Rockstar “Brett needs to stay the f**k away from me! That rich, privileged motherf**ker!”

8:20pm Rockstar and Bayleigh. Rockstar – he (Brett) needs to stay the f**k away from me! That rich, privileged motherf**ker! Bay – don’t let him bother you. You make him feel uncomfortable. Period! I really can’t believe that was it. People really don’t try to win in this game. Rockstar – I really wanted to win that for (her daughter). What have I done to this motherf**ker!! Bay – switch it around and don’t let him be right. I need to pull my sh*t together!

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Big Brother 20 Week 3 Summary and Live Eviction Results

HELLO Big Brother Spoiler fans. Before we start it will be endurance head of household competition TONIGHT! on the live feeds..  We’ll do our best to cover it but this might be a good time to try them out. Use are link pay the same and help us out!

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This last week was a good pace even though the Veto wasn’t used there was still a lot of game played and positioning for the next week. Of course there was Kaitlyn drama, mad speculation about powers and votes.. Don’t forget more Big Brother OUTRAGE we’ll always have something like that. One last big thing to come out of this week is the slow decay of some of the stronger competitors game. Mainly Tyler.

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“Dude i’m telling ya you are going to be here it’ll be 7-4 I can feel it” – Tyler

Big Brother Spoilers 9:56am am Tyler and Brett
Brett doesn’t know how to phrase his speech does he call people out or try and get Sam to use the power app. Tyelr tells him if it was him in Brett’s spot he would stay pretty level and not rock any boats, “Nothing too crazy”
Brett – yeah.. I have an awesome speech prepared that doesn’t shoot shots at anyone
Tyler – just do something sweet because everyone is expecting a performance.
They laugh if Winston comes out starts taking verbal shots.
Brett doesn’t think he’ll do it, Tyler agrees.
Tyler – you’ll be fine either way, Sam’s pretty solid

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Brett “F**K it! I’m going to rip her a part in my speech tomorrow. I don’t give a sh*t!”

12am Lounge room. Brett and Winston. Winston – you should have seen Tyler rip her during the charades game.
Brett – the whole thing pisses me off so much that she thinks she is so self entitled. Who the F**K are you?! Are you kidding me right now?! The way I got targeted in that conversation was literally like an upset girlfriend. I was like you need to go get a spork and eat my a$$! Winston – if you had handed her a spoon .. I would have literally been on the floor laughing. Brett – I was ready to say some f**ked up things.

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