Sarah “I think for my team the only target is Derek X because he put us through so much.”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland Travis and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX used the veto on Kyland. Frenchie nominated Travis

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winner’s team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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7:05pm The house guests are sitting around the kitchen table playing a game they made up.

7:15pm Bathroom – Hannah and Alyssa.
Hannah – I was just spending time with him and Kyland. We were in the hammock and it wasn’t for a very long time but then we went to the HOH room after and Frenchie was like I am very nervous about you. And I was like why? He was like just because of the people you surround yourself with. The people I surround myself with?! I’ve been talking to everyone. He was like well you and Christian have been getting really close. And I was like because I played in the Wildcard competition with him. We left the house for 3 and a half hours so we had all that extra time. Alyssa – you and something to bond about that you could talk about. Hannah – exactly. I was like I didn’t come here for a showmance. Its day two or three at this point. I don’t even know the guys last name. Alyssa – and you know how you are when you.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Alyssa – that is literally not what I came here for either and I said that a showmance is not in my gameplay at all. But I now that is everyone’s famous last words. Hannah – no, I don’t think it will happen for me. Alyssa – if it happens it happens but that is not what I’m looking for. It just sucks that I can’t even be his friend almost. Hannah – yeah. Well as long as you guys lie low this next week hopefully something will happen that will distract from that. Alyssa – yeah, he was even like hey after noms we can start getting to know each other better. I think he meant it as friends. I meant it as friends. I trust a lot of people. I feel like I do have the votes. They could be lying to me but why would Frenchie pull people in the room when he’s asking people about it. Like he had me in the room when he was asking people will you vote for Alyssa to stay. Hannah – I think you will too but it would definitely be smart to lay low. Alyssa – and I don’t want to be associated with him. Britini joins them. Britini – I think that was squashed. Alyssa – I hope I get HOH after my f**king week. Britini – I hope you get it! That would be a kicka$$ week. It would be a different week too because Frenchie was game game game and me I am just stick with the plan.

7:35pm Storage room. Claire and Sarah
Claire – I think that I saw like you know when they pulled a group upstairs. I saw that. Sarah – it made me a little nervous too that there were a few people that he called and he was like your vote it going to be with Alyssa. Claire – Alyssa. It still makes me nervous though. Of course it has to. I understand his concern and I’ve told him that I am going to vote Travis. And obviously he’s told us that we’re going to be safe and it makes so much sense. Its just a gathering of a group and hey we’re all going to vote together. Yeah, yeah, yeah… that is the concern. Not that I would want to flip this vote whatsoever. Good god! Sarah – do you think there is any chance that Derek will try to flip the vote to keep Travis. Claire – no I think he can read the room. Sarah – I feel pretty good going into next week because if anyone from your team wins I am safe. Claire – oh you’re safe. Sarah – and I know no one from my team is coming after your team either. Claire – for sure. Sarah – I think for my team the only target is Derek X because he put us through so much. Claire – absolutely my team as well. Sarah – my only concern is if Derek X wins. Claire – my only thought is that Derek doesn’t have anyone and I don’t want to get rid of someone who doesn’t have anyone.. Sarah – too early. The only reason I would want to is because he threw my name out. Depending on how next week goes I might try to talk to him… Big Brother blocks the feeds

8:34pm Showmance spotting.. (she’s going to hear about this later from Frenchie.)

8:40pm The house guests are sitting around the living room playing would you rather..

9:04pm – 9:35pm The house guests are pairing off to plan pranks on other house guests tomorrow.
Xavier, Hannah, Christian and Kyland.
Hannah – prank alliance between the four of us.. lets get Frenchie and Alyssa. Xavier – in the morning we have to go into the storage room and exchange our batteries. Someone hid in that trash bin. Hannah – I’ll do it. Kyland – that’s not enough. Christian – in order to win you either have to get the best reaction or the largest reaction. They also talk about changing the time back 4 or 5 hours so after everyone has gone to sleep.

10:10pm Alyssa and Brent
Alyssa – do you think I still need to keep my distance after week one? Brent – kind of because then you guys are just going to be a target to someone else. Alyssa – he (Christian) said after the veto noms that after this we can hang out and talk. And I was like NO! No! Brent – you will never be able to talk. Alyssa – And I said.. and he goes what eviction night? And I said no, not until we know who won HOH. He is not thinking. Brent – I know. Alyssa – but how can he like me, he doesn’t even know me that well? We haven’t been able to talk. I wonder if it bothers him that you and I are talking. Brent – that is why he originally threw me under the bus. Alyssa – that is so funny. Brent – he thought I was a threat. If I win HOH, I think I am going to be very brief with our alliance. And only tell you and … It would make sense for me to put up Derek X and Hannah. Alyssa – if one of us wins HOH next week.. I will still talk to Christian but I’m not doing it all the time. I feel like I am going to be the Victoria of this year.

