Christmas to Paul “When we take out Jason, then you’ll have two b***hes fighting for you.”

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12:30am Backyard couches. Christmas and Mark.
Mark – did you think about our conversation earlier? Christmas – yes, and to be completely candid I really wish we had had that conversation before this .. the double eviction because it may have been different. It doesn’t feel good. Mark – its a tough spot, its fine. Christmas – I think it may have more negative and attention than I prefer. I am telling you this because I did consider it and explore and I didn’t just dismiss it. I really think it would have been a different conversation had it been earlier. Mark – so earlier before Cody and Elena left? Christmas – yeah. Mark – I understand but it would be a crazy move though. Christmas – You’re right though, you would still be the target but I would probably be the next to go. They would have 2 options, maybe 3 I don’t know if they would include Josh in that. Mark – Matt and Raven get safety or the veto .. Matt and Raven are just kind of floating by in this game. Christmas – I really do wish you had gotten HOH. Mark – I don’t take this personally, its a game. Mark – as far as votes go with Alex, it would be a 3 vs 3 tie … moving forward the votes aren’t going to be there anymore unless Paul goes against them. Man you take out Alex… its just fun to think about.

Christmas – it is a good strategy presented. Mark – that is why Paul was so gungho about it. If she were to leave the house it would be Jason & Kev, Paul in the middle, Matt and Raven and then Me and Josh. I can definitely see where you’re worried it would bring more negative than positive. Christmas – and you’re not in good with Matt and Raven? Mark – I am and I think they would be in to get out Alex. Even ask Paul where he stands. With Matt and Raven, I think Matt is more concerned about the longevity of Ravens game. Paul gave it away tonight with what he said. He said they kept Big Meech around because she stirred the pot and caused fights. That’s the same with Josh, he stirs the pot and starts fights. I would love to fight with you and Josh. I understand the backfire but Alex and Jason are comp beasts. If you take Alex out of the game Jason will be so lost. He is not going to know what to do. If its me and you up on the block, they are going to vote me out. I would even say if it was me and you on the block, vote me out.

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12:50am Josh joins Christmas and Mark. Paul comes and sits in the middle of them before they’re able to talk. They talk about Josh pulling girls hair to get their attention. Christmas, Paul and Mark tell him not to do that, its creepy. Josh says he’ll date older women. Big Brother says I don’t think so. They all crack up laughing. Alex and Jason join them. They all sit around the couch chatting about random things.

2:06am Backyard. Josh, Christmas and Mark.

Mark – I completely understand from a game perspective if its going to bring too much heat on her. But from where you guys stand I don’t know how you guys are going to make it past a certain spot. Alex is killing comps and the combination of her and Jason is insane. Jason with out Alex, he is going to be lost. He’s not going to know what to do. If the win more comps, there aren’t going to be the numbers to take them out. Josh – my only fear is that if you flip on us I would f**king kill you! Mark – I wouldn’t do that. I would give you anything. This would be my second chance. I would never do that.

Josh – I believe you. I think you would stick with us. Josh – would you not re-align with Jason. Mark – f**k no. I will do the same thing with you. If I am on the block with you, I will tell everyone to vote me out. Josh – if go based on actions and things that have been done in this game.. I can’t think of one thing.. if the house does flip would you flip on us? Mark – NO! I don’t have any deal with anyone. I have not made a f**king deal in this house. Josh – I am going to stand by whatever Christmas wants to do because she is HOH. I will sleep on it and think about it.

2:15am HOH room. Christmas and Paul.
Christmas tells Paul that Mark is campaigning. Paul – what is he saying. Christmas – he doesn’t attach you to me and Josh. He doesn’t know where you are with us. He is pitching that we take Alex out. He thinks that Jason, Kevin and Alex are together. He doesn’t know where you are. Paul – that’s good. That’s good for us. The minute people find out that I’m protecting people its a done .. NOPE. I am to act like I am a free agent. No one is coming after you and Josh. He says he pledges his loyalty to me and Josh. He said he could be a physical competitor. Paul – he’s a terrible physical competitor. Christmas – he said he is terrible in HOH’s but is good in vetos. Paul – Kevin and Jason are going to band together if Alex leaves. I say we get out Mark, Jason and then Matt because then you spit the pairs. Then we get Alex out. I am down for whatever. I am here to protect you and Josh. Matt and Raven are down to get Alex out. If you get rid of Alex, Jason is going to be pissed and he is going to gravitate towards Kevin. Christmas – I think Alex needs to go before Jason. Paul – if you do that Jason will band with Kevin. Alex will not. Paul – the first thing we need to do is get rid of Mark.

