“Cody & Derrick you better get all your fans to vote for Corey to get a package”


POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-16 03-51-13-920

12am Kitchen – Nicole, Paulie and Corey. Paulie tells Nicole to just play it cool until Thursday and then your only option is to go to James and Natalie and speaking about the target of the couples. They’ll target the guys first. So Corey, then James. Then probably you, then Natalie or You, then Meech. Corey says it sucks that Natalie is going to make it to the end. Nicole says I’ve told you that since the beginning. Corey says it sucks, I mean I wouldn’t even go after her. It just makes me mad. She does nothing in the game and has won nothing. She literally does nothing.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-16 03-59-20-528

Paulie heads outside to stick his feet in the hot tub. Nicole and Corey join him. Paulie says we are like the f**king lepers of the house. I would have expected at least James to hang out with us. Corey says James has been weird, not the same at all any more. Like completely changed. Nicole says hes not the same with even Natalie any more. Paulie says they were sleeping in separate beds. Nicole says yeah separate beds again tonight. Paulie says I think that he may actually have feelings for her and she might have feelings for him and that’s why. Nicole says that doesn’t make sense. Paulie says James has a strange version of a Texas code .. that even Corey hasn’t heard of. Nicole says she says they’re only going to be friends after this. Paulie says yeah which is why I was pissed that she said I was making passes at her. Like BRO your chick is making passes at me! Even today I’m glad that Paul was getting a little touchy on her because I wanted him to realize how badly he f**ked up by screwing us. Nicole says he might make it to the end. Paulie says he might have mad it just as far with us. He doesn’t seem different with Paul and Vic. I don’t know if that’s an acting thing because Vic is in power. Nicole says I think its because he betrayed us. Paulie says I don’t think he realized how much we had his back. Paulie says I think Paul is a liar and that he did throw me under the bus. Corey says I think Vic wanted Nicole out and that’s why she got the safety. Nicole asks what have we won, what have we manipulated .. I have no idea why we’re a threat at all. Paulie says everyone has put us together since the beginning. People have been putting hits on us for a long time. Paulie says I don’t get why he (James) went for the 5K. Its not that much money. 5K is like the basic dj package for the weekend, DJ and MC. Nicole says 5K is like 5 weeks of working full time for me. Paulie says well I guess it just depends on where you’re at. I guess that’s the good thing about being in the entertainment industry. I pay an MC $500 or 1K if they’re really good and then I pocket 4K. They start studying the days and events of the house. Paulie starts telling them how many numbers of things there are in the house.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-16 04-35-39-178

1:30am – 2:10am Paulie tells Cody and Derrick .. you better get all your fans to vote for my boy (Corey) to get a care package. I’m going to be dropping all my knowledge on them. They better not be coming into the jury house next. And if I have the round trip ticket I am going to come back raising hell. Corey says it is funny that I’m in a partiot-tard trying to get a care package. Paulie says James, Nat and Paul think its going to him (Paul). They start studying the numbers of things in the house. Meech joins them. They talk about the jury house. Nicole tells them about how you can order off a menu every day. You’ll never be locked in a mansion with every thing you need ever again. Paulie says I’m just worried about how you don’t get to talk to fam, don’t get to leave. My mind is best when it is busy. I’m just worried I am going to freak out and start crying like I did the other day about my ex. And want to fly home to her to get closure because I never got closure from her. Paulie says when he met his ex she was living with her boyfriend. Big Brother switches the feeds. James and Natalie come out to join them.

2:40am Hammock – Nicole and Meech talk about how Paulie had proposed to his ex. Nicole says heartbreak is the worst. Any other pain you can take medication for. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does something else. He has ups and downs. Nicole says that Paulie was asking them to open their tickets so that he would know if he has the round trip. Meech says it might be another double. Nicole says then ours would be worthless. He seems in higher spirits.

3:10am Kitchen – Paulie, Nat, Paul and James are in the kitchen chatting and eating. Vic joins them. Paul says hey Bridgette it looks like the plant outlasted you in the house. Paul says his D curves to the left on a good day. Paulie says his curves down. Paul asks down, really?! Interesting!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-16 05-03-34-763

3:55am – 5am Hammock – Nicole and Corey. Nicole says that Paul has got to go. There is about to be a paul and James. He’s got to go. He’s good, he’s really good. If I have any chance at winning this game he has to go. If he won, he would put us up 1000%. If he wins we’re doomed. And he has to go up next to Vic because Vic would pull him down. That’s two big targets I’m putting up which could have repercussions. Paulie joins them. They start studying again. Paulie leaves and Nicole and Corey talk about random things.

5am – 5:30am Paul has to do a security check. Paul, Meech and Paulie are in the kitchen chatting about random thing and eating. In the bedroom – Nat and James are talking about pranking and her family and friends. James goes and grabs a melon and makes it look like he is sleeping in the bed. He tells Big Brother when he hides under the bed in the other room they have to red alert Paul. (So that Paul won’t be able to find James to pat him down.)

5:30am Big Brother red alerts Paul. Pual runs to the bedroom and finds the melon. Paul cracks up laughing. Fool uses a melon as a head. I was like why is his head so cold!? I knew there was a reason they made me do this again .. because he made a melon duplicate. Nat says I promise you he’s not in this room. Okay melon man where are you!? Paul finds him soon after under the bed.

5:35am – 5:55am In the kitchen – Paulie strips down butt n@ked and tells Paul he’s ready for his pat down. Paul comes into the kitchen and cracks up laughing. Paul says okay .. raise your hands. (View pics of the strip and pat down HERE)

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big brother 18 paulie

6am Meech, Vic, Paulie, Nicole, Corey and Paul are chatting about random things. Meanwhile in the bedroom James is giving Nat a massage.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 06-25-49-190

6:24am Natalie is puking.. swaying side to side..
(I believe this was due to taking too much ibuprofen causing her stomach to be sore. From what I see she’s feeling alright now and is sleeping)

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Babies: Here’s the deal- Z was fertile 5 days after she was disgustingly straddling Paulie on her period, with her red-netted thing she called a dress. If they screwed 5 days after that- BAM! Z’s dream of pretending that Giraffe was their love child will be his sad reality, and taxpayers would have another child to take care of on welfare.

Co-HOH: Victor should get Co-HOH because then he would be the first person to get back-to-back HOH’s in a row. Breaking a record just like his 3 Battle Back comps that Paulie keeps denying him of.


Why would tax payers be taking care of it they both seem to have money and will after the show.