10:35pm HOH room. Big D, Britini, Azah and Frenchie
Britini – obviously we’re all going for it (HOH) just because at this point we can trust people but like I want to be damn sure. You know what I mean?! If it is an endurance comp, I am staying up there till the threat is down and then when I am comfortable with who is up there I am dropping. Like for instance.. scenario if it is me and Tiff up there, I will give it to Tiff. I have no problem giving it to Tiff. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Britini – that is why I am running through scenarios. .Frenchie to Azah – what about you? Azah – I want to go for the HOH this week. Britini – yeah. Frenchie – what are you going to do with it if you win? Azah – I don’t know yet. Frenchie – anyone piss you off yet? Britini – scheming. Azah – no. Frenchie – anyone make you mad? Azah – no. Frenchie – are you going to be like me and put someone up and then go.. Azah – I am going to be different than you and take each day by day I am not going to make decision ever minute. I will wait. Frenchie – smart move! Britini – I love y’all! Big D – I think it depends on the person. Britini to Azah – if its me and you up there and you give me a general agreement I will drop. I don’t care who gets it. I know we all want to see our families. If its endurance, I WILL FIGHT to beat out threats! Big D – no we all should no matter what because we need to make sure he (Frenchie) is good. Frenchie – the longer I am here the more beneficial it is for our team. Azah – the longer the four of us are here the better. The reason all of us want to win it is to make sure our entire team is safe. Frenchie to Azah – you are going to go FAR in this game. I FIRMLY believe that. Azah – we don’t know. Frenchie – SHIT, god damn not a person in this house would even think about putting you up. Britini and Big D – I agree. Frenchie – not one person. I have had a lot of conversations and not one person would remotely put you up. You are loved in this house. Big D – its true. It the truth, 100%! Frenchie – you are going to go far. You’re like American airlines .. you’re going across the country. Britini – I am not going to lie to y’all I feel a little nervous for myself I am like really worried about all my working out .. like I know that I am just doing it to make my heart better and I am not doing it to get better in comps. I am just afraid that I am going to be seen as someone who is a female physical threat and I don’t want that. Big D – I think we haven’t seen what people do in comps.

11:05pm Havenot room. Sarah and Kyland.
Sarah – do we need to worry about Hannah? Kyland – I think people need to worry about Hannah. I don’t think WE need to worry about Hannah. Sarah – long term, I want Hannah gone because she is a threat and I do not want to compete against her. I love her, absolute respect for her but I want her gone. Kyland – I also want her gone long term because she is so cunning. I think I am because I’ve had so many losses .. I don’t think I am a strong player. At the end of the day I think she thinks she would beat us. Sarah – I think the only people I feel uneasy about are Hannah and Derek X. Kyland – if its a comp that I am confident at and its like Whitney, Hannah and Brent and one more, I am out. Like I know I don’t want to win because I don’t want to take a shot at Derek X. Sarah – I might end up taking that. kyland – he threw your name out there. Sarah – but if you told me that he was important to your game, I wouldn’t.

11:15pm Travilla is back…

11:30pm Bedroom. Tiffany and Azah.
Azah – I like Derek X and personally I would want him to stay.. this is what I would do. Frenchie wants me to put you up but I am not going to backdoor you. I will give you a chance to fight for the veto… and I will put Brent up there next to him. Tiffany – fair. That is logical. Tiffany – when I win HOH it is what I need to do to better my game. Don’t tell me what the house want to do. Derek and Frenchie and Chritian… that is not my responsibility. I don’t want the house to think that I have separated with them. I get what you’re saying that it would make more sense to put up two guys. Azah – if I have two men on the block every women except Whitney .. if she voted for Brent to stay .. 7 of the women, I’ve got it. Tiffany – and if he wins, Derek goes home. If Brent comes off the block who would you put next to Derek? Azah – Whitney. Tiffany – because that’s his captain. I like it. And you can do that but I can’t. Whitney is the top female I would want out of this house. Azah – Frenchie never put up anyone in that team. Tiffany – I know, I know he is working with that team. I would definitely put Brent on the block. Azah – he is sneaky. Tiffany – each night I go through everyone in the house .. and he still has not talked game with me. They agree they like Derek X.

