A BIG MOVE – “positive, you get to kick it with Elena in Jury “

Jason used the Power of Veto on himself. Christmas Nominated Mark as the replacement.

Solar Eclipse..

11:45pm Xmas, MAtt and Raven

Xmas says she doesn’t know how Jason feels about her but she knows Alex feels good about her. Xmas adds that Kevin is targeting Matt and Raven.
Matt brings up talking ZERO game with Kevin.
Xmas – the reason is twofold, 1 he can’t have you in his pocket. He thinks he has Jason and Me in his pocket.
Xmas – 2, he believes if he makes the bigger targets shoot at eat other by causing little rifts than he is constantly under the radar. (She just explained Paul’s game)
Matt agrees..
Raven – if Jason and Alex win HOH should we go for a apple (that new temptation twist)
Xmas says they should, “I believe it should be somebody that goes on the block”
Raven – we have to do it before nominations

Xmas tells them if Alex and jason win HOH they are going after Matt and Raven, “They’re trying to take out the numbers now.. that’s what I think they will do”
Xmas – nothing has been said.. just looking at shear strategy

They agree Mark is one of the least trustworthy people in the house beside Kevin.
They comment how Mark never stuck up for Elena and flipped on Cody.
Raven wishes Mark was more trustworthy they could keep him and get rid of Alex.

Xmas now saying that Alex and Jason might nominate Kevin “To put him in check”
Raven – They’ll put Matt and Kevin up
Matt says he has no problem going to Alex and Jason telling them to put him up along with Kevin.
Matt – dude I’ll go up there.. put Kevin up with me.. Honestly that would be perfect..
Raven adds that Alex and Jason think they have JOsh, they’ll know if there’s a plane to “Backdoor” Matt. Josh will tell them.

Matt says the only problem with that plan is if Alex and Jason win Veto they pull Kevin down.
Xmas thinks they would put up a competitor.

Matt agrees..
raven says they’ll put her up.
Xmas – I don’t think so girl… at this point you are less likely than anybody else.
Raven says they have to put Alex and Jason up to backdoor Kevin.
Xmas – anyone can get the temptation right?
Raven – yes.. except for Mark he’s leaving so it doesn’t matter
Xmas- and it happens after the HOH

12:42pm Mark and Xmas
Xmas – you probably don’t want to see me
Mark – it’s fine it’s a game.. I told you that
Xmas = just want you to know that wasn’t easy for me
Mark – that’s alright, you’ve handled this week really well
Xmas – so have you
Mark – thank you
xmas hugs him..
Mark – good luck this season.. Like I said I appreciate you hearing me out..
Mark says he knew this was going to happen, He knew if he didn’t win HOH or POV he was going out.
Mark – I can understand this is a game
Xmas – this is not at all a personal thing.. it hurts my heart.
Mark – I don’t take it personal at all, It’s a good game move.. It’s been a great summer.
Xmas – and positive you get to kick it with Elena in Jury
Mark – and I get to kick it with Elena for a couple weeks
Xmas – unless you can do something and flip the house..
they laugh
Xmas – it is Big Brother..

Mark says he spent time with a person that rubbed people the wrong way.
Xmas says saying Rub the wrong way is a sweet way to put it.

Mark – thanks xmas.. no worries..
Xmas – thank you.. really..

12:49pm Mark seems happy…

Josh comes in and tells him he’s handling it well. tells him to make sure he doesn’t stay locked in a room and comes out to be with the rest of them. They’ve all noticed how well he’s handling this.

1:09pm Kevin and Jason lifting

Kevin – I’m telling you on my soul.. if I win next week I’m going after Raven and Matt.
Jason says that’s everyone’s plan
Kevin – i’m getting to the point where I’m tired of people lieing man..
Jason – I know…
Kevin wants them to focus on getting down to the four (Paul, Alex, Kevin and Jason)

Kevin – you agree
Jason – YES
Kevin – whoever wins wins.. no hard feelings whatsoever
Jason – yeah
Kevin – we deserve going through this sh1t for 2 months.
Kevin – are you f*ing kidding me, watching guys and girls grabbing each other’s a$$, putting fingers up a$$h**es, you know what I mean? (LOL)
Kevin – jumping around acting like fools while you just lay in your bed and watch. (Matt/raven)

Kevin – Mark hasn’t said a word to me

Jason – he hasn’t said a word to me.. he’s butt hurt..
Jason thinks Mark did throw him under the bus wo Paul.

