Vic “Nicole you really are a snake. Corey, I should have called you a snake charmer..”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 11th
HOH Corey Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: Vic AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 05-10-41-557

12am – Paul, Vic and Corey are in the kitchen chatting about random things. Corey heads to the HOH room to go to bed. Vic tells Paul we’re so f**king close. I don’t care at this point. If I’m going to be on stage, I’m going to be on stage.. you know what I mean. Paul – I know. Vic – I just want to sprint to the end. Paul – Tomorrow is the veto and then at least one of us will know. Vic – I got out when I needed to get out earlier. I’m good now. I got out my anger earlier. Now I feel better. If I had held that in I would have been a rabid dog. Paul – f**k em!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 05-36-49-766

Vic practices his eviction speech – my biggest mistake in this game has been being loyal. The only loyal person in this game is the person to my left, Paul. Everyone else doesn’t take loyalty as seriously as I do. And I’ve seen that time and time again with 3 knives in my back. Having said that, Nicole you really are a snake. Corey, your biggest accolade in this game would be getting me evicted. James, you’re just James. And I’m going to tell you right now, it would be really stupid not to evict me. So walk in there and say I vote to evict Victor because that’s in your best interest because if I stay ..EVERYBODIES losing! Having said that is maybe Unevictable is evictable. I’ve had a good summer, I love all you guys but I hate you right now. Thank you. Paul – that’s a good one. Vic – at that point I know I’m getting evicted.

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 05-40-20-565

12:30am Paul – Corey, I tried to give you the nickname of a snake charmer… for obvious reasons. Vic – I should have called you a snake charmer this whole season because you’ve been charming somebody. Paul – surprised you don’t have a flute and a basket with you at all times. Vic the more impressive thing is that you don’t carry a flute with you at all times. Paul – to keep her under control. Paul – I’m basically going to sh*t on all of them. Vic – and you better hope that Julie doesn’t say to me “What if I told you..”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 05-13-16-084

12:30am – 1am HOH room – Nicole and Corey are in bed talking about how much they think everyone makes. Nicole talks about how she make $27 an hour as a nurse but works part time. She says she makes about $800 a week. Corey says so you make about 45K a year. Nicole – the two people that make the most are still in this game. You and Paul. Judging from your lifestyles. Corey says had I not done this I would have made about 150K or so .. I was killing it man. But honestly it wasn’t worth it. Doing 3 baseball teams was the worst decision I’ve ever made. Well not the worst decision but I was miserable, well not miserable but I was over worked. Corey says the most he’s mad a night bartending is $1200 in a night. Nicole says so you easily make 2K a week bartending. Corey – yeah. Nicole – thats a lot. Corey – when I go back I want to kill it in real estate. I want to make 4K a month bartending and 8-10K in real estate.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 06-02-09-376

1:50pm – 2:25am HOH room – Corey – People made some stupid moves this season. Names some of the dumbest moves this season. Nicole – Jozea! Bridgette not pulling Bronte down when its her friend. Corey – Paulie got pulled in the veto. Nicole – Natalie not throwing that HOH. Michelle putting up Paul and Vic. Vic not putting up you and James. James blindsiding you and I. Us keeping Tiffany. Nicole and Corey chat about random things and then go to bed.

1am – 3:30am Living room / Kitchen – Paul and Vic talk about random things. Paul talks about tattoos and his business. Paul – we’re hands down the silliest people on this show. Paul talks about mosh pits. Paul and Vic head to bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 06-02-46-874

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-10 08-02-42-206
8:00am Zzzzzzzzzzz (sssssssssss for some)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-10 10-04-32-161
10:04am Sssssssssssssss (or ZZzzzzz for some)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-10 11-23-25-337

11:23am Zzzzzzzzzz

12:32pm Nicole and Corey are up making breakfast .. or I guess it’s lunch now.
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Nicole for the win.

Honestly Nicole is playing the best Game so far. Did she lied to everyone? YES. Is she a Snake? YES. Now tell me a winner Who didn’t backstab or lie. You haters should just CALM DOWN


I guess it’s easy to play a good game when you’re in a house full of idiots. Production cast big personalities like Day, Frank, Tiff, Paulie because they knew they’d try to take each other out first. While nicole and James just float by.


It is hard to believe but if Victor gets voted off that means corey will have the best resume left in the house. Ouch.


V & P need to assure Nicole that COREY will have their votes in the end…wonder what ole Nic would do with that info???

Yeah Nicole

Great idea v&p. Tell N she doesn’t get their votes. To get C to put up James if he doesn’t win veto. Remind her that’s a sure vote for her. then the final 4 once again battles it out to the end. Not only will James go out , she will get corey next for his vote and battle it out with P & V…. whooooooooooohoooooooooooooo


Paul is using Victor, he doesn’t want to face him in F2. Using Victor as his muscle just like he used Paulie, then the girl alliance to get out his threats. He’s just so nasty and mean, don’t want him in F2

Hillary Coughs Up A Lung

Paul has not won a lot of comps but he has had a lot of control in the house and influenced decisions this season.


Paul has been so mean, obnoxious and over the top, constantly yelling, dominating conversations. Victor now is growing Paul’s beard and has become nasty like Paul. Even Paulie grew a beard, shaved his head via Paul. Can’t stand his attitude and flip flopped thru whole game while saying vile things,. Vic blew up the original guy alliance, keeps pawing at Nicole too too much. He should have such a self righteous reaction to his nomination.


Try not to sound like you’re reading in the D.R. Nicole!


My problem with her is not that he is backstabbing, but the fact she enver owns her game. Also the fact that now for 2 weeks on a row Corey had to talk her into the right moves is pathethic. Without Corey I m pretty sure she d be easily manpulated to vote out James over Natalie last week and she d be too scared to put up Paul and Victor..she lacks courage to make big moves..she s playing scared which is a good game to go far, but nto a game many ppl are able to respect. She s not a bad player, but her game strategy in most of the seasons d be not awarded by 500k…just like ppl are mad at James for throwing comp and playing defense the whole s the best way to go far, yet viewers nor jury members respect that…thats w hy the only way James or Nicole can win this season is if they take each other to f2…

The Beef

Let me say a couple of things about the “great game” that Nicole and Corey are playing. Nicole has won, what, ONE HOH? And that one was gifted to her by James, and she had to lie to him to get it and then turned around and backstabbed him by putting Meech on the block (after aligning with Paul and Vic right after aligning with James and Nat the week before when they were in power). She also won ONE POV, with the help of Corey throwing it to her (one billion names on the list) in what was basically a crap shoot guessing game, with some poker skills involved (knowing when to stay or fold – but only AFTER you know what everyone else’s numbers were). That’s it. She’s basically been floating other than those two comps, one of which was clearly given to her, and the other at least partially so and partially random luck. Point being she ain’t no competition beast.

