Nicole – “Is this going to be a blindside.. are we blindsiding Z and Michelle too”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

CBS All Access: Live feeds are only $5.99 per month – Try it FREE for 1 WEEK!

(Nothing much happened this morning… actually nothing at all happened. )

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 08-25-19-589
8:20am Paulie and Corey Cam 3-4

Corey says he guarantees if Bridgette wins the HOH they will have an influence on her, “She just wants people to like her.. At that point she’ll be like what do I have to do for people to like me”
Paulie thinks they can sell it to Michelle and Z that keeping Bridgette is the better play.

Corey and Paulie agreeing Bridgette hasn’t done anything wrong. Paulie mentions even Paul said things about him, “whatever bro”

Paulie – Da hasn’t said anything to me.. You going to get upset cause we’re not putting someone up that you want up. I’m sorry you want someone up you win HOH..

Paulie says they shut the backyard down at 6 they’re must be a massive HOH in the works.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 13-42-42-268
12:37pm HOH pictures

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 13-33-50-208
1:34pm Da’Vonne not looking too happy.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 14-06-57-548

2:01pm Corey and Victor building paper airplanes..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 14-37-29-487
2:37pm Safari James, Corey, Paul and Nicole
James is saying there will be a double coming up.
James starts saying it’s not safe keeping Bridgette around. Paul says that was his goal but there’s too much information out there right now they have to get DA’Vonne out but the following week they have to get Bridgette out. James says if they keep Da all their a$$es are up on the block if she wins.

Nicole – we got it so it’s not a tie
Paul – us 4 plus Vic that’s 5
Nicole – James you 100%
James just doesn’t want Da’Vonne to go home without some votes..
They tell him Michelle and Zakiyah are locked to keep Da.
Nicoe – She’s going to be pissed off.. she already hates me..
Paul doesn’t want that happening he really doesn’t want to break the tie.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 14-45-45-639
Paul – it’s going to be 6 – 2
James says Natalie won’t vote against James.
Nicole – I asked Nat yesterday and she said she’ll do whatever you do
James – that’s my girl

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 14-37-44-480

Paul leaves..

Nicole to James – you OK with getting Da out
James – ya
Nicole – I know you guys are close
James- on a personally level not a game level..

Nicole – is this going to be a blindside.. are we blindsiding Z and Michelle too
Paul comes back says they are blindsiding Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Mcihelle.

Corey – PAulie wants to tell Michelle
Nicole – she’ll cry.. she cries when she doesn’t get her way
Paul – Paulie is making it very loud and clear that it’s him..
JAmes thinks Paulie is telling Michelle “100%”

Nicole – I think it needs to be a secret.. She explains the same thing happened to her during her season and it was 3 of them that were blindsided.. Those 3 were the first 3 to get out on the HOH because they were so frazzled.

Nicole – you better talk to Paulie to make sure he doesn’t tell Michelle

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 14-56-35-963

Da Comes in… they start talking about the double eviction. Paul says it’s guaranteed because they are in lockdown.
Paul says they are trying to figure out what to do with the upcoming Double who do they get rid of. He asks her what she thinks.
Da’Vonne asks them what have they come up with.
Everyone quiet……….
James finally says it’s “B then V”

Da’Vonne asks shouldn’t “B” be evicted before the double?

Awkward silence…. followed by awkward excuses..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 15-12-55-295

3:12pm Natalie and James in the storage room
Natalie – Nicole is literally trying to throw me under the bus with everything
James- that’s why when I win HOH i’m throwing her out.. she doesn’t see it coming yet
Natalie – I’m not talking Vic out I’m taking her out..
James – who do you put up next to her to make sure she goes home..
Da’Vonne comes in..

Natalie – I don’t do anything to that girl.. I’m always nice .. it’s really bothering me
James- I know babe.. don’t worry..
Natalie – I already know what I would do.. and I would put someone that would definitely stay.. it would be a little risky for me I don’t care.. why does she keep throwing me under the bus like that .. I said I’ll do whatever the house does.. are you freaking kidding me..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 15-20-03-501

Bridgette is making a freaking pie crust.. from scratch .. (in my house that[‘s a POWPOW)

Da’Vonne …..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 15-30-30-604

3:30pm HOH Natalie and Paul
Paul – which one feels more right to keep
Natalie – Bridgette
Paul – than keep Bridgette

Natalie asks if she should tell Da
Paul says no

Natalie is claiming that she got the call back for the bachelorette but she decided to pick Big Brother.

Da’Vonne comes in …
They talk about Natalie demeanor in the game.. Natalie says she’s just been Bubbly and silly
Natalie – Back home I’m a b@d @ss b1tch.. I’ll f**k you up…

Natalie goes on and on about people n the house thinks she’s stupid..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 16-05-12-323

4:01pm Natalie leaves..

Paul – you’re boy has become the shrink of the house..

They laugh..

