Willow tells Ashleigh “I need to undo your bra in a non-sexu@l way”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 17
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 12-00-09-637

3pm Bobby comes back up to the HOH room. He tells Zach “Don’t worry about me mentioning anything to Bruno” Nothing ever came of it so there’s no need to. (How Ash told Bobby that week 1 how Bruno tried to flip the votes on him.) Zach heads downstairs to make burgers. Willow joins them in the HOH room. They talk about whether or not there could be a double eviction. Willow says in a Double you take out the people you can’t normally get out. Bobby says I don’t care what happens as long as Kev goes. Bobby leaves. Pilar joins them. Willow asks Ash if JP is mad. Ash says no. I hope not. I think he should know. I hope he’s not mad. Ash says I walked in on them talking and it seemed like he was fine. Kevin joins them. Willow thinks the POV is going to be one that lasts through the night because they’ve already messed with our sleep. Or it could be a movie premiere one? Willow asks Kevin – Was Johnny pissed you didn’t try to win the veto to use it on him? Kevin says no. Willow says also his game plan wasn’t to save you it was to get rid of Graig. Kevin asks Ash did you stay in the HOH bed last night? Ash says yes. Kevin says nice! Did you touch hands? Willow says I’ve been called a “Butter Face” before. (Someone who’s hot except for their face) Ash and Kevin both tell her that’s not true.

3:25pm Under the stairs Bobby whips up a batch of his cinna-slops:

3:40pm – 4pm Bruno and Brittnee are laying on the living room couches chatting. Meanwhile up in the HOH room Willow gives Ashleigh a massage. Willow says these boys have been killing this lotion in a big way.. what have they been doing?! LOL Willow tells Ash “I need to undo your bra in a non-sexu@l way. Willow then mounts Ashleigh and starts massaging her.  

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 12-38-55-461
Zach joins them with his massive burger. Willow asks for a bite of it and tells him he has to feed it to her because she’s his girlfriend. They start talking about who they nominated the first week and how they didn’t know each others names. Zach jokes and tells Willow that she is handling the Nom’s thing a lot better than he thought she would. Willow says shut up. Zach says don’t worry you won’t go home. Sarah says I had nothing to do with it. Zach says come on Sarah “we” worked this out last night.

4:10pm – 4:35pm In the HOH Willow climbs into the large Ottoman. Meanwhile in the living room Jordan is talking about the “Jack Shack” from BBUS season (House guests found a place to pleasure them selves out of the view of the cameras). Jordan then says I wish we had a Jack Shack. (LOL) Sarah questions Willow whether or not Canada hates her. Willow says you think Canada loves me? Willow says I try to molest Zach” Brittnee and Kevin join them. Sarah comments on how not having the nomination ceremony at the same time is unfair. I think it would be better if it was more consistent. Sarah says like the Emmett/Jillian letter was unfair.. Like saying her sister loved Emmett. Sarah asks wasn’t that a huge tip off that she could trust him and that he wasn’t talking sh*t about her in the diary room. It’s bullsh*t! There should never be another persons name in the letter. It should be personal stuff.

Willow says I don’t want to be Sabs, I want to be RORO! Willow says I had a vision I would be good at this. I thought I would be so much better at this. Willow says that she wanted to marry BBCAN1 Andrew. Kevin says I thought Pete (his twin) might have been more attractive.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 14-11-04-482
5pm – 5:20pm In the living room – Godfrey talks to Bruno about how he was told the b@ckdoor plan is Kevin. Bruno tells Godfrey if it ends up being you and JP still on the block you go to Kevin that the plan was to b@ckdoor him. But that’s only if the veto isn’t used. You have two votes locked in 100%! He might be the HOH but we can control who goes home. Just like when I was HOH, if Johnny had made a deal he would have stayed. Bruno says best case scenario is the veto is used. I can’t believe he was doing that. Godfrey says he didn’t want to get blood on his hands. As long as one of you guys get veto, I’m good. Bruno says yup.

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it’s not fair to the current people in the house that the evicted houseguests were sequestered TOGETHER


I agree with you, but I’m still happy that they weren’t separated. I want the returning houseguest to have a decent chance. They’re going to be targeted very quickly.


i think that small advantage is fine compared to the fact that the entire house will be gunning for them to be eliminated right away anyways.


LOL Fair? Nothing about big brother is fair, no matter the version or country. People always say its a game but that’s not true cause a game has set rules and big brother does whatever the hell it wants for the most part. The people who usually do the best are the ones that can adapt the best to unfair situations.