As for social game, I’m sure Corey will vote for her, but why would anyone else? Hell, she’s backstabbed James, Natalie, Meech, Paul, and Vic; I don’t think she’s on the top of Davonne’s list and Z will vote for whoever Davonne tells her to vote for (or Paulie, depending on if he’s “slid back in there” or not, if ya know what I mean). Bridgette might vote for her just because she’s a girl, but if she does, that’s just sad.

Backstabbing might be good for getting you to the end, but you pay a price socially for doing it vote wise, and Corey and Nicole literally are going to have back blood aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll over their bodies!!


Yes, Nicole is a snake! But I need to correct you on one thing, she won two HOHs, and did both by malipulation . She won the first HOH by malipulating her team to pick her for HOH, and told they she would do it, but they owed her. If she hadn’t two vets would of gone up and this would be a whole different game. The second was when she malipulated James to feel sorry for her, and thinking she would have his back and was in a finial four deal with him. He gave it to her. That is being a snake, and playing Big Brother.


Actually Nicole won two HOHs that both were given to her, so the only thing she won on her own was a veto when the game is down To 7 people. And everytime she does something she makes sure no one knows and acts innocent she is a snake


FYI in on the last jury clip Da’ made it clear Paulie was back in… so yaaaa


I don’t have a problem with people lying and backstabbing but Nicorey are just plain damn lucky to be where they are – and it’s not due to any great gameplaying on their part. They can thank Production and the pre-game alliance with James.


I hate to admit it, but it’s true at this point. I think the reason so many people hate her (and Corey) is that they just lay in bed for half the season doing nothing but floating through relying on Nicole’s pre-show alliance with James and Paulie. However, her end game has been strong basically since final 7. She’s been in the perfect position strategically since then, and has put herself in the best position to get to the end. She’s also never been nominated, which if she keeps this up, will put her in elite company with legends Derrick S16 and Danielle S3. Is Nicole’s game comparable to those 2? Not necessarily, but I think she’s played the best game this season – especially once Victor or Paul leave this week.

IF and WHEN i turn on live feeds..

i will see Nicole and Corey IN bed.. they are siempre in bed.. just lying there, chatting, cuddling, under the covers, God knows what, and Lord cares..

i repeated myself and i will repeat 100X over ——-> this idiot does NOT deserve $500K – she and her dumb bloke!!!


Romance videos of James and Nat are cute. Respectful. Romance videos of Corey and Nic are two people under the covers all the time. Boring and slutty. Corey’s comments are typical jock and degrading to women. No wonder he got along with Paulie. Nicole is blind to it. Julie got it right one was a romance (J&N) one is a showmance (C&N) i.e. just for show and one is a bromance (P&V) which is cute too.

Michelle Stan

So James admits to being a pedophile, picking up underage girls, but it’s not his fault because they use fake IDs, and he’s still America’s Favorite. What does that say about America, and what does that say about people like you who describe his obsessive behavior with Nat as “cute.”? Sickening!


My nephew gets 10 years in prison for picking up an underage girl in a bar and this idiot James brags about it on national TV. James even talks about being a correctional officer. Something is very wrong with the casting process.


Your nephew is a convicted pervert.


Natalie is a healthy 26. Get over yourself.

Mister pickles

The girls he was talking about were not “healthy 26 year olds.” They were kids.


Romance videos of James and Nat are cute. Respectful. Romance videos of Corey and Nic are two people under the covers all the time–day and night. Boring, slutty and no fun to watch. Corey’s comments are typical jock and degrading to women. No wonder he got along with Paulie. Nicole is blind to it. Julie got it right one was a romance (J&N) one is a showmance (C&N) and one is a bromance (P&V) which is cute too.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Nicole is sitting pretty right now but todays veto and the next HOH and veto will decide who wins this game. Next week only the HOH and veto winner are safe. With just one vote next week the veto winner gets to decide who leaves the house.
This season started slow but it is getting good now.


Nicole also spent most of her time laying around in bed, trash talking every other girl prettier than her (and let’s face it, they were all prettier than her), having lots of sex, whining in her nasally nosy voice, and not showering. So yeah, haters keep hating bc we are all very justified.


Nicole and James are in the position they are because of PRODUCTION. I know it’s hard for people to understand or accept, but that’s the reality. I don’t care how you analyze the game play of Nicole and James, but they were helped, assisted and carried by production. this isn’t an attempt to draw up conspiracies or getting a rise from the naive fans of BB. this year is tainted, and there are tons of proof that will validate the corruption that hastaken place. the edit that Nicole and James have gotten is criminal and insulting. the live feeds don’t lie.


If everyone got the edit they deserve there would be no show. With the exception of James, all of these house guests have said the most awful things. The women all spewed hate on each other while the men(?) are all raging, unapologetic misogynists.


I don’t know why you are making an exception for James behavior, he talked down to Natalie – told her to not worry about the game, just go shopping (just one example). He is very conscious of the camera most times, but when he gets into his little bro chats he says some pretty ugly things regarding sex, dating and fathering children.


How is James an exception? He recently talked about when he and his best bud double teamed a stripper, then he talks about taking home under age girls. He is no gentleman, he even outed a fellow house guest from his previous season, that did not want to be outed! He obsessed over Natalie like a stupid fool. He’s a creep and I cannot understand how he is at the top of the AFP leaderboard? It makes me sick to think he could actually win it again.

Nicole for the Sin

You are so right (insert sarcasm)…

Nicole’s game included:
*having an alliance with James before entering the house
*having unfair access to Cody and Derrick for advice and tips
*having production interfere with the game in her favor
*laying in bed all the time
*Handjobs for Corey
*not showering

You’re right..what a gamer..

Rigged BB18

It’s easy to play a good game when production’s in your ear. For the last several weeks they’ve been pushing for a Nicole, Corey and James F3. Some of the things that have happened in this house defy logic and common sense (including that veto comp where Corey went directly to that pipe before even looking at the manhole). I watched BBAD today and Nicole seems to know that there will be a live veto comp on Tuesday… how the heck does she know? This show cares more about shomances and sensationalism than actual game play. I miss the early seasons.