Da’Vonne says she has his back next week
Paul – everyone is telling me that..
Da’Vonne says she’s going after “Blonde”

(Paul is just blabbering.. I won’t bother transcribing he’s filling the air to prevent awkward conversation.. @ 4:25pm Da’Vonne leaves.. )

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 15-42-37-933

3:43pm Nicole says Da went upstairs…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 16-12-41-273

4:12pm Natalie and Bridgette making something that will be delicious.. (PAsta sauce and Apple filling)
Natalie – we can make is far..
Natalie tells her James is cool with her, “He’s cool as Frank just know that ”
Bridgette – I know it’s just hard..
Natalie – I know
Bridgette – I want to

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 16-28-28-144
4:30pm this pie…..

4:41pm Bridgette’s pie

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 16-55-02-550

Natalie – we’re not fat we’re positive.. (AHAHHAHAAH)

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Jeff Jeff

Simon/Dawg–are you going to follow season 19 that is streaming only?


Simon, do you know if the prize money will remain the same since it should cost less to produce the online?


I told Dawg about it several days ago but he said he will just wait and see. I thought you automatically knew about it too


But the prize money comes from ad sales/sponsors, not out of CBS’ pocket….and not sure how production costs change outside of not needing the editor whose work generates the lion’s share of BB revenue.


Season19? Streaming? What’s going on? Lol duh


Hi Simon

First and foremost thank you for all you do! This is my first year subscribing to the live feeds kbut for the past five seasons you have kept me updated. Now with that said does I’m very confused about the whole BB19online streaming does this mean no BB next summer? I’m lost please help!


With season 19 being in the Fall only on streaming, I’m thinking they are trying another avenue to monetize the show through CBS All Access. There is little reason to drop the summer Big Brother as long as it makes money but if they can keep the feeders on through the Fall then they make a lot more money.

Oh boy it is getting good!

I think James is the smartest player in BB history. He purposely let that slip so he doesn’t take the fall. He is the new Evil Dick, Dr. Will and Janelle all wrapped up in 1.


Can’t wait till Thursday.

Powder Puff Girl

I only agree with the part of your comment that James let it slip.
Re: “James finally says it’s “B then V” on purpose.

Will this ploy flip the vote?
Will it put a target on James back as the slip is very obvious?


Yeah… either that or he’s just stupid. lol


If I were 50 yes younger, I would marry Bridgette and eat apple pie every day.


Was this post supposed to be a joke?! Lmfao … You win.


So im kinda on edge here…..did james just say in front on davonne that the double targets are going to be “b & v”, meaning bridgette will still be there, meaning davonne is going home?!?!?! Did he really just spill the beans in front of da???


Sure did even though everybody tried to cover their tracks

one way ticket to the block

James may have just sealed his fate with that misstep! Paul is probably “PISSED, NEVER CARED, NOT FRIENDSHIP” about “HIS BOY JAMES”.

Dan's Bible

What James should have said was: “Yeh, Big Meech and Victor”.

sunny dee

pretty sure there would be no good answer in that mixed crowd other than B and V, if james said michelle, that wouldn’t go over well, and he’s not going to say natalie, and just about everyone is in the room, what does day expect people to say, in a group setting.

this is one reason why they’d want her out, that and her sour puss attitude all day every day. she should know by now that copping an attitude if you are not the target makes you the target. consider everyone saying she’s not the target, then she’s just making stuff uncomfortable while bridget is getting along with others. so after 3 days of this, who would even want day around. scheming backstabbing and a little bit entitled, versus baking skipping bridget who isn’t making waves, and isn’t asking a mixed group of people ‘who should we target next week’

really confused as to why natalie thinks nicole is up to something, seems like james is spinning a story about whatever happened, or didn’t happen. and this is what i mean by wanting nicole to get some kind of safety or advantage, because someone like natalie, and bridget, should they win HOH, ought to be targeting paulie and paul first, and just put up victor as a front, knowing there’s a good chance vic could win a veto, take himself down, and allow her to put up zak or michelle instead. she has no allegiance to either of those, and in fact, should be targeting either of those, plus paulie at the very least. but instead she is focused in on nicole.

Franks Fumes

Lol…James needs more than his raisin brain to come up with that!

Pinocchio Obama

Da looks like she has a turd in her mouth.

Corey and Victor better hope they never have a paper plane builing HOH.


Da always looks like she has a turd in her mouth.

Dookie Daygonne

Daygonne for 2 seasons has been nothing but a floating turd in that cesspool of a BB House. Just walks around w/ a scowl look on her face doing absolutely nothing but creating a shit storm among potential allies & expecting to be carried through the game like a dirty diaper. Cant wait to see the look on her face when Paul, Paulie & Nicole open a whole package of Dulcolax on her dreams of $500,000 & evict her Thursday. Love the fact that they dont even respect her or her game enough to tell her like they did for Frank. What goes around sure does come around, isn’t that right Day.


