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Big Brother Canada Eviction and HOH Spoilers Arlie Vs. Adel

Tonight Arlie and Adel are on the Big Brother Canada chopping block. Arlie tried very hard to stay in the game and almost was able to pull it off with the gremlins and Allison. Unfortunately those looking for a HUGE turn of events will most likely be disappointed. It’s highly doubtful that Arlie will stay. As for the power blocks left in the house you have a real mesh of fake/real alliances. EVERYONE is in an alliance with everyone else Most are fake.

Big Brother Canada Season 2 Double Eviction Results

Just a refresher in how double eviction works. (I’m not 100% sure how Big Brother Canada will do it this year so i’m going by BBCAN1 and the BBUS format. Safe to assume there will be a couple powers given out to Allison and Adel ;)
1) Allison and Sarah are nominated the house votes to evict one of them
2) HOH is played
3) Nominations are selected
4) POV is played
5) POV Ceremony
6) Houseguests vote to evict one of the nominees
7) Sometime late Thursday or Friday another HOH is played

Big Brother Spoilers – Canada’s HOH Episode Results

Feeds were blocked all weekend and there was no leaks, At least last year they gave us a small clip with a bit of info but this year no chance. After tonight’s episode we will know who the nominees were and who won the Power of Veto. Tomorrow they will have the Power of Veto Ceremony and if the veto is used the house guest with the third most votes will go up. If the the POV winner was that third houseguests than the houseguest with the fourth most votes will go up.

Our OBB Poll had the nominees being Sabrina, Andrew with Kenny third and Rachelle fourth. Most other fan site polls have similar results. It’s safe to assume two 1st5 members are going up initially.

Big Brother Nomination and POV Results “do your stretches NICK”

9:00pm living room MC, Spencer and GM
MC says he liked Adam from Big Brother 13 but didn’t think he made very many game moves, “Anyone that likes Metal and 90210 is a interesting dude”
very little talking going on. Spencer tells GM he likes the crafty bracelet she’s making “Love it”
Spencer jokes asks GM if she is ever going to dye those roots. GM “SHUT UP I did them last week”

They are all doing shout outs and the feeds keep getting blocked..

GM – “I want to say hello to the lovely Nicholas Uhaus.. i’ll see you in a week get ready”
Spencer – “do you stretches NICK”

POV Ceremony Results “Dude makes me sick .. I wanted final 4 exterminators”

10:53am HOH JUDD and Spencer

S – “How close is Andy and GM’
JUDD – I dunno.. close I guess.. ”
GM comes in “Nice Speech JUDD Jesus Christ”
JUDD – “I’m not campaigning against you but that is pretty much my pitch
Andy comes in JUDD apologizes for making Andy feel uncomfortable
JUDD – “safe to say no more cigarettes for me”
Andy – “that was a good speech”
Spencer – “It’s a unfortunate scenario”
Andy – “You never said nothing mean you just said what was done”
JUDD says McCrae has screwed him over a lot in this game. Spencer doesn’t think JUDD looks like a d!ck at all.
GM didn’t know JUDD and MC were not getting along.

Final 5 Nomination Results “If McCrae goes home this week you know how Mad Amanda will be”

5:29pm Feeds back
Speccner apologizing for nominating them for Eviction he says if he could keep everyone in the game he would. GM says she understands she knows he has to put two people up, “It’s a dificult situation to be in”. GM adds that when winning the HOH there is always a plus and a minus. McCrae says yup. Specner invites them to come up to the HOH room.

5:40pm Kitchen JUDD and Andy
JUDD – “If McCrae goes home this week you know how Mad Amanda will be”
Andy – “Ohh my god”
Andy says he never wanted something more in his entire life they have to win the veto


Tonight will be the second Double Eviction of Big Brother 15 which will bring the number of house guests down from 7 to 5. Double eviction episodes are always a huge surprise as everything happens so fast and there next to no time to campaign or conspire.

2AM Alliance + Elissa formerly known as 3AM - Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Andy (Who is faking being with them) all believe they are going to blindside Spencer, Ginamarie and Judd by evicting Spencer.

The Exterminators Alliance - Andy, Ginamarie, Judd and Spencer all believe they are going to blindside Amanda, McCrae and Elissa by evicting Amanda.

The Exterminators Plan for Tonight – Andy has been lying to Elissa, Amanda & McCrae all week telling them he is voting with them to vote out Spencer, when he will actually vote out Amanda. McCrae and Elissa will be voting to evict Spencer.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results ‘The pu$$y is powerful it makes you do some crazy sh!t”

Big Brother Spoilers Nominations Results “Everyone was in on it.. Poopy was right”

Big Brother Nomination Spoilers “She’s going to bad mouth her so hard”

Nomination Results “We have to win the veto like have to.. seriously” -Elissa

Big Brother 15 Double Eviction Results and Discussion

Big Brother Nomination Results Andy: “We need to Honour Ginamarie and Aaryn this week”

BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers – MVP Nomination & VETO Player RESULTS!

Big Brother Spoilers Nomination Results “America is biting their lip right now”

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