Giggling like a 7th grade boy

You used “pipe”, “manhole”, and “Corey” in the same sentence!


It’s easy to play a good game when production’s in your ear. For the last several weeks they’ve been pushing for a Nicole, Corey and James F3. ON August 19th I remember because it was my birthday, Natalie was HOH, she came back from the DR, and said, at least twice on afterdark that production wanted her and James to work with Nicorey, not Paul and Victor, she said it right out just like that! Sounds pretty rigged to me, and I dont think she would have worked with them even with James urging her to had that interference not happened. At that point she wanted Nicole out that week and wanted her and Corey uo together! Some of the other things that have happened in this house defy logic and common sense, most blatantly during the last veto comp where Corey went directly to that pipe before even looking at the manhole or anyplace else in the room, didnt everyone notice that?? It was unreal and anyone can watch it back and see it, he entered and went straight to the pipe, no way he could know that he needed that pipe without being told and it really pissed me off, so I am pretty sure the rest of the game will be rigged for them and it makes me sick, Two people who laid in bed all summer talking crap and making up lies about other people. No wonder BB has started to suck so badly. This may be my last season, especially if Nicole the snake wins, she must have a really filthy house too because she is the laziest bitch I have ever seen!


Nicole lying doesn’t bother me. It ‘ s her holier than though attitude that does.


I agree with you. That’s a game of lies and deception, which Nicole is great at. Her and Cory talked so much crap about Victor last night. Saying he’s terrible at this game and he’s lied to them so many times. Really??? They told James that Victor and Paul thought they would be a final 4 because they hung out together last week. It’s the extent of their lying and how they sit together or most of time lay down, and convince each other that they are doing nothing wrong. Or, convince each other that they are being shit on for no reason. Sorry not sorry, I feel like these two are natural born liars. But, I am wondering why Victor has not told James about the $5000 that Cory and Nicole bribed him with to vote out Natalie and it was also to seal the deal for them being a F4? Victor is a pretty honest guy but right now is the time to start playing dirty. Hopefully, if James wins veto, with that information he would take Paul or Victor down and throw up Nicole and vote her and her nasty fingers out.

Paddy o

Simon and Dawg Love love the Nicole snake pic hehehe


I agree that Nicole is playing a good game. I find it funny that people say she backstabbed, lied, switched alliances and so on, but isn’t that what it takes to win big brother. If she were a guy, say Doctor Will who did so much more, people would say she was playing a great game. Such a double standard.

Nic Holier Than thou

I dont think gender is the issue…As true BB fans we respected Dr. Wills game play because he owned it…he knew that all his actions would have him displayed as a great BB villain and he didnt care…and once he owned it it was hard not to be a Dr Will fan

Nicole has this hideous tendency of going back on her word, or backstabbing, but then turning it around like someone wronged her
Listening to NiCorey talk about Victor being a liar, and playing a bad game was beyond me..but thats how snakes move i guess…slithering around the truth


I don’t think Lisa back-stabbed or lied when she won over Diane. If she did, it wasn’t in any way to the same extent as Nicobra.


Nichole wouldn’t be where she is right now on her own! So NO she’s not a great player by any means. Its easy im sure when production is rigging it for you! I think ppl are so mad because its not fair game play. Theres obvis favourites getting huge benifits and info/advice from production that the other HG’s dont. Theres lots of sneaky lying players that are loved by fans, problem is shes not having to go thru the ups and downs/ struggles that they did cause no matter what she does the show will fix it all for her to win! I like fair game play. Some editing and rigging for entertainment value is ok. But this season its wayy too much for one person!


I agree. I like Nicole. Don’t underestimate her. She got a lot of crap thrown at her and survived. She’s been thrown under the bus all season. Paul is the one who told Michelle to call Nicole a snake in her goodbye speech. He’s such an instigator and liar in this game.

Nicole BB18 WINNER

You can Say that the show is rigged ad much ad you want, it’s not. I remember all of you saying: The show is rigged for Frank to win…… THEN, The show is rigged for Paulie to win, AND NOW, the show is rigged for Nicole to win. Get over yourselves, it’s not. She deserves to win.

Franks fumes

Textbook denialSsssssssssssssssssssst!


Classic response of a paranoid schizophrenic.


She might have won more but decided to hand the job off to others. She got others to do her dirty work as easy as a snapper of her fingers. She should be proud of how she has blown the guys out of the game. It looks like she has them licked at this point. She knew Vic an Paul would be coming after her and was glad Corey could unload on them first. Corey knew if he stuck behind her long enough he would get ahead.

Derrick 2.0

Nicole is just playing the Derrick Strategy.
1. stay off the block.
2. let others do all the heavy lifting, bloodletting.
3. at the end (final 5/4) make final 2 deals with the remaining players,
(in this case: Corey, James and Paul). No matter who wins, they pick
you to move forward with.

Morgan LaFay

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I see what did there – very funny AND true!!!!!


Totally too many screw ups this year with production not hiding the “help” they gave out. They “help” all the time. Houseguests let it slip – couldn’t keep their traps shut about the help or couldn’t “HIDE” or “Act” properly


I can remember other seasons when I’d listen to the HGs talking about what they were going to do. Then they’d be called into the DR and come out with a whole different agenda. And I’d think wtf just happened!
Well now I know after the Cory veto win. PRODUCTION

Rigged BB18

All CBS cares about is sensationalism for the sake of rating. This show is in its 18th season, and they are running out of ideas.

I still believe that the show is rigged and they were pushing for either a VET or a SIBLING to win this. Speaking of Paulie, I do believe that he was a favorite. But Paulie blew his own game with his ugly side (misogynistic and aggressive). Production could not possibly root for him anymore. I’m pretty sure they were expecting him to be like Cody, but he turned out to be an asshole.



Me and Corey did nothing wrong….sssss

So what if we lay in bed all day and i hang off his every word…among other things…sssssss

Im winning this game…taking a shower…and marrying Corey…ssssssssssssssssssss


I’m so over this boring season
This and last have killed me inside. I Just come here for updates. I’ve been watching old ones this is so bad. Vic n Paul deserve a win. Nicole is a rat and Corey is incredibly clueless to so much its sickening. Poor james wasted it on a girl who used him. No one but Vic and Paul showed up to actually play until a few weeks ago either.