I really do not get Nicole’s or James’s games.. do they really think they are that tight with boys alliance? All the vets have been annoyingly stupid. At least davonne and james provide some entertainment value.


No they don’t but it’s in their best interest to stick with them and to send Da and other people home. I’m sure we will see fireworks at the top 8 or top 9


I’m confused… How is Nicole throwing Natalie under the bus? Does anyone know? Thanks!

Help, these houseguests are nuts!

Is it because she said that Natalie will do whatever James does? That isn’t throwing someone under the bus cuz it is true and it was said nonchalantly, I don’t think anyone thought twice about it.


Little Natalie is getting feisty 🙂 Hoping someone different gets the next HOH to watch them all back peddle, lose control, etc. Not James. Not Paulie. OBVIOUSLY not Michelle or Z (as if). And Da… Bah Bye.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

James fans must be proud! All he has to do is keep his stupid mouth shut and coast. But no!!!!! He’s a great BB player! Hooks up with two girls in two seasons that do nothing but drag him down. James and Nicole both suck!!!

Your Boy

So you lasted a couple more weeks than last time Day. Congratulations. Guess you thought you could keep that mouth and attitude of yours under control this time. Never knew. James and Nicole are now f*cked and sliding down the totem pole. They thought getting Frank out would help their game, but he kept them shielded. They were so worried about not being able to work with him down the road that they failed to see that they needed him in the first place to get down the road. Never knew a group of vets could play so inexperienced, never knew.


“honestly, despite what anyone thinks of da’vonne she’s really in an unfortunate position gameplay aside. she can’t be loud because she doesn’t want to be stereotyped under the angry black woman persona, like she was last season. yet, we have paul running around yelling at everyone and everything. she was called a liar and people said she was overreacting when she got upset that frank called her a slut and sexually harassed her. production won’t let her un-do her braids because they can’t have two black women with the “same” hairstyle in the house. corey and the rest of the mayo boys think she’s bitter because none of the guys are attracted to her, which is disgusting. i can say for a fact that if da’vonne wasn’t a black woman, there’s no way she would face half the issues she’s facing in that house. she’s literally being called sketchy for reading a bible. whenever she speaks to the viewers, she shows that she’s passionate about this game and willing to make bold moves. she’s also very intuitive about a lot of things. additionally on another bitter note, she put so much trust in james and called him her brother AND he has noted several times that she is loyal to him, but is still choosing to betray her for no good reason (the guys he’s teaming up with will send him to jury in a heartbeat). even if she does get evicted this thursday and doesn’t have the round trip ticket, she made it so much further than she did last year, so i hope she’s proud, and i hope she does get afp for everything she has dealt with”_brimlies.


I agree, I think Nicole has been a bigger liar/schemer than Day. I wonder why a cute blonde girl would seem less threatening to the rest of the house.


Da’s a target because she targeted the boys to make a stronger girls alliance.


Tiffany tried to start an all girls’ alliance to get rid of the guys as well as Bridgett, Natalie and Bronte but they weren’t scrutinized as Da has been.


The main problem is Paulie. One, he has been told for the last two weeks that days focus is to break up the showmances. Two, now he knows day told z Paulie was using her. To Paulie, day is his biggest threat right now bc she is the only one vocalizing that something he is apart of needs to be broken up.

Same with Nicole. She also knows day is coming after showmances. If day would’ve been quiet about it, she would be in a much different position right now.

Games over

I agree with you!! She came to play this year. For some odd reason if she be upset she’s a horrible person and it gets blown up but if sqeeky nose Nichole does it she’s ok. Paul is annoying and loud and he’s even ok. She can’t read her bible in peace without people talking about her. Just read the comments on here almost everyone hates her for playing the game. She’s doing exactly what everyone else is doing but she gets talked about soo bad. Her weaves (which is braids) looks, facial expressions and the way she talks. She got dealt a bad hand with these weirdos she’s in there with. I guess playing a game and telling lies (which you gotta do to get far) is worse then Paulie playing with Z’s heart or Corey pretending he’s straight and playing with Nic’s. I wish she would of won this year. But I’m happy she got longer to play. I hope she tries a another show like amazing race she be probably good at that.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Da has not done one single thing in this game. Not one. Z is black and she will probably make it to the end and she has won nothing. Nicole is white and she could make it to the end and had won nothing. Natalie is white and she could make it to the end and she has won nothing. The difference between Da and the other three is they have showmances. One other HUGE reason she’s leaving. As with Frank she can’t keep her mouth shut!

Game over

Even if she shut her mouth they would find something to say. Paulie does nothing but talk and he’s always talking about his brother but they still be listening to him. Since Da trusted James she spoke to him and he kept running and telling cause he scared he might really have to play without being under a girls butt all day and that is Way too good for him. I hope Natalie sees him for what he is a loser and run away quick. As for Da she should open her mouth more now and tell everything to people. Blow people game up some. Might as well go out with a bang. And I’m hoping come right back.