2:35am Josh comes up to the HOH room and tells Christmas and Paul – he is campaigning his a$$ off! Paul and Christmas tell him to leave before Mark sees him up here. Josh leaves.

2:37am HOH room – Paul and Christmas. Paul – personally I don’t think it is a good idea to keep Mark. Its enticing but it stirs it. We have a good thing going and a good plan and I don’t think its worth jeopardizing just for that. Christmas – yeah, I agree with you. He will probably try to approach you. Paul – I’m just going to make it ambiguous. You have me in your corner and when we need to get Alex out, we will. You have my loyalty, that doesn’t change. Christmas – cool. Paul – one of you are going to win. If I get second place, dope! But I’ve told you I’m not going to win. I’m fine with it. Second place, I mean I wouldn’t be mad. But I would also maybe be in the running for America’s favorite, I don’t know.

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Christmas – why do you think that you can not? Paul – The jury that we have … and the that fact that I am a vet and that I’ve played this game before… against another person that says I have never played. Christmas – you’ve never stabbed anyone in the back, you’ve never done anything like that. Paul – it doesn’t matter. I am putting myself in that position and I would give it to the new player if I was a jury member. I would give it to you or Josh. Just for my own accomplishment I would love to get second place again. The king of second place. If I am ever in trouble I am counting on your and Josh to to keep me safe. Christmas – absolutely, every time. Paul – if we get rid of Jason, Alex WILL HAVE to attach to someone whether its you or me. Christmas – I think she would attach to you. Paul – if that happens, then I can control it. Christmas – when we take out Jason, then you’ll have two b***hes fighting for you. (Christmas & Alex) Christmas – we are trying to make it so that it (HOH) is thrown to Raven next week so that we can Jason out. Paul – as long as you have me compete in the 4 or 5, I can get us to three. Christmas – that would be perfect. With Raven we can take out Jason and then if Alex wins she can take out Matt. Then either you or Josh step up. Paul – Mark needs to go this week. Josh has to step the f**k up. Eventually we are going to have to waste a week to get Mark out and why not now when it is already set up. And he is going to go without blowing anything up. If you put up Alex and you take her out, it is going to rally up everybody. Christmas – you have to stay close with Alex because I think she is the only one that has the nerve to take you out. Paul – you think so? Christmas – my personal opinion right now.. I don’t think she will until she has to. Paul – if she takes a shot at me at least I shield you and Josh. Christmas – I am only worried about leaving her in the game too long. Paul heads to bed.

3:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Bo Man

So the next HOH will probably finally be physical– since Christmas can’t play in it. Production is soooo obvious!

Babe Hunter

Please bring back Jessica. I miss her body.

Raven is closer not refuses to show any skin.

Christmas and Alex are just plain ugly.


Last nights episode reminded me of how scripted Derek was on his season…every time he spoke it sounded like he read from a teleprompter…BB should have gave him some acting lessons before his season or during it! What a fake “winner” if you can call it that…I thought we’d seen the last of that guy, but no BB just had to put out their production puppet one more time on us all, thanks a lot….dude looks like a vampire bat


he was a waste of time. he only added to the rest of the boring players.


YO SIMON AND DAWG can you put up some pg-13 pictures of jody and maven going at it. or direct me to a site or page where i can see it R rated.. i wanna see jessiica’s nips lols


I actually really thought Derrick was an excellent player. His season sucked because they all followed him, but he was definitely an intelligent player. His win was well deserved. Isn’t it funny how people don’t like Paul because he is such a “bully” and people also dislike Derrick (who played the same kind of game as Paul, but not a bully). Ya can’t win with these viewers! Haha


Yes….Derrick and Paul played a similar game…..the difference, in my opinion, and why everyone seems to be anti Paul is because Paul had said and done some shady down right disgusting things. I don’t mind so much that Paul has everyone brained washed….and that is NOT why I personally don’t like him……It’s all the other things that we have been talking about all season….

Min O'Pause

Could have been worse. They could have dragged Frankie out of the closet.


