Tera “Everyone wants someone else to take the shot.” Keifer “I can’t take the shot if I wanted too. I’m in too deep!”

Head of Household: Kiefer
Nominations: Kyle and Ro Austin
The Power of Veto Players are : Beth, Austin, Jed, Kyle, Ro
POwer of Veto Winner : Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony : Ro used the veto on himself. Austin nominated as replacement.
Have nots: Ro, Tina, Tera, Victoria

Party last night + Alcohol = Everyone got sauced no feeds for you. There wasn’t much game talk if any. It was more like lapdances, Beth ‘sleeping’ with Jed, Kyle/Austin flirting, and Vic getting some sort of spread eagle. Looks like a flip is in the air again which should make for some interesting waffling this week.

11:40pm Bathroom. Vic and Tera.
Tera – have you had any other convos with anyone? Vic – just right now briefly with Jed and Ty. I was like I don’t know do you think Kyle is the right choice? Like really quickly in the kitchen. And they’re like oh you too huh?! And I was like oh did you have any other conversations? And they were like yeah, we think Tina and Tera want Austin to go too .. but they think its just because they’re coming after them. So like they’re going to talk about it. They said its not off the table. Tera- I had a conversation with Ty and Jed.. Vic – and it didn’t go anywhere? Tina – no, it didn’t sound like.. Vic – they said they’re going to talk about it. Like I wish I had more concrete reasons. Like I forgot them all. Like we had so many good reasons and I forgot them all. Tina joins them. Tera – I can’t tell if they’re actually considering it or if they’re trying to make it look like we’re conspiring for it. Vic – oh boy, got to be careful! Tera – yup. Vic – its the right move for her to go man. Tera – the one thing that Ty said was that he would do whatever Keif said. Vic – well Keif wants her gone. Tera – does he actually? Vic – yeah. Today we were debating about it ..50/50 .. we were going over all the pros and cons. Me and him were doing it. And then he landed on Kyle because of the rest of the house and because of blood. And he was like we will get Austin next week. But the thing about Austin is I don’t think its that easy to get her on the block. Like she won’t be up on the block again for a while. She’s like one of those people ..like why pawns go home. Tera – if feel like they’re either planning it up to pin it on us or if they’re trying to be like yeah we want to work with you.. like that would be a sign that you want to work with us. Vic – I just don’t trust their game. She is on the block and hasn’t said a word to her alliance. I think it is just not adding up yo! Tera – Ty just left it as whatever Keifer wanted, that’s what he would do. Vic – should we talk to Keifer? Because its the same situation as it is for Keifer as it is for us .. its better for his game. Like WAY better! Tera – I agree with that. Vic – Like WAY BETTER for his game if Austin goes because like then he would be invisible. Like legit! He needs to be smart. I think he wants Kyle gone for personal reasons as apposed to game reasons. Tera – I feel like with all the rumblings if the boys did it, it would build trust with me. And if they don’t I think it just looks kind of sketchy… like was this just tossed around to make me look bad? Vic – you should say that because I think they do want to build trust with you too. Tera – and if they are like we have the numbers, then we will just peck them off and then play. Tina – I think something sketchy is going on myself. Vic – I can’t see Kyle winning anything besides Jed and Ty. I can’t think of one thing he would win. I can’t say that about Austin. Austin does not give a f**k! Tera – they say they don’t care about the order but essentially they do. Vic – that’s what we should say then. This is crazy, it shouldn’t be this hard. We just need to have the reason ready. Tera – and it comes down to Thursday, we just have to win. Vic leaves. Tina to Tera – something was said to Kyle. He seemed perturbed.