I totally agree with you. If Davonne were not a black woman, she would not be in this position. Nicole is guilty of what she accuses Da’ of and the same could be said for all of the ladies in the house. Especially Michelle who has been playing a very sneaky game.


Day screwed up her game from the first when she went after the showmances who, by the way, were in her alliance and consisted of six people (half the house). She was already after Frank with a vengence who might have been a serious ally. At the same time she screwed the other half of the house by turning on Jozea which left her with no allies anywhere. I wondered at the time why she felt so powerful that she could turn on everyone and now we see she has no one to help, even her best bud Zak isn’t there.


So what do you guys think about BB19 airing this fall exclusively on CBS All Access?
I’m very skeptical but open to it since it’s not on tv they might go against traditional casting tropes and try move diversity and interesting houseguests. I just hope it’s better than 18.


I would hope that they get a cast that really want to play this game.

BB Fan Since Season 1

Will not watch if it’s not on TV. Sounds like a dumb game move on the part of CBS.


Shorter schedule, meaning fewer people, and less need to cater to the casual viewer. This show will have a lot more flexibility in scheduling, comps, and content. They won’t have to try to keep everything family friendly although I don’t think they’ll go Game of Thrones content but it may get a little more risque’.


If it doesn’t air on TV I won’t be watching, not paying to have to be stuck watching on my PC or Tab. I ready hope this trial fails so CBS doesn’t decide to do it that way only.


Or you can just buy an apple tv or an amazon fire tv and watch it on the tv you know.


I watch on my Roku.


Agree 100%. Not watching if it isn’t on TV.


Da knows her time is done. As much as i dont like Da i hope she comes back and wins hoh. I have no faves this year so im cheering on a week to week basis, whoever the house is taking out is who im cheering for. I just think its sad that theres no one to chear for. I did like paulie week one and james is a nice guy but terrible gamer.


Yes I would actually love for her to be evicted and have the round trip ticket. Heck maybe even win the care package next week also. I can’t root for anyone but I know Day could definitely cause some waves


The fact that production is setting up an endurance comp (Da’ is good at those) gives me hope she has the round trip ticket. Seeing the blindside in her face coupled with potentially having a round trip ticket will be enough to spur her on and make James, Nicole, Paul and Paulie crap their pants!
I can hear it now: it was just a game move, Mama Da’…


Paulie was my favorite at first and I wanted him to win. But now, him and his PeePee Twin Paul can go and kick rocks. Deuces!

Da Knows

Due to James’s slip up…she knows she’s going home.


But was it really a slip? Just wondering


I definitely think it was a slip. He’s not that calculated and has stammered with responses before when put on the spot. Regardless, cracking up 🙂

Southern Charm

Lol great narration Simon and Dawgs I felt like I was there during the awkward silences I really laughed out loud


Honestly i don’t understand why all of you hate Nicole so much and say that she is the new Christine, she can’t win anything, she should help Da and bla bla bla….
First of all, Da is gunning for her so it’s in her best interest to send her home. She shouldn’t align with the girls (Meech and Z) because those 2 CAN’T WIN ANYTHING. So it’s in her best interest to stay with Paulie and Corey. I believe she would really like to align with Michelle and Z but obviously it’s not a good game move. She also arrived in second place in the majority of the HoH, so she also showed she’s a good player. Lastly, she has a HUGE target on her back, so not winning too much really benefits her game. (Sorry for my grammatical mistakes but i’m italian). And if you hate her just for her voice… well then this show that you are just as mean as Z. Btw I think Paulie’s biggest downfall will be Frankie Grande’s sam downfall: he wins everything. So i’m pretty sure he will become the main target during week 9 or 10, don’t worry.
Oh James and Natalie looks like the new Jeff and Jordan LOL. America LOVES them.


There are numerous reasons to dislike Nicole (hate is a rather strong word for someone I’ve never personally met). She’s a backstabber and wants to believe she’s some innocent,great player who does no harm to anybody. Besides, coming in second in any competition means nothing in the BB House. Almost doesn’t count, except for maybe shielding you from being a havenot. Also, when others were talking about her ‘friends’ in the house, she could’ve chosen to defend them or stay silent, but on each occassion she chimed in and added her own insults about her so-called ‘friends.


And she whines if someone does any of the above to her.


Did you see Zakiyah calling Nicole a whore because Dayvone claimed Nicole liked exec. They were all commenting on it and laughing no one stood up for her not even Michelle. They pushed Nicole to the side when Dayvone made those accusations about Nicole being a rat and playing both sides with Frank. Corey was also playing both sides but Nicole gets paranoid and talks to much and Corey keeps his shit together and play dumb. It’s annoying and do I agree she is a rat. But so is Zakiyah she told Paulie what Dayvone said about Nicole and after that everyone was on board to get her out. Michelle didn’t defend Nicole she was on board also. They are all snakes and rats especially Paul and Paulie. Nicole would be a better player if she just relayed the information to Corey only. Sooner or later it will catch up to her once again like it did with Frank.


