Sarah – “I can’t f***g believe this man .. The model and the stoner.. it’s a miracle”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players ?

11:29pm Britnee explains the twist reveal and chit chat.

11:50pm Living room Sarah, Brittnee and Zach
Talking about the competition
Sarah is going to have one beer to celebrate.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-13 21-00-42-349

11:58pm Pili and Ash
Pili really wanted Bruno out but not this week. Ash say she’s going up on the block tomorrow next to Zach. She knows they want Zach out first then one of them the following week. Ash mentions that the two of them get to play in the next HOH.
Ash thinks Zach is getting evicted this week.
Sarah comes in to say goodnight. After She leaves Zach comes in.
Pili asks them how do they know Sarah isn’t going to back door him. Zach says there’s no point to backdoor, “Too small numbers”
Zach – uphill battle this week.. but that’s Big Brother for ya.. take it all in stride and enjoy the ride
Pili – I gotta win the veto
Zach – would be a great time for us to pull it out
Zach – everything this week was useless.. the veto.. the noms..
PIli called into the DR
Zach sits beside her, says it’s just a game there will be ups and downs.. He adds that they’ll all look back at this and laugh.
Zach gets called to the Diary room Pili joins them.
Ashleigh says she’s starting to question if she said something or did something that pissed Canada off..
Godfrey is also there gives Ashleigh an analogy saying if you chose Raspberry over Blueberry it might not be that you hate blueberry you just like raspberry, “You might like both of them, both one of them more”
Ashleigh understands mentions that Sarah and Brittnee have kinda been on the bottom a lot.

Godfrey points out that Brittnee going to the end will be now be risky “Every time she’s won HOH she hasn’t messed around”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-13 21-48-36-360

12:00am HOH Sarah and Brittnee
Sarah is wondering why nobody wants to hang out in her HOH.
Sarah is going to site the three diapers down and tell them she’s putting Ashleigh and Zach up because there is no wiggle room. Sarah adds that Ashleigh put her up with the intention of her going home. Sarah is not going to say that she’s putting Pili up as the replacement.
Brittnee wants them to think Godfrey is the replacement.
Sarah is going to tell Zach he’s the target this week.
Sarah will try to convince the girls to vote out Zach if Pili uses the veto and saves Ashleigh.
Sarah brings out her family photos.
Sarah – I feel so good about the Jury.. they’re going to be like those girls mean business..
Sarah says Bruno was scared of the wrong people he was scared of Zach not them.
Sarah – I can’t f***g believe this man
Sarah – The model and the stoner.. underestimate me I don’t give a damn.. walk all over me
Sarah – F*** ashleigh could win it I wouldn’t give a f***
Brittnee – or God.. god knows what’s up.. he knows this is legit and more legit than what they have to offer.. and he wants Zach out.
Sarah is positive the house doesn’t like them Brittnee doesn’t care because Canada loves them.
Sarah talking to the “Live Feeders” about the HOH competition..
Sarah says she got out of the coffin at 98 minutes
Brittnee – I’m so freakin proud of us we did so great.
Sarah – it’s a miracle
Brittnee – I think we’re strong, people thought we’re weak but we’re strong
Sarah – that’s the thing you got to vote thank you Canada
Brittnee – that was the best super power thank you Canada
Sarah – This late too.. they gotta be pissed.. Zach and Bruno

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-13 22-05-54-877

1:04am Sarah/Brittnee trying to make Ashleigh feel better about getting screwed over about the twist.
Godfrey – just don’t pull a Chima yo.. somebody watch her when she tries to take a swim tomorrow.
Sarah – just shows Canada didn’t have much faith in us to do it on our own.

1:45am Godfrey and the goblins
AShleigh is 99% sure her and Zach are going up.
Godfrey doesn’t know what is going to happen, ‘Maybe she wants all girls at the end”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-13 22-47-27-981

1:48am Sarah and Brittnee Nominations speech

1:58am Zach and Birttnee have nots
Zach explains how the Big Brother game is like a tub ride. (Pretty good analogy)
Brittnee also reminds Zach that Godfrey was trying to keep Bruno during the eviction.
They agree Bruno got very frantic.