12am HOH room. Tina, Tera and Keifer.
Tera – its just like we’re in this trust tree and I’m going to try this out. Keifer – yup. Tera – I don’t feel like Ty trusts me or that I can trust him. He is just basically like come and work with us. He said that he doesn’t care what order they go. They’re all just peeps. If they’re all just peeps and you don’t care what order they go .. then if they’re all just peeps and they’re all coming for you .. why can’t you build trust with me and say Austin’s name.. if this is the one discrepancy that keeps coming up with me not working with them. And then he was like I will do whatever Keifer wants. So now he is dumping it on you which is kind of a common thing that is going on around here. If it does get dumped on you .. I don’t think that Kyle and Roh would be coming for you. keifer – I just don’t know. I would rather gamble getter Kyle out than not risking that and not getting Kyle out and lookin like an idiot. Tera – you know like Austin is going to say your name. They’re working pretty tight with Roh right now. Tera – I honestly think that for me it doesn’t matter. Keifer – I am just not going to make anybody happy really. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Keifer – I think they’re just stringing Beth along. Tera – who? Keifer – Like Austin and Breydon. Tera – I don’t really even care.. I didn’t even bring up this idea .. but it will sound like I did. Keifer – I don’t know who to trust. I don’t who I want to piss off less. Tera – I don’t trust anybody. Keifer – you shouldn’t, this game is just full of lies and deceit. Tera – it really is. Whoever wins deserves every f**king penny. Keifer – yup! It would be a miracle to make it that far. I think I could do it. Am I crazy?! Tera – I think you could but not with Ty and Jed. You need someone to take a shot at them. Keifer – nobody is going to. Tera – you want to get rid of someone who blatantly says it. Keifer – because its a loyalty move to get in deeper. Tera – I know, everyone wants someone else to take the shot. Nobody is going to do it. Keifer – I can’t take the shot if I wanted too. I’m in too deep! Tera – that is what I mean. If people are wavering like Austin, why don’t you leave someone who says they will. Keifer – we have so much game left. We are 25 days in to a 75 day game. We’re looking too deep.. for me I am trying to build trust. I am trying to build relationships that get me further. I picked a side of the house. It might come back to bite me but its a gamble I am willing to take.

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Hey, I love Austin but i think Beth is just so rude she will vote her out. So does keif want Austin out or Kyle, I have a feeling this is the eviction where jury opens up, also a small request, show what the jury do more please

but I’ve done some watching on after dark and the clips that aren’t in clouded and extras and looking at the social media’s, of the remaining house guest, Kyle is gonna go.. SEE YA KYLE but Austin needs to skiidaddole ona skidoo, shit of fuck this game is hard

another name

the bbcan jury is more likely to be 7 when they started with 14.
That means jury begins after when 2 people leave.
That’s why the sunsetters are trying so hard to get rid of Austin and Kyle back to back, so they won’t be on jury.

another name

What did yesterday accomplish?

  1. Vic thinks she has cemented herself with Jed/Ty/Beth and Kief. Little does she know Ty knows she lied to them about Austin (from Tera), and little does she know that Jed/Ty/Beth are humoring her but want her gone for LaToya.
  2. Austin thinks she already got everyone’s word (Tina, Tera, Beth, Vic, Jed and Ty all said they’d keep her before she went on the block) that she’s staying, so her campaigning is weak to practically non existent and they are wondering why she’s not campaigning (cus you stupidly promised her your vote already twits).
  3. Tera pushed way too hard to flip the vote. She now looks sketch beyond sketch. Vic pushed for the three of them to corner Kief to get him to change his target… notice who wasn’t there? Vic.
  4. Expect campaigning today from Ro and Kyle now that they are aware of a possible flip.
  5. Kiefer has to be thinking he can’t protect Tera and Tina anymore. Not that he really did that great a job of it.

What has actually happened?
The flip isn’t on yet. I still expect it to be a thing. Kyle learning he isn’t totally dead in the water may push him to campaign hard. As long as he and Ro don’t go out seperately and end up cross purpose cancelling out each others’ campaigning… could happen.
Will Kief be in on it?
Likely not. Or not given an option just told it’s better for our game.

Kyle to Jed/Ty: i’m still down for the take out the middle plan.
Kyle to Vic: who cares… tbh Vic wants Kyle more because she had a sex dream about him.
Kyle to Kief: water under bridge blahdeblah not after you blahdeblah (he doesn’t get a vote).

We learned overall that Tera as an HOH or Tera as a nom would be MESSSSSY.
I don’t care which, but one has to happen soon.

another name

The Party we missed Recounts:

Pad Thai and wine. Jed and Vic pounded the wine apparently. Ro pounded pad thai.
Jed and Austin gave lapdances to Tera. Tera preferred Austin. Jed gave Breydon a lapdance and gave him a peck.
Beth kissed Ty a lot, and Austin and Breydon. Then she told Jed they could hook up. She fell asleep on him.
Austin and Kyle secretly kissed.
Vic was twerking and doing splits, pulled something and laid back with her legs out, telling Rohan to stretch her. What other people saw from behind the two of them was apparently a riot.
Kyle put a chokehold on Ro that Ro didn’t like.
Tera got angry with Production. She went full Karen about not being allowed to go out for a smoke.

Not a lot of game was talked.