Did you watch Christine play? Nicole’s game is identical. So, she has to know it will not get her anywhere. In fact, I don’t think any Vet will make it to the end


I am so glad to see that im not the only one seeing that Nichole is Christine reborn. She has 100% stole Christine’s MO. Only difference is Nichole isn’t married and Christine is a cheating slut. Nichole, Z, and Nat are totally floating with scrotum life vest.

Eww James

I cannot stand James!


James gotta go…He is worst than Paulie,Corey and Victor….

He is such a “chicken” …does not do anything in the game…..


James let the cat outta the bag!! Lmao


He just justified why no one is willing to talk game with him.


He doesn’t care. He’s not playing for $500,000…he’s playing for $25,000 America’s Favorite Player and a girlfriend.


Too bad he wasn’t quick enough to say “oh, that is if she has the round trip ticket”

Mister pickles

He let the cat out of the bag so Meech wouldn’t eat it.

Ian's Lament

I don’t mind Da going because she sucks for feeds. She only play acts in the diary room and then sulks around all day scheming.

That being said this is a pivotal week for the game. Da leaving will pretty much set up PP to coast. James has one shot this week and then he will be in the same spot as last year. I hope he forces a tie so Paul has to man up.


Paul will still evict her because that’s what his girlfriend Paulie wants


Hey Nicole, you heard it from the PP himself, Paulie and crew are planning to blindside Z and Michelle next! Writing is on the wall for you as well! So sit back along with Nat and James, and wait your turn…Friendship, sketch, don’t care…Can not wait, because hg’s are all stupid enough to continue playing for PP to end up final two! Hg’s not playing for the final prize, but instead playiny for jury, AFP, next care package (so he/she can gage how America feels about them), and what time of fame they will get outside the house. Wow! Please Da, please have the round trip ticket, win a dam comp and throw Paulie/Nicole up on the block! Oh, to dream!!!

nicole nicole

i loved her from her previous season but for this season she is horrible this season or is it just me.

im team paulie and paul!


You should get your hair cut like them.

Mister pickles

You should get your nostrils done like Nicole.


I haven’t watched the feeds today and not sure if I’m reading it right, but did “James The Wuss” just fu$& up another blindside? First telling Bronte she’s leaving before the live show and now letting it slip about bridget not leaving before a double eviction to Da? Seriously America why did you vote him America’s Player last year? He adds nothing to this show. How many more blindsides will “The Wuss” ruin. James is literally taking all the fun out of this show. I don’t like most of the house but James needs to leave after Da.


He’s trying to be “the good guy” so they have a good lasting memory of him.
He probably thinks this makes him not a “dirty player like Frank”.
Unfortunately for him, the more we see him in the house, we see these “one-offs” in his gameplay are actually his true character. And it is not good.

I don't think so

There is NO way James did that intentionally right there in front of witnesses. He screwed up BIG TIME and with Paul right there. Paul is going to tell his girl “FRIDAY PAULIE” and it will be dunzo for James. (SKETCH)!

P.S. Then Natalie will get 3rd place.


I really really can’t wait for Nicole to go. She is despicable. Don’t know why she wants to play like Christine,; it didn’t get her anywhere either.


Nicoles BB strategy in every season : Find a pen%s, hide behind it, and whine.


That’s not fair, she’s hiding behind a finger this year.


That is freakin hilarious. I’m probably the few people rooting for Nicole. But it’s hard to defend her. She can’t keep her mouth shut. The only person she should be talking to is Corey or the Dr. Corey is trustworthy compared to most of the cast and she’s kind of an ass to him sometimes. She flirts to much and he getting annoyed by her. She’s so disappointing to watch. The rat comments are on point tho. Even though I’m still rooting for her I hope she stops relying on the guys and start playing her own game. She’s playing the Big baby.


At least Nic has someone to share in her gameplay. MaxiZ, Gnat, and Munch . It seems to be the latest strategy.

team paulie and paul

get ’em boys

tea leaves

How stupid they should have said M and V so Da would think they are voting out Bridge this Thurs. NOT going to be a blindside so Davonne should raise some doo doo!


I think Production told James to let it slip to Da’ that she was going home and he chose to do it in front of others to warn them that she was coming back.
It only makes sense in my mind….


Don’t feel bad for Da at all she was acting like a high school kid hooting and hollering during the otev comp when Frank and Brid were on the block and nobody was cheering for them karma is a bitch honestly who did she think was going to be the next target after Frank left???


Don’t single Da’ out about the OTEV comp. Every sidelined houseguest was rooting for anyone other than Frank and Bridge. In fact, the only person they were cheering on was Big Meech. All of them.
Yeah, I am a Da’ fan. Yeah, she has disappointed me but the one thing she has done has played the game, she just chose to use the wrong skillset to play with.
I think she is more hurt that no one could tell her to her face and that she was put up under pretense.