Welfare, because Paulie would be no where near a man to actually be a Father and here we another single mother. Have any of you actually seen what a Teacher’s pay is? Between $35,000 and $40,000. More if you are a Professor teaching privately. Do you think THAT is what Z is? Making money from the show is no where near how much you will need to raise a child. NEWSFLASH: All races are on welfare. I don’t give a crap what she is- she is another stupid girl that immediately verbalized her desire to have a baby with someone she met weeks in. Chill out on the ridiculous racist remarks.


Yea it pisses me off when people are so quick to play the ole race card. If they wanted to leave it at judgmental whatever. Besides I thought I saw where she was really like a teachers assistant and not even an actual teacher. When people were busting on her grammar and how could be a teacher when it doesn’t sound like it or whatever someone said she was just an assistant to teachers at a preschool. They only make an average of like 25K I believe.

sunny dee

still can’t see why you assume welfare (other than you are making a racially charged insulting comment assumption based on her race) since she is employed and could go on maternity leave, and then back to work.

Not sure where you come from but I doubt if welfare pays as much as 35-40K per year. plus he just finished bragging about his take home from a paid dj gig, meaning not going to be able to wiggle out of child support.

Not to mention, from random chit chat or whatever, pretty sure all these women go on birth control to regulate so they know when the periods will come, or even for ‘just in case’. to assume the condoms are needed solely for birth control is a little backwards.

re: nicole complaining about how nat hasn’t ‘done’ anything. maybe we should remind her that she hasn’t won anything either, and has shown a shocking lack of goos sportsmanship regarding the voluntary pawning. Nat has been on the block a couple of times, and competed without throwing comps, unlike herself. There is talk about Corey, an actual baseball guy, throwing some kind of pitching comp at that carnival no one is allowed to talk about. not sure how that was helpful.

nicole is scared all the time, and scheming, yet she is making a connection of James with Paul, and totally blind to the connection of vic and Paul. Does she think she is ‘with’ vic?

I’d like her to be on the block for the next 3 weeks. i don’t mind if she doesn’t go out next, but i want her sitting there on eviction day, and i don’t mind if she isn’t first up in noms, if veto is played and she gets on the block because she didn’t win veto. i’d like her to experience two times on the block, the 2nd time to be evicted. pretty sure that will happen.

An Apple a Day

I found it ironic that Nicole, Cory and Paulie think James was with them, when they all were NEVER really with him. They know Paul and Vic started out together but don’t seem to get how they are together now. And to say Natalie has done NOTHING (whiney voice) Nicole has done nothing. Nat lasted longer in two physical comps than all three of them. Corey has barely won. And Nicole ‘s social game sucks so bad she doesn’t reaLize that Nat was the one that figured out everyone’s game.

I was a Derrick fan but not so much a Cody fan. Their self awareness is Non existent.

Only can wish

Valerie, I’m not trying to play the race card. Im just asking a question. Would you have said the same thing if it was Nicole or Natalie screwing Paulie without protection? . You are entitle to your opinion, but some things should be left unsaid, if you aren’t willing to receive remarks back. It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it. That’s why some people may be offended.


With Planned Parenthood there will be no baby. Vote Hillary


Why do you say the child would have to be taken care of by welfare? Racist or judgemental much? You suck.


Good for you for saying that! I was wondering that exact same thing. F’ng stupid comment about taxpayers taking care of their baby Valerie!


Day 14 is ovulation time, but who knows when exactly Z’s time was. But you don’t need necessarily need to hit that goal mark. As I have 5 kids, sometimes it just happens, but that’s me.
Also people are ignorant and racist, the majority of people on welfare are white. BUT to pin that on African American people shows your ignorance , your racism , and that your unintelligent


According to statistics….mainly white people are getting government assistant. If they took government assistance away today or tomorrow, a whole lot of white people would suffer. They like to use the excuse that there are more white people than black in the US. As if that changes the fact that they are the main race getting it. I’ve been coming to this site for years. Who knew these people were so racist?? I don’t know if it’s because they’re listening to Fox News or Trump’s ignorance or what. All I know is I’m sick of it. When you call these people out on their BS they start playing the victim talking about people are race baiting. LOL Anything to make yourselves right I guess.


YOU made it racist when YOU inferred he said that because z is black. He said it was because they are both broke. Tired of this “take every statement at its worst possible intent” PC BS. Race Hustlers are the new Grammar Nazis.

butt pirates go argh

Everyone one and mom knows z is black we all got that bro. Piggy backing off someone’s post. Have a thought of your own. Sitting around waiting to throw out PC. Comment hating bitch.


Welfare because Z has very little income. Her and Da had a conversation that she should just go sign up for 1 class then she can get more taxpayer money for school. But as you see on Judge Judy, they live on this money and are students forever. She is looking for a gravy train and Paulie is it. He is a fool and if he ends up a baby daddy then he deserves it. He is just white trash!

Zakiyah's v@g!na

I can’t wait to pop out Paulie Jr.

Sick of Paulie!

Really, Welfare, let’s be mature.


Your mom’s on welfare……..


The comment you made implies that Z is on welfare and that if she has a child she would be on welfare . What are those assumptions made on ? Especially since the information you have is that she is a teacher . Is it because you assume all black women are on welfare ? If that is your think ….. Then your comment is grossly racist .


I did hear that P/Z did not use birth control and they had relations 5-6 times. She very well could be pregnant and I hope he is a stand up guy and would take responsibility. Gosh, that would be a gorgeous baby! They are both very attractive.

Pinocchio Obama

The only question now is will it be a Jersey girl?

The Inscrutable Skidd Marks

It’s crazy what I’ve missed out on by not being on this forum…I figured Z and Paulie were screwing around, but no protection? Does BB not foresee these things happening and provide condoms? Or did they just decide to go at it raw?

sunny dee

they have a drawerful of condoms, so many they typically play balloons or water balloons with them, so it isn’t like they didn’t know they were there, or that they could be used. more like they didn’t want to get caught by throwing out the wrappers, (altho judging from the looks of the bathroom, that is a legit concern since it seems like throwing things on the floor (pieces of toilet paper, etc is all over the floor on AD last night) is normal, so no doubt it wouldn’t occur to them to put the garbage into a trash can, they assumed they’d be throwing it on the floor and get caught.

tho another moot point, since Paulie thought so little of the encounter the second she walked out the door, he did the locker room bragging about it happening.

then two seconds after she walked out the door he’s all nostalgic and heart broken about his EX,


Pauline looks like a gross hobbit. And if Pauline has proven anything it is that he is not a stand up guy. He would never take care of that child and would disassociate with her completely. But let’s be real though… She’s not pregnant! Come on now.


I have no clue what Valerie’s intent was, but I took her welfare comment as simply Z will be abandoned by scum of the earth Paulie and that will be her only option other abortion. You might be the racist for even bringing black into it. Spend some time at your local welfare or Social Services office and you’ll see unwed mothers of every race.


