Jackson “I am ready to take some shots! I am going to right some wrongs. I want Christie gone!”

8:36pm Boat room. Holly and Jackson.
Holly – I am so proud of you! Jackson – we’re safe! We’re safe! Holly – and uhhh second place! Jackson – oh what the f**k! You’re half my body size! What are you thinking? Holly – I don’t know. I am thinking I don’t want to think. I am thinking this is your HOH and I support whatever you do. Jackson – I am going to make some moves! I am ready to take some shots! I am going to right some wrongs. To the six .. we don’t HOH’s, we don’t win vetos.. we don’t have anyone. Holly – we don’t win anything. Jackson – there are three people in that room. Sounds to me like 2 noms and a replacement if one of them comes off. Holly – I will stand behind you. Jackson – I just need to make sure I have the votes.

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“I want to work with her but I want mutual respect and I want her to see me as a human, not a f*ing pawn”

10:18 am Tommy and Holly
Tommy going on about how much he “Vouches” for Holly when He’s won a room with Sis and Christie. Say s they will confirm this
Holly – how are they SO quick to turn on people
T – they’re not they’re not
H – they are. Christie is they will turn on somebody and throw them under the bus in the same freaking breath if she does it to me she’ll do it to any of us

T – I know that I know that I see that too
H – Sis has expressed how disappointed she is in Christie she told me I f*ing hate her she used the word HATE
T – I know
H – Okay so are we just… faking it like what the f* how am I the one that takes the fall. Christie has said mean sh1t about Sis.
T – Yeah you are right
H – Sis found out and said she hates Christie but ok I’m the bad guys that’s cool

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Nicole “I need to tell you something.. this could potentially blow up my game horribly.”

8pm HOH room. Sis and Kat.
Kat – Man today’s been exhausting! Sis – I know, I’m really sorry. Kat – no, it’s okay. Don’t be sorry. Sis – it sucks, I feel so bad for both of you. Kat – for the first time I do feel discouraged. I do feel like .. F**K! And I don’t know if its just me getting in my head or I just feel weird. But I do appreciate everyone taking the time to hear me out and talk and ask questions or whatever. I guess the main thing.. and we talked the other day.. I want to reiterate like how much I respect you as a game player and how much it really did mean to me that day.. On day 44 when you stopped the momentum of the vote flip. That showed that you are an independent thinker. You are a leader in this game.

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