AJ dreams of BBCAN tang, Andrew: “Dude you need to get your head out of your d1ck”

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Gary & Suzette
Current Nominations: Suzette & Aj
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


10:14am Havenots Room Emmett, Peter and Alec

They are talking about Liza’s plan to put up Topaz as a pawn and how it’s making Alec nervous. Alec doesn’t think Liza will win the Head of Household but he’s also not very happy with Topaz going up. Alec: “What if the POV is played and I go up”
Peter: “There is a lot of variables there.. Liza won’t win the HOH if it’s physical”
Emmet about Liza: “I’m sick of her dropping first then talking about it right after.. Bitch we are all in the fucking event we know who dropped first “
Alec: “I don’t like how she talks to people”
Emmett: “She thinks she knows exactly what is going on in this game.. EXACTLY.. I would love love to Danielle her”
Peter: “She’s not going to agree to go up as a pawn she’s not that stupid”
Alec: “what is preventing us from putting her up?”
Peter: “Tom will freak:
Alec: “We’re three tom is one.. Look Tom she’s targeting the showmances”
Emmett: “She doesn’t like the showmance”
Alec: “she’s told me to my face she wants to break up the showmance”
Emmett mentions that he caught Tom slipping up about the 4 of them making it to the final. Emmett thinks Liza is included in Tom’s final 4.
Emmett: “Aneal is a huge threat but she (Liza) is a bigger threat”
Alec agrees. Peter stays quiet.
Alec: “I’m worried she’ll put up me and you (Emmett) “
AJ joins them.. Alec: “AJ you gotta bring it tomorrow”
Aj: “I got it I got it” (Poor AJ )
AJ is felling good about tomorrow he thinks he’ll get Talla’s vote he calls what they have smokemance, “She bums smokes off me she’ll vote to keep me”
The bros tell him he’s got the votes.
Alec and Aj leave

Emmett: “Hey pete we need to see what happens with this HOH and talk to Topaz but we need to try and get rid of Liza”
Peter: “As a backdoor.. or hope she doesn’t win the Power of Veto”
Emmett: “I don’t know maybe BAckdoor it depends who wins the HOH”
Peter: “What will we do about Tom”
Emmett: “I can talk to Tom.. I’m just worried telling Alec stuff because he tells Topaz shit”
Alec comes back
Emmett: “Alec don’t tell Topaz about Liza”
Alec: “Topaz doesn’t like Liza”

The Bros still trust Tom 100% and they think Liza is the one leading him astray. They do not want Liza to be in the Jury house she’s too dangerous.

Jillian joins them for a bit and they chit chat.. when she leaves Emmett says that Liza leaving will help her game to. Emmett: “I’m not safe if Liza is around”



12:50AM Bedroom Andrew and Aj Andrew is saying that Emmett and Jillian need to go. Andrew: “I want to bash my head against the wall when they call her Jill bottom.. what the f*** are you talking about.. ” AJ: “She’s really cute on slop” Andrew: “Dude you need to get your head out of your dick.. you are not hooking up with any of these girls. AJ: “Calm down.. I’m not disagreeing with you” Andrew: “You are going to get some Tang when you get out don’t worry.. It might be one or two” Aj: “You can’t deny she is good looking” Andrew: “She is gorgeous.. but I’m not attracted to her for one second” AJ: “you’re gay.. that is the test” Andrew: “I’m not.. I’ve gotten to know her.. She can’t stop singing”

1:20AM Alec and Topaz couch Game talk Alec tells her he is in tight with Andrew. Alec tells her that he will never put up Andrew and Andrew will never put her or him up

Topaz wishes the nominations here Suzette and Aneal that way they can evict Aneal and bring Suzette in.
Alec: “I like how this game shapes up if Liza leaves.. I feel really safe”
Topaz: “Me to”
Alec says that the two people he will not accept deals from is Liza and Aneal

(Video uploading)


1:35pm Bathroom Gary, Topaz and Alec (Gary is in the shower) Gary and Topaz compare notes about Liza. Gary says he’s going to “call the b1tch out” for all the bullsh1t she’s been telling him. Alec says Gary is safe from Andrew, he’s tight with Andrew and is sure he can keep Topaz and Gary safe. Alec: “She told me she was going to put up the showmances..” Gary tells them that Liza HATES topaz. Alec still thinks Liza will put up Alec and Emmett. Gary tells them that Liza has been acting very very weak and she’s always talking about her physical weakness. Gary says they can throw the HOH to Andrew. Alec thinks they need to win it to take out Liza because Andrew won’t do it. Alec tells Gary that he has to be quiet about what they are talking about. Gary swears he’ll watch what he says. Gary says the people he wants to not make it to jury house is (AJ, Jillian and Aneal it was really hard to hear what he said)

Alec Leavs Topaz goes to chat with Gary

Gary is freaking out about liza getting into his head, “The longer she’s here.. she’s getting in my Head”. Gary has been talking to her and sometimes he forgets and starts to trust her and tells her things he shouldn’t. Gary: “Sometimes things slip” Topaz: “SLIP” Gary back tracks says just how he felt about people nothing major. Topaz tells him Liza is close to Tom, Talla, Aneal, Peter and Adnrew likes her. If they can get rid of Lisa Peter and Talla are back with them and Tom is back with Topaz.

