They can’t take a sh*t without the other one being like “Where’s Brett!? Where’s Winston!?”

7:40pm JC, Kaycee and Rockstar in the HOH room. JC – If I win the veto, I’m not using it. Rockstar – that’s why I don’t want to play in the veto. JC – who ever stays now comes after Scottie. Everyone in this house has one target. If you’re trusting all these people blindly you’re making a mistake. We need to get the bros out. JC – when we send Winston home. Brett and Angela are going to get together. You can tell she is falling for him.

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Nomination Ceremony Results! “I want to take him by the throat & slam him up against the wall”

6:20pm HOH room. Brett and Scottie head up to the HOH room to talk. Scottie – its really straight up. You guys have a connection with literally every girl in the house. By the time we get the votes later, you’ll be like Paul and unstoppable. I am not about that backdoor sh*t. Especially if its a competitor that I respect. I want you to have the chance to take yourself off. Brett – I respect that, that’s fine Scottie. Scottie – and your votes will always be the same. Brett – I’ve promised you safety. I’ve been straight up with you.

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Scottie – “I was thinking of doing some crazy sh1t.. I was considering the BRos up”

*** UPDATED **** Big Brother Spoilers 1:47pm JC and Scottie
JC brings up a examples of him looking for what’s best for Scottie’s game.
Scottie – you’re not on my radar at all.. the only reason I would consider it is the power app
JC – I haven’t got the power app and a lot of people think I have it.. They’re putting the target on me..
Scottie wonders if there is a power app maybe productions is making us paranoid.
Scottie- I have a pretty good idea who I am putting up
JC – no one is targeting you so there’s no necessary for you to make a big move
JC adds that if he gets a lot of blood on his hands he might be a target next week. if he makes a small move and does it smart no blood.

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“The amount of Charisma Brett has is 5 minutes I was buying everything he was saying”

Big Brother Spoilers – Power app is over. 100% sure Haleigh has the Crap app “readdit” and Maybe Bayleigh has the powwer up.
10:59am Bathroom Scottie and FesĀ 
S – I talked to both of them last night
S – the amount of Charisma Brett has is crazy..
S – in 5 minutes I was buying everything he was saying .. I was like YEAH YEAH.. then had to walk around for 20 minutes and be like NO NO
S – he’s so f***ing good..
F – did they admit to you
S – no, the exact opposite.. they doubled down.
S – they tried to blame Haleigh again, I have to make sure to let her know

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Big Brother Spoilers – “Brett is the core Winston is the shield I’ll take either”

*** Updated *** Big Brother Spoilers 2:16am Scottie and Tyler
Scottie – i think it’s best for me to start that war..
Tyler – yeah
Scottie – we’re at the point if this side loses another number they don’t have enough people to go after the other side..
Scottie – they put you and Kaitlyn together no

Tyler- I got a lot of shit to f**ing tell you..

T – first of all we made a really good decision to vote Swaggy ot
T – Swaggy told bayleigh about the core.. bayleigh told Rockstar about the core.. Rockstar told Kaitlyn about the core and Kaitlyn asked me about the core

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