and blacks where in today 2022 blacks have way more privileged actually all “POC” people do. I’m so sick of color, start using individuality! America has gone to s&!/

I Spy

My point is simply that folks who blame Michael for ruining Kyle’s life are either delusional or ignoring the facts.


Why are you stop watching now? Why not back years ago when whites were dominating the game. Many were calling out CBS for not being nor diverse
so think about your timing of now taking a stand not wanting to watch cause cookout got together. Interesting timing on your part.

very interesting and noble of ya. Really?

The Beef

So when exactly will “public discourse, social media, BB twitter” begin to ruin Terrance’s life for pitching the Cookout 2.0 alliance to Monte during the first week of this season? Yeah, the casual fans don’t know about that because it wasn’t shown on the broadcast, but a savvy feed watcher like yourself KNOWS that he did it, so of course, you’ve been calling him out for it, right? I mean, he doesn’t get a “justification” pass like the Cookout did last season, like I read from you in a reply to one of my earlier posts on another update, given there has been a black winner now, or does he?

I’m just trying to figure out the rules for “justified” racism.

I Spy

Many consider affirmative action (e.g., in college admissions) as justified racism to remedy years of oppression of and racism against blacks. Maybe you can think of the cookout in the same way — a way to remedy the years of oppression of and racism against black house guest.

To justify a white alliance using the cookout would be the same as using affirmative action to admit black people to Harvard justifies using racism against blacks to admit white people.

The difference between the 2 is the former is about inclusion whereas the latter is about exclusion (not to mention that latter already been occurring for 100’s of years).


Terry, I agree 100% with you. I think it’s disgusting what Michael and Brittany have done. Shame on both of them destroying another person’s life to get ahead on a game show.

Game fan

audiance already saw and was upset about kyle, weeks ago.. now he gets to talk about it and try and fix it before he gets out


The point you’re missing is that Kyle had to admit that his actions were “rooted in racism “. And his lame excuse being he only grew up with Caucasian’s that looked like him!

In addition, good old Kyle betrayed his alliance and outed the leftovers to Terrance and got Joe evicted instead of his slimy behind. Subsequently, Michael knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that Kyle-snake would push to target him next. Michael then played the game.

Game shows lover

Agree with you. M&B are way smarter than Kyle. Player got played


No, under no circumstances is pushing racism on someone ok period! Does anyone even know what a racist person is? Someone who can’t even stand the site of another, won’t touch or talk like get out of here! Michael and Brittany should have been kicked off the show period and cookout should’ve becer been able to stand period! People are so sick in this world!! It does say hearts will grow cold…


I believe Kyle said that because he was told to or convinced that was so because of how Michael and Brittany said what he said. There are lots of people that do NOT believe that. He may believe that now because everyone that he has contact with is telling him what he said is “rooted in racism.” He is not hearing from those that do NOT believe his words were “rooted in racism.”


Yes, MB’s confession is untimely, but Kyle did what he did. No deflection needed here! I don’t think anyone sees MB as heroes. Facts: Michael is a hell of a player. He was probably not going to bring up what Kyle mainly because of the same crap I’m reading in this thread. But when push came to shove, he felt this was something that should be revealed. It’s funny all the people dogging MB are silently approving of Kyle’s behavior. He’s the disgusting one and I pray he goes home. I’ve seen enough of him.

Mb hill

What Is going on in despicable. CBS should intervene. If this kid commits suicide over this then what will they say. Michael and Britt are disgusting. I’ve watched for 24 years. It’s gone too far this time


You are 100% correct!


kyle is not the victim here. He definitely had racial overtones when he was voicing his concerns about the people of color forming an alliance. Of course Michael and Brittney only brought this up to further their games, but at the same time everything they said was true (and cbs only showed the watered down versions of what kyle said in his all white alliance pitch). And NO I do not think kyle is racist. I think he does have some racial paranoia that probably most likely comes from having very little time and interactions with people of color.


Yes, he is the victim 1000% period!

Vicky T

Love that you have a complete understanding of Kyle’s situation. M&B have completely twisted the situation to fit their narrative. Also, how quick everyone has forgotten Taylor’s comment about how she would never put a “black woman” up (on the block). She has started so much drama and controversy but yet no one has called her out. Let me count how racist las season was and again no producer stepped in. What has been allowed to be done to Kyle is sickening. How Kyle mentioned how alliances would fall is EXACTLY correct. I hope CBS feels like they have done justice to their audience of BB. However, we know your alliance. We see if forced down our throats every day. I just pray Kyle heals emotionally from your actions.


A black woman has never won that’s why she said it but was ok with nominating Terrance since X won last year.


Amen, very well said! I actually pray for Kyle! What’s being done to Kyle could happen to my niece or nephew and the way the world is going is very saddening! This went way beyond the show!! #prayersforkyle


I deleted BB from my recordings, I refuse to watch it. I wish I could tell Kyle he did nothing wrong. I am not going to support a woke TV show that does nothing but cheer on real racists and uses an innocent person to push a fake storyline. No thanks. BB has ruined itself. Turn it off.

This is the bad place


The Kats Meow

Enjoy Kyle’s upcoming mea culpa tour. Those, so distraught with anger at the show are proving the old Paul Mooney skit…The complection, for the protection, of the collection lol. The whataboutism is comic gold. This whole the Cookout did it last time, why can’t Kyle sounds like the “they did it too excuses” children spew. Time to step into the adult world and understand “they did it too” doesn’t save you from consequences. If one upsets you so much, shouldn’t both? IJS


I hate that they all have backed him into a corner to say what they want him to say. The first thing he said in the DR room was it had nothing to do with racism, he’s not racist. This is so wrong and I wish I could reach him to but all I have the power to do is pray for him! Me and my family refuse to keep watching BB as well!


It’s better for Kyle that they brought it up or he would’ve been blindsided when he would’ve came out to the real world


its the world we live in today. You see the media doing it all the time. (Twisting things to create a negative, ASSUMPTION)

I dont like Kyle for what he did with the LO’s and Joe. But he does not deserve to be called a racist. NO WAY.

Gary Murphy

It was a mismanagement on his part thinking a another Cookout was happening, but when you think about the cookout, there purpose was to have a black winner therefore all whites must be evicted.Isn’t there racism in that???

Let's be kind

The comments Kyle made were already out on web with complaints to BB production team about Kyle racist comments before Brittney or Michael said anything. Kyle is not a racist for the things he said or did.


Absolutely agree! I am so disappointed in the way this took a turn when it didn’t need to. Michael and Britney did something vicious and cruel! You’re absolutely right when you say something like this could follow him the rest of his life because they decided to twist his words completely for their own gain, it’s completely disgusting! I pray neither of them win this!! They absolutely do not deserve it!!


Very well said!!! I am disgusted by Michael and Brittany’s twisted comments! Kyle wasn’t saying anything racist, but rather reflecting back on the Cookout, which was perfectly normal!!


Michael never aid Kyle was racist. He said that it didn’t make good optic for talk about splitting the house along racial lines. The implications of that. Don’t put words on someone’s mouth when we all saw it on TV. Twitter was already upset about Kyle before Michael said anything. Just let it all rest and see how things work out.


He didn’t do anything worse than Taylor did.And no one said a word When it was said Big Brother didn’t say a word it was a game move by Michael and big brother should have stopped it


Exactly. Michael is playing a BB game that is keeping me (and I’m sure many others) awake while watching.
His intellect, physical skill, and strategy are a combination of which I have not seen for a long time on BB.