Pinocchio Obama

Todays veto comp is not going to be boring.


The fact that Vic is practicing his eviction speech does not bode well for him in this veto comp.


Six Superbowls says different


Tim Tebow says hello,


Where is he saying hi from? The Jets? Egales? Patriots? Arena? Ohh wait…The Mets!! LMFAO!!! Just curious who’s your team? Let me guess? Your a gay ass Jets fan???

Mister pickles

Your QB is a rapist.


Poor James? By amusing himself with other diversions and blowing the games within the game he stands a good chance of sliding into the final 2. And with a Jury filled with some of the pettiest capricious people on the planet who knows what will happen.

As long as one of Paul and Victor leave and one of Nicole and Corey leave he has the golden ticket. And if he doesn’t win 500k he won’t be that upset with the consolation prize.

Sometimes the Forrest Gump strategy works.

nicole's diary room voice

I’m so sick of the house guests talking about Derrick and season 16 being so great ( it was fracking boring ). Season 16 this, Season 16 that, Season 16 blah!!!!! Hell feels like it is season 16. Well if it is I’m voting DONNY THOMPSON for America’s Favorite Player again. Crack open some Kraken for all of us Dawg and Simon and maybe Sep. 21 will be here soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Derrick sucks, i’ve always hated that smarmy pig-nosed fucker. Talking about how he wanted to slap Donny like a kid because he was quote ‘taking the food out of his daughter’s mouth” what a scumbag.

Botox Pelosi

They should do a Big Brother season with just all the good people like Donny,Jordan etc.

Raiders Fan

They also should do one with all the evil players. Evil Dick,Rachel and so on.


Online/TV I would totally watch that!


Derrick’s season was the most boring. the cast that year was made it easier. I loved his diary room sessions where he explained why and what he was doing. The celbe one was the best. In an interview after he explained why he wanted to be a have not … Was smart enough to know realionsship were important. Played the game 24/7.

Lying Huckleberry Hillary

You’re right that season was terrible but the Nerd Herd season was the worst ever.


Season 1 was the most boring.


Dam right Vic. They may win but let them win with sh*t on their face. Those claiming Nicky-hole has played a good game I would agree she has proven herself quite “handy” to the other players. She got laid low and fingered out how to stay off the block.


Nic-hole layed low AND GOT LAID! Also FINGERED TOO


Nicole’s only accomplishment in the Big Brother house this season was not getting “any of it” in her hair.
Such an angel…. Whoops, excuse me… America’s Favorite Angel!!


OMG LOL at Nicole’s picture being a snake now! It’s funny to crack jokes about it but if she remained loyal to Vic and Paul that would be the dumbest big brother move ever and we all know it. You can only be loyal to a certain extent in this game.

Hillary Wipes the Server


You need to clamp down on the nostrils on the new Nicole picture.


Vic and Paul’s speeches will be great, truthfull”… Loyalty is good, but be prepared for that “knife” in your back…

Lying Huckleberry Hillary

As far as Paul’s future he better hope they make some more Lord of the Rings movies.


Paul is a level 7 Dwarf Warrior. the only weapon he carries is the one in his back



Franks fumes

Vic talking alone with Paul about James asking if you are in the final 2 can you still win AFP……..Paul says no way their giving it to him 2 years in a row! Did you see those people in the house with him on his season…..Lol


Is to hope Vic N Paul ignore Corey at the after party and Z & Nicole tag along with Paulie and Corey so much they can’t breath, much less bang another girl. I hope that Z & Nic are so clingy and that V & P can sit back and LOL

What if

Nicole wins pov. Vic tells her all the stuff that Cory has said about her and that he’s dropping her after BB.
Then Nicole falls apart and uses the veto to take Vic down. And they vote out James.


How the F is James number 1 for AFP? What am I missing??

Franks fumes

Its the Cat lady vote……don’t get me wrong I love ladies and cats


I have a dog but I am a lady and James is the only male there who hasn’t offended me. Paul is beyond crude, Victor throws beads and Corey is trashing Nic’s reputation on TV for nothing. I hate his so called practical jokes but he says production wanted them so oh well. He treated everyone with great good manners, he’s the only one who seems to have been raised properly.

bad judgement

You baby boomers are whats wrong with this country…

bad judgement

Didn’t realize there was so many older people on this site… either that or you dumb kids don’t know what generation your in. Which is very likely


Nicole has the idea. Make love not war! Flower power.
Peace out man.
I’m over 30. I don’t trust myself either. : )

Yet Another Hillary Lie

It is the CBS edit that has James at the top of the poll. I was thinking of voting Victor for AFP but I have a feeling that the only people with a chance to win it are the same people who won the Care Packages. As much as that sucks those people are Americas favorites. The people who don’t have the feeds or follow sites like this great one are watching a totally different game than we are.

Hillary for Prison

@ SteelerGirl

It is Browns fans.

Reality Check

SteelerGirl, the only reason why James is number 1 in the AFP poll is the edit that CBS is giving him on tv (which is ridicolous) and the distaste of the cast this season. Plus the fact that James rarely swears on the feeds, which the feeders like. Vic should win AFP by a landslide except he hangs out with Paul, who swears at everything, which the feeders do not like. Add in Paul’s shady controversy of French Fries, Vic is guilty by association.


People are entitled to their opinions of players. Just because they differ from yours doesn’t make them invalid, and doesn’t make those people brainwashed zombies.

Who are you to say how I should value a player? Maybe they share a similar outlook on life, or maybe they have a cool haircut. Just like politics, people should choose what they like without constantly being called an idiot (throw out valid reasons by all means).


I voted for Victor, I feel he deserves to win BB, but won’t, so I will vote for him as AFP. But I also see how James is ahead. Not just because of edit, he is a good old boy, and people like that . Everyone is entitled to their own opinion , so ease up on the hate, just because people don’t vote your way.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

The AFP vote is easy for me. Think of it as if you were voting for who would you want to come back for an All Star Big Brother season. Is there really any choice other than Victor? He might not be my favorite person in the house but at least he played the game from day one.


Except for the 3 weeks he sat in a hotel room in sequester, watching movies and not having to play the game at all, while everyone else was fighting for their life.

Don't Burst a Vein

So what you vote for Joeza?

I would've been fine...