12:25am – 1am Backyard. Most of the house guests are sitting around chatting and telling embarrassing /funny stories.

Kyland – Can I ask you 3 questions? Whitney – yeah. Kyland – do you have a boyfriend? Whiney – no. Kyland – oh wow, okay. Do you find me attractive? Whitney – obviously. Kyland – Sorry, I really do have to go. I’ll let you get back to your friends. But if you don’t have a boyfriend and you find me attractive.. is there any reason why you couldn’t give me a kiss right now? Whitney kisses him. That was good. Tell me that doesn’t have a 99.99% success rate.

1:45am – Hannah and Derek X.
Derek x – what do you think people are making fun of you for …. oh comp stuff. Hannah – what? Derek – Comp stuff. Watch you be the first one out in a memory comp. If I do badly I will be like I threw it to my team. I would be like guys I just knew that this is the stuff that Hannah knew she was going to win so I didn’t want to out shine her. And then you also lose.. Hannah – if I did win I would have no clue who to target. What is best for our team. Derek – I really hope someone on our team wins HOH. Hannah – we have a pretty stacked team at memory comps, physical or skill based. So we’re covered.

1:51am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:14 am Brent, Frenchie, and Alyssa
Frenchie going on about how they have to keep the slaughterhouse safe until they get to final 8.
Alyssa is talking about who her nominations are if she wins Thursday’s HOH. DerekX because she gave him the opportunity to use the veto on her and she told him if he did she wouldn’t nominate him.
Alyssa – So there’s a reason and then Hannah who said the only reason she wouldn’t vote for me to stay if I was next to Ky and she told me she wouldn’t vote for me.
Frenchie asks if the veto is used who goes up?
Alyssa – A pawn .. maybe Claire.
Frenchie says if you go for DerekX you have to backdoor him “You saw what he did in that veto”
Alyssa – I don’t think we need to

2:30 am DerekX, ALyssa, and BRent
Chit chat.. After Alyssa leaves. Brent starts talking game says they can’t really make plans until they find out who the next HOH is.
DX – are people going to start jumping ship from Frenchie
Brent – to be honest, I really don’t know where everyone’s loyalty lies in the house
DX – really
Brent – because everything is so messy.. everyone is getting along
Brent – I feel good about our team
DX – I feel really good about our team
They talk about Azah always being in her room.
Bren t- I don’t like that type of game. I’m not threatened by her and she’s not a target by any means.. but what she is doing is hiding out it’s not a good way to play the game.
DX – do you really think Frenchie has 11 votes
Brent – to be honest, I don’t know.. he jumped targets a lot and that is what is unstable about it.
Brent – that is why it’s so important to see what develops this week. Travis is going home but what if he doesn’t.. what the f** plot twist
Brent – if you won HOH who would you put up
DX – I have no idea.. I’m gunning for HOH

DX – do you have any sense who is tight in this house?
Brent – hard to say, obviously me and Frenchie are and the teams are. Other than that I have no idea.
Brent – I have no idea with People like Britni, CLaire, SB like they could be forming their own girl alliance.. Azah I have no idea.
Brent – if they are trying to do an all-girls alliance they don’t have the numbers
DX – they will, An all-girls alliance will knock out everyone
BRent – they aren’t going to win Competition.
DX says the teams twist might prevent an all-girls alliance
Brent – I would want to get rid of a strong player but you have to do it the correct way. Look at the successful backdoor that we are setting up right now it took nine targets.. (Travis got to play in Veto .. no backdoor)
Brent – Frenchie has saved me he’s also concerned me
DX – don’t question my loyalties. If taking out Kyland is the plan next week we can have that discussion
Brent – I didn’t like that Frenchie wanted to change his mind last minute. I was like Dude I just worked so hard to make sure everyone was happy
DX agrees
They talk about how scattered Frenchie the clown was the night before the Veto Ceremony
DX – DUde let me go to sleep
DX – what leads that to happen
BRent – Paranoia.. he made so many enemies from nominating and going after so many people on his HOH. He legit went after 6 people.
DX – what’s your read on X what type of game is he playing
Brent says there’s a lot more to X than they want them to believe.

3:35 am Christian, Brent and Kyland
Talking about next week nominations.
Christian – a Girl gotta go next week
Brent – it’s a number thing
After BRent leaves..
Christian – the Slaughterhouse let’s make sure that goes well then have a conversation about the butchers later. Every decision will be made by the butchers.. we just gotta get there first.
They whisper around for awhile. Agree to fact-check more.