I watch Big Brother for entertainment, to be carefree about my regular life, and watch silly people try win money. I don’t watch this show with the intention of being schooled or reminded over and over that racism exists, and that racism is bad. I already know it’s a gross part of our works. I know it sadly, still exists, and impacts lives each day. As a white woman, I feel uncomfortable voicing anything about this topic. I am not naive about ugly sides of society, but I don’t feel my opinion won’t be taken without a innuendo that I’m privileged, or clueless. I’m tired of these attempts at awakening injustice entering reality tv. It’s not genuine. It isn’t founded on real teaching. It’s self righteous and smarmy. I Survivor, Big Brother, I’m almost over it. I want all races, all people, to play the darn game. “Human conversations”…let’s make up phrases now, Michael. Were we having cow conversations earlier? Cat conversations? Kyle wasn’t racist. Stupid, ill worded and oblivious? Yes. He’s a immature, sheltered coward. But the pitch forks need to be lowered.


I’m sure you had a problem with Taylor not putting up Jasmine because she wouldn’t let a black woman leave on her HOH. And for survivor, it only took 38 seasons to get the 2nd black female winner. Big Brother started as a “social experiment” and it has only showed how whites stick together and treat POCs like shit.


Your thought process is so vile! You know Kyle is not racist, get real!!


“I don’t watch this show with the intention of being schooled or reminded over and over that racism exists, and that racism is bad.” THAT! You are ranting about racial topics ruining your “reality” TV show. That is literally is my reality as a black man. Idk why you are upset…… you can’t take 20-30 mins, when I deal with it literally whenever I am awake. Read the next few sentences. I’m not saying “privileged” but I would call it something you should reflect on.

Mb hill

Agree completely

The Kats Meow

Ugh I’m so tired of Jealyssa and Kyle, with their childlike behaviors and conversations. Sometimes it’s just too much. I mean ffs they were acting shocked people in the house knew they had sex. You’re on a TV show the entire world knows you had sex. But oh my god, the sixth houseguets knowing is some kind of super embarrassing thing. Make it make sense


The fans deserved the better showmance of this season: JAYLOR

Julie Chen

TOE. Taylor and Joe is TOE.


We’re all tired of them. I wish I could fast forward.

un autre nom

Reality check:
When d/r called each of Michael, Brittany and Kyle in to discuss the ramifications of the cookout theory, and how the outside world was viewing it… the cat was already out of the bag in the real world. Twitter had already cancelled all three, and threw in Turner for good measure just in case (only to withdraw Turner’s cancel for a week and reinstate it).
Further proof of this: media. Even a UK magazine wrote an article about it. Articles about Kyle’s assumption were already out there. Multiple articles. It was already public zeitgeist.
To say there were no real world ramifications until Michael and Britt exposed the talks to the house is ludicrous. I may avoid bbtwitter like the plague, but even I’m aware of the stop protecting kyle hashtag. You think an article shows up in TVGUIDE that a network hasn’t planted or at least given it’s blessing? Dream on.
IN TERMS OF REAL WORLD, THAT SHIP SAILED. That ship sailed at least four weeks ago.

I think most of us KNOW that.
So, what’s the reality?
Just state it plain and clear.
You wanted Kyle to win. There’s no shame in that. So did production until the heat got to be more than head office could bear. I was 90% convinced he was being sanitized like Jackson, with a 10% chance he was being set up like Paul. And that was BEFORE the in house reveal.

To be 100 per cent clear: I thought the information should have been disclosed long ago.
I don’t like HOW it was disclosed. i found it cringe worthy. I STILL question if the feed cut switch protection that Kyle was receiving before the house split extended to telling Michael and Britt NOT to discuss it for at least a week and a half. I still think when M/B insisted this week, negotiations for what they could and could not say and words they could and could not use happened. Sat pm d/r calls. That’s the day Julie Chen changed her tune in an interview published Monday. That’s the day the TV Guide article would have been in the research stage (submitted on Tuesday with information current to Monday).

To also be 100 per cent clear: I don’t call Kyle a racist, I do say that he expresses unconscious and implicit bias. Did he push the idea of a cookout? Yes. When informed by D/R that his statements might have real world implications did he cam talk that he hoped he wasn’t saying anything that would get him cancelled and then continue to say those things he worried would get him cancelled? Yes. When informed that the people that comprised this fictitious alliance were targeting each other (meaning the theory was false), did he continue to push the theory? Yes.

To say that Kyle’s been ruined by the exposure in the house? No. He was already going to meet the same criticism because of his persistence in a theory even after he knew that theory was fraudulent.
Should Michael and Brittany be taken to task for making his theory house knowledge in order to save both Taylor and Monte? Yes.
Are they responsible for Kyle’s lot? NO, Kyle is a 29 year old man that was informed how his talk was being perceived by the public, and doubled down. Kyle is responsible for Kyle. Michael and Brittany are responsible for Michael and Brittany.

East Coaster

One million percent agree with this entire comment !!! Another nail on the head AN.


Kyle is being Kyle. He’s childlike right now and needs to grow up, get employed and move out of mommy’s house. Only then will he develop some diversity sensitivity.

He’s also the snake that threw the LO under the bus to Terrance to save his pathetic self and get Joe evicted. Michael knew beyond a doubt that Kyle and his new AP alliance would evict him next, so Michael played the game.

un autre nom

He lived away from home working in software development (i think?). He lived out in the real world for FOUR years before moving back to Mom when Covid shutdowns meant his job was no longer secure. That’s when he moved home to make mommy tiktok twerk videos.
THEREFORE, It is doubtful that he has not had real world experiences. It’s doubtful that he is unaware.
The entire child / immature / sheltered / doesn’t know better thing bothers me for one reason: It’s a simple way not to hold a 29 year old man responsible for his own behavior and actions. 20frickin9. I side on willfully ignorant bordering on performative naivete to escape being held responsible.

I Spy

You said it way better that I did.

Plainly Speaking

Anyone dumb enough to cite anything that appears on social media as “proof” of the point they are trying to make is a fool. Have you consulted the “oracles” that are Kardashians to validate any of your other ideals?

un autre nom

Since your post has insinuated that I am dumb, thereby attacking the commenter instead of the content of the comment, I don’t really feel that you deserve much grace in terms of polite debate. If that’s the best logical input you’ve got, perhaps try sitting on your fingers until you actually have something worthwhile to contribute.


I love your postings but I’m not sure I agree Kyle was productions pick. I never got the sense he was favored to win or edited that way. Taylor and Michael were early production picks with Monte now becoming front runner.

un autre nom

The episode edits were Extremely Kyle-centric for most of the season. He felt he had enough pull with production that he could go to d/r to get them to find a way for Kyle not to go on the block with his festie bestie (house target) on week 5. He was given a heads up about outside world perception, and when he disregarded it, production began protecting him by cutting/switching cams when he would begin talking about things that would increase negative outside perception (unless there was no way around it). Look at current d/r counts. A houseguest that has never been HOH is in the top three for d/r counts. The edit cut Joseph’s involvement in the creation of the Leftovers completely. Some houseguests are encouraged to cam talk, some aren’t. After multiple d/r visits, Kyle would be seen on feeds in HOH directly talking to the cams and doing his little song and dance. THAT is why I say he was a Grodboy.

The Beef

According to what I found on the web there are about 69 million twitter users in the USA but only about 36 million of those are active daily users. Of those, 10% make up 80% of the posts on twitter, so you’re really talking about 4 million or so people who actively post daily.

BB twitter is just a small percentage of that, which I couldn’t even venture to guess how much that is, but let’s “spitball” and say 500,000. I’d say that’s probably high or it may be low, but it should be in the neighborhood somewhere. Fair to say, since we know how toxic they are and how they run, they were down on Kyle hard. But it’s still only 500,000.