The best part of Derrick coming back was seeing the look on Paul’s face when he thought Derrick was coming back into the BB house. Priceless!


Your crazy – Jessica is a skank and Christmas is hot and beautiful!!!


Christmas should of been sent home as she can not do any physical so it is not fair she only plays the easy one and wins


She sits out everything, gets a HOH handed to her and acts like sending Mark home is a game play of the season. DA da da!!! Then BB lets her vote count. She must be part of BB plan or they would have let her go.


She would have screwed up scheduling if she got the “boot”. Better yet, they could have had another battle back


Raven should not have been allowed to play either! If you can’t participate in ALL (being a have not), you should be disqualified.


Didn’t Raven win the have not pass for the summer in one of the first comps?

Dying of everything

Not that I know of. I think because she is “dying” she gets out of being a have-not.

Harry Knipple

Just us viewers/fans are being played. What happens if Christmas falls of her scooter and breaks another leg? Maybe BB will bring her in an assistant.


what if Christmas lied about the severity of her injury.. what if the cast comes off in two weeks… and that’s why shes still in the house


Are you serious? If so, explains your name.


season $ earned per hour(including prizes) in relation to time spent physically in the house or jury house (not sequester or medical trips) this season if jess wins americas favorite –

cam $450 per hour spent in the house(he was in house for i think 12 hours…cam won the season lmfao!)
winner $226
jess $26(if she wins afp $25k)
second place $22
kevin $17(including 2 cash prizes of $25k and $27)
jillian $11
megan $9(if she still gets paid after walking)
mark and elena $7(including approx $5k vacation and $5k prizemoney respectively from veto)
cody and ramses and dom $6
the other 5 or 6 jurors $5 (xmas slightly higher $ per hour in house due to medical trips outside house…the minions were desperate for jury, now they are rich, rofl)

so despite not making jury, with an afp win jess could be 3rd or 4th in total earnings, and in $ per hour spent in house/jury depending if kevin makes final 2

forget jury house cameras/live feeds, i want live streaming of backyard interviews and the entire finale after party as i think it will be very heated…if jess wins americas favorite $25k she will make around $32200 for the season, and after the minions spent so much energy and effort gloating they made jury and she didnt, at the finale party jess can laugh at the minion jurors for being stuck in jury for weeks making about $20k less for the season than her, then continue to laugh as paul and minions discover how hated they are, and they will be shocked to see how much support there is for cody and jess…and it would be a great moment to see if cody proposes to jess


H why are u on about jess winning a? You must be related to Her. Sounds do desperate.


This sounds like a make believe fairy tale…If Cody proposes after a few days of knowing this girl he is an idiot. Jessica might be back with the young guy who she was seeing before she went in there and was looking after her dog while she was away. Or maybe a football player. I bet the jurors will be laughing back at her when they get out and see the tmz footage of her sticking her fingers in other people’s asses. Forget Xmas’ foot, Jessica should have been DQ for sexual harassment. She also stooped to Josh’s level and fat shamed him and called him stupid. She also called Xmas fat and she was super jealous of Alex right from the start (and made catty comments-and continues to do so on her social media). How could anyone justify voting for her?


Nice to see Christmas admit she’s a b**ch.


If Christmas is as street smart and tough as she thinks, then she’s not buying Paul’s load of 2nd place crap. But would be funny if he lost again to another do nothing female – one with a broken foot at that, or another that’s a bigger scammer/liar than him.


When is Paul going to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar ?? Do these people not notice how he’s always behind closed doors with each little group ? I swear if they drag Raven along and let her win I will be sick.


I can’t imagine production not stepping in to prevent Raven getting any money. Would look really bad for casting with everything out there about her.


And he tells which ever group he’s with that the other group is goid yonget out so and so. That would make me think that he’s telling them what he just told you. This is where Vanessa’s brain would have gone into over Drive lol




Paul will get caught I hope as he is playing this game and the people are so not noticing it they have to put himon the block

Harry Knipple

The gnome likes to enter unannounced into a room of people and is so creepy to watch him slither in. He fills he is entitled to be in on all conversations. Do these ignornat people realize the bearded gnome is controlling all the vicious moves and evictions?