BIG MEECH is INDISPUTABLY the BEST person and player in the ENTIRE house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Bride of Chucky



Big Meech and getting bigger. She seems to never stop eating. Maybe she has an eating disorder.


Big Meech says, “WHAAAAAAA!!!!!”


Ok I probably forgot something. When did Nicole throw Natalie under the bus? What did she say?


it really wasn’t a bus throwing incident. Nicole told a room of people that Natalie told her that she would vote the way James told her to or vote with the house something stupid, you know Nicole thinking she knows something and whining at the same time. Gosh I can’t stand her


These people are not playing their own game and too stupid to realize it until it’s too late. Now, Michelle wishes she woukd have kept Frank. Moving forward, James has to know that he doesn’t have any alllies but Nat if Day leaves. The PeePee Twins are going to steamroll to the end with everybody else doing their dirty work


I’m not 100% sure that paul ot paulie will take each other to final 2. I have a feeling shots will be taken.


Haha oh James. I haven’t been on feeds since Frank was evicted, but I may have to log on to watch James having that slip. Too funny.


I am really so over Natalie. The childish, vain act is seriously getting old. Are you 12?


yesh it’s nice to look at


As absolutely unlikable as these people are…nobody bugs me more than James. He’s dumb, clueless, has zero feel for the political game in general but specifically this game, but it’s his neediness in wanting to be liked that’s so worthless.

Everything about him (and Nat) is contrived, just a performance to win fans, win America’s Favorite and get 3 months of appearances before his latest 15 minutes is up. I almost find a rat/floater strategy to be more entertaining and valuable because at least it’s in the game, not just pandering to the lonely/unfulfilled women in the audience.


Just wrote my comment and went back to read the new comments. Your comment is exactly what I was thinking today watching them goof around with the shave cream or whatever it was. It’s almost predictable at this point and so awkward watching him goof off. I’m glad someone else noticed this. It’s as though he is doing it because he thinks this is what we want to see and he is trying to relive his last 15 minutes… Nothing against her, but did Nat really deserve to get a care package? What has she done? I’m confused at why fans find certain people that do nothing in the game, popular…


Simply put.. She got the care package cause of those tits.


I’m kind of thinking 2 reasons – #1 the Have Not Pass was more of a gift and not a game advantage #2 because so many mean, hateful behavior, more of a reward for at least being nice. Like to send a message to the other girls. Just guessing.


I think he’s beginning to realize that his showmance will take America’s Favorite Player this year. And she’ll be happy with that.


What makes Nicole believe that they won’t blindside her if they are going to do it to Zakiyah? That should be a red flag to her.


Nicole plays a game of emotions. She has no strategy and no game plan.

All she does is:
-be obsessed with Corey
-talk badly about Frank and how he scares her (she loves to play the bully card)
-makes it seem like this is all really stressful and she’s suffering by being in the house – so therefore everyone should feel sorry for her

I had a neutral view regarding her in her last season. But this time around I’m not a fan at all.


I don’t believe for one second that Paulie wants Z out, he is going to use her as his Victoria. He is only saying that to make his boys think he is truly with just them. You just wait, every week Paulie will have some excuse as to why others should go before her.


Yes! I was just thinking this yesterday. He constantly throws her name out to the guys. So much so that it made me realize he just trying to drive the point home that he’s not “attached” to her and will “clip” her. But I don’t believe it. He’s trying to model his game after Derrick and Z does fit the Victoria role to a T.

Powder Puff Girl

I am in total agreement with you. He will say it is not time yet, she is no threat, cannot win comps. Once he shuts down Z’s half-a$$ed alliance with Da’vonne it is clear sailing for him.


Can not believe, I’m watching James and Nicole play such a crappy game. And to think, these two were the “favorites” of their seasons… Your playing someone else’s game idiots! And to both of you, the blindside, that you obviously don’t want to be part of, is going to be headed your way very soon. I think the stardom of knowing you both were “America’s” (not mine) favorite players, has went to your head and you think all you have to do is be there and still have the fan base… Guess what? It’s not there Nicole! And James, your goofy pranks and shenanigans for the obvious “camera” time, has lost it’s luster, it’s actually getting old… You’re 32, grow up and get your darn head in the game instead of up Nat’s butt!


Why is Natalie targeting Nicole?


She wants Nicole out because she likes Corey. She told Nicole she loved him on the first day of meeting him. She wants to be the only girl the guys give attention to. Nicole isn’t pretty but her personality is what draws the boys attention. She’s Jealous Corey and Victor like Nicole. Natilie doesn’t like James it’s all fake and she only latched onto him because Victor dumped her, Corey liked Nicole and Paulie use to like Zakiyah. She wants to play the I’m cute card and play nice so she can win America’s favorite player. Whatever she’s doing is working. She’s going to make it far in this game. Everytime Nicole and James are not around she tries to flirt with Corey. Like today Nicole was in the Dr and she right away did the splits in front of him. She started twirling her hair and asked Corey if she could carry him. He declined.