…with Nicole or Corey winning originally…then I witnessed Corey head straight to those pipes in the ‘escape room’ veto competition…#thejigisup

Lurker 1216

While it’s clear that Production rigged Corey’s win, the real question is why it was so important to them that Nat Nat lost. And the correct answer, always, is ratings. The guaranteed “breakup” of the James and Natalie romance (at least, as viewed through James’s eyes) made for must-see TV to last week’s target audience. Soon, to amp up their ratings, Production will be looking for an angle to stage a Nicorey breakup.


Paul and Vic are funny. I love their banter. I think they will be life long friends after this. Get the VETO guys. I’m rooting for you.


I think victor and paul would be so great on survivor same season.


amazing race.


I’ve never watched the amazing race. I would if Paul and Vick were on tho. They make a great team. The come from new money, west coast, hipster, with a loud mouth and even louder clothing-teamed with- the lot less privileged, and reserved, cultured, Latin competitor with a big heart… like bottling magic


Who the fuck watches The Amazing Race?


Can picture them on Amazing Race! That would be fun to watch.


If on Amazing Race, how will CBS handle Paul’s “F” bombs ! Paul wouldn’t be able to speak, the editors would go crazy !

Vic the Dick

Funny yes

Veto no.

James is going to win this season.


James is a creeper… a real stalker esk type weirdo. I don’t feel sorry for his crap life the least bit cause he’s got this paedophilia vibe about him

Mister pickles

Ames admitted to being a predatory pedophile, but people
On here don’t mind that.


First of all how is James winning Americas favorite poll on here? Are we watching the same feeds/season? He is my LEAST favorite.

Second I AM DYING with the new picture of Nicole I CANT hahahha


Correeeeey picture should be a flute with a basket

The thrill is gone

It appears like Nicole is either loosing interest or realizes that Cory is not that into her. It’s in the way she looks at and treats him and doesn’t watch him anymore.
Either way she’s trapped in this BB relationship and had to see it thru till the show ends.
Doesn’t say Coryyyyy like she use to.
And she feels bad about Vic because he treated her better/nicer than Cory.


I get that this is a game and I can kind of see where Corey is coming from with putting up Vic and Paul BUT I would of really liked to see the final 4 (Vic, Paul, Corey and Nicole) battle it out.


At the very least, they could have told them they were putting them up *before* they put them up. They were chickens.
Nicole doesn’t understand why Vic doesn’t want to be friends? Well, you pretended to be their friends while they saved you, while you talked about putting them up the whole time. Game play? fine. But then why are you confused on the friendship? You didn’t have the decency to do what a friend would do for another friend. Friends don’t blindside friends on National TV.

Why Nicole is getting credit for Corey’s game move is also beyond me. SHE didn’t win. She didn’t put them up. In fact, she distanced herself immediately when Paul went to talk to them in the HOH last night.
Sorry, Nicole – I loved you your last season, but I really think that you’ve lost touch of who you want to be, who you pretend to be, and who you purport to be as a person.


LOL I think Corey is playing the best game right now, he covered every single corner. He best chance of winning Play his flute and Charm Scole to the Final 2 LOL We all know everyone hates snake scole. Biggest mistake from victor and paul? Do not evict Corey when they got their chance. I wonder if paulie and natalie are having a fling now in the jury house.

Hillary Left Our Troops To Die In Benghazi

If Paulie and Natalie hooked up in the Jury House do you think Z would still forgive Paulie?

And Then Deleted The Emails like Nixon did to the Tapes

Yes Z would forgive him. 🙁


Paulie would murder Z’s family and she would still forgive him.


i feel so bad for victor because I actually thought he would (i guess he still could pending the veto but it’s not looking good :/ ) have made it to the finale as someone who truly deserved to be there! He won competitions, he had a good social game, he just put his trust in the wrong people. Although i don’t like nicole and corey, obviously taking him to the end is horrible for their games. it would be no contest.


I am still hoping for a Vic win but afraid Snakeoil and Lamesy may have it sewn up. I can’t say that this season has been overly exciting with the returning vets but would like to see Vic return at some point. I believe he would change up his game play and play more with his head and less with his heart — ie loyalty, kindness, etc.
The pic of Snakeoil is hilarious. I laughed so hard, the tears are running down my leg.


I think Victor still has a chance to win. I wouldn’t count him out. He wins the veto, then yes, Paul goes home, unless they can get to James. Paul was loyal to Vic, but not 100%, He was all in for “PP” until Paulie broke down. He jumped ship immediately, which I couldn’t blame him.
Victor’s speech is fantastic. As long as he realizes that was his downfall – true blue loyalty. Outside of this game, he appears to be an amazing young man. His parents should be proud.
If Vic or Paul had one HOH and had NOT put C/N on the block, people would have been saying it wasn’t a good move. This is BB. Laying low the first part of the game isn’t awful. I don’t consider Nicole’s game play as a floater. But I will say I’m glad she’s not my daughter. Especially in a small town.


Yeah let her win…who cares…maybe then rigged production wont bring her back again. I’d hate to know I finally get a chance to play only to come in with all the crapola this season was tainted with…wtg production NOT


That’s exactly what I was thinking. At this point, I really don’t care who wins. Let production hand it to her this year then hopefully we’ll be done with her forever. Hopefully lames too.


Amen to Nicole for the win. It’s amazing the crap she gets for playing the game. Paul was in the same final 4 and was already considering pulling in who was left James or Natalie. Loyalty is great in life but in the big brother house cheques get bounced! It’s bizarre how it’s OK for Paul but not Nicole to play the game. Even Davonne is starting to realize ok…she got me.

Anthony Shares His Weiner

Exactly right Cheryl.

Franks fumes

I remember a few seasons ago there was this stupid 20 year old girl who was made out to be a racist monster for saying some mildly offensive things about asians I believe it was something about June she said “go cook me some rice bitch ” not funny and insisitive but not monstrous either. Upon eviction she was booed and ripped on by the chenbot pretty hard ……Ive never seen her attack a evicted houseguest so harshly……But what cbs is ok with is a guy that thought it was funny to pour lighter fluid on a goat and set it on fire……Wow why is this not a problem for cbs’s “sterling image”…… they even sent him a pillow in his HOH basket with his dogs giant image to soften his persona……. ok ill get off the soap box but it just really bugs me.


Well said BUGS ME TOO

Meanest bigotry BB season

It wasn’t because of one comment. She and her group said a lot more inappropriate comments.