Brittnee asks him if he’s planning on goign to the end with Zach.
Zach – nope.. cause one of us is going home this week
brittnee – You think
Zach – yup.. Peels and Ash will save each other anyways..
Brittnee – Ride or die
Zach – everyone in the house knows that

2:27am Pili and Ashleigh
Pili is talking about what they should do next week if Zach goes home.
Pili wants to put up Sarah and Brittnee

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guys let’s just ENJOY and EMBRACE this week! for all the times we’ve witnessed the underdogs getting beaten and played by players we were rooting against..
For all the times, underdogs were taken out by players who unaware were following orders a la Christine/Ashleigh ..
For all the underdogs that were outnumbered and were targeted the first week! (Donny 🙁 )
For all the shitty BB seasons (mostly referring to BB16)
this week is going to be a breath of fresh air!
let’s just fucking enjoy it <3
Go B and Sarah
you girls got this!


PREACH. BB16 was the worst season I have ever seen. It’s the only season I missed episodes of and didn’t care to catch up on then cause I knew I missed nothing. BB9 was better and that’s saying something.
Also you know your season sucks when the winner is constantly apologizing to the feeders about how boring it is.

Jesus & Nem

Are there any online links available to watch the re-play of this episode??


jesus & nem

Thats my Dawg!! Bless you

A fan

Sarah Sarah, It’s not called a miracle—- It’s called production!


IMAGINE IF PILAR WINS POV AND SAVES ASHLEIGH!! It would be epic! Just so sarah gets a wasted hoh as well.


Yep it’s definitely not going to be an easy week for Sarah. With 6 players left it means the Diapers have voting power if only one of them is on the block. E.g. if Pillar wins POV while not being on the block and pulls down Zach Ash.

Doubt it

The odds of pilar winning the veto is so slim since she only won 1 HOH competition and doesn’t know what POV stands for.


Considering Zach is the target, so what if Pili does take down Ashleigh? No wasted HOH if the HOH isn’t thinking with their crotch.


it would be wasted, because if pili and ashleigh are both off the block, then if they wanted to keep zach (though it looks like pili’s reluctant), they could…

and pili could very well win the veto. She’s been in the top three for a lot of the HOH competitions, and even though she doesn’t know a lot of what’s going on, she does actually have a better grasp on things than other people. She knows they have to get rid of zach earlier (though they are close), and she knows that she has to get rid of britnee. She also knew better than to trust Bruno, even though zach and ashleigh thought he was completely loyal to them.


If pili wins pov and takes ashleigh off the block, god would go up. Making the only voters ash, pili, and brit. Ash and pili would have the majority and would obviously keep zach. #duh

How not to piss Canada off

I only wish Sarah had gotten a nice fat prescription in her HOH basket.
She could stay stoned all week and let Zach decide every detail of the HOH for her.
That way instead of her HOH wasted, she could be.
Might get kinda boring tho – rerun of the last HOH.


Imagine if Pilar wins pov and saves ash!!!! It would be hilarious!!!!!
Then Godfrey would probably go home.


Looks like God is setting himself up nicely for at least 20K. All he needs now is a win or 2. The double eviction might spell doom for the fembots, because no one will want to take them to final 4 with all the big moves they’ve made, and only 1 can play in the HOH


Yeah I think godfrey is winning this. It’s hard to imagine how someone could possibly be in a better position right now. I bet he threw the HOH competition this week and he’d be smart to. Zach/ash going after Sarah/Britt And vice versa. No use in choosing a side when he doesn’t have to. He’d be smart to carry pilar to the end with him because unless he starts winning comps, he’s only set to win 20k.


Godfrey came in close second in the comp
I’m pretty sure he was trying to win this one

Yo Bro

I don’t think God threw the HOH comp because he almost won it.

He tapped out at 98 minutes also? Godfather in the game yo.

Anyways he’s gotta win this POV or stop Pilar from winning to stay!


Even though I don’t like Ash in a game sense, personally I think she is a really great person and taking this whole superpower situation very well. She is genuinely a really nice person and I have never really seen her talk bad about the other girls in a malicious or catty way. Kudos to her.


Yeah, but that doesn’t make for great TV now does it? This is probably one of the most friendliest and forgiving cast of big brother i’ve ever seen… nothing gets to these guys. You can throw your poop at this cast and they will try to find the best of the situation, it’s ridiculous.