1:21pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin looking through the food left over from Jason’s HOH page.
Kevin – Olives.. what the f* Jay, what are you a widow.
Jason – I like olives
Kevin – no sh1t

Kevin saying there’s only 5 weeks left they have to focus, “You focus more than me, I’m just reassuring you that you’re doing great”
Kevin – I’ve never backstabbed nobody… and never have.. sometimes that ain’t good I guess. . It’s going on the show people will see it

Jason – I know that’s the worst part..
Kevin – can’t wait to see who backstabs..
Kevin – so far nobody to be honest..
Jason – it comes so subtly, you know what I mean, people have been putting bugs in people’s ears from the start
Kevin – seems like people are worried about Alex and Paul..
Jason – they’re powerful.. I don’t want to think about it.. it’s that paranoia that will crush you
Kevin understands they plan to head back out in the sun.

1:30pm Jason reading his HOH leader on a comfy bed. I hope for his sake those aren’t Alex’s pillows.
Alex comes in.. Jason jokes that he’s looking for a secret message in his letter.

Alex – we’ll have to go over the dates really really really soon..
Alex wants to make sure they don’t study around other people.
Alex – you can’t have other people learning the dates.

Alex says that kevin told Xmas in the early part of the game he only sleeps next to jason and Alex he’s got no loyalty
Jason – that mother f*er

Jason – he said.. I don’t have anyone.. like you have Alex..

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Wow!!! What a big move!!!

Christmas really is a bada$$ !!!!



Man this is HUGE !


so you’re saying if Mark sat in a final 2 spot that he would not win no matter what?


UM, NO that’s not what was said. Maybe read that again. People just want to see the “BIG MOVE” that xmas keeps going on about that she is going to make. How is Mark a bigger move than Alex? Paul? No one ever said that Mark would win the 500grand. People just want to see a wrench thrown in the bully alliance. Mark is alone, any of them could have pulled him in for their duo to help with numbers or get Paul/Alex out. Personally I would love to see them vote Matt out this week and see what Mark can do.


I think the only way Mark could win would be if he was responsible for evicting Paul in a similar way to when Steve evicted Vanessa. The jury could go either way. Either they would respect him for the biggest move of the game or would hate him for depriving Paul of the win.


I can’t believe this season what a disappointment?


Good grief why don’t they just give paul the damn check and end this season……ugh what a waste

The Solar Eclipse

The check is already made out to him. Please Moonves, put us out of our misery. Paul is an awful, awful person.

Pat the puss

I said it, CBS believes Cousin IT aka Paul should have won last year, and now they are handing it to him. Similar to Rachel’s season, they bring back the veterans they want to win and hand them tools to help. Paul decided who might leave night one, than gave him 2 weeks of being untouchable, putting a target on Cody. Same as others I’m no longer watching, and appreciating the blogs.


I agree!! They should shut down all cameras at the bb house and move the cameras to the jury house. That would be more entertaining.
This has been one disappointing season.


Totally agree
Worst season ever




Yes!!! It’s getting tiresome, people complaining about the houseguests while constantly WHINING themselves!


If I can stop watching BB this season, you can stop reading comments….. Try it if you’re so tired.


Some of us aren’t watching. We’re reading updates just in case something good happens. Nothing has. Watching would give me gastroenteritis or whatever–precursor to vomit. This show could kill me. I may die if I watch it.


you should watch the CBS show rather than read the updates and comments.. the CBS show itself is edited so that there is some drama.. some unknowns.. it leads you down the path of uncertainty.. “maybe alex will keep cody.. i sure hope so! i should watch to make sure”

it could be said that you yourself are sabotaging your own BB experience….


I don’t watch it and umm free speech!!!!!!!! USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA I can comment and say whatever the hell I want to say about this season, change only come when we voice our opinion. Maybe just maybe if enough folks speak up and stop watching, they will cast a more competitive group. Don’t read my post if you have issues…….smooches


My computer, public blog, my choice to voice whatever I want on a open forum (thanks Dawg) don’t read the comments if you don’t want to know about others opinion. The act of free will works, you have free will to stop reading, same has my free will to complain about the lack a competitive cast members. BTW I used my free will to stop watching, so you can use yours too stop reading ……


Are you new here? Thats what this place is for. Complaining. If you don’t like it don’t read the comments.


