Zach tells Jordan that this next week is called “Operation Multi-task”

POV Holder: Johnny Next POV April 10
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Brittnee Next HOH April 8th
Nominations: Kevin Bobby and Graig
Have Nots Ashleigh, Bobby, Zach, and Kevin
POV Players ?

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12pm Out by the pool – Zach talks with Willow. He tells her that he’s felt she’s pulled away from him. Up in the HOH room – Brittnee tells Kevin when they vote they should do the cobra. Kevin says absolutely. Britt leaves. Kevin talks to himself and says this is what I do when I vote! The fortress! That’s cute, that’s fun! That’s elementary stuff. BUT THE REAL DEAL IS THE FORTRESS! Fortress baby! No one messes with the fortress!


Out in the backyard – Jordan, Zach, Willow and Godfrey are working out in th

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They are getting way too overconfident. They will not be able to play every single side once the jury stages come in, and some already thinks Zach is uber shady.

Kevin does not even realize that he is making a bigger fool of himself by the day, and he is not even trying.

Willow needs to get over Zach. He has his finger showmance now, so she is useless.

A part of me wants the loyal Chop Shoppers to ally with the outsiders and take out the floaters in a few weeks. Take away the damn life vests for them to drown.

Weeping Willow

Oh Willow,
What gave you the idea that someone like Zach would really be interested in a showmance with you?
Girls like her make me laugh. They always talk about how well they get along with guys – when in reality they only ended up putting themselves in the friend zone every time.
Oh well, I hope she cuts Zach before he cuts her.

Team Deluded- it's the fortress, Baby!

LOLLLL!!! Willow got friend zoned as soon as she started acting like one of the guys!
I just want to see Willow play the role of “a woman scorned” and throw Zach’s @ss on the block… *sigh* one can dream, I guess

Ps: who else says: “I’ll get you, my pretty!” Whenever they see Zach??? He looks like that witch from the wizard of Oz! (Not Glenda, the green one) LOL


I would rather watch the hot tub feed than listen to Ash and Pilar or Kevin and PIlar.


I have a feeling Graig is trying to leave the game because the other day he asked if anyone ever had. I think he wants to be remembered for something. What an ego that guy has.


I think I was the first to say Willow is a lesbian.

The way she jumped and acted when she was chosen by Brit to host the POV comp…yeah no straight woman does that/ looks like that. lol
I love Willow, but come on!! Be yourself girl.

I Think So Too

The other a day, a few HGs including Willow were talking about Risha thinking
Willow was into girls and warning Zack about it, etc. I watched the clip and Willow says “I told you guys I was into girls” then BB cuts the feeds. . . .


What a thing to say. “No straight woman does that” .. Thank you oh so very much for your insightful generalization about how straight vs lesbian women act.. Maybe she was, in fact, just being herself.. but God I can see why she might not want to be herself when people like you are watching and trolling the internet ready to call her a lesbian if she doesn’t act according to your conceptions of how a “straight girl” should. And while I don’t think your comment is accurate at all, I do think an argument could be made that no intelligent person would make a posting like you did. Willow = most likely not a lesbian You= very likely an unintelligent and ignorant internet troll spewing words that, whether you mean them to or not, act against freedom for women by fueling the idea that women should and need to act a certain way (.. or else her sexual orientation is called into question. Seriously?!) I get it, its all fun and games and the comments can be entertaining in themselves but at least give some thought to your words. I’ve got a feeling my girl Sarah would agree.


TY Clark for throwing some sanity into this convo. I thought the first post was maybe just sarcastic kidding around, but with the second one I’m like ‘oh shit these guys are fkin serious!’ and started heading for the exit.


You are seriously going to freak out on someone and call them “unintelligent and ignorant ” and then say , “Sarah is your girl” ???!! That idiot does nothing but ramble on about what a stoner she is. On the upside, she is an example for my kids on what chronic pot use does to one’s mental capacity.


And after the discussion on pot use with your kids I would suggest also setting aside the time to speak gender stereotypes.


I think Zach needs to send his bromance on a time out before he gets himself in trouble. I really like Newport. Out of the 100 alliances going on right now, that one could actually work but JP needs to just settle in and be quiet for awhile. He’s getting a little too cocky and he is starting to put a target on himself. Put your boy in check Zach before you sends you both packin!


what a big baby Graig is. You got back doored. Man up and go out with class.
If I was a Canadian ginger I would be pissed they chose this clown to represent. lol

Team deluded- it's fortress baby!

LOL @ the Canadian Ginger comment.
I don’t think graig was casted to represent them. But yeah, the whole Godfrey chewing on chicken bones thing pissed me off… Even though I know he was not casted to represent ppl of African descent, lol (what a coon)


you cant just call someone a coon


Everyone was so fast to talk about what a bigot and a racist Aaron was from BBUS but does anyone at home give any thought to their words!?! Common people, the act of being a bigot/sexist/racist doesn’t require you to very clearly and explicitly express a negative sentiment about a group of people.. its the little comments, and often the ones you mean “lightheartedly”. So many people would never consider themselves a B/S/R or whatever but yet they contribute to hateful speech. I really don’t mean to bust anyones balls, only to draw attention to an important issue. Think about the words you put out for thousands of people to read!! And if you’re going to post shit then please, take a moment to accept that you are in fact a racist/bigot/sexist/whatever. Or better yet, make a decision today to be more aware of the power of your words and to align your words/actions/behaviours with your values. Thats it and its very simple. If youre not a racist, dont say racist things. If youre not a sexist dont say sexist things. And especially not on a forum read by thousands of people!! I wont police everyones comments, but since several people have decided to fuel the dialog of hate I’m throwing in my two cents for love and equality!!




zach and jordan might be overconfident
but they’re actually doing AMAZING job on their social games
no one suspects them to be on the opposite side of the house, even though they’re true alliance seems to be with the “hexagon” (sarah, johnny, kevin, and britnee)

another name

what I want to see: how the characters on easy street react when they start to feel the heat.
we’ve seen that sarah is becoming hyper-paranoid because she knows she’s a clear and present target as soon as brittnee leaves the hoh position. that was already building before naeha was evicted.
I sort of want to see how the calm cool bigwigs of the game will react when they are actually imperiled. I would bet Jordan would toss Zach to the wolves (meat shield theory) if there game was exposed. i bet kevin would sell out all alliances (the big move when you have no other moves to make) if on the block without veto. i would bet Zach would dive under a shield of women. imo Bruno would expect the men to rally around him. just my opinions.
question: if graig were to self evict, would brittnee have to replace a nominee? or would his self eviction nullify the vote?


Britt sounds like she has a clothespin on her nose. Someone give her an antihistamine.
Jp is getting too cocky and shouldn’t be showing off how smart he is by rhyming off all the history of the house to Sarah and Johnny. Dumb.


LOL why is even bobby lying about being a virgin when he actually isn’t
like it’s not that good of a joke, and he’s so overdoing the lie