Now you take this sensitive information and you put it on a network TV show. It’s already on twitter, facebook and youtube, so it doesn’t take much to help blow it up, but a network TV show with a “racist/bias” narrative and between 3.5 – 4 million viewers per episode and things get bigger in a hurry. Other news outlets pick it up (magazines and news outlets) and it’s not just the 500k twitter idiots anymore. It’s also not just the 4 million viewers. It’s everybody who watches the news or picks up a magazine article and sees it or happens across it on the internet. All of a sudden it explodes to 20 – 25 maybe even 35 million people or more!

Let’s compound that with the possible fact (and I say possible because we haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet) that Kyle’s most likely going to admit what he did was “racist in thought” or something of that nature, so he’s likely going to incriminate himself even further, which I don’t think any attorney would advise him to do if he had access to independent legal counsel, so I DON’T think CBS has his best interest at heart when advising him to say any of this stuff whatsoever. They’re just trying to make TV that can generate the highest number of viewers and therefore sell the most expensive advertising, so they don’t give a tinkers damn what happens to Kyle afterward. If they did, they would have let him self evict, gotten him some counseling, legal advice AND public relations advice, to help him best manage his response to this whole mess – a mess they are at least partially responsible for creating (as you’ve pointed out in previous posts) by allowing the whole Cookout thing to transpire last season. All of that works to Kyle’s detriment and very well could blow things up on him even worse (depending on the edit).

So, can you not see how “putting this out there” now, and more specifically, making it the focal point of the whole damn show for two episodes running (and who knows how long after this – it may die down or it may live on, we just don’t know) has at the very least made things a Hell of a lot worse than they were before last Friday, when Turner nominated Brittany and Taylor? Yes, it was already out for sure, but not to the extent it’s out now, and not to the level either I don’t think. Before it was just mostly the twitter mob that was after him and certainly some feedsters who are in the know – there’s no doubt about that. But now, not only are the casuals going to know, so are people who don’t even watch the damn show! People who have no idea how the game is played are only going to hear Kyle is a racist, without any context of game play or how that might have come into play. To justify what they did (M&B), and just say “in terms of real world that ship sailed”, is not only not exactly true, I just don’t think it’s fair to say when looking at things logically and examining how the media works. I DO think it’s partially true – the information WAS out there – just not to the extent it is now. Just my opinion.

And there’s always the question…….What about Terrance? Why does he get a pass in all this given we all know he proposed the same thing to Monte? Why is it Kyle’s life is likely about to be turned upside down and Terrance is going to walk away scot free?

un autre nom

Add in how many people read the magazines that had already published articles, whether in their online or paper formats when you assess how much was already out there, which was my actual point. It had already traveled beyond just the twitterscape.
The fact of the matter is the revelation doesn’t alter that fact that Kyle was already going to be facing some level of critique that he’d have to have answers for. In essence, yes, I can see that putting it in the episodes worsens that reaction, but the reaction was already in the fanbase.

I Spy

Also BB fan sites, youtube, TMZ, people and newsweek mags among others all had Kyle’s cookout talk before this week.

Big Sister

Let the church say a hearty Amen!!

No Name

Does anyone want to talk about strategy?Everyone keeps screaming into the void.Preaching their own point of view in a comment section.A comment section is where humanity goes to die.If you can set the emotion aside for a moment and look at the game play over the last 2 weeks.Everyone is always complaining how boring and predictable BB has become wish for the days of Evil Dick and Dan’s funeral.Last week Kyle felt endangered so he blew up his alliance and thereby Joe’s game,he could have done this more subtly but I don’t think he understands the definition of that word.Then once they get back in the house Kyle enters Turner’s head to puppet his HOH.Messy but effective moves for Kyle to take control of the house.Michael saw the writing on the wall,going back to that subtle word,Kyle and Turner made their intentions for Michael obvious when they wouldn’t talk to him and literally ran away.So Michael,after saving himself with the veto, uses the info Kyle gave him to save his allies by blowing up Kyle’s game and getting into Turner’s head to puppet his renom flipping the house.Looking at this purely as game,these have been legendary moves that have made for exciting back and forth gameplay.Kyle and Michael have been out playing everyone this season and whether I like or hate them,I appreciate the game.Having said that I think it is Monte who benefits from all this,If he can survive Michael.


Love this. We’ll said, and great insight on how reality tv production workers can manipulate the cast and what narrative is driven forward. That said, it is silly for people to still defend Kyle after what he already admitted. I also don’t believe he cares much about the other cast/game players and is more interested in being the overall best player. He was already taking about being on the Amazing Race. So defending him as if he is a “good” person is a joke. Everyone is in this game for themselves and here to win the Money. And in Kyle’s case, the opportunity to lengthen his 15 minutes of fame. As for the race narrative, I hope going forward, CBS workers handle this better and it doesn’t come into play again. After all, we just want to watch these game players at their very best. And Kyle was one of the best, but now it is anyone’s game. This might hurt Michael and Brittany’s chances, and help everyone else’s. But we’ll have to watch and see how this unfolds. I’m here for it. Let’s Go!


Never saw Kyle as a good player. He laid around all summer going stupid over Alyssa and showed what a 29 year old man child looks like.

Then sealed his fate betraying the LO and outing them to Terrance, and lied to get Joe evicted in order to save his stupid self from eviction. This is definitely not in the “best” category. Joe said it all when he told Julie this was not game play that he respected.


Like Monte strongly feeling that Michael’s timing is calculated – saying that to Taylor. If you really feel that way, tell Michael directly. But Monte is using it to get Taylor to target Michael. Each of the players put the game first, until their time comes to leave it I suppose.


Yes! Everyone was pretty much team Michael (at least I was then and now). He won comps and became a top contender for the win. His overall game was a little boring tho. Kyle came out of nowhere and shifted all the power to him. Michael wins and fire back HARD socially (which we have not seen) and CHAOS! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the game goes from here! Their right hands better start winning some comps cuz their kings just went to WAR!!! I’m honestly here for it!

I Spy

I said it before. Kyle’s all-white alliance play and MB blowing up Kyle were both game moves. Kyle’s just happened to blow up in his face. Might Michael’s? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. Not mad at either.


Perfectly said! Once Kyle the snake betrayed the alliance to save his own hide and get Joe evicted, Michael knew exactly what would happen, and he played the game.


Take a look at the rankings today after last nights airing. Worth noting. 🙂


I feel for the guy. His words got twisted for game purpose and he don’t deserve to be treated like a criminal or bad person. I am sure he dreamed on being on this show now he will never be mentioned on this show again and never be considered GM for other shows. Sick how Michael turns sone one into a racist to win a game. So sad reading his words.


Don’t feel sorry for him. On the live feeds Kyle says The possibility that those 6 with that background “ and it’s obvious where his racist thoughts were going.

And he betrayed his alliance by outing them to Terrance to get Joe evicted, and naturally Michael knew snake Kyle would go after him next. Michael is playing the game.


And if the CO wasn’t racist and just successful strategic gameplay using race as a mechanism, then calling Kyle racist is hypocritical. The real snake here is Michael.


Did his words get twisted though? The edit could’ve been so much worse & that’s on TPTB for not showing any of this in the prior eight weeks other than a small conversation. And that doesn’t include the numerous times they cut feeds or switched to a less toxic conversation.


Wasn’t Kyle “recruited”? That makes me think “dreaming of being on the show” is a bit of a stretch…

Mad Max

If they “recruited” this loser, how desperate they must be to seek man-children out of their mother’s basements in Utah! lol

un autre nom

He did apply, but not specifically for Big Brother. Through a casting agency his application was put into the ‘any show’ pile. He had previously turned down Love Island.