Biggest move EVERRRRR….I`m socked, how was she able to pull this out? So impressive.


dont watch


I don’t watch. Dickhead. I only read the blog.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Way ahead of you. I haven’t watched in a long time. I just like reading Simon & Dawg’s bracketed comments and the posts here. And checking to see if there’s a reason to start watching again (something happens that Paul didn’t dictate). The answer keeps being no.

So predictable

Yes! Exactly! So predictable! It will be game on once Mark is gone! …. don’t hold your breath 😉

Paul has slotted himself in groups of three. Have they not caught on? Everyone going after everyone but his name never comes up to eithwr put him up or backdoor him.Hold on. Ravens light bulb went on when she mentioned Paul’s name ….but that’s just Raven rambling on… It would be epic if Paul gets blindsided… I just want to see the look on his face. Some fake smile.. oh and shave that gross beard. Fix it up or something Paul! I think I would have more respect for his game if he wasn’t such a bully all the while contradicting preaching friendship. Just my opinion 🙂


Can someone explain the bullying? I keep reading about bullying but other than the pots and pans can someone explain what happened? Manipulation is part of the game but what incidents of bullying? I can’t get the feeds. Thanks

Grodner Hearts Paul

They spent several days ganging up on Cody & Jess 10 on 2, following them around screaming personal insults and obscenities at them, attacked Cody’s military service, questioned whether he really had a daughter, Raven said Jessica was only with Cody because he had a big penis…I guess that last one wasn’t much of an insult to Cody. Lots of other stuff I can’t remember. CBS wouldn’t show it, but I watched some of it on YouTube so it’s out there.

Grodner Hearts Paul

DR eventually called them in and told them to knock it off because they had stated they were trying to get them to quit the game or for Cody to get mad enough to hit someone and get thrown out.


Did you check Youtube? Might be there.


Cody going so far as to say outside of the house he’d tear Josh apart. Both Jess and Cody calling him a fat useless piece of sh*t.

Josh slamming pots and pans in Mark or Cody’s face to a threatening degree to egg them on. They even said they hope one of them tries to hit him and self-evicts. (That’s hardly game manipulation).

Cody retaliating with threatening postures both toward Josh and then Paul.

Paul bullying Mark about why he didn’t stand up when Cody bullied Josh. Paul was out of line and overboard with Mark.

Josh telling Mark to shut his F*n mouth. Telling Mark he’ll F’n Sh*t on him.

Alex goes off in her hot dog outfit, Christmas goes off…, all very ugly and uncalled for. They called it mental warfare. That isn’t game manipulation if you ask me. They just wanted to knock their target off centre and ultimately, Paul wanted them to show their horrible side so they won’t get votes in the end.

Not to forget, Paul instigated all of this.


Yeah, he’s a beard model but that is so 2016. Time to take the rats nest off!


She is in an alliance, they have a plan, but maybe you should call her and explain why she should put someone else up a week ahead if schedule to make you happy.


Yep, HUGE move x-mas, I take back every single negative thing I ever said about how you game sucked! No other player ill have that magnitude a move in finale, so you might just have this thing in the bag ! (SO much sarcasm) X-mas your a polesmoker who will follow the bobble head anywhere he will lead you! The rat FTW!


Mark, stop apologizes you wimp.

“I’m so sorry I exist” – Mark


After Cody left I have been pulling for Mark but him giving Paul the Save a Friend earned him a zero in my ratings today. I know he is feeling desperate but no way was he going to win his way back in with Paul. Now everyone knows he can’t be trusted. His odds would of been better holding strong and hoping someone who finally wanted to make a move on Paul took advantage of his vote.

Botox Pelosi

Mark should of given the Save a Friend to Alex or Jason because that would of made Paul’s ass pucker and he would be paranoid as hell.


This Save a Friend is the kind of move given to Rachel so she could win on her 2nd try. Suspicious? yes. Paul is playing Derrick’s game not his, so no best player ever for him. Hopefully, no AFP either. I’s love Jason to win. He’s got a down to earth soul.


Derricks game was completely opposite. His game was quiet, and sneaky. Paul’s game is loud and completely in their face. They’re just too dumb to see it.