Exactly. To just assume her comment was based on race was baseless. It may have been for all we know but to just assume and start bashing her? She replied and of course in this PC race baiters world had to explain herself. She was referring to Paulie leaving her high and dry and her salary not being able to cover expenses. Simple point blank and Max-Z better hope she gets the period.


Considering that you do not know her income…….. you are making assumptions . You know that she is employed, and Paulie is employed. It is a stretch for sure to assume that she will be on welfare and tax -payers will take care of any child that she may have. Since I am actually a social worker I know that people on welfare live on less than $9,000.00 a year…… even if she is a teaching assistant she is making more than $ 9,000.00 per year. The comment was judgemental and degrading. I simply asked why would you make that assumption that she was a welfare dependent and what would that reasoning be based on? The other assumption that is being made is that they had intercourse without protection. Paulie never said that. The only thing he said was that they had interourse 5 or 6 times


Has anybody even considered that Z is most likely on some sort of birth control?

Paulie's creampie

Maybe it was in the pooper.

diapers and rattles

But she kept talking about having Paulie’s babies. Makes you stop and think….. planned (on her part)?

Andy the Red Rat

James is after my cheese.


James, a rat? C’mon now. Paulie, Paul, Nicole, tall gay guy, and Vic ALL talked about getting James out long before James turned on them. You think James was the rat. Wow.

Rib Tipped

Birth control might protect against getting pregnant but it wont stop STD’s will it. Yes BB does supply condoms but I guess if she said she is on BC that must mean its okay with no protection then…..<<—sarcasm.

People are still having unprotected sex. Just proves nobody learns anything.


Sure is a whole lot of assuming going on. All based on gossip from over-active imaginations .lol

A Girl Has No Name

You have one-hell-of-a-nerve making a judgmental comment like that! I’ve been visiting this site for the past 4 years and very rarely do the comments instantly piss me off like yours did but you have topped EVERY single one that might have come close in the past. How dare you assume such a thing and if not for her race, what are you basing your ignorant judgement of the situation on?

Better to be silent and THOUGHT a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. You are an idiot to the 10th degree and that is not me being judgmental, I am simply stating the obvious fact that you so willing put out there on display. Please…PLEASE do not insult the rest of us by ever commenting again.

Freddy Krueger

IT’S A BOY!!!!


I feel you. Nicole & Corey, Paul & Meech, James & Natalie… I guarantee no one would have mentioned welfare. There is a lot of ignorance out there, including those that try to justify it with their “too PC” defense.

Carol Topalian

Of all the things to be offended at, someone commenting that two people boning on tv, possibly without protection, could lead to pregnancy, which could lead to welfare… I’m not offended. BB’s Paulie and Corey have been offensive – pretty much on a daily basis – in the way they talk about women; I’m glad Paulie is deadman walking. Americans, many of them, are very odd with what finally gets them offended: Trump? no. Mass homicide via gun crime? nah. Comment about welfare, OMFG nuke that bitch!! Um, right.

Jeezus & Nem


Woke up to a full blown blood war between Evel Dik and Paulie’s Dad on twitter (.. according to Evel, hes made Paulie’s dad his little B.itch now).
Then I find OBB site in an ideological, semantics driven, pseudo race debate over Z & Paulie’s hypothetical, illegitimate brat… that doesnt even exist!

I must admit… I love a fresh cup of CRAZY in the mornings…

NO more power for Victor

I promise you he s gonna lose it sooner or later, he is already becoming annoying with his ego and it d get unbearable if he made any kind of record…plus he s just a puppet for Paul so why not rather vote Paul?


Who cares if they had sex and she is pregnant?


Why are people assuming Z isn’t a sexually responsible adult and on birth control?

Nasty girl.. you know who!

Ahhh well Paulie I am just about to give my 20 votes for Victor!! #sorrynotsorry


Me too! Strategically, it makes the most sense. Vic gets all my votes!


At this point Derrick has already tried to dis-associate himself from Paulie and Cody has gone silent. They are not rallying anyone to vote. They don’t want to lose whatever fans they have.


I just gave Vic 20 more today. Simon/Dawg, from what I am reading on this site, it sounds like many people think that the votes for ACP on here are the ones that count. Could you make it clear that they must vote on CBS.com so the real favorite wins? Too many are saying Meech is ahead and we really do not know who is ahead. Thanks!


Yes, you really need to do that. Make it clear votes here don’t count. It’s misleading.


Love how Paulie, Nic and Corey live in an alternate universe where they never ever backstabbed anyone playing the game.

Oh and Nicole you have zero chance in hell of winning.


Paulie actually said he and Corey are 2 of America’s favorites and thinks we’re gonna be pissed at Victor for doing this.
HAHAHAHA! He’s in for a rude awakening when this is over. All 3 of them are. Nicole thinks America saved her so she could make a big move against Paul. They’re ridiculous and absolutely clueless! Lol


Nicole only got the care package because Zakiyah & Bridgette were taken out on double eviction night. Either of those two could easily have had the votes for the care package but with them gone BB passed it on to Nicole.


My theory is that everybody wanted to vote for Michelle, but she was on the block against Z and could possibly go home, so they voted for Bridgette. Since Bridgette got evicted the votes fell up Nicole by default:(

Corey the repeating parrot

Oh now they are the lepers? How’s it feel a-holes?!?

Pinocchio Obama

This is the longest I have ever gone without figuring out who I want to win this game. As of today I think I am Team Paul. He has gone from the bottom of the ladder to controlling the house.


Is anyone annoyed by Michelle’s use of the word “right”?? Right…right…uh uh…right.


I will praying everyday till Thursday that Paulie has the round trip ticket, oh how interesting will this house get if he comes right back in and wins HOH


As much as I dislike Paulie, the drama would be great in house if he did come back! I just don’t think I could watch his errogance.

Leopold Stotch

At best, it will be a co-HOH with Victor, Michelle or Paul being the other co-HOH.


Not Michelle!!!! For a self proclaimed Super Fan, her social game is weak and she is so concerned about what America thinks of her.


I’ll call it now: Paulie’s got the round trip and he’ll win the HOH….then thanks to a split vote between Vic, Michelle, and Paul, Corey will win the CP thanks to Nicole’s fans plus Paulie’s bro’s fans. Paul and Vic go up and Vic goes home and it’s game on.

Powder Puff Cat

That is my fear – the votes are split this very well happen. I would consider it a long shot but I would not bet against it.


Earlier I read Paulie was saying the next person to back him in a corner or go off on him, he will totally go off on. Knowing at this time there is a 99.99999% he will be evicted Thursday, he leaves and the audience boo’s him. If he’s as mentally ill as he has been acting, that could be the trigger that sends him over the edge. How hilarious would that be? Run, Julie, run!