Why is Mike holding on to his junk for dear life!?


As a person of color, do I think Kyle is a racist? No. But you have to ask yourself, what was his thought process that made Kyle assume all of the people of color will all stick together,

I’ve seen so many people say what is the difference in what Kyle suggested, and why was it ok last season for the cookout not to be considered a group of racist people.

If you have been watching Big Brother from season 1, like I have, then be honest, think about the houseguests. If the had 16 houseguests, it would be as follows:

  • 1, maybe 2 Black people.
  • 1 Hispanic
  • 1 gay person who’s not Caucasian.
  • 11 maybe 12 Caucasians.

By the end of the first month, after 4 – 5 eviction ceremonies, all of the people who are non Caucasian, will be gone, they were voted out. That’s how it was, it’s the same way on The Bachelor, Bachelorette etc…

Sometimes, they don’t make it so obvious and get rid of the POC the first couple of episodes, but by the 3rd or 5th week, all POC are gone.

The first Season of Big Brother was July 5th, 2000, they did not have 2 POC as the final 2 until last year, 2021, it took 21 years !!!

Yes the cookout members all decided not to vote each other out, yes the cookout teamed up with non POC, and eventually voted out all of the people who were not in the cookout.

Season 23, the summer of 2021, was the first time Big Brother has ever had such a diversified cast. In 21 years, how many times have you heard complaints about CBS creating a diversified cast? Have a cast that looks like what we see in our every day life, Never as far as I know.

In all of the past seasons, if they had 16 houseguests, why not have 4 Caucasians, and 4 each from other nationalities, or mixed groups, why was the majority of houseguests in Big Brother ALWAYS Caucasian?

I’m not being racist, I’m just asking a question, as Kyle said, he never really had much interaction with people of mixed race, POC, Asians etc…. I’m not saying all houseguests from previous seasons were racists.

All I’m saying is just like Kyle felt all the POC were all working together, is that what happened with the Caucasian houseguests 2000 – 2020?? Were they more comfortable working with people who looked like them?

This is why the cookout was formed the summer of 2021, they wanted to have a chance to compete and possibly win 750k, they felt that it was time after 20 years, to see someone who looked like them, actually win Big Brother.

That is what last summer was about, I know a lot of people felt it was racist, but why didn’t those same people feel that way when every summer, all people who were not Caucasian, were always voted out every summer for the past 20 years??

I will repeat myself, I don’t feel that Kyle is a racist, Kyle is extremely immature in my humble opinion for a 29 year old man, so his thought process, it seemed that the people who had his trust, were people who looked like him, because he has never really had a chance to have a true life experience with a POC.

Kyle was just going with what he felt safe with, and that was people who looked like him, people who he was comfortable with, and that was Caucasian people, because from what he said on the show, that’s who was always around him when he was growing up.

Do I feel Michael & Brittany used this to their benefit to get Kyle evicted, YES, and I think it is so nasty, and it was the wrong thing to do, but I also feel that Kyle got a kick out of seeing others feel hopeless, Kyle also had no problem lying on Joseph, making things up, mean things, he thought that was funny, he didn’t take into consideration how it may hurt someone else.


What you’re missing is that Michael is simply playing the game. When Kyle slimed up to Terrance and outed and betrayed the LO just to save his behind and instead get Joe evicted, he asked for it. Then when the new AP would not talk to Michael, of course Michael knew he was out if he didn’t play the game.


Just looking at some census statistics for Race/ethnic breakdown in the US

in 2000-69.1% non hispanic white, 12.3% black 12.5% hispanic, other 5.5%, asian 3.8%

2010-63.7% non hispanic white, 12.6% black 16.3% hispanic, other 6.2% asian 4.9%

2020-57.8% non hispanic white, 12.4% black, 18.7% hispanic, 10.2% 2 or more races, other 8.4%, asian 6.2%

I only bring this up because the house make up was actually more in line with actual percentages in our country. Which of course does lead for less opportunity when the house make up reflects that.

Does that explain why it took 20 years for a POC to win? not at all. Does it explain why the house make up has been how it was until recently? maybe? I don’t know.


The dynamics of the cast is BB’s making. If they had had a more diversified cast from ALL races, even numbered, not just white and black from the beginning, it would have been possible for a black person to win. I know I look at the person, not the color. Once when I saw my spouses and my reflection in a window we were walking past, I took a double take because of the so obvious contraction. It was like is that us? I don’t see the color of my spouse’s skin; I see the person I love. In the past, I have been made fun of, in a joyful kidding way, even by a black co-worker because I didn’t see the color of their skin but the person. My co-worker and I were talking about reaching out that minority groups. When we were discussing ideas and an in with the black community, it was it suddenly dawned on me she was black. We both laughed when she said dah. At church, I greeted the gentleman that sat next to me. Later the pastor mentioned that some members from the black church were joining us to welcome us. So obviously, now I am looking, like everyone else. To my surprise, the gentleman I had already greeted was black. I did not see that when I greeted him. Unfortunately, after living in a almost almost all black neighborhood and being the only white person in our apartment complex, I’m not as blinded. When you are the only person the same color, you do notice it; I am sure that is the same for everyone. Even though I see the different colors now, I still see the person. I loved being that way; I miss it.

No Name

The person who does the psych eval is terrible at their job.
Ankles twist easily.
Girls girls are mean.
Jas loves food analogies.
Fire!I don’t know what that means but it’s fire.
Jas’ B-day is very important.
Creepy dudes love Elvis.
Did I mention Jas’ B-day?
Sex can last 10 seconds.
If you don’t see it on TV it didn’t happen.
Grod loves horny white boys.
Don’t f#ck with Michael.


You forgot to mention Jasmine’s birthday year!! Hers was the best eviction of the season. Completely agree about the psych evals.

No Name

I also forgot Floaties aren’t just for the pool.




I wish I had a laughing emoji because that was funny

un autre nom

Strategical Analysis:
Monte and Turner are a mostly hidden final 2 (been speculated twice as a possibility, remains unconfirmed). Monte is in a final 4 with Britt, Michael and Taylor but the three know Monte is actively pursuing the eviction of Michael.
Monte takes umbrage at Michael’s timing of the reveal. Monte was the beneficiary of salvation from the block with this reveal. D’oh. Terrance and Alyssa think they are working with Turner and Monte.
So… Monte is in the best position in the house mostly. The house putting Monte on a pedestal for much of the season actually equals favorability to jurors.
Turner? His lack of logic maturity is mindboggling. He’s final 2 with Monte, and has to be reminded that putting Britt and Taylor on the block while avoiding Michael (clear targeting give away) would make the three suspicious of him. He got the three people he actively LIED to before noms to promise not to nom him if they get HOH. So a person with the power to end one of their games forced a promise to keep him safe after lying to their faces… Tbh… I’d toss that promise out the window. Duress mixed with bad faith.
He’s safe if Alyssa or Terrance win HOH. Does Turner have jury votes? I’m not seeing a lot of jurors pushing for Turner. He doesn’t have any advocacy as far as I can see.
Alyssa? She’s complaining about having no game talks while she actively avoids having game talk. She’s… there. She thinks Turner Monte and Terrance will protect her.
If she wins it’s because she lucked her way to final 2, and the jury hated the other finalists more.
Britt? She’s playing for second at best, and she’s known this for about three weeks. She’s still playing both sides of Michael and Taylor, but she tells Michael everything that comes from Taylor. The jury? NO RESPECT FROM ANY OF THEM SINCE WEEK ONE. Okay, Joseph compared her to a mother figure… but game play? no.
Terrance? I’ll be honest: I don’t give a rat’s ass about Terrance. I never have. I don’t hate him. I just don’t care. At all. La-z-boy.
Michael? At this point if Michael doesn’t play in a veto or win an HOH… I think he’s destined for shit creek … no canoe let alone paddle. He SHOULD be trying to pull in Monte. But knowing Monte has questions about him? He’s wide berthing because he doesn’t want to deal with questions. Game long problem. Michael avoids all conflict he can’t control. I think his final 3 with Britt and Taylor might be genuine at this point. Chances he gets there? see above. Once Kyle gets to jury and inevitably tells the jurors that Michael was aware of the issue before each of them was evicted and didn’t stop it then… he loses jury support most likely. You do realize Kyle will try to mitigate right? OF COURSE HE WILL. Not judgement. Fact.