If Only

She didn’t JUST make a comment to June. Aryn was involved in quite a bit of questionable behavior. She flipped mattresses and intimidated another player of color. She specifically targeted, degraded, and spoke down to the people of color in her season viciously and maliciously. When she was evicted and booed it was deserved. The fact that she couldn’t bat her eyes and say oops! I’m sorry, only made her less repentant in the jury house. Julie didn’t go soft on Aryn because at no point in her time in the house did she feel remorseful for what she had done nor did she have any sort of breakdown i.e.,Audrey and Paulie.
You’re concern over Corey is valid, as is the concern about so many of mysogynistic males this season. Corey won’t get the edit he deserves because production spent so much time on Paulie.(and they needed to show more of how he behaved IMO) As was the case with Aryn and GM, GM got a softer edit of her vileness because she went farther in the game. Production showed Corey’s meanness (to a lesser degree) during the Paulie meltdown but unless he is evicted before final 2 they won’t edit him poorly again.


So true! I remember Aryn mocking her after she flipped her mattress rolling her head back and forth saying, “Whatcha gonna do gurl!!!”. And then in the back yard later on Aryn told Gina Marie, “Just be careful what you say in the dark because we won’t be able to see her!” And they both laughed about it out loud while staring down this poor girl. So ya Aryn and her gang were very malicious and racist. And those were just some of the comments that she and her gang made.


Lets call a spade a spade…Main reason Julie called her out, was for the Asian comment. Period!! Aryn (sp. ) was brought up in a bigoted world; totally unaware of the things she was saying. ( no excuses here! ) I believe the young girl has since, redeemed herself. Again… Julie’s concern, was the Asian comments. ( and rightfully so. ) I’m sure, the audience was encouraged to Boo her. With that being said, why was Paulie not booed? He even swooped Julie of her feet. ( this was a man, that degraded women so badly. ) I’ve seen Julie in past seasons, being very rude to some hgs. But, all smiles for Paulie!! wth!

Just here for the entertainment

Yes Nicole is playing a good game and has earned the snake rep. She should be proud of that.

Corey is along for the ride

James is James and will win something due to good editing

Paul has played his heart out and will probably win nothing.

Victor. Is the comp beast but has no chance of winning the veto if it’s set up like the last veto

CBS prove me wrong. …PLEASE
If a player doesn’t have a fair chance of winning a comp what’s the point of watching?


Again, people in the house and viewers fail to grasp the concept of the show…it is a GAME…and a high-stakes game for a half-million bucks! If you were playing in a Vegas poker game or on a tennis court or in a boxing ring…do you accuse your opponent for being a snake or a rat or a backstabber? They are not your FRIEND…they are your OPPONENT! This isn’t a soul searching retreat house…or group therapy. There is $500,000 at the end of this….for ONE person. Not a team, just ONE. And like a poker game, tennis match, boxing match….the winner got there by doing WHATEVER is necessary. WHY DO YOU THINK the only board game in the house is CHESS?


People seem to have a natural tendency to resort to pearl clutching.


Exactly! I laugh out loud at some of these posts! Really funny stuff!


How is James AFP? He’s horrible at this game and has been kept around cause he is not a threat. Paul for the win or AFP.

Anoher Liberal Loser

I think the fact that neither Vic or Paul was voted one of the care packages probably means they are looking bad for winning favorite houseguest.


I am not a huge fan of the “game is rigged” theory, but I do believe the houseguests are given suggestions and “guidance” to elicit certain outcomes. I think the America’s Care Package was the same way. None of us know what the actual votes were for the HGs, so Production could farm them out as they pleased.
Nat got hers right when #Jatalie was getting “serious”; coincidentally that is when AFP popped up in nearly every conversation James had with everyone.
James got his because he is the malleable and would nix the votes of whomever Production “asked” him to
Nicole got hers because that went over well with viewers in Season 16 and it helped soften the Snake edit for awhile
Meech got hers because she was going to split Nicorey and Nat had been instructed to work with Nicorey
Corey got the bribe (he obviously had zero idea hat to do with it…he was going to trade it in to be a have) because Production was going to bone Vic and Paul; offer Vic 5Gs to do what he was going to do anyway so the backstab won’t be as painful

Corey N Nicole...

Embarrassing Nicole trying to worm her way into an invite to Corey’s birthday. Sly eyes waiting on the invite while saying she doesn’t mind him spending time with his friends. Seems to me, she is waiting for the ‘girlfriend title’ and is not receiving it.

Plus, she now knows how much Corey makes and knows he doesn’t need the monies like others could use…I see her clipping him very soon, possibly on someone else’s win, cuz like James she just doesn’t get it that ‘ he’s just not into her ‘ outside the house. No way will that small town girl fit into Corey’s life style in Dallas . And A&M is known for its snooty privileged kids for the most part…gig em

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Just because the veto questions are about Nicole’s previous seasons doesn’t mean the comp is a setup does it?


SNAKING – (verb) when Snacole wraps her legs and arms all over Corey.


I am not exactly a James fan but by no means a hater – but I have to say WHO IN THE WORLD IS VOTING HIM FOR AFP? Why is he atop the polls? I get that a lot of old people watch BB and bored overweight housewives who like the novelty of the whole “America, I’m an Asian from Texas schtick” and who don’t watch the feeds, but surely, watching him this season, hasn’t that worn a little thin? He is a weak player (don’t care that he has glided by doing nothing to whatever place) and pathetic. If he talks about having threesomes with strippers, picking up college-age girls in bars for random one-nighters, or how much of a mistake his daughter’s conception was anymore, I think I will vomit. Cringeworthy.


And you don’t think that bloated, beer-bellied, ball-scratching old men do not watch this show and vote?

Old Bored Overweight Housewife

I have never voted for James as AFP.


Whoa there buddy….. Not all of us old, Texas housewives are voting for James for AFP! My vote goes to either Victor or Paul – even though I am not crazy about beards, tattoos, or long hair! …….. BUT … these two guys were the only things keeping me watching all season. Funny as heck – and probably a lot nicer in real life than anyone else! VICTOR or PAUL for AFP!

Grandma G

As an old person who likes watching BB I like James but not because he is an Asian American. That is a stupid comment.
Outside the BB house the people I would like to party with would be Vic, Paul, Michelle and Davonne but the people I think I could count on would be people like James, Bridgette, Nicole and even Natalie. These are ALL young people with a lot of growing up to do but I think ALL of them are basically good people.

Hillary's Hilarious Pantsuits

Simon 7 Dawg,

Any idea what the veto comp will be?