Nicole, zip it. Stop talking. Vous etres trop bavard, fermez la bouche. SHUT UP. You aren’t going to do squat. I look forward to your eviction almost as much as I look forward to Paulie’s.

Hide the chips

lol Cody and Derrick’s fans … all 3 of them that lined up for their autographed t-shirt?

Leopold Stotch

Ha ha! What’s the story behind your comment? Can you link it?

Hide the chips

Those two fools thought they were so popular with their “fans” during the show that they wanted to do something for them when they got out so one of the ideas was an autographed shirt or something like that. I don’t recall when but i’m sure you could look it up somewhere. I have no clue about the number of fans they have but now i’m thinking 3 may be on the high side.

You're the reason for the tear drops on Corey's patriotard

Cody and Derrick fans are now Paul and Vic fans.


Paulie, corey and Nicole should cast as extras in “The Walking Dead”

Just Sayin'

Noooooo! They will just ruin another good show!

Ohio fan

I love it when players who think they’re all that in the beginning, running the house, gets treated the same way they were treating players is all so wrong now. Pauline, Nicole and Corey can’t understand why no one is hanging out with them now….really ?….Paulie bawling…wow…if they believe all of Paulie ‘s bs then they don’t deserve to win….

Corey the repeating parrot

If he’s so heart broken over his ex, then whys he “boning” Z on camera?

sunny dee

i’m always shocked how often while watching After Dark they talk about whether or not the live feeders are watching, like it’s only recording at certain times, like 9pm to midnight, or during the comps and stuff. ALL the rest of the time, no ‘feeds’ to watch.

especially coming from michelle most often, i’m like why do you get so dolled up for what you know is for the show, and look like a rag the rest of the time, when you of all people know all this is all the time, not just some of the time. so there is zero chance that the live feeders didn’t see Paulie and Z.


It’s called Karma. Paulie treated Tiffany and Frank like sh!t, and guess what… Karma came back to bite him in the ass.

Kids, careful how you treat others, Karma exists and usually comes back to bite you 1000x worse.


Yeah but it was Frankhole so who cares?


Is she puking on the bed?


She had a barf bag.


Why did a couple of people give this a thumbs down? She did have a bag. It’s not a matter of opinion.


Looks like a clear plastic container.


Hmm, maybe her promised make out session with James to vote her way that night was more than that… Morning sickness already LOL


Do you guys think that Nicole’s 404k followers on Instagram will help Corey win Co-HOH…. i hope not. : (


YES! Nicole has a following and her followers will vote Cory….

More Anonymous

And other day, I got blasted here by someone crying it was unfair that I was going to get four friends to vote for Vic for an extra measly 80 votes. But yeah, this is fair. Fortunately Derrick/Cody fan base hasn’t helped Corey or Paulie so far. I’m voting “with the house” and all indications are that the house wants Victor.


From what I’ve observed it looks like A major chunk of the BB feed fans are hammering the polls day in and day out against Corey.

Do you all believe CBS polls to be legit? Lately they’ve looked like they’ve made sense but in past seasons…… ooowee

More Anonymous

I’m faithful, only look at OBB polls. How bout you refresh this one, and date it as today’s poll to get a more accurate and up-to-date reveal as to where we are all voting. I think we’ll see a dramatic shift.


My thinking is there is no clear option now. So people are going Paul, Victor, and Michelle for one side and Corey for the other side and that’s what’s messing the numbers up.


Victor has already been in power many times. Let’s shake the game up a bit and give Michelle an opportunity to see what she can do. No need to worry about Michelle’s intentions as she is just as passionate as the others to evict Corey and Nicole (and Paulie should he have the round trip ticket).


What an idiotic suggestion. It shouldn’t be anyone’s “turn”.. They are supposed to win them with their own abilities, not because they don’t have the ability to so it is handed to them. Secondly – she would just spend her time crying about God knows what!


If you want to see ignorance try looking in a mirror. I don’t think he (or she) was suggesting to give Michelle the care package because it is her “turn”. It would just be a more interesting game twist than having another Victor reign of power. Been there done that. If Victor wins the vote wouldn’t that also be “handing him” something that he did not earn? Hate on Michelle all you want. As a person I don’t find her to be very likable either. But I do like that she is emotional because this contributes to a more lively house dynamic. The show would be pretty boring to watch if the all the houseguests were straight laced accountant types. I believe if Michelle receives something positive from the viewers it might rejuvenate her spirit and belief that she can win. She certainly knows the game and has the temperament to step on toes if necessary.


The reason that Cody and Derrick haven’t asked to fans vote before now is that they are game smart enough to know to hold off putting a target on a HG for a lesser prize. Now that Paulie’s buddy is in trouble they might try since Paulie is asking them to.

An Apple a Day

FYI, if you have different browsers on your laptop (I use chrome but also have Firefox & IE) you can view from 3 separate user accounts on one laptop if you are so inclined. I could technically vote 13 x 20 per day. But I’ve actually been voting from my phone and 2 laptops, so 160 times per day.


Out on the hammock early this morning Nicole called out to her mom to get all her fans to vote for Corey. That along with Cody’s and Derrick’s is scary.
That is why all this splitting of votes for Vic, Paul and Meech is bad. Me-all my votes going for Vic. Meech I am afraid would be too easy swayed by Nicole and Corey or by Paulie if he returns. She is spending way too much time with them and doesn’t seem to be reporting anything back to the other side.


So tired of people on here trying to convince others who to vote for. It’s been going on since the first package. How about everyone vote for who ever they want for whatever reason they choose? Stop acting like you know what is best for other voters to do. Thanks.

Powder Puff Cat

I changed my vote to someone wisely pointing out that Vic cannot play in the next HOH. Paulie comes back, he or Corey wins HOH (and Care package) = Paul, Vic going up. I appreciate the peeps pointing strategy. BB is about strategy we were given this role so all the input is great!

TX rar

Splitting votes isnt a good idea. Only 1 person can win the ACP so pick a fav and commit to them.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Nicole you are right. You have done nothing is this game to warrant anyone coming after you. NOTHING!!! You got super safety this week and it was a waste. You are a waste! The only reason anyone would want you out is because you are Corey’s beard! STFU and never return to this game again


Yes, unfortunately by association with asses she has lost my respect. I guess she wasn’t in the room that time Paulie was bashing Nat to her face and Corey was clapping along. That would/should have clued her in as to why there is this mounting anger toward them. Most of all it’s Paulie’s condescending arrogance controlling everyone’s hoh she doesn’t know about either or she’s clue in.