An OBB Classic


There all in bed
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What? Now Andrew wants to get out Emmett and Jillian?? This guy couldn’t buy a clue if they were giving them away for free! And telling AJ is dumb dumb dumb!


Oh good. Thanks for clearing that up for me Simon. I was like..uh what? Andrew HAS to know that Tom is gunning for him.


You know what’s going to be hilarious? Peter winning HOH and watching Tom self destruct when he sees his girl Liza going upstairs to sleep with Peter every night! lol


She’s playing Peter just as much as she’s playing Tom. The difference is, Peter is in love with her, Tom is not.


Tom isn’t in love with liza, but seeing peter and liza will make him realize that one or both of them must go


Its hard to rank a best player with aneal gone. Aneal knew from week 1 the 4 boys had an alliance and enarly got himself voted out. Peter seemed like a smart player until he started thinking with his small head and got all delusional about liza. Instead of befriending a gary or andrew or TALLA (someone who actually can win competitions) he befirends a useless social player playing multiple guys in the same alliance. She will implode sooner orlater, these types of players never last long. Tom is great inc ompetitions but he is winning too much and putting a big target on his back. Hoepfully people will forget about him. Tom is also not very bright, instead of going for liza who wins nothing, who should go for talla.

Since everyone has been telling secrets to liza, its even hard to put her up because she can spill alot of beans. she needs to go.

I don’t see a smart player in the house. Gary is almost a good player but he is annoying as a first impression and flamboyant. However if he sticks with team tom, he can go real far if he loses every competition people will just forget about him


So I just heard Tom on the live feeds telling Liza that he is most like Jeff and that he should win fan favorite and he will be pissed if he doesn’t. After reading all of the comments posted here since the show started it doesn’t seem likely he will win. Then again Frank won fan fav last season on BB14 and he was every bit as arrogant as Tom is. I have always wondered why BBUS doesn’t give the fans a schedule as to what weeks the fan votes and pandora’s boxes will be prior to the season starting. That way no matter who is HOH or who is on the block, the fans will know it was pre-determined rather than production “fixing” things for certain players. BBCA could do this too. If they told us when the game started that the fans would have the veto this week then all the conspiracy theories would have no merit. Since neither BBUS or BBCA have done this, we the fans can only assume that they are trying to rig it. It’s a little soon to pick a clear favorite. Like some of the other posters, I change my mind almost daily as to who I would like to see win. While I agree that Suzette should not have said what she did to Tom during the veto competition, I also think it was rude of him to celebrate so openly when Suzette knocked herself out. I love the crown on Tom’s head in all his pictures, very appropriate.


I’m pretty sure the network has no problem with viewers thinking they massage the direction of the game. If they didn’t, think about how boring some of the seasons would’ve been. I’m all for them doing it as long as it’s geared more in the direction of keeping someone in instead of pushing someone out.


I REALLY WANT LIZA GONE. Thumbs up if you agree..


The truth? It doesn’t matter at all who we vote to save in Powershift. (I know it’s “sponsored” and all. But BBCA could do this any week they wanted to, and still make the same money.) But BBCA Production, just like with all BBUS “viewer votes”, has already decided the Powershift vote outcome. Suzette *will* be remaining in the BBCA house. Why? I’m not quite sure. Best guesses? BBCA production thinks it is best for ratings to keep the only “mother” around? (Hey, “moms” out there, does Suzette staying in BB matter to you?) Or does Production want to save the only “plus size” HG? (Surely, plenty of viewers, like myself, could “stand to lose a few.” But I still much prefer watching fit HGs.) Or is it to save the only “Native Canadian” HG? (Not sure there. Any thoughts?)

Clearly, Suzette allowed BBCA Production to check off several different “demographic boxes”, with her selection as a HG. (None of which matters to me.) But Suzette is *constantly* bringing these things up to the other HGs (Gary is the only one who will even listen to her.) To me, the only halfway sensible reason for Production to intervene now is to prevent a woman from being evicted, for the third time in three weeks. One thing I do know: Production never does anything, without what *they* think is a very good reason – for them. And the entire *world* knows that Suzette was gone Thursday, short of “Production Meddling”. Well, Production meddled. There is only *one* possible reason for this. They want Suzette to remain in the BBCA house. But why???????