Both seem to have the same effect, but I wouldnt call it the same game.

BB Juicy Blast

Paul is playing an amalgamation or Derrick and Vanessa’s game minus the tears.
Identify the target and rant endlessly about it.


Yeah but like as if any of the puppies want to make a move on Paul! They all seem to think they have a final 2/3 with him. I wish the pups would all get together and talk about what Paul is promising but they wont. They are all going by his first season, all about ‘friendship” and being loyal to Victor, they pups ALL think they are his Victor this season…Especially Xmas and Alex. Really looking forward to them all watching the show back and see how gullible they look for falling for Pauls BS. I just wish there were live feeds for them watching so that we could see their expressions. LOL


I find it annoying how Josh was telling Mark how to behave this week. It doesn’t matter what Mark does, he’s almost certainly going out the door and at this point it’s the hg’s who should be thinking about how they are acting towards the next jury member. I wish Mark would stop being so conciliatory and challenge them to campaign for his vote; tell them he’ll do his best for them but he’s worried they may be saddled with a very bitter jury.


Reminds me what Cody said about Mark while rambling to himself on the hammock:

‘Mark asked, me ‘Why can’t we hold off on Paul?'”

“Because I’m not a giant pussy.”

Botox Pelosi

I hate Paul. Not just because he is an arrogant asshole bully but because I had to wait nine months for my favorite show to begin and he has turned it into The Bad Girls Club.


I 100% agree with you. What a waste of a summer for Big Brother


100% agree with both of you. Either have an all star cast , which would still be boring , or let the newbies fend for themselves.

Martha Stewart

BGC is quality programming compared to this. This is Cry Baby Club. Dance Moms.




Honestly I don’t care who wins except for Alex, she’s a bitch


I agree with you. Dont want her to win


Same but Ravens my one pick not to win..isn’t it funny how we can’t root for anyone to win

Cancel BB

Mark needs to grow a pair and flip this fucking house!

Joe Kerr

While I agree, the question is how? No matter what is said no one will believe it. Their minds are made up. The only reason anyine is being nice is for his vote. They give two craps if he is hapoy or not.

And it won’t matter cause he will probably try to vote for Elena.


I don’t watch the feeds, but has Mark campaigned to those who have a vote? He needs to call them up for being lackeys and try harder to present a deal.


They’ll all be wishing they actually had made ANY move when Paul walks out of the house with the money.
Seriously, at this point it’s either Paul’s money or whoever grows the balls to knock Paul out. Everyone else is just a puppet.
What a boring season. If I wanted 24 hours of Paul, I would watch his parent’s basement.


So people are allowed to talk to Mark? they weren’t allowed to talk to anyone else who was going out the door, Mark is special. Oh wait, no, they realize they will need his vote.


Christmas is a fraud. She’s not at all what she says she is and proved that with her nomination of Mark rather than Raven. THAT would have been bad***.


Even putting up Raven would have been a pathetic move. Paul or Alex would have been Bad@ss..though Paul was saved this week (due to idiot move of Marks) put up Alex ..would love to have seen how she would have acted. LOL


OMG….I’m so sick of hearing how Mark has to go because he hung out with Cody….UGG!!! Mark is not a threat in this game (Even it he made it to the end I really doubt he would win) but you’re saying the reason he is leaving is because he was close with Cody. Give me a break….that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard….. I really wish Mark would just tell them to shut the f&ck up!! I like Mark but I wish he would stick up for himself just a little bit more…..I’m sick of hearing he apologize for everything.

And while we are on the subject….How is it Cody ruined Jess’s game and she should of turned her back on him BUT Mark is a liar and not trustworthly because he turned his back on Cody?? Josh keeps bringing this up and it is driving me crazy.


I find it ironic that all the house guests told Jessica that she threw away $500,000 on Cody. Do they not see they are throwing away $500,000 on Paul and they aren’t even getting the happy ending????


yet another week kevin isnt on the block starting look like derek season


Tsk, Tsk, Tsk!!! Give the check to Paul and just cancel the rest of the season. This is worthless!!! Bring back the Evil Dick, Rachel Riley, Mike Boogie, Dr. Will, heck even Gina Marie from a few years ago. Someone that will stir the pot, make Big Moves and play the game and still have a chance to win. Not just a bunch of people that unite to take out one person at a time and no lines drawn in the sand. Next week everyone will just flip on Kevin or Matt. Paul is already setting Kevin up to the house to rally against. BB over the top was better than this.