We wake up today to Kyle telling Tera to trust Au/Brey 100% they are oddball all the way.
Ro telling Tera that the boys are trying to pit TNT against Au/Brey so that NOBODY is after the trio.
Tera telling Au/Brey that those boys are so sneaky and good with their words, and the oddballs need to communicate better (yeah, it was bad… especially with the floater oddballs ghosting to play middle sideye).
Tina tells Brey his name never comes out of her mouth, Brey says same. Tina fears the steamroll if no oddball wins hoh. Brey doesn’t think that’s possible.
Ro is telling Austin to do a little campaigning today because her lack of campaigning is sketching out the house. Brey reports back his convo with Tina.
They’re sleeping on Vic… thinking her tendency to dive into the arms of every hoh means she’ll be with them when they win. You know if Beth won, Vic would be moving heaven and earth concentrating all of her energy into growing a penis. Don’t act so shocked. Truth is truth.


Interesting notes from this morning – (see my thoughts below before seeing this) b/c I STILL think there is major damage control that has to happen b/c of what Tera did/said last night & I’m not sure how she easily steps out of that especially if she’s confronted publicly with it.


Should be a good day of waffling.. gonna try and pace myself 🙂

Just Sayin'

I am pleasantly surprised at how good this season is! It’s just good old fashioned big brother playing. I feel like kief should want Kyle out over Austin, she seems like she would have bigger targets then kief, but Kyle would put him up out of spite.


It’s been a treat. Hopefully, it continues this way.

another name

I’m trying to figure out if Ro has truly decided Austin is more beneficial for him than Kyle.
I suspect her performance in veto being so poor after Ro told her to throw it means we’ll never know if she sucked or threw. He did say last night she’s better for him from a comp perspective.
I think Kyle is getting some notes on campaign from d/r now. (we all know they hint and ask loaded questions that magically becomes part of campaigning a half hour later).

Tera did a lot of damage to the evict Austin cause… in presenting the evict Austin case.
But surely it won’t be silent wallflower Vic tossing out innuendo and whoppers. Perish the thought. lol.


(Another Name) I had pretty much all the same takes as you but posted them on the previous page lol. And YES Tera was hella messy.

I’m not in the same camp as you about the flip for a couple of reasons-

  1. Tera sold the Austin leaving soooooooooo hard Ty/Jed know she feels safer with them than Brey/Aus
  2. THAT ^^^ (and Vic lies) gives them ample ammo if Austin or Brey win HOH to throw them UTB
  3. If they buy Aus/Brey isn’t gunning for HOH & believe KyRo is & would target them why would you keep Kyle?
  4. Both Tera/Vic got caught in lies (that made Austin appear forthright)
  5. Even if they buy KyRo pitch to take out the middle of the house Austin has proven she’ll be a better competitor than Kyle
  6. They have NEVER trusted KyRo & their actions post POV showed where they sat — whereas Austin spoke to both of them
  7. With Kyle gone maybe, they think they’ll get more attention from Austin

Btw –did you catch the big lie Tina told Tera/Keif? She retold the Austin convo (outside on couch) where she asked what Aus would do if she won HOH. Austin straight up told her “I mean it’s obvious right – we keep the numbers” Then Tina pushed on who specifically & if Beth was in the equation & Aus said – no it’s gotta be the 2 boys right?

BUT — in the retell Tina lied & said Austin said she didn’t know. What are your thoughts on why Tina lied to her trusted 1 and 2?

  • To keep the target on Austin?
  • Does she not fully trust Keif/Tera?
  • Does she want Tera to keep spiraling (she has to know she would likely sit beside her in a lot of scenarios right?)
  • OR is she not saying anything in case Aus stays & her or Brey win & it comes out from Ty/Jed how people said Austin specifically said she’d put them up & then can pull in Keif/Tera to confirm what she told them?

^^^ one thought I had is Tina sees through the Keif/Vic lies & recognizes she needs to be careful and I also wondered if she already can see Tera will be a liability so going to the end with someone like Keif or even Ro might be better for her b/c she’s not as sold on Vic.

I prefer Austin to stay but I also like Kyle. (definitely would love a Keif free feeds).

I might be giving the hamsters too much credit but in the event, Aus stays & she or Brey win HOH, I can see a path to a similar HOH as her first (take out a floater).

My thinking is b/c of all the lies & ammo Ty/Jed have now… Tera said far too much, Keif/Vic got so caught up in their power-tripping & created too many unbelievable lies — even contradicting themselves. There is still the untold secret that Keif KNEW he was leaving & LT was Vic’s target from the get.

I’m not sure it would lead to a house meeting but — I do think there would be discussions to put TNT & Keif/Vic in a room to explain with both sides there so avoidance couldn’t happen ie; they would have to fess up – or pick which lie (side) to stick with. And that would create an opportunity for a safety deal (one week, two weeks — til jury?).