To me, the timing of this shows the *woeful* inexperience level of BBCA’s first-time Production team. If they insist on “messing with the game this early”, then last week was the time for Powershift. To save Danielle, not Suzette. (Not that Danielle was “all that” – she wasn’t.) When BBUS has “jumped in” like this lately, they only do it for a *very* good reason: to save a Frank Eudy. Or a “Brenchel”. A *major* force in the game. BBUS *never* rescues an “insignificant to the gameplay” HG, like a Suzette. At least Danielle was a 20-year-old, mouthy, sassy, combative “spitfire”, who was both far easier on the eyes, and far more of a physical threat than Suzette is (then again, who isn’t?) Let’s face it. “King Tom” has is in for Suzette. Most HGs don’t even talk to her. OK, Production, now what? After going to *all* this extra bother, you’ve managed to save your “beloved” Suzette, for some wacked-out, misguided reason. For now. Still, Suzanne will *never* even make it to jury. And this “Production Prank” will just make the already Suzette-hating Tom even more pissed at the world, and want Suzette out twice as badly now. Tom’s been both mad at, and blaspheming Suzette, ever since she put him up on Day 1. Now we’re all forced to hear even more of it! Hey, if AJ goes home instead, no biggie. (Best case BBCA production scenario.) But what if a guy like Andrew gets put up, and goes home instead? (He’s also on Tom’s radar.) Andrew was the *one* HG willing to take Tom on soon, even if he went home himself trying! To watch all that go down would be exciting reality TV! But now, 100% thanks to BBCA Production, Andrew might end up evicted, “pre-fireworks”, and “yawner Suzette”, is still here, for more of her “nothing” game. Thanks, Production. Can I please put *BBCA Production* up, as Suzette’s replacement nominee, and have them evicted instead?

Please, BBCA. Let me wake up Friday morning, and discover that your “Powershift” twist was cancelled, due to “temporary insanity” by Production. And that Suzette talked to Arisa on her way out, as originally planned. Production, it’s been a great first season for BBCA so far. Ratings are terrific!!!!! It’s still early. Please let the game just play out, on its own, before you start to overly insinuate yourself into it. It’s doing just *fine* without you!!!!! Jeez, BB Production people – they just can’t help themselves. They’re such control freaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well Jim…personally the reason I think Suzette was saved,, was because Canada wanted to teach Mr.Smug, aka Tom a Lesson.


I don’t think I am going to vote on this one. I don’t want to see Andrew on the block, but I bet that’s what happens. He would have Alec, Emmett, Topaz and Peter’s vote, AJ (if AJ is saved), but I don’t think he would have Jillian, Liza or Talla. I have no idea what Aneal would do, probably vote out the strongest player, which would be Andrew and Gary would vote to save Suzette, he might keep Andrew if AJ stays on the block. And if it’s a tie, Tom would break it and send Andrew home. It will all happen so fast that players like Jillian and Talla won’t get a chance to be told what to do. It’s not looking good for the newfie, and that makes me sad because I thought he would be the only one with the stones to make a big move. Production should have given us the option to not use the POV and give it to the HG of our choice before the HOH competition. At least we should have been given the choice of who should go up in the saved HG’s place, since it’s hard to be excited about saving either Suzette or AJ. The only good thing about the twist is that Tom’s HOH may end up being a waste, Suzette will still be there and he will be pissed, and putting up 4 people in one week means he makes more enemies. My only hope is that Tom puts up Topaz or Aneal. Topaz would stay and Aneal would sadly go.


Well, tom snd liza are both dillusional they think they are canada’s super couple even though they aren’t a couple and more nuasiating them cute like jeff&jordan. I am not sure there is a fan favorite right now but from the comments i would say either emmit or alec. The problem with liza she thinks she is so clever but they all know what she is doing.


Liza, I think, is the reincarnation of Season 4 Allison. She is trying to make nice with all the boys.


Peter was a such a smart player, being the best this season of the Canadian version of Big Brother. His undoing is going to be that succubus Liza. As much as I don’t Liza, she is the second best player in the house. Gary I think comes in third, regarding gameplay. He is generally the target, but has the ability to divert attention away from himself. He didn’t blow up like Suzette, when Danielle was evicted. Tom is a good player, in that he can win competions. If he does get to the final 2, he might not win since his social game was lackluster.

Any other suggestions? Anyone?