“You.. talk strategy with all these dudes.. now you want to cover your butt and start a girls alliance as a dude”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland Travis and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX used the veto on Kyland. Frenchie nominated Travis

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winner’s team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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Big Brother Spoilers – The feeds are cutting a lot right now very hard to piece together a full conversation. It’s really bad actually almost as bad as BBCAN. There’s been lots of whispering, lots of lame pranks, and a bit of game talk. Looks like Travis is getting evicted but it’s super early in the week and the season. Glue clown hasn’t been on the feeds much it’s been refreshing.

9:35 am Claire and Tiffany
Tiffany says Azah(?) is sinking into the background. “When we play the matchup game people continue to forget about her”
Tiffany – that’s a good and a bad though
Claire – it’s good to be forgotten in this game but it’s bad because it shows you’re on the bottom.. you don’t want to be on the bottom you want to be in the middle.
Tiff – you don’t want to be at the top..
Tiff – she’s got to have a balance
Claire – they both had safety this week.
Tiff – that’s a good point they didn’t have to socialize
Tiff – if anybody from Sarabeth’s team makes it or anybody from our team makes it I’m good with their team being safe.
Claire – I need to talk more to alyssa. I think she is nervous about me and my vote.
Tiff – what do you think about this.. this is something I would not bring
Feeds cut When we’re back they are talking about the vote for Travis.
Tiffany would expect people on her team to vote for her to stay. “even if it’s one vote”
Tiffany – if we start voting with the house we are going to be a voting with the house season… cast.
Tiffany understands people voting with the house in the beginning but this season they have teams.
Tiffany doesn’t want to start investigating votes until Thursday “otherwise it’ll be a house of paranoia”
Tiffany about Travis – “He’s been such a good sport about everything”
Tiffany doesn’t want to see him go out with zero votes to stay
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Claire – I feel you can form a coalition unless Frenchie has formed one
Feeds cut.. When we’re back (it’s very hard to follow this)

Tiffany says Brent has never said one word to her about game. “Who do I put next to him”
Claire -that’s hard.. if you put Whit next to him BRetn would go
Tiff – that would be a very strong on the block. I would be Okay with that I don’t want her to be PISSED at me personally. You could do it. for me it would be more personal. She would have to fully understand where my head is.
Claire – you would have to put up a pawn
Tiff – Alyssa
Claire – they will send her out, you will have to put up like..
Tiff – it has to be Whit.. I can’t put up SB
Claire – what about BIGD no one will vote him out
They agree Frenchie would go over Brent.
Tiff – I know Frenchie is very strong.. I don’t want him to go yet (crazy)
Claire agrees.
Tiff – it’s out of those three, Brent, X, Whit..
Claire – you would have to do Alyssa
Tiff – I don’t want her to be a number for him
Claire – he’s (Brent) has really put in work (with Alyssa)
Tiff – if it’s up to me and you do you want it? (HOH)
Claire – no..
Tiff laughs “I can then get a letter from home”
Feeds cut.. When we’re back..
They don’t think they are on X’s radar.
Claire – I think I have a little crush on X.. he’s so beautiful
Tiff – he’s so beautiful
Tiff – he wants a family he wants kids, He comes from a family that has impacted him with divorce.. he does not want a divorce he wants to get married be married, and stay married. Have a family and move forward.
Chit chat followed by the feeds cutting ..

11:11 am Travis and Kyland
Ky – have you had any conversations
Travis – I had one with Derek and he said if I needed a swing vote he would throw one my way. essentially what you get the house to do or not do.. which is fair.
Ky – The thing about the house everyone will swing.
Travis – you need 7 so I have my team that’s 3
Ky – you need 4 ..
Travis – I have four I need three
They discuss the best time for Travis to have his “conversations” with people. Travis is of the opinion he should have it right before.

Ky says he likes Travis and Alyssa the same on a personal level. Travis thinks that’s most of the house.
Ky – I think the guys will be those voters most likely (keep Travis)
Kyland points out if a guy goes this week and a girl wins HOH next week and another guy goes it’s “Game over”
Kyland – the girls can be like let’s just make sure girls win and figure it out after that
Travis says X told him and a bunch of guys the other day he wants a showmance in the house.
Travis – he said that’s my type bro.. he didn’t say her but it’s her.. (Alyssa)

11:25 am Azah and Kyland
Kyland says the time on the appliance is messed up. The coffee maker is 25 minutes behind.
Azah – I know between the two you’re closer to Travis. Are you okay with that?
Ky – honesty .. I told him straight up on a personal level I’m equally close to both. On a game level, I have an interest to keep Travis but I am going to go with the house. He’s totally onboard.
Ky asks her if she’s heard anything to make her think there will be votes to keep Travis.
Azah says no she just knows the house.
Azah says if she or Tiffany won the HOH none of “you guys” would be getting nominated.
Azah – we can target whoever you guys want to target.
Ky – because of everything that happened this week. if it’s an elimination thing and it’s all cookout I don’t want it.
Ky – if the target is DerekX I can’t take that shot on a personal level if it’s me and him left I’m gunning for it. I got to I can’t risk it.
Azah – I have a plan where you can get your targets out and still cover us
Azah – I want us to make Jury so we have 6 people.
Azah – if a girl wins this next one I don’t mind doing it. Get the blood off your hands
Ky – If Travis goes out if we can get one of you to take out another guy that would be good for us overall..
Azah – IF I work to get a guy out you guys work to get out the girls. I don’t want to go after girls.
feeds cut..