Because she’s ignorant and has no idea what is happening in the game.


The last few weeks of BB18 have been fucked up.
I was reading today that CBS is going to have a 10 week Big Brother 19 and it will be on CBS all access. Its supposed to start a week after BB18 is over. Apparently, they did quiet auditions…. Like people going to audition for a show but not knowing what show it is.

Yeah, CBS knew they fucked up getting this lame BB18 crew in to ruin our summer tradition so its nice they are going to try and make it up to us.

Not to mention all the people that need to be slapped for bringing up race and negative stereotypes on this site(makes me sick). All we want to do is gossip about a show they shows people actively trying to win a half a million dollars.

This season watching this feeds people are coasting, nothing entertaining just laying around in bumper cars smiling at each other lol. Bb18 form of playing the game is following Paulie and not stepping on toes. At the end we will have a bunch of floaters that had people work for them. I used to like Day, but her sitting there on the couch looking like somebody took her puppy is sickening. At least Get off your ass and go manipulate tell lies put people against each other. Maybe she is a little too honest and Loud for BB.
Nicoles nasal whines are excruciating she is so obnoxious. Bridget is fake, scroll down and look at her photo that says “nom” on it. That has got to be the hardest fake smile I have ever seen. If Bronte was still in the house I would have stopped watching already. Imagine Bronte and Michelle crying together…um yeah, exactly.

I was rooting for Vic to win the bback. However looking back I wish it was Josea we need someone that is not beating to paulies drum and has personality. Speaking of personality where is Coreys lol, all he does is just stare in dead space with Google eyes lmbo.

Vet Tech

They need to get rid of Corey. His tourist approach is working the best in the house. While everyone is targeting everyone else the guy is on vacation. He’s got a summer romance(nic), a summer bromance(Paulie) and whatever with Vic. he’s going to slide into the finals and win cause he has no enemies. If you get him out of the house Nic has no one and Paulie loses his closet ally.

duh gee tennessee

Nicole’s and James’ expressions are exactly the same. Cluelessness at it’s finest.

I think I just made up a word.


Agree but I was hoping for Bronte. She’s smart. Or even Tiffany. Poor Jose’ just wasn’t smart at ALL in this game and likely wouldn’t have been a second time around.


These people have to know that if others are being blindsided, they will be too


“Da’Vonne asks shouldn’t “B” be evicted before the double?
Awkward silence…. followed by awkward excuses..”

lol just by reading this I felt awkward
Da will be back with the round trip anyways


Awkward …..

Da's Braids

James, no one in the house considers you and Nat a showmance or a threat hence Da telling you that yall needed to get the showmances out. Hello! Braid flip!


What’s annoying me so much is that the writing is on the wall that Day is going home and she is not doing anything about it. It’s like shes not even trying to flip the votes. She can literally tell Vic that everyone but him and her has a partner. Corey and Nicole, James and Natelie, Paulie and Paul and Zakiya, Michelle and Zakiya. Where does that leave them on the bottom. The ones that are expendable. she should remind him that Paulie is the one who backdoored to him and that’s why he was evicted. Now if she aligned with him (Vic), James Michele Natalie and Zakiya then they can take out Cory Nicole and especially Paulie. But she’s not even doing that. So freaking stupid. I miss pass houseguest who actually played the game

Only can wish

Da probably feels defeated, because they are doing her just like they all did Frank. That is a good plan but She know if she goes to Victor, he’s not going to believe her. He’s going to run back to the guys. I’m so over BB, I just read the comments now. I can’t deal with these spineless HGS anymore. SMDH


She knows she`s going home….even before getting in the house she knew she would be a big target….And she knows if she freaks out it wont help….She`s just couting on the round back ticket….

Im not reading the posts also….is so boring…these people sucks…..I only read the comments

sunny dee

she refuses to work with anyone
she’s turned down or exposed any alliance that anyone wanted her to be part of.
she’s thrown supposed allies (in friendship ways) under the bus.
she’s proven herself to be snarky when on the block, and pretty much unpleasant to be around
she’s made final 2 agreements with people, then basically campaigned to get most of those on the block,

i have no idea what she’s thinking, but pushing anyone who wants to be part of a team with you away, and campaigning to get every single one of them on the block seems the opposite of success in BB.


James know that Day will not put him up. He is sabotaging his own game. Does he believe these guys are going to keep him?


Nicole asked James who Nat is voting out? James tried to down play but Nat Nat does not like Nicole so James will get her out to please his girl. Victor is paying attention to Nicole might have something to do with it as well.


I don’t understand when people talk so ugly about someone when they font even know them personally,some of y’all comments are just as bad or worse than what the people you are talking about, don’t have to be so mean and hateful


She’s just going to lay down and die.
Why she’s not talking to victor and Michelle is anyone’s guess.
Put your money where your mouth is and fight for your life!!!