Targeting Possibilities?
Monte doesn’t put up Michael straight up if he wins HOH. he will still hope MIchael is the only person not in veto. He will put up Terrance and Alyssa most likely? Does Monte want to give up the middle spot like Turner did? Hmmm. Monte might want to win HOH, but should he? Perfect position houseguest wins hoh when he has to reveal his cards? sideye. Strategically maybe HOH is a bad idea for Monte. Not for his targeting… but for his penchant for renom being the action of the week.
Alyssa and Terrance? Michael and Britt? Seems most likely. Terrance will be back on his hate on for Taylor if he gets power so possibly Taylor Britt with Michael target. Will Alyssa keep her deal with Britt? the final 6 deal? Questionable.
Britt HOH? Terrance and Alyssa with Turner renom? possible. Not likely. Possible.
Taylor? Monte thinks she’ll backdoor Michael. She’d renom Turner first IMO. He put her on the block after lying to her face. Keeping Turner is great for Monte, not great for Taylor.
Michael? Possible Monte or Turner target but more likely takes out Terrance or Alyssa.


It became clear to me week 2 that this was slated to be a Ho hum season of BB with enduring screechy Jasmine for however long she lasted. Then, something happened. I believe it was when Michael got wind of the all boy’s alliance that was forming that he was left out that the game changed. That’s when full force Michael realized he needed to play the game and use all of his skills, both intellectually and physically, to stay in this game.

That’s when BB got worth watching. And he stayed true to his alliance.

Then Kyle turned weasel and betrayed Joe and the LO by outing them to Terrance who then evicted Joe. Michael is smart enough to know Kyle and the new AP would evict him next. So he played the game.

I liked it when Joe said he did not respect Kyle’s game, Joe had dignity, Kyle is a snake and he alone is responsible for his potential eviction.

I have great respect for the pressure Michael was under week after week knowing how hard he had to work while many of the others just ate and lazed in the sun! How he kept his calm is simply amazing. Will he win? I would love it if he did but the gambling odds are probably against him to be able to win every comp from now until season’s end. The only other player I’d like to see win is Monte.

No Name

Monte is definitely in the best position right now, but as we’ve seen things can change quickly.Monte was viewed early by others as a leader type based on I don’t know, presence, first impression ,whatever. He tried to be the ringleader but no one would follow his orders so he’s ended up playing a small game but is still viewed as a threat.So if he can make it past Michael he will win.


Agree with it all EXCEPT – I think if Michael wins he’ll want to back door Turner UNTIL Ally, Turner & Terrance all spill the tea to save their own a$$es about how Monte spent the past week getting EVERYONE to commit to striking at Michael. At this point, Taylor may also come clean on just how hard he’s been pushing this agenda.

In the event, Michael or Britt wins HOH M & M needs to stop this intricate avoidance dance they’ve been engaged in & put their cards on the table. Michael needs to spill he was made aware of the F4 (the Pound) created & how Monte/Joe began saying he should be targeted at F7 if not sooner as early as week four.

Michael has to say to Monte – you were greatly hurt by Kyle bc you trusted him – I saw he was never loyal to any alliance he was in but I respected you for being the loyal soldier. Yet, put yourself in my shoes. From the jump I wasn’t included in the Oasis, I was an afterthought to Po’s Pack and to the Leftovers. Unlike Joseph & you I didn’t have tiers of protection I had the Leftovers & yes the last three of us that were added just to be your voting numbers. Still, I repeatedly went out & fought to keep the LOs safe & more importantly kept showing via my actions how loyal I was!

Hearing at the end of my HOH the comments Kyle was making I initially wrote them off as him being paranoid bc you remember how freaked out he was to go OTB even sitting beside Daniel – – but then the next week the talks got more intense & he refused to listen to reason. Then the twist happened so I picked Jasmine knowing we’d beat her & picked the three people I wanted to keep the safest in the LOs. I couldn’t protect Joseph & if I’m honest I felt part of Taylor’s dyslexic HOH was his influence. I loved him – he was loyal but he was messy & this four were the people I felt were of the same ilk although I’d have happily welcomed him back bc he was also extremely loyal.

But just as you’re upset with Kyle imagine how I feel bc I’ve done nothing but protect the LOs and yes – YOU! If I wasn’t committed then why didn’t Britt & I take you out at F10? I already knew I was your target but I perhaps wrongly believed you valued loyalty above all else. This week although the timing of that reveal may not have been ideal, ask yourself where you would be if I hadn’t — you would be in jury Monte bc we both know Kyle would’ve pushed for you to go up & then had Ally & Terrance vote you out!

So I’m asking you what more I have to do to show you I’m loyal and get you to honor the F4 deal we made. Each of the people who you thought had your back on the other side has come up & told me how you aggressively are targeting me & that they’d be happy for you to go OTB as the re-nom and evict you including Turner!

This would be the third time in as many weeks that I’d be saving you – BUT you need to tell me why I should want to do that if you’re only going to turn around & f*ck me over next week. And at this point, I need to believe you – bc I gave you my faith & loyalty & I know I have a huge a$$ target on my back but a big reason why was bc I wasn’t included in those initial alpha male alliances. The four guys who you thought would run the house & get to F4 by winning all the comps. Instead, I’ve been the one fighting to protect our alliance to keep yes – myself, but also the LOs safe.

I’m seriously asking you Monte – what more do I have to do to prove my loyalty to you & feel like you believe I warrant the same in return? Knowing everything I just told you – you do understand if I walk out that door you have to realize Turner won’t take you to F2, right? Remember what they told you about Dyre Fest – Turner did NOTHING to protect Joseph & if you made a F2 with him last week please realize he didn’t just have a F2 with Kyle he had a F3 with Ally too and SHE is the person he’ll protect over you. So if I walk out that door you immediately become the new Michael.

It’s up to you – I can shake your hand & say it was fun while it lasted or the four of us can systematically take out Turner, Terrance & Alyssa to get to F4 – & honor the reason we started the leftovers – a culturally diverse group – two men & two women all who wanted to play the game of Big Brother without bullying and do our best to establish a new example of how this game could be played.


Hey, Monte might feign loyalty & make a fake promise but if he learns Turner, Terrance & Ally all threw him UTB you would think that would give him some pause. The final selling point Michael should make to Monte is he’s well aware if they get to F4 he has to win out bc he knows the trio won’t take him including Brittany but that’s something Michael is willing to do to honor the one alliance he cared about & the three people he has the most respect for.

What’s he got to lose?

Or he can just put up Monte & take his chances of getting out Turner next. lol.


I agree that Kyle will be the one to try to sway the jury away from Michael. But he will conveniently leave out his betrayal in outing the LO to Terrance. The only mitigating factor could be Joseph who told Julie in the post eviction interview that he has no respect for Kyle’s game.