Hats off to Paul he is doing a masterful job of playing the game. But this type of Game Play sucks for the viewers.


I think when the jury compares notes on Paul’s deceptions he will come up short again! The person who makes the big moves on Alex, Paul, ??? Gets the jury votes.

Sasuke Uchiha

At this point I want Paul to win. All of these Houseguest are losers. I really hope after this season future houseguest will watch them and play better.


Who would you rather be stranded with on a desert island. Thumbs up Raven / Matt. Thumbs down Paul /Xmas


I think the lack of thumb votes mean neither one, lol

Silent but deadly !

Thotal bs xmas is so disappointing ! I was so excited to see her make this big move she keeps talking about in the dr , and her big move is to get mark out ! The worse move she could ever make ! She could have had mark vote her way instead she’s doing exactly what paul wants her too ! Dumb dumb move


zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Mark out this week is sooooooo boring….when is someone other than Paul actually going to play this game! Paul has already said who’s out next that’s going to be either Jason or Kevin. These minions will do it just like this week they are getting Mark out for Paul. I think Paul wants to sit next to Josh, Raven or Matt(since they do nothing) in the finale everyone else he will try to get out so it’s so pointless for these minions Alex, Jason, Christmas to keep following him!


I don’t think he will sit beside Raven. Remember the HGs all feel bad for her because she is so “sick’ and needs money to pay off her medical bills. granted they all find her annoying but I still think they would vote for her out of pity. they all even want Matt out before her, which is something I don’t understand.


One by one being sent to slaughter and don’t even realize it. When and if they do it will be too late unless they all ban together and get Paul out. Christmas should have put Alex up and let the house decide.


The successful way that Alex and Jason have worked together so far shows that a male and female couple don’t have to crank up a showmance every time to play the game.


It helps when she is ugly as sin

Please Elaborate

Successful in what way?

Xmas' Big Move was more of a BM

Thank god for Xmas and her big move.

The last thing we needed was more of the same predictable evictions.

Now if only someone could explain to me how getting rid of Mark is a big-shake-up move.

I’m sure that I’m the moron, b/c obviously Team Bad Ass is a Bad Ass of her word and this was obviously the big move that she always intended….

Animal lover

Instead of giving the prize money to these bozo’s, give it to the ASPCA.

The Queen of Perseverance

What ru guys talking about? Christmas is the “queen of perseverance” and a “bad bi**h” and “big move maker”….taking out Mark is huge. Him and…..ummm his “alliance” were ready to steam roll thru the house. Sheesh. This is terrible. I actually might consider rooting for Josh if he wasn’t aligned with Christmas and Paul. I guess I’m rooting for Kevin or Jason. I guess.


Kevin better get a clue and start winning and take out the garbage in this game. I would love to see him make some moves before he exits stage left.

Old Man Dong

That’s like telling him to get an erection multiple times a day…it ain’t gonna happen.

The Queen of Perseverance

What ru guys talking about? Christmas is the “queen of perseverance” and a “bad bi**h” and “big move maker”….taking out Mark is huge. Him and…..ummm his “alliance” were ready to steam roll thru the house. Sheesh. This is terrible. I actually might consider rooting for Blob if he wasn’t aligned with Christmas and Paul. I guess I’m rooting for Kevin or Jason….. I guess.

This is so wrong

At this point I want to win is…..ANYONE WHO WAKES UP FIRST AND GETS PAUL OUT. At least it could be said they finally woke up and played BB


Wow, Christmas actually did it. She made a big move….oh wait, never mind, she put up Mark!


I have come to terms that Paul will win. My daughter and I had a conversation about this. I explained to her that it isn’t his fault that all these people follow him …. it’s incredible! Reminds me of the season Derrick played just a bunch of followers, people wanting to be in the right “crowd”. Paul even said it himself … he’d evict him but he’ll take it.


I am hoping that what Mark tried to do this week is a good sign of things to come even if it’s late


Why don’t CBS stick a crown on Napoleaon Paul’s greasy hairy little head…..those other stupid players (except Mark and Kevin ) are the stupidest people I have ever seen in my life ! ! ! ! What a sickening BB season ! ! ! !