I’m thinking the only reason that BBCAN3 is so damn boring has to be interference from Grodner. The first two didn’t have as much tweaking as this one. It took at least six years for BBUS to become the trainwreck that it is and only two for BBCAN and the reason for that is that nobody took BBCAN seriously. Once Global and US production jumped in it didn’t stand a chance.

Just Saying

Um, Global is Canadian, and if i’m correct the staff remained the same (but could be wrong)

so don’t know why you are bringing up US production


im pretty sure the BBUS production team produced the first 2 BBCAN seasons and this one


These twists aren’t affecting the game, much. The house was going to evict Risha, anyway. Kevin’s instant eviction HOH just expedited Naeha’s eviction. She was already on the ropes. I don’t know how long she could have held on. Then there’s the double veto fail….. We all know how that went. If Naeha goes back in, the game will be like the twists never happened.
If you prefer it when production leaves the players alone…..you should be happy with this season.

another name

just a few non- connected observations:
willow hasn’t really shown up in any episodes except to vote. suddenly this week she shows up dressed as a drag king and kissing sarah. that’s the ONLY real exposure episode only people have of willow. maybe she hasn’t told the risha called me a lesbian story enough.
nobody should buy the Jordan being pissed with Zach for the nomination act because of something Jordan said to Zach and Ashleigh last night. He apologized more than once for showing just how excited he was about Zach winning hoh. He said he acted way too excited. anyone with a brain should know his nomination is a lark, so acting pissy is a waste of time.
today’s rant about the captain Canada conspiracy: please production, stop ramming him down our throats. you’ve already given him a slop pass for four weeks (until jury). you’ve already had 1/3 of a sideshow devoted to him (cumulatively). you’ve already edited episodes so that his game looks better than it is (nobody is on to him at all according to episodes). you’ve already taken every opportunity to showcase his showmance, even before it happened. now you constantly put him in the scripted d/r for reactions to events in the hopes of giving the guy with the personality of a bag of oatmeal charm and charisma. of the whole blocked drunken shenanigans night, what event did you show (beside the willow/sarah kiss): Ashleigh licks jam off of Zach. we get it. you want us to like him. enough already. sorry. force fed manipulation really pushes my buttons.
if you are Ashleigh and you aren’t wise to the thought that your alliance is using you and doesn’t have much faith in you, what’s going on in your head? she’s been told she was the scapegoat to get rid of jonny. by jonny. she’s assigned to play bobby, micromanaged to go at him, then treated like she’s stupid when she plays bobby because she didn’t follow Zach’s non existent script. this should tell her that in a final five situation in her alliance her best bet is fourth or fifth. haven’t had much use for Ashleigh because she’s only really been playing the part of walking blow up doll / flotation device most of the season. i’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but she should take a minute and think about what her alliance thinks of her.


Zach’s pimping out Ashleigh to Bobby, especially the suggestion that she cuddle with him in bed should be a major red flag to Ashleigh that he is only interested in furthering his game even at the cost of her game.

another name

the global website changed the current alliance blog post into the Zach’s alliances blog post. head. desk. white flag. check please.


i totally agree with you and captain canada reminds me of a male version of Sarah Jessica Parker aka face like a shoe !

Alec Tryhard Beal

The hate on Z is a bit much. He isn’t an ugly dude..he has an average looking face but he’s NOT ugly.

Aside from his face… he’s tall, has the QB stereotype going, fit, has good posture, body language, vocal tonality; dresses decent, and is a better choice than the other guys.

So no need to hate.


i don’t HATE ZachI just think he’s a bit of an arrogant douche who needs a bitch slap back to reality and he looks like SJP !


Willow why don’t you just stop pretending to be straight when you’re as butch as arnold schwarzenegger and its obviouse how you get along with the guys and flirt with the girls.


This is the worst season ever these houseguests are so boring I could care less to even continue watching this show!


i love kevin and pilar


this show is so boring The house guests are so lame what a shame


Every year in both US and Canada there are some casting mistakes but this year there are way too many! These people should have never made it on the show. IMHO:




I like Godfrey and I don’t think he was miscast.


Same, I think he’s great.


way too many floater left in the house. the winner is either Zach, JP or Bruno(if he survives this week).
pilar and willow are the most boring BB players of all time including US. plz don’t do this to us next year BBCAN


the Jack Shack was founded by Howie in BB6 and used by him only…then in All Stars BB7, it was used again by Howie and also Boggie, lol… 🙂