Will the jury see Kyle for the snake that he is? Stay tuned..


Kyle will be able to keep it quiet about him betraying the Leftovers in Jury for 1 week. But. when the next houseguest is evicted, they will come in and tell everyone about what happened with Kyle betraying the Leftovers, if it is anyone but Alyssa, we know that Alyssa will continue being Kyle’s puppet and 10-second sex toy.

Once the Jury members hear about Kyle thinking all the POC might be starting a Cookout 2.0, and how all the POC were plotting and working together against all of the non POC, Kyle’s opinion will crash & burn.

When Joe hears about all of the negative shit that was said about Joe, how Terrance, Kyle and Alyssa, I’m not so sure about Turner, but the other 3 blamed everything bad on Joseph, who was not in the house to protect himself.

Kyle and Alyssa will go back to hanging out just the 2 of them in a bedroom, having sex and their immature child like conversations. It is so creepy listening to Alyssa & Kyle, they both talk about some of the silliest things, both of them need to grow up, both are very immature.

Alyssa’s voice is kind of annoying, the way that she sounds like she is talk singing, she has a tendency to drag out the last word in her sentences, it’s really annoying to me. I still cannot get over how Alyssa really did nothing the entire game, won nothing, all she wanted was little boy, man child 10-second sex.

Alyssa has been Kyle’s door mat, and she knows all of the shit he has done, said about her, did not include her in any alliances he created until he was exposed, Alyssa still continues to chase after Kyle, and pretend with everyone else she’s mad at Kyle, but does not seem to think about how everyone see’s that she is still having sex, and being a thirsty desperate girl, chasing an immature child like man.


I watched a interview with Janelle and she said the jury house was like a prison.THEY have people follow you around so you don’t discuss the game.I don’t know how true it is, but that’s what she said.

un autre nom

In the first all star season, there was a ‘jailbreak’ where jurors left the jury house in order to go out and have drinks and sing karaoke (photos and video exist of one of the nights they escaped jury). After that more strenuous attention was paid to keeping jurors in their prison. While the handlers do attempt to keep the jury from overly discussing what went on until the weekly jury segments, the fact of the matter is the house DOES discuss what happened in the house. How do we know this? Season 19 and 20. The jurors made plans on how to vote bitter as a group.
Janelle, actually, has no experience being in the jury house. She was evicted on air in third place twice, and didn’t make jury the other 2 times, meaning she never went to jury house.


Hmmm – Kyle tells Alyssa: ‘I am not telling anyone ever that I was ever on this show. I am deleting it from my life. I will never mention this show. I am Kyle Capener from Utah that’s verified for no good reason.. just because.’

NOTABLY: On Sunday, when Kyle was in the DR, his Instagram & Tik Tok accounts were scrubbed of any mention of “big brother 24” and removed from his bios.

Did his mother just automatically do that or was there a phone call? Something he said to Ally made me wonder about that but they shifted the feeds off them quickly (one of the few times they’ve bothered to do that lately, as they’ve been on most if not all four feeds).

un autre nom

He did say in the house that he wanted to go to D/R and call his mom.

Mad Max

Of course he did…….mommy solves everything!


I’m not on feeds atm is it true Kyle said he’s at the mercy of the producers and they are controlling how the episode will go & that the next episode will be the redemption episode and he hopes it gets shown?

*I read it so don’t know the veracity of it.


We’re talking about someone who threw his entire alliance under the bus when he outed them to Terrance, and didn’t blink when he personally got Joe evicted. So I wouldn’t put any respect or credence to anything the slithering snake says.


The producers do control part of the narrative. The problem for them is that they blocked the feeds with “We’ll Be right back” for a while Sunday and then briefly every time Kyle was mentioned (they were probably told to stop doing that since CBS realized that would only make them look worse )

I Spy

One thing I appreciated about the show edit was that it showed Kyle’s fall from grace. One minute he was “chillin,” next minute he was crying. This kind of emotional swing is what makes BB great.

I’ll also add, Kyle and Turner are horrible actors. If they had done a better job selling the Taylor/Brittany noms (e.g., a plan to backdoor Terrance), then Michael would have been clueless.


I don’t see Michael as ever being clueless. His intellect and physical skill have saved BB this summer from complete doldrums.

And Kyle is complete man child. He needs to take diversity sensitivity training immediately post eviction!

I Spy

Agree with Michael clueless is probably the wrong word. I should say he would have been lulled into a false sense of security. But the key point is everyone (Terrane and Alyssa included) would have needed to play a role to lead Michael to think the LOs were still a thing. Given his fear of too many wins, he could have easily been convinced to not play hard.


If Turner had gone with his first instinct and put up Terr and Alyssa maybe Michael would have felt more comfortable and not tried so hard for the veto. Bottom line Kyle played too hard trying to be in an alliance with everyone. Most of them had multiple alliances with him.


That’s the game. Monty is in a F2 with 2 or 3 people And alliances witth everyone else, and he’s getting away with it.


Oh my … the tea is being SPILLED!

For those who have questioned how The Powers That Be influences the game via the DR, comps & manipulation take the time to listen to previous house guests spill the true tea!

So when Kyle says he’s at the mercy of the producers to deliver since they are controlling how the episode will go & is hoping Thursday will be the redemption episode that is shown THIS is why…

Oh – and remember early in the season when Kyle didn’t want to go OTB & pleaded with the DR not to go up? He came out of the DR saying well ‘a MAIN CHARACTER (him) will be going OTB this week but it’ll be fine’.

un autre nom

I always point to season 18. The HOH’s 3 weeks in a row coming out of d/r saying mom and dad (their name for d/r) told me i’m not allowed to nominate Nicole. Then I remind people of the bban6 debacle: during one on ones or group meetings, if an HOH mentioned nominating Paras, they were called out of their one on ones to the d/r, came back a half hour later to resume the meeting and saying ‘anyone but Paras’. Then I follow up with the clockwork diary room calls in bbcan7. They were short staffed that year, and had no storyline supervisors on hand on Sundays. So Monday morning everyone that figured out the boys alliance that was steamrolling the game would be called into d/r and told to forget what they talked about on Sunday, there is no alliance of 4 guys steamrolling the game. For good measure i throw in season 19, where the d/r actually counseled houseguests to listen to and believe everything that Paul said. Again, discussed on feeds before fish on more than one occassion.
Here is what we will have to wait and see about this season: Has legal department stepped in and told the camera control operators to cut the cameras when one of the black houseguests is expressing the effects of the reveal on their psyche and mental well being? Because production went to ridiculous lengths to protect Kyle from himself for weeks, and never explicitly told him to cut it out, so there is a legal culpability issue involved, therefore they cut the feed conversations where the effect is being discussed so that there is no video evidence that might be used in legal arbitration to determine lack of fulfilling duty of care as defined by the show and networks stand on bias and the contract.
This ties in to why i have wondered if Britt and Michael were told by d/r not to reveal the information in previous weeks when they discussed revealing. they were still protecting Kyle until this week. Even the episode reveal weeks ago was tame and taken from feeds post discussions about optics held with Michael, Britt and Kyle. They fulfilled a different level of duty of care with Kyle than they did with the others.

Big Brother Fan

Thanks for sharing…I wonder if they will get sued for spilling? I’m sure they have to sign NDAs…


It is so obvious they manipulate them in the DR. The morning Mich and Britt were having their talk production blocked the feeds for the wake up call but it seemed like not everyone was told to get up. While they were talking with Taylor and Monte the HOH was still dark with Turner still sleeping. I know this because all feeds were on him while they were in the have not room. It seems like they wanted those four to talk without anyone noticing.
I feel like they told Kyle if he stayed they would give him a better edit. They wouldn’t let us see them talking so they could control the “story”.