I totally dig Paul this season. Smart as a whip! He, at least, makes thing interesting!


he is the reason things aren’t interesting


EXACTLY. I stopped watching after Cody was voted out. I hate that every week its so predictable who is getting voted out. yawn


” I hate that every week its so predictable who is getting voted out. yawn”

You mean like every season?


when are you people going to realize its the Paul show and he is the winner


And America’s Favorite Player… GAG

Paul's Cousin

The only cookie jar Paul’s hand is in is mine!!!! I love it when he tickles!!!!


Mark is such a wimp.

Why he just doesn’t attack the Armenian midget 24/7 is beyond me.

Harry Knipple

The Armenian gnome is all talk as we know and will shit himself if someone gets in his face. Gnome is not a likable person. He has a future as a cult leader.


Because if Mark did that a bunch of people commenting here would call him a bully and go on about it for days and days

So predictable

Take out Alex! Come on! You want to make a BIG move? Then just do it! Please? It’s just treacherous watching the same predictable Paul show every week. Come on Christmas! Flex your muscles! Make this happen! Otherwise it will bight you in the @ss!

I won’t hold my breath 😉


Exactly! She’s not playing her own HoH..she’s playing Paul’s. It’s disappointing, but it’s exactly what was to be expected.


Expect the…..expected.


if paul pulled the crap outside the house he is pulling inside the house………it would be lights out…nana land for him


Now or never. Xmas will not win another HOH. If Mark goes, Paul retains his F 3 deals with ALL 3 Pairs, with Kevin as the next target. She must unbalance the house now, or pack her bags. Personally I want Alex to stay, but X needs to move. Now or never.


Hope Christmas reads your post when she’s out. What a follower. She’s not empowered at all. She’s an Andy-rat. Paul has her misted and she has no clue how badly. Hope they all watch back last night’s episode where he is in the different rooms doing his final 3 with them all. Hope they all hear they were lame and boring to the viewers.

Pauls puppets

Zingbot better have some good zings this year because this cast sure deserve it. I just want to see that then im done watching til the finale.


It sounds like Mark got it the worst. Typical.


The one that really baffles me is Alex. She’s a gamer and BB fan, yet she 100% believes Paul’s bull. On top of that, out of the people left, she’s after KEVIN who is no threat to her game and through Jason, an ally and vote. What am I missing?


Sometimes I think that she is making Jason a target because she continues to say how he is her ride or die. People would take him out before her because a smart player would want a larger target in the game. She wants Kevin out because he is close to both Jason and Paul. Influences Jason and is a number for Paul. That is my thoughts.


I’ve thought for the last 3 weeks that either A) she just doesn’t like him or B) her paranoia is in overdrive. Every time I’ve watched the feeds over the last several weeks, she is saying something negative about Kevin, but until recently it was mainly just to Jason. Or perhaps she doesn’t like how close Kevin and Jason are.

I have noticed that Kevin isn’t helping things lately. It seems like he’s down, maybe worried about the Christmas thing and his family? Idk


I think Alex only reason for be paranoid about Kevin is Paul has misted her. I truly think he has a hypnotic suggestion thing going on. Drop a theory, they believe it. Some of their behaviour seemed like what you’d seen at one of those mentalist shows.


Alex is a big dissapointment. I thought she would be good for the season but its been the opposite. She is a horrible person, morally bankrupt. You don’t need to be so mean and nasty to play this game but she seems to enjoy it. And it comes so naturally to her it must be who she is.
She is lucky she is playing with a bunch of morons or she would have been called out a long time ago.


Another josie. Cool. Maybe we should Use the first letter of our last name as well to distinguish ourselves. Just saying.


I find that picture of The Blob with him flipping off the camera to be very creepy. What’s with his eyes?

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

He ain’t right.


Paul couldn’t be anymore delusional if he thinks there is even a remote chance he can get AFP!


Unless that’s what production wants. Watched Sunday show – Paul mute, Paul mute, Christmas mute, Josh mute, Paul mute. My finger was exhausted.


I don’t think he really thinks that at all. He’s been using everything he can to make them think he won’t win. Imo he’s been overplaying it a bit, but somehow they still seem to believe him so far.

Harry Knipple

I would vote Dom over Paul or any other guest this season. People are all vicious, vile, vulgar…… ( help me out I can think of any other ‘v’ words.)



Bored 1216



Vain. Villainous. Vexing.