I agree with you that Ash seems like a genuine person and she has every right to be upset about her HoH getting wasted. I think she is taking things in stride but I won’t say she is not catty. When Sindy blind sided JP and Pilar became the HoH, Ash was passively mean to Sindy. Remember, Ash telling Pilar that Sindy is trying to bully Pilar? And, here is even more; She told Pilar that what sucks about JP leaving is that Sindy gets to take credit for the move.

This does not mean Ash is not a nice person. She has mostly been good to others and in a house like this it can make anyone catty, it could be just the game getting to her. If you think about it, She has more awareness than Zach about the game but unfortunately, she always go the way Zach wants. I think she is would be even more likeable if she can turn on Zach. That is partly the reason why Sindy got so many fans because she did not go and become JP’s puppet the moment she walked into the house which is what JP expected.


I don’t get the nice girl vibe from her. I think she is not what she says. No “nice girl” dances the way she does or gives handjobs on live TV. She also uses this dumb baby talk around Zach that is so phoney. She also plays dumb which I think is demoralizing for any woman to think it’s in anyway cute. She has also talked with Zach about scenerios where Pili would go up and hasn’t tried to divert Zach’s thinking. She says she is making her own decisions but always does the opposite when Zach wants something different. She is not there to win money only to win Zach. Not an Ashley fan.


I like many voted for Sarah and Brit to shake up the game but never wanted Sarah to win anything. Her room diaries where she says “Canada must love her” is so wrong, we just hated the status quo….So Hope Brit wins it all…


Sarah is so annoying, I have no idea how she has so many fans. Makes no sense.



I was yelling at my television screen while watching Brit tell Zac he was only a pawn, and getting pissed as Bruno was voted out. Now I realize getting rid of Bruno was actually for the best. He would have laid there and won this HOH. I cannot wait to see the order that they went out.


After listening to Godfrey and the goblins talk about winners in addition to all we’ve seen I’d rank the following HG as follow for who would win.

Britt- would probably beat anyone. She’s taken the most people out (4 at this point).

Zach would probably win against anyone but Britt. He’s not done too much, and it’s obvious JP was the brains of the operation (he has thought the house was with him for weeks while they all plotted hos demise ), but socially he’s done well.

Sarah would beat anyone but Britt and maybe Zach. She’s helped orchestrate a lot of people’s evictions (Greg, JP, Kevin, Bruno, accidentally Willow). Plus unlike Britt she has been seen as a threat for a long time, and yet she’s made top 6 (well top 5 now).

Godfrey, Ash, and Pilar I am not sure about. It would really depend on if get we’re sitting against each other.

Godfrey would have probably Bruno and Bobby.

Ash would have Zach and Pilar.

Pilar would have Kevin and Ash.

Hopefully anyone but Pilar or Zach wins veto. If Zach and Ash left during this double eviction, that would be awesome. At that point though, Godfrey and Pilar might join forces against the fembots.


I think your pretty close on your predictions, however based on how many players remain who’ve been dragged or floated these final HOH/POV’s comps will be crucial to determining who wins.

For example if Godfrey were to win POV this week followed by the Double Eviction HOH and or POV his stock would rise significantly.

From my perspective as much as Britt has been the one to get out big players there are a couple of additional factors to look at when deciphering between her and Sarah’s game:

1) Britt & Sarah BOTH won the shifting gears comp (& B said she couldn’t have done it with anyone else based on how tiny S is as well as her feet being smaller)

2) Sarah can argue giving B the HOH took the heat off her so it was a smart game move

3) So in reality they’ve both won two HOH’s

4) Sarah won POV to save her life & had they not won the power that would be even bigger

5) Watching the comp for the special power it was clear Britt was gunning it and Sarah took it easy assuming the power would help Britt (who was on the block) get off it.

6) Sarah has been the one who is seen as the strategist. Of note: she gave the goblins an opportunity to join forces with her & Britt and they declined. By doing so it set her HOH up perfectly where she can point out Ash lied (first targeting Sarah & lying & then going back on her word with Britt not to put her up & also lying about wanting God out).

In my opinion Sarah is seen by the jury as the driving force behind their actions. If you look at Bruno last night he called the move by Britt to get him out “Sarah’s move” so he doesn’t give Britt the credit for it at all.

