Big Brother Spoilers – Brazilian player investigated for Raping passed out houseguest

Big Brother 14 has been confirmed and the BB14 Application form and rules have been released. Big Brother 14 Casting Calls should be known in March.

I’ve always said Big Brother Brazil was more like a softcore pron than a traditional Big Brother Show. Now it looks like one houseguest may have taken it way too far. Reports are saying that 31 year old male model (Daniel Echaniz) engaged in sexual behavior with a fellow passed out houseguests (23 year old student Monique Amin). Pretty shocking, Daniel Echaniz says he was “too Drunk” and doesn’t remember the incident happening. The victim found out about it happening after production informed her in the diary room. This is why they don’t give too much alcohol to Big Brother USA houseguests.

Police are now investigating the incident. Daniel has been removed from the show and if found guilty faces 8-10 years in a Brazilian prison. Big Brother Brazil is MASSIVELY popular last year it raked in 156million votes and is considered one of Brazil’s most popular TV show.

Endemol has declined to comment on the incident.

Brazil: Police probe allegations of rape on TV
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazilian police are investigating allegations of sexual assault on the country’s Big Brother reality TV show.
Rio de Janeiro police spokeswoman Camila Donato says participants were to be questioned as part of the probe on Tuesday. That’s a day after the wildly popular program announced that contestant Daniel Echaniz was being thrown out over suspicions of “gravely inadequate” behavior.
The 31-year-old male model was booted off the show after allegations emerged that he engaged in sexual behavior with contestant Monique Amin after she’d passed out.
The alleged incident took place following a party Saturday. Program footage shows the two in a bed, the leopard print sheets moving as Amin lays inert.

Dailymail has some pictures taken from the feeds that shows the alleged behavior occurring. Now the real kicker is this reported by dailymail.
“Throughout the incident the female contestant appeared unconscious.
The next morning Ms Amin was asked about the incident in the diary room, and appeared to know little of what had happened.”


The Mirror is now reporting that Daniel Friends are calling these accusations as being “targeted by racists”. This year he is the only Black contestant on the show.

UPDATE Video of what happened

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Yep, that what you get 4 being stupid.

BB King

Why was there only one black contestant on BB Brazil when 45% of the Brazilian population is of African descent? That’s the racist part.


It should have been stopped! BB Brazil is to blame too. Oh and of course the race card has to be played.

BB King

This is why American BB is much smarter than the other BBs around the world. I remember from season 2 that a drunk Justin placed a knife near the neck of another drunk, Krista and said he wanted to kill her or something. BB USA immediately intervened and kicked him out on the spot. At least I think this is what happened. It is so far back that I might get a few facts wrong. If I do get the facts wrong please correct me.

BB King

I understand where you’re coming from. I watched a few other BBs myself like Bigg Boss, which is the BB of India. It’s all lame. That’s why I wish that there would be a BB in the winter and a BB in the summer. I think BB did this once. BB 9 was set in the winter and BB 10 in the summer. CBS and endemol should bring this schedule back.


They only did the winter BB because of the writer’s strike that year. I wish they would have a winter version every year though. =/


i saw the full clip he raped her shes past out drunk and motionless and the whole time he was looking over the covers to see if anybody was coming thats just sick thank god BB usa care about the contestents and not just ratings like the shit here


So if the cameras caught it, how come it wasn’t stopped? So would this mean that BB Brazil is an acomoplise to the fact then? People must have been watching, espically if the cameras were on them to record it.

Frank Granda jr.

OMG!!!! THAT IS THE MOST SHOCKING PIECE OF BIG BROTHER FILM I’VE EVER SEEN!! Kudos to Simon for getting that feed scene. This Brazilian guy is NUTS! It is ALL right there on film for the jury to see. I really think that he RAPED HER TWICE!! It looks like he came and then ‘went for seconds’…UNBELIEVABLE!! The Brazilian diary room camera guys must have been just J/O instead of ‘turning on the BB house siren and CALLING THE COPS’….Just Shocking Reality Show Footage! IF it had happened in the USA even Showtime’s Big Brother After Dark would have switched their UNCUT cameras to the FISH TANK….