Rigged BB18

Since the veto comp will be live, I’m thinking something quick… like the one they did last year where they had to answer questions after watching a 90s dance group, live.


Phenomenal job Nicole and James for getting to final two. BB18 best season ever. The real winner of BB18 however is this website, for with out it, this season would have been worse then being forced to watch paint dry.


Best season ever? Lmao. Youre nuts if you really believe that. Hopefully you’re being sarcastic.


I LOVE this site!

Posters wacking out……..Production sucks, snakes, not fair, show’s rigged, backstabbers, liars, no loyalty, my fav isn’t going to win (whine) …………….How can so many people be so delusional?????

Big Brother is NOT a popularity contest! It is a SCRIPTED REALITY show. Always has been. Get over it.

The only popularity contest is AFP……that’s why James is #1 on the poll & why he will win AFP. Sorry all you haters……..people just like James the most.

This is a GREAT site!


No, not people. Just the old cat ladies.


HA HA HA…..thanks for proving my point!


I kind of wanted them to stick together as the final four but it is a good move on Corey’s part nominating them. I think Paul would have done the same thing. Why risk your duo being a replacement nom? You can’t blame Nicole for this one she really feels bad. She said I feel like I lost my best friend.


I’m not sure what people are smoking voting Names America’s favorite player.Gullible James spent the whole season smelling Nasty Nats butt only getting two kisses lol.
My vote is definitely Victor or DaVonne! You have to respect an oscar deserving actor like victor he kept it interesting plus being evicted so many times and not winning the game I feel he deserves something. DaVonne because she told shot like it is and was. By far she has the best DR sessions in BB history…she kept it interesting.

Lying Huckleberry Hillary

Sorry but Mr. Jenkins and Pablo were more interesting than Da’Vonne this season.


Victor wins POV takes himself off. Tells Nicole about Corey using her and that he confided to Victor that he does not want to have a relationship at the end of the game with her, and wants to have fun at the after party and does not want Nicole following him around. Nicole is upset with Corey and with Victor’s help they both go after Corey. Last three James, Nicole and Victor. Victor wins HOH votes out Nicole and pays her back for being a snake. Last two Victor and James. I know that would never happen, but would be great if it did.


This season is the season of people falling apart on the block. Never seen so many melt downs from one group of people melting down on the block. I look forward to watching bb all access fall edition…this current season blows.
The fact that Nicole escaped the block all season is enough for me. Oh and I can’t forget how I loved Zak at first then she turned out to be a airhead looking like a deer in headlights every time pissy pool paulie down played their relationship right in front of her face lol.
I’m happy big meech threw out Paul stupid ass duck lmao that was funny

Lying Huckleberry Hillary

That was funny when Big Meech abducted Pablo on her way out.

Older and wiser

I’m proud of James. You can’t say he’s not playing the game when he’s made it to the final 4. He has strategy to lay low and let the rest of them go at. I can say he could’ve made a couple of moves but glad he didn’t. AFP James……..

Another Anonymous

Yeah, just like Victoria was a genius to make it to final 3 in BB16? Everybody focuses on taking out the comp beasts, and some weak people just slip by.

Roethlisberger Dodges Prison

Very observant. Most people didn’t understand the genius of Victoria.

Knotty Stomach

I’m so disgusted by the fact that Corey and Nicole are very likely going to be the final two. James will be final three. Personally, I find all three to be repulsive human beings. How the f*** is James coming up as AFP?! Stupid pranks? Let’s not forget how foul he talks about women when he’s hanging with the bros. Or how he used to stare at Natalie sleeping and pet her like a captured puppy. Ew! Just ew! Then there’s Nicole. I just can’t…Whiney, bed-ridden, worthless. But the worst by far IMHO, is Corey. Not only is he lazy, lazy, lazy, he is simply a bad person. CBS wanted to cast him as a clean-cut, All American athlete. Were they not aware of all his homophobic tweets prior to BB? C’mon Corey, come out. It’s really ok. But seriously, I think there’s something really off with this guy. The goat burning story was truly horrific and speaks volumes about him. I had to call CBS after that story and let them know NOT OK. THAT IS SICK! He is passive aggressive with Nicole and it’s so clear she is being used. I think like most of us, he can’t stand her. If he wins….no, CANNOT HAPPEN!! Would be the worst outcome. He’s just a horrible human. I hope VIc or Paul win. They also have some issues, but the best of the lot. Praying for a miracle. Would like to see Vic go all the way. Paul 2nd would be perfect. Vote Vic or Paul APF!!!


Big deal Vic is loyal – is that the only thing he can ever talk about ???? SO WHAT !!!! He is loyal till he has Paul, his Bestie, tell him put this person and that person up for eviction and this excuse as to why !!! – Nicole and Corey are right for wanting to get rid of VIC this week. Hell if I was in that House I would want him out to. He came back twice – Now it’s time for him to go.
If he comes down then Paul can go. – Isn’t it funny how every week Vic and Paul find the excuses to harp on everyone’s game when they get people put on the block and backstab them but once the shoe is on the other foot loyalty comes in to play. OH Please …… PAUL you should have won HoH if you wanted to stay off the BLOCK. But as usual PAUL can’t win a HoH to save his smelly ass.
– Oh and by the way Paul DUDE you are about as memorable as Corey. Although he does like to Insult every House Guest and cook from time to time. But tell me without Vic we wouldn’t even know Paul existed. Just like Frank said way, way back when Vic was first evicted and Da had to hold Paul’s hand while he sat in the corner CRYING !!!!

Who cares

I just saw that Nicole’s image was updated on the house guest wall…. Priceless!!

Love the humour in this site!!


V&P get in James ear. James, please win VETO and take one down. Corey will HAVE to put up Nicole!!!!! Get her out NOW!


James couldn’t win veto even if it was Natalie questions. He will throw it.

Another Anonymous

That would be great. Playing a key role in taking out Nicole would be a power move that would help to redeem James’ lackluster season. But, I fear that James is too much of a wuss. I expect that he will throw the comp and hope that everybody else forgets that he is still in the house.


Yes if he did that then I would vote for him to get AFP. But I can’t see James making such a big move like that.

I just finished watching season 14 and there were so many vetoes played and bold moves made, it was awesome. Now it’s so boring and predictable. Which is sad.