And just for Raven, voracious.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

And Paul = vagina


On BB Sunday, they put a halo on Xmess, unless you watch BBAD then you cannot know what a mess this show has become. With the new tree twist the game goes to Paul. If Raven should go to the end it is because she is a friend of Pauls and Paul is not as sneaky as he thinks by saying she is no threat, he keeps talking around her and not one player has caught on to this. I never thought I would say this but BB has manulipulated this show this year to the point that I as a long time fan am really really done. Will read boards, but will sleep at night. Karma will catch up to each and everyone in the house when the game is done and they go home and no one likes how they played. I don’t like to see a girl hurt, but her mean and vile mouth is worse than any physical problem. Paul is just a SMS nothing. Josh, Alex, Raven and Matt even Jason are just lying mean people.

Retired old lady

I can’t believe the house has put so much trust in Paul. None of them deserve to win this season. As for America’s Favorite Player, I would have to say Coty deserves it for making his own decisions. This season has been a disappointment. Too predictable.


Day 54 on the poll grid is messed right now. I have a back up and will be working to recover that day.


Fixed it now…

Just a Fan

I have a question, if Christmas makes it to final 3 how is she going to compete in the final 3 competitions? The first two are always physical. Any thoughts on that Simon?


Thumb wrestling.


And this is exactly why Paul is thinking about taking her and Josh. She can’t even compete. So then instead of having to battle 2 people, he technically only has to battle one: Josh. Easy winning.

Solar Eclipse is also in the U.S.

These people are idiots…Paul has said we get rid of so and so and then I can reel in so and so. They sit there saying yeah. He has told you to your face that he has a connection with everyone but they are so blind and have not questioned one thing. I understand to his face they wouldn’t, but behind close doors no one is even thinking this. I don’t like Paul, but these people are just handing it to them.


Marks plan is completely smart. Taking out Alex would be a huge gay move. She has only one leg. I hate this season so badly. Like this season is so horrible. I hate how Paul is playing the game but he is PLAYING the game. There’s only so many people left why wouldn’t you want to take a shot now? I really really hate this season! The WORST cast in BB history. There’s been some bad ones, but nothing has topped this season


I have recorded and watched Big Brother since since it first came out. I just removed it off my DVR so no more watching the rediculious edited versions of what CBS wants me to believe is happening in the house, what they show isn’t even close to reality and I’m sick of it !!


If CBS airs Christmas saying she is going to make a big move this week followed by Christmas saying she plans to back door Mark this week one more time I may cringe myself to death…

Do these idiots really know what a “BIG” move is? I think their only move is to let Paul control everything they do and there is nothing “BIG” about that!!!


This plain sucks as a season. BB is becoming so predictable. I am going to cancel my cbs all access maybe if enough people do they will change some stuff up. its a waist of money watching live feeds when nobody is trying to stir stuff up and make big moves. Cody was a painful to watch but at least he wanted to play the game. The most excitement i get is coming here and reading the updates and comments and the post here keep me more entertained.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

It just occurred to me that if Paul had a string coming out of his head he would resemble a tampon.


LOL LMAO best comment this season……


Lol best comment today


In case anyone is still hoping that Christmas will somehow decide to get into the game, listen up. Christmas is ALL TALK. She has announced that Alex is the ONLY one who would DARE to go after Paul. Who does that? I would tip my hat to her if I thought for one moment that she was just massaging Paul’s ego, but there is nothing in her actions as HOH to suggest she is any different from anyone else who is lodged in Paul’s hind quarters.


What an idiot!!! Seriously Christmas!!! I would give her a rating higher than a 1 if she had nominated Alex. Mostly because she would be thinking for herself. I get that you just can’t nominate Paul just yet…. because he has such a strong hold on everyone in he house it’ll be impossible to get rid of him right now. Alex and Jason have won more comps than Raven and Matt. Getting Alex out is probably in her best interest right now. Like obviously Paul is going to tell you NOT to do it. I don’t get WHY she isn’t picking up on him floating right along. These people are letting themselves be manipulated so easily it’s hard to watch. I don’t even watch the episodes anymore. I just come on here to read what’s going on. I’ll prob watch the end of the finale just to see Cody get AFP…. JUST so I can see the look on everyone’s faces. I was torn on who I would vote for AFP… and although he’s prob not going to win it, I’m going to vote for Mark. Only because he’s won a few comps and is really really trying to stay. Jess didn’t really do much to try, and Cody barely tried. He also seems like a nice guy.