4:30 am Everyone is sleeping
Please note the updates for today will continue at 2 pm.
I have a update coming.. kjuicy 😉
One convo I missed was around 3am where Xavier was talking to SB saying that production keeps asking him about a showmance.

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I find the early game very amusing. It’s when we learn the most about the hamsters personalities and define what type of game players they’ll be. I watch for which of the safe hamsters lack empathy, how power goes to certain clown’s heads (until they suddenly realize oh oh next week I’m vulnerable & then start to reassess the lies, threats and broken promises), which hamster use the opportunity of insecurity to manipulate others (Brent is smarmy) & which hamsters say absurd things ignoring obvious issues and in general – the pure hypocrisy.

Case in point — all the people annoyed with Kyland for being paranoid about being on the block. Ummmmmmmm – he was told he was 100% safe, then that he was only on the block to ensure the clown controlled the POV, then told how the clown was trying to shift the target onto him, how HE asked for a F2 clown deal (I’m pretty sure it was the other way around), yelled at for daring to publicly vocalize the broken promises with no head’s up was WHY he was paranoid.

I mean the glue clown being involved in the majority of that nonsense is predictable but come on hamsters – the ONLY reason Brent is pushing that Ky can’t be trusted is b/c he wants Ky out. Notice how Brent wants Ky, Xavier & Christian gone – all guys who are attractive or who the ladies are vibing with (hmmm).

Azah and Sarah Beth are impressing as they see through the BS for what it is (& when with trusted allies frequently call it out). I loved how SB told her group “it’s interesting how Frenchie said he asked everyone how they would vote but didn’t ask me”. I wonder if Alyssa told her that clown HOH said SB would keep Ky or if she was just trying to drive home the fact that a glue clown is creating all this friction Brent isn’t fooling SB or Azah who both said he needs to go SOON.

I’ll be watching closely on Wednesday to see which alliance The Powers That Be push as that’ll be our first sign of who production will be helping get deeper in the game.

Likewise, I’m keenly awaiting the “BIG CONVO” that occurs if someone other than a narcissistic or clown wins HOH. Surely at some point Xavier, Christian, Big and Lil D, and whoever else was floated some BS from the clown &/or Brent finally gets exposed.

Unless it’s a repeat of Keifer from BB when his big early game lie never got outed — that he knew about being a pawn & was acting to his “true alliance”. We all kept waiting for it but no one ever brought it up (read: TPTB told them not to). So, if nothing gets exposed about how crazy this glue clown HOH was then fasten your seatbelts for plenty of crazy feeds this season.


I’m aghast! Are you insinuating that production, those paragons of virtue, would stoop to manipulating the players and helping their favorites?! I’m shocked, shocked, I say!

Yeah, I may watch too, so I can see who they are going to try to shove down our throats in this stage.

double d

I really thought the 4 team alliances would take this game in a different direction. I didn’t expect other alliances to grow so quickly. The team alliances are there but weak, and will fall about as soon as it ends.

Frenchie should have used the team alliances to his advantage, but he was using strategy based off previous years. He could have teamed up with one team (secretly…with mouth shut) and targeted the other 2 teams. Nominate one person from each of the other teams, splitting them in 2. He would have been controlling 7 of the votes and thus the person evicted.

MDW-Gilbert AZ

I will be so happy when Glue Clown is no longer the HOH. Has anyone in the house mentioned that whenever they are all together, Glue Clown does all of the talking, why have a meeting when he is the only person who talks ?? I cracked up when Glue Clown said he will not be talking Game next week, he just wants to get to know everyone. That is what he should have done during the first HOH, instead he was making tons of Final 2 deals, and being jealous of the guys who the girls found attractive.

Brent is also annoying, I want to see how tight he remains with Glue Clown when he’s no longer the HOH. It would be very interesting to see Brent and Glue Clown on the Block together, they will both tell everyone everything the other has said about the other house guests.

Wonder what Glue Clowns wife, family and friends think about how he’s all over the place, and how he can’t shut the hell up !! I’m so looking forward to him not being HOH next week.

I would not vote him out, because he’s good for entertaining us, but what would be funny as heck, every week, whoever is HOH, use Glue Clown as a Pawn, keep him on the block for the next 3 weeks, he will go totally crazy. It would be fun to watch, and someone can tell him that he needs to stop monopolizing every conversation, keep him on the block every week, make him think he does not have the votes, then vote out someone else, put him back on the block the following week.