My tinfoil hat is still convinced Nicole and Paulie have an agreement outside the house.

BB Cynic

According to chatter on the feeds, Paulie’s dad acts as some sort of manager for Cody, Derrick, Nicole, Paulie, and James for BB Meet & Greets. Paulie, Nicole, and James had a pre-existing alliance prior to entering the house and all spend some time being coached by Derrick. Once again, Derrick’s mastery of the game shines through.

Lady Mormont

I don’t know who you are, but, you say what I am thinking….Hmmm


I don’t understand how Nicole keeps saying “James betrayed us.” They haven’t worked together since 8pack and that was done a looong time ago. Nicole had her Fatal 5 and 5th wheel alliance. James had the “execs”. If anything Corey and Paulie betrayed and used her. But she’s too much in puppy love to accept that.


This Fool Paulie wants BB to send him home so bad, that’s why he’s really standing there naked. On another note, maybe BB should get him a Psych Evaluation. Crazy Nut!!!


First Paulie showed his a$$ mentally now he’s showing his a$$ physically. All I have to say is what a waste of a nice butt.

Floating around so throw me a life vest

wait… why is this fool standing naked in the kitchen?!? did i miss something?


Paul got another Red Alert. Paulie thought it would be funny to strip naked for his pat down.


A guy walks into a psychiatrist office completely naked and wrapped up in Saran Wrap.
Doctor says “I can clearly see your nuts”.


He seems to think he’s God’s gift to the women that he belittles and hates so much. Take a look at his twitter picture. He is such a joke.


Oh really Nicole? Then i’ll make sure to vote for Paul to get the next ACP. A vote for Vic will be just as good.


Why do i think paulie is gay? You have the chance of winning 500k but you refuse to fight cause corey is your bro or hommie? you just met a random dude few weeks ago? Really? Lol going back to zakia if you remember she was complaining her period was delayed uh ho bb baby? Sex with no protection? How old are those people? 15? Lol who i believe is the best player who deserves the money? paul. He is a genius he went from being one of the hated to one of the most loved person in the house and he is the one pulling the strings. Go Paul.

Nurse Ratshit AKA Nicole

Now I’m going to get all of my friends to vote for Victor just for that dumbass comment Pauliene made.

Pot, meet Kettle

Nicole was going on and on about how much she detests Michelle and if America gives her a care package she’s gonna be pissed.
Umm, that’s kinda how I felt when you got this one Nicole……

Leopold Stotch

And it would have gone to Bridgette if she were still in the game. I just wish there was a way for Nicole to find out that she was not the highest vote-getter and Bridgette was! She would explode with envy 😀


Nicole has been absolutely obsessed with the care packages and who gets them. She was so mad about Nat and James getting them. Very insecure girl.


Especially if Corey and her don’t win the next HOH. When the care package goes to anyone other than Corey her brain will explode. Friday morning’s care package reveal could be the best.

Even if Corey does win the HOH, if the care package goes to Victor or Meech Nicole can still go up. Imagine Nicole and James on the block with Corey the HOH.. Natalie and Nicole will fight it’ll be great.


Nicole and James on the block means they have no votes to save Nicole. I doubt anyone else would take a shot at James this week. Once Corey and Nicole go, the five left puts Meech in a good spot. It could stay fun to the end.


Does anyone else think Ziggy Marley was an odd choice for a concert? His #1 hit (Tomorrow People) was from 1988. I know he has had other albums but not as mainstreamed as “Tomorrow People”. Most of these HG were in diapers or not born yet. He must have a new album about to drop.


Corey was saying Nat hasn’t won anything or done anything. Isn’t he describing Nic. Nat says she has gained wait and is now throwing up, I wonder if shes pregnant. If she is I bet James would volunteer to take care of that child too even though its not his. James loves kids.

not so much

natalie mentioned that she’s been abstinent, so she’s not worried about being pregnant

Only can wish

To “NOT SO MUCH”, Oh my, I hope Natalie haven’t been eating Paulie’s pies.


Oh crap. I hadn’t thought about that. The rat could be tainting the pies with hair mousse or other toxic substance to knock out the competition. Yikes!


My guess is the RT tickets were numbered so production would know who had the RT. Knowing Victor had the winning one and has HOA this week and it’s the last week to use it they were able to schedule the Friday jury buy back show knowing in advance it wasn’t going to get opened. SO… PAULIE STILL has one more try to get back in.

Leopold Stotch

They are numbered, and when Paul went into Paris and read the rules card out loud, among other things, it said:

* Cannot trade with other HG’s
* Cannot open them early, or they will be null and void


I think they mean in a jury buy back. They are saying the Friday show may still have a buy back for Paulie’s shot at re entering.

not so much

they announced the friday show during the thursday show, before they played the HOH. producers didn’t know victor would win at that point

More Anonymous

Friday show been listed on the schedule for awhile. Not something you can easily do last minute.


Seems like ironically Meech may now be in the safest position, with Corey/Nicole/Paulie wanting to go after James/Paul/Victor and maybe Natalie and vice versa. If Paulie comes back in, I doubt he will want to nominate Natalie and Bridgette (though he hate women so who knows) when there are now big big targets.


Meech is in a good position but extremely dangerous right now. I’m hoping she doesn’t get the care package because I’m thinking she’s going to flip to Corey and Nicole’s side. Victor is the only logical person to get the ACP because he has zero change of becoming HOH this week. All the others have a fair chance.


Just a reminder about Adult themed usernames. If you want to have a username like that please censor with & * () ^ # etc symbols. we will not be approving comments anymore with these type of sexual themed names. There has been a large increase of adult wording in our posts which is getting us in hot water.

It’s easy enough to censor and everyone will still get your point.


Sorry you even have to post that, Simon. We really appreciate all that you and Dawg do for us and would hate to see a few jerks get you guys in trouble. Much love!


Thanks Archangel, I wish we could run content uncensored.

99% of the comments this year are good just a few need a extra ! * @ and maybe a ##

Leopold Stotch

Thank you, Simon!


Z is/wasn’t a total dummy. She knew exactly what she was doing. And so did Paulie. Let the chips (or babies) fall as they may. Oh, and Paulie….My votes are going to the person (who’s eligible) that you slammed the most!

Colorado says

The tickets were numbered so production would know who holds the RT one. They were able to schedule a jury buy back cause vic has it and being HOA it would not be used .So….PAULIE still has a chance to get back in and you know he’ll go for it.


Stiff neck and vomiting is also symptoms of meningitis.


I’m worried about Nat. She really should see a doctor. That could be serious.


It’s not in the post but I believe she took too many Advil (ibuprofen) because of her sore neck. I heard she took 8 which can be rough on the stomach.