In fact, when he did his ET Canada interview he said he wants Godfrey to win but he believes SARAH has the best chance to win. PLUS for all the Sarah Haters out there, Bruno said he regrets his fight with Sarah and says she is a really great person and is playing an amazing game

Canada Wanted Zack Out Of The House

Queen B indeed…………………More like Queen Idiot


Agree that I don’t like Ash’s game play, but she has handled this much better than Sarah or Brittnee would have if the situation had been reversed. Same goes for Zach.

Still rooting for Godfrey to win it all, but is it odd that I’m now kind of hoping for a Zach veto win this week?


I completely agree that Zach and Ashley are handling their circumstances MUCH better than Britney and Sarah would. While I’m not excusing Britney’s behavior, I have to point out that she’s been on the block and on slop more than anyone else in the game, so I can understand why she may not have handled it so well. This is just my observation.


That might explain Brittnee’s poor attitude at times, but it doesn’t excuse Sarah’s.


All the good players are evicted this season its going to get really boring.. And yes Sarah is a terrible player!!!!!
The only good player remaining is Godfrey. But Imagine how fun a final 6 of Sindy, JP, Kevin, Bruno, Neaha, and Graig (just for his pure stupidity) would be, the house is so boring. I hope Sarah Gets evicted soon!!!!!!!!


Zach, Ashleigh and Pilar are handling this 100% better than the production twins ever did. No crying, moaning or pity party from them. You have to respect that.


Brittany and Sarah thought they had been the only two chosen out of seven housguests to be given a punishment. It is a lot easier to handle knowing that you one of five house guests not chosen to get a special power. They are two totally different situations so the way one group is handling there’s can’t be compared to the way another group is.


I agree it was reasonable for Sarah/Brittnee to feel sorry for themselves when they thought Canada was punishing them.

That doesn’t explain their poor attitudes the rest of the time though. Whenever something doesn’t go their way, their MO is to complain and feel sorry for themselves. Haven’t seen that from Ash/Zach in a situation when they are just as entitled to moan that things don’t seem fair and they’ve been royally screwed, and they deserve to get some credit for that.

Godfrey has also been in just as bad if not a worse position as Sarah/Brittnee all season, and he hasn’t moped nearly as much as they have.


Zack is going up – for the 3rd time. He is gosh darned lucky the first 2 times, he was up for, what, 10 minutes, at most, both times? Yes, it was dramatic and a shock to his system, but it was over before he could properly absorb and strategize anything.

Not that I like giving anyone pain, BUT (yes, I know what that means 😉 ) I would like to see how he manages with hardship, I don’t think I’ve seen him deal without being on top. He may get a better idea of the hopelessness that other people have felt. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not being vindictive, I think he needs to understand how others in that position have felt. Maybe in future, it’ll cut down on his gloating. Gloating isn’t nice. I hope Sarah doesn’t get into the gloating or I’ll lose respect for her as well.

He has handled slop better than some, I’ll give him that.


Britt is going to lose her modelling career. 5 weeks on slop – how many pounds lost??


She can gain it back, or just reinvent the kind of model she is. I like her, she has a certain “je ne c’est quoi” and I really hope it works for her future.


typo – sb sais, not c’est – sorry, French isn’t my first language.


I’m sure she can still be model of something, as long as she’s beautiful.


I would say Britnee could stand to lose about 40 pounds. And get some proper acting lessons.

Not sure why

People seem to always diminish Brittnee’s gameplay…. Her HOH’s have been the most efficient of them all. She got many powerful players out.

Yes she is a little bit emotional but the girl can play, more than the majority of those left in the house for sure.

What she needs to do more to deserve some recognition?

I do not agree that

I do not agree that Ashley seems to be a nice girl

She give the impression to be one of these little condescending princess who think they are entitled to everything just because they are “somewhat” pretty.

Just the way she appears when she has to vote…. She can be smiling/laughing 2 seconds ago when crossing a fellow houseguest in the hallway, yet when she faces Arissa her face is hard as stone, not even a little smile, not even a little joyful “Hi! Arissa!”

Nada just her mean face.

No nice girl to me. Sorry.

I am happy that now she understands that Canada is not falling for her “beauty”

And please leave aside the comments about me hating because I am ugly. I am not drop-dead gorgeous but I do consider myself cute like many others.

What I said about Ash are just the way I feel about her. Thank you.