Again, maybe I’m asking for too much but at least one of the hamsters from the two trios HAS to figure out that the next eviction only requires 4 votes to evict so if the middle group isn’t on the block THEY decide who leaves. AND if the two trios just direct their shots at each other then as soon as one trio is a duo the other trio becomes the primary target.

I know Ty/Jed have this bravado but how can they ignore Tera has NEVER been comfortable with them — Tina abandoned the Sunsetters on the LT vote & doesn’t share intel— Vic is a loose cannon who likes to take out big targets & has no fear… & they’ve caught Beth/Keif in lies (Beth where their names were mentioned). If they take out Kyle/Aus in whatever order don’t they see they’ll be a more enticing block choice than Breydon or Ro for that matter?

We’ll see — TPTB has such a heavy hand in the plot in the current game that I wonder if we’ll ever get any semblance of the old school version ever again. I guess I can hope.

another name

i think i posted my answer to your question about Tina under the post where you made it.
Tina doesn’t name names very often. She’s always been cautious on giving Kiefer names.
Tina is playing for Tina, and is much better at floating passively than Tera.


Oh — and the other big item — the entire house has been pushing this narrative about ACTIONS are what I trust – this in particular from Tera & Ty… who consequently BOTH promised Austin their vote. So if they don’t vote to keep her they’ve done precisely what they say they judge others for.

another name

The whole prove your loyalty with actions stuff is… contrived. They both know it.
It’s the easy way to try to passive aggressively attempt to get your way, but always leaves people thinking *trust breach alert*
TBH, everyone promised Austin their vote the night before noms BECAUSE Kief was being such a dink about revealing who the nom would be. He wanted to scare her, make her uncomfortable. She pulled out tears and got everyone’s vote. His inaction caused her emotional blackmail that has made her think there’s no reason to campaign because everyone swore their vote to make her comfortable going on the block.
Now they’re all wondering why she isn’t campaigning: because you already gave away the cow, the milk, and the cart before she was even on the block.

another name

Perspectives in the house:
Kyle: he sucks at comps but he’s a mastermind manipulator. (who gonna tell them?) would he REALLY be after Kief instead of the Boys, or is Kief a post veto option happy surprise?
Austin: dangerous because she lies and manipulates and never says anything and doesn’t say who her targets are (so she’s silently lying? oh). maybe a comp beast or *maybe just lucky because all the comps she did well in are chance (as per Jed/Ty)
TnT? At this point, Tera still wants Austin out more. Tina at this point couldn’t give a frig I don’t think. Tera pressed so hard she’s in cleanup mode.
Beth? She just wants the women gone. She knows Kyle staying is targets on Jed Ty from Vic (who tells Kyle to say his target is Kief… messy messy Vic)
Vic? TBH see Beth. It’s not as pronounced, but it’s a thing. Her Austin angst? Reality, finding out Austin had a brain pushed Vic that way.
Jed/Ty? KNOW Kyle is after them from Vic. Think they might still have Austin in their pocket… maybe. Do they buy that Kyle would laser focus on Kief? and who would the other nom be in this magic scenario?
Kief? Emotionally wants Austin gone for himself, wants Kyle gone as part of this “this is for you Cappy” and pantrygate stupidity.

I say another 2 minor flip talks start somewhere around 330 and maybe 1030. nothing resolved.
This cast just loves the Thursday scramble too much. We won’t know.

as of just after noon: Kyle and Austin meet to discuss campaigning. They agree they’ll talk to Jed and Ty and some others, but they will not campaign AGAINST each other, they will Push the Positives of why each should stay, not why the other should go.


How do you think Vic selling out TNT goes over with KyRo (b/c they blatantly lied about it)? And how would TNT walk this back w/o looking super sketch?

another name

I think a lot of eyes are going to start looking in Vic’s direction soon.
She consistently tells on peter to pay paul, then goes back to paul and says peter did it.
The inconsistencies are starting to be exposed. Everyone is saying where is the distrust coming from? And three of Vic’s lies have been exposed.
If Jed was more forthcoming with what is actually said in conversations, instead of just throwing out his ego garbage agenda… she’d be totally exposed. But Jed is a creature of his ego garbage.


Tera’s spindoctoring this morning – first to get to Aus/Brey tells them Ty/Jed threw them UTB so not to believe them what they say b/c they are just trying to pit them against each other.