Thankyou Simon, not so worried anymore.


Holy smokes – 8 Advil at once?! No wonder she’s puking.


4 Advil on 2 occasions.

Still not good.


Is Natalie stupid? Can’t she read the bottle? Never take more than one Advil in a six hour period (two is OK if symptoms are severe) and no more than six total in a 24 hour period. Her body is rejecting the excess medication which makes her vomiting even worse.

Simon Rocks!

If you don’t have prescription coverage, doctors (and dentists) will sometimes suggest that you take 3 or 4 Advil, since it’s the same amount as the prescription drug. It’s not something that you should do without a professional telling you to do it, but it’s not at all uncommon. It’s very possible that someone with Productions advised her to do it for her pain.


Anyone who suggests taking more than six Advil tablets in a 24 hour period is irresponsible. The maker of the drug (Pfizer) warns that taking more than six a day can lead to heart attack, internal bleeding, liver and kidney disease, and shallow breathing.


Another reason to not overdose on Advil, it can cause kidney failure!
You shouldn’t take more than 800mg at one time which is 4 tablets. (based on usual dose is 200mg per tablet).


Been there, done that. Too many Advil especially on an empty stomach and you will definitely throw them up.

Young American Woman

And the kidneys.

Leopold Stotch


Bye P!

ASSUMING P is lying about his dying aunt and just making up story his family probably saying… Who’s aunt are you talking about? Lol! And also P, Cody and Derrick’s fan must be so disappointed about you! I am Fan of Derrick but doesn’t mean you are friends with him I will vote for you!!! Not a chance… Gbye! Don’t worry Zakiya is waiting for you in bed! Have fun! Haha


Paulie (we all know you will scour these comments) you sunk your game when you started playing the “sexist male” card. Even your male “friends” knew. Had you stayed decent, tried to be kind and had faked respect, you would have made it at least until the final three. As it is, all you are now is a cry baby loser. As for your Aunt, if she really DOES have cancer you are despicable for using her illness as an excuse. Remember karma, it DOES come around.


Thanks, Paula. As a two-time cancer patient I can assure everyone that the last thing you need (or even think about) is money. I hope Paulie never needs to find out how awful treatments can be.

The truth

Am I watching the same show is everyone else. This house Is full of liars. You can tell Paul, Nat and James are people that used to be bottom feeders that got picked all of the time growing up now the got power they are trying make up for being little bitches when they grew up. Paulie should have got rid of Paul early in the game. Victor is the only one playing the game. Win comps to stay. I can’t stand floaters and liars. Some call that social game that’s bull shit. This world is full of that shit so everyone thinks that’s okay.

Thank you!

I agree 100%! Everyone is all about Paul, Michelle, James and Nat now. Just 2 weeks ago, Michelle was the mean, crying, do nothing girl everyone hated. Paul is just a rat who floats to whoever can protect him and hides behind other people telling them get this person out, etc., he’s the worst kind of player!! Complete coward. He was the one who every 2 seconds was gonna punch someone in the face or do something with his balls!! James has no spine whatsoever, just like his last season. And nat said before she came on her strategy was to flirt! She tried with Vic and Corey, neither wanted her so she got stuck with James and has tried to play it off like he’s such a good guy, etc., she has no interest in him other than friendship! I’m a female, we can tell these things!! She’s wanted Nicole out for a while as she sees her as competition and not in the game sense. I’m not buying AT ALL what she’s selling! Whew, rant over!


You didn’t have to tell us you are female. As soon as you started with the Nat bashing we all knew.

Thank you!

To anonymous…I bashed Paul and James equally, if not more, so grow up! Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not one of those insecure females. I tend to root for the girls (yes, attractive ones) more than the guys! But I can also see thru BS! I know her tactic well…may have used it myself at times. So it’s easy for me to see it!


Thanks for this reply. Now I have no doubt what’s going on with you. You’re projecting bad behaviors that you engage in onto another person.

Only can wish

To The truth…Can you please censor($!#*) the bad words you use when you comment. Simon, just sent out a warning to us about our chose of words we are using. Let’s give him that respect. Thank you!


Paulie reminds me of Joe Pesci character :Nicky Santoro in “Casino”, a shortass Bully,
except we did not get to see Nicky cry caused they Killed him. Paulie gonna cry. Awk! Paulie wanna cry!

skeptical onlooker

I have to fess up. I just watched Sunday’s episode again. I needed to have a laugh (or 3) and start my day right.
Paul eating the Cheetos during the fight. Comedy at it’s BEST!…Paul doing the kick your heels dance with Pablo. This guy is a very gifted comedian…I can’t believe how much I detested him in the beginning. Now I want to hang with him. He’s absolutely brilliant……
And then…although I always feel sad when I see someone crying…or at worst concerned…seeing Paulie bawling left me unmoved. Because it wasn’t about anyone but himself. It certainly wasn’t about Auntie..(or Grannie..take your pick)..or the ex…No Siree..it was because he got put on the block. And his hero Derick never got put on the block. ( He also knew he was the target). He sobbed because his came was kaput. ( For now at least).
Interesting tidbit here. After hearing him boast about Cody’s movie coming out…I googled..and on IMDB movies
It gives info on cast. On Cody’s it mentions that he has a sister..Angelina. But..err…it didn’t mention Paulie. (smile).
These things are perhaps not that that well documented..but still. ( The movie is called * What happened last night)
Paulie now seems much happier…which in a way is disconcerting. He has huge highs and lows…and I can’t help thinking that perhaps he’s bi=polar? Certainly he is a narcissist. Either way..his wiring is definitely off.
Oh well….2..going on 3 LONG days to get through before Thursday night.
Corey and Nicole’s eyes have a very glazed over look by now. Paulie is a compulsive Chatty Cathy. All so that he can try and convince HIMSELF that he is a victim.
Casting have not done well lately with their *star players*…Frankie, Audrey, Vanessa, and now Paulie.
Being on Big Brother has not done them favours in the Real World . Ya know..type thing.


I am with you! I rewatched the episode and laughed just as hard.

I am voting for Victor to get the ACP and Paul for the next.

skeptical onlooker

That’s exactly what I’m doing. Paul will do a great job bribing. Look what he did to Paulies HAIR!!! ( Guffaw) And got away with it. That was reason to evict Paul imo. Me? Never cared..:)

More Anonymous

Chatty Cathy! Now that’s a blast from a long forgotten past!
CBS has not done well with the sibling thing as well…Tiffany, Elissa, Paulie. It’s like the sequel movie that is never as good as the first.

Cody's not much of an actor.....

I watched the trailer for Cody’s new movie What Happened Last Night and I’m not so sure he did a good job. His facial expressions are not realistic, like actors should have.

