Hot Tub turns toxic “Oh my god it smells of urine, I’m so itchy, I’m going to barf

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-21 15-12-10-376

6:12pm Jon Messing around in the storage room

Heather comes in says Rachelle is being “b1tchy” in the kitchen because Jon threw out her “Stupid” soup.
Heather – “OK it’s not stupid.. I love her soup it’s tradition ”
Jon goes out to the kitchen and tells Rachelle the Diary room told him they wanted the pan back.

Jon tries to organize a new game for them to play, Adel carries HEather and Jon will carry Neda. Heather doesn’t want to play that game. NEda tells her Adel is strong. Adel pops in says they should dress the girls up to look like guys.

Neda and Jon are left alone in the Storage room. Neda says she has the feeling he’s not saying something. Jon says he’s not hiding anything asks her if she’s hiding a secret, Call her a “Super Fan”. (This was Neda’s secret she told Jon a week ago)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-21 15-19-10-163

6:30pm Kitchen, Neda, Adel, Heather and Jon

JOn pissed at the gremlins

He says the gremlins shouldn’t go around talking to them about being bullied and excluded when it’s them walking out eating dinner on their own.
Heather says the gremlins exclude themselves.
Jon is sick of Sabrina talking to him about “exclusion”, Jon – “If she ever talks to me about exclusion ever again I will lose my mind”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-21 16-01-36-251

6:51pm Gremlins in the hot tub

Rachelle and Sabrina both say they are “way too hairy”. Sabrina smells the chlorine floater in the hot tub “Oh my god it smells of urine” (See image below)

They decide the hot tub is too disgusting and climb out.
Sabrina – “I want to get out it’s too dirty”
Rachelle- “Like eww”
Rachelle – “It probably has a fungi or something that is growing on us”
Rachelle – “I’m so itchy.. I’m going to barf”

Rachelle says Sabrina is going to be so bored without her. Sabrina- “You think I don’t know this.. get out there and campaign” Rachelle cannot believe she’s leaving so soon, tells Sabrina she’s not going to campaign.

Jon comes by to swap out the batteries. Sabrina tells him the Hot Tub is gross points out the Fuzzy BRown stuff growing on the side.

(Rachelle knows she’s the target other than that nothing new on the game front)


7:30pm Kitchen Heather, Adel, Jon and Neda

Heather says the gremlins are only going to be around for another week.

7:39pm Neda tries to make a chess board. Adel helps out a bit.

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Come on! How Boring is this season!


This is why yeast infections and hot tubs don’t work…nice work Jon, spreading your yeaster love!

Heather, glad to see you are finally showing your truer not so nice nature. I always knew you had it in you despite the sweet little girl act.
She’s done a valiant job playing the holier than thou role though and appearing to keep her hands clean but her hatred and jealousy of Rachelle is starting to spill out. Keep is classy now Heather! (winks).

My predicition – BBH is going to get even nastier very soon. Heather in particular will begin to bare her razor sharp baby teeth more often which would make Jon and Neda feel safer keeping her around to F3.


When you’re in a a house, surrounded by strangers, miles away from home, with no clue what’s happening in the outside world, you will NOT act like yourself. I wouldn’t call these day 60 Heather shenanigans her “true colors” by any means, it’s probably just stress and anxiety. We all have it. I, for example am one to be terribly anxious after days on vacation. Not to the point where I can’t function, but to a point where I simply don’t feel like myself, nor act like myself.

team adel

People keep saying adel is stupid for putting up the gremlins, explained to me how putting up neda and Jon is good for his game seeing that neda won pov this week, he wouldn’t have the numbers to eliminate Jon, there for he would be removed next week for swinging and missing everyone just stop with your b.s and watch the game, adel was literally on the edge of the house week 3 and he climbed his way all they way up to final 5 so enough.


He forms an alliance with the gremlins. Neda wins POV and Adel puts up Heather. Jon goes home 2-1.

Now he’s definitely going home because Neda, Heather and Jon have already decided it. That was always what the F3 was.

team adel

He doesn’t like the gremlins, so why would he align with them then he would be on the bottom of that alliance as well.


Because he doesn’t stand a chance against his other alliance. They’re better competitors, more cunning, more ruthless. Neda doesn’t have much of a relationship with Adel and she’s calling all the shots.

Who he likes and doesn’t like has nothing to do with it. It’s not about making friends.

The guy needs a POV next week or it’s game over.


Then, because Heather and Neda have a much bigger shot at winning anything after the gremlins, he has alienated the both of them, one of them wins HoH, nominates him, and he goes anyway.

Wouldn’t it make much more sense (in adel’s mind) to take his much stronger alliance and hope they are actually loyal enough to keep him around? You’re looking at this from an omniscient point of view.


That’s arguable. The only thing that Neda can compete in is mental competitions, and they just had one recently. The girl weighs like 70 pounds and has probably never worked out in her life. She’s lethargic in nature. If Jon went home this week, I would bet that next HOH would be a toss up between Rachelle and Heather. We’ll see though.

All we know for sure is that Neda always targets the biggest threats that aren’t in her immediate circle; and that’s not Sabrina.


Its the same idiots who said keeping arlie was better for alli’s game. Yes, in the short term, alli would have stayed for another two weeks, but then she would have been evicted (by arlie) anyway.

People just want to see something entertaining, the house flip, ect ect. Take these comments with a grain of salt and ignore them.