12:26 pm Claire, Frenchie, Hannah and Azah
They are talking about an alliance name called the french kisses.
Tiffany – that’s how we get rid of people we just kiss them goodbye
Frenchie says they need to bring in SarrahBeth

1:52 pm Azah and Britini
Azah says Frenchie can never do anything in secret. he tried to bring all the girls upstairs to form a fake all-girls alliance.
Britini – he hasn’t formed it?
Azah says he’s tried to form it
Azah – If I am going to protect the girls I am protecting us four, we’re already allied with Frenchie the benefit for those people is they will have Frenchie looking out for them. We already have Frenchie (Frenchie has no more f***ing power people good christ)
Azah – the only reason I said yes.. If someone approaches you with an alliance you don’t say no
Britini says they need some strong guys in their alliance (as shields I think) “We’re strong competitors.. we’re doing good so far”
Azah – when it comes to girls the only ones I care about are you, Tiffany and Claire and honestly I want to care Whitney safe for the time being
Britini – I have no problem keeping whit around.. Whits not coming after us. She can go after people so I don’t have to go after people I’m cool with that.
Azah – he’s covering his own butt (Frenchie)
Azah – Frenchie can’t hold water. You tell him something and next minute is here its here its here its here so I can’t be like in and out
Britini – can I be honest with you this is an ideal alliance for us we would need.. it would be an alliance of 6..
Feeds cut
When we’re back..

1:54 pm Kyland and Alyssa (Hard to hear )
Talking about preseason interviews..
Alyssa – mine was, to be honest to only the people I trust
Alyssa explains if you are honest to too many people you will run into sour jury members.

2:15 pm Sarah Beth and Claire
SB – I think for Jackpot our biggest threat is DerekX cause he put both our names out
Claire – I know I agree with that. I don’t think he has anyone
SB – I’m just worried about him winning this next HOH
Claire – if he won it I think he would go after a big FISH maybe .. Or he might appease the house and get back into its good graces. So he might do what the house wants. Christian and Alyssa as a pawn.. this is just me speculating.
Sb – we’re in a good spot.. The only person I’m worried about is DerekX and even then it’s not a for sure
Claire is worried that the house will see them as a Duo.
SB – Hannah told me she thought we were tight.. I feel like Alyssa and Christian are going through the same thing they are trying really hard to separate.
Claire – Frenchie was paranoid about the girl’s alliance so he thought if I make the girl’s alliance
Claire – I’m like I don’t need a man to make a girls alliance

SB – I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a boys alliance
Claire – definitely
SB – he’s just trying to cover himself from all angles. If I was HOH I would have done the same thing
Claire agrees
Feeds cut.. When we’re back they are talking about Kyland winning the HOH.
Feeds cut.. When we’re back they are talking about it sucking that Travis is going they like everyone in the game.
They bring up how Travis was recruited he’s got a great life back home. Alyssa dreamt about being on Big Brother her whole life.

2:30 pm Azah and DerekF
Azah – It’s not in my best interest at all not at all
DerekF – to start a girl’s alliance?
Azah – to start something with him and 6 or 7 people for what? C’mon
Azah – I’m just going to fake it. This is the thing that gets me upset. He’s had BROS in his room for how many days and then today you’re going to pull up all the girls like you sit there and talk strategy with all these dudes this week you ain’t said nothing to me. He talks to Britni he talks to the other girls now you want to cover your butt and start a girls alliance as a dude
DerekF laughs
Azah – I love Frenchie but he’s just UGH .. I’m going to protect him to the end but..
DerekF – I just can’t believe he pulled up all the girls
Azah – this will blow up my game.. I have no choice in the first week when someone comes to yo with something I say YEAH
DerekF essentially tells her to just forget about the Frenchie alliances – “after this week don’t be like HEY GIRL let’s start talking together.. da da da.. no not at all”

Alyssa and Christian join them.