Simon Rocks!

How hard was it for him to play the role of a party boy?


So I’m guessing straight to the thrift store?


Will BB18 be remembered as “The Season of Sh*T?”
They are always talking about sh*ting on each other.
Nicole said if Paul (I believe) wins ACP this week she will “literally sh*t her pants”
Now Paulie says he dropped a deuce in the dean’s mailbox?
At least they know they are crappy players!


Paulie in the entertainment industry? Yeah, being a DJ for weddings and bat mizvahs. Don’t overstate it, dude – it’s not like you’re hanging with Mariah or JLo.

Same thing with calling himself an athlete

It was freaking soccer…

Nicole, Americas Worst Player

I have to admit hearing Nicole constantly say, “why are we targets” is hilarious. Nicole, there are 8 people left in the house, she talks like there are 50 people still left in the house and for the life of her, she can’t figure it out. I realize she could just be playing dumb, but that is really all she says, “why are we being targeted”.

Quite honestly this is the worst type of player on Big Bro, the delusional player that just says why me why me why me….because you signed up to play this game where people are voted out each week!! I have nothing against these people as people, but my goodness some of them seem absolutely clueless that they are on Big Brother.


The whole show is based on lying and deceit.Amazing Race is based on wins. Don’t came in last and you keep on advancing. BB isn’t. Winning comps helps but you’re ability to manipulate people without degrading them or pissing them off is key to this game. If the show had all mature kind reasonable contestants on it how boring would that be. No meltdowns, everyone sitting around discussing how they’re all winners? That’s why I’m voting Meech for next acp. This season just got good and she could mix it up more.

Bullying Is Never Okay

Read https://www.reddit.com/r/BigBrother/comments/4v7c4f/the_bullying_of_bridgette_now_with_dates/

Sorry but Meech doesn’t deserve to win a care package, especially one where she has so much power. She is easily switched sides just whisper in her ear things to make her mad. Such as Z whispering things about B or Nat whispering things about Paulie.


Can you imagine how badly Paulie would have been slut shaming if a girl had stripped down like that?

James ruined every live show.

James did it again last week telling Paulie just before live show he was cancelling Corey’s vote and also voting out Zak. He is a little rat turd. Ruined every single blind side live show of the season.

He is still scared of Paulie. Other day he said “this is just a game if you see us after you aren’t going to beat us up” hoping that Paulie would say no I won’t beat you up James. Paulie didn’t respond and James looked terrified. He is worried Paulie is going to kick his little turd ass. What a p&*sy.

James fans are mad. I win:-)


Right! He says he did in case Con Corleone won HOH in the double. He didn’t want him to be blindsided and blame him. WTF is the difference? Pissed now or 20 min. from now you are still the same guy who is flipping and who he is going to be mad at. To steal that blindside from us, to be able to see the shock on their faces. I didn’t need to see Sunday’s show to know either. When Thursday’s show started Pauline was already all up in the corner of the couch pouting and I was like damn it he already knows. Robs the viewers out of one of the better parts of the game. I didn’t care for his game (if that is what he calls it) last year and I care for it even less this year. He should have stayed home and stuck to what he knows, pot-ball and soda bottle bowling. All the while stuck in the friend zone.


Vote for Vic


No that would be so predictable and boring. Let’s give Michelle a try. She is on the right side of the issues (anti Corey & Nicole) and her position in the house is less secure compared to Victor and Paul.


Hey guys i’m worried that if the votes are really split between Meech, Paul, and Vic for Co – HOH that Corey could win, do you think that’s possible?


I see the only people giving Corey votes are Cody, Paulie, and Nicole fans. Along with Corey’s mom, and Corey’s dad.

My prediction the HOH will be endurance/athletic (Like running from side to side on a slippery surface with a shot glass filling up bowls) I have a feeling Corey will win.


Yes! I was on the BB facebook page and the only ones giving corey their votes were nicole fans…. Everyone else pretty much wants to give it to Victor.


Corey is too tall for that competition. It takes a lot of dexterity and balance. Remember he was almost clipped week 1?? I think Nathalie and Meech will to well on that one.


Yeah those are good points.. I’m also looking at his swimming/baseball past thought maybe that athleticism would translate over.


Corey’s athleticism hasn’t helped him much in all the other competitions.


Nobody is ever going to top the way Becky crushed the slip-n-slide comp last year.


Corey is kind of gangly for that comp. I would bet on James or Paul to win.


I wouldn’t bet on James to win a game of Chutes and Ladders with my four year old daughter.


Not James, he doesn’t have the skill for it. I’m seeing the girls doing well in the slip and slide one. As long as Natalie is finished puking she has a good shot. Height will be a factor in it and also girls naturally have a lower center of gravity.

An ornery mouse

I hope you’re right, but that Jeremy dude from BB 15 was pretty tall and won the sliding comp.

Actually it doesn’t matter if Nicole or Corey win HOH this week, since the winner of the Care Package is just gonna throw the other on the block anyway.

Funny how

Paulie shed tears over Corey possibly going home (before veto was played) , but didn’t shed tears over Z. She is delusional to think she wasn’t part of his strategy, he doesn’t care about her.


“Never cared”


I guess I’m on the “underdog” side on this site anyway.. I have detested Paul from the beginning and it has only gotten worse. He may have a few funny moments but it cannot erase who he has shown himself to be as a person. Not only has he said extremely vile things about ppl but he gets a glimmer in his eyes when he comes up with new ways to kick ppl when they are down. He and Michelle are both seriously disturbed. And even though Paulie has major ego problems I don’t think he is beyond hope as those two. I really hope he or Corey has the return ticket and also gets the care package on Friday. Not necessarily because they deserve it but because Paul/Michelle definitely Do Not deserve one in the least. I hope Paulie grows as a person and learns from his actions and from what he has been through there. Those other two are way too mean and have no real compassion at all for others. It makes my stomach turn watching there enjoyment of torturing others. I know it’s not good to say ppl are just bad to their core but…


The only thing I can recall him being “vile” about is him saying he would “punch her in the face” I think once when talking about Bridgette having the RT ticket for instance he said “if she comes back in I will literally punch her in the face” I personally think that is just his (dumb yes) over the top way of getting his point across about how much this or that is not what he wants. Much like he said how he would literally tear his balls of and stick them here or there. Just goofy Paul being goofy Paul. to hear the way he talks about his mom and women I can’t see him being serious just like he is not serious about tearing off his balls! Back in the Josea days I also thought he was a total tool but as I have “gotten to know him” the dude has grown on me and I think he is probably a pretty solid dude. The lies and backstabbing are all part of the game and he has risen to the occasion and known when to zig, when to zag, and when to eat Cheetos and keep quiet. Vile? No I think as far as the guys go that prize only goes to one zipper head named Pauline

Paul was raised right

Paul has really grown on me. I believe it was the Jozea effect for the negative views of Paul. The other night Paul was talking to Natalie about his dad. Saying how he admired his dad so much how he came to this country and worked so hard going to flea markets, selling things, building up his auto business, taking care of an elderly homeless man expenses for 7 years, helping a lady with children with tires and brakes, etc. and the thing I liked the most is Paul said when all his friends got BMWs and 50k cars, he got a 1k Mazda. He asked his dad “I am grateful, but just curious why I got this car when I know we could afford more”….his dad basically told him to earn it. I think that is the total difference between Paul and Victor who understand earning things and the value of money and Paulie who talks big about throwing down 3k on blackjack and brags about money. Now Paulie is using his parents debt and exploiting his aunts cancer for his own personal gain. Anyway, Paul has really shown a deeper side to himself.