Wow thanks for posting this. It is very sad to realize that.

Basically if you are not a chosen one then you have such a hard time to actually win.

I’m glad at least one of Production’s favorite’s in Mr. 10 Seconds is going home this week. Taylor is their other favorite for sure but I at least like her.

I’m conflicted because some of my favorites in past seasons were Productions favorites (Rachel, Tyler, Paras etc) so they probably did benefit from being loved by them…

I wish it was more fair.. Like WTF?

The Beef

That whole thing was sick and disgusting, especially Janelle’s comment at the end. I hate to say this because I hate it when other people say it, but at the moment I’m thinking tonight’s episode might be my last. So sick of the race baiting by both sides, and just as sick of production interference if not more so.


After watching tonight’s episode, although M&B’s timing may be game-related, but their description about Kyle’s conversation is pretty truthful. So even though Kyle may not mean it, but these were indeed Kyle’s own words.


I agree with how Michael explained it was very fair and honest – however, I feel like Brittany dug in the dagger and made comments to make Taylor, Monte and Terrance feel worse about the situation.


Here is Kyle’s comment: ““That possibility of those six with that background, I mean, it looks very similar to the Cookout with a very diverse background,” the social media influencer quipped. “They’ve all expressed why they’re in this game. Joseph, more Middle Eastern representation in TV. Indy, there’s never been a Brazilian contestant or winner … everyone has those strong ‘Why’s’ that all coincide.”

Rooted in race and racist are two very different things. Was Kyle’s decision rooted in race. Sure. The Cookout “lets make an all black person alliance” is rooted in race. Tychon from BBCAN 9 “I want to make sure a black person wins” and then eliminating a white person. That is rooted in race. But none of these actions are racist.

Personally I am bothered more by Michael and Brittany. I absolutely get the fact that they are playing a game for $750k. But this bullsh!t about how much it weighed on their hearts etc. etc. is not necessary. It was clearly a game move, and a good one at that. Acknowledge you did it as a game move and not to ‘clear your conscience’.


In fairness, Michael did address that in the DR – admitting he was uncomfortable but that it also was better for his game. Brittany did go over the top but that’s sort of her natural tendency (and probably why she’s not very popular with most of the house).

Terrance’s let him stay & grow BS was about him retaining the majority alliance & even Monte who would’ve gone to jury this week if MB hadn’t exposed Kyle is also using this to his game advantage but neither of them is being transparent or owning that fact.

Kyle has referred to himself as a ‘main character’ this season and was telling Ally last night his main concern was that the producers make sure to get his ‘redemption story’ edit right tonight.

The one comment you posted isn’t the only thing Kyle said. I’m sure you know that but most casual fans are unaware there were several conversations and comments. A great compilation was posted by Tooms on Twitter (and still is just a fraction of what he said, or that the feeds didn’t switch off of).


To add some lightness to the discussion I would just like to point out that the HG had a bake off, and Michael won!


he’s even a comp beast in cookies.


Someone called him a Ba-King! Love it!


So I just read on fb that Alyssa requested a pregnancy test anyone witness this???


They do that to rile things up!


No one should be tossing around the word racist here at any of them. Now that there has been an alliance like the cookout, people need to be on guard for it. Without any knowledge of the cookout, black people tried something similar on Survivor and failed because they didn’t stick together. There was nothing racist about the cookout. Mor power to them. But conversely there is nothing racist about being on the lookout for a similar alliance because it was brilliant, successful and kinda foolproof. A few days ago, the leftover leftovers looked like toast due to Kyle and Turner flipping on them – mainly Kyle doing what he had to to save himself. No one can fault him for that. Michael and Brittany saw the writing on the wall in large part to Kyle’s bad acting. (Well….um…..) So M&B did what they had to do and wisely used what they had in their arsenal and just repeated the truth that Kyle wanted to form an alliance of white people to counter a POC alliance. And now Kyle is going out the door and the remaining leftovers are all staying. That is gamesmanship. If Kyle can use what he knows about other people and what they have said to advance himself in the game, then so can Michael and Brittany. Does that make M&B bad people? No! Does it mean Kyle is a bad person who hates PoC? No! He’s not Aaryn. Stop trying to ruin people’s lives and career because of the game.


Aaryn was the worst? Cringe


Michael has fallen to sixth — behind Kyle and Terrance as well as Monte, Turner, and Joe. Brittany has fallen to tenth — Pooch has passed her.


Hmm. Then I have work to do. There’s no way Michael should rank lower than Terrence

The Beef

That’s okay, I’ll offset your 5 for Michael with a 0 of my own. I might even give Terrance a 5 just to offset your 0 for him.

For the record, Michael should be rated just a tad lower than whale dung.

You’re not the only one who can play games with the ratings system. LOL


How would you rate Kyle when he threw his alliance buddy Joe under the bus to save his own snake hide? Michael knew he was next.

Confused non white

Please forgive me if this comes off insensitive. I’m really trying to just understand and have an open discussion. How is creating an alliance based on race ok for all races except Caucasian? If a white alliance is racist,
wouldnt a black alliance be also?

The Kats Meow

Great question and not insensitive at all. The answer is easy, both were wrong and cringy But the problem is some people can’t admit that to themselves. The same people raging over what the “Cookout” did last year should be raging over what Kyle wanted this year. At this point they even refuse to acknowledge he said it many times, even after he was initially told that it optically was bad, and that he had no evidence to back it up. If they were honest with themselves they would admit both are bad things to bring into a game. They wouldn’t be trying the… no it’s different for Kyle, he’s just a poor kid that CBS, Brittany, and Michael destroyed lol.
None of this is new, as It has been all over social media for 3 weeks almost four. The people who are still bunched up in their panties are hypocrites. It’s either all bad no matter who does it or they foolishly only see an issue if minorities do it.


Here is something I do not see being discussed:
What Michael and Britt did was 100% self-serving. Nobody else in the house benefited by their revelation. IN FACT it hurt Monte, Taylor and Terrance. Doesn’t anyone see they went from playing a fantastic life-size GAME of strategy to dragging the horrible realities of race-relations into their minds and distracting them. They are in pain and the fun has been ripped out of the game for them.
I don’t care one bit how this effects Kyle inside or outside the house.
But it is so very sad to see people playing a game have to deal with these horrible realities under the microscope and without any support of the people they love and trust at home.
It broke my heart listening to Monte talk about his brother’s experience and Monte not be able to be with him to comfort and protect him.
Britt & Michael put Monte, Taylor and Terrance in that same situation. They were blissfully unaware and able to concentrate on the gun of the game.
They would have found out later and could have addressed it after exiting the house.
I have never been so sad watching a season of BB.
I hope Kyle Michael and Britt are all out on their asses ASAP.
I’m hoping for Turner & Monte final 2. (Terrance 3)


Let me ask you this: When Kyle outed the LO to Terrance and got Joe evicted to save himself, was that not self serving? When the AP came back into the house they wouldn’t talk to Michael and Michael knew he was next. Michael played the game.


Kyle outing the LO’s was also him playing the game. He knew it was either him or Joe going so he did what he had to to pull off the win that week. ????? I thought it was a good game move! All of the LO’s had been thinking about and even making comments about possibly turning on the LO alliance. Kyle was just the first to have the balls to do it during dyre fest.

This is the bad place

I’ve never commented on this page until today, but I have to say I am impressed with Kyle’s ability to listen, learn and understand from these events. I don’t believe Kyle is racist, but does have some unrealized biases which come from lack of world experience.