Is it possible that the Clown is a plant? We have all been complaining these last few years about how one group dominates and the rest do what their told. This guy has a farm and two small children he needs to get back to. Hey Frenchie come muck this game up for us week one and if you leave early bc of it you’ll get a nice bonus. That’s got to be it.

He can’t be this terrible.


Psychological torture. Love it! Keep the crazy going!

Frenchie is Fried

Great idea. Keep him on the block as a “pawn”. Then vote his ass out right before jury.


I think the only houseguest that is going to get a spinoff show afterwards is Whitney. It’s going to be called “Just the Three of Us” and it will be her and her two giant cans…. and together they’ll solve murders. I already predict the right can is going to be the “smart” one.


So far, from all their convos, Azah and Tiffany seem to have a good intuition of what’s really going on in the house. Hoping they get a chance to play into that before French’s mustard gets wise to it and directs his crazy in their direction.


I can’t wait for the next HoH. It seems we actually have several people forming little knots of players for actual game play. I’m hoping to see a very mobile power structure with a base that moves depending on what’s happening at each stage.


It’s completely possible that Alyssa goes home as she gets closer to Frenchie the clown and Brent. When the Frenchie implosion happens and shes still on the block.


I’m not sure she’s aware of how tenuous his connection is to people at this point. So many people are seeing he’s going to be hard to work with long term and they may figure Travis will be a better long term partner than Alyssa with Frenchie.


Yeah I was wondering the same thing especially now that the POV ceremony is complete.

While association with the glue clown is growing thin I think the greater issue could be Brent. His bravado is unwarranted — and he’s really pushing his own agenda. Virtually every conversation he has is a missive on an individual he wants out. For example – when Alyssa asked him if she’d be able to hang out with Christian this coming week he said NO — that’s because he wants her for himself & also wants C to be targeted. Hopefully she shares that intel with Christian or others.

Others on his list are Ky and Xavier (too well liked by the females) Big D/SB (too popular in general), Hannah (too smart) & Azah (someone he can’t control or understand where her mind is at).

Inexplicably, I had a very negative gut reaction in my first impression of him and it’s proving to be on the mark. My fingers are crossed he’s NOT a F2 production pet — it’ll dampen what so far looks like an intriguing season/cast. To that end, based on DR sessions shown in the first two episodes I think Big D could be someone TPTB want going deep.

Azah & SB are beginning to plant seeds and were very cognizant of ALL the HOH meetings they were clearly excluded from. However I’m not convinced they’ll want to get out a female over a more athletic guy UNLESS they believe keeping Travis would afford them a shield.

Let’s see what Tuesday & Wednesday offer – I’m hoping for some drama — as per usual 🙂


I haven’t seen a lot on the feeds with Azah but the times I have, she’s had a pretty good sense of what’s really happening. There are several folks looking to do some maneuvering which is great. Even if many of these players aren’t true fans, they seem determined to play the game this season.

This cast is much better overall than the last several seasons.

Victoria 2.0

I was laughing thinking the exact same thing during Brent and alyssas convos. If she doesn’t see right through this, that he clearly wants her all to himself, then she is extremely naive (she clearly is naive when it comes to frenchie too) and that won’t be great for her this season.


What happened to the updates????


I was really wanting to root for the French big d, but French went off the rails way to early.

Big D I still like but think he is missing some tells, that are being obvious from some people.

right now I think SB probably has the best handle on the house, she just needs to be careful of who she shares some of this.


Tiffany talks about getting Whit out then goes and cuddles with her
Alyssa talks about getting DX out and goes and cuddles with him

me likey


That’s how you play the game.

Hopeful for a Good Season

This season is good so far

No Fave

I find it easier to pick the ones I don’t like than the ones I do.


So Frenchie went from first on Day 2 to worst in just 4 days… that has to be some kind of record…. what about it Simon. Is it a record??

Red Dwarf

what in some polls? lol i’ll tell you a record set in the house in the first week. Cody in BB19 nominated 5 people – went from hero to zero and became the house target.


19 was horrible though. They gave Paul the power to protect half the house, a “fan” voted 3 weeks of secret safety, and so many other inducements to protect Paul all season long. All because they screwed Paul over the previous year so Nicole could win. Paul is a less popular Russell Hantz.

Red Dwarf

it was the last best season for the feeds, so many arguments and fights. Josh banging the pans all the time, i loved every second of those feeds.


Cody was an anomaly… Frenchie had every chance to be America’s Favorite and blew it big time Day 2 he was ranked 1st on this poll and today he’s on the bottom.