Hell!!! The hot stinks cause you peed in it Rachelle? Remember that? Cause between you peeing and that yucky tampon your fellow gremlin left in the shower, god knows what else you two have done!!!!!!


Hey Sabs, maybe the hot tub is gross because your little lap dog isn’t fully paper trained yet. I wouldn’t get in that thing if you paid me $100K


Soooo Boaringg


Maybe you shouldn’t piss in the hot tub and it won’t smell like piss. What an idiot.


Wonder who Sabrina will cling to when Rachelle is gone… Probably Heather, maybe Neda; maybe try and make a “girls alliance 2.0” LOL
if Sab wins HoH she’ll probably nominate Adel and Jon I’m thinking (smarter would be Neda and Jon and make a F3 with Heather and Adel)


Watching the Live Feeds right now is like watching paint dry…


People r very touchy on this who cares what ppl write its a free site & ppl can express themselves as they choose


I agree with you, to an extent. I don’t think it’s appropriate to say WHATeVeR you want though. For example, would it be ok to throw out racist or homophobic comments on this? I highly doubt that would be acceptable whatever way you look at it. Also, calling down someone’s looks for being overweight or whatever is also inappropriate. You have to remember, these people are someone’s sister, friend, daughter or son. When they get out, and they read so much hate, they could go into a depression or something. Is that appropriate? Somehow people get really brave behind a computer. I don’t think anyone should be saying anything they wouldn’t say face to face to someone. Cyber bullying is definitely not cool regardless of your “rights”.

Junk x 10

House is gettin’ pretty boring, so I Googled Gremlin’s…There are three specific instructions for looking after the pet or it will change into a gremlin:

1. Never expose it to bright light (i.e. suntanning)
2. Never get it wet (i.e. they live in the hot tub)
3. Never, ever feed it after midnight (i.e. midnight snacks)

Rachelle is itchy and is beginning her transformation…later that night in the kitchen:


Wow Heather…..seems like you are the caddy bitch now talking about Rachelle constantly. Give it a rest. A few more weeks you could turn into Sabrina


BB Production knew that Rachelle peed in the hot tub, so why didn’t they make her clean it from top to bottom weeks ago? It’s absolutely disgusting that iit wasn’t cleaned or a new filter wasn’t put in. And, how many house guests have gone in the hot tub since she purposely peed in it!


I’d bet others have peed in the hot tub. The others were probably smart enough to do it when the jets are on.


This people are so boring

Karma rocks

Big brother should put up a sign beside the hot tub that says..”rachelle please stop peeing in the hot tub”…or “sabrina please dont take your tampon out in the hot tub”…or “no gremlins aloud”


One thing this season has instilled in me is a strong desire to re-watch Gremlins 1.


Neda has a good direct way of telling them what she wants. She is the puppet master. She is threatening her vote if she goes on the block before the gremlins or Sabs


Anything that is said against Heather seems to not make it on here…….she is not so sweet……she is obsessed with talking about Rachelle….relax she is gone in a couple days you are almost as annoying as Sabrina


People saying it’s boring act as if last year with Emmett, Jillian, Talla, Gary and Andrew was so much fun… It’s THE SAME each year!! Don’t get me wrong, I loved those 5 last year, but 5 people in a big house with NOTHING to do, gets boring pretty soon!! Quit your whining!!


they need more activities for them to do. even some games stuff in the backyard altho why they can’t think of something like working out, walking laps around the yard, using the pool doesn’t occur to them, i have no idea. Rachelle should have tried bonding with other houseguests by leading yoga sessions.

You can’t just sit around making dinners, eating dinners and cleaning up from dinners, then doing laundry, and then sit in the living room talking about how ‘bored’ you are. Get up and work on some skills, strength for endurance, throwing stuff (tho it doesn’t seem like BB left any bag toss or other game equiprment, well if they did, we aren’t seeing it because they aren’t USING any of it.

Hot tub i guess they want to be ‘outside’ in the fresh air, but it’s ridiculous if that is the only thing they can think to do all day.


oh, also agree that when the numbers go down, and the POV done, and the eviction set in stone like this one, there is little to entertain the viewers. can they do another double eviction anyway, or one with two in one week, or are there not enough people left for that option.


Can’t wait for this season to be over and bbus to start hopefully they will pick some more interesting house guests :/


Yup, I just loved watching Spencer Andy & Gina Marie for what seemed like 2 million years on the feeds. It was more fun than an appendectomy. USA! USA!




Heather was one of those kids that says I’m telling! And goes to tell mom and dad. So annoying I’d love for her to get a good slap in the face such a spoiled brat


You sound like a nice person.


Just wanted to add another point regarding Neda being the one with her head in the game, and never looking too far ahead.

Of the remaining players these are the conversations I’ve heard:

Adel: wants to sell his toothbrush invention and his shirts/hat line as well as do appearances

Jon: has discussed several times how he wants to “make paper” when he leaves via sponsorship, promotions, opportunites

Heather: wants to launch an acting career I believe (she’s referenced it several times)

Gremlins: well where do I start? they are going to model, act, have their own show, etc, etc.

Neda: yes she has her shirts but she’s stated her goal is to WORK at a magazine as a stylist and use the money to help her mom. I’ve NEVER (and that could just be me) heard her say she is looking to act or get outside deals.


Gremlins as models…BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Rachalle to be 1st cover girl of new magazine “Golden Showers”
Sabrina…too easy…don’t want to be that mean


whose fault is it that the hot tub smells like urine rachelle????