Is it true Corey went into the SR and got condoms? I really wish production would ban any sex inside the house. I just find it gross and will not watch it but do read about it happening. No wonder Nicole’s brother looked so pissed off in the video’s from home. His friends are probably giving him a hard time about it. Way to go Nicole by making your family so proud of you. Next on Nicole and Corey’s resume will be making porn video’s. If I also understand correctly production made sure the HOH camera’s where not on them after Corey got the condom’s. Nicole’s mom talking to her friends “Did you watch Nicole last night” Friends “Why yes we saw her and Corey having sex under the covers”. Priceless!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to know how proud Nicole’s parents are of her now or are they in denial and pretending that their daughter is not having sex on live feeds.


When did Cory get the condoms? And how would viewers know?


I read it last night into the wee hours on another site. My internet was slow last night so I could not watch live feeds so I kept having to refresh on a site that provides info within minutes of events happening. And there was a comment about Corey going into SR to get condoms. Simon/Dawg can I say the other site? I will say the site if given permission.

Nichole's Mama

I wanted my daughter’s genitals mutilated when she was 11 but you can’t do that in America. I will just continue to hide my face in shame. My biggest shame is from the apparent fact that Corey is witnessing My daughter having sex by herself. I will take you word for it that he is not participating in any such shameful activity. Actually considering what a bunch of misogynistic gentlemen are in the house, I hope Nichole is the one using Corey.


Dont’t hate the player, hate the game.

Dirty Old Lady

SIMON Now that your dear Natalie has left the house, is it possible to treat the ladies on this forum to some body shots of Vic. I may not be as young as I once was but I can still appreciate a well-toned, six-pack body. Any pics where he is in his underwear ( tighty-whities please) or a banana-hammock would be appreciated. Of course, a little mystery is also nice and would not say no to many upper torso shots. HEH HEH HEH


Simon and Dawg, I love the pics that you guys have up of all the house guests together. Lol! They all have some kind of crazy or goofy look about them. Too funny! And Nicole’s pic, issssssssssss pricelessssssssssssss!

Paul's Pubicbeard

Lot of hate for Nicole on here. I personally can’t stand Paul and the way he was so quick to verbally beat up women in the house. But was too scared to talk to guys like that. Vic is awesome at comps but has Zero social game.

Corey, Nicole and James all bring different things to the game and are all deserving


I see James is leading the AFP vote with a good lead over Vic at 33%. I’ve been really impressed with the polls here at Onlinebigbrothers because every Care Package vote mimiced the CBS vote and the last two AFP awards were both predicted correctly here. Dawg and Simon you guys should be hired by Big Brother to do independent polling as it seems the people that vote do the same ratio at


Who the F are voting James for America’s Favorite? He already got $50,000 just for being on this season. Victor deserves it he fought harder than anyone else and embodies what a great BB competitor should be.


If either Victor or Paul are not in final 2, this season will have been a bust.

Andy the Red Rat

Prepare to bust.


…And half of them are a basket of deplorables…

Dirty Harry Reid

I’d like to be as dead broke as Hillary.

#Vic for a miracle.


I really feel Vic has used up all his possible lives in this game. I don’t have a good feeling about this veto. Could he save himself once again? I hope so. But not counting on it. If Vic doesn’t win it I would love to see James win it then Paul work some magic and convince him to take one of them off and put Nicole up. That’s just a dream but that would be great. I want to see her on the block and see how she handles it.


Dawg/Simon; quick question. Is your AFP poll since the start of the season? If so, that would explain why James is on top. Early voters who lived James from past AFP would have voted. But as the gam progresses, he’s clearly NOT the favorite. 99% of the comments for the past several weeks about Lamesy and his stupid mistakes, have been overwhelmingly supported by “thumbs ups”. If the poll has been ongoing since the season began, it may mislead voters when the Actual AFP voting occurs. If I thought that James was winning by a landslide, I probably wouldn’t vote. My recommendation is to start a new poll now, near end of season to get more realistic votes.

What say you?


I started it a couple days ago.


Ouch! He’s really made up some ground then with all the recent “poor Jamesy” edits! Hard to believe when the comments and thumbs up ratings here don’t support his rating. Thanks for your quick reply! Love your “sight” lol!


The AFP poll just started the other day and James and Vic were basically tied for the first 24 hours. It’s just been over the last 24 hours that James has taken a decent lead with 33%. We still have 12 days or so left before the Finale so who knows what the final poll will show.

Butters Mom

Wow… so so so many posters b*tching about Nicole and James and Corey… and wha wha wha … Why dont you cry about it you big babies! Geez According to the posters on this board… the majority of the posters on this board… you hate the people, you hate production, you hate the way the season is going and YET… you are still watching… so I guess that means that they are doing something right. Nicole and Corey and James might have been in hibernation for the first 7 weeks of the game but it was a smart move to lay low while the others took out the more aggressive players… FTR… Nicole did not betray James by taking out Michelle. Michelle was NEVER part of the deal with James. Nicole honored her deal with James by not putting him or Natalie on the block. I dont know if Nicole and James had a preseason deal or not but the fact of the matter is, the vets were out numbered 12 to 4 and 2 of them have survived until the final 5… sounds like strategy to me. I dont know how much production is helping or rigging comps or giving advice but I do know that they can go against what production tells them to do when voting because its live so production can not control everything. Putting Victor and Paul up is EXACTLY what Corey should have done in order to protect Nicole from going up and I have no doubt that if Nicole had ended up on the block because Corey had done something different, Paul and Victor would have taken her out. No one left in this game is innocent in character.. Victor might be more liked because he isnt getting on everyones nerves but he was an ass in the beginning and he’s acting like an ass about being on the block as well. As far as Im concerned there are no players deserving of AFP this season but the Nicole hate is obnoxious around here. From I can see, she and Corey did exactly what they should have done by putting both Victor and Paul on the block as a strategic game move. One of them is going home …. get over it. I really hope that Victor and Paul get chosen for Amazing Race. They are a good team and fun to watch together. Their days on Big Brother together however are done. I for one am ready for this season to be over with already.


To Butters Mom, I am a fan of Vic and Paul with that said. You stated that Nicole, Corey, and James may have been in hybernation the first 7 weeks of the game while the others took care of the more aggressive players and it being a smart game move. You know I never looked at it that way. I just assumed they were being lazy or just into their showmances. Thank you for your insight.


Picture of snake instead of Nicole really is in bad taste! Just saying.


Done with this show now! Its so rigged for nichole and james its crazy.. Wayyy too much production interference this season..