I am appalled at some of the comments on this page clearly from white people who have never had to face the type of adversity that POC historically have. I commend Kyle’s willingness to have difficult conversations with the other houseguests and I hope he comes out of this a better man for it. I do worry about his mental health outside of this, knowing he is in the social media space and that is just a cesspool of evil. M&B need to cool it with the game talk for a half a second. Michael might be the best ever at this game, but he created this mess and needs to face it like the rest.

I think most commenters here truly need to distinguish reality from television. However, I think many on this page could also learn a lot from this situation, but they would rather diminish it with their own opinions and prefer the world to be seen through the same sense as their own.

Shame on many of the commenters here.


Actually Kyle created the mess when he betrayed the LO and saved his behind to get Joe evicted. Then Michael knew he was next, and played the game.

Kyle’s comments on the feeds were uncomfortably racist, he had to admit his actions were “rooted in race”. His all white alliance proposal would have turned BB into cringeworthy.


You can tell a lot of people on this thread were bullied by straight white men that look like Kyle in their past by the way they are cheering on those in the house that are destroying his reputation and manipulating the topic of racism for personal gain. If you have issues with people in your past either take it up with them or talk to a therapist. Y’all need some help.


I know, straight white men have gotten such a raw deal in today’s society.Tell me where the pity party is i want to attend.

Pinhead Weasel

I wish they would cast jovial characters again. This show has become a downer experience not worth watching.


please flip the vote


Weird, how none of the POC in the BB house never mentioned Kyle was a racist, he never made them feel any kind of way. There’s an old saying, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS!
I seriously can’t keep up with the Rules of what’s “POC” to say, and not say, anymore. OR, If you actually see something that’s questionable you can’t talk about that, thats Racist!
It’s Bizarre!


Why did M&B wait almost 3 weeks to tell someone? Looks like the are playing the liberal racist card to me. Now it helps their game to try and act all diverse. I hate people who only speak up when it benefits them. Why didn’t they confront Kyle right then and there if they truly felt it was a racially motivated comment.


Because they were in a solid alliance with Kyle. Kyle broke the alliance when he threw the LO under the bus during Terrance’s HOH and Kyle personally got Joe evicted. Michael knew he was next and played the game.

The Kats Meow

1 He was in their alliance and they felt uncomfortable.
2 They did tell him that they didn’t see any evidence of a Cookout 2.0 happening with the minorities houseguests.
3 He was told by M and B that it looks bad optically and might follow him once he got outside the house.
4 He was also warned in diary room sessions back then because CBS saw things were exploding online over it.
5 He continue to push the idea.
6. There is no liberal or right wing race card. Both sides are bad when they engage in it.


I don’t feel sorry for any of the players. Big Brother is, and always has been, cutthroat. The more drama the better as far as production is concerned; and, if everyone here was honest, everyone likes the drama, the generated publicity (all publicity is good – negative and positive), and the hype. And if you are smart enough or uninformed enough to play (whether recruited or not), you should know the calculated risk about how every action and every word will be judged by the viewers. I think the entire charade is fake, and quote Kyle, “”production is writing the script for this week and he is just doing what they tell him to do”. So yeah . . . I think people need to separate bias and racism and realize, that is life – we all know it and we all need to learn to look at our own bias before we start hating so much on these actors. And that’s what they are – actors. Great show – I will always enjoy the entertainment it provides. Survivor too – keep it up CBS!


For some reason it appears more cutthroat than Survivor. Could Jeff Probst be demanding this?

Alexis Katz

CBS has blood on their hands. What Kyle did was not racist. They were discussing the game. After all, the cookout did plan an all-black coalition. They excused Hispanics and Asians of color. Could that be racists? Maybe? but NO! What Kyle said was not, and now he is getting dragged all over social media because Brittany and Michael thought it would be cool to point out he’s a racist to save their asses! Terrence, Turner, and Monte have to be stupid not to evict Taylor, of course, Monte thinks he’s still safe. If Michael or Brittany wins, he’ll be gone next week.


M/B never once said Kyle was racist.


Kyle admitted his actions were “rooted in race”. BB needs to vet better and do diversity sensitivity prior to the HG entering the house. Some of his comments on the feeds were racist.

Pink pudding

If Kyle truly assumed there was a cookout 2.0 scenario, why not use it to his advantage and expose it ( like he did with the left overs). Yet his immediate reaction was to start a all white alliance. He was very much aware of the division between the house guest of color… Terrance, Indy, Nicole and Jasmine didn’t align well with Joesph, Taylor and Monte, and Kyle knew that. His words, logic and actions doesn’t add up.


For those who are railing against Kyle leaving and for that reason don’t want to see tonight’s show, you have 2 options:1) You can watch Biden’s Primetime address to the nation on loop or 2) If you have Amazon Prime you can watch the start of the LOTR series

Big Brother Fan

You forgot 3) Download the Fox sports app and watch Penn State Football…WE ARE!


Who are they playing? If it’s Temple no need to watch. Penn State practically always wins against them

Big Brother Fan

Purdue, just as bad lol. But diehard fan so…


It’s just funny to me how Taylor can say she doesn’t want to vote out a black person on her HOH and that’s not considered racist, but Kyle makes a reference to the black people might be sticking together and he’s a racist. Does anyone else see a double standard? And before anyone calls me a racist, let me tell you I have a half black granddaughter who is loved more than life itself and I also have a half Hispanic granddaughter that is my life. Our country is not changing the narrative by pushing this double standard.


Last year they formed an all black alliance. No one called that discrimination. I dont like kyle. But I dont think he meant harm


Some comments may have gone in that should not have. My apologies it’s been a busy day for me.


Thank you for all you and Dawg do!


Breaking News via Julie Chen on Instagram: Tonight’s HoH competition is….ZINGBOT!!!!

un autre nom

HOH is supposed to be a Puzzle. Zingbot involved.


Sounds like another Michael victory…oh goody…*insert sarcastic eye roll here*. (And this has nothing to do with the bullcrap that is going on. This has to do with I dislike it when the same person wins all the challenges. I like to root for underdogs and I like to see twists. The same person winning everything doesn’t exactly lend itself to twists.)

un autre nom

As feeds went down for episode prep., Monte seems to have gotten Taylor on the evict Michael train. The points that Monte has gotten into Taylor’s head:
Michael didn’t remove her from the block with veto week 2 when Pooch was the target (Monte still doesn’t grasp that the entire rest of the house decided Pooch was gonzo as of the moment he volunteered, and Taylor was IN on the plan so she’s evidently forgotten as well), and Michael saved Britt with veto this week, not Taylor (Michael thought chances of Monte flipping decreased with Taylor on the block). The other point that got Taylor thinking is Michael never denied thanking Kyle for not using the veto during Taylor’s HOH (Kyle had told Michael he was the blindside renom target, which he never shared with Taylor).


Kyle and Alyssa have *not* broken up, and I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t stand either one of them. He’s 29 !!! and can’t go longer than 10-20 seconds — is he in 10th grade or something ??
Turner and Michael are the only ones left who actually know what they’re doing, the others are merely ordinary players.


Is it even on tonight??


So the Brittany cry before the feeds went down was a nothing burger. The 1st Kyle talk with Monte and Terrence and the house meeting was more important


So I don’t understand why an all black alliance last season was not racist, but Kyle questioning if it could happen again makes him racist. Seems a little ridiculous. You can’t have it both ways. Since it already happened it seems logical to at least think it could be a possibility.


This house is a joke it’s ok for a black woman to play the race game but if a white male talks about a black group working together he’s the bad one what a joke