3:39 pm Tiffany and Azah. DerekF is in the room
Azah says French kiss is not a good idea.
Azah – how do I get out of it I already opened my damn mouth
Tiffany says she will have to come up with a code word instead of just looking at her when the answer is NO

Tiffany says Claire has the same idea with them and the french kisses “Claire is down.. she’s like we’ll just make him think this” (Down = down with burning it down)
Azah – when Frenchie gets into the hot seat he’s going to drag us under the bus. We’ll say it was all Fnrechie’s Idea

3:46 pm Claire and Tiffany
Tiffany asks how long the french kisses will last
Claire – two weeks..
Tiffany – it really only protects him
Claire – yes yes and only him.. 100%
Claire – he has another alliance
They agree he just wants to cover all his bases with the girls.
Tiffany says she really like Sarrah Beth
Claire is the same “But she really wants to go after DerekX”
feeds cut.. when we’re back..
Tiffany says Whitney and Brent haven’t talked any game with her.
Tiffany – I like DerekX but here’s my thing about DerekX. I don’t think he will be coming after us
Claire – he’s trying to save his own game.
Tiffany – do you think he’ll throw us under the bus to save his own game
Claire – Maybe. He also really needs allies.. he needs them.
Claire says the Frenchie/Whitney’s teams want to take him out
Tiffany – I like him. There are 16 of us. 8 guys, 8 girls right. 5 of us are not making it to jury. Travis is a guy he’s gone.
Claire – this is who I would want gone: Brent, Frenchie (give that girl a HOH)
Tiffany – I don’t think anyone will disagree with you
They don’t want to lose Sarah Beth. Alyssa and Whitney are the expendable girls to them.
Tiffany – I’m cool with Alyssa and Whitney leaving
Claire – I would rather lose Christian than DerekX
Tiffany – yeah. Christian is not loyal we can keep DerekX loyal
Their boot order: Travis, Brent, Alyssa/Whit, Frenchie

4:19 pm There’s a Toga party being planned

4:44 pm TOGA

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Ma Ma Yo!

Trying to watch the live feeds is sooo frustrating this year!!! What is up with constant feed cuts?! Any theories?


I think Sunday it was cutting out a lot for no rhyme or reason


it is like they are on for 1 minute off for 5 minutes, I really don’t get it and am probably going to cancel my paramount plus subscription, We are getting hosed on live feeds that we are paying for


It seems like when there is a conversation about their outside lives, where they didn’t get clearance to talk about the individual, it starts to get choppy. I could be totally off but when Alyssa was talking about a celebrity she banged (while not naming names) it was cutting out constantly. Same with when Derek X is having a conversation about his ex girl with Alyssa that didn’t sign the waiver..There are alot of times where it cuts out for no reason also.


This happened the other day where the feeds would cut out for a bit what seemed to be every 15 minutes for a while but there seemed to be no reason for it based on the conversations that were happening


its worse than BBCan


https://www.cbs.com/showfeedback if everybody nails them through the feedback link and threatens to cancel their subscriptions maybe they will doo something.


Note to The Powers That Be — GIFT Claire with the upcoming HOH – I was salivating over her noms & boot order of BRENT (YES), one of Alyssa or Whitney and the GLUE CLOWN. If Claire wins & she sticks to (Brent/GC) noms – feeds will be a drama sh*tshow as they go out of their way to bury each other.

Azah stock keeps rising – her convo with Big D was hilarious (on glue clown talking strategy all week with the guys & now he wants to form a fake girl’s alliance to cover his ass). She’s saying she’ll protect GC b/c she’s on his team but don’t kid yourself NONE of his nonsense went over well — her face is a dead giveaway.

Ditto for SB on how she reads the house. I’m enjoying how she manipulates people and conversations. The manner she uses with different hamsters is so telling. When she’s with GC it’s all cajoling and praise (to feed his ego) when she’s with Ky she playing alpha to help keep him centered on the right track and when she’s talking to the girls in her alliance we get a much more organic version of her where she’s less guarded. For the moment her focus is on DX b/c he said her name but I wonder if that would shift with the right conversation (with her girl allies) as once Brent/Clown are gone he’ll be more malleable.

At this point SB, Azah, & Claire have skyrocketed into my upper echelon and I still like Ky although his gameplay isn’t as strong albeit being on the block is stressful.

Travis sure doesn’t seem that concerned about leaving so let him go – anyone not willing to fight tooth and nail to stay I’ll help pack your bag.

Many are vying to pull in Derek X b/c of his loyalty but my concern is he’s too easily influenced by asshats GC/Brent. The latter doing major work with both DX and Alyssa to control them (I also think he wouldn’t mind showmancing Alyssa). The problem is he’s so overt about his intentions it’s not fooling anyone. If the HOH winner is someone he’s not closely aligned with watch for him to try to replicate his actions (kiss ass) & for him to throw even his allies UTB — yeah I’m not a fan.


I’m feeling good about the girls this year. Claire, Tiffany, Azah, SB…


Azah? everytime i see her on feeds shes in bed


I LOVED the last group of girls brought in…all smart, successful women! Very cool. The others seem to have legit jobs too, which is refreshing. NO MORE CLOWNS (except for entertainment)

Roisin Dubh

Derek X is going real quick. His POV is already from a position of weakness and the rest of the house smells blood.


Anyone notice how the way Claire’s mouth moves when she talks it looks like she’s chewing? it’s so cute