Cody’s a jerk. I was sympathetic to him at first, but after he nominated (blue hair), that was it. He was vile, “because I just don’t like you”. I hope he wins nothing. He can have his trophy wife, Jessica. He doesn’t like anyone and told Julie Chen he never wants to see any of them again. BB will probably have him back next year. Now that would be interesting, seeing as he hated Paul from the start because he had played before.


It’s so annoying how Christmas is saying she is going to make a big move…..Getting out the person (Mark) who is on the bottom with no one in this game is NOT a big move….. It’s a pansy move. This season is one of the worst and it’s getting harder and harder to watch…..


CBS also aired Christmas claiming “Nobody is going to see this coming” HUH? Christmas obviously thinks the viewers are as STUPID as the contestants are because everybody saw her nominating Mark! EVERYBODY!!

Me changing my preference in yogurt flavors would be a bigger move than Christmas’s move!


Her move as it stands – small, cowardly, unimpressive, time-wasting. Like playing Candyland with a 5-yr old.


Garden Gnome wants Jason gone next because he knows he can’t beat him in a Final 2. Jason wins some comps, but more importantly having a new baby on the way will get him a win in a Final 2 against anyone left in that house.


Paul can’t win any comps..everything he has won this season was thrown to him. He wants all the guys out because he isn’t strong and knows physically he would lose to any of those guys.


Huh? He’s been throwing the majority of them because he doesn’t need to win. He still controls the hoh, doesn’t get blood on his hands, and can still play the following hoh if he needs to. Are you forgetting him winning comps last year when he needed to? I don’t think he’s thrown all of them, but many of them recently, he has.


I thought that between Alex declaring Jason as her ride or die, and Jason’s emotions over finding out his wife was having a baby, cooked his goose so to speak. Have you noticed that they’ve taken out the ones with kids? Now they’re doubting Kevin has 7 kids, they doubted Cody had a daughter. Once they find out they have kids, they’re on their way out. The devil gnome doesn’t want anyone to pull on the jury’s heartstrings.


If Paul makes it to the end he deserves to win!!!!! These crazy people kept him in the game and not once put him on the block, so who really the insane ones!!!!! Especially if they saw his season they know how he plays and I may add which is really the point of the game, nobody has won who didn’t tell a lie or betray somebody or stabbed someone in the back


As much as I hate to say it……I agree

Big Breasted Little Bastard

Alex has been an @sshole since day 1; She’s the worst.


I don’t read any of the posts that include Paul anymore. Too stress-inducing.

This is about the most accurate post: “All the house guests are sleeping…”


Not always accurate for Matt/Raven…

My 2 cents

So let me get this straight.. Paul basically highlights to Christmas how he has an in with Matt and Raven as well as Alex and Jason yet Christmas still says she has his back?? Are we sure she didn’t hit her head when she fell? Perhaps a CAT scan is warranted bc this b*tch is nuts


On BBOTT didn’t the SAVE A FRIEND let them save themself and a friend? Same as winning a VETO?


I have been watching BB since season 1, and yes same as many others I’ve stopped watching after Cody left…….I hate to say this but this is the worse season EVER!!!!! Thank God Games of Thrones was really good last night.


Cody recognized the “Paul and Christmas” bad karma from week one.
He stated to all those idiots YET no one noticed the shit disturbing from them and instead Josh and Alex decided to join them, and they brought in Jason and Kevin.
Cody was right from the start. He was the player, along with Jessica, to make this season great BUT we got stuck with star struck minions who cannot think for themselves and here we are.
If only Mark and Elena would have listened to Cody at the start, Christmas may not have had this life changing injury and she would have gone home.


next season time limit the hoh and hoh room


No one in this pathetic house has made a move except for Cody. Christmas: “I’m a bada$$ and am going to make big moves so I’m going after Mark! Yeah, I’m a bada$$ alright …”.

The house is full of psychos, narcissists and betas. Mark broaches the subject of Paul with Jason, and after being called out on it apologizes.

Sad. Very sad.


Last night on BBAD, Paul changed out of his swimsuit into a green shirt and black shorts. Camera was on him for several minutes as he preened in front of the mirror. As he walked into the kitchen, Matt actually saiid, “That’s a cute outfit!” How many straight guys would say that to another guy??! Ramses’s heart probably skipped a beat if he was watching.