Glad someone finally sees thru james bs. His game sucks and does nothing but follow nat around n is paulies b*t**… #lameduckdong


It shouldn’t say “Davonne not looking too happy” it should just say. Davonne and her usual face.

totally agree

funny as hell

Froot Loop Dingus

It’s because Da doesn’t have any game play. She’s good at talking about what should happen and who should go, but her social game really sucks. She’s always sitting around with an angry sour look on her face.
She and Frank played the same game. Tell everybody you want to target someone else. All at once.

You need a more limited strategy week by week. Now that her game blew up who’s she going to go to? They all know she’s thrown their name around.
And even if she played in the veto she most likely wouldn’t have won. In fact I recall reading that one of the other HGs said they thought Da threw the HOH. Please, she sucks at comps.
And her DR sessions are all the same. Talking about how she’s working to get people out? By doing what? Fixing her weave and reading the bible?


I’m so sick of…
1. Da saying “yeah, yeah, yeah” all the time.
2. Victor’s loud ass annoying laugh and eating all the time
3. Paul’s loud ass cussing mouth
4. Paulie using the f word all the time
5. Bridgette giggling bobble head
6. Z hanging all over Paulie
7. Michelle, the mean girl, eating all the time
8. Natalie giggling all the time


Nicole is a sorry excuse for a woman. Sticks herself to a MoFo that don’t even care about her. Can’t wait for her to get blindsided and to see how she’s been played this season even worst than in BB16. Dumb dumb blonde


Well this season has stunk so badly that CBS has decided to what only amounts to a do over! Congrats BB18. This group of spineless, whining, moronic, emotional lacking, and love-starved bunch of kids have just about made this season unwatchable. That being said James is not only the saddest excuse for a man I have ever seen, but now he can’t even talk with out giving it up! Please don’t even act like he did this on purpose! He is lost as last years Easter egg!!! Why he got ask to come back with a face truly made for radio and mind best suited for a 2nd grade finger paint class one only can guess! I hope Natalie is using him as a human sheild, but her stock as desirable female is going in the same direction as the Titanic! I am talking ship, not film! I am sure Paulie is going to demand another female be driven from the house until it is the true sausage fest these douches have desired! I would drop kick James ass out of there for GP!


Glad to see the MOTHER..TRUCKER…section is finally…done….not sure why but it annnoyed me seeing that at every check in today…


By getting rid of Da’Vonne, James gets his prize. He makes jury and now he can do whatever. The real question is will the girls, meaning Natalie, Michelle, and Bridgette, understand they are on the short list to go? If they do, they may be willing to team up and cause some craziness with a real power shift. It’s my only hope from real entertainment. Unless James actually tries to save Da’Vonne…so after Da’Vonne’s out we’ll see how the girls react and we’ll see James doing the exact same things he’s doing now until the tell him he can go to the jury house.


Either it’s a 9 person jury or a 7 person jury. If it’s a 9 person jury, Da’ will be in jury and therefore so will James. If it’s a 7 person jury, James isn’t secured jury until after the next eviction.

Mister pickles

I wish they would make it a 3 person jury. Stop rewarding crap gameplay.


Even if Davonne has the round trip ticket and wins HOH, she would still not target Paulie, instead she would after Nicole….. Paulie will still be safe…


If Day were to stay and win HOH….I bet everyone especially Paul and Nicole would trown Paullie under the bus really quicky tell her it was Paulie`s idea in getting her out.

Actually nobody has noticed, but Paul is doing his job, his acting really well in front of Day preting he wants her to stay, just in case she comes back, he can tell her he did not know they were gonna send her home and not B.


I can’t believe day is actually the saving grace of this season of all people hoping she has the round trip ticket .


DAY is my favorite…and she should stay


Where can I watch BiG Brother Canada??!
I’m just about done with BB18 if Day doesn’t have the round trip or a shake up doesn’t happen on the next HOH.

goodbye then

never cared


The fact that they think it’s smooth sailing makes me PRAY Day has the round trip ticket. If James were smart he’d throw her a sympathy vote or at least tell her. Did these idiots forget someone has that ticket? If it is a DE then they’re probably lucky, because she’ll go right back out the door (unless she wins which I doubt). If it is another endurance then they’re screwed because I don’t foresee her losing that…. not after she was just blind sided…. she’s gonna be pissed and we will surely see a lot.of drama. Again this is only if she has the ticket. I can dream though, can’t I? 🙂 They didn’t rig it for Frank….. now after seeing how boring the house is I hope they rig it for her crazy ass. These people are tooooooooo comfortable. Which makes me not want to give any of them any of these special powers


Da is all talk and no action or thought process….ya yayayayayayayayayaya n talkin trash… angry at the world, self-entitled, no game, paranoid as hell, waste of space, no one cares cuz u suck at this game, bad attitude b****! Later da and dont come back… big game move as expected if she stayed going after nicole and only nicole instead of pp…