I’m behind (need to see Aus/Brey/KyRo) chat to see if they fully buy it or if they realize Tera is suspect.

another name

Ky and Ro are… attempting to spin doctor a flip. They want to get Jed and Ty on board and bypass the tie.
Their campaign is let Kyle take out Kiefer, then they gain a jury vote because no way does Kief vote Kyle to win.
Their campaign to beth is tentatively we can be a trio, and we’re going to make big moves.

Vic doesn’t want them to campaign to Beth at all.
Vic wants them to go to Kiefer.
They are nonplus on that idea.

another name

Kyle’s campaign to Ty and Jed:
I’ll take out kiefer for you later.
I’ll take out TNT if I win HOH.
I wasn’t in on the Ty backdoor talk, Vic might just be throwing his name out.
He doesn’t promise TNT anything, they’re just scared of Austin.
He was with KARB, but they weren’t named. They were just close.

Ty and Jed have mentioned twice how Kyle’s campaign contradicts Austin’s campaign.
Are they more likely to believe Kyle? Jed, who thinks Austin is a bitch certainly is.
Ty might be.
Flip chance at this point is 70%. but the conversation is ongoing, so who knows.

Effect of convo shown in the chat between Ty/Jed and Kief:
something isn’t lining up. TNT are scared of Austin. Austin is lying to everybody in the house, but she’s better for their game because nobody else is going to put Kyle up, everybody will still go after Austin next week.
Kief says TNT will vote how he says. Jed says they don’t even need TNT’s votes.
Ty exposes that Kyle’s pitch was to target Kief for them. You can tell that JED was NOT going to include that.
Now they are trying to get funny… and think up loyalty tests. The mastermind that Ro said they were trying to pull before is what they are trying to do now. The boys concede that getting rid of Kyle is better for the group.
Kief wants to tell TNT that Kyle named them as his actual targets next week.
Jed was swayed HARD by the Kyle pitch. You can tell. He wants to be that vote that gets rid of the woman that dared say no to him. Shuddup, that’s exactly what the wheels are doing in his head. He’s THAT dbag.

Effect 2:
After Ty relates the convo, Vic wants the flip harder. Beth is less vocal but wouldn’t be opposed to the flip.
Kiefer isn’t happy about all this flip talk. He’s made his wishes known, and is getting perturbed that everyone isn’t scaping to the HOH’s wishes (gee, should have thought of that week one when all the flippetyflop made the HOH’s wishes irrelevant, eh, Kief?)


One thing that bothers me is Jed saying that Austin never admits she talks game to KyRo — & that isn’t true – She said to Jed – we talk but nothing is formalized like it is with Breydon.

And, she told him they (Jed/Ty) aren’t her targets – he said she couldn’t tell him that.

I’m not sure if that’s a communication breakdown or Jed/Ty just not liking her.

For a second (and it may still happen) as Another Name predicted – that Austin would leave but for the moment it’s back to Kyle leaving & that came about b/c someone (Keif, Vic or Beth said the reason TNT want Kyle to stay is b/c Ty/Jed are his targets.

Vic’s advice saying Keif was his target was super dumb.

The thing is if they are buying what Kyle says about the middle then why do the people in the middle want to keep him so badly? B/c they believe the guys are more likely to go after each other. Hoping we get to witness a Ty – Jed chat at some point to see if they figure this out— but for the moment it’s shifted back to Kyle leaving.

Also – The entire TNT thing will get exposed by Ro if Kyle is evicted (TNT both look super sketchy/shady) Gotta hand it to Vic – she orchestrated much of this happening and it looks like she’s going to come out clean as a whistle – I’d like to see her get caught a bit here

To be honest, I was kind of hoping Ty/Jed would get Keif to say vote out Kyle & then have one of Jed or Ty go to TNT & say we’ll vote out Austin – – to see if they would go tell Keif or just vote her out (I’d kind of like for them to be exposed) .

another name

a new fly in the ointment:

Why are Austin and Brey doing a roast performance? That we know nothing about.
In a house full of fragile egos that can’t take a joke?
She’s. On. The. Block.

shaking head from side to side.


Did you notice that NO ONE roasted Vic & pretty much veered away from Tera for the most part (b/c they all know they’ll take it all so personally).

It was predominantly about Jed/Beth, Austin/Kyle (or Brey), & Ty/Jed ..
They all took it pretty well but both Ro & Keif got in SHOTS —

The two that dripped in truth was Ro shot at Keif about intimidation & Keif’s shot at Austin (2 faces). They dripped more of what people really felt.

I have a feeling at some point Keif’s going to be angry about how many people made comments about Ty/Jed running the HOH though – we’ll see.