BB Curious

Paulie will definitely learn from his actions. He will learn how to bake a pie. I am quite sure that is a lesson he never would have learned without Big Brother. Congratulations Paulie, you have really grown as a person as a result of your experience.

Heck NO!!!

How about Derrick and Cody just tell their fans they never seen that man before in their lives. Besides they both said no showmance, Cody said listen to Derrick, Derrick said you have not done anything he told you, and Derrick says he does not support your actions or comments towards women.

Derrick thinks Paul will win.

In a interview other day Derrick basically said Paulie, James, Michelle and Nicole all suck at the game. He said that Paul was going to win.

He said he did coach Paulie but Paulie took none of his advice. ie..Don’t get in showmance and get out all returning players first etc. Derrick also distanced himself from Paulies actions in the house but said I’m not going to “bash him”

I guess Cody now will call a Derrick a “hater”

Hey Cody you still say Paulie is going to win and you.were “never worried” “keep hating” Why the dude who’s balls you swung from all your season say Paulie sucks at the game?

Sit down Cody. You are a b*t&h just like Paulie and your father.


I guess it’s hereditary.

Simon Rocks!

Derrick wants to make sure that he can sell copies of his book when it comes out. Hard to sell a book on how to influence everyone around you, so that you win, when he’s got Paulie saying that he’s learned everything about his (losing) game from Derrick!


Maybe Paulie should use Mash’s Klinger’s approach to get out of the army.

[Klinger reads Henry a letter from his mom that says his dad’s dying]
Henry Blake: The father dying, right?
Klinger: Yes, sir.
Henry Blake: [takes out a stack of papers and reads them] Father dying last year. Mother dying last year. Mother AND father dying. Mother, father, and older sister dying. Mother dying and older sister pregnant. Older sister dying and mother pregnant. Younger sister pregnant and older sister dying. Here’s an oldie but a goodie: Half of the family dying, other half pregnant.

And one last thing Paulie when you offer deals to people you are campaign, so stop saying you aren’t.


Best laugh of the day!! I remember that episode it was hilarious!!


Paulie probably has the ticket back in the show would love the drama! I’m not a huge Paulie fan but Nat, James, Michelle and Paul are not much better than Paulie, power tripping and what have they done in the game next to nothing!….If Paulie does not come back it would be great if Corey won and put James and Paul up. I am rooting for Vic, I can’t really stand anyone else at least he’s good at the game physically. I’m over all the busting egos on this show and the fake people. James and Paul are as fake as they come! They promise people deals and then go back on them every two seconds…One week ago Paul was trying to get Vic out but now he’s his best friend!


Don’t forget there will be a care package on Friday. So someone will share his HOH if he wins it. That someone will be able to put 1 person on the block and the HOH will put one person up.
If Corey doesn’t win the care package, which he won’t, Nicole will be going on the block.


Watched an interview with Derrick. Interesting. He says Paulie hasn’t followed most of his (1 hr of) advice and he shouldn’t have even won the veto when Z was up, in fact, he shouldn’t have won 50% of the comps he has won and he def shouldn’t have volunteered to go on the block that week. . It is his ego that has gotten in the way putting a target on him…


I don’t know about anybody else, but Paul was a douche to start this season, and week after week this guy has grown on me. I was and still am a James fan, but he is blinded. So I’m kind of rooting for Paul now. And I want to give him the bribe care package because it will at the very least be funny how he uses it.

Andy the Red Rat

Paulie is this years Frankie Grande.

Backseat Driver

I think he might be worse than Frankie and trust me…..I never thought I would say that about any BB houseguest!!

Teri B

Paulie is definitely worse than Frankie (and I couldn’t stand him on BBUS). The Frankie we’re seeing on CBBUK is more mature and usually, believe it or not, the voice of reason in an uncontrolled, insane environment…the likes of which I’ve NEVER seen on any BB I’ve ever watched. They have a couple of characters who are throwing food all over the house, destroying house fixtures, disrupting every single task, displaying privates in full frontal, and a bunch more stuff that would have resulted in immediate removal for our BB or BB Canada. Frankie representing the U.S. in a very good way right now, and I thought I’d never say that about him, for sure!


He knows, he probably has the lowest star power being that his claim to fame is his little sister is a bubble gum pop singer created by Nickelodeon and only relevant to girls under 12.


Frankie? Ummm No. Frankie was just annoying as hell, but Paulie is a scumbag, a narcissistic, agressive, F*ck.

I think he’s this year’s Amanda, 100%.


Should Paulie be evicted and not have the round trip ticket to re-enter the game, Corey or Nicole needs to win HoH to keep the game interesting. The show needs to have a constant back and forth in control of power or it just becomes a game of going through the motions as it was before Paulie’s fall from power.


It really does not matter if Paulie has the round trip ticket or not. Let’s do the math. Paulie nor Corey will get a care package next week. Nicole is out for her useless care package. If Paulie stays, and either him, Nicole, or Corey gets HOH next week..they only get one nomination. If the majority (James,Nat, Paul, Victor, Meech) stay together in voting it doesn’t matter. They have the votes to take out whoever they want.


If Paulie is evicted and sent to jury and Corey or Nicole win HoH … the other will be nominated more than likely by either Michelle or Victor (seems one of these two will get CoHoH). If Corey or Nicole then win Veto …. either would then be removed from the block and then only those on the other side of the house will be leaving …. having the numbers means nothing at that point if you have two from your side on the block.


Once Nicole and Corey are gone it’ll still be interesting. Two pairs and Meech so there should be some zany antics coming.


just remember next even bigger buy back!


PP (PAUL & PABLO) …. thoroughly enjoying how much you have embraced the SS identity and detail …. setting an example for others to follow in accepting a punishment of sorts and making the most of it.