Cant imagine how much more enjoyable this show will get when Mark leaves……..I started to play BBAD and first thing I saw was matt and his over the top fake laughing and had to delete it from there. These people are awful! Christmas can now say she is a bad ass player….she put the one guy on the block who has no one there….wow she is impressive!

The Foosa

Hop-a-long’s big move. SHOCKER! So predictable and called this several days ago. Next, that smuck Kevin. I think Matt and Raven will go to the end as they will never win the votes.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Great article in the Washington Post about the “Paul effect” on the season.

To summarize:
The reviewer thinks Paul has made the season boring. Says competitors are “oddly protective of Paul, treating him like their king.” He was set up with way too much power at the beginning when he was given 8 bracelets to give safety to other players. HG had to kiss up to Paul to get them. Then “by coincidence,” Paul got another power that saved the one time somebody tried to put him on the block.

“They’re so in awe of him that they let him call the shots and gang up on any houseguests that don’t idolize him…Paul is on his way to the easiest half mil in Big Brother history.”

No one acts strategically. When they win HOH or POV, they just ask Paul what to do, he tells them, and they do it.

The 2 players that wouldn’t go along, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson were considered the enemy of the house, relentlessly attacked, and eliminated.

The writer hopes this season will convince the producers to stop bringing back returning players.

I agree, and would add that if they do bring any back, at least don’t give them so much help.


Wow – It is amazing that I agree with you all……The season, the minions and even Julie Chen’s interviews all suck this year. The only vote I give is for Cody to win the $25k!

The game

Best season ever I love it for the first time everything is going the way I wanted it !!! Funny cast I loved the bully tactic it was awesome because it was done to the original bullies Jody remember the first fight them attacking Josh that’s when things changed Josh kept his cool and the whole house tightened up even more after his Paul and xmas first week blunder it was clearly shown how u don’t play hard in the first few weeks or u get ur butt handed to ya Paul is in Dr. Will and Dan territory if he wins and I love u haters on here this season sucks that’s the way I felt for years except this year it’s so sweet to watch every Thursday and see my team win every week even when they didn’t great job CBS u finally got it right and haters hate on ahahahahaha !!!!!

Pants on fire

Anyone else have trust issues with production and this apple temptation? They could very easily make all the apples for that week be the exact same temptation/penalty depending how they want the play to continue. Only 1 apple gets chosen so nobody would ever know that the other apples were the same or different. Kind of like timed comps aka Cody and his 3 minute time in the monster comp. Really? No one the wiser. Pardon my conspiracies!!


I was thinking the same thing…like were all the apples Save a friend because Christmas said she was going to make a big move and they wanted to save Paul.


next season time limit the hoh and hoh room and next time they throw a hoh throw them into isolation 2 days


Yeah, enough of this throwing nonsense. Just play the game. And who wants a snorer sharing their HOH bed? aka Paul?

Sir Loin of Beef

Kevin – “Olives.. what the f* Jay, what are you a widow.”


As for Kevin’s depression, he probably sees how futile it is to do anything he knows needs to be done. I saw snippets of him thinking outside the box earlier, but it backfired. He knows there is too much ratting and ostracizing going on for someone who presents a different scenario. Too bad. People don’t know how to keep their mouths shut.

Even Mark saying to Jason, “This is between you and me.” Then Jason goes and blabs it and puts Mark up accusing him of talking bad about Poor Paul. OMG! He drank the Koolaide to act so strange.


This business of hating on each target and making up school-boy reasons for them being a target is beyond me. Whatever happened to saying something like “Mark (or Cody or Jessica) is strong, wins a lot, is a threat, let’s vote them out?” The outcome would be the same.

Instead, they attack their personalities and say it’s not personal. They make up stupid reasons for voting people out because they can’t think of logical ones.


Just read an article from The Latin Times that said:

‘Big Brother USA’ Season 19: Josh Martinez, The Latino Bully We’re Not Proud Of’
“Host Julie Chen addressed the harassment in an interview with EW saying: “Josh’s behavior is juvenile and annoying. It’s meant to intimidate. But Cody and Jessica are both too strong-minded to let him or his antics affect them. In fact, it might make them work even harder and make them stronger.”

Julie, Julie, Julie!!!!! No!